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Together with Much Other Information 
Embodying a Complete 




American Educational Company 

CLOTH, $6. 00; LEATHER, $7. 50 



314 W. Superior Street 


Entered according to the act of Congress, in 

the year 1937 by Homer L Patterson 

in the office of the Librarian of 

Congress at Washington 


The aim of this work is to give a complete and accurate index to 
the public and private educational system of the United States. The 
information has been thoroughly revised to date, and before final 
printing of the book, proofs submitted to the various school officials for 
final revision and correction. 

In the main Geographical Classification, in addition to the public 
school officials, will be found a complete list of all schools and colleges, 
together with information as to the kind of school, class of students 
admitted, religious denomination, year established, and the name of 
the governing head of the institution. A second complete list of all 
institutions is given in the Classified Directory in which the schools 
are arranged alphabetically by states, classified according to the kind 
of school, giving a ready reference or complete list of any particular 
class of institution, together with the names of the executive officers. 
A complete Alphabetical Index of all schools and colleges will be 
found at the back of the book from which any institution may be in- 
stantly located. 

The Public School System is fully covered by lists of the state 
educational officials and county superintendents of schools, the city 
boards of education, city superintendents, public high schools and 
principals, and the directors and supervisors of special subjects. A 
list of the more prominent Libraries with the name of the librarian 
%nd number of bound volumes, is included in the present volume 
An Educational Business Directory is also given, which will be found 


A B Bachelor of Art* 

MTl. agriculture 

A. M Master of Art* 

arch architecture 

B. A. Bachelor of Arts 

B. C. L. Bachelor of Civil taw 

B. D. Bachelor of Divinity 

B L. S Bachelor of Library Science 

B. Mus Bachelor of Music 

Breth Brethren 

B. & Bachelor of Science 

B. Pd Bachelor of Pedagogy 

B S. A . . Bachelor of Scientific Agriculture 
bus. business 

B. V. M Slewed Virgin Mary 

C. E. Clvtl Engineer 

chem chemistry 

co-ed co-educational 

coll collegiate 

Cumb. Presb Cumberland Presbyterian 

dent. dental 

ftom. set domestic science 

elec. electrical 

elo. elocution 

engin engineering 

est. established 

Bpls. Episcopal 

Bvang. Evangelical 

P. R. H. 8. 

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society 

F. R. 8 Fellow of the Royal Society 

Oer. Bvang. German Evangelical 

bomeop. homeopathic 

hort. horticulture 

Indust Industrial 

L D. S Latter Day Saints (Mormon) 

Lltt. B Bachelor of Literature 

Lltt. D Doctor of Literature 

LI* B. Bachelor of Laws 

LL. D. Doctor of Laws 

LL. M Master of Laws 

M. A Master of Arts 

M. D. Doctor of Medicine 

M. B Methodist Episcopal 

mech mechanical 

med medicine 

M. E So Methodist Episcopal South 

metal metallurgy 

metaph .metaphysics 

Meth Methodist 

mil military 

min. mines, mineralogy 

Morav Moravian 

M. N. A. 8 Mem- 
ber of the National Academy of Sciences 

M. R. A. 8 

Member o/ the Royal Academy of Sclent* 

non-sect. non-aeetarla* 

nor. normal 

N. V. M Nativity of the Virgin Mary 

ophthal ophthamology 

O. & B Order of Saint Benedict 

osteop osteopathy 

P. E Protestant Episcopal 

Ph. B Bachelor of Philosophy 

Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy 

phar. pharmacy 

photog. photography 

phren phrenology 

phys. sci physical science 

physlo-med physio-medical 

pop population 

post-grad. post-graduate 

prep. preparatory 

prin principal 

Prot. Protestant 

psychol psychology 

R. C Roman Catholic 

Ref. Reformed 

reg. regular 

R. 8. 8. Fellow of the Royal Society 

Rt. Rev. Right Reverend 

Be. B Bachelor of Science 

sculp sculpture 

7th D. Adv. Seventh Day Adventlsts 

7th D. J3apt. Seventh Day Baptists 

S. J Society of Jesus 

S M E Holy Mother Church 

8 M. M Holy Mother Mary 

S. R. 8 Fellow of the Royal Society 

8. T. D Doctor of Divinity 

sten stenography 

8 T. P. Professor of Theology 

surg. surgery 

surv. surveying 

8 V. Holy Virgin 

Swed. Swedish 

tech technical 

teleg. telegraphy 

ter. territory 

theol theology 

U. J. D Doctor of Canon and Civil Law 

Un. Breth United Brethren 

Unit Unitarian 

unlv. university 

U. 8. N. United States Navy 

V. D. If Minister of the Word of Qo4 

vet. veterinary 

V. a Veterinary Surgeon 

1 Y M. C. A. 

Young Men's Christian Association 

Y. W. C. A 

1 . .Young Women's Christian Association 



J. A. KBLLER, State Superintendent of Education Montgomery 

R. L. JOHNS, Acting Director, Division of Administration and Finance 


M. H. KILLINQSWOBTH, Business Manager. Montgomery 

JAMES N. GUNNBLLS, Clerk and Supervisor of School Lands. Montgomery 

A. R. MEADOWS, Research and Surveys Montgomery 

LULA MAE SLATON, Statistician Montgomery 

R. E. LEDBBTTER, Director, Division of School House Planning Montgomery 

CLYDE C. PEARSON, School Architect Montgomery 

J. S. LAMBERT, Director, Division of Negro Education Montgomery 

C. B. SMITH, Director, Division of Instruction and Teacher Training. Montgomery 

JOHN W. ABBRCBOMBIE, Supervisor of Certification Montgomery 

MRS. P. W. HODGES, Teacher's Examination and Placement Montgomery 

NORMA SMITH BRISTOW, Supervisor of Elementary Education Montgomery 

W. L. SPENCER, Director, Division of Secondary Education Montgomery 

J. B. HOBDT, Director of Vocational Education Montgomery 

R. E. CAMMACK. Supervisor of Agricultural Education Montgomery 

E. H. GENTRY, Supervisor of Industrial Rehabilitation Montgomery 

KATHBRINB FORNEY, Supervisor, Home Economics Education Montgomery 

JESSIE R. GARRISON, Director, Division Physical and Health Education.. Montgomery 

WILLIE W. WELCH, School Libraries Consultant Montgomery 

E. R. PLOWDBN, Supervisor, Trade and Industrial Education Montgomery 

MARY ENGLAND, Director, School and Community Organization Montgomery 


GOVERNOR BIBB GRAVES, President Montgomery 

SUPT. J. A. KELLER, Secretary and Executive Officer Montgomery 

DONALD COMER .Birmingham D. M MAXWELL Monroeville 


W. D. BARTON Montgomery T w T?...- riiKian* 

N. D. DENSON Opehka * H ' T^ 18 _ Columbiana 

JOE STARNBS Guntersville MBS w - A - GRESHAM Russellville 


GARLAND S. SMITH, President County Superintendent, Vernon 

FRANK L, GROVE, Secretary-Treasurer Montgomery 

PATTERSON HICKS, Pres Clanton W. L. SPENCER, Secretary.. Montgomery 

J. P. CREEL, Pres Sylacauga SELLERS STOUGH, Sec'y, . . Birmingham 


WALTER D. AGNEW, President Huntingdon College, Montgomery 

L. E. WILLIAMS, Secretary Huntingdon College, Montgomery 






Name and Address 

Autauga . J Beitiam King, Prattville 

Baldwin S M Tharp, Bay Minette 

Harbour... P. A. McDanlel, Jr , Clayton 

Bibb % L. R. Stone, Centcnrille 

Blount J. W. Ellis, Oneonta 

Bullock. .M. K. Johnson, Union Spring's 

Butler Lloyd Woodruff, Greenville 

Calhoun C J. Allen, Anniston 

Chambers . G. M Barnett, LaFayette 

Cherokee G D. Broom, Center 

Chilton . .. Luther Little, Clanton 

Choctaw George O. Swann, Butler 

Clarke Dayton Robinson, Giove Hill 

Clay John H. Martin, Ashland 

Cleburne Leroy Brown, Heflm 

Coffee AC Dunaway, Elba 

Colbert R. R. Porter, Tuscumbia 

Conecuh . H. D Weathers, Evergreen 

Coosa J. G. Pinson, Rockford 

Covington . .E B. Norton, Jr , Andalusia 
Crenshaw . . .W. A Lowman, Luveine 

Cullman R E. Moore, Cullman 

Dale A. B McLeod. Ozark 

Dallas J. A. Lee. Selma 

DeKalb G. W Hulme, Fort Payne 

Elmore. . J. Roy Gantt, Wetumpka 

Escambia O C. Weaver, Brewton 

Etowah O C. Bottoms, Gadsden 

Fayette B L Balch, Fayette 

Franklin Victor H Wood. Russellville 
Geneva . J T Albritton, Geneva 

Greene . . . S D Bayer, Eutaw 

Hale Edward L Colebeck, Greensboro 

Henry O E Tompkins. Abbeville 

Houston Solomon Baxter. Dothan 


Name and Addrcm 

Jackson J F Hodges, Scottsbom 

Jefferson . John E Bryan, Birmingham 

Lamar G S Smith. Vernon 

Lauderdale. .H E Williams, Florence 
Lawrence . . . . N. Almon, Moulton 
Lee. .. Martin C Whitten, Opelika 

Limestone . Amos C Clanton. Athens 
Lowndes.... J A Colexnan, Hayneville 
Macon . . W B Riley, Tuskegree 

Madison... George D Brown, Huntsville 

Marengo G. M. Watson. Linden 

Marion Ross V Ford, Hamilton 

Marshall J L Clay, Guntersville 

Mobile W. C Griggs, Mobile 

Monroe H. G. Greer. Monroeville 

Montgomery . .... 

... CM Dannelly, Montgomery 
Morgan George T. Woodruff, Decatur 
Perry K B James, Marion 

Pickens F. S. Ward, Carroll ton 

Pike Joel L. Sanders, Troy 



G Hendon. Wedowee 
H B Hamner, Seale 
James A Baswell, Ashville 

J L Appleton, Oolumbiana 
H Sautherland, Livingston 
E A McBride, Talladega 
E E Owen Dadeville 

St Clair 


Sumter. R 




. . Houston Cole, Tuscaloosa 

Walker . A S Scott, Jasper 

Washington T B Pearson, Chatom 

Wilcox . . W J Jones, Camden 

Winston A G Weaver, Double Spring* 


Abbeville, Henry Co., pop. 2,047. 

Bd Educ T M Weems, president 

O E. Toxnkins, secretary 
High School J. C. Helms, pnn 

State Secondary Agricultural School, co-ed 

est 1899, L. G Delony, Prm 
Alabama City, Etowah Co., pop. 8,544 
Sansom H S George W Floyd, prm 

Albertvllle, Marshall Co., pop. 2,716. 

Bd Educ S B Hooper, president 

George Baker, secretary 
Superintendent S L Gipson 
Vocational Agriculture L. L Sellers 
Domestic Science Bracie Vines 

State Secondary Agricultural School, co-ed 
est. 1892, Leon W Cox, Pres 

Alexander City, Tallapoosa Co., pop. 4,018. 

Bd Educ Benjamin Russell, president 

T. H Radney. secretary 
City Superintendent J. M Pearson. 
High School I I. Fox, prin 
Junior H S S L. Peavy, prin 
Physical Tr'g (boys) I I Fox 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Bessie Mae Young 

Allceville, Pickens Co., pop. 1,066. 

Bd Educ. G N Downer, chairman 
Superintendent J F Wade 

Andalusia, Oovlngton Co., pop. 5,154. 

Bd Educ L E Brown, president 

C L Martin, secretary 
Superintendent C L, Martin 
High School J H Jonnson, pnn 
Domestic Science Nellie Daughtrey 
Physical Training L, L Nelson 
Elementary Grades Alexine Rollings 

Anniffton, Calhonn Co., pop. 22,845. 

Bd Educ C H Young, chairman 

B. E Jones, secretary 
Superintendent C. C Hoseley 
High School P. O. Myer, prin. 

Margaret Barber Seminary (colored) ; co-ed. ; 
junior-senior hs ; Presb , est 1896, Her- 
mann M. Hosack, Pres 

Athla&d, Clay Co., pop. 1,650 

Bd Educ R L Thompson, president 

School Trustee F M White 

County High School C E Spearman prm 




Athens, Limestone Co., pop. 4,420. 
Bd. Educ. W. W. Malone. chairman 
City Superintendent J. M. Cannon 

Athens College, girls, collegriate; prep ; 

music, ait, sec 1 !, boarding, M E. So.. 

eat 1843, E R. Nayloi. Pres. 
Blfhth District Agricultural School. agri , 

state, co-ed., eat. 188*. W. H. Johnson. 


Atmore, Eseambta Co., pop. 3,084. 

Bd Educ G R. Swift, chairman 
upt Town Schools A C Moore 
Prin. County H. 8 R E Hodnette 
Music Mrs L B Parish, supervisor 
Domestic Science Resrina Sellers 
Manual Training R M Barlow 

Attalla, Etowah Co., pop. 4,585. 
Bd Educ C B Foreman, president 

R L Clements, secretary 
SuperintendentAlbert W Ray 
County High School L C Wan, pun 

Auburn, Lee Co., pop. 2,803. 

Bd Educ Byron S Btuce, chairman 

S L Toomer, secretary 
County H S J A Paiiish, prln 
Music Mrs Mary Drake Ashew 
Art Mis Sam Brewster 
Manual Training P H Du Bore 
Domestic Science Lillian Cox 
Physical Training Estelle Hightower 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, comprises the 
School of Agriculture, of Architecture and 
Allied Arts, of Chemistry and Pharmacy, of 
Education, of Fngmetring, of Home Eco- 
nomics, of Military Science and Tactics, of 
Science and Literature, of Veterinary 
Medicine, of Graduate Studies, state, co- 
ed., cst. 1872, Luther Noble Duncan, Pres 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute. School of 
Engineering, courses in Civil, Electrical, 
Mechanical, Aeronautical, Highway Engi- 
neering; Industrial, Textile, Machine De- 
sign and Mechanical Di awing, John J Wil- 
more, Dean 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, School of 
Science and Literatuie, John W. Scott, 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, School of 
Agriculture. Marion Jacob Funchess, Dean 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, School of 
Graduate Studies, George Pctne, Dean 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Reboot of 
Veteunary Medicine. I S MeAdory, acting 

Bay Mlnette. Baldwin Co.. pop. 1.000. 

Bd Educ J. C McLeod, president 

G K Page, secretary 
Town Schools R L. Harris, supt 
County High School I F Simmons, prin 

Bessemer, Jefferson Co,, pop. 20,721. 

Bd Educ- Frank Hall, chaitm.m 
Superintendent J Clyde Orr 
High School James A Davis, prin 
Elementary Grades Ella Sapp 
Voca'l & Night Schls L P. Dill 

Physical Education Euil Snider 

Hueytown H. S (Route 1) H F Oilmore. 

M<Adory H S (Route 3) Mrs H H King. 


Birmingham, Jefferson Co., pop. 259,678. 

Pres Bd. Educ Erskine Ramsey 

R G Miles, secretary 
Business Manager D. B ICcXlniey 
City Superintendent Chailes B Olenn 
Assoc Supt and Supv High Schools- 
Charles A Brown 

Assistant Superintendent L. Frazer Banks. 
Attendance & Reseaich W E Putnam 
Health Educ J S Me), ester, M D 
Vocational Dept R F .larvib 
Supv Music L.eta Kitts. 
Manual Training Vernon Douglass 
Domestic Science Rachel Thornbury 
Physical Training Homer L, Thomas 
Art Mrs Lenore A Eldred 
Penmanship Mary Poore 
Primary I*ulu Bradford 
Cuiruulum and Educational MeabUiements 

I R Obonch.un, director 
Industrial Rehabilitation O F Wise 

Phillips High School, 7th Av near 24th st ; 

Clarence J Going. Princlpsl 
Wood lawn High School, 66th St. and 1st 

Ave , N B Hen'liix, Prin 
Ensley High School, 23*1 Avenue J, 

E E Sechiiest, Prin 
Ramsay Technical High School, 1800 ISth 

Ave , South , T C Young, Principal 
West End High School. 1920 Pearson av , 

N H Price, Principal 
Ngro Industrial High, 8th A near 4th st , 

N W . A H Parker. Prln. 

County High Schools 
Jones Valley High School, 208 Dower Ave.. 

Povulerlv Sta C W Phillips Prin 
Minor Hiph School, Star Route, Ensley Sta , 

W C Petty. Pun 
Shack's-rahaba Hiph School, 2<)04 S 18th St ; 

J M Waid, Pun 

Alabama Bo\s' Industrial School, state 

corrective school. D M Weakley. Supt 
Ahcisou BuMiipc* College bus and see'l, Rob- 
ert E Alvei^on, Pre* , 2021 First Ave, N 
Birmingham Conservatory of Music, musis, 

est 1S05, Dorsey Whittington, Director, 

2^21 Seventh Ave, N 
Birmingham-Southern College, college; 

co-ed . M E So . est 1856. Guy Everett 

Snavely, Pi esident 
Bitmmgbam University School; boys; day; 

pnatle vn thru lush school, college prep.; 

non-sect, B M. Parks, Headmaster 
Howard College, college courses: co-ed.; 

Bapt .cst 1841 , T V Neal, President 
Howards School. The Misses girls, day: 

Bonnie and Ptarl How aid. Pirns 
Louhe Comptou Semmaiy, guls, boarding 

snd day, ages 7 to 20. non-sect : est 1917. 

L E Heinmiller. Pun , J230 Ridge Park 
ICassey Business College, bus. and sten , 

est 1887, A M Bruce, Pies 
Simpson School, prep for Birmingham- 

Southern College, co-ed ; J. M. Malont, 





State Training School for Girls; correctly* 
institution; Mr* Mary W. Fowler, Supt 
Wheeler Business College; bus. and sec'l, est. 

1888; Willard J. Wheeler, Pres , 1911 1st 


Bloomtsvllle, Blonnt Co., pop. 600. 

Bd Educ George E. Pass, chairman 
Elementary School J. P. Johnson, prln. 

State Secondary Agricultural School, 
co-ed : state, est. 1906. J. B. Psnnington, 

Boax, Marshall Co., pop. 1,200 

Grade Schools L F. Corley, prin. 

Snead Junior College, co-ed.; grades x-xii, 
junior college, co-ed . M. E.; est. 1898. 
Conway Boatman. Pres. 

Brewton, Escambla Co., pop. 8.004 
Pres Bd. Educ. Leon G. Brooks 

Robert Weber, secretary 
High School Robert Weber. Bupt 
Washington Junior High School (colored) 

Q Adams, principal 
Elementary School Ruby Long, prin 

Bridgeport, Jarkaon Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd Educ Ben L. Hill, president 
High School W F Gonce, prin 
Home Economics Mrs John Tanner 
Physical Training W. N Godfrey 

Brundidge, Pike Co., pop. 1,484. 

Bd Educ E C Bassett, president 

Young Flowers, secretary 
City Schools Estelle Kelley. prin 
County High School J C. Lewis, prin 

Butler, Choctaw Co., pop. 200. 

Bd Educ M E Ward, president 
Bd Educ Zat k Rogers, secretary 
County High School Zack Rogers, prin. 

Colhoun, Lowndeo Co, pop. 90. 

Calhoun School (colored) , agric and mdust ; 
co-ed ; non-sect , est 1892, Jerome F 
Kidder, Prin 

Casnden, Wllcox Co., pop. l,fiOO. 

Bd. Educ. J T. Adams, president 

Bd Eauc W J Jones, secretary 

County High School E W Mellown. prin 

Camp Hill, Tallapoosa Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ B C. Pinnell, chairman 
High School C. B Sullivan, prin. 

Southern Industrial Institute; prep, and la- 
dust.; co-ed.; Lyman Ward, Principal. 

Carbon Hill, Walker Co., pop. t,000. 

Bd. Educ. James Nicol, chairman 
High School James S. Brown, supt 

Caattoberry, Conecuh Co., pop. 460. 
Bd. Educ. J W Thurmond, treasurer 
County High School J H Dey. prin. 

Crater. Cherokee Co., pop. 000. 
Bd. Educ. (city) J. O Jardon, chairman 
County High School G Self, prln. 

Domestic Science Josephine Mann 
Grammar School W D Parker, prin. 

Centervllle, Bibb Co., pep. 700. 
Bd Educ W. R. Young, president 

L. R. Stone, secretary 
Town Superintendent J H Alexander 
County High School G. EL Stacy, prln. 

diatom, Washington Co., pop. 460. 

Bd Educ Ray Coaker. president 

Bd Educ F L McLemore. treasurer 

County High School Marvin O. Baxter, prin 

Clanton, ChlltoM Ce, pep. 1,060. 

Bd Educ J Mell Martin, chairman 

B Lawrence, secretary 
Elementary School U H. Abrams, prin. 
Music Mrs Barney Roberts 
County H S Patterson Hicks, principal 

Clayton, Harbour Co, pop. 1,800 

Bd Educ M H Caraway, chairman 

J A Bethune, secretary 
High School W E Calhoun, prin 

Clio, Barber Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ W A Jackson, president 

City Schools N O Smyth, prin 

County High School P. W. Williams, prin 

Columbia, Houston Co, pop. 1,260. 

Superintendent Emmett S Walden 
Consolidated Sch E W Woodruff, prin 
Music Clarkie M Hammond 
Physical Education W O Kent 

Columbians, Shelby Ce , pop. l,tOO 

Bd Educ Luther Fowler, president 
Town Superintendent J B King 
County High School E H Childs, prin. 

Cordova, Walker Co., pop l,62t. 

Bd Educ P M Long, chairman 

B F Borden. secretary 
High School J H Beasley, prin 
Elementary W M Gardner, prin 

Cuba, Sumter Co., pop. 600 
State Secondary Agricultural Schoel; ee- 
ed , B F Harkins, Prin. 

Cnllmaa, Cullman Co., pop. 2,818. 

Pres. Bd. Educ M L Robertsen 

D. C Fuller, secretary 
City Superintendent R P Johnston 
County H S N R. Baker, pnn 
Music Elsa Hartung 
Physical Education E L Patrick 
Fan-view H S (Route 9) P T Orr, prin. 

Dadevllle, Tallapoosa Co., pop. 1,600. 

Bd Educ Cecil Duffy, chairman 

Oliver Sanford. secretary 
Town Schools W. M McDonald, prin 
County High School R B Bagley prin 
Athletic Coach William Johnson ' 

Daphne, Baldwin Co., pop. 640. 
Daphne State Normal College, teacher trV co- 
ed , D. R Murphey, Pres. 

Deatsville. Elmore Co.. pop. 300 

Holtville H. S James Chrietzberg. prin. 





Deeatnr, Morgan Co., pop. 16,000 
Bd. Educ. A. H Hoff, president 
Mrs. Mary B Connell, secretary 
City Superintendent W. W. Benson 
Senior High School W. T. Jordan, prin 
Tumor High School J M Givens, prin. 
Domestic Science Katharine Brandau 
Manual Training Aubrey Fuller 

Demopolla, Marengo Co., pop. 4,086. 
Bd. Educ. J I. Lee, chairman 
Superintendent J W Watt 
Higrh School L 3 James, supt 

Dora, Walker Co., pop. 1,142. 

Bd. Kduc. Linn Palmer, chairman 
High School Geoige Kil&orp, prin 
Physical Educ (boys) Loy Vaughn 
Physical Educ (girls) Margarett Statts 

Dotfaan. Houston Co., pop. 16,046. 

Bd Educ D W Baker, chairman 

Bruce Flurry, secretary 
Superintendent Bruce Flurry 
High School T G Vaughan, prin 
Junior H 8 Mrs Minnie T Heard, prin 

Double Spring*, Winston Co., pop. 225. 

Bd Educ J M Hilton, treasurer 
County High School W. H. Black, prin. 

Eclectic, Elmore Co., pop. 500. 

Bd. Educ V V Mitchell, chairman 

J A Powell, secretary 
County H S Creel Richardson, prin 
Physical Education M O King 

Elba, Coffee Co., pop. 2,438. 
Bd Kduc M A Owens, chairman 

J C. Dixon, secretary 
Town Superintendent J C Dixon 

Elkmont, Llmetone Co., pop. 800. 

Bd Kduc M W Dupree, chanman 
Sec Bd Educ W A Todd 
County H. S A. S Johnson, prin 

Enterprise, Coffee Co., pop. 8,704. 

Bd Educ J W GofT, chairman 

G. W. Ragland, secretary 
Superintendent H. T Grace 
County High School R L Bates, prin. 

Eufavla, Barbovr Co., pop. 5,208. 

Bd Educ W S Britt, chairman 

City Superintendent Thomas a. Wilkinson 

High School T J Campbell, pi in 

MusicMrs. Agnes E Wilkinson 

Home Economics Ruth Aurin 

Entaw, Greene Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd. Educ. A. P. Smith, chairman 

S. D. Bayer, secretary 
County H. S A. F. Jackson, prin. 
Music Ruth Shelton 
Domestic ScienceMrs. Ralph Kendall 
Physical Training Barbara Jones 
Physical Tr'g (boys) H G. Mac Daniel 

Evergreen, Coneeuh Co., pop. 2,007 
Bd. Educ. J. R Kelley. president 
City Schools Paul McMillan, prin. 

Second District Agricultural School; agri. ; 
and domestic science, co-ed . state; 
M A Hanks, Prin. 

Falrfleld, Jefferson Co., pop. 11,048. 

Bd. Kduc J T Me Laugh lin. president 

Mrs L. H Gregory, secretary 
City Superintendent B 13. Baker 
Hiffh Sf hool P M Cook prm 

Sinior High Sch G V Nunn, prin 
usic Virginia McGowen 
Health & Social Service Mrs W. R. Day 
Grade Supei visor Elizabeth Underwood 

Falrhope, Baldwin Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. Educ J E Gooden, chairman 
High School James H Bennett, prin 
Music Mrs Kirkbv Warton 
Home Economics Mrs Amelia Bennett 
Physical Training Richard R Fleshman 

School of Organic Education, kindergarten 
to college, boarding and day, co-ed.; 
Mrs Marietta L. Johnson. Prin 

FalkYlIle, Morgan Co., pop. ffO>J. 

Bl Kduc S G Parker chairman 
HiRh School S O Maner, prm 

Fayette, Fayette Co., pop. 2,105. 

Bd Educ M C Dobbs, president 

G L Smith, secretary 
Superintendent B L Balch 
County H S John M Brown, prin 

Five Points, Chambers Co., pep. t,000. 

Bd Educ H D Hudson, chairman 
High School M G Sat tcr field, prm. 
Mtisic LeMerlc Penn 
Domestic Science Mary D McCain 
Manual Training W S White 
Physical Education Dorothy Jilek 
Athletic Coach R A Teaslcy 

Florala. Covington Co., pop. 2,033 

Bd Educ M H Matthews, chairman 

W W Taylor, Vice-chairman 
County High Sch Hugh L Tayloi , prm 
City School Hugh D Wilson, prin 

Florence, Landerdale Co., pop. 11,788. 

Bd Educ D W Hollmgsworth, president 
Supenntendent T W Powell 
Home Economics- -Dorothy Clark 
Physical Training- II. C West 

State Teachers College, co-ed; est 1873, 
Henry J Willmgham, Pres 

Foiev. Baldwin Co., pop. 701 

High School L M Fraley. prin. 

Fort Deposit, Lowndes Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ S H Reid, president 
County Hi<?h School C V Stabler, prin 
Music Mrs. A. I. Forehand 
Grade School D W. Hairison, prin. 

Fort Payne, Dekalb Co., pop. 8,375. 

Bd Educ John H. McCartney, chairman 

J Valdor Curtis, secretary 
Supt Town Schools W W Hill 
County H S. Herman Watson, prin 





Gadsden, Etowah Co, pop. 32.500 

Bd Educ W T Murphree, chairman 
City Superintendent C. A. Donehoo 
Gadsden H 8 J D Samuels, prln. 
Emma Sansom H. S F. T. Reagan, prln. 
Supv Music Mrs G L Moore 
Art Willie Ruth Adams 

Alabama School of Trades; state; 
W. E Patteison, Director 

Geneva, Geneva Co., pop. 1,800. 

Bd Educ F M Fleming, president 
High School F II Echols, supt 
Music Mrs Lester Martin 

Georgiana, Butler Co., pop. 1,550 
Bd Educ R. A. Moorer, chairman 

J Paul Hanhn, secretary 
High School B. H Wyatt, pnn 

Glrard, Russell Co., pop. 4,214 

Bd Educ Homer Cobb, chairman 

L Laderdale, secretary 
City Superintendent I- P Stough 
Town Schools Mrs T Bross, prin 
High School John R Slaughter, pnn 

Good Water, Coosa Co.. pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ Jen* McCord, chairman 

Mrs T D Eppes, secretary 
High School J R Kimbrough, pnn 

Greensboro, Hale Co., pop. 2,416 

Bd Trustees C K Smith, chairman 

T B Ward, secretary 
Superintendent H B Byars 

Greenville, Butler Co, pop 4,000 

Bd Educ J G Stanley, chairman 
City Schools Marvin P Mantel, supt 
County High School J E Wright, pnn 

Grew Hill, Clarke Co., pop. 325 

County High School E V Chapman, pnn 

Guln, Marion Co., pop. 1,099. 
County H S E M Smith, prin 

Gnntersville, Marshall Co., pop. 2,823. 
Bd. Educ P. 8 Walker, president 
Town Superintendent D. B. McCullough 
County High School W D Newman, prln 

Gnrler, Madison Co., pop. 900. 

Bd Educ H C Pollard, chairman 
Town Schools W R Ellen, supt 
County High School J N. Howell, prin. 

Haleyvllle, Winston Co., pop. 2,115. 

Bd Educ Willie Doss, chairman 

C. C. Edmondson, secretary 
Superintendent C C Edmondson 
High School William Moore, prin 
Grammar School Palmer Davis, prin 

Hamilton, Marlon Co., pop. 500. 

Bd Educ K V Fite chairman 
, Brad Cooper, secretary 
Superintendent H L Kennedy 

Sixth District Agricultural School ; agrl 
co-ed , state, B W Branyon, Prin. 

Hartford, Geneva Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ B. B. Woodham, president 
City Schools F. L. Tucker, supt. 
County H. S. O. V. Bruner, prin. 

Hartselle, Morgan Co., pop. 9,009 

Bd Educ H L Payne, chairman 

F. M. Speake, secretary 
County H. S W. P. Snuggs, prin. 
Music Mary Paul Bar chit 
Giade School F E Burleson, prin 

Headland, Henry Co , pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ I* T. Brannon, president 

R. A. Brannon, secretary 
County High School J J Yaibrough, prin 

Heflin, Clebnrne Co., pop. 1,020 

Bd H A McMurray, p 
J L Atkins, secretaiy 
City Schools Charles W Thompson, prln 
County High Sch C F Newell, prm 

Highland Home, Crenshaw Co , pop. 45 

Bd Educ N A Campbell, president 

W A Lowman, secretary 
County H S G L Baxter, prin 

Huntsvllle, Madison Co , pop. 11,564. 

Bd Educ C S Boswcll, president 

\V G Hamm, secretary 
Superintendent W G Hamm 
High School Hosmer M Roberson, prin. 
Music Mis Nell M Younp 
Home Economics- -Mildi ed Daugherty 

Oak wood Junior Collepe (colored), htordiy, 
normal, tiade courses, co-ed , Seventh-day 
Ad\ . Cbt 1890. James L Moran, Pres 

Huttsboro. Russell Co., pop 884 

County High School V V Norton, prin 

Jackson, Clark Co, pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ G C McCrary. chairman 

Dan Clements, secretary 
Superintendent Dan Clements 
State Secondary Agricultural School , co ed ; 

est 1886, E J Pace, Pres 

Jacksom llle, Calboun Co , pop. t.ISl. 

Bd Educ W I Grcenleaf, chairman 
Supeiintendent C W Daugeite 
High School Reuben Self, principal 
Elementary Grades E J Landers 

State Teachers College, professional teachers 
courses, co-cd , est 1883, Clarence William 
Daugette, Pres 

Jasper, Walker Co., pop. 5,313. 

Bd Educ J M Gray, chairman 
Paul A Lantnp, vice-chairman 
Superintendent G T Patnck 
High School F. I* Harwell, prin 
Music Elizabeth Owens 
Art Pauline Bell 
Domestic Science Olivia Pruett 
Physical Educ (h s ) Helen Turner 





Lafayette, Chambers Co., pop. t,tOt. 

Bd. Educ C E Fuller, president 

W T Tiller, secretary 
Superintendent W. T. Tiller 
H L Rowe, assistant 

Lanett, Chamber* Co., pop. 5,204. 

Bd. Educ C. E DeLoach, chairman 

Superintendent T H. Kirby 

Hijjh School Fred J Ballenger, prm 

Lelghton, Colbert Co., pop. 570. 

t County High School II J Holland, prin 

Lincoln, Tullodega Co , pop. 500. 

Bd E<lue B F Watson, treasuier 
County H 8 J O Davie, prin 

Lineville, Clay Co., pop. 1,507 

Bd Educ W E Caipenter, chairman 

CM M Bains seoj clary 
City Schools D H Floyd, prin 

State Secondary Agi {cultural School, agrlc 
and Induct cnuis^q state, co-ed , 
A T East, Principal 

[,1 \lngHton, 8umter Co. pop 1,050. 

Bd Educ L A McLean, secretary 
High School R L Fvans, prm 
Music Frances Seale 
Home Economics Elizabeth Wagpener 
Physical Education Lucy Pruitt 

State Teachers College, couiscs in education, 
and school of aits, women, tst 1882, 
George \\ Biock, Pies 

in erne Crennliaw Co, pop I.S'iO 

Bd Educ Ben Lightfoot, president 
Superintendent W A Low man 
High School T L Bates, pi in 
Music Mrs Ethel Tankersley 
Home Economics -Margie Mahone 

Marlon, Perry Co., pop. 2,035 

Bd Educ J P Robinson, chairman 

J V Howell. Jr , sooiotarv 
County H S B fc. Disnmkes, prin 

Judson College, coll degree comses. women, 

music, Bapt , est 1838, L G Cle\erdon, 

Lincoln Normal School (colored), nor ; 

oo-cd , Ruth A Moiton, Diieotor 
Marlon Baptist Academy (colored): prep.; 

co-ed , Hichurd Tubbs. Prin 
Mat ion Institute, boys' boarding, mil . Col 

W. L Murfee, President 

tflcluw. Bullock Co. pop 600 

County High School R J Lam i cnoe. pi in 

tfllltown Chambers Co., pop 100. 

County High School T D Kimbrongh, pi in 

f ohlle. Mobile Co , pop. 68,277. 

Sch Comn'rs Paul Danner, piesident 

B C Rain, sec'y-tieaa 
Superintendent W C Griggs 

Assistant Superintendent C. F Vigor. 
Business Assistant W. P. DaTldion 
High School K J Claik, prin 
Elementary Supv Olive Dodge 
Rural Supr Pauline O'Rourke 
Music Lewis L Stookey 
Physical Director L, J. Smith 

Academy of the VI si tat 1 n, girls' boarding, 

R C , eat 1833, Sisters of the Visitation, 

Spiing Hill av 
McGill Institute, prep and bus , boys; R 

C , est 1897 , Brother Ignatius, Prin , 252 

Government St 
6t Mary's Select School, girls' boarding, 

R C , Sister Aloysla, Prin 
St Vincent's Select School, girls' board- 
Ing. R C , Mother Superior. 
Shephard's School, The Misses, grade I thru 

high bchool, boarding and day. Isabel 

Shepard, Kate Shepard, Prms 
University Military School, boys' prepara- 

toiy, day, non-sect . William S Pape, Prm 
Visitation Academy, gnls. boarding and day, 

piimaiy to college piep , Catholic, est. 
IhS.J, Mother Agnes Stanislaus Cullum, 

Monroeville. Monroe Co., pop. 1,017 

Bd Educ A C Lee, chairman 

J A York, secretary 
County H S James A York, prm 

Mont\allo, hhelb.v On, pop. 1.360 

lid Educ A F Hat man, chaiiman 

M P Jeter, secretary 
High School W F Tidwell, prin 
Training School M L Orr. director 

Alabama College, state college for women 
ost 189G. A F Harman, Pics 

Montgomery, Montgomery Co., pop. 66,070. 

Bd Fduc h. T Davis, president 
Superintendent C M Dannelly 
Prm Lamer High School J S McCants 
Supv Music- Georgia Wagner 
Elementary Supv Agnes Barclay 

Barnes School, prep , boys, E. R Barnes. 

Diaughon's Practical Business College, 

bus , sten , civil service, teleg . J C 

Eagerton. Pres 
Hunting-don College, degree courses, women, 

music, M.ESo, est 1910. Walter D 

Agnew, Pres 
Margaret Booth School, girls' prep , Ma- 

gnret Booth, Principal 
Massey Business College bus and sten . 

est 1884; O M Lyons. Vice-Pres A Mgr 
St Mary of Loretto, grades and high school. 

co-ed , R C ; Sister M Ricarda, Supeiior, 

203 S Lawience t 
etarke University School; boys' boarding; 

non-^ect . J. M Starko Pi In. 
State Teachers College (coloied) : courses in 

education , co-ed , H Councill Trenholm, 






Moulton, Lawrence Co., pop. 800. 

Bd Educ T. F Almon, chairman 

N. Almon, secretary 
Town Schools J. E Howell, prm. 
County H S H L, Tidwell, principal 

Bfoundvllle, Hale Co., pop. 475. 

Bd Educ J F Britton, chairman 

Superintendent C H Stewart 

County Higih School E P Howell. prln 

Newton, Dale Co., pop. TOO. 

Bd Educ T. A. Morton, chairman 

A L. Janes, secretary 
High School R S Till man, prin. 
Music Pattle Rosa Payner 
Domestic Science Mrs J. H Johnson 
Physical Training Leslie Mullins 

Normal, Madison Co., 

Agricultural and Mechanical College (col- 
ored) : college, high school, normal, home 
economics, mechanic arts, agriculture, 
music and commercial: state, co-ed , non- 
eut , et 1875; J F. Drake. Free. 

Northport, Tuscaloosa Co., pop. 3,173 

County High Sch Rayburn J Fisher, prm 

Notasulga, Macon Co.. pop. 675. 

Bd Educ M W. Zackary, chairman 
County H S C L Scarborough, pi In 

Odenville, St. Clair Co., pop. 360. 

Bd Educ W M Farman. president 

Carl S Baxter, secretary 
County High School Roy Gibson, prin. 

Oneonta, Blount Co., pop. 1,875. 
Bd. Educ.- H. C. McFherson, president 

Clarence Lavidson, secietary 
Superintendent William M Self 
County High School A A. Pass, prin 

Opelika, Lee Co., pop. 6,156. 

Bd Educ Forney Renfro, president 

John L Whatley, secretary 
Superintendent R B Mardre 
High School Lily B. Cherry, prm 
Athletic Director Lindley Hatfleld 
Home Economics Mary A Johnson 

Opp, Coviatton Co., pop. 2,018. 

Bd C W MizelK p 

R B. Johnson, secretary 
Town Schools. H N Lee, supt. 
High School T. K Hearn. prin 
Junior High Sch Walter W Scales, prin. 

Oxford, Calhoun Co., pop. 1,108. 
Bd. Educ. Mrs. W. F, Mellon, president 
Town Superintendent T. A. Anderson 
MusicMrs Bragdon 
Physical Training D. B. Clark 
County High School H. T Stanford, prin. 

Ozark, Dale Go., pop. 8,006. 

Bd. Educ. T. C. Godwin, chairman 
Town Schools Mrs. Emma Flowers, supt. 
Elementary Grades Louise Mizelle 
County High School W. B. Snugge, prin 

Phenix City, Rn0ell Co., pop. 13,862 

Bd. Educ S Lauderdale, president 
Superintendent L. P. Stough 
High School Martin C Whitten, prin. 
Music Mary Bond James 

Piedmont. Calhoun Co., pop. 8,663. 

Bd Educ J L. Woolf, chairman 
Dexter L Hovater, secretary 
High School J. M. Laird, supt 

Pirn* Apple, WIIoox Co., pop. 700. 

Tewn Supeiintendent C H Newsome 

Moore Academy: prep, school for boyi 
O T Weeks, Principal 

(fenterat Hie, Dallas Co, pop. 225. 

Bd Educ Ed Pettus, president 
County High School E A. Thomas, pi in 

Pratt vllle, Autauga Co., pop. 2,050. 

Giade School Mrs. Myra Murphree. prin 
County High School J. J. Moore, prin. 

Ragland, St. Clair Co., pop. 860. 

High School W. N McKathan, prin 

Bamer, Montgomery Co.. pop. 51O 
County High School P H. Harris, prin 

Reform, Pickens Co., pop. 1,060 

Bd Educ J P. Doughty, chairman 

Q S Harper, secretary 
County High Sch G S Spruill, prm 

Roanoke, Randolph Co., pop. 4,878. 

Bd Educ W. W Stevenson, president 

P J Horton, secretary 
City Superintendent L L. James 
High School J M Briacoe, prln 

Roekford, Coosa Co.. pop. 400 

County High School L G. Walker, prin. 

Rogersville, Lauderdale Co., pop. 000. 

County High School J. L. Couch, prm. 

Rnmellville, Franklin Co., pop. 8,146. 

Bd Educ James F. Hester, president 

A L. Owens, vice-president 
Superintendent Ralph C. Thomas 
County High School M F. Glascock. prin 
Music Charity Armstrong 
Elementary School Gladys Parker, prin. 





gt. Bernard, Cullman Co., pop. 25. 

St Bernard College; junior coll. and hs.; 
men; R.C : Benedictine Fathers, est. 1892, 
Ambrose Reger, President 

Sun ton, Geneva Co., pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ. Fhonso tvillgore, chairman 
Superintendent G H Jordan 
High School James S Brown, prin 

geottsboro, Jackson Co., pop. 2,804. 

Bd Educ E H Caldwell, chairman 
Town Superintendent Sallie Caldwell 
County High School C P Nelson, prm 

Selma, Dallas Co., pop. 18,012. 

Bd Educ J E Wilkinson, president 

City Superintendent P M Munro 

Senior H S W M Jackson, prin 

Junior H S Troy M Bonner, vice-pnn 

Domestic Science Ethel Rogers 

Clark School (colored) J A Edwards, pi in 

Selma University (colored), coll.; ce-ed.. 
Bapt . eat 1878, William H Dinkins, 

Shawmut, Chambers County 

Hujh School E I Oliver, prin 

Sheffield, Colbert Co., pop. 6,688 

Bd Educ E G Rhoads. chairman 

J G Wilson, secretary 
City Superintendent I. F Creel 
High School C M Brewster, prin 
Domestic Science Sara Jo Harvill 

Spring Hill Mobile Co, pop. 182. 

Spring Hill College, men, college degree 
courses; music dept , R C , cst 1830, 
John J Druhan, President 

Spring* ille, St. Clalr Co., pop. 550 
Bd. Bduc E I Cox, secretary 
High School J. J Hammack, prin 

atetenmn, Jackson Co., pop. 675. 

Bd Educ P D Armstrong, chairman 
High School Graydon Tones, pimcipal 
tirade School Law ton Keunamer, pun 

SvUlgent, Lamar Co.. pop. 1,071 

Bd Educ W L. Springfield, chm'n 

J C Stoakes. secretaty 
High School W G Sutton, prin 

Sylacauga, Talladega Co., pop. 4.111. 

Bd. Educ S W McEwen, president 
City Superintendent C. S. nowther 
MusicMiss Clyde Reinhardt 

Fourth District Agricultural School, agrl , 
co-ed.; state; est. 189S; W. F. Nicols. 

Talladega, Talladeg* Co., pop. 7,596. 

Bd Educ J. K Dixon, president 
Superintendent Ben S. Copeland 
High School J F. Keenon, pun 
Music Hat tie W Bullard 
Domestic Science Bessie Jemison 
Physical Education M. D. Snyder 
Physical Educ (girls) Lou Skinner 

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, 
state, D Hardy Riddle, Supt 
Talladega College (colored) . collegiate and 
music depts , co-ed , est 1867, Buell Gor- 
don Gallaghei, Pres 

Tairant City, Jefferson Co., pop. 7,341 

Bd Educ L W. Hubbard, president 
Supeiintendent W A Parker 
High School W J Balrd, prin 

Thomaston, Marengo Co., pop. 450. 

Bd Educ E G Thomas, chairman 
County High School James M Metcalf, prin 

Thomasvffle, Clark Co., pop. l.OO* 

Bd. Educ. Dr. E. P. Stutts. president 

A S Johnson, secretary 
High School George A Harris, prin. 

Thorsb}, Chilton Co., pop. 400. 

r iown Superintendent J L Harris 

Thorsby Institute, prep . co-ed . non-sect., 
est 1'JOb, Helen C Jenkins, Prin 

Troy, Pike Co., pop. 6,814. 

Bd Educ. Lane Enzor. chairman 

Superintendent L D Bynum 

High School W M Hughes, principal 

Music Roxy Dunbar 

Physical Educ (girls) Nicolena Kirkland 

Primary & Intermed. Bernics Cowart 

State Teachers College, courses in education, 
co ed , est 1887 ; M D Pace, Pres 

Tuscaloosa, Tnscaloosa Co., pop. 20,659. 

Bd Educ. J A Duckworth, president 
Superintendent H G Dowhng 
High SchoolClara L.. Verner, prin. 
Domestic Science Mary Emma Barnes 
Physical Education Bernice Blackshere 
Com'l, Stenog Vena Morrow 

Stillman Institute (colored) ; 
theol ; nursing, co-ed , 
Jackson, Supt 

jr coll , 
, A L 

Tuscnmbla, Colbert Co., pop. 4,589. 
Bd. Educ. John D. Rother. president 

E J Henninger, secretary 
City Superintendent R. E. Thompson 
Domestic Science Mrs. W. M. Bar gamer 
Grammar Grades Mrs. Agnes Martin 





Tuskegee, Macon Co., pop. 8,986. 

Bd. Educ H A Vaugnan, president 
High School J. D Jackson, prin 
MusicMrs. A L. Sigler 
Home Economics Sara Handley 

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute 
(colored); academic, agricultural, me- 
chanical and industrial courses; co-ed.; 
non-sect ; est 1881; F D Patterson, Pres 

Union Springs, Bullock Co., pop. 2,744. 

Bd Educ E J Pierce, chaiiman 

E. 8. Pugh, secretary 
Superintendent E. S Pugh 
High School C E. McNair, prm 
MusicRuby Pitts 

Home Economics Miss Newton Milhgan 
Physical Educ (boys) B G Mantel 
Physical Educ (girls) Anne Robison 
Elementary School Luette Kilpatnck, prin. 

l T n Ion town, Perry Co., pop. 1,886 

Bd. Educ Roy C Heacock, chairman 
High School J S Bianyon, principal 
Music Mrs F T. James 
Home Economics Jean Richardson 
Physical Education Edward S Jenkins 

University P O., Tuscaloosa County. 

University of Alabama, comprises College 
of Arts and Sciences, College of Educa- 
tion, College of Engmceimg, School of 
Chemistry, School of Law, School of Med- 
icine, School of Commeice and Business Ad- 
ministration, School of Home Economics, 
Summei School, Extension Division, state 
umv , co-ed , est 1831; Richard Clarke 
Foster, Pres 

University of Alabama College of Arts and 
Sciences, C H Barn well, Dean 

University of Alabama College of Education, 
professional teachers' training courses, 
est 1909, James T Doster. Dean 

University of Alabama School of Commerce 
and Business Administration, Lee Bidgood, 

University of Alabama, College of Engi- 
neering, courses in Chemical, Civil, Elec- 
trical, Highway, Mechanical, and Mining 
Engineering, est 1881; George Jacob 
Davi. Tr, Dean 

University of Alabama School of Chemistry, 

Metallurgy and Ceramics , Stewart J Lloyd, 

University of Alabama, School of Law; 

est 1846, Albert J Farrah, Dean. 
University of Alabama School of Medicine, 

co-ed ; est 1920, Stuart Graves, Dean. 
University of Alabama School of Home 

Economics, Agnes Ellen Harris, Dean 
University of Alabama Extension Division: 

R E Tidwell, Director 

Vernon, Lamar Co., pop. 750. 

Pres Bd Educ E R. Harris 

G 8 Smith, secretary 

Town Superintendent Mrs R E. Falkner 
County H. S G C. Vandiver, prin. 

Vincent, Shelby Co., pop. 1,034. 

Bd Educ Ira L Sharbutt, chairman 

A L Horton, secretary 
High School A L. Horton, prin. 

Warrior, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,200. 

Pres Bd Educ A N Mintner 
Sec Bd Educ V 8 Culwell 
Town Superintendent W T Snoddy 
High School F S Self, principal 

Wedowee, Randolph Co., pop. 500. 

Bd Educ J F Wilson, chairman 

N D Burson, secretary 
Superintendent Crawford C Haynes 
County H S G W Yarbough, prm 

West Blocton, Bibb Co., pop. 2.500. 

Bd Educ W A. Jones, president 

M C Davie. secretary 
High School L S Vanderford, prin 
Music Mrs M G Davie 

Wetumpka, Elmore Co., pop. 2,857. 

Bd Educ F D Perkins, president 

C Wmgard, secretary 

Hohenberg Mem Sch L T Lee, Jr , prm 
High School C R Welden, prm 
Music Mrs Margaret Rumn 
Expression Margaret Hogan 

State Secondary Agricultural School* 
co-ed , C R Welden, President 

Whistler, Mobile Co., pop. 1,100. 

Bd Educ John Cochran, chairman 

Mrs Ben Raines, secretary 
Superintendent L E Gralapp 

Winfleld, Marion Co., pop. 1,254. 

Bd Educ 11 W Harris, chairman 
Bd Krtur W L Roberts, secretary 
High School C C Edmondson, prm 

Woodlawn, Jefferson Co., pop. 8,248. 

Alabama Vocational School for Oirls, state 
special school; Alma Lamar Bachman, 

York, Sumter Co., pop. 1,601 

Bd Educ W W Patton, president 
County High School W I Hall, supt 
Grade School Miss M W Cory 



H. E. HENDRIX, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Phoenix 

C, LOUISE BOEHRINGER, Director of Curriculum 

M. J. HURLEY, Certification 

WILLIAM H. HARLESS, Director of Research 

J. A. RIGGINS, Statistician 

J. MORRIS RICHARDS, Tests and Measurements 

NED M. HILL, Textbook Accountant 


H. E. HENDRIX, Director Vocational Education and Rehabilitation .... Phoenix 
CLYDA S. MARKHAM, Executive Sec'y. RUTH E OELKB Supervisor of Home 
GEORGE S. SANDERS, Supervisor Trade conomics 

and Industrial Education F *J B C JONES, Teacher-Training in 

Home Economics, University of Ariz. 

L. D. KLEMMENDSON, Teacher-Tr'g in HARRY V. BENE, Supervisor of Civil- 
Agric. Educ, University of Arizona mn Rehabilitation 


R. C. STANFORD, ex-officw, Chairman Phoenix 

H. E. HENDRIX, Secretary State Superintendent, Phoenix 

GRADY GAMMAGE President State Teachers College, Tempe 

PAUL S. BURGESS, President University of Arizona Tucson 

T. J. TORMEY President State Teachers College, Flagstaff 

A. W. HENDRIX Principal Prescott High School, Prescott 

JOHN D LOPER Superintendent City Schools, Phoenix 

MRS. DOROTHY E. SYKES Superintendent County Schools, Globe 



E\RL C SLIPHER, Scc'y Flagstaff GARFIELD A. GOODWIN, Sec'y . .Tempe 


LAFE NELSON, President Superintendent City Schools, Safford 

J. J. CLARK, Secretary Route 5, Phoenix 






Name and Addres* _ County Name and AddreM 

Mancopa . . . B D. Ring. Phoenix 

Mohave Mrs. Nancy Thele, Kingman 

Navajo Mary A. Brown, Hoi brook 

Pima Maivin L. Burton, Tucson 

Final John J. Bugg, Florence 

Santa Cruz 

Mrs Lula R Larimore, Nogales 

Yavapai . . . Carl Hickerson, Prescott 
Yuma . Clifton Harkms, Yuma 


Apache... Mrs. Edith P. Martin, St. Johns 
Cochise Ruby Fulghum, Bisbee 


Mrs. Bessie Kidd Best, Flagstaff 

Gila Mrs. Dorothy E. Sykes, Globe 

Graham James H. Mangrum, Safford 

Greenlee Douglas Brubaker, Clifton 


AJo, Pi-ma Co.. pop. 8,061 
Bd Educ. H. L. Gillespic, president 

W C. Lawson, clerk 
High School C. S Brown, supt. 
Music Marie Sperry 
Shop Thomas Edens, Jr 
Physical Educ. (boys) Wallace Cay wood 
Physical Educ (girls) Dorothy Roby 

Benson, Cochlso Co., pop. 1,000 

Bd. Educ (grades) Martin Lohman. pres 

C L Rucker. secretary 
Grade Schools Franklin Benedict, prin 
High Sch Bd J. A. Hibbs. president 
Clk Bd Educ J H Getzmiller 
Union High School C. S. Fox. prin. 
Music James Black 
Home Economics Lucille Sherwood 
Athletics J A. Kartchner 

Blbe, CochUo Co., pop. 0.010. 

Bd Educ Howard Barkell, president 

George Gilman, clerk 
Superintendent R E Souers 
High School L T. Rouse, prin 
Music Marguerite Fisher 
Band, Orchestra A M Beppe 
Manual Training A M BOM 
Domestic Science Dorothy Foraker 

Casa Grande, Final Co., pop. 1,851 

Union H S Bd G E Richerson, pres 

Mrs Mattie Raber, clerk 
Union High School R A Haly, supt 
Music R L Margrave 
Home Economics Edith Harwood 
Grades Cecil England, prin 

Chandler, Maricopa Co., pop. 1,378 

Bd Educ W L Chastam, president 

E Roy Dobson, clerk 
Superintendent Fred P. Austin 
High School B. L Scudder. prin. 
Music Elizabeth Gholson 

Clarkdale, Yavapai Co., pop, 3,571 

Bd. Educ A I Greenwood, president 

L M Barker, clerk 
High School G B. Jones, prra 
Music Pauline Foster 
Art Catherine Henson 
Home Economics Katherine Evans 

Clifton, Greenlee Co., pop. 1,824. 

Bd. Educ George Reitzer, president 
E. Goodspeed, clerk 

Superintendent H. A. Llem 
Music Joe Wells 
Shop Francis Paddock 

Douglag, Cochise Co., pop. 10,278 

Bd Educ Albert Stacy, president 

& L Klutz, clerk 
Supt uittenuenl J 15 Carlson. Jr 
High School George A Bergfleld, prin 
Music Mildred Fredlin 
Band, Orchestra O L Utke 
Manual Arts O L. Hargrove 

Duncan, Greenlee Co., pop. 1,200 
Bd Educ S W Coon, president 

W P Storer, clerk 
High School Wcs A Townsend, prin 
Home Economics Lillian Hoover 
Band & Orchestra J Wesley Santee 

, Coconino Co.. pop. 3.186. 

Bd Educ Fred W. Moore, president 

Theodore S Spencer, clerk 
City Superintendent J Q Thomas 
High School J P McVey 
Music Victor Boggis 
Manual Tiainmg- Dale Peterson 
Grades Lura Kmsey, prin 
Arizona State Teachers College, teach tr'g. 

co-ed , Thomas J Tormey, President 

Florence, Final Co., pop. 1,800. 

Bd Educ W W Cochran, president 

Dugald Stewart, clerk 
Superintendent R W Taylor 
High School W W Clemans, prin 
Music Louise Ridgway 

Fort Defiance, Apache Co., pop. 150. 

Navajo Training School. Govt industr'tj 
school for Indians, co-ed, est 18"i 3, 
Peter Paqueth, Supt 

Gilbert, Maricopa Co., pop 800 

Bd Educ N L Nowell, president 

Clyde Ramsey, clerk 

High School Marion V. Williams, supt 
Home Economics Frances Jack 
Orchestra Jesse Sedberry 
Art Florence Super 

Glendale, Maricopa Co., pop. 8,663. 

Grade Sch. Bd. J. U Miller, president 

J D Lynch, secretary 
City Superintendent Harold W. Smith 
Union H. S Bd R. C. Lehman, president 




W. L Smith, clerk 

Union High School C. A. Yeoman, prln. 
Music F. R. Schraeder 
Domestic Science Lola Wright 
Commercial H. L. Renick. 

Globe, Glla Co.. pop. 7,083. 

Bd Educ Elsie Hagan, president 

Anthony Mauril, clerk 
High School H E Stevenson, supt 
Music Harry L Cloud 
Home Economics Esther Cox 
Manual Training P E Vickiey 
Librarian Mavis Hicka 

Ilolbrook. Navajo Co., pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ Bertha M, president 

J C Paulsell. clerk 
High School M D. Porter, supt 
Music J C Can- 
Manual Training E F Insley 
Domestic Science Leona Jen^on 

Jerome, Yavapal Co * pop 4,030. 

Bd Educ Olaf Hondrum, president 

E M J Alemus, clerk 
City Superintendent J. O. Mullen 
Music Carl H Guthrie 
Industrial Arts John P Goodwin 
Home Economics Lura Nix 
Physical Educ (boys) Waldo M Dicus 
Physical Educ (girls) Katherme Shea 

Klngman, Alohave Co , pop 1,600 

Bd Educ Carl Woiffmann, piesidcnt 

Charles P Elmer, cleik 
High School John Girdler, principal 
Music Dorothy deMary 
Man Tr'g, Coach Matt O Hanhila 

Mesa. Marfeopa Co., pop. 8.036. 
Bd Educ W A Wilkes, president 

Charles Shouse. clcik 
Superintendent O P Gi eer 
Music Mis Ruth Lee Huber 
Art Leota Home 

Home Economics Marguerite Cutland 
Visual Educ Clifford Spain 
Librarian Gladys Pomero> 
Union H S Harvey L Taylor, prin 
Mesa Ranch School, for 20 boys. 13 to 19, 

eat 11*22. L F Brady. Pi in. El Rancho 


Miami. Gila Co., pop. 7,693. 

Bd Educ Orville Larson, president 

Maigaret McGinn, secretary 
Superintendent Ivan P Hostetler 
High School E E McClam, prin 
Music (h s ) John K Oliver 
Manual Training J William Johnson 
Physical Educ (h s.) R V. Zegars 

Morenei, Greenlee Co., pop. 6,710. 

Bd. Educ D M Cansler, president 

C M Staples, secretary 
City Superintendent W. E Lutz 
Music Ellen Lutz 
Manual Training Cecil Anderson 
Home Economics Halite Jane Leavitt 
Vocational Kenneth L. Nehrlng 
Physical TrainingEdwin J. Simonich 

Nog-ale*, Santo Cms Co., pop. 6,006. 

Bd Educ E S Edmonson, chairman 
Charles Bracket, clerk 

Superintendent A. J. Mitchell 

High School F. E Westerland, prin. 

Band Gwen Noon 

Home Economics Eleanor Claasen 

Physical Educ. (boys) Loyd Ledford 

Physical Educ. (girls) Rosalie Barney 

Arizona Military Academy; college prep.: 

non-sect : est 1931; lower school grades 

ni-viii; C L Langdon, Supt. 

lar<e, Cochise Co., pop. 700. 

Bd Educ A. L. McKinney, president 

C McLeod. clerk 
Union High School E. L. Hedgpeth, prin. 

Peoria, Maricopa Co.. pop. 600 

Bd Educ Charles M. Edwards, president 

William McFrederick, clerk 
High SchoolDaniel F. Jantzen, prin 
Music, Orchestra Betty Light 
Home Economics Nellie Lyle 

Phoenix, Maricopa Co., pop. 48,118. 

Bd Educ Charles A. Carson, president 

A. C Taylor, clerk 
City Superintendent John D Loper 
High School E W. Montgomery, prln. 
Supv. Music Edith Sutherland. 
Manual Training Lester R Finch. 
Domestic Science Esther Pierce 
Commercial C L Michael 

Biophy College High School, boys, boarding 
and day. Catholic, est. 1928, Laurence E. 
O'Koeffe. Pros 

Jokake School, desert school for girls; 
grade v thru college prep ; est 1933, 
George Thayer Ashiorth, Director 

Judbon School for Boys, ranch school, boys 
7-18. George A. Judson, Director 

Lamson Business College, bus. and sten.; 
Flora Weatherford, Manager 

Phoenix Junior College, co-ed.; E. W. Mont- 
gomery, Pres 

United States Indian Vocational School, 
Govt vocational school for Indians; co- 
ed , est 1890 ; Carl H. Skinner, Supt 

Pima, Graham Co., pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ -C. C Bush, president 

W A Taylor, clerk 
Superintendent Orlando S. McBnde 
Music Melba Dastrup 

Presoott, Yavapal Co., pop. 5.09t. 

Bd Educ R S Condit, president 

M C Windsor, clerk 
Superintendent Donald R Sheldon 
High SchoolA W. Hendrix, prin. 
Music George F. Backe 
Art Olive Jobes 

Manual Training: Russell Ramage. 
Home Making Evelyn Williams 
St Joseph Academy, prep , co-ed.; R. C.; 

Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Ray, Final Co., pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ O. E. Utzinger, president 

Moses Brown, clerk 
City Superintendent D. It. Hlbner 
High School Irene Zimmerman, asst prin. 
Music Ruth Collins 
Primary Marie Chanut 
Athletic Coach George Rich 




St. John*, Apache Co., pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ Edward Schuster, chairman 

Lula P Lumpkms, secretary 
High School H L. Allen, prm 
Music Mrs Letty A Patterson 
Home Economics Fay P Chiono 

Safford, Graham Co., pop. 2,083. 

Bd Educ Clarence Naylor, president 

George A. Todd, clerk 
Superintendent Lafe Nelson 
High School J. H. Mitchell, principal 
Homemakmg Lola Ellsworth 
Band & Orchestra Mil lard Kartchner 
Man Tr'g, Coach William Gieszl 

Scottsdale, Maricopa Co., pop. 2,550 

Bd. Educ Rudolph Lamform, president 

Walter E Bonn, clerk 
Superintendent Garland M White 
Industrial Arts H B Ross 
Home Making Alyce Hudspeth 

Solomonville. Graham Co.. pop. 629. 

Bd. Educ Walter Tidwell, president 

M M. Larson, clerk 
Town Schools Harold G Clark, prin 

Superior, Final Co., pop. 5,610 

Bd Educ F S Stoll, president 

R R Leary, clerk 
High School J. A Diffin, !>upt 
Mubic Ethel Kenower 
Orchestra V C Dalby 

Temito, Maricopa Co., pop. 2,495. 

Bd Educ J M Wetmore, president 

H 3 Harelsen, clerk 
High School E A Row. principal 
Sch Tr (grades) Mrs G C Hampton, 

Mrs Idell Cummins, secretary 
Grade Schools H. M McKemy, prin. 
Music Dorothy Warren 
Manual Training Leo VV Faunc* 
Home Economics Verna Mae Crabb 
Arizona State Teachers College, teach tr'g, 

co-ed., est. 1886; Grady Gammage, Pres 

Thatcher, Graham County. 

Bd Educ J H. Asay, president 

Roy A Layton, clerk 
High School P. E Guitteau, supt 
Music Evan Madsen 
Home Economics Helen Evans 
Physical Educ (girl&) Mabel Gill 
Physical Educ & Ath Clarence Skonsen 

Gila Junior College of Graham County; co- 
ed ; E Edgar Fuller, Pres. 

Tombstone, Cochlse Co.. pop. 1,582. 

High Sch. Bd J H Macia, president 

J A Ivey. clerk 

Union High School W J Meyer, prm 
Music Leslie Krafft 
Domestic Science Margaret Pipes 
Physical Director Joe Wisdom 
Bd Educ. (grades) W A. Tyler, president 

M. M. Bennett, clerk 
Grades Mrs Mary B Price, supt 

Tucson, Pima Co., pop. 82,506. 

Bd Educ S C Davis, president 
Mrs. Annie W Kellond, secretary 
George F Km, purchasing agent 

City Superintendent Clinton B. BOM 

Music (elem ) E. J. Schultz 

Music (h s) Madge Utterback 
Band, Orchestra Leslie O Brewer 
Ail th a) 'Jtnlee Bucknei 
Manual Tiaming R A Ganoung 
Home Economics Wilma Montgomei y 
High School C A Carson, prm 
Mansfield Tr H S C A Hall, prin 
Roskiuge Jr H S Salome Townsend, prm 
Safford Jr H S R H Robinson, prin 

Arizona Desert School, boys 8-1 S, grades in 
thru ix t est 1927, Matthew Baird, Head 

Arizona State School for the Deaf and the 
Blind, Robert D Morrow, Supt 

Hacienda del Sol. girls, grade vii thru high 
school, college prep.; non-sect.; est. 1929. 
Doris C Oesting, Prin 

St Joseph Academy, girls' boarding. R C . 
est 1871: Mother Edna. Superioress. 

Southern Arizona School for Boys, prep , 
non-sect , Russell B Fan grieve, Directoi 

University of Arizona, comprise* Colleff* o 
Liberal Arts, of Mines and Eiigrineenng. 
of Agricultuie and Agiicultural Expeii 
mcnt Station, of Education, of Law, of 
Fine Aits, co-ed . state umv , e^t 1891. 
Paul S Bmgess, President 

Unnerbity of Anzona Collesre of Liberal 
Aits, Emil Richeit , Dean 

University of Arizona College of Agricul- 
ture and Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, Ralph S Hawkins, Dean and Director 

University of Anzona, College of Mints and 
Engineering, courses in civil, electrical, 
mechanical and mining engmoeiing, Gur- 
don Montague Butler, Dean and Director 

University of Arizona, College of E ucation. 
Jam* s VV Clarson. Dean 

University of \ii7ona. College of Law, 
Samuel M Ftgtl>, Dean 

University of Arizona, College of Fine Arts , 
A Olaf Andersen, Dean 

WIUrx, Cochise Co , pop. 660 

Bd Educ E B McAleb, president 

Mrs Carrie A Hines, clerk 
High School W C Sawyer, principal 
Music Sylv la Bi anson 
Domestic Science Helen Hnscoe 
Athletic Coach C D Miller 
Grades George T Coleman, prm 

Williams, Cooonlno Co., pop 2,164 

Bd Educ I T Wilson, president 

R E. Dial, cleik 
Superintendent F. E Dean 
High School E W Dei sham, prm 
Music Charlotte Stevenson 
Art Edna Craig, supervisor 

Winslow, Navajo Co., 3,736 

Bd Educ R D McGregor, president 

Mrs Roy Brennan. clerk 
Superintendent T G Grieder 
High School R E Booth, pun 
Music Selmer Osthe 

Yuma. Yuraa Co . pop. 4.237 

Bd Educ E L Simkms, President 
J A. Chester, clerk 

Pin Sup* i inten<l< in -(' W MrOiaw 
Union High School E I. Snyder, prin 
Music Neal Hollis 
Home Economics Helen W. Theile 



W. E. PHIPPS, State Commissioner of Education Little Rock 

H. T. STEELE, Assistant State Commissioner of Education 

CRAWFORD GREENE, Director, Information and Research 

G. C FLOYD, Director, School Law and Finance 

W. F. HALL, Supervisor Elementary Schools 

M. R. OWENS, Supervisor High Schools 

ED. MCCUISTION, Director, Certification and Teacher Training 

NOLEN IRBY, Supervisor Negro Schools 

J ODELL BAKER, Director, School Plant Division 

E B. MATTHEW, Director of Vocational Education 

W. J BREIT, Supervisor of Trade and Industrial Education 

R. B. SMITH, Supervisor of Vocational Agriculture 

FRANCES BAILEY, State Itinerant Teacher Trainer for Home Economics Ed. 

A. S. Ross, Supervisor of Civilian Vocational Rehabilitation 

ALMA L. KEYS, Supervisor of Home Economics Education 


D A BRADHAM, President . . Warren 
MARCUS BONE . Batesville 

L A WATKINS . . Harrison 


ARMIL TAYLOR Clarksville 

H C COUCH Pine Bluff 

E C ROBERTSON . . . Marianna 

W. E PHIPPS, Secretary . Little Rock 


T. H ALFORD, President . . Superintendent City Schools, North Little Rock 

PEARL WILLIAMSON, Recording Secretary. Superintendent City Schools, DeQueen 

Miss WILLIE A. LAWSON, Executive Secretary . 

Chamber of Com. Bldg., Little Rock 


County Name and Address 

Ai Kansas . J. R Dixon. St Charles 

Ashley . CM. Davis, Hamburg 

Baxter B B Foster, Mountain Home 
Benton .... F. A. Wood. Bentonville 
Boone W H Mallard, Harrison 

Bradlrv Jessie Tuiner, Warren 

Calhoun Ivev S Talibot, Bearden 

Carroll Da\id S Baker. Berrvville 

Chicot ... J r Orav, Lake Village 

Clark R. 8 Thomasson, Gurdon 

Clav Cl.uenoe Hamilton Pigrp-ott 

Oburne V E Stark. Heber Spgs 

CU'vHand 1 Jen me Ryburn, Riwon 

Columbia . J. E. O' Daniel, Magnolia 

Con way Christina Van Marion, Mornlton 

Cralgrhead. .J. J Yarbrough. Jonesboro 
Crawford J O Woftoid, Mountainburg 

County Name and Addresa 

Crittenden . T. P. Johnson. Earl 

Cioss H L. T^essenberry, Wynne 

Dallas J D Clary, Fordyce 

T>osha . J C Ra>pp. McGehee 

Diew W B Massev. Monticello 

Faulkner Fre-d M Bollen Vllonla 

Fianklin . Fave Jacobs, Ozark 

Fulton . Ulis Methvin, Viola 

Gar land. Garnett Braughton, Hot SpffS* 
Giant. .. . R H. Thornton, Sheridan 
Greene . . W A Branch, Para&ould 
Hempstead . . . . E E Austin, Hope 
Hot Springs.. ..R F. Tackett, Malvern 
Howaid . . . Cecil E Shuffield, Okay 
Independence .O M. Owens, Batesvilla 
I/ard . .Tom Simpson, Franklin 






County Name and Address 

Jackson J. G. Albright, Newport 

Jefferson W. P. Keith. Pine Bluff 

Johnson G. B. King*, Clarksville 

LaFayette . .W B. Wilson. Lewis vi lie 

Lawrence L. Cameron, Portia 

Lee Alma Futrall, Marianna 

Lincoln J. M. McCain, Star City 

Little River ..C. D. Franks. Ashdown 

Logan Paul Buzbee. Paris 

Tx>noke. . J B Abraham, Lonoke 

Madison.... Frank Cannaday, Ijuntsville 

Marion G. B. Keeter, YeUviUe 

Miller.. E. A. Morris, R 3, Texarkana 


Winnie Virsrll Turner Blvthevil'e 

Monroe Harry Torry, Bnnkley 

Montgomery T. A Humble, Mt Ida 

Nevada Basil Munn, Prescott 

Newton Arl Thomas, Jasper 

Ouachita. . . Berry Hinton, Camden 

Perry H. C. Loudermilk, Perry vllle 

Phillips. Mrs. Bertha C. Sanders, Helena 
Pike .Foy Cagle, Murfreesboro 

County Name and Address 

Poinsett T. L. Smith, Harrisbuig 

Polk A. W. Dodson, Mena 

Pope T. D. Bullock. RussellvilU 


D. N. Misenheimer, DeValls Bluff 


N. M Hamilton, North Little Rock 

..Mrs. Virginia Henderson, Pocahontas 

Saline W. A Jackson, Ben ton 

Scott Silas Rhodes, Waldron 

Searcy C. M. Hollabaugh, Marshall 

Sebastian L T Lanier, Hartford 

Sevier G P Boldmg, DeQueen 

Sharp .. J W Taylor, Cave City 

St Francis.. W V. Armstrong, Forrest City 

Stone A. C. Gist, Mt. View 

Union . . R FJ Buck, R 6, El Dorado 

Van Buren Dee Linn, Clinton 


J R Kennan, Fayettoville 

White S T Hughes, Judsonia 

Woodruff Mrs Grace Trice, Augusta 

Yell R. F. Waters, Danville 


Amity. Clark Co., pop. 818. 

Bd Educ O T Hays, president 

Clint Thompson, secretary 
Town Schools F. N Shields, supt 
High School Ed Sherman, prm 
Music Margaret Rhodes 

Arkadelphl*. dark Co., pop. 8.811 

Bd Educ John McMillan, president 
Bd. Educ. Claud Phillip*, secretary 
City Superintendent L. M. Goxa 
High School V. L. Huddleston. prln. 
Music Lucy Williams, supervisor 
Domestic Science Francis Parker 
Manual Training V. L. Huddleston 

Henderson State Teachers College, teacher 

tr'g courses, state, co-ed , Joseph Pitts 

Womack. Pros 
Ouachita College: collegiate, fine arts, and 

education departments, co-ed.; Bapt.: e*t. 

1886; James R. Grant, President 

Arkansas City, Desna Co.. pep. 1,485. 
Bd Educ A P. Price, president 

George W. Reese, secretary 
Superintendent Alton T. Beard 
High School Mrs. Ethel Lacy, prin. 

Ashdowa. Little River Co.. pop. 
Pro* Bd Educ. A. J Russell. 

J. H. Welch, secretary 
Superintendent Ben R. Williams 
High School H E. Tye. prin. 
MusicMrs. H. E. Tye 
Domestic Science Mrs. M. A Cook 
Physical Training Earl Ty 

Atkins, Pope Co.. pop. 1.529. 

Bd Educ E P Griffin, president 

R S Hugrhey, secretary 
Superintendent N H Bell 
High School T C Page, prin 

Augusta, Woodruff Co., pop. 2,243. 
Bd Educ W M Sale, president 

W B Conner, secretary 
Superintendent E P Ennis 
High School Russell McCrackcn, prin 
Music Mrs Garland Beavers 
Art Ila Richwoul 
Domestic Science Frances Parker 
Manual Training S J Beard 

Batesville, Independence Co., pop. 4,484. 

Bd Educ Charles W Barnett, president 

James Prior Evans, secretary 
Superintendent Oscar M Owens 
Higrh School L S Davenport, prin 

Arkansas College, coll , speech and music 
departments, co-ed . Presb , eat. 1S71; 
W S Lacy, President 

Belleville. Tell Co.. pop. 574. 

Urt FJ'luc J L Hurrod. serretary 
Superintendent G W Clarke 
Music Madge Brown 

Benton, Saline Co., pop. 8,444. 

Bd Educ.W. C Caldwell. president 

Joe Blackley, secretary 
Superintendent Howard Perrin 
Music Virginia Houston 




BentonvlUe, Benton Co., pop. 8.318 

Bd. Educ . P. Knott, president 

D W Peel. Jr , secretary 
Superintendent Wilma Dickinson 
Domestic Science Mamie Drummond 

Benyville, CarroU Co., pop. 1.474. 

Bd Educ B O George, president 

C D Grieg, secretary 
Superintendent Jim Oliver 
High School Wilma L Layne, prin 
Physical Training J W Paden 

Black Rock, I,awreme Co.. pop. 1,078. 

Bd Educ L C. Sloan, president 

V C Howe, secretary 
Superintendent Noble E Davis 
High School E. Austin Gilbert, prin 

Bljtheillle, Mississippi Co.. pop. 10,096 

Bd Educ C. M Buck, president 
C W Affhck, secretary 
Superintendent W D McClurkin 
Principal High School Rosa Hardy 
Music Mary E. Hood 
Art Velda Adcock 
Domestic Science Grace Phelps 
Physical Training Carney G Laslie 
Elementary Supv Winnie V Turner 

Ilooneville, Logan Co., pop. S.199 

Pros Bd Kduc C 1 Evans 
Superintendent H G. Moore 
High School Faye Blythe. prin 

Brinkley, Monroe Co., pop. 8,121. 

Bd Educ Elmo Chancy, president 

J L Woodfln, secretary 
Superintendent C Barry Cooper 
Hiffh School Clell Burnett, prm 
Elementary Sch Mrs Delia Mason, prin 

Camden, Ovaohlta Co., pop. 7,273. 
Bd Educ. O. E. Westfall, president 
J Hamilton Ooodgame. secretary 
Superintendent F W Whiteside 
High School J L Holt, prin 

Clarendon, Monroe Co., pop. 2,638. 
Bd Educ J P. Lee, president 
Bd. Educ W. H Brown, secretary 
Superintendent Roy E Dawson 
High School Houck Roasoner, prin 

Clarksvllle, Johnson Co., pop. 8,032. 
Bd Educ R. S. Bost, president 

Wilson Sharper, secretary 
Superintendent O. B. King 

College of the Oxarks; coll. liberal arts, 
and music course* ; co-ed.; Presbyterian; 
est. 1891; Wiley lAn Hurle. Pres. 

Coal Hill. Johnson Co., pop. l,22t. 

Bd Educ -Homer Ferguson, secretary 
High School O. B Durham, prin. 
Music Blanch Mayer. 

Conway, Faulkner Co., pop. 5,684. 

Bd Educ J. Wendell Henry, president 

Lodie V Biggs, secretary 
Superintendent -B. A. Short 
High School B A Short, prin. 
Junior H S D Doyle, prin 
Music Mrs C. E McNutt 

Arkansas State Teachers College, teacher 

tr'g , state; co-ed ; est. 1908; 

H. L McAllister. Pres 
Central College, girls' boarding, music, 

household economics, Bapt ; est. 1898; 

J S Rogers, Pres 
Hendrix College; college; co-ed.: M.EBo.; 

est 1884; John Hugh Reynolds. Pres. 

Corning, Clay Co., pop. 1,489. 

Bd Educ -Chess Gallegly. president 

W L Oliver, secretary 
Superintendent- C A Lamb 
Hiprh School Joseph Caldwell, prin. 
Junior H S Roscoe Miner, pnn. 
Elementary Grades Isabel Wilson, prin 

Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., pop. 1,080. 

Bd Educ J W. Hill, president 

F. Li Maxwell, secretary 
Superintendent C. C. Hunnicutt, 
Music Maxine Benbrook 

Crossett, Ashley Co., pop. 8.704 

Bd Educ J L. Arnold, president 

H E Cannon, secretary 
Cltv Superintendent D. C. Hastings 
High School W L. Mason, prin. 
Junior H. S Paul B Kays, pnn. 
Art, Nature Study Virginia Moran 

Manual Training N S Click 

Home Economics Erne Goolsby 

Physical Education Mrs. Paul B Kays 

Dardanelle, Yell Co., pop. 2,500 
Bd. Educ. H. C. Scott, president 

Dan Keenan, secretary 
Superintendent Ray Cornwall 
High School M. Jj Eikelberry. prm. 
Manual Training Earl G Landers 
Home Economics Faye Taylor 
Athletic Coach Ray Cornwell 

Do Queen, Sevler Co.. pop. 2,018. 

Bd Educ C. C. Thompson, president 

Roy Wright, secretary 
City Superintendent Pearl Williamson 
High School R. W. McKmght, pnn 
Music Mildred Hawkins 
Music (h s.) Evelyn Bowden 





Do Witt, Arkanms Co., pop. 1.429. 

Bd Educ, C. P. Chancy, president 

Don Essex, secretary 
Superintendent B. A. Lewis 
High School Martha Jane Smith, prln. 
Music Mrs. R. H. Dudley 
Manual Training R H Holderly 
Domestic Science Mrs Leon Garat 

Dermott, Chleoft Co.. pop. *.33 

Bd Educ L B Hawkins, president 

M. J Hatten. secretary 
Superintendent M. J. Hatten 

Morris Booker Memorial College, liberal arts, 
theology, co-ed.. Bapt : est 1895. W. L 
Punfay, Pres. 

Dlerks, Howard Co., pop. 1,644 

Bd Educ J L Keener, president 

O. P Allen, secretary 
Superintendent Delos McCauley 
High School Audie Priest, prin 
Music Mrs Olen Chaney 
Physical Training Jimmie Patterson 

Dumas, Desna Co., pop. 1,184. 

B E Collins, secretary 
City Superintendent D. W. Oill 
High School Mrs T. E. Dishongh. prin 

Earl, Crittendea Co., pop. 2,091 

Bd Educ J B Dulaney, president 

George Newton, secretary 
City Superintendent M E Binl, Jr 
High School J E Brewer, principal 
Music Mamie Girdner 

El Dorado, Union Co., pop. 16,421. 

Bd Educ Tohn D Trimble, president 

H C Bull, secretary 
Superintendent J I McCIurkm 
High School J W Rogers, prin 
Cooking Mildred Burgees 
Physical Tr*g (boys) W. I. Walton 

Bnglaad, Lonoke Co., pop. t,408 

Pres Bd Educ O. W Morris 

J W Llpscomb. secretary 
Superintendent Parker Sharp 
SupT Music Mrs. A. H. Kaufman 
Commercial C H Mutphy 

Kndora, Chlcot Co., pop. 2,020. 

Bd Educ Robert Stephenaon, president 
Bd. of Educ. M. Cashion, secretary 
Superintendent J C Gray 
High SchoolRobert W Rhea, prin 

Bnreka Springs, Carroll Co., pop. 2,258. 
Bd. Educ. Ray Freeman, president 

W O Barker, secretary 
Superintendent R L. Smith 
Principal High School M L McCall 
Music Mrs. Lois Brown Dorsett 
Physical Training Owen Delap 

FayetteviUe, Washington Co., pop. 7,894. 

Bd Educ W R Spencer, president 

E P Pyeatt, secretary 
City Superintendent Frank 8 Root 
High School B R Walker, asst prin. 
Music P. J Foutz 
Physical Tiaimng C L Nations 

University of Arkansas, comprises Colltg* 
of Arts and Sciences, of Education, of 
Engineering, of Agriculture, School of 
Business Administration, of Law, and 
Graduate School, at Fayettevllle. School 
of Medicine at Little Rock, state, co-ed., 
est 1871 ; John C Futrall, Pres 

University 01 Arkansas, College of Agrioul 
ture. agrlc , animal husbandry, horticul 
ture, Dan T. Gray, Dean 

University of Arkansas. College jf Educa- 
tion teachers' tiaining courses. co-ed , 
H G Hotz, Dean 

University of Arkansas. College of Engi 
neerlng, courses in civil, chemical, elec 
trical, mechanical, and mining engines 
nig, George B Stocktr, Dean 

University of Arkansas School of Business 
Administration, Charles Clifton Flchtner, 

University of Arkansas School of Law, 
Julian Seesel Waterman, Dean 

University of Arkansas Graduate School, 
John Clark Jordan, Dean 

Fordyce, Dallas Co., pop. 8,206. 
Bd Educ T D Wynne, president 

J D Clary, secretary 
City Superintendent J D Clary 
High School Robert A Cowan, prln 
Music Mrs Bruce Welch 

Forrest City, St. Francis Co., pop. 3,377 

Bd Educ Eldndge Butlei, president 
Bi Educ E B Smith, secretary 
City Superintendent M S Smith, Jr 
High School P II Herring:, prin 
Music Nannie Clarke Smith 
Domestic Science Mildred McDamel 

Fort Smith, Sebastian Co. pop. 31.643 

Bd Educ J R Woods, president 

J W Ramsey, secretary 
City Superintendent J. W. Ramsey 
High School Elmer Cook, prin 
Junior High School J A Day. prin 
Manual Training R B McHenry 
Home Economics Fiances Schneider 
Drawing Mollie Williams 
Commercial J R Burrows 
Physical Training Ben I Mayo 

Draughon's Practical Business College. 

bus and sten , est 1906. D C Smith. 

Fort Smith Commercial College, bus and 

sec'l; est 1888, R C Anderson, Pros 
Bt Ann's Academy, girls boaidlng. R C., 

Sister Mary Aloyslus. Superior 

Gentry. Benton Co . pop 66R 

Bd Educ A Brogdon, president 

E G Sugg, secretary 
Superintendent A H Metcalf 
Music Mrs Earle Fischer 
Domestic Science Leola Fiddler 
Coach Ben Williams 




Gillett, Arkansas Co., pop. 1,155. 

Bd Educ F B. Moon, president 

O C French, secretary 
Superintendent Mrs Ralph Place 
High School Stella Maye Ison, prin 

Glenwood, Pike Co.. pop. 1,310. 

Bd Educ J N Pate, president 

W A McKeown, secretary 
Superintendent I M Ciunn 
High School Irvin Wilson, prin. 
Music Mrs W A McKeowan 

Greenwood, Sebastian Co., pop 1,124. 

Bd Educ Lena Joyce, president 

A B Wallace, secretary 
Superintendent C B Smith 
High School D D Dodd, prin. 
Jenny Lind Jr H S J H Dunn, prin 

Hamburg* Ashley Co., pop. 1,787. 

Bd Educ F N Push, chaiiman 
Bd Educ B R Smith, secretary 
Superintendent J S Holeman 

Harrison, Boone Co , pop. 3,477 

Bd Educ Sam Cecil, president 

J R Tucker, secretary 
Superintendent G A Stubblefield 
High School W H Bun ess, prin 
Junior High Sch D N Holmes, prin 

Heber Springs, Cl churn* Co. pop. 1,050. 

Bd Educ E R Barrett, president 

N B DeLoach, secretary 
Superintendent Ben H Lincoln 
High School Annie Jo Mann, prin 

Helena, Phillip* Co. pop. 9,112 

Bd Educ C L Polk, Jr , president 

J F Wahl, secretary 
Superintendent J F Wahl 
Higih School C. B Partee. prin 
Physical Training Ralph Brown 

Sacred Heart Academy, girls' boarding 
boys in grades B. C.; eat 1879; Sister 
Rose Cecelia, Superior 

Hope, Hempstead Co., pop. 6,004. 

Bd Educ Robert M Wilson, president 

A Albritton, secretary 
Superintendent Beryl Heniy 
High School filen T Durham, dean 
Home Economics Saia Stioud 
Physical Education I'oy H Hammons 
Student Advisei Glenn J Durham 

Horatio. Sevler Co . pop 1 ,038 
Bd Educ t, O Shull, president 

Arthur Fuller, secretary 
Superintendent Mrs Nellie Hill 
High School Chailes E Varnell, prin 

Hot Springs, Garland Co., pop. 20,238. 

Bd Educ W P Demby, president 

E R Boll, secietary 
Superintendent Harvey H Haley 
High School V. B. Sammons, principal 
Music Mary Frances Collier 
Clothing Mrs Maurine Sullivan McNall 
Foods Caroline Wingo 
Manual Training R C Donaldson 
Physical Training Memng Perry 

St. Mary's Academy; prep , co-ed.; It C., 

Sisters of Mercy 

Wyatt School, prep , co-ed , Miss A. Wy 
att, Prin 

Huttig, Union Co., pop. 1,240. 

Bd Educ D M Clowney, president 
F M Johnson, secretary 
Superintendent D E. Thomas 
High School Shelby L Gillette, prin. 
Music Mrs Grace Anderson 

Imboden, Lawrence Co., pop. 800. 

Bd Educ I, A Sloan, president 

W I Swink, secretary 
Superintendent M. W Phillips 

Jonesboro, Craighead Co., pop. 10,826. 

Bd Educ C W Pittinger, president 

James McCauley, secretaiy 
Superintendent B H Mooio 
Senior H S Lloyd L Goff 
Junior H S Annie Camp, prin 
Domestic Science Mrs 6 G Barnett 

Arkansas State College, courses in libera 
arts, teacher training, agriculture, engineer 
ing-, and domestic science, co-ed . est 
1910. V C Kays, Pies 

Jonesboro College, junior coll , co-ed , Bap 
tifat. H E Walters. Pies 

Junction City. Union Co . pop. 1,080. 

Bd Educ H J Williams, Sr , presidcn 

A L Anthony, secretary 
Superintendent E J Upshaw 
High School Ray I Bolen, principal 

Lake Village. Chlcot Co., pop. 1,074. 

Bd Educ M E Wilson, president 

C J Huff ins ton sfcretaiy 
Superintendent A G Thompson 
High School I E Jackson, prm 

Leslie, Bearcy Co , pop 1,898. 

Bd Educ U M Sutterfleld, president 

Alonzo Clemmons, secretary 
Supeimtcndent Guv M.ibrey 
High School- -J I Lieblong, prin 

little Rock, Pulaflki Co., pop. 81,679. 

Bd Educ Lillian McDermott, president 

Homer Scott, secretary 
City Superintendent Hobert C Hall 
Music Mary Wylie. supervisor 
Manual Training J H Moreau 
Domestic Science Mary Flood 
Senior High School 

T A Larsen, Prm 
East Side Junior High School; S C Swear 

mgen, Prin 
West Side Junior High School, G T Huck 

aby, Prin 
Pulaski Heights Junior High School; G T 

Huckaby, Prin 

Arkansas Baptist College (colored) . prep . 

co-ed , Baptist; Sidney R Tillingha**, Pres 

16th and High Sts 
Aikansas Law School, evening classes, c^ 

ed , est 1916, J H Carmichael, Dean 
Arkansas School for the Blind; state, co 

ed . W M Brown, Supt. 




Arkansas School for the Deaf; state; co-ed. , 

Mrs Bess M Riggs. Supt . 2100 W 

Capitol City Business College, co-ed , 

C B. Hart, Pres . 219 V6 W 3rd st 
Dunbar Junior College (colored); co-ed.; 

city, W. K Payne, Dean 
Little Rock College, prep and coll , men, 

Catholic, est 1908. John J Healy, 

Pres.. Pulaskl Heights 
Little Rock Draughon Business College. 

est 1901 , John T. Hamilton, Pres 
Little Rock Junior College, co-ed.; city. 

E Q Brothers. Dean 
Lockhart-Moore Academy, private bd'g and 

day. co-ed, William E Moore, Pres, 

2400 High st. 

Mount St Mary's Academy, girls' board- 
ing. R C . est 1851. Sisters of Mercy. 
Philander Smith College (colored), coll . 

co-ed ; ME; est 1877 ; M LaFayette 

Harris, Pres, 922 W llth st 
Robinson Business College, co-ed . 

Arthur Reiehstadt, 1113 Louisiana St 
St John's Diocesan Seminary, theol, men . 

R.C ; James P Gaffney, Rector 
Shorter College (colored), prep, co-ed. 

A M E , est 1887. T M Greene, Pres., 

North Little Rock 
University of Arkansas School of Medicine, 

state, co-ed . Frank Vinsonhaler, Dean, 

1209 McAlmont st 

Loaoke, Lonoke Co., pop. 1,547. 

Bd Educ C A Walls, president 

W W McCrarv. secretary 
Superintendent J J Doyne 
High School James Abraham, prin 
Music Mrs James Swaim 
Athletics J B Abraham 
Grades Mrs. David Gates, prin 

Luxora. Mimimippl Co . pop 1,179 
Bd Educ C B Wood Sr . president 

R C Langston, secretary 
Superintendent T. D Wilklns. 
Music Elizabeth Wallace 

Logan Co., pop. S68. 
Bd Educ Claud Kyle, president 

Thomas W More, secretary 
Superintendent F L McConnell 

Magnolia, Columbia Co.. pop. 3,008 
Bd Educ W. M. Jones, president 

M B Prator. secretary 
Superintendent Andrew L Burns 

State Agricultural and Mechanical College, 
Third District ; agric , home economics, arts 
and sciences, education, co-ed , est 1910, 
C. A Overstreet, Pres 

Malvern, Hot Spring Co., pop .5,115 

Bd Educ C W Dixon, president 

Vane L Means, secretary 
City Superintendent J. L. Pratt 
High SchoolElla Ooza, prin 
Music Agee McCray 
Home Economics Claudia Mann 
Physical Training 1 Clyde E Koon 

Marianna, Lee Co., pop. 5,074 

Bd Educ W G Hoyle. president 
Bd. of Educ. Hugh Mixon, secretary 
Superintendent O T Conner 
Music Elizabeth Harrington 
Art Mrs Charles Taylor 

Marked Tree. PolnsHt Co., pop .0t& 

Bd Educ W R Pa>ne, piesident 

Wyatt Boxlcy, secretary 
Superintendent B E Whitmore 
High School John E Hopkins, prin 

Mavnard, Randolph Co , pop. 585 

Bd Educ J B Weaver, president 

Lehman Abbott, secretary 
High School J S Anderson, prin 

McGeliee, Desna Co., pop. 3,489. 

Bd Educ R B Stone, president 

W E Thompson, secretary 
Superintendent B F Albright 
High School H G Boyd, prin 
Music Miss Gice 
Athletic Coarh A C Boyd 

Vffu. Polk Co., pop 8.058. 

Bd. Educ W. S MacLafTerty, president 
Bd Educ D D Clement, secretary 
Superintendent T E Bishop 
High School Mrs T H McMillan, prin 
Grade School Louise Durham, prin 

MontlcHlo, Drew Co.. pop. 2.874. 

Bd Educ C T Harris, president 

Andrew J Baxter, secretary 
Superintendent W C Whaley 
High School M J Durand, prin 

Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical Col 
lege; co-ed , state; Marvin Bankston, Pres 

Morrilton, Conway Co.. pop. 3,858 

Bd Educ Sam Davies, president 

Robert Stalhngs, secretary 
Superintendent V L Boren 
High School George Wells, prin. 
Music Exene Ben e field 
Manual Training G A Dodson 

Mulberry, Crawford Co., pop. 1,095. 

Bd Educ J R Chatlaln, president 

R S Remy, secretary 
Superintendent J J 1 Weathprlv 
High School A H Metcalf, prin 
Music Dorothy James 





Nashville, Howard Co., pop. 8,874. 

Bd Educ C O Hughes, president 

A. T. Henry, secretary 
City Superintendent E T Moody 
High School Lester Bradley, principal 

Newport. Jackson Co., 4,402. 

Bd Educ B H. McDonald, president 

L P Mann, secretary 
City Superintendent L. P. Mann 
Prin Hisrh SchoolElizabeth Irb> 
Music Mrs. Kathryn Palmer Campbell 
Domestic Science Annie Maude McCarvey 
Manual Training B G. Malpus 
Physical Training W. P. Harlan 

North Little Bock, Palatal Co.. pop. 10,418. 

Bd Educ J. L. Atkins, president 

T H Alford, secretary 
Superintendent T H. Alford 
High School R A Cox, principal 
Home Economics Mrs Agnes Neill 
Industrial Arts E E Hartnett 
Physical Training Garland Beavers 

Okolona. Clark Co., pop. 412. 

Bd Educ Q us Ross, chairman 

M M Orsburn. secretary 
Superintendent Floy S Wise 
High School Gus Fair, prin 

Osceola, Mississippi Co., pop. 2,578. 

Bd Educ W W. Prewitt, president 

Charles E Sullinger, secretary 
Superintendent George Deer 
High School Marie Moore, prin 
Music Catherine Harwell 
Grade Supervisor Mrs J S McGanta 

Oxark, Franklin Co., pop. 1,146. 

Bd. Educ J S Turner, president 

Alma Roach, secretary 
Superintendent I B. Jackson 
High School DeWitt C. Slaughter, prin 
Music Lula Kate Benson 
Home Economics Evelyn Rye 

Paragould, Greene Co., pop. 6,806. 
Bd. Educ E L Gardner, president 

B E Robinson, secretary 
Superintendent C S Blackburn 
High School R D. Haynes, prm. 
Music (instr ) Catherine Dickinson 
Music (vocal) Helen Greenhaw 
Dramatics Mrs Doris Morehead 

Paris, Logan Co., pop. 8,281. 

City Superintendent Will S Morgan 
High School Loy D Elliott, prm 

P*a Ridge, Benton Co., pop. 802 
Bd. Educ O. P. J Roulhac, president 

Hugh W. Webb, secretary 
Superintendent J DeFoliart 
High School J W Sampler, prin 

Plggott. day Co.j pop. 9,016 

Bd. Educ J. E. McOuire. president 

G Will Reves, secretary 
Superintendent Ralph McNeil 
Principal High School Miss Leah Williams 

Pino Bluff, Jefferson Co., pop. 20,760. 

Bd Educ Adam B. Robinson, president 

L E Bassett, secretary. 
City Superintendent J. R. Allen 
High School H F. Dial, prin. 
Manual Training Harold Grauman 
Music Lucy L Broad street 
Home Economics Margaret Blewster 
Physical Training Allan Dunnaway 

Annunciation Academy; girls' boarding; R 
C . est 1880; Sisters of Charity. 422 W. 

Arkansas State College (colored) , agrlc , 
indust and nor courses, co-ed , est 1875, 
J B Watson, President 

Judklns Business College, bus. and secre- 
tarial courses, Mrs. Judkins, Proprietor 

Pocahontas, Randolph Co., pop. 1,806. 

Bd Educ George M Booth, president 

S R Jones, secretaiy 
Superintendent M A Kellett 
High School Alma Spikes, prin 
Music -Vida Throgrmorton 

Pmlrie Groir, Washington Co., pop. 774 

Bd Educ J L McConnel president 

Walter Dodson, secrptarv 
Superintendent L E Brasneld 

Presoott, Nevada Co., pop. 8,010. 

Bd Educ R P Hambr, president 

J W FVanks, secretary 
Superintendent C A Robmoon 
Higrh School R D Huie. prin 

Rector. Clay Co . pop. 1.859 

Bd Educ W J Blackwood, president 

Clyde Lorance, secretary 
Superintendent E F Kennedy 
High School J B Graham, prm 
Music Eula Bradford 
Grades Maude O McBride, prin 

Rogers, Benton Co., pop. 3,318 

Bd Educ George Love, president 
Bd Educ A B Stroud. secretary 
Superintendent B L Klrksey 
High School Hollis Buckelew, prin 
Music Mrs Gene Blanford 
Home Economics Harriett Patterson 

RuMellville, Pope Co., pop. 5,628. 

Bd Educ Will D. Vance, president 

Charles M. Howell. secretary 
Superintendent E W Bass 
High School R B Williford. prin 
Music Mrs Tom Bragg 

Arkansas Polytechnic College. Jr. coll , 
co-ed., state; J W. Hull, Pres. 




Searey, White Co., pop. 3,887. 

Bd. Educ C E. Tingling, president 

A P. Strother, secietary 
Superintendent J L Taylor 
High School E MacTrtmble, prm 
Domestic Science MarJorJe Armstrong 

Harding: College; coll . co-ed . Christian, 
George S Benson, Pres 

81 loam feprlna-s, Ben ton Co , pop. 2.40ft. 

Bd Educ W E Llneback, president 

George R Fretwell. secretary 
Superintendent O B Durham 
Manual Training W C Dorsev 
Domestic Science Anna DeSpain 
Physical Training Zele Berryhlll 

John Biown University, compuses the Col- 
legre, Vocational College, School of the 
Bible, and Academy, co-ed . John E 
Brown, Pres. 

Springdale, Washington Co., pop. 2,263 

Bd Educ R T Henry, president 

M. W Walker, secretary 
Superintendent J A. Trice 
Junior H S Mrs M T Bufoid, prin 

Music Gertrude Williamson 
Home Economics Nad me Ham* 
Physical Fduc (boys) Elvm Gciser 
Physical Educ (guls) Ehse Grumbles 

Stamps, Lafayette Co., pop. 2,705. 

Bd Educ R T Boulwaic, president 

T M Stinnett, secretary 
Superintendent T M Stinnett 
High School Vernon G Dokey, prin 

Stuttgart, Arkansas Co., pop. 4,022 

Bd Educ E B Swindler, president 

H S Neel. secretary 
Superintendent J E Howard 
High School W C Ferguson, prin 
<5iipV PHmar\ Tnlla shannon 
Music Lizetta Wehlmg 
Physical Educ (girls) Marie Walkup 
Physical Educ (boys) Joe F Chambeis 

Snblaro, Logan Co., pop. 400. 

Subiaco College, boys' boarding. R 
1888, Edward Burgert, Pres 

C : est 

Texarkana, Miller Co., pop. 16,602. 

Bd Educ F T. Wright, president 

F E. Wilson, secretary 
City Superintendent P N. Brags; 
High School R B Brawner, prin 
Junior H S Mrs Y E Montgomery, prin 
Domestic Science Mrs. B B WhatUy 

Truman, Poinoett Co., pop. 2,996. 

Bd Educ N C Taylor, president 

E H Douglas secretary 
Superintendent W. R Melton 
High School Gordon Lamb, P 

tan Buren, Crawford Co.. pop. 5,224. 

Pres Bd Educ J J Izard 

D M Ripgrm, stnretaiy 
Cit\ Superintendent D M Rlggin 
HiRh School V Coleman prin 
Music Mrs H H Confer 
Music (elem ) Thelma Byium 

Walnut Ridge. Lawrence Co., pop. 2,226 

Bd Educ Z M McCarroll, president 

G E Henry, secietary 
Supei mtendent A W Rainwater 
HiRh School Leo Wildbui. pun 
Music Mrs W O Sexton 
Domestic Science Wmificd Sexton 

Warren. Bradley Co., pop 2.057 

Bd Edue W F Soobcy, president 

V B Hains, seoretaiy 
Supei internment O C Landers 
Hiprh School R W Rowland, prin 

Wynne, Cross Co., pop. 3,505 

Bd Educ Tack Fiscus, president 

O H Poole, secretary 
Supei mtendent W R Oolej 
High School Willard Ralston, pun 
Music Mrs Clarence Coffin 
Home Economics Rosa Walker 



WALTER F. DEXTER, Superintendent of Public Instruction Sacramento 

SAM H. GOHN, Deputy Superintendent Sacramento 

IVAN R. WATERMAN, Chief, Div. of Textbooks and Publications Sacramento 

HELEN HEFFERNAN, Chief, Div. of Elem Educ and Rural Schools . . . Sacramento 

AUBREY A. DOUGLASS, Chief, Division of Secondary Education Sacramento 

WALTER E MORGAN, Chief, Division of Research and Statistics -Sacramento 

C. F MUNCY, Asst Chief, Division of Research and Statistics Sacramento 

EVELYN A CLEMENT, Chief, Division of Teacher-Training and Certification 


MABEL R. GILLIS, Chief, Division of Libraries Sacramento 

J. C. BESWICK, Chief of Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education . . . Florin 

IRA W. KIBBY, Chief, Bureau of Business Education Sacramento 

JULIAN A. MC-PHKE, Chief of Bureau of Agricultural Education Sacramento 

H. D. HICKER, Chief, Bureau of Rehabilitation Sacramento 

MAUDE I MURCHIE, Chief of Bureau of Home-Making Education Sacramento 

MRS. MABEL F GI**ORD, Chief of Bureau of Collection of Speech Defects 

San Francisco 

W. H. ORION, Chief, Division of Health and Physical Education . . Sacramento 
WINIFRED VAN HAGLN, Chief of Bureau of Physical Education for Girls. .Oakland 
GEORGE C. MANN, Chief, Div. Adult and Continuation Education . . Los Angeles 
CHARLES BURSCH, Chief, Division of Schoolhouse Planning Sacramento 


LEWIS P. CRUTCHER, President Long Beach 

WALTER F. DEXTER, cx-officio, Secretai*y . . . Sacramento 

ALLEN T. ARCHER Los Angeles R. E. GOLWAY Sacramento 


DANIEL C. MURPHY San Francisco MRS. FLORENCE C. PORTER, Bakersfield 

ARMISTEAD B C\UTER . . San Diego ALICE ROSE POWER . . San Francisco 
ARTHUR W. ECKMAN . . Los Angeles 


JOHN A. SBXSON, President Superintendent City Schools, Pasadena 

ROY W. CLOUD, Secretary San Francisco 


C. B. COLLINS, President County Superintendent, El Centro 

RICHARDSON D. WHITE, Secretary. Superintendent City Schools, Glendale 






Alameda . . . D E Martin, Oakland 


Mis E M Bruns, Gardnerville, Nev. 

Amador Wallace Wilson, Jackson 

Butte ^.Jay B Partridge, Orovllle 


Charles Schwoeier, San Andreas 

Colusa Mrs. Sadie V. Ash, Colusa 

Contra Costa .B. O. Wilson, Martinez 

Del Norte 

Joseph M. Hamilton, Crescent City 

El Dorado E J. Fitzgerald. Placerville 
Fresno.. .Clarence W. Edwards, Fresno 

Glenn Edgar P. Mapes. Willows 


Robert A Bugbee, Humboldt 

Imperial . Cornelius B. Collins, El Centro 


...Mrs. Ada Warble Robinson, Bishop 
Kern . .Herbert L. Healy, Bakersfleld 

King* J Meadows, Hanford 

bake. . Minerva Ferguson. L,akepoit 

Lassen Wallace Mass, Susan ville 

Los Angeles A. R. Clifton, Los Angeles 

Madera H. L Howe, Madera 

Alarm . . .George Kendall, San Rafael 


Elsie McGovern, Mariposa 

Mendocmo John W. Taylor, Ukiah 

Merced C S Weaver, Merced 

Modoc Mrs Halhe Tierney, Alturas 

Mono . . Mrs. Nora A. Archer, Mono Lake 
Mouteiey James G Force. Salinas 

Napa. . Eva Holmes. Napa 

Nevada Mrs Ella Austin. Nevada City 
Oiange . Ray Adkinson, Santa Ana 

Placer... Mrs Portia F. Moss, Auburn 

Plumas Mrs. Leolla R. Schott, Quincy 

Riverside Ezra E. Smith, Riverside 

Sacramento.... R. E. Golway, Sacramento 
San Benito . 

Mrs Hazel R. Bengard, HoUister 

San Bernardino 

C. Burton Thrall, San Bernardino 

San Diego. . . .Ada York, San Diego 
San Francisco 

Edwin A. Lee, San Francisco 

San Joaquin.. .John Williams, Stockton 
San Luis Obispo 

Robert L Bird, San Luis Obispo 

San Mateo 

. .Pansy Jewett Abbott, Redwood CUT 
Santa Barbara 

.Mrs Muriel Edwards, Santa Barbara 

Santa Clara Lews H Bntton. San Jose 

Santa Cruz. Mrs Tame M. Stocking, Santa Cruz 

Shasta Mrs Macie 1. Montgomery, Redding 

Sierra Anna Forbes, Dowmeville 

Si&kiyou Robert G. Dennis, Yreka 

Solano D. H. White. Fairfiftld 

Sonoma . . . Edwin Kent, Santa Rosa 

Mrs. Lourien E. Elmore, Modesto 

Sutter George F. Algeo. Yuba City 

Tchama Mrs Ruth G Kerber, Red Bluff 


.Mrs. Clara E. Can Matre, Weaverville 

Tulare Roy Driggers, Visalia 

Tuolumne . G. P Morgan, 8?nora 

Ventura W. K. Cobb, Ventura 

Yolo. ...Mrs. Eleanor K. Bandy, Woodland 

..Mrs. Agnes Weber Meade, Marys ville 


A din. Modoc Co., pop. 000. 

fid Educ Lydia M Joiner, president 

Jfl M Auble. clerk 
Union High Sch Uel B. Marr, prin 

Alameda, Alameda Co., pop. 34,892. 

Bd. Educ. Everett E. Farwell, president 
Superintendent William G Paden 
Assistant Supt Edward Albert 
Pi in H b CJeo C Thompson 
Music Edith Mobley. director 
Band A Orohestia John F. Kafka, 
Physical Educ (bo>s) A C Poe 
Physical Educ. (gills) Florence Favier 
Social Studies and Attendance 

Edward Albert 

Vocational Educ Charles W Cox, dir 
Evening High Paul L, Evans, prin 
Continuation Educ R A Shafer, director 

Notre Dame Academy, girls' boarding, 
B. C; est. 1881: Slater Mary Reginald, 

Alhambra, Los Angeles Co.. pop. 29,551. 

Bd. Educ Ben H Chamberlain, president 

George L Yelland, secretary 
Superintendent George E. Bcttinger 
High School H. M Wore, prin 
Elementary Supv. Mabel C. Bennett 

Manual Training David Danner 
Horns Economics Ethel Jans Oracs 

Altnras, Modoc Co., pop. 2,358. 
Bd Educ. Minnie T. Heard, president 

Halhe M. Tierney, secretary 
Union H. S Harry F. Wandling, prin. 
Grammar Grades Leon T Johnson, prin. 

Anaheim, Orange Co., pop. 10,817. 

Bd Educ. Earl E. Smith, president 
Bd. Educ. E Kate Rea, clerk 
Grammar Schools M A Gauer, supt 
High Sch Bd F L Benson, clerk 
Prin Union High School J. A. dayes. 
Music Edith M Weber 
Art Hazel Tileon 
Home Economics Ruth A Moore 

Angels Camp, Calaveras Co., pop. 8,000. 
Bd. Educ G. P. Cooper, president 
City Superintendent Xd. O. Leonard 
High School J. Q Davis, prin. 
Music Stanley Berry 

Angwln, Napa Co.. 

Pacific Union College, coll . prep , theol. 
music, and induat depts , Seventh Day 
Adv ; co-ed.; Walter I. Smith, Prea. 





Anttodh, Contra Costa Co., pop. 8,589. 

Bd. Bduc. Howard T. Lauritzen, president 
Bd. Educ. H F. Hunnell, secretary 
High School George F. Creary, pnn 
Music Hugh M. Cavanaugh 
Home Economics Helen M Sugars 
Physical Tr'g (boys)- Jay K. Tod 
Physical Tr'g (girls) -Wilda Noia 

Arcata, Humboldt Co, pop. 1,121. 
Bd. of Bduc. J. R, Brown, secretary 
City PrincipalHugh B. Stewart 
High School O. A. Cooperrider, prin. 
Music Walter N. Wood 
Art Pearl Degenhart 
Manual Training J. W Boggess 
Humboldt State Teachers* College; co-ed : 
Aithur Gist. President 

Arroyo Grande, San Luis Oblspo Co., pop. 

Bd Educ E W Wood, president 

A. A. Erhart, clerk 
Union High Sch Clarence Burrell, prin 

Auburn, Placer Co., pop. 2,876. 

Bd Ti G W Biundage, president 

Mrs Florence Hatch, secretary 
Union High Sch John F Engle, prin 
Band & Orchestra Otto Fox 
Art Margaret Cornell 
Home Economics Mrs A Marie Woolf 
Woodwk'g ft Mech. Dr. H. H. Rollins 
Physical Educ. (boys) Earl R. Crabbe 
Physical Bd (girls) Miss Honor E Mobley 
Librarian Roberta Ingrum 
Union Gram Sch Benton Welty, prin 

Asnaa. Los Angeles Co., pop. 4,808. 

Bd Educ George V Ott, president 
Mrs Marion W. Goedert. secretary 
Superintendent George N. Hale 
High School F. S. Hayden, principal 
Music Marion Henthorn 
Domestic Science Guyola Dixon 
Physical Education Monte A Forbes 

Bakerafleld, Kern Co., pop. 26,179. 
Bd Educ M P Fhckinger, president 

Florence C Porter, secretary 
Superintendent Lawrence E Chenoweth 
Principal High School H. A Spindt 
Music Clifford Leedy 
Child Welfare J Ted Cmsm 
Research B F Apperson m 
Visual Education Glenn Heimforth 
Elementary Education R T Neideffer 

Banning, Riverside Co., pop. 2,750. 
Bd. Educ. (elem ) -Victor Stumpl, president 

Beauford Hansen. secretary 
Elementary Sch' Is C W Chamberlain, prin 
Music Mrs. Opal Vertress 
High School LeRoy W. Beam, prin 
Music Eleanor Bird 
Athletics Franklin Kiech 

BelmoBt, San Mateo Co., pop. 868. 

St. Joseph's Military Academy; boys; board- 
ing, high school thru grade z; est. 1886; 
R. C ; Sister Mary Mildred. Pnn 

Benlcla, Solaao Co.. pop. t,860. 

Bd. Educ E A Stoner, secretary 
District Supt. J. H. Henderson 
High School L. H. Hamann, principal 
Music J. Duncan Graham 

y, Alameda Co., pop. 81.548. 

Bd. Educ Louise Hector, president 
Clara F Andrews, secretary 
J L Poulsen. purchasing agent 
Superintendent Virgil E. Dickson 
Deputy Superintendent M. C. James 
Research, Guidance Merle L McGinms 
Ameiicamzation Sue J Irwin, director 
Vocational Educ. D. G. Young, director 
Kindergartens ft Elem -Ruby Minor 
Supv Music Victorine Hartley. 
Home Economics Bertha C Prentiss 
Drawing Zinie H Kiddei 
Health Education Charles W. Davis 
Nature Study Clelia Paronl 
Visual Instruction H. N. McClellan 
High School H H Glessner, pnn 

A to Zed School, prep ; co-ed ; non-sect., 
Genevieve Savage Manchester. 3037 Tele- 
graph Ave. Principal 

Anna Head School, prep , girls, boarding 
and day, non-sect ; est 1887; Mary 
Elizabeth Wilson, Prin . 2638 Channing 

Armstrong College; collegiate bus. and )r 
coll , hs grads only, est 1918, J Evan 
Armstrong, Pres 

Berkeley Baptist Divinity School, 
co-ed.: Baptist: est 1904; Claiborne M. 
Hill. Pres.. 2606 Dwight Way 

California School for the Blind, state, co- 
ed . R. S French, Prin . 3001 Derby st 

California School for the Deaf, state, co- 
ed , Elwood A Stevenson, Supt 

Church Divinity School of the Pacific, 
theology courses, men, P E ; est 1893, 
Henry H. Shires, Dean, 2457 Ridge Rd 

Pacific School of Religion, interdenom ; 
co-ed ; est. 1860, Herman F. Bwarta, Pros 
1798 Scenic ave 

Pacific Unitaiian School for the Ministry. 
Unitarian, co-ed : est. 1004; William 8 
Moigan. Pres. 2400 Allston Way 

Randolph School, prep , co-ed , non-sect . 
Flora A. Randolph, Prin., 2968 Derby st 

St Mary's College High School; boys 
boarding, R C , est 1870, Brother 
James. Peralta Park 

University of California, comprises col- 
leges of letters and Science, Commerce, 
Agriculture, Engineering; Chemistry. Phar- 
macy (first two years of B S curriculum) , 
the Schools of Architecture, Education, 
Jurisprudence: and Medicine (first year) 
at Berkeley. Hastings College of the Law, 
Medical School, College of Dentistry, Col- 
lege of Pharmacy (third and fourth years 
of B S curriculum) , and California School 
of Fine Arts, at San Francisco University 
of California at Los Angeles; Branch of 
the College of Agriculture in Southern 
California, and Medical Department (Grad- 
uate) at Los Angeles. Graduate School of 
Tropical Agriculture at Riverside, Branch 
of the College of Agriculture at Davis; 
Lick Observatory at Mt Hamilton, Scripps 
Institution of Oceanography at La Jolla; 
state univ . co-ed . est 1868, Robert O. 
Sproul. Pres. 

University of California. College of Agri- 
culture; Claude B Hutchison. Dean 





University of California College of Engi- 
neering:, Chat lea Derleth, Ji., Dean. 

University of California, Coi.ege of Com- 
merce; Henry F Grady, Dean 

University of California School of Archi- 
tecture. Warren C Perry, Director 

Unverslty of California School of Education, 
W W Kemp. Dean 

University of California School of Juris- 
prudence ; co-ed ; Edwin D Dickinson, Dean 

University of California College of Chem- 
istry, co-ed . Gilbert N Lewis. Dean 

University of California, College of Mining, 
co-ed ; Frank H Probert, Sc D , Dean 

University of California Medical School, 
(freshman year only, sophomore, junior 
and senior years in San Francisco), 
Langley Porter. Dean 

University of California College of Pharmacy 
(first two years of B S curriculum, third 
and fourth yeai s in San Francisco) , 

University of California, Curriculum in Op- 
tometry, Ralph S Minor, Professor in 

White's Berkeley Preparatory School, 
boys' prep , non-sect , J H White, Prln 

Bishop, Inyo Co, pop. 1.190. 

High Sch Bd Roy Boothe, piesident 

Mrs Rowena Vonderheide, clerk 
Union High School Robert H Blee, pnn 
Music F V Craig 
Manual Ti dining H K James 
Home Economics Mrs P A McLaien 
Physical Dir (boys) John A Schwab 
Physical Dir (girls) Ruth Ewmg 

Blythe, Riverside Co., pop. 1,020. 

Bd Educ R H Ehleis, president 
Bd. of Educ Tony Seeley, secietary 
High School George W. Scott, principal 
Music Christine Bancroft 

Brawle}, Imperial Co., pop. 10,437. 

Bd Educ R \V McCune, clerk 
Superintendent G K Anderson 
High School P B Palmer, prin 
Music Mrs Lois Yochem 

Burbank, Los Angeles Co., pop. 16,429. 

Bd Educ Mrs Marion S Jones, president 

Leo G Forth, business manager 
Superintendent B F Enyeart 
High School E Raymond Root, pnn 
Mualc Helen Boughton 

Burllngame, San Mateo Co., pop 18,055. 
Bd. Educ E. C. Kester, president 

Winifred Jeppesen. secretary 
Superintendent L D Henderson 
High School W T Van Vons, prin 

Calexlco, Imperial Co., pop. 6,223. 
Bd Educ Bert Reddish, president 

Coy J. Bitter, clerk 
High School J W Lawson, pnn 
Art Howard Mullins 
Music Nora D Bacon 
Manual TrainingWilliam C. Bailey 
Physical Tiaining Edward Covington 

Carpinterla, Santa Barbara Co., pop. 1*000 

Santa Barbara School, boys' boarding, non- 
sect . pst. 1910, Curtis Wolsey Gate, A. M., 

Chlco, Butte Co., pop. 7,893. 

Bd Educ. J. E Morrow, president 

F. L Cummmgs, secretary 
Superintendent F. L Cummmgs 
High School Frank L. Cummings, prin 
Music (h s.) Lucille Cooper 
Music (elem.) Ednay Gray 
Band & Otchestra L. P. Olker 
Homemaking Luella Hopton Madsen 
Carpentry J. A. Dutro 
Drawing Angeline Stansbury. 
Physical Educ (boys) L,lovrt Costar 
Physical Educ. (girls) Ethel Bornfleld 

Chico State College; liberal arts; teachers' 
courses, co-ed., A. J. Hamilton, Pros. 

Golden Empire College of Commerce; bus and 
sec'l, co-ed , W H Howland, Ownei 

Chino, San Bernardino Co., pop. 3,090. 

Bd Educ R C Homan, president 

M. L Warne, secretary 
High School Leonard F Collins, pi in 
Music Dean Brumgton 
Home Economics Lillian Johnson 
Art Manpne Osborne 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Wayne Hauser 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Glessie Strange 

Chula Vista, San Diego Co., pop. 3,862. 

Bd Educ R Lowell Davies, president 

Hazel Goes Cook, clerk 
City Superintendent J. Calvin Lauderbach 

Music Catherine Santer 

Claremont, Los Angeles Co., pop. 2,720. 

Bd Educ Mrs Veta H Jones, president 
C. W Johnson, Jr . clerk 
William S. Wood, business manager 

Hitch School Earl Thompson, principal 

Music Sybil D Baker 

Art Grace Eschelbach 

Physical Educ. (boys) Lyle C. Martin 

Physical Educ (girls) Margaret A Schafer 

Elementary Schools Eva D. Edwards 

Claremont Colleges; central organization of 

Pomona and Scripps Colleges, Graduate 

School; William S Ament, act'g Pres 
Giils Collegiate School of Claremont; college 

prep ; boarding and day; non-sect.; eat. 

1892, Muriel Salt, Mary A Edwards, Pnns 
Norton School for Boys, boarding; est 

1928; grade it- vm; non-sect; Gordon A 

Wilson, Headmaster 
Pomona College, comprises college, music. 

and art depts ; co-ed ; non-sect.; est 1888; 

Charles Keyser Edmunds, Pres. 
Scripps College, college for women; B. J 

Jaqua, President 
Webb School; boys: coll prep; non sect . 

Thompson Webb, Headmaster 

Coalinga, Fresno Co., pop. 2,864. 
Bd Educ B M Hanst. president 

T. M Robinson, secretary 
Union H. S. C L. Geer, prin. 
Junior College T. A. Bllestad, dean 
Home Economics Helen Jardine 
Manual Training William Baxley 




Colton, San Bernardino Co., pop. 8,013. 

Bd Educ Norman Coolev, 

Mrs Calla M Fiench, clerk 
Supeilntendent John H Waldion 
MUSK Maltha lleniiu^ti 
Drawing Mis Helen M< Daniels 
Domestic Science hdltli Briber 
Manual Training IJporire Abler 

Coluea. Colusa Co., pop. 2.116 

Bd Educ R Hugh Ballard, president 

E W Clement, secretary 
Hmh Si liool IT>OIKC li l j tnce, pun 
Music Waller C Coleman 
Domestic Science Florence H Tennant 

Com p ton, Los Angeles Co., pop. 12,201 

Bd Educ (elem ) Mis Jamc P Abbott, pics 

Superintendent Mis Aidelli B 'libliy 

Music Dorotha Matson 

Oichestra Beaumont A. Smith 

Art- -Mis Jennie dandy 

Phvsual Educ Cecil Howard 

Hiffh School O S Thompson, principal 

Corcoran, Kings Co , pop. 1,763. 

Bd Educ T M Hansen, president 

T K Biown, sccretaiy 
Union Hiffh School 11 L Buhlman, pnn 

Coming:. Trlmimi Co, pop 1,419 

Bd Educ W O Smith, president 

Joe Click, cleik 

High School Marion McCoit, pun 
Music J Roland Jackson 
Att Jo. in 
Manual Tiaimng Harr> Stocldard 
Homo Economics Catherine Campbell 
Physical Ti't* (bens)- Kcnutth Palm* i 
Physical Trg (gnK) Bitty Thompson 

Corona, Rl \crmde Co., pop 7,019 

Bd Educ P J Mueller, president 

D R Menefee, clerk 
District Supt. Frank E Bishop 
Art- Mai y Ilealy 
Music J JLoim Farmer 
Manual Tniming C L Booth 
Home Economics liuby Hutchmson 
Phy TI'K <loys) La\\nn<e G Thome 
Phv Tr'R ( gills) Marfiaiet I for at 
Coiona Hiph School G L Ogrden, prin 

Tunun IIiuli Sch -- 1-cth i Kane}, pun 

Coronado, San Diego Co , pop 5,424 

Bd Kduc J H Prmlleton, piiMcKnt 

Frank McCrcciy, clerk 
Prin Hi hools I JLeslio Cutler 
Domestic Science Fiancis Freeman 
Ai t--.Mt 1 1 t"h s P u i o 

Covuia, 1,08 Angeleft Co., pop. 2,775. 

Hifth School Jd--W S Sa\\jcr, president 

Thomas B Reed, clerk 
Pnn t nion II S -Uen fr Mlllikan 
Music Fiank B CumrmnRS 
Domestic Sc ience Tjohih Baxter 
Art Tsthor D.ina 
Manual Training- H E Giuldin 
Librarian Lois Vivian Blackburn 
Califoinia Picpaintorv S< hnol, liovs' boaid 
ing; coll prep and grades v-xu, non-sect , 
Murray Peabody Brush, Headmaster 

Cregcent Clir, Del Norte Co , pop 1,114 

llifih Sch Bd Fted Hdight, president 

Albert Manuel, secretary 
High School C A. Thunen, prin. 
Music, Band. Orchestra Guilbert DuMont 
Diauing and Penmanship E A Moore 

Crockett. Contra Costa Co, pop 1,400. 

Bd Educ J Thomas C'lemo, president 

W E Lewis, cleik 
High SthoolW H Weslar, prin 
Mechanic Arts A W Rccs 
(\iniiMcic ia.1 Kiinim SK.iale 

Dinuba, Tulare Co., pop. 3,400 

Hi! K<ni 11 L PIIIJ, pitsidtnt 

i: j \n niniai.", < i( ik 

Union High He h Walter Hellbaum, prin 

Dunsmnir, SIMU.AOU Co, pop 2.52K 

Bd Kduc Roy Hames, piesident 

C J Kachui, cleik " 
Supeiintcndent E K Deering 
Hifih School R T Wattenburgcr, pnn 
Music Myitle Eva McLane 
Att -Sidona Heauphan 
Mautiil Tiammg E F Kclby 

Kl Centro, Imperial Co , pop. 8.427. 

lid Educ C E Scmts, president 

(, Home, clerk 

Tunioi (',,11 & H S- (my A Wtiklcy, pnn 
AIii'-ic Lcm C McCaity 
\i iiiu il ) i >u inu (.m l t Hatch 
Home tuummics Htlcn 'J liomsen 

Kl Monte. I OH \npeles Co , pop 3,454. 

riij.h Soli Bd Fred King, president 

Maicus Skarstedt, cleik 
Pi MI l nicMi fi ^ iiinij A Kecley 
Sup\ Musi* C.irolvn M Keller 
FloiischdM Aits Eva J Hoult 
Suntiintendent Grades Fiank M Wright 

FJ Sesrwndo, l^oi Anjreles Co., pop. 3,499 

U<1 E'luc K li 'J hoi bum, piesident 
SU,H t mil inlt nl- C L l)ioid\\aiti 
Ait Flotente O Case 

hoiiif-tH fac lento Eh/abeth M Campbell 
Almuil 1 1 uiiiii \ u \\ilkinson 
J J !i\si. il r l i iiniiit. - ft S Ifa/eltine 
Libi ai um Mrs H G Grace 

San Diego Co., pop. 3,415. 

bi h Bd C A S Kernper, president 
\\ ? Musgiove, c krk 
Distnct Supt M W JVny 
1 M.iin 1' -, - M \\ IN u>, pun 
Music L F Schiocdci J'lainiiiK P b Kliewer 

Eureka, liumboldt Co., pop. 15,748. 

1. . i M - 1. M M ti -.hall, piesuknt 
Bd of Educ. Geoige B. Albee, secretary 
<M\ Siiptimtt ndint--l.toii,e B Mboe 
MIL,II St hool- Joseph T Ol^nn prin 
Music (grades) Mrs Marian Llbbey 

(h s ) Pearl Jacobson 
Ait (giades) Nellemaiy Scobie 
D(nn-ti Si Hint* Mis liossie S Klepper 
(" Nat! anuM Sandoia 

EuioUa Ruslncss PollR, bus and aien , 
C J C rid dock, Prea 





Exeter. Tulare Co., pop. 1.808 

Bd Educ S T Pennebaker, president 

joiiu A Van Cleve, cieik 
Prin ln!on H S Walter M Smith 
Manual Training- E L. Gillespie 

Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co.. pop. 3 IS. 

High Sen. Bd. J. Hurray Broadley, president 

A Van Maren, clerk 
Union High Sch Watson L Johns, supt 

Fairfleld, Solano, Co., pop. 1,000. 
Bd Educ D A Weir, clerk 
Superintendent Mark G Woods 
High School James El Browol** prist 

Fillmore, Ventura Co., pop. 2.883. 

High Sch Bd F. L Fairbanks, pres 

17. Cook, secretary 
Union H. S P. H. Benson, prin. 
Art L. Laurette Smith, supervisor 
Manual Training Walter Marple 
Household Arts R. Bmbaker 
Commeicial Marie Schibsby 

Fort Bragg, Mendodno Co.. pop. 3,020 

Bd Educ F G Anderson, president 

A R Spreckelson, clerk 
Supenntendent Paul C. Bryan 
Principal High School J S Cotton 
Junior High School R V Lawson, prin 
Music Margaret Rowland 
Music (inst ) Charles Smith 
Art Dorothy Coleman 
Physical Training Archer Anderson 

Fresno, Fresno Co., pop. 52.558. 

Bd Educ W E R. Schottstaedt, president 

L, L. Smith, secretary 
Superintendent O S Hubbard 

W B Munson, assistant 
Music Lenel G Schuck 
Ai t Hannah Bynon 
Research W B Munson director 
Vocational Educ. Dept. H. C. Wienke, dir. 
Adult Education Minna Ludeke 
Child Welfare Mrs Nan Allan 
Curriculum I O Addicott 
Fresno High School Edwin C. Kratt, prin 
Fresno Technical Sch. R F Aspmall, prin 
Evening High School T E Dunshee, prin 
Theo Roosevelt H S F H Sutton, pnn 
Edison Technical School W L Potts, pi in 

Central California Commercial College: co-ed.; 

W C Shrewsbury, Pres, Fresno & L sts 
Fresno State College, degree courses, co-ed . 

Frank W. Thomas, Pres 

Fuller-ton, Orange Co., pop. 10,820. 

Bd Educ Walter Humphreys, president 

Helen T Frank, clerk 
Superintendent K J Green 
Union H. S Louis E Plummer, Prin 
Music Wilma Doig 
Manual Training Owen H Richelieu 
Domestic Science Corinne Bush 
Phvsical Kduc <h<\) Arthur T, Johnson 
Physical Educ (girls) Virginia Covey 

Gllroy. Santa Clara Co., pop. 2.487. 

Bd Educ Arthur Baldwin, president 

Sidney S. Johnson, clerk 
High SchoolRoy E Simpson, prin 
Music Vivian Barshinger 
Manual Training 1 L. L. Jones 
Household Arts Lurline Y. Smith 
Mount St Joseph Academy, prep , R C , 

Sisteis of St Joseph 

Glendale, Los Angeles Co.. pop. 62.607. 

Bd Educ Clency H Hasbrouck, president 

Merritt P Kimball, secretary 
City Superintendent Richardson D White 
Deputy Supt Norman R Whytock 
Gen Elem. Supv. Annie Louise Mclntyre 
Research C. Lorene Fntch 
Art Josephene Chambers 
Physical Educ. H. Edwaid Bremer 
Music Elsa Brenneman 
lunior College C A Nelson, Dean 
Glendale H S George U Moyse, prin 
Herbert Hoover H S A. L. Ferguson 

Glendora, Loa Angeles Co., pop. 2,028 
Bd. Educ H C. Warren, president 

John A Thum, clerk 
Supenntendent Wirt C Williams 
High School F C. Hayden, prin. 
Manual Training B. A. Landis 

Grass Valley, Nevada Co.. pop. 4.520 

Bd Educ Richard J Hales, president 

Leonard Prisk, secretary 
City Superintendent J 8 Hennessy. 
High School H R. Spiess 
Art Matie Luther 
Mount St Marv's Academy, prep . co-ed , 

R C , Sister Mary LaSalette, Superior 

Griclley, Butte Co, pop. 1.636. 

Hd <Plem sch ) F L Biatton, secietary 

District Supt. M. Nugent, Jr. 

High Sch Bd- Mrs Audrey Thompson, cleik 

High School Stanford Hannah, prin 

Music Thirza Ladd 

Band, Orchestra Eugene Stoddard 

Industrial Arts Donald Hills 

Home Economics Bessie Campbell 

Hanford, Kings Co., pop. 6,976. 

J E Meadows, clerk 
City Superintendent C. E .Denham 
Prin Union H S Jacob L Neighbor 
Home Economics Dorothy Rea 
Drawing Sopjeine Lampe 
Manual Training F. R. Marcellus 

llayward, Alameda Co., pop. 5,425. 
Bd. Educ. A. A. Oliver, president 

B. H. Hauler, clerk 
High School H. B. Long, prin. 
Home Economics Anna Needham 
Band Orchestra LC Roy Deeg 
Manual Training B K. Smith 
Physical Educ. (boys) B H. Kay 
Phv Educ. (girls) Mrs Eulaha K. Tillotson 

lflealdhiirg, Sonoma Co., pop. 2.011. 

Bd. Educ C. . Erickson. president 

O D Wagers, clerk 
High School Edwin Kent. prin. 
Music Charles McCord 




Hemet, Biverelde Co., pop. 2,284. 

Bd. Educ. Maurice Perry, clerk 
High School Paul G. Ward, principal 
Music Hazel Blair 
Drawing Irene Muller 

Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles Co., pop. 4,780. 

Bd Educ Collamer A Bridge, president 

Roy D Burkhalter, clerk 
District Supt J Hampton Watts 
High School Everett V Adams, pnn 
Music Mildred Bermce Kennedy 
Art Clio C. Heller 

Hollinter, San Benlto Co.. pop. 8,780. 

Bd. Educ F C. Sparling, president 

Wirt Thomas, clerk 

City Superintendent Clarence A. Brlttell 
Prln H SJ P DaviB 
Manual Training C. C. Trimble 
Com'l & Sten W K Me Laugh iin. 

Holtville, Imperial Co., pop. 1,847. 

Bd Educ. (clem ) Oscar L Fudge, clerk 
Superintendent A P Shibloy 
High Sen. Bd. Luther Hughes, clerk 
High School Dean Richmond, prin 

Hunttngton Beaoh, Orange Co., pop. 8,616. 

Bd. Educ. (clem.) A. M Andersen, president 

Warren J. Bristol, clerk 
District Supt C B. Baldwin 
Music Frances Van Horn 
Prln Union H S M G Jones 
Man Tr'g, Woodwrk'g H. C. Reid 
Domestic Science Mary L Van Tuyl 

Imperial, Imperial Co.. pop. 1.257. 

Bd. Educ W H Tullos, president 

Fred M. Hudson, clerk 
Union H. S. G. H. Madden, supt. 
Manual Training H A Vestal 
Domestic Science Mary Lee Moore 

Inglewood, Los Angeles Go., pop. 19,605. 

Bd Educ (city) Harry V Beaver, president 

Frank E Anderson, secretary 
Superintendent Robert E Cralle 
High Sch. Bd. . M. Stevens, president 

George M. Green, secretary 
Prln Union H S 6 M tureen 
Music Luella M. Hughes 
Art Mrs. Queen Smith 
Household Scl Mrs Ida E. SunderUn 

lone, Amador Co., pop. 80f 

High Sch Bd E W Perkins, president 

W Muntz, clerk 
Union High Sch H R Schumaker, prin 

Preston School of Industry. Indust.. state, 
boys from Juvenile Court, est. IS 84; 
O. H. Close, Supt 

IrviogtoB, Alameda Co., pop. 800. 

Bd Educ Fred F Dusterberry, president 

F V Jones, clerk 
High School E B Hodges, prin 

Jackson, Amador Co., pop. 1,001. 

Bd. of Educ. O. B. Vela, clerk 
High School T. R Smedburg, prin. 

Kinjrsburg, Fresno Co., pop. 1,310. 

D W Ostrom, clerk 
Supeiintemlent I V Funderburgh 
Bd Educ (h s ) A. E. Swanson, clerk 
High School L V Funderburgh, principal 
Music Helen E Keast 
Domestic Science Mae B Miller 
Physical Training D M Young 

La Jolla, San Diego Co., pop. 250. 

Bishop School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
college prep ; Episcopal; est. 1909. 
r.rnlinn S Cummins. Headmistress 

La Verne, Los Angeles Co., pop. 2,97ft. 

Bd Educ Carl H Ohler, pie&ident 

Anna R. Strayer, clerk 
Superintendent Rav R Cullen 
Union H S George Bell, pun. 
Music Chester Blackman 

La Verne College, liberal art&>, co-ed , Ch. 
of the Breth , est 1891, Ellis M Stude- 
baker, Pres 

Lakeport. lake Co., pop. 1,024. 

High Sch Bd D W Greene, president 

Mrs Rhea B Deacon, secretary 
Union H S A Pj-rn Rhodes, prin 

Lemoore, Kings Co, pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ J H Brothers, president 

N W Sorrick, secretary 
Pi in Union H S J P Graham 
Elementary Schools T C Allen, principal 

Lincoln, Plarer Co , pop. 1,402. ^ 

Bd Educ Barney Barry, president 

S S Short, clerk 
Union H S Richard A Lee, pnn 
Music Scott Rundy 
Manual Training Loy Adams 
Home Economics Helen Hohl 

Livermore, Alameda Co., pop. 3,110. 

Pres Bd Educ. Thomas W Norris 

Sec. Bd Educ. E. J. Lawless 

GrartfM Guv E Brown, prin 

Bd Educ (h s ) G A Therkof, chairman 

C W Mack, clerk 

Union High School A F Isensee, prin. 
Manual Training K O Hunter 

Lodl, San Joaqnln Co., pop. 0,700. 

High Sch. Bd. Niel C Locke, president 

R J Stuck, clerk 
Union H S LeRoy Nichols, pr:n 

Lorna T Inda, Pan Bernardino Co. 

College of Medical Evangelists; live-year 
course for medical missionary work, Sev- 
enth Day Adv ; co-ed . est 1909, 
Percy T Magan. President 

Lompoe, Santa Barbara Co., pop. 2,844. 

High Sch Bd Robert Lind, president 

Bd Educ Mrs Maud Summers, secretary 

Union H S W R Hull, prin. 

Music Henry Brubeck 

Home Economics Helen Kellewoy 

Manual Training: Harry Nelson 

Physical Education Chester Shirk 





Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., pop. 141,528. 

Bd Educ Eugene Tmcher, president 

\\atlei Barber secretary 
Superintendent Will Fi cnch 
Deputy Supt S I Stone 
Administrative Directoi Howard H Hicks 
Coordinator, Vocational & Industrial Arts 

Frederick Horudge 
Coordinator, Curriculum and Research 

Maud Wilson Dunn, \ 
Art Shirley Poore 
Attendance J N Flesher 
Audio- Visual Dept N Lvelyn Davis 
Homemaking Maud B. Haves, 
Elem Gr IV-VI Elga M Shearer 
Kindergarten-Primary Minnie Howell 
Senior Higrh Schls William J Klopi. 
Junior Higrh Schls C H Wooihult 
Physical Education Walter L Scott 
Health Service James Houloose, M D 
Music Gertrude Pls>her 
Libraries Edwina S Hicks 
Adult Education Elmer C Jones 
David Starr Jordan Hijsrh School, 

John W Wilson, Principal 
Long Beach Junior College, 

John L Lounsbury, Prin 
Pol}tethnic High School 

David Burcham Prin 
Woodiow Wilson High School, 

Harry J Mom P. Pnncipal 
Continuation High School, 

Agnes Wolcott. Prin 

California College of Commerce; co-ed., F. 

Dai win Smith. Piesident 

Long Beach Secretanal- Business College, 

Artemus Bates-Lane, Prin , Ameiican & 4th 

Porter School for Girls, elementary and 

college preparatory, Mrs. Grace Porter. 


L.OS Angeles, L.OH Angeles Co . pop l,28,37r> 
Bd Educ --John F Dalton, president 

H E Griffin, secretaiy 

A S Nibecker, Jr , business mnnagti 

C F Len/, controller 
Superintendent Vierhng Kersey 
Chief Deputj Supt Wil lard S Ford 
Drput\ Superintendent Arthur (Jould 
Asst Supt Robert H Lane 
Asst Supt Elizabeth Bates 
As&t Supt Luke L Gallup 
Asst Supt Katharine L Caiev 
Asst Supt Warren Cross Coniad 
Asst Supt Charles B Mooie 
As&t Supt Howard A Campion 
Asst Supt f oms B Travels 
Asst Supt Vincent P Maher 


Adult Education E Manficd l>ans 

Americanization Flora D Smith 

Art May Gearhart 

Attendance and Employment of Minor* 

Guy Marsh Hoyt 
Budget Harry M. Howell 
Curriculum (clem) -M Madilene Vevetka 
Curriculum (secondary) William B Brown 
Education of Exceptional Children 

Jessie A Tritt 
Educational Research and Guidance 

Elizabeth L Woods 
Health ServiceSven Lokrantz, M D 
Libiaiy and Textbook Activities 

Jasmine Bntton 
Music Louis Woodson Curtis 
Physical Education Martin H Tntb 
Research Paul E. Webb 
R O T C Samuel F Dallam (Col ) 
safety Education E B Lefferta 
S< hool Savings Avery J Giay 
Vocational ^and Piactical Aits - 

Claude Eugene Nihart 

Banning High School, 1500 Avalon Blvcl , 

Wilmington, Earl E Rosenberry, Prm 
Bell High School, 4328 Bell ave , Bell , 

Claude L Reeves, Principal 
Belmont High School. 1676 W Second 

Street, Alfred L Benshimol. Piincipal 
Boyle Heights High School, 2626 E Sixth st , 

William Edward McGonay, Prm 
Canoga Park High ^ch , 68 SO Topanga Canyon 

av , Canoga Paik, George W Monroe, Prm 
Easrle Rock High School, 1760 Tosemlte 

Drive, Eagle Rock; Helen Corliss Babson, 

Pi in 
El K<uio High School, 13161 Boiden st , 

San Feinando, Berdena Robertson Nouist, 

Fail fax High School, 7850 Melrose avenue, 

Rae Gird Van Cleve, Prin 
Fiancis Pobtethmc High School, 400 W 

Washington bhd , Kaip Leonard Stockton, 

Franklin High School. 820 N Avenue 64. 

Robeit James leall, Pi in 
Fremont High School, 7676 S San Pedio st , 

I P liiglH Principal 
Oaidona Hiprh School. Normaiidic A\e & G- 

dena Blvd. Garden a, J IT Wmttly, Prm 
Gai field High School. 5101 Ea<>t 6th st , 

Herbert S Wood, Prin 
Hamilton High School, 2955 Robertson 

blvd , Henry Otto Dyck, Prm 
Hull\w0fl HiKh School, 1,">21 No Highland 

ave , Louis I* Fole>, Pi in 
Huntington Park High School, 6020 Miles 

Hunting-ton Paik, Ralph W Detter, Pun 
Jeffeison High School, 1119 > J8th st , 

Clarence A Dickison, Prm 
Jordan High School, 2265 E 103rd St , 

James Austin Davis, Prm 
Lincoln High School 3d25 N Broadway. 

Ethel P Andrus, Principal 

Los Angeks High School, 4600 W Olympic 

Blvd . Ei nest W Oliver, Prm 
Manual Aits High School, 4H1 S Vermont 

Ave , Albeit E Wilson, Pun 
Marshall High School, 39 19 Tiacy Stuet, 

Joseph Madison Sniffen, Prin 
Metropolitan JIich School 2 14 Venice Blvd , 

Albert Krnest Bullock, Prin 
Narbonne High School, Loinita, Calif 

Clementina de Forest Giimn, Prm 
North 1 1 oil \vvood Higrh School, 5231 Colfax 

av North Hollywood, Claude W Sandifur 

Rus High School. H9 W 69th st , Homer 

K Watson, Prm 
Roosevelt High School, 450 Bo. Flckvtt St; 

G Millage Montgomery, Prin 
San Fernando Higrh School, Secoml St & 

Brand Blvd. San Feinando, Hairy E 

Gross, Prin 





San Pedro Hirfi School, 1001 W 15th st , 

San Pedro, William John Goodwin, Prin 
South Gate High School, 3351 Firestone 

South Gate, Floyd Roberts Honn, Prin 
Toi ranee High School, Carson & Watson Sts , 

Torianoc, Thomas Hughes Elson, Prin 
University High School, 11800 Texas Avenue, 

West Los Angeles, Ralph 1> Wadswoith, 

Pi in. 
Van Nuys High School. 6'>.T> Cedios Ave , 

Van Nuys, Donna Hawthoino Hubbnrd, 

Venice Higrh School. Walgrove av A Venice 

Blvd , Venice, Edward W Clark, Prin 
Washington High Sch , 10860 S Denker av , 

Thomas E Hughes, Pun 
Wiggins Trade School, 1646 S Olive at. 

Benjamin W Johnson, Pun 
Los Angeles Junior College, 855 N Ver- 
mont Av , Rosco C Ingalls, Director 

Berkeley Hall School, nursery thru senior hisrh 

school, coed , est 1911, Mary E Stevens 

Prin , 300 N Swall Drive, Beveily Hills 
California College of Embalming: co-cd , J 

M Brunner, Pies, 845 S Figrueioa St 
California Commercial College, bus and 

ten . F D MacKav, Manager 

6th st . Rampart & Benton Way 
CHllioinia Militaty Academy, boys' board- 
Ing militaiy non-sect , est 1<06, N 

William Brick. Prin . 4001 Venice Blvd 
Chouinard School of Ail, co-ed , cst 1921 

NVlbcrt M Chouinaid, Dinctor, 741 S 

Giandxit w st 
College of Osteopathic Physicians an< 

Sure-eon* co-ed Carle H Phinnev, 

Pres , 1721 Griffin av 
Convent of the Immaculate Heart f Mary 

girls' boat ding R C est l'<06, Sister 

Eulalia. Supplier. Hollywood 
Cumnock School, high school, junior eollesre 

lowei school , co-ed , dorrmtor\ for girls , 

Raymond C Biooks, Pres , r >333 W Thud 

HnrvRrd School b*v* bearding military 

PE , est 1900, Robert B Gooden, Head 

master, Venice & Western 
Hill-Young School of Speech, for the coi 

rettion of speech disoiders in young chil 

dren, 2716 Ellendale Place 
Hollywood School for Oh Is girls' boarding 

non-sect . est 1Q0 1 * Louise Knappen 

Woollett. Prin . 174<> I< Brea av . Hollv 

Loyola UnlAetsitv of Los Angeles, liberal 

art*?, law, common p, men, R C , est 

1865; Hugh M Duee, Pic*,, W. 80th & 

Loyola Blvd 
Ma<kv Business Pollege bin and sten 

F D MacKav, Managei, 612 S Figueioa St 
Maeuida School, co-ed , grades, hiph school, 

junior college, sec'l, music A A Maeur- 

da, Dncctor. 333 S Virgil A\e 
Marlborough School for Girls, gills' board 

ing, non-sect , est 1889. Ada S Blake 

Prin, S029 W Thud St 
Maitha Weaver School, boaidmp and day, 

first grade thiu ninth; est 1918, Maitha 

Collins Weaver, Prm , 443 S Manposa 
Occidental College, coll . co-ed , Presb . 

est 1887. Remsen Du Bois Bird, Pres , 

1600 Campus rd. 

Page Military Academy; boys bd f g. day, 
for young boys only, non-sec.; est 1908, 
Robert A Gibbs, Headmaster. 
1201 Cochran ave 

Page School for Girls, girls' boarding, non- 
sect . Miss Emma E Page. Principal. 4511 
Pasadena Ave 

St Mary's Academy, girls' boarding, R 
C , Sister Catharine, Prin , Stauson and 

Sacred Heart Academv girls' boarding and 
day, R C . Dominican Sinters. 2108 

Sawyer School o f Business, 805 S Flower 
St , D A Kennard, Prin 

Southwestern University, comprises the 
School of Law, and School of Commerce, 
Accounts and Finance. J J Schumacher, 
Pres , 1121 S Hill St 

Southwestern University, School of Law, 
co-ed Rollin L McNitt, Dean 

TTniveisity of California at Los Angeles, a part 
of the University of California, comprises 
C ollege of Letters and Science , College of 
Business Administration, Teachers College, 
the Bianch of the University College of Agri- 
cultuie in Southern California, Lower Divi- 
sion in Chemistry, Engineering and Mining, 
Giaduate Studv m certain academic fields, 
Summer Session , co ed , Robert Gordon 
Sproul, Pres 

University or California, College of Medi- 
cine fLos Angeles Dept ) for graduates of 
medicine onlv co-Ad , George H Kresfl, 
Dean. 727 W 7th St 

University of Southern California, com pr Is AS 
college of Aichitecture and Fine Arts, of 
Commeice and Business Administration of 
Dentistry of Engineering of Tetters Arts 
and Sciences of Phnrmacy Los Angeles 
Ururei sitv of International Relations, Uni- 
veisity College schools of Education, of 
Government, of Jouinahsm, of Law. of 
Medicine, of Merchandising, of Philoso- 
phv of Religion, of Social Work, of 
Speech of Music of Research, Graduate 
School the Junior College, Summer Ses- 
sion' co-ed . non-sect 1880. Rufus B von 
Klein Smid, Pres 

University of Southern California, College 
of r>entfstrv dent co-ed est 1JW7. 
Lewis E Ford Dean 16 and LOB Angeles 

University of Southern California, School of 
Law, co-ed . William O Hale. Dean 

Uiwersitv of Southern California, School of 
Music Max Swnrthout, Director 

Unlveisltv of Southern California, School 
of Speech, co-ed . Ray K Tmmel. Dean. 

University of Southern California College 
of Pharma^ , I alrd J Stabler, Dean 

Unheisit* of Southern California, College 
ef Commerce tnri Business Administra- 
tion. Reid L McClung, Dean 

T T nn*rsltv of <?onth^rn Pillfornia. School e-f 
Religion , Carl S Knopf, Dean 

Univeraitv of Southein California Srhool ef 
Kilncntlon Lester B Rogers Dean 

Unlverslt\ of Southern California School 
of Government, W Ballentme Henley, act- 
ing Dean 

University of Southern California. College 
of Engineering, Philip S Biegler, Dean 





University of Southern California, College 
of Letters, Arts and Sciences t 
Albert S Raubenheimer, Dean 

University of Southern California, Graduate 
School, Rockwell D Hunt, Dean 

University of Southern California, School of 
Medicine, co-ed , Paul S McKibben, Dean 

University of Southern California. School of 
Merchandising, Thurston H Ross, Director 

University of Southern California. Junior 
College; Philip A Libby, Director 

University of Southern California. School of 
Philosophy. Ralph T Fie welling:, Director 

University of Southern California, School of 
Social Work. Emory S Bogardus, Dean 

University of Southern California, School of 
Research; Rockwell D. Hunt, Director 

Westlake School for Girls and Holmby Col- 
lege: junior college, prep., and lower 
school, boarding and day. est. 1904; non- 
sect.. Frederica de Laguna, Jessica Vance. 
Pnns.. 700 N Faring Rd 

Woodbury College, collegiate bus tr'g . 
com'l art, costume design, interior 
decoration, home economics, millinery. 
R H Whitten, Pres , 1027 Wilshire blvd 
(Branch. 1717 N Vine St. Hollywood) 

Los Gatos, Saute Clara Co., pop. 3,188. 

Bd Bduc Robert L Hogg, president 

George F. Shaner, secretary 
High School Prentiss Brown, supt. 
Supv Music Charles Havward 
Practical Arts F B. Daily 
Physical Education Douglas Helm 
Montczuma Mountain Ranch School; boys' 

boarding, non-sect ; est 1911; B A. 

Rogers. A. B. President. 

Madera, Madera Co., pop. 4.665. 
High Sch Bd J L Davis, president 

J S Bondesen, clerk 

Union High Sch L C. Thompson, pnn 
Manual Training H F Klp*meyer 
Home Economics Ona McMillan 
Music A Denn 
Art Mrs Anita Clark 

Physical Bduc (boys) Carleton B Wood 
Physical Educ (girls) Lois Ford Chambers 

Martinez, Contra Costa Co., pop. 6,805. 

P D Butcher, clerk 

Alhambra Union H S W B Knowles. pnn 
Music Kenneth Dodson 

Marysvllle. Ynba Co., pop. 5.760. 

Sch Trustee George W Williams, president 

D W Beatie, secretary 
Superintendent Walter Kynoch 
Junior College Pedro Osuna, dean 
High SchoolPedro Osuna, pnn 
Music Mrs Nina Ormiston 
Band, Orchestra Frank Freeman 
Home Economics Lucille G O'Brien 
Physical Ed (girls) Lenore P Stafford 
Physical Bd (boys) Glenn B. Potter 
College of Notre Dame, girls' boarding. 

R C . Sister Monica, Superior 

Mealo Park, San Mateo Co.. pop. 8,414. 

Menlo School and Tumor College; grades 8-12; 
2-yrs junior college; day and boarding; 
non-sect ; Lowry S. Howard. Pres. 

St Patrick's Theological Seminary: men; B. 
C ; est 1898. J. V. Kevins, Rector 

Merced, Merced Co., pop. 7,068. 

Bd. Educ W. J Chenoweth. president 

G I Deane, clerk 
District Supt W. Max Smith 
Manual Training Glenn I Newhouse 
Prin Union H 8 A. W Meany 

Modesto. Stanislaus Co., pop. 18,847. 

Bd. Educ W. C Shackelford, president 

E D Abbot, secretary 
Superintendent J H Bradley 
Junior College Dwight C Baker, dean 
Senior High School C B Overman, prla. 
Roosevelt School Reese E Bert, pnn 

Monrovia. Los Angeles Co , pop. 10,880. 

Bd Educ (elem ) A. J Everest, president 

R M Merchont, clerk 
Superintendent J Warren Ayer 
High Sch Bd Hal Eastman, president 

F. D Krenz, clerk 
Dist Supt & Prin H S J Warren Ayer 

Monterey, Monterey Co.. pop. 0,152. 

Superintendent J R Croad 

Union High Sch J R McKillop, supt 

Music L B M Cosmey 

Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., pop. 8,801. 

Bd Educ C F Await, president 

Roger Sherman, clerk 
High School Delbert Brunton. prin 
Dean of Girls Amy F Stalford 
Music L.yle> F Campbell 
Music (vocal) Isabelle Becker 
Household Arts Deene L Downey 
Manual Training Wendell Orubb 

Napa, Napa Co., pop. 7,000 

High Sch Bd Albert C Umhalt, piesident 

Sutro A Frost, clerk 
High School B. B. Crawford, principal 
Art Margaret Norton 
Manual Training (h s ) W O. Johnson 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Robert J La Rue 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Margery McCormick 

Mount LaSalle High School, boys, Catholic, 
est 1879, Brother Ignatius, Prin 

National City. San Diego Co., pop. 7,288. 

Bd Trustees- -C A Phillips, president 

C D Springer, secretary 
District Supt Fred M Tonge 
Union High Sch J M McDonald, supt 
Music Ethel Meigs 

(orchestra) James G Seebold 

Needles, San Bernardino Co., pop. 8,140. 

Bd Kduc J H Tittle, president 
Mrs Gene\leve K. Sharp, clerk 
High School John Branigan, prin 
Manual Training H L Morehead 
Home Economics Vera Globe 

7. Nevada Co., pop. 1,701. 

Bd Bduc James Col ley, president 

P. G Scadden. secretary 
High School H. B Kjorlie, prin. 
Elementary Schls Walter A. Carlson prin 




Newman, Stanislaus Co., pop. 1,251. 

Bd Educ W. S Thompson, chairman 

Frank T. McGlnnis, clerk 
High School Oliver E Brown, prln 
Music Ivcr R Iverson 
Domestic Science Lura P Tarmon 
Shop A Phy Educ Dan Linstedt 
Physical Educ (girls) Ada May Wood 
Librarian Dorothy Morehouse 

Oakdale, Stanislaus Co., pop. 2,110. 

Bd Educ Mrs Rose Bemis, president 

J R Roberts, secretary 

Union High Sch Harold E C has tain, prin 
Household Arts Pauline Snowdcn 

Oakland, Alameda Co., pop. 284,218. 

Bd Educ. Chailes Wade Snook, president 
John W Edgemond. secretary 
Donald B Rice, business manager 
Clyde S Yerge, supv of purchasing 

Superintendent Emar W. Jacobsen 
William F Ewing. assistant 
Herbert Stolz, assistant 
William S Briscoe. assistant 

Research Robert B Abbott 

Research Spencer D Benbow 

Music Glenn H Woods 

Bands A Orchestras Herman Trutner 

Art Frances Eby 

Trade & Indust Educ -Geoige F Hallcr 

Commercial Subjects John W Edgemond 

Phvsical Education R W Robertson 
(boys in sec schls ) David P Snyder 
(qrirls in sec schls ) Florence Weeks 
felf mentar> ) Lois A Lear 

Home Econ A Cafeterias May E Davis 

Immigrant & Adult Educ Fanny Bulger 

Child Welfaie. Health Herbeit R Stolz, 

Kindergai ten-Primarv Ida Vandergraw 

Attendance Mrs Harriet Hawes 

R O T C William I Sherwood 

Associate in Research Donald I/ Davis 

Libraries Mrs Elizabeth Madison 

Castlemont High School, 8601 Foothill blvd , 
George E. Morten sen, Pnn 

Central Trade School, 12th A Jefferson sts . 
Will C Mathews Principal 

Central Trade Evening School, 
W J Freeling, Prin 

Fremont High School fth and Foothill 
blvd ; H D Brasefield, Prin 

McClymonds High School, 26th and Myrtle 
sts ; T A Hensley, Prm 

Memtt Business School, 3d ave & E 10th st ; 
R E Rutledge. Principal 

Oakland High School, Park Blvd A Hop- 
kins, L P Fan is. Principal 

Roosevelt High School. 19th Ave and East 
19th st , George E Furbush, Prin 

Roosevelt Evening High School, Dan H 
Gilson, Sr , Prm 

San Leandro High Bchoel. Estudlllo A Ban- 
croft. San Leandro, J R Sutton. Prln 

San Leandro Evening High School, 
ChaileH Rummel. Prin 

Technical High School. 45th and Broadway. 
H. O. Welty, Principal. 

Technical Evenimr High School. 
F M. Yockey, Prin. 

University High School. 68th and Grove 
sts., George A Rice. Prin 

California College of Arts and Crafts; Fred- 
erick H Meyer, Director. Broadway and 
College ave 

College of the Holy Names; coll. for 
women, boarding, R. C , est. 18(8; 
Mother Superior. Lake Merritt. 

Heald College, bus and secretarial, est 
1863. T B Bridges, Manager. 518 17th st 

Mills College, coll , women, non-sect , est 
1852. Aurelia H Reinhardt. Pres 

Polytechnic College of Engineering; degree 
courses in Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, 
and Civil Engineering. Architecture and 
Architectural Drawing, est 1904, W E. 
Gibson, President. 18th and Madison Sts 

Ojat, Ventura County. 

Thacher School. The. boys' boarding, non- 
sect ; est 1889; Anson S Thacher, Head- 

Ontario, San Bernardino Co., pop. 18,570. 

Bd Educ H B Hickey, Jr , president 

Mis Leila Larson, clerk 
Distiiot Supt C W Randall 
High School Gardner Spring, prin 
Music Edna Andres, supervisor 

Mechanical Arts Stuart McLaughlin 
Physical Educ William Toothaker 
Home Economics He Ha. Kaines 
Drawing Syhia Steigler 

Orange, Orange Co., pop. 8,029. 

BM K lur lj \V tevans, president 

O E Gunther, clerk 
Superintendent Carl I Thomas 
Union High School A Haven Smith, prin 

Oroi llle. Butt* Co . pop. 8,859. 

Bd Educ G C Fleming, president 

Bd. of Educ. Mildred Martin, secretary 

Superintendent C A Fylling 

Music Rubye Dryden 

Art Beatrice Farnham 

Physical Educ. (boys) E L Martin elli 

Physical Educ (girls) Camille McCiay 

High School J C Nisbet, prin. 

Oxnard. Ventura Co., pop. 6.210. 

Bd. Educ E W Power, clerk 

J Mat net Supt Richard B Havdock 

Union Hitrh School W D Bannister, prm 

Music (elem ) Harriet Pidduck 

Man Tr (elem ) Mrs Loua O Wilkinson 

Sewing Norma Harrington 

Cooking Norma H a i rinffton 

Physical Training Joseph F White 

Penmanship Mrs Meta J McKenzle 

Pacific Beach. San Diego County 
San Diego Army and Navy Academy, coll 
prep and lunior coll , bd'g dept ; lower 
school, est 1910, Robert E Davis, Execu 
tue Vice-Pres , Garnet av 

Pacific Grove, Monterey Co., pop. 5,564. 

Hijsrh Sch Bd George Schuyler, president 

W T Moore, clerk 

Principal High School A B. Ingham. 
Music Mrs Bess Ward 
Band & Orchestia J F O' Han Ion 
Manual Training Paul Cradler 
Domestic Science Mrs Elsie Brotherton 





Iceland Stanford Junior University, Hop- 
kins Marine Station, Walter K Fisher 

Palo Alto, Santa Clara Go , pop 13,635. 

Bd Educ Avetv T Howe, president 

Charles L Suffield, business manager 
Superintendent T R Ovei turf 
High School I H Lindei, pi in 
Music- Doiothy I,ea Ketman 
Bands, Orchestias C M Ilaeskc 
Physic al Educ Ruth Vrendenburgh 
Health Dncctoi Wallet Brcnvn 

Castilleia School, girls' boaidlng, non 

sect , fBt l'07, Marv Ishbel Lockey, A 

B Principal 
Harkei's School for Oh la gills bom cling 

non-sect , e*t 1892, Catherine Harker, 

Principal, Mel\ille a\e 
Palo Alto Military Academy, ohm grades, 

bonding. Cnl u P Kelly Supt , Parkin 

son and Wilson 

Pasadena, Ixw Angeles Co , pop. 75,875. 

Bd Educ Mrs Louise B Hoblit ptcsidcnt 

Courtnev Monsen secretary 
Superintendent John Amhnrst Sexson 

(leoige H Mendeth, deputy supt 

Drummond T McCunn, asst supt 
Art Fannie M Kerns, director 
Music John Henry Lyons, director 
Vocational Education decree D Ilenck 
Ph>M<al Education O F Mai tin 
tenct'l'mi 1- II Sl'otk. ifnnl 
Child Wclfaic--C W Hipplei 
(uidance -Maigaiit E J Jennet 1 
Pasadena Tumor College; 

lohn \Vov,ir N liaritps'm Prm 
John Jluit Tor him il llitfh Si hool Rufuj 

Al. ni mi.. UM! 
Marshall Junior HiKh School 

Geoigo Hftzel, Principal 
McKinlo Junior Ilitfh School 

L, O Pigham, Piincipul 
Wilson Junior ITItfh School 

Arthur M Prov,n, PimMTMl 
Washington Junior Hifrh School, 

Nellie Greene Clarke Prin 
Pasadena Continuation Hijrh School, 

Frank H \\Mlkup Piincipal 
Eliot Junior High School 

Wallace A Ne\\lm t Principal 

Broadoaks School of Fdurntion, Whittir 
Colli f pud -rh of cliilil n M aich, rioi 
kmclR'n tr'p. \\omcn, t si 1908, Nila B,n\- 
ton Smith. Dran 

California Institute of Technology, men 
graduate and underffiaduate \\oik m physics, 
chemistry, mathematics, neology bioloqv 
meteorology, electrical, mechanic il, cuil, 
and chemical njrineeimp, c^t 1S91 , R A 
Milhknn, Omi'ii Exec Council 

Orton School fnrOlils K\\\H boArdlnj; non- 
sect eit 1800 ^nn^ B Orton Principal 

Pasadona BtiMnoqn Collecrc, IniMiifss and qpn'l 
H O Kosslmer Prin 

Pasnrlma Collctrc lilxrtl aits, fhcolotn 
coed ; Church of the Na/arene, cst 1901. 
H Orton Wilev, Pres 

Polytechnic Elementary School prep man 
arti, co-ed , day, Grace Henley, Prin 

Sticknev School of Ait; couises in fine aits, 
est 1918, Frank C McLean, President, 
699 E Walnut St 

Williams Sc.hool, home training school for 
handicapped children, Mrs Beatrice Michau 
Williams, Director, 449 N Madison 

Willis College of Business , bus and sec'l ; 
D E Hemy; Pres , 117 E Coloiado 

Paso Robles, San T.uis Oblspo Co., pop. 2,546 

Ilicrh Sch Bd Hildegarde Steaffens, clerk 
Superintendent C C Catpcntrr 
Union High Sch George II Flamson, pnn 
Music lx*ioy Fagor 
*i i- K 'n \ Pliilims 
Manual Tiaming J I Dtan 
Homc^ K<finomiis Marsrucntc Raitt 
Physical Tiammg IKniv Jleideu 

IVtaluma, Sonoma Co., pop. 8,288 

Hd Fcluc H L Brittm, president 

\ F Toma-sim, clrk 
Supi tint< ndont T>avid M Duist 
HiKh Si hool Kllen R Tiueblood, prin 
Music Af?ncs U Uia\o 
Home Economics- Mrs Alice Facer 
Mimiil Ttninin; llert Hewitt 
J'h\t,ic,il Kdui ition John S< hustc i 

I*iedmon( t Alamecla Co , pop 0,300 

lid Fduc IT L Urctd, piesident 
L Kucttc Dmmiittr, clctk 

C'tv SU|U II ill \ \\ JoiH S 

Music Toscph Weiss 
Art Lillian SonnonschfMn 
Manual Training F. W. Barnett 
Domostic Science Roxanna Elliott 
Physical Training S. Li. Moyer 

PiHslmiir, Contiti Coftla Co, pop 9,508 
Bd Educ W M Ca^ey president 
Bd of Educ Aimand Stow, clerk 
High School Fred M Ramsdell, principal 

Music- iMaienro Fo^nwald 
Ait \iolet L.anms 
I)nitstir Science Dorothy Bailey 
A ami il Tiainuif, n UoMl^tnn 

Pl.irei%ill*. Eldorado Co, pop 2.281 

H.Ui .St h Tiu^tcts Jim<s livinjj, chm'n 

I co \ I* luh v, (C n taM 
TIiiJi Si hool IJ R Liii-on. pun 
^ '>\ 'I ''. \i i h \\ ti ill 

Manual 'IrninlnR Silxio Honzone 

I'omt I i mn **an I>ieKro To , pop 100 

Tomalind School, gia.lcs thiu hifth school, 
co td icsidcnt and diy, non-sect , cst 1900 
(Intitule W van Poll Pios 

Toinona, I os \n%elen Co , pop 20,G!)5 

Bd Educ -Gtorpe D Paltrer, piesident 

F E Winter ton secretary 
Superintendent Mmmett Clark 

'-MT> V MlM< - I 1 ( n], |n f , n 

Art 7 Ait} no 

Pomona Junior rollfKe and Senior High 

School, Johnston E Wall or, Pnn 
Ralph Waldo Enipraon Junloi High School. 

Bertram A BetK Prin 
John C Finmont Junior Hifih School, 

Clifford W D Chance. Prin 





Acadeniv of the Holy Names, prep . co- 
ed , R C , Sister Mary Oher, Superior 

Pomona liusmess College, bus and ten , 
est 1895, C L Higgs. Principal 

rorterville, Tnlare Co., pop. 5,303 

Bd Educ Wilbur Dennis, piesident 
High School B II Giisemei 
Art Mrs Button 
Military Training J G Siltr 

Red Bluff, Tehnma Co , pop. 3,530. 

Hil IMut (h *)--l'id \V>cUs <leik Hlirh School Robert II Hart/ell 

\rt Mrs P.uth doidon 

H 11*^0 Gail Colemau 

Home Kionomus -Mis Mary TGdgar 

1'hysH.dl Tt K O>o\s>- T^ee 

Elemental y Schools Homer F Aker, suj)t 

Aeadoim of Our r.ady of Meicy, girls 
boarding; R C : Sister Mary Apratha 

Reddmsr, SlmMa Co., pop. 4,188. 

Jld Jviuc (I K ^lilloid, pi *iilt nt 

Af 13 J nfoii f J< iK 
Fun \ mem II R T O OsVorn 
^upfiinuni'i nt- F A Fni^ihase 

Redlands, San Bernardino Co., pop 14,130 
PM-S Bd Educ F H Clock 
Clk Bd Educ Mrs Agrnes F Lewis 
Superintendent lltmy G Ch mcnt 
lliffh School B \V Sheiper. pnncipaJ 
Tumm II S II uh i t K H,n UPS pi in 
Mu^ic O I* Thayci 

Forse Fdv & Maih Shop II T, Hnxtable 
Wood Work Carl C. E. Brodersen 
Homo Economic -> Came E Smith 
Physical Ti K fboyO \\illiam A M.ixvuH 
DrtuiriL, M I uiiifre Ai iiold 
*i>mmeiciil -\immii T* Ashbv 

lTnivpisit> or F?Mll mils, libn 1' m i fine 
arts, .ind mime eonrsp 1 ? eo-eil Baptist, 
cst 1909. Clatence TTowe Thuiber, Pies 

Kedondo Heneli, I,o An^Hrs Co . pop 9,230 

Hijrh Sen Bd T TC Bhck, pusulent 

M T Ci and ill, secretary 

T'njon H S -Mrs \ili*n S Hainnn>nil, *upt 
Mu^ic- - A O To\\ n*eiid 
Art ITctmiotio Elh^on 
Dfimmfir ^1 niilf C* Smith 
AI inual Ail- A 1* Cnrttr 
Phj^ical Pducdtion II r UhN Edne (ciils) Mrs Kvelvn Sth]r>e 

RMl\rood, Sari Afnfeo Co , pop 8,957. 

Bd Educ T I> Hodm, president 

W W Hilttin, eleik 
Piiinlp'l iiltfii Si Iiool \ C Aipo 

Donald Bofrln, vioe-piln 

Juh.ino Wciltoi*?, MCO-II in 
Munir O M Oarrlnpton 
romm*rc1,il C 1 S "Underwood 
Ph%s1td1 Fiduc (RliN) Mildted T?io\\n 
Phxslcftl Edue (bo\) Fuink Onffln 

Aeadem\ of Notie D/ime Bills' boaidlnK 
H r . SIsttr MAI\ Oocllia Pi in 

Redlr, Frenno Co , pop. 8.447 

Bd Educ Kail Eyrmnn, piesidtnt 

Ruby Smith, secretary 
Superintendent James 11 Catlin 

Union H S James O McLaughhn, prin 

MUSK John J Jackson 

I>i<i \\Ing 1 6f Ait L,ucy Walker 

Riehmond, Contra Costa Co., pop. 19,945. 

Be? Educ J O Lord, president 

W.iltei L Helm, secictary 
City Superintendent W T Helmt 
Pimripil Illgrh ^chool B X Tucker 
Tloostvelt Ji H S F C Shallenbeiger 
I^otigfi How Ji H 8 H. L. Hunn, prin. 
Music Louisa HI Jiobmson 
P '\\inpr -Mibolif Woodman 
\VoodA\ork--William H Neeley 
Physical Education Dorothy Webster 

KI* Vista, Solano Co , pop 884 

Bd Edue (clem ) H H I/.iunt/en, pros 

Town Schoola P G Jacobs, prin 

Bd Eduo Mrs Elizabeth McCormack. 

Union II S John pi in 

HIV ci side, Riverside Co, pop. 30,654. 

Bd Educ A S Cooper, president 

Marie L Bonnett, secretary 
Superintendent Ira C Landis 
Cumcula & Instr F G Macomber 
High School Arthur G Paul, prin 
MUSK Mis Jiene M Wijrht 
I >i awing -Nclliw FHers 

Sherman Institute, Govt industrial school 

for Iridnns eo-d eat 1^01, 

Dnnalil If Bierv, Stipt 
lm\isit\ oT ( al'fornia Graduate School 

Tropical Aprnculture, L D Batchelor, 

Dnc< toi 

Kose\iIIe. Pl.irer Co, pop 6,273 

M Pete Pnest secretary 
City Superintendent W. T. Elch 
Higrh Seliool J W Hanson, prin 
Musio Tjenora David 
PhAsical Education Fred Zannon 

<*t Helena, Nnpa Co , pop 1,603. 

Hiph Sch Bd M M Booth, pi esidcut 

.Airs W E Cole, clerk 
ITnion Hit>h Sch II M McPlieison, prin 

Elmhumt Academy, pirls* boarding, R C, 
r,t isn. Sistci Agatha, Superioress 

St MniTf*. C'ontia Costa ConntT 

St M.nvs Collepe litcidiv pre-lepral, pre- 
nu'didi] T'ic-(IruttiI cronomic 1 ' find bus ad- 
ministidlion eouises. men R C , est 
ISO'J, Brothei Albpit, Pies 

Saeinmenlo. Sacramento Co., pop. 93,865. 

Bd Educ Wilbur II Haines, president 
("h.irlos C Hughes, secretary 
E J Woodbuin, business manager 

( it\ Fuprnntenilf nt rhirlesC Hughe* 

Ass! Stipt Tames F Btnscli 

Assistant Supt Leo B Baiaden 

^i'lv Mnic Mil} R Ireland 

Vocational Training Warren Dayton 

nnmcstu Si lenef Amv I, Gteeniaw 

Ph\si.*Tl Cultuie T avlnla Kaull 

Dialing Harriet B Spurr 

NT tine Studv Esther Guthrle 

Ileseaich J P Bursch 

Junior College J B l*iUard, President 





High School George C Jensen, prin. 
Continuation H. S J E Carpenter, prin 
California Jr. H. S.-~ S. A. Pepper, prin. 
Standford Jr H. S Beth Hughson, prin. 
Kit Carson Jr. H. S H F. Clarke, prin. 
Lincoln Ji H. 8. Nettie Hopley, prin. 
Sutter Jr H. S B W. Painter, prin. 
Evening H S J E Carpenter, prin. 

Christian Brothers School, boys' boarding 
and day. R C . est 1876. Biothei 
Patiick, Director. 2535 21st St. 

Heald College, acct'g, sec'l, civil service ; Luke 
W. Peart. Manager 

Howe's Academy and Business College, 
prep . nor and com'I. est 1873; Edward 
Howe. President. 831 I street. 

Saint Joseph's Academy, girls, high school, 
boarding and day. R. C ; est. 1867, 
Mother Mary Aloysius Nolan, Superior. 
8th A J sts 

Western School of Business, bus., sec'l. acct'g. 
Neal C Keltner, Pres . 834 Jay St 

Salinas, Monterey Co., pop. 10,260. 

Supeimtondent 11 D Ca<?e 

Union H. S Albert M Davis, prin. 

Music Lorell McCann 

Domestic Science Mrs Hope Baxter 

Industrial Arts C I Bentley 

Notre Dame Academy, girls' boarding. R. 
C , Mother Superior 

San Andreas. Cala\eras Co. pop 76t. 

Bd Educ P A Meyer, president 
Bd Educ Mrs J A. Nuland. clerk 
Union H S Clarence R Anmn. prin 

San Anselmo. Marin Co., pop. S.475 

F J Ciisp, clerk 

rity Superintendent Wade F Thomas 
Music Berta Conrey 
Manual Training O T Wenderlng 
San Francisco Theological Seminary, theel , 

co-ed ; Presb ; est 1871 , Jesse H Baird, 


San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co.. 87.45S 

Bd Educ A. E Hancock, president 
Business Agent Clarence V. Kelty 
Superintendent A D Graves 
Ait Marsraret H Enlt 
Hoalth Dorothea K Stewart. Supv 
Music (elem ) Mary Leonard 
Home economics IJllian Reid (h. s.) 
Man. Arts Hugh McGraw (h. s.) 
Filamentary SUTJV T,av Sughrue 
High School H C McMillm, pnn 
Arrow view Jr H S W. P. Dean, prin 
Highland Jr H S Carroll Judson, prin. 
Rialto Jr. H S W R. Fouts. prin. 
Richardson Jr H S Edward Fisher, prin 
Sturgess Jr H S Gordon W Park, prin 
Alessandro Jr H S W N Wilson, prin 

San Bruno. San Mareo Co.. pop. 3.009. 

Bd Educ Lewis E Erbes, president 

Decuna M. Allen, clerk 
Supei intendent H C Hall, Jr 

San Diego, San Diego Co.. pop. 147.807. 

Bd Educ Ray Reynolds, president 
George M. Crawford, sec'y * bus. mgr. 

Superintendent Will C. Crawford 
Maurice B Ross, asst to the supt 

Asst Supt. Charles R. Tupper 

Elementary Educ. Jay D. Conner 

Vocational Education Percy H. Heron 

Art Lotta D. Perry 

Music Alfred H Smith 

Music (instrum'l) Nino Marcelh 

Recieation & Phy Educ W A Kearns 

Health O. 6. Wetherill. M. D. 

Home EC & Cafeterias Mildred S Henderson 

Visual Education Marian Evans 

Sch Libraries Jeanette C Morgan 

Elementary Educ Emma Baldwin 

Adult Education Paul E. Klein 

Bureau of Child Reference and Counsel 

Bertha Trowbridge 
Junior Employment Service Harold W. B 


San Diego High School. 14th and Ash Sts . 

John Aseltine, Principal 
Heibeit Hoovei High School. 

Floyd E Johnson. Prin 
La Jolla Junior-Senior High School. La 

Jolla, Clarence Johnson. Prin 
Point Loma Junior-Senior High School, 

Point Loma, Clarence R. Swenson. Prin 
E R Snyder Continuation HiRh School. 

Eliot F Landon. Principal 
Horace Mann Junior High School. 

George H Robison. Prin 
Memorial Junior High School. 28th and 

Logan. William J. Oakes, Principal 
Pacific Beach Junior High School, 

H Horton Blair, Principal 
Theodoie Roosevelt Junior High School. 

Upas and Park Blvd., T Malcolm Brown, 

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. 

L L Bloomonshine, Principal 

Academy of Our Lady of Peace, prep . ** 
high school, girls, R C . Sisters of St 

Francis W Parker School, day school nur- 
seiy thru mnior higrh school; est 1912; 
Mrs Ethel Dummer Mintzer. Director. 4201 

Kelsey-Jenney Commercial College. 
K M Barager, Pres , 1060 C St 

St Augustine's School for Boys, high 
school and coll prep . est 1422, 
William P Kelly, Prin , 3266 Nutmeg St. 

San Dicfiro College of Commerce. W V Kirk- 
pa trick, Pres . 1133 Fourth Ave 

San Diego State College, liberal arts, teach- 
ers training courses, co-ed . est 1897. 
Walter R. Hepner, Pres. 

San Francisco, San Francisco Co., p. 687,212. 

Bd Educ C Harold Caul fie Id, president 

T A Ormond secretary 
Superintendent Joseph P Nourse 
Deputy Supt John F Brady 
Deputy Supt Bertha E Roberts 
Deputy Supt. David P. Hardy 
Deputy Supt John C McOIade 
Deputy Supt W C Nolan 
Deputy Supt Howard McDonald 
San Francisco Jr Coll A. J. Cloud. Pres. 

Director* of Department* 
Art A Altmann 
Music Charles M. Dennis 
Industrial Arts Charles E. Barker 
Home Economics Mrs. Edith M. Murnh* 





Educational Publications George G Mullany 
Physical Education Ray Daugherty 
Bureau of Research, Adult Education, and 

Evening Schools Robert F. Gray 


Attendance Bureau Emma Noonan 
Atypical Classes Louise Lombard 
Texts & Libraries Mary F. Mooney 
Physically Handicapped Katherme I. Sutler 

Balboa High School. Onandaga & Cayuga 

sts , , Robert R Chase. Prin. 
Balboa Evening High School, 

Frank Fenton, Pnn. 
Galileo High School. Van Ness av.. bet. 

Francisco & Bay. Fred W Koch, Prin 
Galileo Evening High School, 

George B Fmnegan. Pnn 
George Washington High School, 32nd av & 

Anza st ; Ernest J Cummmgs, Pnn 
Girls High School. Geary and Scott Sts . 

C C Danforth, Principal 
High School of Commerce. Franklin ani 

Fell Sts , C W White. Prin 
Humboldt Evening High School. Dolores 

& 18th Sts ; Edgar S Anderson, Pnn 
Lowell High School, Hayes St and Masonic 

Ave ; Leroy Stephens, Pnn 
Mission High School, Dolores and 18th 

ts , William J Drew, Principal 
Continuation School, Mission and 16th sts , 

Hairy Hansell, Pnncipal 
Polytechnic High School. 1st and Frederick 

st ; James E Addicott, Prin 
Polytechnic h,venjn? Hiph School, 

Clinton L Markley. Principal 
Evening High School of Commerce; Frank- 
lin and Fell Sts . Charles J Lamp, Prin 

Bates School, coll prep : co-ed ; non-sect , 
W Tyrrell Stokes, Headmaster, 3010 Clay st 

Burke' s School for Girls, prep . day. 
Barbara Burke. Pnn , 3065 Jackson st 

California School of Fine Arts Universlt* 
of California, co-ed : est 1894. Leo F 
Randolph. Diiector. 800 Chestnut St 

California School of Mechanical Arts, 
technical junior coll courses, drafting, in- 
dustrial chemistry, radio, aetonautics, air 
conditioning, diesel, welding, woodwork, 
plumbing, machine shop, electrical; est 
1895; George A. Merrill, Director, 2250 

Cogswell Poly technical College, tech , co- 
ed . non-sect : est 1887; George B Mil- 
ler. A M , Pres , Folsom and 26th 

College of Notre Dame, girls' boarding. R 
C ; Sister Julia Theresa. Prin 

College of Physicians and Surgeons: A 
School of Dentistry, co-ed ; Arthur R 
McDowell. Dean. 844 Fourteenth st 

Gallagher-Marsh Business College. Dus an 
sten.; est 1899, Robt F Gallagher. 
Pres. 878 Turk st 

Golden Gate College, acct'g, law, traffic man- 
agement, com'l. liberal arts, co-ed ; Y.M 
C.A ; tf. T. Miner, Director 

Ha ml In School, irirls* boarding: non-sect 
Mrs. Edward B. Stanwood, Prin.. 2120 

Ha J5H?f poltaw <> f toe Law. University of 
California; co-ed ; William M. Simmons. 
Dean. State Bldg 

Heald College; business, secretarial, and prac- 

tical sciences: co-ed.; est. 1862: L. W. 
Peart . Van Ness Ave & Post 

Leland Stanford Junior University School 
of Medicine; co-ed ; est 1909; Loren R. 
Chandler, Dean, 2398 Sacramento 

Lux Technical Institute; girls; high school 
courses, home making and related sciences ; 
tech jr coll courses in textiles, foods, 
health branches, applied art, merchandising; 
est 1912, Gladys I Trevithick, Dean, 
Potrero & 17th st 

Munson School for Piivate Secretaries; est 
1803. E M Smith. Manager. 600 Suiter 

Potter School for Boys, coll prep , boys; 
non-sect , est 1912, I R Damon, Head- 
master, 1899 Pacific st 

St Brigld's School, day. co-ed. 12 grades. 
R C . est 1887. 1623 Broadway 

St Ignatius High School, boys, Catholic; 
est. 1855 ; Jesuit Fathers, James A King, 
Prin , Stanyan & Turk 

St Peter's Academy, prep ; co-ed . R C.; 
est 1878. Sister M. Marcclla. Superior. 
1245 Alabama 

St Vincent's School, prep and bus : day; 
co-ed , R C . est 1852. SisUr Superior 
5th and Clementina 

Sacred Heart College, boys' day; R C ; 
high school: est 1874. Brother Victor. 
Prin . Ellis & Franklin 

flan Francisco Association for the Blind; 
Ruth A Quinan. Gen'l Mgr., 1087 How- 
ard st 

0an Francisco Law School, law. co-ed.; 
non-soct.; Robert L, Me Williams, Dean. 
Post Building 

San Francisco State College, co-ed . est. 
1899. Alexander C. Roberts. Pres. Buchan- 
an & Hermann sts 

University of California Medical School and 
Hospital, co-ed.; e&t 1862. Langely Por- 
ter. Dean 

University of California. College of Den- 
tistry, co-ed ; est 1881. Guy S Millberry. 
Dean. Medical Center 

University of San Francisco, the Day 
Division comprises arts and science, 
commerce and finance, pre-legal. pre- 
medical. pro-engineering courses; men; 
Evening Division comprises law school, 
commerce and finance, pre-legal. and 
extension courses, men, Catholic, Jesuit 
Fathers , est 1855 , Harold E King, Pres , 
2130 Fulton 

University of San Francisco Law School, 
day and evening sessions, men, est 1912, 
Chailes H Kinnane, Dean 

Wllmeiding School of Industrial Arts for 
Boys. See, California School of Mechan- 
ical Arts 

San Gabriel, Los Angeles Co., pop. 7.281. 

Bd Trustees II M Davidson, president 

Ralph G Crane, secietary 
District Supt Robert Bruce Walter 
Music Mrs Roberta McLaughlin 
Art Mrs Mary Ann Butler 
Manual Training George W Cornelius 
Domestic Science Mrs Mane W. Sweet 
Physical Educ George Delbert Cleminson 

San JOM, Santo Clara Co., pop. 57,547. 

Pres Bd Educ C. 8. Allen 
Superintendent Walter L. Bachrodt 




A H Horrall, asst elem. schls. 

High School Forrest Murdock, pnn 
Junior H S Neil O'Brien, prin 
Junior H S Bessie Cole, prln 
Junior H S R B Thompson, prin 
Junior H S W P Cramsie, prin 
Music (elem.) F. F. Jeff era, supv. 
Art Philoma Golds worthy 
Industrial (h s ) A U Nichols 
Home EC (h s ) Christine Zoffman 
Home EC (n- h s ) Bermce Budlong 
Physical Training (boys) Louis Vosjt. 
Phy Tr (girls) Cecilia O'Neil 
Commercial F H Glasson 
Adult Education David L MacKaye 

College of Notre Dame, girls' boarding;, R 

C , Sisters of Notre Dame. 
Heald College, bus and sten ; co-ed . ! 

1891, C A Phillips, Director, 10 Notre 

Dame ave 
St Joseph High School, day, boys; R C , 

eat 1866. Brother Alfred Beigel. Prin, 

333 Park ave 
San Jose State College , teac her tr'g and 

junior coll , co ed , Thomas W MacQuaine, 


San Leandro, Alameda Co., pop. 11,815. 

Bd Educ William l.ucio, clerk 
City Superintendent W O Davies 
High School J R Button, prin. 
Music Maigaret Noyes 
Physical Director Giegory Mahakian 
St Marys Convent, prep, co-ed , R C 
Sisters of St Dominic, Prin 

ton Luis Oblspo, San Luis Obispo, p. 8,284 

Bd Educ S T Lowe, president 

C JL Smith, secretary 
Superintendent Charles E Teach 
High Sch . Ji Coll lawrence Guff m pun 
Junior H S Perry O Cole, prin 
Music Carl Loveland 
Manual Training A C Phillips 
T^om Art & Sol Uaura C Stone 
Health Director AIis Hervifla Domas 
Attendance Paul Hopkins 
Academy of Immaculate Heart of Mary 
prep , co-ed , R C . Slstpr Augustine 

California State Polytechnic, aeionartics, agu 
cultural inspection air conditioning, animal 
husbandry, crops and fruit gi owing, dairy 
ing, electricity, landscaping, an<l poultry, 
men, est 1901, Julian A McPhee, Diiector 

an Mateo, San Mateo Co., pop. 13,489. 

Bd Educ F P Simmen, president 

E C Ludon, cleik 
Superintendent Homer Martin 
Tumor College C S Morris, prin 
High School F J McConville, prin 
*upv Music George M Wihr 
Domestic Science Alice Bettin 
Commercial Clara E Norton 
(an Mateo Collegiate School; girls' prp 
Mrs Dora H Shinn, Principal 

m Rafael, Marin Co., pop. 8.023. 

5d Educ. N Charles Briiflaton, president 
>upv of Bldgs Fred Woods 
Superintendent Oliver R Hartzell 
Ugh School Edwin A. Wells, prin. 

Kenneth E Mooney. registrar 
Dorothy B Walsh, dean of girls 
Music Max F. Walten 
Drawing Harriet Louise Lewis 
Dir Student Affairs A M. Estes 

Dominican College, girls' boarding, R C . 

degriee courses in arts and science, 

est 1915, Sister Maiy Thomas, Pres 
San Rafael Militaiy Academy, boys' day 

and bd'g , high school and grammar grades , 

est 142o, A L. fete wait, Prin 
Tamalpais School, boys' boarding, non-sect 

grades vi-xu. est 1925. Frederick J Daly, 


Sanger, Fresno Co., pop. 2,578 

Mrs Sadie M Rogers, clerk 
Union High School Charles Ross Chaney 
Music Mrs C R Chaney 
Art H H Rogers 
Domestic Science Miss B Pettlt 
Manual Tiaining Ttevos Reynolds 
Phjskal Education H A Dajton 
Town Schools Aithur Walter, supt 
Music Joel Smith, Jr 
Ai t Marie Detjen 
Domestic Science Iiene Jo Tuiner 

Santa Ana, Orange Co , pop. 30,166. 

lid Educ George R Wells, president 

George D Newcom, sec'y & bus man'gr 
Superintendent Krank A Henderson 
Junior College D K Hammond, dean 
Higrh School Lynn H Crawford, prin 
Kest-aich A 1) Hoen^hel 
Gen'l Eh m lluberteon Kut neman 
Orange County Business College, bus and 
^e<'l civil soixice. est 1892. C E Perry, 
Dn octor 

Santa Baibara, Santa Barbara Co, p. 33,544. 

Eail C Stewart, clerk 
Supei mtendent C urtiss E Warren 
High School Harvey J Holt, principal 
Music Josephine Munay 
Art Mis Clara F Peterson 
Vocational h Jur Hoy L Soules, director 
Home ttconomiis Marie T Hennes 
Physical Education Charles C Chiistianscn 
Continuation Educ C V Denman 
Deane School for Bn>s. boys' boarding, 

non-srct , pst l'12. Hewitt Reynolds, 


Hart Business School bus and sec'l, 
co-ed , Maria Hart. Principal. 
Santa Barbara Girls' School, boarding and 

day, non-sect , E Gertrude Gogin, 

Santa Baibara State College, liberal arts, 

co-ed , est 1909, Clarence L Phelps. 


Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co , pop. 6,303. 

Bd Educ Cail Llndeioth, piesident 

Nadme Bellinger, secretary 
High School S J Brainerd, prin 
MUMC (grades) Violet Bridges 

Orchestra (h s ) Wesley Harmon 
Art (grades) Vera Farmer 
Art (h s ) P M Sanders 
Domestic Science Muriel Stienhart. 
Academy of Notre Dame girls' boarding 

R C , Sister Anne Aloyslus, Prin. 





University of Santa Clara, comprises Col- 
lege of Philosophy and Letters, of Genera) 
Science, of Law, of Engineering (civil, 
mechanical, and electrical ) , Pie-Medical, 
men, R C . e?t 1851, Louis C Rudolph, 

Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Co., pop. 14,389. 

Bd Educ WilJiam L Moore, piesident 

Superintendent C Ray Holbrook 

High School W. E. Elmer, principal 

Physical Education L M Briggs 

Santa Ciuz Business College, bus A sten , 

est 1884, Samuel J Daley, Managei 
School of the Holv Cross Rills' boarding 

R C , Sister Mana, Superior 

Santa Maria, Santa Barbaia Co, pop. 7,135 

Bd (elem ) Mrs Nellie E Rubel, pies 

M M Purkiss. clerk 
District Supt Robert Bruce 
High Sch Ud Poi ter 15 Clevenger, pres 
Union H S Andrew P Hill, Jr , prin 
Music Sidney Peck 
Home KiLonnmics -Elizabeth Smith 
Physical Educ (boys) Fied Hamilton 
Physical Educ (gnls) Norma Rice 
Commercial W O. Siler 

Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., pop. 36,993 

Ud Educ Russell Sands, president 

Everett D lta>nton, dir business seivue 
Superintendent Pocy R Davis 
Sonioi Ihtfh Srluifil \\ I' 1 Harnum prin 
Lincoln Junior H S T A Wood, prin 
John Adams Jr H S J G McNeely, prin 
Supv Music Alice Rogois 
Drawing Maiv k Whclnn 
Physical Education Bess Shnley Davis King 
Health Dir Paul R Burroughs, M D 
Ediuvi'l Consultant Ethrl I S.ilisbuiy 

Santa Paula, Ventura Co., pop. 7,395. 

Bd Educ L D Webstii, piesulent 

Mrs Ellis tiiacomnrzi, cleik 
City Superintendent George A Bond 
Domestic Arts Elsie Miller 
Union H S Ki co-man M Eakin, prin 

Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., pop. 10.636 

Bd Educ J J Buike, piesident 

Mrs Elsie 1) Pedeistn, clerk 
City Superintendent Jerome O Cross 
High School Maltn C Patthett, prin 
Art Mis Tlaia S Waters 
Manual TrainingWilliam C Larkln 
Domestic Science Mabel V Mitchell 
Physical Tr'g (ho>s) Vein Hickev 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Mildred H Turner 
TTisulino High School, gnls, xesident and da\ , 

R C , cst 1880 Mothpi Gabnol, Supcuoi- 


SHnia. Fresno Co., pop. 3,158 

Bd Educ C W Adanm, president 

Kces Davis, cleik 

Union High School George Howden, pi in 
Music Haivey Whlstlei 
Physical Educ (boys) J C Cairnrs 
Physical Educ (girls) Elizabeth Pamsh 
flonora. Tuolumne Co , pop 2.029 
Bd Educ (ha) Chailes H Segerstrom, 

pres J E Baer, eleik 
Union High School V A Dunlavy, prin 
Manual Training R J Ferguson 

Band, Orchestra Virl M Swan 

Art .Lino Borelli 

Home Economics Ilckne Typing 

Physical Educ (bo>s) Paul E Dawson 

Physical Educ (girls) Chloe Burge 

South Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., pop. 13,724. 

Bd Educ Fied W Heath, president 

Will K Speer, business agent 
Citv Superintendent George C Bush 
Pi In High School John E Alman 
Junior H S G Derwood Baker, pi in 
Supv Music Albert J Adams 
Domestic Science Mabel C Block 
Phys Tr (boys) Harry Albert Swart 
Phys Tr (gnls) Ruth E Dix 
lommeitial H Guy Wood 

Oneonta Militaiy Academy, boys, coll 
piep , non sect . M Canyon Smith. Pres 

Stanford Unit entity, Santa Clara Co. 

Stanford University, comprises departments 
of Languages. Literature and Science, 

Education, Engineering, Law, Business Ad 
ministration, Medicine (in San Fiancisco) , 
co ed , non-sect , est 1891 , Ray Lyman 
Wilbur, Pres 

Stanfoid University School of Education. 
(iiavson N Kcfiuvci, Dean 

Stanford Univeisity School of Engineering, 
couises in civil, mechanical, mining, and 
electrical engineering, Samuel B Moms, 

Stanford University Law School, coed. 
eat. 189?, Marion U. Kirkwood. Dean 

Stockton, San Joaquin Co., pop 47,951. 

Bd Educ Ralph ( artei, piesident 
s, nd Ktiuc A S Williams 
fif\ Supenntf ndenl Ansel S Williams 
High School W Fred Ellis, prin 
Att Dons McAleney 
Musn (\oal) Kllen Patton 
Manual Training F R Love 
"*'iimei oiul Lauranott Pease 

College of the Pacific, hbeial arts, engi- 
leiiing nnd music couises, co-ed . M 
E , est 1851 , Tully Cleon Knoles, Pres 

St MIM'S College, boys day, R C, 
Sister loan, Prin 

Stockton Cc lee of Commerce, cor Sutter 
and Webei , A H Forknei , Manager 

Sunn>\ale, Santa Clara Co., pop. 3,093. 

F B Webei, clerk 

Fiomont Union II S Veine Hall, supt 
Music Mary Jacobs 
Home Fconomics Elizabeth Stinson 
(nudes Tames Moon, principal 

Sutler rr-eli, Aniador To. pop l.AOO 

Bd E<luc T A Delucchi, piesident 

Bd Educ H H Siebe, secretary 

Union High Sch Lelaml O (.lanclon, prin 

Music -Maiy Connollj 

H.ind & Oich Jan Van Thiel 

Manual Training M L Land rum 

Tuft, Kern Co, pop V517 
Bd Edur S J McKinnon. president 

Tocelyn Deaubler, secietary 
Supei intonlent .lames A Jo\ce 
High School Frank Bauman, supt 
Mu^ic--Saiah Smith 
Art Garetta Heward 





Do in Science Mis Emma I^ailey 
Manual Training Milton Ross 
Physical Tr'g (boy*) Claude Walsh 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Dorothy Boring 

Tracy* San Joaquin Co., pop. 

Bd Educ. C. . Wilent, clerk 
Superintendent Eail B Shoesmith 
High School W. W. Crow, prin 

Tnlare, Tulare Co., pop. 6,202. 

Pres Bd Educ hi. R. Zumwalt 

J. M. Allen, clerk 
Union High Sch W B Knokey, prin 

Turlock. Stanislaus Co., pop. 4,256. 

Bd (elem ) E R Zumwault, president 

J M Allen, clerk 
Superintendent W B Knokey 
High Sch Bd D O Howard, president 

J A Patterson, clerk 
Union High School C F Perrott, prin. 

Ukteh, Mendocino Co., pop. 8,124. 

Bd Educ. C B Yarbrough. president 

George P Anderson, clerk 
High School Charles M Fulkerson, prin 
Home Economics Nell Conrad Cox 
Commercial Shirley Perry 

Upland, San Bernardino Co., pop. 4,787. 

Bd Educ G Han&en, president 

Miss F D Noe, clerk 
High School Harold Cook, prin 
Music Miss L Merchant 
Physical Training Miss B Gaug 

Vacavllle, Solano Co., pop. 1,177. 

Bd Educ J H Rogers, president 

R. H. Fry. secretary 
High School L E Williams, prin 
Music W Thomas 
Household Arts Christine Putnam 

Vallejo, Solano Co., pop. 14,886. 
Bd. Educ. R F O'Hara, president 
Superintendent Elmer L Cave 
High School George C Baiton. prin 
Physical Education Colon O. Kilby 
Drawing Miss I Wilkinson 

8t Vincent's Convent School; prep . eo 
d . R C , Sister M Joseph, Prin 

Venice See, Los Angeles 

Ventura, Ventura Co., pop. 11,482. 

Bd Educ Rodney Putnam, president 

E L Van Dellen. clerk 
Superintendent E. L Van Dellen 
High School Bd M L Brazil, president 

Lyal L Wells, purchasing agent 
Senior High School D R Henry, prin 
Junior High School M. E. Mushhtz, prin. 

Vlaalia, Tulare Co., pop. 7,252. 
Bd Educ W R. Bailey, president 

E E Baker, clerk 
Superintendent D Witt Montgomery 
High School L J Williams, prin 
Manual Training M. C Moyer 
Household Science Izetta Burnard 
Auto Mechanic* Edward E. Haydea 

Watsonville, Santa Cnue Co., pop. 8,827. 

Bd Educ F A Moiehead, clerk 

High School T S MacQuiddy, aupt. 
Music J M Carlyon 
Manual Training Joseph A. D'Anna 
Home Economics Ruth T Day 
Art Mrs Louise Worthmgton 
Commercial G O Munson. 

Moreland Notre Dame Academy, girls' 
boarding and day; R C ; est. 1899, Slstet 

Whittier, Los Angeles Co., pop. 14,808. 

Bd Educ Ralph Robbms, president 

Mrs Catherine Bewley, clerk 
Superintendent Will E. Wiley 
Union High School D A. Stouffer. prin 
Supv Music W H. McDonald 
Domestic Science Delia King 

Whittier College, col and music dept , 
co-etl , friends, est 1901; W. O Men- 
denhall. President 

Will Us, Mendocino Co., pop. 1,151. 

Bd Educ (h s ) Mrs Una Keller, clerk 
Union H. S Roy Good, eupt 
Bd (elem ) R C J Ritchel. clerk 
Elementary Schls Orletta Nelson, prin 

Willows. Glenn Co., pop. 2,19f 

Bd Trustees James Boyd, president 

A E Pieper, secretary. 
Willows H. S Mrs Minnie M Walker, prin 
Music L. A. McArthur, supervisor 
Ait C J Lathi op 

Home Economics Mrs Lotus Singleton 
Industrial Educ. F. W. Popp 
Physical Educ. (boys) Palmer O Muhl 
Physical Educ. (girls) Helen Pearl 

Woodland, Yolo Co., pop. 5,417. 

13d Euuc J Li Harlan, president 

Mrs W. R. Fait, secretary 
Supt & Prin H S R II Butzbach 
Music (vocal) Viola Barak 
Band F C McReynolds, director 
Manual Training Arthur Thomas 
Home Economics Edna Gehlken 

Academy of the Holy Rosary, girls' board- 
ing, R C , Sister Mary Ellenita, Supe 

Yreka, Siridyou Co., pop. 2,128. 

Bd Educ J A Ager. president 

E H Kaupp. clerk 
District Supt. J. E Hurley 
High School Otis E. Wilson, prin 
Household Arts Anna Dolman 
Band A F Galgano 
Shop Walter Swanson 

Ynba City, Butter Co., pop. 8,606. 

High Sch Bd. A. L Hill, president 

Orhn C. Barter, clerk 
High School T L. Nelson, prin 
Music Marguerite Arends 
Art Marie L, Fillmore 
Woodworking, Mech Dr'g J E Tolman 
Household Arts, Cafeteria Maude Ingalls 
AthleticsCharles R. Clifford 
Prin Grammar School Chester D. Wlnthlfj 



INEZ JOHNSON Ltwis, President State Superintendent, Denver 

LUCY C. AULD, Deputy State Superintendent Denver 

MARJORY HILL GRIFFITH, Chief Clerk . Denver 

MAGDALENE ROFF, Educational Statistician Denver 

HELEN M VONROSENBERG, State Supervisor of Certification Denver 

ELIZABETH CROWE, Order Clerk ... .Denver 


INEZ JOHNSON LEWIS, President State Superintendent, Denver 

BYRON G. ROGERS, Attorney General Denver 

GFORGB SAUNDEBS, Secretary of State Denver 


INEZ JOHNSON LEWIS, Superintendent of Public Instruction Denver 

S. M. ANDREWS City Superintendent, Walsenburg 

JOHN F KLATING, City Superintendent . Pueblo 

C. B. HERSHEY . . . Colorado Springs 

H. M. COKNING, City Supei internment Colorado Springi* 



WARD I. MILLER Superintendent City Schools, Ft. Collins 

R. D. MCCLINTOCK Superintendent City Schools, Julesburg 


NETTIE S. FREED, Chmiman . County Superintendent, Pueblo 

CORA C. BURNS . Western State College, Gunnison 

INEZ JOHNSON LEWIS . . . State Superintendent, Denver 


F. M. MILLER Edgewater 


O. L. TROXELL, President Denver 

W. B. MOONEY, Secretary Commonwealth Building, Denver 






Bounty Name and \ddress 

Adams Mis Hi ace S Millei, Brighton 

Mrs Mabel M. O'Laughlm, Alamosa 

Mis. Maiy II I'eteisoii, -Littleton 
An liulfta 

. Mis Maiy Haiinan, Pagosa Spungs 
Baca Zc'lma J Hiklcs, Spim^fleld 

Bent Loieii D Root, Las Animas 

Bouldei dialler 13. Davis, Boulder 


Mis Befa&ie M She\valtei, Salida 

Cheyenne . 

Mis Cecil A Laiuboit, Chejenne Wells 

Uleai Creek 

Mis JElia M Coiiwell, Idaho Spungs 
Oonejos Jlaiiy Thomas, Mrinassa 


Polito M<iitmez v Jt , Foil CJ aila ml 

i\ K Noidbx, Oidua\ 

Custer Mrs Lou C Beaman. Westcliffe 
Delta Haxel Leavitt, Delta 

Denver Mrs A G Herstrom, Denver 

Mis Ulad\s Ui^hop, Do\c Onek 
Douglas . . . 

Alls ShnleV F Poupput. Castle Hock 

MlS (iCOlfil I Tl Ol Ilk, Ulfcle 

Klbeit Mis Jessie \\>tk me\ei, Kio\\i 
b 1 Paao 

II 11 II tdlev, C<>lni,lo Sj)int,s 
Ficniont J<s \Y Stoiui, (\inoii Cit\ 


Mrs Alma M Hams, Glenwood 


Gilpin Mis Amanda \Vagm i, C<'iiti<il C\t\ 
Grand ... 

Mis Came D Schnooi, CJiand Like 

Mis JQmnia 1^ Ilaids, (?unnisoji 
Hiiisdale Mis Mdia \Voik Lako Citv 

John A rjir-on, A\ ilsfiibiug 
Jackson Mrs Kthb-n P" Kiddle, \Vaicien 
Jeffeison Mrs Naomi K. Olson, Golden 

(\untv Name and AddreM 

Kiowa Mis. Alma D. Vrooman, Bad 
Kit Cai&on 

Lauia Payne, Builiugto 
Lake Mis Aium* Kaiio, Leadvill 

La Plata ... ... 

Mis Koi Icon Davies, Duiang 

Laninei . . . 

MLS Floi elite liwm, Foit i^ollin 
Las Annnas . A li Pieston, Tiuiida( 
Lincoln Kdl> \\obb, Hu^ 

Logan JH\nth Tavloi, SU'iiin 

M eba . 

Mis Rose Bishop, (iijiid Junctioi 
Mineial . Mis Julia Sldgrhl. Creed< 
Moffatt . . Mamie Ilag-grlund, Crai| 

Mrs Myitle K Joidan* Corte: 
Monti ose 

Mis Minion S Doiicgaii, Monti osc 
Moi gan 

Mis Hose B Glassoy, Ft Moig-ar 
Oleio R II MrNeal, LaJunU 

Uui.iy Mifc. J(>nnie L J5iownlee, Ouiaj 
Paik Mis JSFayme R O'Maiha, Fairplaj 
1*111 11 ip- l)<in Ii3 llofiiieistei, IIoljoKi 

l*itkin (^liiibtme I Kiiksrn, Aspei 

l*icn\ is 

Mrs IJeinice Won Wilmoth, Lamai 
Pueblo . Mrs Nettie S Freed, Pueblc 
Rio I Ma m <i 

Alis Josephine Holland, Meekei 
Kio (lianclc 

Mi^ Mabtl Carr, Del Norte 

Mis Ann i Picll*', St v uiifjo it Spium^ 
StiMi.'du -Mis Ola W C'.n sun, Ct ntei 
w an Ji'Mti "\l- Anna C Bell, Silvei ton 
S in Alig'tiol 

Mis \\'ilnia L Piclc.,, Icllundt. 
Seel t, \\ick Hannah J Thcis.s, Jule-buig 

Summit . . 

Mis Ada ^prr\ MiUiM, Dillon 
Teller . 

Mrs Loiotl.i S DIMS, nipple* Ou-rk 
Wahmgrton Mi Josio u Jones, Akron 
\Volcl U in S Hunt, fliiel. v 

Yuma A K Ste\'iison, Wrav 

prnur. PRIVATE \ivn K\n<n\KD SCHOOLS %M> 

Afcuilar, Animus Co , pop 1 2 <G 

Bel Educ Mori za. Pittl. president 
Bd Educ ~Ma.iv McEncintv Decretal y 
Supei mtonrlf nt H H Journa\ 

High School L C McErney, pnn 
Physual Kducation Dan Stavely 
Phyioal Educ (Girli) MarcolU Mniphy 

Akron, Waalitaffton Co., pop. 1 4tl 

Bd Educ (grades) Louis Fasblcr, pres 

Rav Hayes, secretary 
Siipt Grades Laurrl S But lev 
Conntv Jlmh School D>viffJ,t ( Baiirl, stipt 

Stanley M Porter, pnncipal 
Music Paul Wisdom 
Domestic Science Lyda Beiser 

Alamoaa. Alamoga Co., pop. 5,107. 

Bd JSdur Mis K J Pay, 
W E Daly, secretary 

Suptimtunlcnt -d P Young^ 
Ifiirh h hool i: F rOvans. prln 
Music Phyllis Dunham 

Ad HUM HI tf Tp.icliers ( ollpfre, tear hor fi g 
courses, co-od . l.i Hhhanison. Prea 

Apen, Mtkin Co, pop 2.300 
Bd FMuc W T. Graves, presirti nt 

Christine T Fnksen, <!ect<tai\ 
Superintendent-- ( % E Coffey 
(arade School Paul Smith, pnn 

npiUKMid, I rimer f o , pop 1,000. 

Kd Eluc \V B Haifhstv, pnsJd<nt 

E E SU>pp, secretary 
Superintendent F I Gammili 
Higrh Soliool C A. Porath, prln. 




Boulder, Boulder Co , pop. 11,223. 

Jid Ed lie Giiilm G Hardy, picsident 

O D Null, beirctarv 
Supumttndent Vngii M Rogers 
High School Chailc-* Milton Waie, pun 
Music Alaiy trances CijCKg* 
Dome-tie 1 Sciener Ruth Dens 
Ait Ruey A Hardesty 
Industrial Aits Robert H Pollard 


Burie Business Collose and School for 
SccKlaue^, D K Untie, Pics 

Mount St (eitiurl?* Academy, git Is' prep , 
R C , Sister Mary Eileen, Supcuoi 

I nlxfisiiy oi Culoiudo, tompustb I he fol- 
1 ds * of Aity and b< ionics, including 
i due \uoii. l.nfcim < img, MUSK, Phu- 
ma< \ , Hit School*, of I i \v Mtdiilnr, 
Business, Nuisinu, (jiaduatc School, Sum 
nui Ouaitu, E\Unsion Division, state 
umv . coed , cst 1875,. Cicoige Noilm. 
Pi tilth nt 

Um\(i>-it\ ot ( oloiado School of Business, 
(oiiists ri H.inkinji, lominucc. Tiade and 
In lu m, Elmoie Ptlciscn, Dean 

University of (Colorado, College of Educa- 
tion pioIesHiona] tcacheis* training 
iom-fs, esl 1*U6, liui> M liaiitiit, 
T>iiei tor 

I'tiivtiblt} of ("oloi ido, <nM^e o' Rn^l- 
M^tih'g ooiiisfR In Civil, Mechanieal 
I l<c.fn< \] ( h< niu il and Aichitxctural JMI- 
triu(inu' j to id , i^t lh^<, ITcibcit S 
I \ in^., Di in 

rnl\isn\ oJ Coloiado School of Law, 
Kobe it L Stcitn^, Dean 

t T *heisit\ oi Coloi idn College of Phai- 
nia< \ . < (>-t*<] , Jloinet C Washlui.n. Dean 

I nprisitx of Culm ulo < ollct?^ ol Alusif , 
< o od Roland W Dunham, Director 

lni\<j-Jt\ o' ( * loi M,O ^ l.ool of Nuising, 
t IS'J \ , I tun ( i ^tn>t 

I nl\M lt\ or ( <iio. ino suniuu i Qij irtrr, 
Milfj (, P< Itfim lim toi 

I rmiisitx of ' olo' UJM, l"\tinJon l>lvl- 
Miti i. lilnioio iN'irstn DIM" tor 

Brighton, \dnms Co . pop 3,390 

IM Edu< Mis K R At iver, pte^dent 
Mi--. Ch n Ifs Montantlon, secietaiy 
Sujx i tut. n<lt nt <, L Koon man 
lljgh ^chool ^ T. \lkan puncipal 
liinioi II S Florence Miles, pun 
Music I^sthoi Shnhci 
Manual liainint; li\ion C ill ins 
l>ointtlo S< 1 nee Serilda Gray 
Phv^ltal Training Hugh Newell 
Uiftdes Dorf Artnnm. prin< ipal 

BniHh. Moigan Co., pop 2,306. 

Hd Kduc \ eine \Vintci, pi indent 

(iace AdH.mrci, ;ccr<taiv 
Supcimteiuhnt -1^ \\ Thomson 
High School- N T Anduion, pirn 
Music Kaymond Hunt 
Ait Mrs Vesper Base 
Trade & TndtMM- -M O Valentine 
Home Fc'inomu s Aim I'<\lon 

Buena Vlhta, Chaffee Co., pop. 1.006 

Bd Educ Harry Foreman, president 

Lou Wade, secretary 
City Superintendent Harry L McGlnnii 
Hiffh School ^Harry Tmsley, prin. 
Muic Betty Aicher 
PhyBical Training Harry Tlnsley 

Canon dt>, Fremont Co, pop. 5,16*. 

Pres Bd Bduc Elton B Woodford 

W W Goodwin, secretary 
Superintendent JL L. Beahm 
Hiffli School Olive Watson, prln 
Roosevelt Jr H S J A Lelrich, prln. 
Wilson Junior H 8 G H Nielsen, prln. 
Music Earl Gilbert 
Di.iwing Florence Wootton 
Ph\sical Tr'g (boys) H R Wonder 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Mary Gayle Reece 

Cattle Rock, Douglas Co., pop. 

Bd Kduc 13 E Andrews, president 

H A Senter, secietary 
ttiadeb T G Robb, principal 
County H S Bd E C Peterson, pres 
High School J J Waid, principal 

Central Cil>, Gil pin Co, pop. 8,114. 

Hd ]'.1U( J M Soilifht. piesident 

Mis Amanda Wagner, secretary 
(nailcs -P B Robb, prm 
High School -William I Stroehle, prm 

Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., pop. 88,287. 

Bd Educ George Keener, president 

T J Fox, secretary 
Sui.i i jutt mlf nt H M Coinlnff 

Hoy 3 Wasson, assistant supt 
1'iin lljqh frihool William 8 Roe 
Director Handwriting- Kathryn J. Morran 
Manual Aits T J Albrecht 
Home Economics Jennie Tharp 
Physical Educ (boys) Joseph Erps 
Physical Educ (girls) Teressa Bur brink 
Kindergartens Florence Turner 
Measm'nts & StandardsElizabeth McFadden 

District No. 12 
Bd Educ A E Adick, president 

H II Sommers, secretary 
Chejenne Mt II S Lloyd Shaw, supt. 
Music -F\elyn Bissel 
Ait Archie Mustek 
Manual Training 1 Frank B Evans 
Home rtonoimcs Mrs Avis Sloctim 
Physical Education H H Nelson 

IJl.iir's Business College, est. 1920, Oeo 
W Blair. Principal 

Coloiado College, a college of liberal arts di- 
\ uled into foui schools The School of Arts 
.ind Sciences includes the first two years 
'fhe ad\anced work including the junior 
ind senior veais: and one year of graduate 
midv, is divided into three schools* the 
School of Letters and Fine Arts, the School 
of Nat in al Sciences, the School of Social 
Sciences; co-ed., non-sect.; est. 1874; 
Thurston J. Davies, Pres 

Colorado School for the Deaf and th 
Blind, A L Brown, Supt. 





Colorado Spring* Bible Training School. 

prep and bible course: Pilgrim Holiness 

Church, co-ed ; est 1910; Armor D Peisk- 

er, Pres. 
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, courses 

in art, Stanley Lothrop, Director 
St Marys School and Academy, girls' 

boarding; R. C.; Sister M. Georgetta, 

Superioress 32 W. Kiowa St. 
San Luis bchool, prep , co-ed., non-sect , 

boys through 5th gr. v girls through coll 

prep., Mra. Robert K Potter, Headmis 

Craig, Moffat, pop. 1.897. 

Bd. Educ. John W. Deakins, president 

I* C Pelican, secretary 
Superintendent J C Stoddard 
Music Virginia Johnson 
Band Burnell Downs 
Manual Training A R. Knapp 
Grades Mrs. J. Bernice Keeley, prm 

Crested Btitte, Gumuson Co, pop 1,213 
Bd. Educ. William C. Dunn, president 

M J Boyle, secretary 
Superintendent John B. Lloyd 

Cripple Creek, Teller Co., pop. 1,428. 

Bd. Educ Fred Theobald, president 

P. H. House, secretary 
Superintendent Kenneth W. Oeddes 
High School L Wilkinson, prin. 

Delta, Delta Co., pop. 2,388. 
Bd Educ W W. Warner, president 

Charles E Parker, secretary 
Superintendent W. D Asfahl 
High School -Clarence A Snyder. prin. 
Music (vocal) Estelle Seabourn 
Music (instr.) R. Gordon Ayrcs 
Home Economics Mildred J. Timm 
Athletic Coach George Barrows 

Denver, Denver Co., pop. 287,861. 

Bd. Educ Stephen J Knight, president 

C F Budd secretary 

James J. Ball, business manager 
Superintendent A 1. Threlkeld 
Assistant Supt C E Greene 
Asst. Supt B H. Palmer 
Asst. Supt. J. J. Ball 
Ant. to Supt. Rodney A. Puffer 
Music John C Kendel, 
Music (inst ) Raymon H Hunt 
Art Marion E Miller 
Industrial Art & Vocational Education 

Roy A Hinder man 
Home Economics- Kate W Klnyon 
Health Educ W. N. Greim. 
Com'ndant of Cadets J. G. Devine (Maj ) 
Dir. Lunch Rooms Helen Menke 
Research & Curriculum C L Cushman 

Guy Fox, asst director 
Attendance and Census Evelyn M Lail 
Libraries Elizabeth Scripture 
Publications A Helen Anderson 
Kindergarten -Grades 1-111 Helen R Gumhck 
Grades iv-vi Helen Allphtn 
Director Health ServiceA. L Beaghler, M D 
Bd. Examiners R A. Puffer, chm'n 
Bast High School. Colfax av. * Elizabeth 

sts ; Roscoe C Hill, Prin. 

Manual Training High School. 27th and 

Franklin. Sam R. Hill, Prin 
North High School. North Speer Boulv'd.; 

& Eliot St , W C Borst, Principal 
South High School. Louisiana ave & S 

Williams st . John J Cory, Principal 
West High School, W. Tenth and Elati 

Ave . H V Kepner. Principal 
Evening Vocational High School, Elati st 

& W 10th av . William C Shute. Principal 
Baker Junior High School, W 5th Ave & 

Fox St . George E Hook, Principal 
Byers Junior High School, Cedar ave and 

5 Pearl, Louise A Meirill, Principal 
Carlos M Cole Junior High School. 32d ave 

6 Humboldt, Peter C. Holm, Prin. 

Gnvo Jumoi High School 14th Ave & 

Colorado blvd ; Mary E Morris. Prin 
Giant Junior High bihool. b Peail A 

Colorado ave , Charles D Hall, Prin 
Horace Mann Junioi High School, W. 41st 

ave & Navajo st , Bex V. Curtis, Prin. 
Lake Jumoi Hiirh School, L, owe 11 Blvd & 

W 18th, Anna Laura Forte, Prin 
Moiey Junior High School. 14th Ave and 

Clarkson, Jessie M Hamilton. Prin 
Skinner Junior High School. W 40th av A 

King, Emma M Brown. Principal. 
Smiley Junior High School, E 26th av & 

Holly St , Claud B Pendleton, Prm 
Fmily diiftith Opportunity School, nth & 

\Vclton Sis , Paul L Essert, Prin 

Barnes School of Commerce, bus and sec'l, 

est 1904, H E Barnes, Pres. 14th & 

Glenarm st 
Colorado Vocational College, bus ami sec/1 , 

Holland M Shre\es, Pics, 1345 Glenann 
Colorado Woman's College, coll , sec'l 

music, home economics, women, 

est 190=5, lames R HutmnRson. Pres 
Denver Ait Institute, commercial art. indutt- 

nal design, teacher ti'g, medical ait. 1441 

Wei ton St 
Denver College of Music, 10th & Giant St , 

Newton 11 Pashley, Director 
lllff School ot PhfoioK} iheol M B . 

co-ed , est 1892, Charles Schoneld, 

Pres , University Park 
Kiikland School of Art, 1311 Pearl St , Vance 

Kirkland, Director 
Lament School of MUHIC, 1170 Sherman St 

Florence Lament Hinman. Dircctoi 
Loretto Heights College, girls, boarding, lit 

erary, music, prep dept . K C . est 1800. 

Mother Ann Francis. Pres 
Paiks School of Business Adminstration , est 

11)05. A J Gmeiner. Pres. 14tiO Logan St 
Regis College, coll and high tfchooi, men, 

resident and day. K C , est 1888, Roheit 

M Kelley, Pres , W 50th & Lowell 
University of Colorado, School of Medicine, 

Maurice H Rees, Dean 
UniveiBity ol Deiivti, comprises College of 

Liheial Arts. Graduate School. School of 

Science and Engineering, School of Law, 

School of Commerce. Accounts and Finance, 

School of Librariansnip , Extension Division , 

Division of Fine Arts, University College, 

Summer School; Department of Social 

Work, co-ed, ME. est 1864; David 

Shaw Duncan, Chancellor 
Uni\eiiity of Denver, College of Liberal 

Aits. Holland J. Walters, Dean 





University of Denver, Graduate School, 

Wiber D Engle, Dean 
University of Denver, School of Law, 

Roger H. Wolcott, Dean 
Univeiuity of l>envtr, school of Commerce, 

Accounts and Finance, Clem W Collins, 

University of Denver, School of Science and 

Engineering, Wilber D Engle, Dean 
University of Denver, School of Librarian- 
ship, Malcolm O Wyer, Dean 
University of Denver, Extension DiMsion, 

Angus M Laird, Asst Director 
University of Denver, University College, 

Holland J Walters, Director 
University of Denver, Department of Social 

Work; Florence W Hutsmpillar, Director 

Durango, La Plata Co., pop. 5,400. 

Bd Educ Thomas Mason, president 

A M EmiKli. secietary 
City Superintendent Emory E Smiley 
Hiffh School Elza Needham, principal 
Domestic Science Martha Dee Wallace 
Commercial ft Sten Dwigrht Dilley 

Eaton. Weld Co. pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ W D Kay, president 

City Superintendent John C. Casey 

High School L R Leake, principal 

Music Vera Arnold 

Physical Training (boys) Kenneth Hyde 

ISnglewood, Arapahoe Co., pop. 7,980. 

Bd Educ Harry J Letts, president 

Naomi Lawver, secretary 
Superintendent R D Jenkins 
High School H H Threlkeld, pnn 

Mary L Flood, a&st pnn 
Music H K Walther 
Art Bermce Neef 
Home Economics Irene Decker 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Beth Hogan 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Harvey Riddle 

Florence, Fremont Co . pop. 2,700. 
Bd Educ C W Kmtner, president 

C G McCandless, secretary 
Superintendent R R Morrow 
High School N V Gorman, pnn 

Fort Collins, Larimer Co, pop. 11.489. 

Bd Educ S D Hall, president 
Sec. Bd. Educ. H. B McCreary 
Superintendent Ward I Miller 
High School W S Tatum, prin 
Music Katherine Bauder 
Music (instr ) Gregory Bueche 
Drawing Laura M Purcell 
Manual Training C. W Vest 
SawingMarie Juel 
Cooking Mary Frances In man 
Penmanship Otella F. Klnchell 
Commercial J H Lanphenr 
Physical Education Lorna Mulder 

Colorado State College of Agriculture and 
Mechanic Arts; couises in Agriculture. 
Mechanic Arts (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical 
and Irrigation Engineering), Veterinary 
Medicine, Home Economics and Science; co- 
ed.; est 1879. Charles A Lory. Pres. 

Fort Lupton, Weld Co., pop. 1.578 

Bd Educ -Charles Lundien, president 

B F Brown, secretary 
Superintendent Leo William Butler 
Music Helene Grove 
Home Arts Grain Buster 
Manual ArtsWilbur Olsen 

Fort Morgan, Morgan Co.. pop. 4.414. 

Bd. Educ. Willard Reid, president 

Margaret Preston, secretary 
Superintendent R R Brourink 
High School A. A. Brown, prin. 
Music Lillian Wolund 
Band & Orchestra Donald Foust 
Ait Mary Leonard 
Manual Training G. B. Downey 
Domestic Science Rena Hoaa 
Physical Training Bd Flint 

Fowler, Otero Co., pop. 1,009. 

Bd Educ W. W. Johnson, president 

J A McClaren, secretary 
Superintendent P. R Glenn 
High School L. E Smith, prin. 
Junior High Sch Clint Surber, prm 
Music Anne Dittman 
Domestic Science Pearl Ferree 

Fruit*, Mesa Co, pop. MOO. 

Bd Educ M Q Hinshaw, president 

Clyde Scoles, secretary 
High School H. A Williams, supt 
Music Charles Nickolls 
Physical Training George D. Pcnncr 
Grades S Earl Forbes, supt. 

Georgetown, Clear Creek Co., pop. 1.41S. 

Bd Educ William C. Reichwein, president 

C H Randall, secretary 
Superintendent Robert A. Patterson 
High School Irene L Ricci, prin. 

Glenwood Springs, Oarfleld Co., pop. 1.01*. 

Bd Educ M J Mayes. president 

Mrs Alma Harris, secretary 
Superintendent M. R. Moorhead 
High School H J. Igo, prin 
Music Emily Rumold 
Domestic Science Miss Jo Trumbo 
Manual Training Frank Latsoa 
Physical Training Wilbur Bolltho 

Golden. Jefferson Co., pop. 2,879. 

Bd Educ H V Crawford, president 

Mrs Bernice Eyer, secretary 
Superintendent Roger Q. Mitchell 
High School Huch Beers, prin. 
Rupv. Music E A. Johnson. 
Domestic Science Helen B. Luddington 

Colorado School of Mines; courses in Mining. 
Metallurgical. Petroleum and Geological 
Engineering with special courses in Geo- 
physics Fuel Technology and Cermaic 
Engineering; state: est. 1874; Melville W. 
Coolbaugh, Pros. 

Colorado State Industrial School for Boys, 
O A Goetze. Supt. 





Grand Junction, Meaa Co., pop. 10,459. 

Bd Educ . H. Munro, president 

Coe Van Deren, secretary 
City Superintendent R E Tope 
High School J F Beattie, prm 
Music (elem ) Harriet Moulton 
Music (h e ) William H Gould 
Manual Training K K Hindman 
Home Economics Marjone Corbin 
Penmanship Claia Foster 
Grand Junction State Junioi College 

Clifford G Houston, Dean 

Ross Business College , coni'I and stenog 
est 1909, C H Buttolph, Managei 

Greeley, Weld Co., pop. 12,208. 

Bd Educ F J Allnut. president 

Howell Culbertson, secretary 
Superintendent H. D Kldndge 
High School Robeit S Gilchiist, pi in 
Music Mabel Henderson 
Art Ronald Faulkner 
Manual Training A. G. Huntingdon 
Domestic Science Julia Woland 
Physical Training Gladys Parker 
Commercial Suzanna Moss 
Elementary Supv Hat tie Yanlley 

Colorado State College of Education, com 
prises Division of the Arts ; of Education , of 
Health and Physical Education, of Music, 
of Literature and Languages, of the Sci- 
ences, of Social Studies, co-ed , est 1890, 
George W Frasier, Pres 

Greeley Commt-iciai luiuge, bus and sten 
eat 1904. Mrs J W Adrian, Principal 

St John's Seminai y. theol . P E , men, 
est 1918. B W Bonell. President 

GnnnlBon, Gnnnison Co., pop. 1.329 

Bd Educ George T Eastman, president 

MTB Fav Miller, secretary 
' Superintendent H. T Hatch 
Senior High School Pascal Poe, Jr. prm 
Junior High School Kate Walkei, pi in 
Music Wilma Doig 
Art Mma Burney 
Manual Training A M Capron 
Domestic Science Patsy Shobe 
Physical Education Jack Houser 

Western State College of Colorado, teachers' 
naming courses, state, co-ed , 
Charles C Casey, President 

Haxtitn. Phillips Co. pop. 1.118 
Bd Educ C C McCune. president 
Mrs. L E Fitzgerald, secretary 
Grade School Dana Archbold, prin 
County High School John A Grant, prm 
Music Basil Samples 
Home Economics Edna Stack 
Athletics E L Vandeiburg 

Hesperus, fa Plata Co, pop 800. 

Fort Lewis School of the Colorado State 
College of Agricultute and Mechanical Arts, 
co-ed , Ernest H Bader, Dean 

ffoljrok*. Phillips Co. pop 1,000 

Grade Sen Bd Walter Young, president 
W. L. Bryant, secretary 

CradpH O R Romine, prin 

Hig-h Soh Com Robert McDorman, pres 

D E Hofmeistei, secietary 
County High Sch C W Kichaul, supt 

Idaho Springs. Clear Creek Co., pop 9.602 

Bd Educ -W J Hancock, Sr , president 

Mrs Lula Varney, secrctaiy 
SuprmUndent Craig P Minear 
High School Perry H Elder, pun 
Music Chailes R Smith 
Domestic Science Mildred Charles 
Manual Training James Hancock, Jr 

Julegbuig, Sedgultk Co, pop. 1 000 

Bd Educ H C Spillman, president 

Mis Olive Law, becretaiy 
County H S Ray Stinnett*, supt 
Gidde Sc-hools H D Ninemires, supt 
Music Kelsey Kirk 

la Junta. Oteio Co., pop. 7,193. 

Bd Educ -L B Ralph, president 
Floicnce R Ncedham bcciotaiy 
Superintendent -d T Wilson 
Pnruipctl High School G W Inman 
Music Shelly Keltner 
\i t Bessie Mai sh 
Miiniial Ti nning IT L Hl.itt 
Domestic' Science Kathleen Munim 

lafojette, Boulder Co, pop 1,800 

Bd Educ Mis Dan E\ans, piesidint 

James Simpson, secietaiy 
Superintendent Ray L. Stinnette 
High School Meinl \nge\ine, principal 
Music I-ela McCollum 
Art Giace Stanley 
Physital Tiaming Vei ta McDonald 

Lanmi, Prowers Co, pop 4,233. 

Lnion U b Bd Hairy Nuvms, Pitsident 

Ni il B McGiath, set K tat y 
Superintendent J II Buchanan 
Ilifirh School Oliver S Ikenberry. prm 
MUSK Ralph E Bow en 
Physical Education Guy Dean Mc-Gtath 

Las AnlmuH, Bent Co , pop. 2,202 bch Ud C E Samuelbon, pres 

loien D Root, seoretaiy 
Supeiintendent~G K MtC'auley 
Musu H W Kane 
Domestic Science Anita Sm'th 
Manual Training Harvey Mullen 
Ph\si<al Education O R Johnston 

Lendville. Lake Co , pop 3,754 
Bd Educ E D Dickerman, president 

D G Houghton, secretary 
City Superintendent Frank H Davidson 
Uteh School Ij W Thomson, pi in 
Musio Jean S'ccth 
Domestic S< u n< i 'Jhilma 1'ioflRtt 
Ph>MCdl Fduc (boys; --Mark dilmoii 
Physical Educ (gills) Maijunc Haidy 

IJmon, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,101. 

Bd Educ E A Monasy, pn s}d< nt 
Bd K luc - 10 C Slaclp aedetaiv 
.Snpeiintendent G Dewey Smith 
Music Raymond E Hunt 
Domestic Science Marie Rayness 





Littleton, Arapahoe Co., pop. 2,020. 

Bd Educ Walter E. Hugins, president 

Josephine Barteldes. secretary 
Superintendent Allen E Bradley 
Music Albert C Buland 
Coach Norton Broadbcnt 

Longmont, Boulder Co., pop. 6.029. 

Bd Educ W J White, president 

Mrs E M Payne, secretary 
Superintendent Kent L Sanborn 
High School J. Fred Essig, prm 
Music Margie Mustard 
Drawing Helen Rooney 
Manual Training: Otte Henkel 
Domestic Science Mary Otis 

I,ouietllle, Boulder Co, pop 1,400 

Bd Educ J W Malcolm, president 

J W Parrell, secretary 
Superintendent C E Burgenei 
High School F N Fabrizio, principal 
Music Mabel Wickham 
Manual & Phy Tr'g Ralph Harmon 
Domestic Arts -Delia Nass 

fxi% eland. Larimer Co., pop. 0,060. 

Bd Educ F W Hart, president 
Sec Bd Educ Marie M Curtis 
City Superintendent R W. Truscott 
Prin Hig-h School B F Kitchen 
Music Fred Remert 
Manual Training B F Rickel 
Domestic Science Ruth Huber 
CrtniMiPiciHl Van< e L \\lne 
Physical Education II E Reed 

Manitou. Kl 1'aao Co , pop 1.450 

Bd Ediio Lawrence E Wmnard, pie&ident 

Ravmond Hillin&oss secretary 
Superintendent L II Dams 
Music & Art Mrs. J. A. Craig: 
Domestic Science- Harel Van Horn 
Man Tr'g & Phy Educ T S Chick 

Meeker. Rio Rlanro Co., pop. 1.000 

Btl Educ F W Hossark, president 

Bd Pist 1 Mrs W Purdv. president 

Supeilntendpnt Ray C Hume 

Music Clyde Brewster 

Art Mrs S Gordon 

Domestic Seionoe Gcoipria Thomas 

Monte Vista, Rio Grande Co., pop. 2,484 

Bil Kiluc Jink Nelqon, piesident 

O A Cunningham, secretary 
Superintendent Carl A Brumfleld 
High SchoolPaul Mount-Campbell, prln 
Music Dorothy Whisenant 
Home Economics Alberta Harper 
Manual Training D wight Hall, Jr 

Mont roue, Mf>ntrone Ce.. pep 3.254 

Bd Educ Boy Peterson, president 

Klla A<]ains sorietar> 
Elementary Schools J B Morgan, supt 
High School J A Simpson, prln 
Music Ellen Trevarthen 
Home Economics Waunieta Stoner 
Manual Training G C Hayman 

Mount Morrison, Jefferson Co. 
State Industrial School for Girls; state school 
for delinquents; Anna L. Cooley, Supt. 

Ordwar, Crow ley Co.. pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ Harry E Mast, president 

A M Ward, secretary 
Superintendent O E Jones 

Ourav. Ouray Co, pop. 1,644. 

Bd Educ Mrs Frank Massard, president 

Mrs Jennie L. Brownlee, secretary 
Superintendent Milton J Wilbur 

Palisade, Mesa Co., pop. l.OOO. 

Bd Educ Rowland H Bancroft, president 

E T Schneller, secretary 
Superintendent James H Rusk 
Music C E. Dalby 
Domestic Science Ann Vinje Sroaf 
Physical Education Glen Butler 

Pueblo, Pueblo Co , pop. 00,102. 

Bd Educ Harry P Vories, president 

G G Robertson, secretary 
city Superintendent James H Rlsley. 
Centennial H S W. M. Heaton, prin. 
Music Roy N Collins, supervisor 

(instruments) Rei Christopher 
Art Mabel Barry 
Sewing Pearl Brown 
Manual Training W F. Bricker 
Phjsical Training W S Ketterln* 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Ethel Wentworth 
Commercial Ida Brainerd 
Hygiene Ruth Rosendahl 
Intci mediate Gr Supv Clara Jacobs 
Primary Supervisor Sophia Ann Harbison 

Bd Educ S A Miles, president 

Olpra A Hellbeck. secretary 
Superintendent Ray E Redmond 
Central High School Lemuel Pitts, prin 
MUMC J Luella Burkhard 
Manual Training C F Haafl 
Com'l & Stenog'y F C Kay. 

American Business College, bus ant sten ; 

est 1900 ; J A Clark, Pres. 
Lorctto Academy, girls' hoarding: R C.* 

est 1878, Mother M Claraslne, Superior* 

ess, 10th and Elizabeth 

Rocky Ford, Otero Co., pop. 8,t30. 

Bd Educ T P Haines. president 

Mable Wilbanks, secretary 
City Superintendent James H. Wllsen 
Art Helen Smith 
Music Ralph Rea 
Domestic Science Alice Auld 
Physical Educ (boys) J. H. McQuerrey 
Commercial Olive Slaughter 




0a*vache, 8a*uache Co., pop. 1,010. 

Bd Bduc. John M. Rodeman, president 

O H. Hazard, secretary 
High School Iyle N. Slonecker, supt 
Music Mildred Beitz 
Manual Training C. B. Hannah 

Solid*, Chaffee Co., pop. 5,065. 

Bd. O. W. Larimer, p. 
O. B Lines, secretary 
Superintendent L. D. Hlghtower 
High School L, A. Barrett, principal 
Music Marion Staley 
Shop E. C. Gruenler 
Manual Training John Bur gen er 
Home Economics Bessie Gill 

SIlTerton, San Joan Co., pop. ,000. 

Bd Educ. John Newmann, president 

Charles Wine, secretary 
Superintendent Ralph Brenton 
High School John R Durham, prm 

Steamboat Springs, Routt Co., pop. 1.400 
Bd Educ A M Gooding. president 

C. W. Light, secretary 
Superintendent P H Zehner 
High School A 6. Jelmek. prin. 
Music Franklin Evans 
Man Tr'g & Phy Tr'g P H Zahnci 
Primary Grades Nettie Andeison 

Sterling-, Logan Co.. pop. 7,105. 

Bd Educ A A Smith, president 

C B Philips, secretary 
Superintendent Robert R Knowles 
High School Charles F Poole 
Music vocal) Laurene Edmondson 

(inst.) L E. Smith 
Household Arts (h s ) May DuBots 
Household Arts (grades) Mildred Gueck 

City, Crowley Co., pop. SOS 

Bd Educ Henry Schmidt, president 

W. D Sharton, secretary 
Superintendent Ray M Moreland 

Telloride, San Miguel Co., pop. f .440. 

Bd Educ Charles Fair Iamb, president 

Charles Loebmtz, secretary 
Superintendent Edwin L Glasier 

Trinidad, Las Anlmas Co., pop. 11,782. 

Bd Educ Mrs Jeanette Burrough, president 
Sec. Bd Bduc. Luke Smith 
Superintendent W. R. Ross 

Manual Training Frank Whitney 
Domestic Science Helen Carpenter 
Phy. Tr (boys) Oscar Game] 
Trinidad Junior College, 
William R Ross, President 

Trinidad Business College; bus and stei 
eat. 1888, W EL Anderson. Pra, 

Victor. Teller Co., pop. 1,884. 

Supt Kenneth W Geddes (Cripple Creei 
High School Robert Willison, prin 
Music Helen Whitehill 
Home Economics Gei trude Lewis 

Vona, Kit Carson Co., pop. 000. 

Bd Educ Ray A Roberts, president 

E E Bigrelow, secretary 
Superintendent O F Bridewell 
High School Lloyd Heiny 

Walsenbnrg, Huerfano Co., pop. 5,507. 

Bd Educ L H Kirkpatnck, president 

Janet Brown Johnson, secretary 
Superintendent S M Andrews 
High School C Albert Anderson, prin 
Music Kenneth Bender 
Manual Training H F Scott 
Domestic Science Ethel Taylor 
Physical Education Gaston Santi 

Windsor, Weld Co. pop. 1.625 
Bd. of Educ. George H. Fry*, preslden 

deorge F Kern, secretary 
Superintendent George E Tozer 
High School W L McCall, prin 
Home Economics- -Helen Bridge 
Commercial Harriet Milley 

Wray. Yuma Co , pop. 1.783. 

Bd Dint 2 L D Buchanan, president 

W H Hitchcock, secretary 
Superintendent D H Lpshei 

Yuma. Yuma Co., pop. 1,177 

Bd Educ C J Bennett, president 
Bd Con. Dist. 1 John Abbott, sec'y 
Superintendent Ernest E. Trego 
Music R J. Yohe 

Union H 8 Bd John O Abbott, sec'y 
Domestic Science Beryl Knost 


E W BUTTERFIELD, Commissioner of Education Hartford 


Burinem Administration 

Director of Accounts and Purch 
aid H Scribner 

Field Service 

Director N Searle Liglit 

Adult Education Robert C Demlng. Field 
Supervisor, Mary F Potter. Junior Super- 

Bureau of Attendance 

Geoifire R Stuipej? Senior Supervisor 
Willum L Lai ash. Piosccntmgr Afirent 

Junior Supervisors 

U W Ocavelaml. Watcibtiiy 
Osear S Fit/Bimons, Waterbmv 
riyde M Campbell New Haven 
Daniel T Nolan, Haitfoid 
Charles R Viokerv, Binlfireport 
Arthur W Williams, .Wilhmantic 

School Buildings 

John E Nichols. Asst Supv Bld?& & Plans 

Health and Physical Education Chatles J 
Prohaska. M D , Senior Supervlsoi . 
M. Frances Foley, Assistant Supervisor 

Resoareh and Finance 

Rogrer M Thompson, Senior Supervisor 

Secondary Education Paul D Collier 
Senior Supervisor 

Speeial Education 

Maud Keator. Supervisor 

Esther L Holmes. Junior Assistant 

Rural Education 

W S Dakm, Senior Supervisor 

Field Supervisors 

Dewitt C Allen. Edwin I Arthur. 
Jamcb F Connolly. I Burten Dunfield, 
Edwin B Floyd. James W. Frost, LevI T. 
Garrison. Frank H Johnston. Frank W. 
Knight, Lewis S Mills. Ferdinand J. Pen- 
ley. Martin B Robertson. Calvin B Stan- 
lev. William M Strong;. William M. 
Teagrue, Arthur L. Young; 

Teacher Preparation 

Director F E Pierce 

Trade and Vocational Education 
Director A S Boynton 

Ray I Hahn. Field Supervisor 
Homemaklngr Mary C Blodgrett. Field 

Tiades and Industries Heiman 8. Hall. 

Field Supei visor 

State Trade School Directors John H 
Hill, Jr , Bridgeport, Robert J. Dobbs, 
Dan bury, E D Packard, Hartford; L. 8. 
Smith. Meriden. B M Beals. Mlddletown. 
H H Wilber. New Britain. H. H. Bills. 
Putnam, John G Echmalian, South Man- 
chester, Frank R Laney, Stamford; Her- 
bert B Jones, Torrington; Otto R Nyffeler, 

Connecticut Public Library Committee 
E W Butterfleld. Chairman. Hartford 
George J Vogel Torrington 
F W Edgerton New London 
Isabelle B Hurlbutt, Greenwich 
Mrs Alexander Bunce. Bolton 
Library Visitor and Inspector Katharine 
Howes Wead 


ALBERT I. PRINCE, Chm'n . Hartford 



MRS. JAMES C. HOWELL . Salisbury 


MARK A. MAY Hamden 

EDWIN O SMITH Mansfield 



E. W BUTTERFIELD, Secretary.. Hartford 

F. E. HARRINGTON, Executive 


jnt Superintendent of Schools, Wallingford 

i Secretary State Office Building, Hartford 





EGBERT A. CASE, President ........... Wmdham High School, Wilhmantic 

RAYMOND N. BROWN, Vice-President. . ...... . Thomaston 

LEON C. STAPLES, Secretary-Treasurer. . . Superintendent of Schools, Stamford 


Connecticut has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 11 
called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, where 
the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent of schools 


Supervisor Grades O Sterling* 

Supervise)! Grades Marv Sullivan 

Mufcic- Catherine Russtll 

Art Gtitrude Fil/patrick 

Manual Ti tuning Kimst W Rid<T 

Cential High School 

J C Mooio, Piinriiml 
VWncn (J Harding HlRh School 

liulph >!*! ppq I'tlncipal 
Bassuk High School, 

J E Jeffery Principal 
Maplewood Junlru HiRh School 

Kithcimc Fit/pntink Pimcipil 
Whittici Junior Uiph School 

fi.ifc Anderson Pun 
Congress Tunioi Ilit>h Sihool, 

H d Sii t l i, J J i mi ij> il 
WalUr-villc liiinoi Ilijih Si lion], 

W I Me Andrew t'nn 

Booth & IJ.nh'-s ( ommtiLidl School, 1m*. 
and sei'l , \\alluct M Ha>hss, Prts 

riidiimt T3i" r irf t ii'ij- fi,<-titnt( < \cnnm 

tiih.mii iom-(> ivr" , f-t i f) .M, A r 

Keating, Pies 
Bildpepoit Nmmal School, cltv, co-ed , 

MciiR.Lict Kiel\, Pnncipal 
Bridgeport University School, boy*' board 

I'm non-vet \ in ril I'i < k J'iin<1pstl 

, New Haven Co., pop. 19,860. 

Sch Com Edward D Pendelow 

R L Blume, secretary 
Superintendent John J Stevens 
High School John Q Prendergast. prin 
Music Douglass Porell 
Art Eleanor Field 
Domestic Science Frances Nason 
Commercial May Ward 
Stenography Josephine Crlbhins 
Physical Educ 4ithur Stewart 

Avon, Hartford Co., pop. 1,738 

Sch Com Fred Turner, chairman 

Robert Distm, secretary 
Supervisor Ferdinand J Penley 
Old Farms School, boys 12 18, boarding, 

non-sect , est 1918, Percy Gamble Kam 

merer, Headmaster 

Baltic, New London Co , pop 765 

Academy of the Holy Family, girls, elem 
thru high school, RC , Mother Mai) 
Lucia, Superioress 

Bethel. Fair-Reid Co., pop. 3.871. 

Sch Com Mrs G M Dolan, chairman 

Richard A Hoyt, secretary 
Superintendent Frank A Berr> 
High School Mrs Bebekah J Kyle, prin 

Bloomfleld, Hartfoid Co., pop 3,225. 

Sch. Com William Hubbard, chairman 

J Senior Washington, secretary 
Superintendent Elmer L Da\cnport 
High School Bernard J Lee, pi in 
Music Mrs F E Mann 
Physical Educ (boys) S J Bernard 
Physical Educ (girls) Helen Lacrosse 

Branford, New Haven Co , pop. 7,080. 

Sch. Com Milton P. Bradley, chairman 

Mrs W. L Marsh, secretary 
Superintendent H G Westcott 
High School Clarence C Townsend, prin 
Music Frank Coyle 
Drawing Frederick Sexton 
Domestic ScienceAlice Pond 
Physical Training John E. Knehct 

Bridgeport, Fairfield Go., pop. 147,206. 

Bd Educ Andrew McQuecney, president 
William A Redden, secretary 
William P Kirk, director mamtainance 

Superintendent Worcester Warren 

Assistant flupt. John A. Young 

Adult Jk Supplementary Education 
John T. Wadsworth, director 

Butler lousiness School, bus and eten , 

est 1017, Krnest M Butler. Pi in 
8t Joseiih's School prep , co-ed , R C . 

cst 1000, Sister M Ni.inncy, Sujituoi, 4S 

M M^lslUt x v III ( 

Snuth ri'eirl KInili itfiifr n 1 mining 
choo\ nor in il Kindr IRII trn T-annio A 
Smith Pi in HIM Ti mist in a\ 
State Trade S< hool Indust tr and ttades, 
coed , John II II ill, Director 

I*rl*(l, Hartford C'o , pop 28,451. 

S' h Coin Nc \\rll ! iiiuiu s <li Hiii-nin 

Karl A Rfirhe srintiiy 
r*Jt\ FiipfrJnteruVnt -K'll \ Rflrhe 
Prlnrlpal ITli^h School Henry B Cottl* 
MUMP A7jlda Hebcrt 
Ait IT( loin 1 (Itrnld'-on 
Manual Training Knjren** f*\ inrn itt< ci 
Home KconomlcH Catherine Ca< 
Physic. *i 1 Education Martin H Anderson 
Medial Inspection A R Brarkott, M. D 

Bristol Secretarial School' co-ed ; 7 ros- 
pact at , Mary A O'Neill, Manager 





Biookfleld, T airfield Co , pop 600. 

Sch Com - Clarence D. Bristol, chairman 

Mrs H B. Hawley, Monetary 
Town Supei visor Frank H Johnston 

Curtis School for Boys, boys' boarding;, aon 
sect , Cierald B Curtis, Headmaster 

Canaan. I ftchfteld Co , pop 7,022 

Sch Com Paul Stoddard, chairman 

Lee H Kellogg, becietary 
Town SupeiviMii William M Teague 
High Sv hool- Frank 13 UK haidsun, pi in 

Canton, Hartford Co., pop. 2,782. 

Sch Com Frank "Wilder, chairman 

G Whitney, secretary 
Town Supei \ isor - F J Fenley 
Ilifch Hcliool Alolbt j rt Bnwilofn, principal 
Mipv Mimic Elsie T Lorigan 
Physical Traininer Howard M Giaham 

ChoHhire, New Haven Co , pop 3,262. 

Sch Com - -f hai h s H Fai ist, chan man 

Fiedenck S Baker, secictary 
1 own Mipti \isoi 1) l' Allen 

Roxbuiy School, boys, coll picp , junior and 
senior high school, boiidmg, non-sect , est 
1794, Arthur N Sluufl, Headmaster 

Chester, Middlesex Co , pop. 1,429. 

Sch Com F C Bishop, chairman 

Hugh Spencer, secictary 
High School Leon Cash, principal 
Music Helen Jcrmaine 

Clinton, Middlesex Co, pop 1,274 

Sth Com Duncan Belcher, than man 

Mis Louise A Hull, societal y 
Superintendent George L Suitt 

Morgan School, coll prep , co-ed 
1871 , <i L Scott, Pun 


super intemlenl Martin H lionerts 
Bacon Academy J A Rus-sell, pun 
dianimai School Mai> L Shea, pin 

Cornwall, Utchfleld Co, pop. 1,016 

Oh Si It Tori C I, Gold 

Mis Mury Stutges societal v 
Superintendent William M Teague 
Music Glad} s V. Dellart 

Rumsey Hall, bojs boaiding, non-sect 
est 1900, Louis Schutte, Headmaster 

Cromwell. Middlesex Co , pop 2,031 

Sdi Com -James J McNeil, chairman 

Arthur H Fra/er, Bfcretir> 
Superintendent J Clement Bimlmell 

Danbury, Falrfleld Co., pop 26,303. 

Pies Bd Educ Dr Nathaniel Pellet k 
See Bd Sduc -Philip N Sunderland 
Superintendent Harold F Dow 
Prin High School Roscoe C Baseett 

Music Lawrence R Peny 

< omim ic ia.1 Ivan F Ahlgren 

Health Mary II Nash 

Crandall Secretarial College, co-ed ; 

Newton A Fulton, Prm 
Danbury Music School, music; co-ed ; Ella 

A Curtis. Director 
L\on School, girls' boarding, non-sect, 

Jtnrne K I yon, Principal 8 Harmony &t 
State Normal School; nor. state, co-e4.; 

Ralph C Jenkins, Pies 
State Trade School, indust tr and trades. 

co-ed , Robert J Dobbs, Prin 
Woostcr School boys, grade vn thru high 

school: boarding; eat. 1928; P. B.; Aaron 

CutJei Cobuin, Head Ma&tei 

Dai-ien. Fail-field Co, pop. 6,951. 

Sch Com Aldrich Taylor, chau man 

JO U Hindl^v, Mt'cietaiv 
Superintendent Edward H. Fuller 
Hih School John II Ring, act'g prm 
Music Harriet Irey Kemp 
Art --Helen B Itoby 
Domostif Alt 8 ?- Cathonne S Fferguson 
I'h\s1cil Education Raymond F Donnell 

Dei by, New Ha^en Co., pop 10,788. 

Sdi (0111 'J F Plunk* tt, chan man 

JAIUCS F Donahue sfti^taiv 
Superintendent Richard T Tobln 
Hiffh School Terome A Higgms, pnn 
Music Thomas Wrigley, supervisor 
\it Mollro Fitzgerald 
Ph\snal Tiaining Frank Clancy 
School Nuise May Donahue 

Durham, Middlesex Co , pop 1,044 

S* h Com Abm>r B Newton, oh airman 

Mrs liar old K Hall, secretary 
High School, Frank W. Strong;, principal 

Hartford, Hartford Co , pop. 17,125. 

IU1 P.duc - Dwight L Burnham, chairman 

Mrs Claia (i Mooie, secretary 
Cit\ Sup ur torulent Percival S Barnes 
Iliph School dcorgc E Shattudk, prm 
\ it . -Ir UK IIM! H S Wayne E Oeer 
Music Tine F Foster 
rh\sinl Education Caroline M Doe 
Health E<luc Charlotte M Albertine 
Athletic Coach John E McGrath 

Knst Haien, Neu Haven Co., pop. 7,858. 

Soli Com Julius Brooks, chairman 

John F Tidgowoll, soorotary 
Superintendent William B Gillls 

Knnt MindHor, Ha rl ford Co, pop 8,362 

Sch Com George L Mason, chairman 

John IUsnnger, secretary 
Superintendent Gcihaidt E Rast 

Klliiigton, Tolland Co , pop. 2,252. 

Sch Com Horace S McKmght, chairman 

Km ma Bat?, ^ecietaiv 
Supei visor I B Dunfield 
Music Mis Cail V Hunk 

Enfleld. Hartford Co, pop 13,404. 

Sch Com Ralph C Tandreau, chairman 
Stanley Bigor, secretary 





Superintendent Edgar H Parkman 
High School Karl D Lee, prin 

Sinior High Scool Floyd Davis, prin 
ueic Wesley Merritt 
Art Arlene Borck 
Domestic Science Mauia Gorman 
Physical Educ (boys) Robert Walker 
Physical Educ (girls) Harriet Ryan 

Eteex, Middlesex Co., pop. f ,745. 

Sch Com J W Halliday, chairman 

H Prann. secretary 
Superintendent Noyes C. Stickney 
Piatt H. S A. A. Mackunmie, Jr., prin. 

Fail-field, Fairfleld Co., pop. 17,218. 

Sch Com E. Allen Meason, chairman 

Mrs Allen A Johnson, secretary 
Superintendent A M. McCullough 
High School Harold A. Swaffield. prin 
Grail School, prep , boys, C C Saunders, 

Farmington, Hartford Co., pop. 4,529. 

Bd Educ- Quincy Blakely, chairman 

Mrs*. L A Grouten. seoictary 
Superintendent Eugene W. Ellis 
Music Edward O Elmer 
Domestic Science Doris Osborn 
Physical Educ (.boys) Charles Murphy 
Physical Educ (girls) Katherme A Rourke 

Miss Porter's School; girls; boarding, high 
school, jr coll ; non-sect , est 1843; Mr 
and Mrs Robert Porter Keep, Pirns 

Qlastonbury, Hartford Co., pop. 4,799. 

Bd Educ Alfred E Hollister. chairman 

Theodore E Behnke, secretar> 
Town Superintendent Francis S Knox 
High School John W Goodrich, prin 

Greenwich, Fairfleld Co., pop. 33,112. 

Bd Educ Julian W Curtlss, chairman 

Lloyd J Vail, secretary 
City Superintendent Edwim C. Andrews. 
High School Uai i > C Folsoni, prin 

Brunswick School, boys', prep, day, non- 
sect.; est 1902; Thomas Burton, Head- 

Edgewood Park Junior College, girls, 
boarding, academy, est 1932, William F 
Carlson, Headmaster 

Edgewood School; grade i thru high school, 
girls bd'g; non-sect ; est 1910; Elizabeth 
Euphrosyne Langley, Prin 

Greenwich Academy, girls day, non-sect . 
kind'n to coll prep , non-sect , est. 1827, 
Ruth West Carrpbell, Principal 

3r<*enwirh ('nuntr\ Day School bo>s* prep , 
grades i-vm; non-sect , est 1926, G Denis 
Meadows, Headmaster 

losemary Halt, git is boarding Epis . est. 
1890; Caroline Ruutz-Rees, Headmistress 

rlswold. New London C.. pop. 1,210 
Sch Com Earle E Gilbert, chairman 
3ch COTM James U ShfM. senotary 
*upt Ernest G Lake (Jewett City) 

roton. New London Co., pop 10.211 

Jch Bd Betsey B Larrabec, chairman 

Mrs Beniamm Tuthill, secretary 
Superintendent 8. B. Butler 
i*itch H. S. Roy S. Haggard, prin. 

Onilford, New Haven Co., pop. 3,056. 

Sch Com. George E. Beers, chairman 

William G. Shepard. secretary 
High School Warren C Westhaver, prin 
Music Mrs Josephine E Gammons 
Art Susan Stocking 
Industrial Arts Richard A Jones 
Physical Educ. Helen C Smith 
Physical Educ (boys) Adelbert W Cox 

Hamden, New Haven Co., pop. 20,250. 

Sch Com Archibald Richardson, chairman 

Floyd Beecher, secretary 
Town Supt Margaret L Keefe. 
Music May Andrus 
Art Wilson W Barrett, supervisor 
Physical Tr*g Christine Keane, supv. 

Hartford, Hartford Co., pop. 164,072. 

Bd Educ Saul Berman. president 

Mrs Eleanor B Kennelly. secretary 
City Superintendent Fred D. Wish. Jr 
Asst Supt Lows H Stanley 
Asst Supt Thomas F. Carberry 

Supervisors and Directors 
Business Manager Edwin F. Nelson 
Research Amos C Hoyt 
Guidance Lawrence W Wheelock 
Adult Education Howard Bradstrect 
Penmanship Gertrude E Toomey 
Cafeteria Director Mary C Kelly 
Mechanical Arts Walter F McAndrews 
Homcmaking Pearl M Grandy 
Music Ralph D Baldwin 
Music James D Price 
Art Ethel A Elliot 

Physical & Health Educ Chailes C Wilson, 
M D 

Public High Schools 

Hartford Public High School. Hopkins st; 
Clement C. Hyde, Principal. 
Morgan Gardnet Bulkeley High School. 
Maple A\fnun (lustave A FHnprold, Prin 
Thomas Snell Weaver High School, Ridge- 
field St ; Frank H Burke, Prin 
Barnard Junior High School, 

Annie Fisher, Prin 
Burr Junior High School, 
Thomas J Quirk, Pnn 
Northeast Junor High School, 

Clifton C Bramerd, Pnn 
Northwest Junior High School, 

Frank O Jones, Prin 
American School for the Deaf, state, 

co-ed , Edmund B Boatnei, Prin 
Connecticut Institute for the Blind, School 

Department. Gordon Hicks. Supt 
Culvei -Smith Kindergarten and Nursery Tram- 
me School, women: est. 1015. M Lima 
Culver and Louise Smith. Prins 
Hartford Art School, courses in fine and 
applied arts; est 1877; Frederic S Hynd, 
Director, 25 Atheneum Square, North 
Hartford College of Law. co-ed . day and 
evening, est 1931; Edward Graham Baird. 

Hartford Seminary Foundation, comprises the 
Hartford Theological Seminary, Hartford 
School of Religious Education, and Ken- 
nedy School of Missions; co-ed.; non- 
denom ; est 1834; Robbms Wolcott Bar- 
stow, Pres 

Hfllyer Institute; Commercial and Indue, 
trial cources; Y. M. O. A. men; eat. If IS: 
R. M VanFlaat BMnr. +!,! ni..~~~_ 





Merchants and Bankers Business School; Fred 
H. Jarvis, Prin. 

Morse College, com'l, nor, secretarial, Ed- 
ward H. Morse, Pres. 1S3 Ann st. 

Oxford School for Girls, coll prep , day, 
est 1908, Ruth E Guernsey. Headmistress 

State Trade School; indust tr'g and trades, 
Everett D Packard, Director 

Trinity College; colL. men; est 1811, 
Remsen Brinckerhoflf Ogilby, Pres 

Watkinson School, country home school for 
worthy boys; B. B. Willlston, Prin 

Kent, Utrhfleld Co., pop 400 

Sch Com William E Temple ton, chairman 

Mrs. Irene Tobin, secretary 
Town Supervisor F H. Johnston 
High School Frederick Bauer, prin. 

Kent School, boys; boarding; P E , est 
1906: Frederick H Sill, Headmaster 

South Kent School; boys, grade vin thru high 
school, boarding. P. E : Samuel S Bart- 
lett. Head Master 

Killingly, Wlndham Co, pop. 8,759 
Sch Com Damase Boulais, chairman 

Ruth Mellor, secretary 

Town Superintendent William B. Parker 
High School Hobart V. Jones, prin 
Music M Louise Perkins 

Lakeville, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,224 
HotchkiM School. The; boys' boarding, non- 
sect ; high school, coll prep , est 1892, 
George Van Santvoord, Headmaster. 

Lebanon, New London Co. pop. 1.221 

Sch Com Edward W Jones, chairman 
Sec Sch Com Mrs Katherlne H Sweet 
Lyman Mem H S Edward F Nourse. 

Mtchfleld, Lltrhfleld Co., pop. 90S. 

Sch Com Dr John L. Buel, chairman 

Orwm B Griffin, secretary 
High School Orwin B Griffin, supt 
Music Webster W Tileston 
Physical Training Alfred W Lincoln 

Connecticut Junior Republic; boys, ages 14- 
18; boarding, non-sect, Harold F Strong, 

Litchflcld School, boys' boarding, military, 
non-sect , Col Charles F. Brusie. Principal 

ftfadlson. New Haven Co., pop. 1,584. 
Sch Com -F H Holbrook, chairman 

W 8 Hull, secretary 
High School Burton L Hinraan, prin 

Manchester, Hartford Co., pop. 21,973. 
Bd Educ. Howell Cheney, chairman 

John Hyde, secretary 
Superintendent Arthur H IHmg 
High School Edson M Bailey, prin 
Manual Training Henry H. Miller 
Domestic Science Hannah Jensen 
DrawingHazel P. Lute 
Physical Educ. (boys) Wilfred Clarke 
Physical Educ. (girls) A. Virginia Howard 

State Trade School; indust tr'g and trades, 
John G. Bchmallan. Director 

Meridon, New Haven Co., pop. 88,481. 

Bd Educ I S Otis, president 
Florence Minkwitz, secretary 
Superintendent Nicholas Moseley 
High School Raymond P Walker, prm. 
Jefferson Jr H S Hugh J Gwyn, prin. 
Lincoln Jr H 8 Harry E Rollins, prin 
Music James V Conklin 
Physical Training George N Baer 
Drawing Maud A. Simpson. 
Elementary Margaret Ryan 

Laurel Business School, bus. and sten., 
Mrs Frank Kraemer, Principal 

Pequod Business School, bus and sten . 
est 1890: Charles Z Swisher. Principal. 

State Trade School, indust tr and trades. 
Lawrence A Smith, Director 

Mlddlebury, New Haven Co. pop. 736. 

Sch Com William M Shepardson, chairman 

Mrs Helen B Waters, secretary 
Supervisor Edwin B. Floyd 

Westover School; girls' boarding; non-soot ; 
est 1909, Louise Bulkley Dillingham, 
Head Mistress 

Middletown, Middlesex Co., pop. 24,564. 

Sch Com James A Law ton, chairman 
William W Wilcox, Jr . secretary 

High School Fred W Shearer, prin 
Agnes H Smith, vice-prin 

Music (h s ) Leo Betencourt 
(giades) Mabel F Bailey 

Domestic Science Elizabeth Leeds 

Art (h s ) Mary E Bennett 

Art (grades) Elizabeth May Kedney 

Com'l & Pen'ship Harold Parmelee 

Middletown Business Institute; bus and 

eec'l est 1805 Mrs W J Higgmson, Prm 
State Trade School, indust tr'g and trades. 

Edward M Deals, Director 
Wesleyan University, college of liberal arts, 

non-sect ; est 1831; James Lukens Mc- 

Conaughy, Pres 

Milford, New Haven Co, pop. 12,660. 

Bd Educ O W Platt, president 

Mrs Marion R Daly, secretary 
Superintendent Carl W Mad docks 
Prin High School Frederic S Gorham 
Music M Denise Hill, supervisor 
Physical Educ Genevleve Berry 
Elementary supv Florence Maxwell 

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy; girls' 
boarding. R. C.; Sisters of Mercy. 
Milford School, boys' prep for college. 

high school , boarding and day. non-sect : 

est 1914; Paul D Shafer, Head Master 
Weylister School, girls, 1-vr coll work, 

1-yr sec'l tr'g. est 1927. Marian W. 

Skinner Beach, Director 

Mystic, New London Co., pop. 3,978 

Mystic Oral School for the Deaf, state. 
Walter J Tucker. Supt 

Naugatnrk, Now Haven Co., pop. 14,915. 

Bd Educ Charles P. Rodenbach, chairman 

H J Fieeman secietarv 
Superintendent Harold E Chittenden 





High School Charles P. Slade, prin 

Music Lieon R Corliss 

Art (h fe ) Mrs Mary Penrose 

Manual Training Edwaid Duff 

Manual Training (elem ) Gardner Wood 

Domestic Science Dorothy M MOM 

!><>m Science* (ohm ) Eleanor Bioadrick 

Physical Training (boys) Peter J. Foley 

Physical Train, (girls) Ethelmae Kennej 

Com'J and Slenog'y Arch. D. Hyde 

Adult Education Mrs Gertrude M Madigan 

Libianan Loiraine Benham 

New Britain, Hartford Co., pop. 68,128. 

Bd Etluc -Joseph M Ward, president 

Henr> T Burr, secretary 
City Superintendent Stanley H. Holme* 
Supv Elem Inst Mary A Campbell 
Senior High School Louis P Slade. pun 
Central Jr H S William C French, pun 
Nathan Hale, Jr H S Harry Wessels, prin 
Supv Music George B Mathewa. 
Drawing Thomas P Elder 

State Tiade School, indust tr and trades. 

Herbert H Wilber, Dnector 
Teachers College of Connecticut, state, 

co-ed . est 1849, Herbert D Welte. Prin 

New Canaan. Fairfleld Co., pop. 5,431. 
Sch Com Stanley P Mead, chairman 

Harry Keiley. secretary 
Supeimtemlent Hairy W Blake 
High School Hanv W Blake, pi in 
Music Ilaiold B Swindells 

New Canaan Country School , co eel f clay , 
primary thru grades, non-stct , est 1916, 
Hope C Macintosh (Guls), John R liwm 

Maple wood School, primary, co-ed , Mrs 
Mis \\altei P Barnes, Piinclpal 

St Luke's School, boys, boarding and day, 
grade i thiu high school. P E , ebt 19'28 
Eduard B Blakcly, Head Master 

New Haven, New Haven Co., pop. 162,655. 

Bd Kduc Charles M A Costello, president 
*ec HeJ Liiuc Kobrrt Hall 
Superintendent Joseph A Fitzgerald 
Assistant Superintendent A F. Mayhew 
Assistant Superintendent H C Clish 
Music William E. Brown, director 
Phys. Educ. H. J. Schnelle, supervisor 
Art A. H. Wentworth, supervisor 
Penmanship Harry Houston. 
Kindergarten Katherlne Lang try 
Subnormal children- -Norma E Cutts 
Adult Education Catherine Finnepan 
High School Ralph Wentworth, prin 
Commercial H S Walter B Spencer, prin 
Boardman Trade Sell Emmett O'Brien, prin 
Bassett Jr H S W H Moody, prin. 
Fair Haven Jr H S George Hutchmson, 


Susan Sheridan Ji H S - Tim E Curran. p 
Troup Jr H S 
Albertus Magnus College, boat ding and day, 

girls, R C , Sisters of St Dominic 
Arnold College for Hygiene and Physical 

Education, teacher tr'g courses, est 1886, 

Webster Stover, Pres , 1466 Chapel St 
Collegiate Preparatory Institute; boys' col- 

leg* prep.; non-sect.; Arthur Plte, Prin '< 

Connecticut College of Pharmacy, co-ed , 
est 1921. Hemy S Johnson, Dean, 160 
York St 

Day's School, girls, grades i-xii, coll prep , 
day, non-sect , Mrs Chve Day, Prin , 224 
Edwards St 

Hamdcn Hall, countiy day, co-ed., nursery 
to college, est 1912. E Stanley Taylor, 
Headmaster, 1108 Whitney Ave 
Hopkins Grammar School, boys, country day, 
non-sect . est 1600, Gcoige B Lovell. 
Rector, 986 Forest Road. 
New Haven School of Music, est 1911. 

Harold Hunl, Director 

St Mary's Academy, girls, day, K C , est 
1901 , Sister Mane dcLouides, Directress 
444 oiange St 

Stone Accounting and Secretarial School, est 
1864. Nathan B Stone. Piin . 116 Church 

Teachers College of Connecticut, courses in 
education, co-ed , state, F E Engleman, 
Pres , 2 Howe st. 

The Gateway, gills' boaiding. element a r> 
to academic, non-sect Miss Alice Rey- 
nolds. Pun , St Bonan Terrace 
Woman's College of New Haven, liberal arts 
college, degree courses, non-set , est 1933, 
W Vernon Lytle, Pres 

^ale Lniveisii> comprises Yale College, 
Sheffield Scientific School, School of En- 
gmceiing. Graduate School, School of the 
Fine Arts, School of Music, School of For- 
estry. School of Medicine, Divinity School, 
School of Law, School of Nursing, men, 
non-sect , est 1701; Charles Sejtnoui, 
lal IniveisiU Yale Colloge, men, est 

1701, Clarence W Mendell. Dean 
"\ al< t"nivt rslu Sheffield Scientific School, 
men. est 1847. Charles H Warren. Dean 
1 ale I7ni\ersit\, School of Engineering, un 
dtigiaduate and graduate courses, men. 
est 1932 , Samuel W Dudley, Dean 
^<ile Lrmeisits 1 he Fitshman Year, Be- 
foie pmsuinp his three uppei -class yeara 
in "iale College, tin* Sh file Id Scientific 
School 01 the School of Engineer ing. the 
student, must pass through The Freshman 
Year, which is administered bv a sepaiate 
Dean and Faculty, men, est 1920, Percy 
T Walde'ii Dfan 

Yah Uimersitj, Graduate School, non-pi o- 
f< ssional courses in the Arts and Sciences, 
men and in omen, <st 1847, Edgar S 
Furniss, Dean 

"iale I rmeiMU School of the Fine Arts, 
painting, sculpture, architecture, drama, 
men and \\oimn, est 1866, E\erett V 
Meoks, IX an 

Yale LniveisiU School of Music, theoreti- 
cal and practical courses in music, men 
and women, David Stanley Smith Dean 
Yale rnueisitv. School of Forestry, men. 

est 1900, Hemy S Graves Dean. 
Yale University, School of Medicine, men and 
women, est 1813, Stanhope Bayne Jones, 

Y.ile Tniveisltv DI\inity School, theol . 
men and women, est 1822, Luther A 
Weiglp, Dean 

Yale Univeisity School of Law; men s,n4 
women, est 1824, Charles Edward Clark. 





Yale University, School of Nursing, women, 
est 1923; Effie J Taylor, Dean 

New London, New London Co., pop. 29,794. 

Sch Com Frederick W Edgerton, chairman 

Geoige E MacDougall, secretary 
City SuperintendentWarren A Hanson 
Elementary Supervisor May W Collins 
Music Mrs Percie G Huddle 
Drawing Alice Bishop 
Special Help Classes Grace M Sistare 
School Clinic Niola Whlteside 
Writing Kstelle Collins 
Physical Education Robeit C Rice 
Bulkeley School, high school for boys, 

Homer K Underwood Principal 
Chapman Technical High School; 
Fred S. Hitchcock, Principal. 
Connecticut College for Women, coll . 

non-sect , est 1911 , Katharine Blunt, Pres 
New London Bubimss ('ollK, i>u and 

sten , Charles E Cline, Principal, 231 State 
United State*, Coast (riiaid Academy, men, 

giaduatet* aic commisbioned Ensigns in U 

8 Coast Guaid cat 1870, K D Jones 

Williams Memorial Institute, high school 

for guls, est 1891, Colm S Buell, Pun 

New Mllford, Lltchfleld Co, pop. 5,010 

Sch Com C N Hall, chaliman 

M B Booth, secretary 
Superintendent John Pettibone 
Sup\ Music H I Hunt 
Commercial Mary T Sullivan 
lanterourv School, for Catholic boys, board 

ing, est 1915, Nelson Hume. Pun 

Nentown, Falrfleld Co, pop. 2,631. 

Sch Com Charles G Morris, chairman 

Raymond L Hall, secretaiy 
Hawlcy School Call A LcGio\\, pun 

North Canaan, Lltchfleld Co, pop 2,287. 

Sch Com --Samuel Etldv, than man 

El i/ abet h (iondclh, secretaiy 
1o\\n SuiM>r\ ior Will! mi M Teague 
High School Frank B. Richardson, prin. 
Music Gladys DeHait. supervisor 

North Haven, New Haven Co , pop. 3,502 

Sen Com Geoipre O N\e. chaiiman 

Joseph H Chapman, secretaiy 
Town ^upeivisoi 1) C \lltn 

North Stonlngton, New London Co., 1.135. 

Sch Com Alfred H Ciofts, chairman 
Mrs Emily Reutermann, setretaiy 

Supet visor- -Arthur L Young 

Wheeler School, pi op, dom sci and agii , 
^-e<l , hoaidlng depl foi bo>3, non-sect , 
est 1900, Edward V. At wood. Headmas- 

Norwalk, Fairfleld Co., pop. 36,019. 

beli Com- tieorne (J Fa\\elt, chaiiman 

Mary Marvin Taylor, Rocietary 
Superintendent Philip A Jakob 
Manual Training George Ameer. 
Domestic Silence Mia Peel 1 Bushnell 
MUSK Maiv C Me Cm thy 
Drawing Adeline I Bouton 
physical Education Petry liean 

High School David Conlm, prin 
Franklin Jr H S George 11 Brunjen. 
Center Jr. H. S. Walter C. Hoag. prin. 
Ludlow Jr. H. S. Alton T. Williams, prin. 

Hillside Country School, girls, boarding and 
day , non-sect , est. 1883 , Margaret R 
Brendlmger, Prm 

Men ill Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1888. N A Fulton, Principal 

Norwich, New London Co., pop. 23,021. 

Sch Com Auxin E Payson, chairman 

Thomas J Kelly, secretary 
City Supenntendent Id J Graham 
Music Elsa F Limboch 
Art Marjone B Miller 
Manual Training Walter U Forschlei 
Domestic Science Grace E Rogers 
Norwich (Join mi rcial School, bus and steii . A Sulhwin, Pun 
Norwich Free Academy, prep ; co-ed , non- 

sect . Henry A Tirrell, Principal 

Old Lyme, New London Co., pop. 1,181. 

Sch Com N. L Sheffield, chairman 

Charles R Novcs, secretary 
Superintendent Lloyd W Moulton 
Higrh School A C Endee, prin 

Old Sa^hiook Middlesex To, pop. 1,482 

Sch Com Joel M Beard, chaiiman 

Mrs G B Smith, secretary 
Super vi soi Noyes C Stickney 
High School Ervln Trask, prin. 

Orange, New Haven Co., pop. 1,512. 

fach Com John R Demarest, chairman 

Ailhur Wilkinson, secretary 
^upt i int *ml nt John II Hirichliffe 
Music G Fiank Goodale. supervisor 
Physical Education Helen Smith 

I'lamfield, Wind ham Co., pop. 8,023. 

Sch Com John T Goven, chairman 

Daniel A Smith, secretary 
City Superintendent John L Chapman 
Puntipal High school John L Chaoman 

Plainville, Hartford Co., pop 6,301 

Sch Com Rowland E Hocrle, chairman 

Nathalie Case, secietary 
Superintendent Harold W Thomas 
High School Lehman A Hoefler, pi in 
Music Cirace Jersey 

Plymouth, Lltchfleld Co., pop. 6,070. 

Sch Com A H Lister, chairman 

H S Fishei, secretaiy 
I own Supt H S Fisher 
Tenyville H S F N Creelman, prin 
Music Eva Knowles 
Drawing Margaret McGinniss 

Pomfret, WIndham Co., pop. 1,857. 

Sch Com Gilbert F Piatt, chairman 

Mis Abbie S Holbrook, secretary 
Supei visor James W Frost 
Music Annie Ash, supervisor 

Pomfret School. boy* boarding. P. E.; 

Halleck Lefferts Head Master 
Rectory School, boys, grade i-ix. boarding. 

Episcopal, est 1920, Frank H Bigelow, 






Portland, Middlesex Co., pop. 4,054. 

Sch Com Joseph F Bransfleld, chairman 

David A Carlson, secretary 
Superintendent Parker N Moulton 
High School Paiker N. Moulton, prin. 
Music Frances Warner 
Art Constance Johnson 

Preston. New London Co., pop. 8,920. 

Sch Com Paul F Hart, chairman 

Mrs Fern R Savage, secretary 
Town Supervisor Arthur L Young 

Putnam, ttindham Co., pop. 8,090. 

Sch Com Edward Scott Duffey, chairman 

Minnie G MacDonald. secretary 
Superintendent Carl M. Diefenbach 
Music Edward Albertm 
Homemakingr -Hannah Pease 
Writing & Com'l Irene Bernier 

State Trade School, indust tr and tradss: 
H H Ellia. Director 

Redding, Falrfield Co., pop. 1,617. 

Sch Com Hjalmar Anderson, chairman 

Mrs Minnie Warner, secretary 
Supervisor Frank Knight 
Grade School Helen Cosier, pnn 

San ford School, tutoring school for boys, 
eat 1906; Daniel 8 Sanford, M A., Head 

Rldgefleld, Falrfleld Co., pop. 8.118. 

Sch Com R R Richardson, chairman 

May Denton, secretary 
Superintendent A D Hoi ton 
High School Clifford A Holleran, pnn 

Ridgefleld School for Boys; boys' prep ; 
non-sect . Theodore Jessep. Headmaster 

Rockvllle. Tolland Co., pop. 7,977. 

Sch Com S C Cummings, chairman 

J G. Talcott. secretary 
Town Supt Herbert O Clough 
Prin High School P M Howe 
MUSH Malcolm G Humphreys 
Domestic Science Margaret McLean 
Sewing Anna Hendrick 

Salisbury, Lltehfield Co., pop. 8,52t. 

Sch Com Howell N White, chairman 

Walter Angus, secretary 
Superv i*or William M Teague 
High School William R. Loringr, prin 

Salisbury School; prep ; boys; P. E.; est. 
1901 ; Emerson B. Quatle, Headmaster 

Saybrook, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,907. 

Sch Com J Stalsburg, chairman 

A W Blanchard, secretary 
Superintendent M V MaoLauphlin 
High School Bertram Tourvllle, prin. 

iejmonr. New Haven Co., pop. 4,786. 

Bd Educ L N Burhoe, chairman 

Joseph A O'Brien, secretary 
Superintendent Ridgley C Clark 
High School Henry L Adams, prin 
Music Mrs Von Ifannweiler, supervisor 
Physical Education Mary Smythe 

haron, Lltchfleld Co.. pop. 1,880. 

Sch Com Francis J Cotter, chairman 

Arthur Hough taling, secretary 
Town Supervisor William Teagu* 
High School E E. Jewell, prin. 

SheUon, Falrfleld Co., pop. 10,118. 

Sch Com Henry DeMarco, chairman 
J. SUrling Edwards, secretary 
Superintendent H E Fowler. 
High School Percy Kingsley, pnn. 
Supv Music Robert T Bayley 
Drawing M Tvonne O'Brien 

Slmsbmy, Hartford Co., pop. 8,824. 

Sch Com Edmund A Holcomb, chairman 

Mrs Carolyn Eddy, secretary 
Superintendent Henry James 
High School Eliot Dodge, vice-pnn. 
Music Elsie Longan 
Physical Education Mrs. Marian O'Donnell 

Walker School, girls' boarding: non-sect ; 
est 1911: Mrs Ethel Walker Smith, Prin 

Westminster School, boys: boarding: grade vii 
thru high school. 1-yr junior coll ; non- 
sect . est 1888: Arthur Milliken. Head- 

Somers, Tolland Co., pop. 1,878. 

Sch Com. Ernest 8. Fuller, chairman 

Harriet Lovett, secretary 
Supervisor I Burten Dunfield 
High School Michael F Wallace, prin 
Music Mrs Claribel C Lisk 

South Windsor, Hartford Co., pop. 2,585. 

Sch Com John T. McNamara, chairman 

Gerhardt E Rast, seciotarv 
Supervisor Gnhaidt E Ra.t 

Southington, Hartford On , pop. 9,245. 

Sch Com Cah m T Hughes, chairman 
Sec. Sth. Com Mrs Harry H. Merrell 
Superintendent William M Strong 
High School Martin G Phelon, prin 

Stafford, Tolland Co.. pop. 5,940. 

Sch. Com C H. Moore, chairman 
Sec Sen Comm M D O Connell 
Superintendent Earl M. Witt 
High School C E Bast on, prin 
Music Marion Lord 

Stamford, Farfleld Co., pop. 56,760 

Bd Ecluc Walter R Dolan, chairman 

Frank A Graf, secretary 
Superintendent Leon C Staples 
High School Edward H Smith, prin. 
Music William O'Shaughnessy 
Physical Education ^Joseph E Stalger 
ArtEllsworth H. Plutner 
Commercial Charles C Olson 
Adult Education Sarah F Smith 
Elementary Education Ruth Swickey 

Bartlet School of Tree Surgery, 60 Canal St ; 

Theodore H. Reuman, Prin 
Gray Court School, Davenport Drive; Jessie 

C Gray, Prin. 

Low-Heywood School: girls' hoarding; 
non-aect.; eat. 1888; Mary R. Roper, Prin. 





Merrill Business School, bus , advertising:; 
Mr* Virginia Drew. Principal. 

Sacred Heart Academy ; girls ; prep , R C , 
Sister M. Xavier, Superior 

Shoit'a Secretanal School, co-ed , J 
Harold Short, Principal. 

State Trade School, induat tr and tradee, 
Frank R Laney, Director 

Yale & Towne Apprentice School, shop and 
skilled trades; boys; est 1908; j B Chal- 
mers, Director 

Stonlngton, New London Co., pop. 11,030. 

Sch Com Samuel E Stewart, chairman 

John Donohue, secretary 
Superintendent Dyke L. Quackenbush 
High School Ira E Creelman, vice-prm 
MusicAmelia W. Smith 
Manual Training Harold L Savage 
Physical Training Paul F. Cieurzo, Jr. 

Storre, Tolland Co., pop. 200. 

Connecticut State College, couises m Sci- 
ence, Agriculture, Engineering, and Home 
Economics: Teach Tr'g, co-ed , est 1881. 
Albert N Jorgensen, President 

Stratford, Fairfleld Co., pop. 19,212. 

Sch Com H C Lovell, chairman 

Joseph Pavlik, secretary 
Supeimtendenl E W Ireland 
Principal High School W W Rogera 
Music Ellen Williams 
Art Edith M Cook 
Manual Training William Sanbiook 
Physical Training Thomas Andrews 

Bnffleld, Hartford Co., pop. 4,842. 

Sch Com A Ward Spaulding, chairman 

Phillip H Graham, secretary 
Superintendent R. D. McAlister 
High School Brownell Gage, prin 
Music Mabel Mann 
Art Clementine Poirier 
Physical Education Milton Orcutt 

Suf field Academy, boys, boarding, grade vii 
thru high school, non-sect , est 1833, 
Brownell Gage, Headmaster 

Terry t III e, Litchfield Co. pop. 2,400. 

Sch Com A H Lister, chairman 

Superintendent Harry S Fisher 

High School Fied N Cieelman, prin 

Music Fred J Miller 

Physical Training Joseph J. Jablonowski 

Thomaston, IJtehfleld Co.. pop. 4,178. 

Sch Com George Dewell, chairman 
Mrs Elizabeth Mattoon. secretary 
Superintendent R N Brown. 
High School M. M Green, prin. 

Thompson, Wlndham Co.. pop. 4.804. 
Sch Com Harold M. Eenney, chairman 

Mrg Camille A Benin, secretary 
High School W. G. Colby, prin. 
Music Mary E Hand 
Domestic ScienceHelen Mack 

Howe-Marot School and Marot Tumor College , 
girls; boarding, non-sect , est. 1904; Mary 
Louise Marot, Prin. 

Tolland, Tolland Co., pop 1,086. 

Sch Com Rupert B. West, chairman 

Mrs I. Tilden Jewett, secretary 
Supervisor Levi T Garrison 

Torrington, Lltchneld Co.. pop. 26,040. 

Sch. Com Fred H Baldwin, chairman 

Henry G. Ellis, secretary 
City Superintendent George J Vogel 
High School Richard Hughes, pnn. 
Supv Music Mary H Burns. 
Art Education W Ray Fen ton 
Physical Training Tracey W. Garey 

State Trade School, indust tr. and trade*. 

John H Hill, Jr.. Director 
Torrington Secretarial School; co-ed.; 

Miss C T. Connelly, Prin., 60 Main 

Vernon, Tolland Co., pop. 8,708. 

Bd Educ. 8 C. Cummlngs. president 

J. G. Talcott. secretary 
Town Supt Herbert O Clough. 
Principal High School P M Howe. 
Music Mrs Helen D. Upson 
Sewing Miss A. B Hendrick 
Domestic Science Margaret McLean 

ttallingford, New Haven Co., pop. 14.278 

Bd Educ W. L Moltram, chairman 

Cora Y Ganner, secretary 
Superintendent H. Morton Jeffords 
High School Robert H Barley, principal 
Music Frances Budleski 
Dra\\ ing Pnscilla Perley 
Com 1 and Sten Wilmer L. Schultz 
Phy Educ & Health L-angdon D Fernald 

Choate School; prep ; boys; non-sect,; est 
1896, George C. St John, Headmaster 

Washington, Utchfleld Co., pop. 1,747. 

Sch Com Dr F W Werabe, chairman 

Mrs John D Hinchlifle, secretary 
Supervisor Frank H Johnston 
High School R A Lumley. prin 

Gunnery School, prep.; boys' boarding, 
giade viii thru high school, non-sect . est. 
1850, Tertius van Dyke, Headmaster 

Wykeham Rise School for Olrls. girls' 
boarding and day. non-sect ; est. 1902, 
Fanny E Davies, Head Mistress 

Waterbwy, New Haven Co., pop. 99,902. 

Sch Com John J. Walsh, president 

Thomas J Condon, clerk 
Superintendent Thomas J. Condon 
&U81C Jennie E Culhane 
Music (Int > Flojd Evana 
Physical Education Joseph A Colloty 
Drawing Bertha V Robson 
Home Economics Florence Greenleaf 
Woodworking Everett M Stanley 
Agriculture Bernard A. McDonald 
Continuation School R L Palatine 
Kindergarten -Primary Gr Alice M Walsh 

Crosby High School, E Main st . cor Maple, 

Louis J. Thlbodeau, Prin. 
Leaven worth High School. South Elm St.; 

Harrison S AJ'en Prin 
Wilbr High School, Grove Street; Joseph 

P Kennedy. Principal 




Academy of Notre Dame, ffirls' boarding, 
R C , Mother St Joseph, Supeiior 

Peiry School of Business, co-ed , 1930. 
J M Perry, Jr , Prin , 20 E Mam st 

Post Coll-o, bus and , cst 1883. 
Hariy C Post, Jin, 24 Central A\e 

Saint Margaret's School, girls, boaidingr and 
day kind thru hiirh school. Episcopal, est 
1865, Alberta C Edell, Prm , Cast Faikway 

Wateibuiy Bunmcss College, H C Post, Prm 

Waurbuiy i ontlnuaiioii bchool for Ma- 
chine Shop Appi entices, city. R L. Pala- 
tine, prm. 

Watertown, Lltchfield Co., pop. 8,192. 

res Bd !* T"* tcher W Judson 

Mi 9 Harold Lattin, secretary 
Superintendent Gordon C Swift 
High School W. R. Cook, principal 
Music Eleanor Wallace 
Ait H Louise Johnson 

Taft School, boyh, boai diner and day, griade 
vin thiu high school, <*oll prep . non- 
ect , est 1800, Paul P Ciiukshcink, 

Went Hartford, Hartfoid Co., pop 24,936. 

Sch Com Paul E CaUanan, chairman 
Hubert E Tohnson, business manager 
City Superintendent Lloyd H Bugrbee 
Prm Higrh School Ray W Ha mm an 
Music Mark A Davis, supervisor 
Drawing Madeline Spiess 
Domestic Science Ruth Hauser 
School Nurse Mrs S A Bailey Gates 

Klngswood School bo^s day Ceorge R H 
Nicholson. Head Master, 274 Farmm&ton 

St XuM'Sttineb NoxMiUe and \oimal 
chhool R r Hr\ Iltotliri 

Saint Joseph Colic Re, women, R C , Sister M 
Rosa, Dean 

West Haven, New Haven Co., pop 25,808. 

Sch Com William M Cox, ( liairman 

Hany Bailey, secretary 
Superintendent Seth ( Haley 
High School D Webster Belcliei, prm 
Music Flank G Goodale 
Ait Cora M Ciane 
Physical Training Francis J Fitzgerald 

Westport, Fairfleld Co., pop. 5,836 

Bd Educ Hanison Lillibi iclge, chairman 

Mm Fannie J McKenna. secretary 
Superintendent Heath E White 
Staples 11 .a I'oup'ct* ^ Young, pi in 
Bedford Jr H S Daniel W Dedrick, prin 

VTetheralleld, Hartford Co., pop. 7,507. 

Bd Educ Charles D Calkins, chairman 

Superintendent Wilson Greer 

Hitfh School Harvey R Fuller, Jr , prin 

\\illininntic. Uindlmm Co, pop 12.330 

Bd Educ William 13 Sweeney, chanman 

Ejfliut A Case, secretary Si houl KUMit A i'ase, -rin 
Music -Morgan II St John 
tlanual Training \rchibaid I? Sharpe 
Plijsical Education Edith Paschal 

State Normal Training School, normal. 

to-e* t 18S8, George H Shafr Prin 
Willimantic State Trade School, building 

trades, est 1928, Otto R NyffeUr. 


Wilton, Fairfleld Co., pop. 2,133. 

Seh Com Ely Raymond, chair man 

F Clerc Ogden, Becretaiy 
Sup r MSOI Frank W Knight 

Windsor, Hartford Co., pop. 8,294 

Soh Com Hainion T Baibvr, chanman 

Horir\ A Gumm, secretary 
Supoiintoncleiit E S Russell 
I'limipal liibh ht hool William Iloyt 
MuiK C lj(uis<> ]>K Kf r riiiin 
IM.inu il Tiaimns ClilToid Sawyer 

Jyoomis Institute, operating Loom is School, 
hoys, coll prep , bus , iml general, day and 
bonding, and Chaffce School, girls, dav , 
coll prep , est 1914, N JI Batcheldti, 

\\ Indsoi I.ooks, Hartford Co , pop. 4,072. 

S<li Com John F Frt/.p.itnck, eh an man 

Jl M Broth rick, secietai> 
HiK'i School Lieander Jackson, prin 
Music Ljdia Mettles 
Phv^iLul Tr'g (bovs) E G McVev 
Physical Ti'er (girl&) Helen C Holbrook 

%Vinsted, IJUhfleld Co, pop. 7.764 

S( h Corn W C Fianklin chairman 

John E Lynch, se<ietaiy 
Superintendent 1^ R MrKiisick 
AliiMC lOIi/abelh C Sonicr 
\it Marjt>n<> Dickinson 
Phybical Education lane G Moon 

Gilbert School, free high school, co-ed, 
est 18D5, Walter D Hood. Prin 

Woodbury, Utehfleld Co, pop. 1.860. 

"h Seh * im- Hi-ni\ S Hitchcock 
Mrs Ahee C Kcrnathan, stcretaiy 
Supervisoi Fiatik II Johnston 
High School J D Coombs, prin 

Wtuidstoc k, W Indliam Co , pop 1,849. 

Sch Com Arthur G Moi&e, chanman 

Mrs A, N Hammond, secretary 
Supervisor James W Frost 
Woodstock Ac'dy William A Simpson, prm 



tf. V. HOLLOWAY, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dorer 

JOHN SHILLING, Assistant in Charge of High Schools Dover 

H. B. KINO, Assistant in Charge of Elementary Schools Dover 

R. L. HERBST, Director of Research Dover 

JAMES O. ADAMS, Business Manager Dover 


R. W. HEIM, Director Vocational Education & Supv. Agriculture Newark 

A. B. ANDERSON, State Supervisor Trades and Industries Wilmington 

W. LYLE MOWLDS, Supervisor of Agriculture Dover 

MARION F. BRECK, State Super visoi of Home Economics Dover 

MARGUERITE BURNETT, Director of Adult Education Wilmington 



H. V. HOUX.WAV, Secretary. . .Dover W. g PKiCE . . .. ... . . .Smyrna 

JOHN B. JESSUP Wilmington NEWLIN T. BOOTH . ... Newcastle 

MRS. PHYLLIS MASON HECK, Rural Supervisor, 

Western New Castle County, Wilmington 

ELLA J HOLLEY, Rural Supervisor, Newcastle County Wilmington 

GEORGE R. MILLER., Rural Supervisor, Northern Kent County Dover 

E. PAUL BURKHOLDER, Rural Supervisor, So. Kent and Northern Sussex 


ALBERT EARLEY, Rural Supervisor, Sussex County Georgetown 

CALVIN E. AFFLERBACH, Rural Supervisor, Sussex County Georgetown 




R. W. HEIM, President Newark 


rldtrevllle, Buseex Co.. pop. 37. 

Bd Educ C Edgar Anderson, president 
High School George T Macklfn. prin 
Home Economics Eleanor A. Doordan 

CtaytoB. Kat Co. pop. 764. 

Bd Educ J R Clements, president 

W W. Hickman, clerk 
High School W. W. Hickman, prin 

elsmure City. Newcastle Ce. f pop. l.lSt. 

Bd Educ Walter W. Ellis, president 

Harry C. Nickle, secretary 
High School R. Rogers Fouracre, prm. 
Home Economics -Jeanette Hagy 

Delmar. Aueseac Ce.. pep. 68*. 

Bd Educ. George M Nelson, president 
High School H. C Whiteslde. prin. 
Physical Ed , Coach Robert A Flood 

Dover, Kent Co., pop. 4,771. 

Bd Educ Howard B Lynch, Jr , president 
Superintendent Virgil B. Wiley 
High School George H Henry, prin 
Junior H. S. C. Jacob Kast, prin 
Music (vocal) Rosa Palm Griffith 
Music (mstr.) John W. MacFaddm 
Home Economics Mrs. Jane C Woodhead 
Physical Educ (boys) Kenneth H. East 
Physical Educ. (girls) Pearl Griffith 





State College for Colored Students, degree 
courses in Liberal Arts. Education, Home 
Economics, Agnculturc and Industrial 
Arts, co-ed . est 1892. Rich aid S. Gioss- 
ley, Fres 

Feltom, Kent ., pop. 451. 

Bd Educ -W. A Hargadine, president 

H O Bostick, secretary 
High School D A Petry, prin 

UeorgtwB, Sussex Ce> , pop. 1,609. 

Bd Bduc Frank H Jones, president 
Superintendent Franklin J Butz 
Home Economics Manraret Spry 

Greenwood, Sussex Co., pep. 362. 

Bd Educ William I Conaway, president 
Principal High School Ethel B Gibsou 
Music E lean 01 Henshaw 
Home Economics Mrs Thelma B Schulze 

Harrington, Kent .. B*P. l.BOt. 

Bd Educ L T Jones, president 
Superintendent J C Messner 
Music Lester S Bucher 

Laurel, Sussex Co., pop 2,166 

Pres Bd. Educ. J. Roscoe Elliott 

Superintendent Charles P Helm 

Manual Arts R B Ruch 

Home Economics Maigaret Mel son 

Band (Jeoigre Peck 

Physical Education George Schollenberger 

Lewes, Sussex Co., pop. 2,158. 

Uil Educ James Beebe, president 
Superintendent Richard A Shields 
Manual Arts James Mooie 
Musio Edward H Watson 

Hlddletown, Newcastle Co., pop. l,39t. 

Bd Educ Jesse L Shepherd, president 

C h Shivery, secietary 
Supeimtendent (hlbeit Nickel 
MUMC Frederick B Kutz 
Home Economics Nellie M Barkley 
Physical Training D. Kenneth Steers 

Milferd, Kent Co, pop. 2,608 

Bd Educ Walter L Giiei, pi evident 
Superintendent Robert E Shilling 
Manual Training John T McGee 
Music, Orchestra William E Miller 

\lillsboro, Sussex Co., pop 451. 

Bd Educ George S .Williams, president 

William J Rose, secretaiy 
High School J M Bennett, prin 
Home Economics Ollle Truitt Atkins 

Milton, Sussex Co . pop 1,088. 
Bd Educ William H Welch, president 
High School A. J. Bolin, supr. prin. 

New Castle, Newcastle Co., pop. 4,131. 

Bd Educ Horace L Deakyne, president 
Superintendent ^Samuel Engle Bun- 
Music Ruth Zimmeiman Doling- 
Manual Training Theoiore J Kr*emr 

Newark, Newcastle Co , pop. 4,500 

Bd Educ R S Gallaher, president 
Mrs Clara Cranston, asst secretary 
Superintendent Carleton E Douglass 
Home EC Mrs Josephine Hancock 
Art Florence Wilder 
Librarian Nellie Hill 

University of Delaware, courses in Atts 
and Science, Agriculture, Chemical, 
Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical En- 
gineering (for men) Aits and Science, 
Homo Economics, Education, in coordinate 
college for women, state umv , est 183), 
Waltei Hulhhen, Pres 

Seaford, Sussex Co., pop. 2,108. 

Bd Educ W F Longrendyke, piesident 
Superintendent W B Thornburgh 
High School William Torbert, Jr , prin 
Home Economic* Viigima Davis Mill*M 
Athletic Coach L Lloyd Light 

fiknyrna, Kent Co., pop. 1,848. 

Bd Educ Walter W Hyison, president 
Superintendent C W W Schantz 
Music Dons Mane Shatz 
Industrial Arts Frank H. Hynson 
Physical Education Herbert E Pearl 

ttilmington, New Castle Co, pop 100.507 

13d Edur Hairy B Eaton, president 

John J Murray, business manager 
Secietary Mildied Van Dyke 
Supeiintendent Samuel M Stouffer 

Bessie C Devine, assistant supt m chaige 

elemental y education 

M Channing Wagner, assistant supt in 

charge of secondary education 
Vocational Educ A B Anderson 
Music Wilbert B Hitchner 
Physical Education C Walter Kaclel 
Home Economics Elizabeth McDaniel 
Art -Jane Driver 
Nature Study Violet L Findlay 
Librarian Margaiet M Ross 
Research Zenas R Clark 
Amei if anizatlon Marguerite H Burnett, 
Special Education -J E W Wallm 
Wilmington High School, Delaware Ave & 

Monroe St , Clarence A Fulmer, Pnn 
Pieiie S duPont Hiffh School, 34th & Van 

Buren Sts , Ralph L Talbot, Pnn 
Emalea Pusey Warner Junior High School. 

18th & Van Buren, Frank M Heal, Prin 
Thomas F Bayard Junior High School, S 

C lay ton & Linden Sts , Robert N Foulk, 

Willaid Hall Junioi High School, 8th & 

Adams Sts , Mrs Doiothy Millard, Pnn 
Wilmington Trade Scihool, 5th & Fiench 

Sts , William E White, Prin 
Howard High School (colored). 14th & 

Poplar sts . George A Johnson, Prin 

Btacom College, bus and set '1 , est 1900, 

J W Hiions, Pres , 10th & Jefferson 
Delaware School of Lip Reading for th* 

Deaf Adult, Hilda F. Grimm, Prin., 1211 

W 8th 
FnondM S<hool, kindoipaiten thin hiuh 

M hool coll ptep , day co-cd Pht 174X 

Wilmot Jo new Pi in 
doldey College, bus. and sec'l, h s and coll 

grads only, coed , es-t 1886, W I 

Douglas, Pies 
Towei Hill School, countiy day, co-ed , est 

1919, Burton P Fowler, Headmaster, 17th 

& Tower Hill Rd 
Ursulme Academy, girls, boarding and da>, 

R C., Mother Margaret Mary, Pnn 



J. W. STUDEBAKER, Commissioner of- Education Washington 

BESS GOODYKOONTZ, Assistant Commissioner Washington 

JOHN C. WRIGHT, Assistant Commissioner for Vocational Educ.. .Washington 
MBS. MABEL HILE SMITH, Secretary to the Commissioner Washington 


Research and Investigation 

BESS GOODYKOONTZ, Assistant Commis- 
sioner, in charge 

JAMES F. ROGERS, Consultant in Health 

MARIS M PROFFITT, Consultant m Guid- 
ance and Industrial Education 

DAVID SEGEL, Consultant m Tests and 

LEWIS R. ALDERMAN, Consultant in 
Adult Education 

Higher Education 


BEN W. FRAZIER, Senior Specialist in 

Teacher Training 
WALTON C. JOHN, Senior Specialist in 

Higher Education 
WALTER J. GREENLEAF, Specialist in 

Higher Education 
JOHN H. MCNEELY, Specialist m 

Higher Education 
Vacancy, Specialist in Elementary 

CLINE M. KOON, Senior Specialist in 

Education by Radio 
ELU B RATCLIFFE, Educational Assistant 

American School Systems: 

CARL A JESSEN, Senior Specialist in 

Secondary Education 
MARY DABNEY DAVIS, Senior Special- 
ist in Nursery-Kindergarten-Primary 
TIMON COVERT, Specialist in Public 

School Finance 
WARD W. KEESECKER, Specialist in 

School Legislation 
ALICE BARROWS, Senior Specialist in 

School-Building Problems 
ELLEN C. LOMBARD, Associate Specialist 

in Parent Education 
HENRY F. ALVES, Senior Specialist in 

State School Administration 

Comparative Education 

ALINA M. LINDEGREN, Specialist in West- 
ern European Education 
cialist in Comparative-Education 

Special Problems: 

WALTER H GAUMNITZ, Senior Specialist 
m Rural Education Problems 

ELISE H. MARTENS, Senior Specialist in 
Education of Exceptional Children 

AMBROSE CALIVER, Senior Specialist in 
Negro Education 



DAVID T BLOSE, Assistant Statistician 

HENRY C. BADGER, Assistant Statistician 

LESTER B HERLIHY, Assistant Statistician 




EDITH A. LATHROP, Associate Specialist 

in School Libraries 

MARTHA R, McCABE, Assistant Librarian 
AG^ES I LEE, Head Catalogcr 
EDITH A WRIGHT, Assistant m Research 


Vocational Education 

JOHN C. WBIGHT, Assistant Commis- 
sioner for Vocational Education, in 

Agricultural Education Service: 
J. A. LINKE, Chief 
C. H. LANE, Agent 
W. T. SPANTON, Agent 
W. N. ELAM, Agent for Special 

F. W. LATHROP, Research Specialist 
W. A. Ross, Specialist 

R. W. GREGORY, Spec, in Part-time 
and Evening Schools 
H. B. SWANSON, Specialist in Teach- 
er Training 

Trade and Industrial Education 
Service : 

G. A. MCGARVEY, Agent 
ROY DIMMITT, Special Agent 
JERRY R. HAWKE, Special Agent 
ANNA L. BURDICK, Agent (Girls and 






R. W. HAMBROOK, Special Agent 

N. B. GILES, Special Agent 
Home Economics Education Service: 
Commercial Education: 

E. W. BARNHART, Chief 
Vocational Rehabilitation Service: 


I. M. RISTINE, Agent 

H. B. CUMMINGS, Agent 


Washington, population 486.869. 

Bd Educ Mrs Henry Grattan Doyle, pies 
Charles B Degges, secretaiy 

Superintendent Frank W Ballou 

First Asst Supt. in charge of white 
elementary schools Robert L Haycock 

First Asst Supt in charge of business 
affaits Jere Crane 

Assistant Superintendent In charge of white 
sr high & teachers coll Harvey A Smith 

Asst Supt in charge of junior higrh and 
vocational Chester W Holmes 

First Asst Supt in charge of colored 
schools Garnet C Wilkinson 

Asst Supt in charge of elementary 
schools (colored) A K Savoy 

Director of Procurement of Supplies and 
Equipment A W. Hemmiller 

Asst Supt in charge of Educational Re- 
search (white) Jessie L-aSalle 

Asst Supt in charge of Educational Re- 
search (colored) H. H Long 

Chief Examiner, white schools 
Mrs M H Gropp 


Elementary White School* 

SUPT Music E. N C Barnes 
Manual Training J 2 Zearfoss 
Home Economics Emma S Jacobs 
J 'rawing: Ethel Biay 
Elementary Science Esther W Soott 
Visual Instruction Miss J E Dyer 
Military Science W. M. Craigie (Col ) 

Elementary Colored School* 
Home Economics Mrs J W Shaw 
Dt awing Mrs R N Hampton 
Kindergartens Imogene Wormley 
Manual Training O W. McDonald 
Music A H Johnson 
Physical Education Mibs A J Turner 
Primary Instruction Mrs W C Mayer 
Visual Instruction Mrs R J Gray 
Military Science A C Newman 

Armstrong High School (colored). P bet 

1st & 3rd. N W . G David Houston, prin 
Cardozo High School (colored). 9th & Rhode 

Island av . N W . R N Mattingly, Prin 
Central High School Clifton St btw 12th 

and 13th; L. G. Hoover, Prin 

HOMER L STANTON, Research Ag't. 
H. C CORPENING, Supervisor, D. C. 
Vocational Rehabilitation Service 
W. H FUREY, Supervisor, D. C Re- 
habilitation Service 

Research and Statistical Service: 
Vacant, Chief 
C. M. ARTHUR, Research Specialist 

Educational Consultant. 

Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Edu- 


SILAS M RANSOPHER, Asst. Director 


Dunbar High School (colored). 1st and N 

Sts , N W , Walter L Smith. Principal 
Eastern High School. 17th & E Capitol Sts . 

Charles S Hart, Prin 
McKmley High School. 2nd & T Sts , N E . 

Frank C Daniel, Prin 
Roose\elt High School, 13th & Upshur sts 

NW. May P Brad^haw, Prin 
Western High School. 36th A R Sts . N 

W Elmer S Neuton Prin 
Woodrow Wilson High School. Nebidska a\ 

& Chesapeake, Norman J Nelson, Prin 


Anacostia Senior-Junior Hierh School, Ana 
cobtia, D C . John P Collins. Prin 

Browne Junior High School (colored), 2Jth 
& Bennmg rd , N E , II A Haynes, Pun 

Deal Junior High School, 38th PI & Daven- 
poi t fit N W , Bertie Backus, Prin 

Eliot Junior High School, 18th & B sts 
N E , Mis A I Kinnear. Prin 

Francis Junior High School (colored). 
24th and N Sts . N W . Mrs. M. H 
Plummer, Prin 

Garnet-Patterson Junior High School (col- 
ored). 10th and U Sts . N W.. 
W L Savoy, Principal 

Gordon Junior High School. 35th and T 
sts , N W , Frank A Woodward. Prin 

Hine Junior High School. 7th and C Sts 

5 E . H E Warner. Prin. 

Jefferson Junior High School. 6th and D 
bts , S W , Hugh Stewart Smith. Prin 

Laneley Tumor High School. 1st & T sts , 
NE , Harry Baker, Prm 

Mactailand junior High School, I own av 

6 Webster st . H P Safford. Prin 
Paul Junior High School. Concord Ave & 

8th N W . L, J Cantrell. Prin 
Powell Junior High School, Hiatt PI. and 

Lamont st . N W , L T Walter, Prin 
Randall Junior High School (colored), 1st 

& I sts . S W , S. D Matthews, Prin 
Shaw Junior High School (colored), 7th 

and R I Ave, N W., J Q Logan, Prin 
Stuart Junior High School, 4tn and B 

sts N E , Ralph W Strawbridge, Prin 

sts - 

Terrell Junior High School. First & te sts 
N W . Miss V Chase, Prin. 





Academy of the Holy Cross, girls, b'd'g and 
day, grade i thru high school: 2-yr junior 
coll . est 1867: B C . -Sister M Rose 
Elizabeth. Pres , 2935 Upton st . N W 

American Nautical Academy, National Train- 
trig School for Merchant Marine Officers, 
boys 10-21, classes aboard Training: Ship; 
Oliver Bohld, Supt . 

American University, comprises College of 
Liberal Arts, Graduate School, School of 
Public Affairs, co-ed . Heth . e*t 1803, 
Joseph M M Gray. Chancellor 

Ameiican University College of Liberal Arts, 
George B Woods. Dean 

American University Graduate School in the 
Social Sciences, Ernest S Guffith. Dean 

American University School of Public Affairs , 
Arthur S Flamming, Duector 

Aihnglon Hall, girlb. high school, jumoi 
roll , music, art, eec'l, est 1927, Cariic 
Suthcrlm, Pres, Benjamin Fianklin Sta 

B!!B Electrical School, 1 yr court* la 
Electrical Engineering, men. non-sct , 
est 1893, Louis Denton Bliss, President, 
Takoma Paik 

Capitol Radio Engineering: Institute, 1-yr dav, 
2-vr ev'sr, and home ^tudy courses, est 
1027, E H Rietzke, Pics, 3308 14th Bt , 
N W 

Catholic University of America. The, com- 
prises schools of the Sacred Sciences, of 
Canon La\i , of Law . of Engineering 
.md Aichitectuie, Graduate School of Arts 
and Sciences, College of Arts and Scienops, 
Seminary , School of Social Work Sisteis' 
College, School of Philosophy, School of 
Nursing, Summer School, Catholic, est 
1887, Joseph M Cornpan, Rector 

Catholic University of America School of 
Nursing, Sister Olivia, Dean 

Catholic University of America Summer 
School, Roy J Defeirari, Dnector 

Catholic TJniveriltv of America, School of 
Law, James J Hayden in Charge 

Catholic University of America. School of 
the Sacied Sciences, theoi . R C , mem, 
John A Ryan, Dean 

Catholic University of America School of 
Engineering and Arehitectuie. Ernest A 
Valade. Dean 

Catholic University of America, Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences, Ro> J De- 
ferraii. Dean 

Catholic University of America School of 
Canon Law, Valentine Schaaf. Dean 

Catholic University of America, Seminary, 
Francis Augustine Walsh, Rrgent 

Catholic University of America College of 
Arts and Sciences, James M Campbell, 

Catholic University of America, Sisters' 
College, instruction for women members 
of religious communities preparing to 
teach in the Catholic schools, eat. 1911. 
P J McCounick, Dean 

Catholic University of America, School of 
Social Woik, John O'Grady, Dean 

C!e\v Phase girls, si high and jr coll . 
boat ding, est 1901, Mrs Fieclenc E Far- 
nngton, Regent, 6410 Connecticut av 

Columbia Polytechnic Institute for tho 
Blind, manual training;, co-ed : est 1901: 
Henry R W Miles, President, 1808 H 

Columbia Technical Institute; engineering, 
drafting, com'l art, and trade courses; co- 
ed , est 1910, P J Leverone, Director, 
1319 F St, NW. 

Corcoran School of Art. day and evn'g 
classes. Richard Lahey, Prin , 17th & New 
York ave . N W. 

Emerson Institute, boys' day; non-sect., 
eat 1852. Winslow H Randolph. Prin- 
cipal, 1525 16th St , N W 

Fairmont School, girl*' boarding, non-sect , 
prep and 1r college courses est 1889, 
Maud van Woy. Prm . 1711 Mass av , N 

Frehnghuysen University, course* for adult 
education, secondary and coll ; religion, 
law, education, social service, nurses, est 
1006 . Anna J Cooper. Pres , 201 T st , 
N W 

Gailaudet College for tho Deaf, coll.; co-ed , 
boaiding, non-sect . est 1864, Percival 
Hall, M A . President. Kendall Green 

Gcoige Washington University comprises 
Junior College. Columbian College, Grad- 
uate Council. School of Medicine, Law 
School, School of Engineering, of Phar- 
macy of Education, of Go vein men t, Divi- 
sion of Univeisity Students, of Library 
Science. Center of Inter-American Studies, 
Summei Sessions. The University Hospital, 
co-ed . non-sect . eat 1821. Cloyd Heck 
Marvin. Pres 

Gooige Washington, Junior College, William 
Crane Johnstone. Jr . Dean 

Geoiga Washington University, Columbian 
College, Henry Grattan Doyle, Dean 

George Washington University, The Graduate 
Council, Cloyd Heck Marvin, Chairman 

George Washington University, Center of 
Intei -American Studies. George Howland 
Cox, Director 

George Washington University School of 
Education, training courses for teachers, 
John B Whitelaw, Ch Adm Cora 
George Washington University, Summer 
Sessions, Robert Whitney Bolwell, Dean 

George Washington University Law School; 
William C Van Vleck, Dean 

George Washington University School or 
Medicine, Earl B McKinley, Dean 

George Washington University School of 
Pharmacy, William Paul Briggs, Dean 

George Washington Univeisity School of 
Engmeeiing, COUISPS in civil, electrical 
and mechanical engineeiing, John R Lap- 
ham. Doan 

Geotgetown TTnixergfty. compiises the Col- 
lege. School of Mednine. of Law. of For- 
eign Service, and of Dentistry, men, R 
C est 1780, Aithur A O'Leary, President, 
37th & O sts, N W 

Georgetown Univrislty, School of Dentistry, 
men, William N Cogan. Dean, 
3900 Heseivoir Hoad 

Georgetown University, School of Medicine, 
mon. est 1850, David V McCauley, 
Dean, 3900 Reservoir Road 

Geoigetowu Uni\eisity. School of Law. est 
1870. George E Hamilton, Dean, 506 E 
St, N W 

Georgetown University, School of Foreign 
Seivice, men, Thomas H Healy. Dean 





Georgetown Visitation Convent; girls; junior 
coll and high school, boarding and day, 
RC. est. 1799; Sisters of the Visitation 

Gonza&a High School, coll, prep ; boys; 
day, R C , est 1821 ; P J. Clarke, 
Headmaster. 27 Eye St.. NW 

Gunaton Hall, Kins' boarding, non-sect . 
eat 1892. Mary I Gildersleeve, Prin . 
1908 Vi Ida Ave 

Hoi ton- Arms School; girl*' boarding; non- 
sect.; eat. 1901. Mr*. Jessie Moon Holton 
Principal. 2125 8 at . N W 

Howard University (colored) , comprises 
colleges of Liberal Aits, Engineering and 
Architecture, School of Music. Graduate 
School professional schools ox Medicine, 
Law, Religion, Dentistry, and Pharmacy; 
co-ed; non-sect.; est. 1867, Mordecai W. 
Johnson, Pres 

Howard University School of Medicine 
(colored); med.; reg. ; co-ed.; est. 1867; 
Numa P G Adams. Dean, 

Howard University Dental School (colored) , 
est 1881. Ruesel A Dixon. Dean 

Howard University College of Pharmacy 
(colored), co-ed . Charles J Fuhrman, 

Howard University School of Law (col* 
ored) ; William E Taylor, acting Dean 

Howard University School of Religion 
(colored), interdenominational; co-ed; 
Benjamin . Mays, Dean 

Howard University Graduate School; D wight 
O W. Holmes, Dean 

Howard University School of Music, Lulu 
Vere Childers, Director 

Howard University School of Engineering and 
Aichitecttfre, Lewis K Downmpr, Dean 

Immaculata Seminary, girls, higrh school and 
jr coll.; b'd'g and day. B C . est 1905 
Sister Catherine Agne*. Pun , Wisconsin 

Industrial Home School; municipal fot de- 
linquent children, Earle W Cassie, Supt , 
2453 Wisconsin Ave., N W. 

Kalorama Day School; nursery thro first 
grade, est 1911, Margery Somerville Hat- 
cher, Headmistress, 1840 Kalorama Road 

King-Smith Studio-School. music, lan- 
guage, dancing, dramatic art. Mr and 
Mrs. Augustus King-Smith, Directors, 1761 
New Hampshire Ave. 

Landon School, boys grade i thru hiph 
school, b'd'g dept . Paul L Ban field. Head- 
master. Bradley Lane, Edgemoor 

Marjorie Webster School; women. Junior col- 
lege, physical education, drama, art. secre- 
tarial, est 1920; Marjorie F Webster. 
Pres, Kock Creek Park 

Maitha Washington Seminary, eriils: high 
school and junior coll ; b'd'ff and day, Ed- 
ward W. Thompson, Prin , 3640 16th at , 
N W. 

Miner Teachers College (colored), city, 
co-ed , Eugene A. Clark, President, Geor- 
gia ave & Euclid st 

Mount Vernon Seminary, 4-year prep ; 2-year 
junior coll , girls, boarding, non-sect , est 
1875, Jean Dean Cole, Headmistress 

National Cathedral School; girls' boarding, 
prep ; P.E., est 1900, Mabel B Turner, 
Prin , Mount St. Alban 

National Park Seminary; Me Forest Glea. 
Md. (Suburb of Washington.) 

National School of Fine and Applied Art. 
co-ed , est 1915, Felix Mahony, Director, 
Connecticut Ave. & M Sts , N W 

National University, law, economics and 
Goveinment, co-ed , est 18f>, Charles S 
Hatfield, Chancellor, 816 13th st , N W 

Notre Dame Academy, girls' day; prep for 
college, R C , est 1873. Sister Teresa, 
Superior, No Capitol and K sta 

St Albans. The National Cathedral School for 
Boys, coll prep , lower school, b'd'g and 
day. P E . est 1900. Albert H Lucas, 
Headmaster. Mount St Alban 

St Cecilia's Academy , prep , girls , day , R 
C , Sister M Agnesia, Prin , 601 E Capitol 

St John's College, high school, commerce 
and finance, boys, day. R C . est 1870. 
Rev. Brother Alfred. President. 1226 
Vermont Ave. 

St Joseph's Seminary ; coll. for men , R C , 
est 1888 , I GUIS B Pastorelh, Pres 

Sid well Friends School, prep , co-ed , day , 
Fi lends, est 1883, Albeit E Rogers, 
Headmaster, 1809 Eye st , N W 

Strayer Collegre. scc'l and acc'tg, est 1004. 
P J Haimon. Director. 721 13th st , N 

Temple Secretarial School, C8t 1903, Caro- 
line B Stephen. Pres , 1420 K st , N. W. 

Trinity College; coll.; women; R. C.: est. 
1897, Sister Berchmans Julia, President, 
Michigan Ave , Brookland. 

Washington College of Law, day and eve'g 
sessions, co-ed , est 1896; Grace Hays 
Riley, Dean, 2000 G St , N. W. 

Washington College of Music; mus : ce-e4.; 
F A Roberts, Pres ,1810 Connecticut Ave 

Washington Missionary College: theologi- 
cal academic and normal courses. Sev- 
enth Day Adventist, B G Wilkinson, 
President, Takoma Park 

Washington School for Secretaries, National 

Press Bldg ; Richard T. Ely, Pres 
Wilson -Greene School of Music, reside*! 

school for girls. Thomas E. Greene. 

Principal. 2647 Connecticut. 
Wilson Teachers College, training courses 

for city teachers, co-ed.; B. C Higbie. 

Pres, llth & Harvard Sts , N. W. 
Wood's Secretarial School, women, est 1885; 

Foster Wood, Pres , 710-14th Bt . N W. 



COLIN ENGLISH, State Superintendent of Public Instruction . Tallahassee 

J. G. COMPTON, Chief Clerk Tallahaswt 

SARA BURWELL, Secretary 

Ix>is STUCKEY, Certificate Cleik 

M W CARUTHERS, State Director of Instiuction 

R. M EVANS, State Director of School Finance 

J F WILLIAMS, State Supervisor of Agricultural Education 

BOLETHA FROTEN, State Supervisor of Home Economics 

I) K WIILIAMS, State Agent Negro Rural Schools 

C. M ANDREWS, State Supervisor of Civilian Rehabilitation 

JAMES L. GRAHAM, State Supervisor of School Building Service 

JAMES A STRIPLING, Consulting Aiehitect, Division of School Building Service 


Gov FRED P CONE, ex-officio, Piettideut Tallahassee 

COLIN ENGLISH, ejc-ojficio, State Superintendent, Secretary. . Tallahassee 

R A GRAY, cx-officw, Secretaiy of State . ... Tallahassee 

W. V KNOTT, ex-officio, State treasurer . . Tallahassee 

GARY D LANDIS, cx-officw, Attorney General Tallahassee 


F. N K. BAILEY, Ptewdcnt 

J S RICKARDS, Evecuhve Secretary 

, . Sebring 




TIi ova id 

Ulric J 
Clav A K 
Collier . 

Name and Addra 

Horace F Zetiouer, Gainesville 
J D Buinsod. Maeclonm 
A 1^ Ilaidy, Panama City 
A J Griffls Starke 
D A Hut/Ioi, Titiisville 

Bennett. Ft. Lauderdale 
GOOIRO Atkins, Blountstown 
Sallio Jones, Punta <Joid.i 
I R Nolen Inverness 
Maxwell, Croon Co\o Springs 
Ernebt Bridges, Everglades 
R () Williams, Lake Citv 


Name and Addrra 

Dado J T Wilson. Miami 

DoSoto D G Bamett, Arcadia 

Dixie Ollie Williams, Cross City 

I>\al R C Marshall, Jacksonville 

Kisoambia J H Varnum, Pensacola 

FlaKlei N B Fullei, Bunnell 

Franklin John C Moore, Apalachicola 

Oadsdon C 1 TT Gray, Quincv 

(iilchiiht Clo\ eland Mooie, Tienton 
(3 lades 

Mrs Caroline Bales, Moore Haven 
Gulf Chauncey L Costin, Wewahitchka 

Hamilton Harrv T Reed, Jaspei 

IFardee T E Blackburn, Wauchula 






Name and Address 

Hendry S. A. Graves, LaBelle 

Hernando A. Keathley, Brooksville 

Highlands . ..F. N. K. Bailey, Sebring 
Hillsborough. . .E. L. Robinson, Tampa 

Holmes Ira C. Bush, Bonif ay 

Indian River. Louis Harris, Vero Beach 
Jackson . . . Carroll Finlayson, Marianna 

Jefferson W. J. Bullock, Monticello 

Lafayette Chas. Win stead, Mayo 

Lake D H Moore. Tavares 

Lee Harry F. Hendry, Fort Myers 

Leon F. A. Rhodes, Tallahassee 

Levy HA. White, Bronson 

Liberty Grady Shuler, Bristol 

Madison.. Edwin B. Browning, Madison 
Manatee.... Jessie P. Miller, Bradenton 

Marion Don T. Mann, Ocala 

Martin J. A. Jamison, Stuart 

Monroe. . .Melvln E Russell, Key West 

Nassau N. J Wooten, Fernandma 

Okaloosa J. Z Walding, Crestview 

Okeechobee. H H. Hancock, Okeechobee 


Nam* and Addrsss 

Orange Judson B. Walker, Orlando 

Osceola 8am B ram mar, Kissimmee 

Palm Beach 

. .John I. Leonard, West Palm Beach 

Pasco Fred O. Revels, Dade City 

Pinellas .... G V Fuguitt, Clearwatei 

Polk C. I. Hollingsworth, Bartow 

Putnam L 8 Barstow. Palatka 

St Johns.. D D Corbett, St. Augustine 

St. Lucie N. H. Bullard, Fort Pierce 

Santa Rosa J. C. Word, Milton 

Sarasota. .T. W Yarbrough, Sarasota 
Seminole . T W Lawton, Sanford 

Sumter .. Broward Miller, Bushnell 
Suwannee . . W T Newsome, Live Oak 

Taylor S L Walker, Perry 

Union. T. Shepard Thomas, Lake Butler 

Volusia George W Marks, DeLand 

Wakulla,... S W. Revels, Crawfordville 

Walton . . 

Archie N Anderson, DeFuniak Springs 
Washington Neil D. Blue, Chipley 


Apalachlcola, Franklin Co., pop. 3,150 

Bd Educ John Galloway, chairman 

John Moore, secretary 
High School W. H. Marshall, supv prm 
Physical Education Cole Keller 

Apopka, Orange Co.. pop. 1,134 

Bd. Educ J H Doan, chairman 
High School H J. Laney, prin. 
Music Mrs Helen Segrus 
Arcadia. De Soto Co., pop. 3.479. 
Bd. Edue Thomas E. Pavey, chairman 

Oarfleld Johnson, secretary 
Supervising Prin R. R. Dugan 

Arcadia Business College, J W. Thorne, 

Auburndale. Polk Co., pop. 1,848. 

Bd Educ Mrs Leta Thompson, chairman 

O N. Canova, secretary 
High School S B Groom, supv. prm 

Avon Park, Highlands Co., pop. 850. 

Sen Trustees B. A Lawhon. chairman 

Earl W Hartt, secretary 
Public Schls Stanley N. Beeves, supv prin 
Bartow, Polk Co., pop. 5,889. 
School Trustees E A. Pierce, chairman 

Warren Hosmer, secretary 
High School A. L. Vegason. supv. prin 

Bonifay, Holmes Co., pop. 1,*30. 

Bd. of Educ. A. C. Drummond, secretary 
High School C. L. Galloway, supv. prin. 

Bradeoton, Manatee Co., pop. 5,988. 

Bd Educ A K Hawkins, chairman 

Jessie Miller, secretary 
High School -C B Quillan. prin. 
Music Harry B. Grant 
Manual Training* C. W. Long 
Domestic Science -Mrs Herbert T. Cooper 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Francis Chelson 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Martha Stuart Long 

BrooksvlUe, Hernando Co., pop. 1,405. 

Bd Educ J M Rogers, chairman 

Algernon Keathley, secretary 
High School Kenneth B. Hait, prin. 

Bushnell, Sumter Co., pop 939. 

Sen Trustees F L Eaddy, chairman 
C M Win ton, secretary 

High School W P Davidson, supv. prtn 
Chipley, Washington Co., pop. 1,806. 

Bd Educ. J M Johns, chairman 
J L Kirkland. secretary 

High School W S Weaver, prin 

Domestic Science Henrietta Braswell 

Physical Training R E Brunson 
dearwater, Pinellas Co., pop. 7,807. 

Bd Educ A W. Jordan, chairman 
F L Hondrix, secretary 

Superintendent E W. McMullen 

Junior High Sch N. M. Faulds. prm 

Music R. Grella 

Manual Training N. M. Foulds 

ArtMario Barrett 

Domestic Science Louise F. Hall 

Physical Education A. L. Rogero 
Clermont, Lake Co., pop. 1,086 

High School A D. Fleshman. prin. 

Cocoa, Brevard Co., pop. ,042. 

Sch Trustees H. G Branson, chairman 

H G. Brunson, secretary 
High School E. B Henderson, supv prin 

Coral Gables, Dade Co., pop. 5,879. 

Bd Educ H. H Filer, chairman 
Charles M. Fisher, secretary 

High School H. N Rath, supv prin. 

Librarian Hallie Mae White 

University of Miami; comprises College of 
Liberal Arts; Schools of Education; of 
Business Administration; of Law; of 
Music; Adult Education Division; Winter 
Institute. Summer Session: co-ed ; non- 
beet, est 1925, Bowman F Ashe, Pres 




Dado City, PMOO Co., pop. 1,802. 

Sch. Trustees W. P. Stevens, chairman 

Walter Craig, secretary 
High School Paul T. Delavan, prin. 

Danla, Broward Co., pop. 1,670. 

High School E A. Crudup. supv prin 

Daytona Beach, Volusia Co., pop. 16,098. 

Bd Educ. Roger West, chairman 

William L. Coursen. secretary 
Superintendent William B Treloar 
High School W Kemper Jennings, prm 
Seabreeze H. S A. E Harbin, prin. 
Music Marguerite Porter, supervisor 
Manual Training Stanley Glosser 
Domestic Science Pauline Loveland 
Health Education Nelson J. Irwm 
Bethune Cookman College (colored), aca- 
demic, high school, junior coll , teacher 
tr'g, co-ed , Mary McLeod Bethune, Pies 

De Fnnlak Springs, Walton Co.. pop. 2,634. 

Bd. Educ M O Warren, chairman 
Supervising Prin. Thomas D Bailey 
Music Mrs Malcolm Morrison 
Home Economics Madge Whigham 

Palmer College ; degree courses , prep and 
music depts , co-cd , Presb , est 1907 ; F 
W Haverkamp, Pres 

Pe Land, Volusla Co., pop. 0,246. 

Sch Trustees J J. Ciume, chaitman 

Mrs R. H Adams, secretary 
Superintendent M. J Perret 
Music Hazel Shireman 
Home Economics Fern Russell 
Manual TrainingTheodore T Bashaw 
Physical Education E A. Spring 
John B Stetson University , degree courses , 

co-ed ; Baptist; est 1887, William Sims 

Allen, Pres 

Dlray, Palm Beach Co., pop. 2,250. 

Sch Trustees Leslie Moore, chairman 

Supv Prin Young Hogan 

Music Anita Mitchell 

Physical Educ (boys) D C Royal 

tsunnellon, Marion Co., pop. 1,185. 

Sch Trustees Gcorpe W Neville, chairman 
Bd. of Educ. Charles O. J. Tullis, sc'y 
High School G C. Roberts, supv prin. 

Eustfe, Lake Co., pop. 2,865 

Sch Trustees H A. Ferran, chairman 

B M Kinser, secretary 
High School F J Banning, supv prin 
Home Economics Mrs Gladys Kendall 
Primary Louise Campbell, supervisor 
Intermediate Lucretla Anderson, supv 

Fernandina, Nassau Co., pop. 8,024. 

Bd. Educ H. V. Burgess, chairman 

Mrs Dennis King, secretary 
High School H W. Van Brunt, principal 
Physical Training E. M. Nixon 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep ; co-ed ; R C . 

kdgn Ah.s ; Sister M Catherine. Superior 

Fort Lauderdale, Broward Co., pop. 8,666. 

Sch. Trustee La Mar Thistlethwaite. chair 


Ulric G Bennett, secretary 
Central H. S. R. L. Colliding, prin 

Fort Meade, Polk Co., pop. 8,0*9. 

Sch Trustees Nathaniel J. Patterson, chm'n 

Asa Lewis, secretary 
Supervising Prin J, H Payne 
High SchoolT G. Walker, prm. 
Music Esther Mayhall 
Primary Mrs L L Blackburn 

Fort Meyers, Lee Co., pop. 9,082. 

School Bd Jay C Hurd, chairman 

J C English, secretary 
Senior H S Sidney H. Ellison, prin. 
Junior H S E P Greene, prm 

Fort Pierce, St. Luoie Co., pop. 4,772. 

Sch Trustees W E Vasser. chairman 

H N Bullard, secretary 
High School A B Connor, supv. prm. 
Music J. W Crowley 
Domestic Science Mildred Rock 

Frostproof, Polk Co., pop. 1,406 

High School Garland M Branch, pun 

Gainesville, Alachua Co., pop. 10,465. 

Sch Bd- C R Layton, chairman 
G W Welch, secretary 

Supervising Prm F W Buchholi 

Tebeau's School for Girls, boarding and day: 
P E . est 1875, Alice Thomas. Prin 

University of Florida; comprises The Gen- 
eial College, College cf Arts and Sciences, 
of Agriculture, of Engineering, of Law, 
of Education, of Business Administration 
schools of Architecture and Allied Arts, 
of Pharmacy, Graduate School, state umv , 
men, est 1905, John J Tigert, Pres 

University of Florida, College of Engineering, 
courses in chemical, civil, electrical, and 
mechanical engineering, and mechanic arts, 
Blake R Van Leer, Dean 

University of Florida, College of Agriculture, 
including the college proper, the Agricul- 
tural Expeiiment Stations, and the Agricul- 
tural Extension Service; Wilmon Newell, 

University of Florida, College of Law. men. 
est 1909, Harry R Trusler. Dean 

Univeisity of Florida, College of Education; 
T W Norman. Dean 

University of Florida, College of Business 
Administration. W J Matherly, Dean 

Green Cov Springs, Clay Co., pop. 2,093. 

Soh Tiusteea E J Jennings, chairman 
High School C B Bowles, supv prin 

Haines City, Polk Co., pop. 3.037 

High School J. T Kelley. prin 
Floiida Military Institute, grade iv thru high 
school, est. 1930. W. Eugene Jones, Supt 

High Springs, Alachua Co., pop. 1,719. 

Sch Trustees J H McClinton. chairman 

L. E McCall, secretary 
High School A M. Singletary, prin 

Homestead, Bade Co., pop. 2,818. 

Sch Trustees Frank Skell, chairman 

A. J Campbell, becretary 
High School L B Sommers, ptincipal 

Inverness Citrus Co, pop 1.132. 

High School C M Williams supv prin 





Jacksonville. Dnval Co., pop. 129,682. 

Bd Pub Instruct C C Collins, chairman 

Superintendent R. C Marshall 

General Supervisc-i T. C Prince 

Primary Grades Myrtle Farnham 

Classification Alice Coleman 

Manual Training R D Dolley 

Andiew Jackson H S M A Dcmoie&t, 


Robert E Lee H S J. W. Gilbert, prin. 
Landon Jr -Sr. H S W. H Turney. prin 
Gorrie Ji H S John S Wheatlcy. prin 
Kirby-Smith Jr. H 8 Oeo. F. Sisson, prin 
Edward Waters College (colored), high 

school, nor , coll . theol , co-ed , A M 

E , est 1883 ; C S Long, Jr , Pres 
Massey Business College; bus. and ston., 

F C Browning, Principal 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' bearding, R. 

C , Siatei M Monica, Superior 
University ol Jacksonville, compiises colleges 

of law, and bus adm , co-ed , est 1935, 

John L Lee, Ji , Pies 

Jasper, Hamilton Co.. pop. 1,209) 

School Trustees J H Corbett, chairman 

C B Harrison, secretary 
High School S S Dowlmg, supv prin 

Key West, Monroe Co., pop. 12,831. 

Sch Bd Clarence P Pierce, chairman 
High School Horace O* Bryant, prin 
Mumc Edna B Smith 
Domestic Science Clara Lankford 
Physical Training 1 Dumont Huddled on 
Convent of Mary Immaculate, girls, board- 
ing, college piep , music, R C , est 1868. 
Sister Mary John, Supmoi 

KfMtmmee, Osceola Co., pop. 3,157. 

Sch Trustees D L Autrey, chairman 

H S Geiger, secretary 
Prin High School D B Sharer 
Supv Music Myrtllla F Beala 
Domestic Science Mary Tiller 
Manual Training J A Stockaid 

LaBelle, Hendry Co, pop. 500. 

Sch Trustees Mis, Corrme Foney, chaiiman 

E L Stallings, secretary 
High School M P Geiger, snpv pirn 

Lake City, Columbia Co., pop. 4,412. 
Bd Educ L C Owens, chairman 

R E Williams, secietary 
High School J F Eastham, supv prin 
Home Economics Maiy Newton Greene 
Music Anne Wilby 
Physical Training Hobart Hooser 
Primary Lois McColskey 

Lake Wales, Polk Co., pop. 3.401 

High School F S McLaughlm. pi in 

Lake Worth, Palm Beach Co., pop. 5,040. 

Sch Trustees W A Bout well, chairman 

W G Stephens, secrtaiv 
Superintendent L M Hamblin 
High School W, L Cox, asst prin 

Lakeland, Polk Co., pop. 18,554. 

Sch Trustees H B Craven, chairman 

C. W Palmare, secretary 
Supei vising Prin Carl S Cox 
High School T J Poppell, prin 

Florida Southern College; liberal arts, music, 
art, expression, domestic science, business, 
co-ed . M E , est 1886; Ludd M Spivey, 

Largo, Pinellas Co., pop. 1,416. 

School Trustees Mrs W. F Belcher, chmn. 

Edward Helms, secretary 
High School R J Knight, supv prin 

Leeabvr*, Lake Co., pop. 4,100. 

School Trustees S J. Johnston, chairman 

J Y. Clark, Jr , secretary 
Supervising Prin J F Arnold 
High School E G Owens, prin 
Music Eva Haines 
Industrial Arts -B M Hayes 
Domestic Science Lucie Miller 
Librarian Elizabeth Welborn 

Live Oak, Snwuee C*., pep. 3,450. 

Sch Trustees G E Daugtery, chairman 

County High Sch C V Schoppe. supv prin 

Mubic Mrs E Bardin Hunter 

Home Economics Eleanor Mm rill 

Physical Training C L Duncan 

Florida Memorial College (negro) . prep . 

co-ed . Bapt , est 1876. A C Curtrlght. 


Madison, Madison Co., pop. 2,100. 

Sch Trustees T C Merchant, chairman 

P J Parramore, secretary 
High School T R Jones, prm 
MUSH Wallei Whitlock 
Homo Economics Hazel Clayton 

Marlanna, Jackson Co., pop. 3,265. 

Seh Trustees John L McFarlin, Jj , chm'n 

C C Hartison, secietary 

County High School E T Denmark, prin 
Home Economics Elizabeth Curry 
Phjsical Education W S Shehan 
Industrial School for Boys, state school for 

delinquents, Millard Davidson, Supt 

Martin, Marion Co., pop. 600. 

Fessenden Academy (colored), nor and in- 
dustrial courses, co-ed , non-sect , eet 
1890, Leonard F. Morse, Pres 

Melbourne, Brevard Co , pop. ,674. 

Srh Trustees Lorentz Svcdehus, chairman 

William Eloeppel, secretary 
High School L F Eickert, supv prin 
Elem Supv Irene S Christen 

Miami, Dade Co , pop 180.908 

Seh Bd W H Combs, Sr , chairman 

Supenntendent James T Wilson 

Chief Clerk E O Lewis 

Personnel I T Pearson 

Elementary Inst E E McCarty. Jr 

Home Economics Mrs Alice Tyree 

Manual Aits J I. Sowers 

Tiade & Indust Educ foi Adults E M 

Miami Senior High School, 2450 S W 

First st . W R Thomas. Prin 
Miami Edison High School, 6101 N W 

Second ave . J G Fisher, Prin. 
Ada Merritt Junior High School, 660 S W 

Third St , Albert L Isaac, Prin 
Andrew Jackson Junior High School, 1761 

N W 86th st ; A C Alleshouse, Prin 






Citrus Grove Junior High School. 2154 N 
W Fifth st ; Claribel Cason. Prin. 

Robert E Lee Junioi Higrh School, 3100 N 
W. 6th av , Mrs M M Jones, Prin 

Shenandoah Junior High School. 1023 S 
W. 21st Ave , Alice MacVicar, Prin 

Harris School, prep , girls, day and board- 
ing, est 1914. Julia F Harris, Prin 

Miami Business College, bus and sec'l , 
Daniel Keels, Pres 

Miami Military Academy, boys, prep , high 
school, J R Williams, Pres 

Walsh School of Business Science, co-ed , 
C S Walsh, Director 

Miami Beach, Dade Co., pop. 6,404 

Senior High School Sidney Ellison, pun 
Ida M Fisher H S James T Wilson, pnn 

Milton, Santa Kosa Co.. pop 1,000. 

Sch Trustees H V Diamond, chairman 

J C Word, secretary 
County H S Ira S Johnson, pnn 

Monticello, Jefferson Co.. pop. 1.7t4. 

Sch Bd T T Tuinbull, chairman 
Superintendent W J Bullock 
Hiprh School Earl E Hamilton, prin 
Music Gertrude Rector 
Physical Training T A Treadwell 

Mount Dora, Lake Co., pop. 1,612. 

Sch Trustees J M Gown, chairman 
E B Person, secretary 
High School D D Roseborough, principal 

Mulberry, Polk Co., pop. 2,029. 

Sch Bd J W Dauffherty, ehauman 

R N Bryan. Sr . secretary 
High School Wilbur H Pin coll Biipv pnn 
Junior Hiffh Sch Joseph C Stock, prm 
Athletic Director Dewev Spooncr 

New Smyrna, Yolusia Co., pop. 4,149. 

Sch Trustees N S Colle. chairman 
Superintendent R I- Goulding 
High School A E Harbin, prin 

Ocala, Marion Co , pop. 7,281 

Bd Educ W D Cam. chanman 
Hisrh School A E Blewett Ji , supv prm 
Music Mrs Elizabeth role 
Home Economics Mrs Rex Withcis 
Physical Education Jack Smith 
Industrial School for Girls state school fer 
delinquents, Mis Lola C Skipper, Supt 

Ocoee, Orange Co , pop. 500 

Sch Trustees B D Bennett, chairman 

C H Pounds, secretary 
High School R G Pitman, supv prin 

Okeechobee, Okeechobee Co., pop. 1,795. 

School Trustees S R Raifsnider. chairman 
High School Rachel F Cio/ier, supv pi in 

Orlando, Orange Co., pop. 27,S80. 

Sch TiusteeH M H Evans, chiuiman 

Mis L C Blariknet, secretary 
Supv Prm Judson B Walker 
High School \\ H Boone, sup\ pi in 
Cheiokee Ji H S J H Bookbaidt, pun 
Memoiial Jr H S O R Davis, prin 
Art Hal he Bailey 

Domestic Science Annie Lou Carter. 
Manual 1 raining Paul Goodman 

Cathedral School; girls' boarding; P. B , 

est 1900; John D Wing, acting Pres 
Southein School of Commerce, bus and feec'l, 

G S Gaston, Pres 
Ormond, Voiusla Co., pop. 1.298 
Sch Trustees Leslie H Wilson, chairman 

C L Hager, secretaiy 
Junior H W W Brvan Davis, prin. 
Athletic Director William S Moore 
Physical Educ (boys) Walter Martin 
Physical Educ (girls) Mrs Nellie Bryan 
Palatka, Putnam Co., pop. 7,224 
Bd Educ C H Hyde, chairman 

C H Price, secretary 
Supt Sr Prin H S W W Carter 
Home Economics Sara I Robinson 

Palmetto, Manatee Co., pop. 8,084. 

High School Oscar Smith, principal 

Panama City, Bay Co., pop. 5,402. 

Bit Educ E 11 Wilkerson. chairman 

C C Mathis secretary 
County H S I S Walker, pnn 
Art Bessie Norton, supervisor 

Pensacola, Eacambla Co., pop. 31,579. 

School Boaid O J Semmes, chairman 

Preston Wiggins, secretary 
Superintendent J H Varnum 
High School J H Workman, supv prin 
Domestic Science Anne Weeks 
Perry, Taylor Co , pop 1,956. 
Sch Trustees E L Cox, chairman 

Ij R Moore, secretary 
County High School S W Cason, pnn 

Plane City, Hlllsboro Co., pop. 6,624 

Bd Educ Don Walden, president 
II L. Mahaify, setretaiy 

High School R L Caiter, supv prin 

Home Economics Mrs Ida B Dowdell 
Punta Oorda. Charlotte Co., pop 1,295. 

Sch Tiustces W Guthrie, chairman 
Sallie Jones -ecietai\ 

Hiprh School Harrv B Million, supv prm 
Qulney, Gadsden Co., pop. 8,118 

Bd Educ E B Shelfer. chairman 

Hiffh School James A Shanks, supv prm 

Music Lmindd. Piince 

Domestic Science Frances Kelso 
St. Angufttine, 8t. John Co., pop. 12,111. 

Bd Educ Evelyn Hamblen, president 

Piinctnal Tohn A Crookshank 

Florida Normal and Industrial Institute, 
(colored), co-ed , N W Collier. Prin 

Florida School for Deaf and Blind, state, 
Claience T Settles, Supt 

St Joseph's Academy: prep ; co-ed.; R. C.; 

Sistei St Andiew, Piincipal 
St. Cloud, Oseeola Co., pop. Mil. 

Sih Trustees Geoige O Rickett, chm'n 

High School L F Rutledge. principal 

MUMC Mrs O P Johnston 

Physical Ti anting Alien Entr 

Domestic Science Miss K. Goff 

St Leo. Pimro fountv 

SI Leo College mid Abbev, piep and semin- 
.11 v four-HP* men, Catholic, est 1889, 
Fiamis Sadhci, Pies 
8t Petersburg. Plnellas Co.. pop. 40,420. 

Bd Educ Robert B Walden, president 
S R McTntnah /**..- 





High School A J Geiger, supv prin 
Disston Jr H 8 Charles M Phillips, prin 
Lealman Jr H S Milo V. Tipton, prin 
Mirror Lake Jr. H. S. Fred K Stewart, 


South Side Jr H S A R Russ, prin 
Music Mrs George M. Miller 
Manual Training L O Herr 
Home Economics Edith Davis 
Elementary Grades Helen E. Nippert, 


Primary Grades^-Natalee Sterling, supv. 
Florida Military Academy, military, boys 

boarding, non-sect ; est 1908. 

H E Moyer, Pres , South Jacksonville 

9mm Antonio, Pasco Co., p*p. 800. 

Holy Name Academy, girls' boarsHag. R 
C., est 1889. Mother Rose Marie, Superior 

Sanford. Semlnole Co., pop. 10,100. 

Sch Trustees W. M. Haynes, chairman 

R. B Chapman, secretary 
Seminole High Sch G McKay. SUDV 


Junior H S H E Morris, prin. 
Primary Supv Stella P Arrington 
Grammar School R E Kipp, prm 

Sarasota, Sarasota Co., pop. 8,845. 

Bd Educ J. Paul Cobb, chairman 
Bd Educ T W Yarbrough. secretary 
High School Carl C. Strode, supv. prin. 
Home Economics Mary Jones 

Sabring. Highlands Co., pop. 650. 

School Trustees T N Conway, chairman 

F N K Bailey, secretary 
High School Samuel Long, principal 

Starke, Bradford Co., pop. 1,023. 

Bd Educ W C. Manning, chairman 
County High School Leon A Gray, pun 
Music Mrs. A. B. Wall 
Stuart, Martin Co., pop. 2,004. 
Sch Trustee C. H. Bue. chairman 

J. A Jamison, secretary 
High School Joel N alley, supv. prin 

Tallahassee, Leon Co., pop. 10,744. 

Sch Trustees G C Herndon, chaiiman 
Arlie Rhodes, secretary 

Supervising- Prin M. L. Stone 

High School V W Clark, prin 

Home Economics Joyce Be vis 

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege, (for negroes); co-ed, est. 1887, 
J. R B Lee, Pres. 

Florida State College for Women, comprises 
College of Arts and Sciences. School of 
Education , of Home Economics , of Music, 
est 1905 ; Edward Conradi, Pres 

Tampa, HUlsboro Co., pop. 101,161. 

Sch Trustees A B Hale, chairman 

W. M Miles, secretary 
City Schools R. I* Carter, supt 
Music Florence Stumpf, supetvisoi 
Ait Blanche Gaboon 
Vocational Training C A Conley 
HUlsboro H S Vivian Gaither. prin 
Plant H S E E Jeter, prin 
George Washington H S C Phil Peters, prin. 
Benj Franklin H S F R Underwood, pi in 
West Tampa H S Frank C. Crowe, prin. 

Academy of the Holy Names; girls: board 

ing and day, R. C ; est. 1881; Sister Man 

Ethelbert, Superioress 
t Business University of Tampa, bus and sec* 

tr'g. John M Michelson, Pres. 
Sea-Born Academy, coll prep ; co-ed ; non 

sect., grades 1-12, Mrs F. N Clayton 

Tampa Business College; bus. and sten. 

est 180O; Donald W MacDougall. Pres 
Tampa College High School: boys. Catholic 

est 1899, M McNally, Prm 

Tarpon Springs, Plnellas Co., pop. 8,418. 

Sch. Trustees Louis Richards, chairman 

C H Reed, secretary 

High School Joseph W Walker, supv. prin 
Manual Arts C. W Thompson 
Home Economics Media Thompson 

Titurrille, Brevard Co., pop. 2,080. 

Sch Trustees W J Darden, chairman 

Mrs Alice Shelbourne. secretary 
High School Ellis Moore, supv prin 

Umatilla. Lake Co, pop. 542 

Sch Trustees Ira Rice, chairman 

W H Tibbals. secretary 
High School DeWitt F. Rollins, supv prin 

Vero Beach, Indian River Co., pop. 2,26f . 

&ch Tiusteea Louis Harris, chairman 

Louis Harris, secretary 
High School Clotilde Smith, prin 

Wanrhnla, Hardee Co., pop. *,OS1 

Sch Trustees E S Clavel. chairman 

T E Blackburn, secretary 
County High School J K Chapman, prm 

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co., 26.018 

Sch Trustees J. C Engrain, chairman 
Bd Educ J A Toungblood. secretary 
Supervising Prm Howell L Watkins 
Music Mrs Lallie McKinzie 
Domestic Science Mrs Gertrude Heavrin 
Physical Ti'g (boys) Phil Glancy 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Lucille Taylor 

\\lldwood, Sumter Co., pop. 1,4O9 

High School O L. House, prm 

Winter Garden, Orange Co., pop. 2,015. 

Sch Trustees J. D. Pounds, chairman 

Harold Henscherr, secretary 
High School Mrs J S Kirton. supv. prm. 

Winter Haven, Polk Co., pop. 7,180. 

Sch Trustees Allen E Walker, chairman 

Henry Sinclair, secretary 
Supervising: Prm. J M Leps 

E L Jones, assistant 
Home Economics Nan Boyd 
Manual Training Raymond Bushgeus 
Physical Director Harold Martin 
Winter Park, Orange Co., pop. 2,646. 
St-h Tiustees R A Trovillion, chairman 
High School R J Lehman, prin. 
Home Economics Elizabeth Stone 
Manual Training Paul Thorman 
Physical Education Francis C Warren 
Athletic Director James Mobley 
Rollins College; degree courses in arts and 
science, music, fine arts, com'l. special 
course for Spanish speaking. c-ed ; non- 
se'.t , set 1885, Hamilton Holt, pros 



M D COLLINS, State Superintendent of Schools ... . Atlanta 

T. JACK DEMPSEY, JR., State High School Supervisor Athens 

MILTON R. LITTLE, State School Supervisor Louisville 

H. S. BURDETTE, State School Supervisor Atlanta 

J. M. GOODEN, State School Supervisor . . Perry 

J I ALLMAN, Supervisor School Administration . . .Atlanta 

J. M. PRANCE, Supervisor Schoolhouse Construction . . . Atlanta 

ROBERT L. COUSINS, Director of Negro Education . Atlanta 

L M. LESTER, Associate Director of Negro Education . . Atlanta 

M. E THOMPSON, Director, Teacher Tiammg and Certification . ..Atlanta 

C S. HUBBARD, Director, Textbook Distribution Atlanta 

L L. PERRY, Director, Information and Publications Atlanta 

P. S. BARRETT, Director Vocational Rehabilitation . . . . ... Atlanta 

WALTER COWART, Chief Cleik Atlanta 


M. D. COLLINS, Director Atlanta 

M D MOBLEY, Assistant Dnectoi . Atlanta 


L. M SHEFFER, Agriculture T. G WALTERS, Agriculture 

GKOHGE I. MARTIN, Agiicultuie _, _ 

J. F. CANNON, Trades and Industries ELIZABETH MAYES, Home Economics 


Gov. E. D. RIVERS, eoc-offiao, Ptesident Atlanta 

SUPT M. D. COLLINS, Scctetaty and Evecntive Officer . . . Atlanta 


NINA Cox Ashburn 

S. D. TRUITT. . Atlanta 

L A. WHIPPLE .Cochran 


J. HAROLD SAXON, President Superintendent City Schools, Quitman 

RALPH L. RAMSEY, Secretat-y Macon 


M. D COLLINS, President ... . . .State Superintendent, Atlanta 

MRS. CLARA VARNEDOE, Secrctat-y. .County Superintendent of Schools, Claxton 






Appling. . 
Ben Hill 
Bet rien 

Name and Address 

, .. C C Padgett, Baxley 

CO Taft, Pearson 

J C Tyre. Coffee 
R. L Hall, Newton 
P. N Bivms. Milledgeville 
C L Tuckei, Homer 
. . E V Harris, Winder 
. . J K. Headden, Cartersville 
Newton Watkins, Fitzgerald 
R A Stallmgrs, Nashville 

Bibb Walter P Jones. Macon 

Bleckley . . I. A Willis, Cochran 

Biantley E L Sears, Nahunta 

Brooks W J Cooey, Quitman 

Bryan C Li Purvis. Pembroke 

Bulloch H. P Womack, Statesboro 

Burke Frank S Palmer, Waynesboro 
Butts W G Pieston, Jackson 

cainouri . .H T Singleton, Edison 

Camdeu Mamie bou Gioss, Kmgsland 
Candler .... Fred Miles, Metter 

Carroll Joe H McGibonev, Cairollton 

Catoosa Ruth Williams, Rmggold 

Charlton John Harris, Folkston 

Chatham . . OB Strong, Savannah 
Chattahoochee A E Johnson, Cusseta 

Kathryn Henley, Summerville 
... R. C. Sharp, Canton 
. . W R Coile, Athens 

PC King, Fort Games 
.W L Gilbert, Jonesboio 

X^ all. (3* 0\Jll t J.JL\JlllV3L V XiiC 

F T. Wills, Marietta 
Melvin Tanner, Douglas 
. L O Rogers, Moultrie 

J S Hardm, Appling 

A L Parrish, Adel 

. J M Starr, Newnan 

...JZada D Walker, Roberta 

W H Collins, Cor dele 

J L. Fricks, Trenton 



Clay . 


Clinch . ... 

Mrs Seward C. Patterson, Homerville 
Cobb... , 
Coweta. . 

Mrs Inez T Hendiix, Dawson ville 
Decatur Andrew Avery, Bambridge 

DeKalb W M Ramev. Decatur 

Dodge W L Bo wen, Chester 

Dooly A E Bush, Vienna 

Dougherty R H Warren, Jr , Albany 
~ J W Shadix, Douplasville 

C L Gibson, Blakely 
J E Culpepper, Lake Park 
E B Mmgledorff, Springfield 
Mary Hansard, Elberton 






Em an u el 

Arthur Blackburn, Swainsboro 
Evans .. . Mrs. Clara Varnedoe, Claxton 
Fannin . . . .O R Guthne, Blue Ridge 
Fayette.. . F. A. Sams, Fayetteville 

Floyd ~ . AN Swain, Rome 

Forsyth . . J. B Driskell, Gumming 

Franklin C B Akin, Gainesville 

Fulton J A Wells, Atlanta 

Gilmer Frank Pettit, Elli Jay 

Glascock T. G. Kent, Gibson 

Glynri. ...George W Wannamakcr, Brunswick 

Gordon Max Tolbert, Calhoun 

Grady W. R. Eskew, Cairo 

Greene . F T. Corry, Siloam 

County Name and Atdrees 

Richard C. Simonton, Lawrencevill 

Habersham . . . C. L. Purcell, Clarkesvill< 

Hall . W. L. Walker, Gamesvill< 

Hancock Mrs Louise G. Moore, Spartt 

Haralson J. W. White, Buchanai 

tiaiiis W B Wisdom, Chiplej 

Hart W A. Moss, Hartwel 

Heard W. E Denney, Frankln 

Henry Mrs. Hugh J Turner, McDonougl 
Houston . . W. B Evans, Perrj 

Irwm Cairoll Long, Ocilh 

Jackson . T T Benton, Jeffersor 
Jasper. . . . C T. Edwards, Monticellc 
Jeft Davis G N Yarbrough. Hazelhural 
Jefferson . C C McCollum, Louisville 
Jenkins C. B. Landrum, Miller 

Bob Hollis, Wrightsvill* 
W E Knox, Gray 
W Q Gresham, Barnesvillt 
W J Chisholm, LakelaiK 
Elbert Mullis, Dublir 
S J Powell, Leesburg 

H A tJaron, Him ^ville 

F Lay ton Colvin, Lincoln tor 

H M Hodges, Ludowici 

A V Folsom, Hahira 
E G Jarrard, Dahlonega 
Mrs J M Moore, Oglethorpc 
Foster T Brown, Dam els vi lie 
T B Ramey, Buena Vista 
A D Kean, Thomson 
W P Lunsford, Darien 
C A. Hudson, Greenville 
. . P. Z Geer, Colquitt 
Edward B Hilhard, Camilla 

Lee . 
Liberty . 










Miller . . 


Monroe Mrs. J P. Sutton, Forsyth 


Paul Calhoun, Mt Vernon 
Morgan J. E Owen, Madison 

Murray S L Jackson, Chatsworth 

Muscogee .. . Clinton Moon, Columbus 

Newton.. E L Ficquett, Covington 

Oconee E N Anthony, Watkinsville 

O R elthorpe . J A Stevens, Lexington 

Pausing Mrs J I Mathews, Dallas 

Peach . . J F Lambert, Fort Valley 
Pickens U S Worley, Jasper 

Pierce . C H D Toumans, Patterson 
Pike J D. Roan, Meansville 

Polk Anne Brumby, Cedar town 

Pulaski A McKinney, Hawkmsville 
Putman P C. Gariis, Eat on ton 

Quitman H M Kalgler. Georgetown 
Rabun J. L Smith, Clayton 

Randolph Mrs W McMlchael. Cuthbert 
Richmond . S. D Cope! and, Augusta 
Rockdale .. . C J Hioks Convers 

^chlev J L Duncan, Ellaville 

Screven .. A A. Waters, Sylvania 
Seminole N. P Malcolm, Donalsonville 
Spalding A H. Shuler, Griffin 

Stephens- W J Andrews. Toccoa 

Stewart ... W. J Dowd, Lumpkin 

Sumter E L Bridges, Americus 

Talbot J. C. Watts, Talbotton 

Taliaf erro 

. . E T Portwood, Crawfordville 

Tattnall J. O Bacon, Reidsville 

Taylor . . .W T Rustin, Butler 

Telfair O N. Tharp, McRae 

Terrell.. Mr.. Helen G Gurr, Daw.oS 






Couaty Name and Address 

Thomas. .W. E Nicholb, Thomasville 

Tift C G Haiman, Tiftoii 

Toombs T T Spell, Livons 

Towns .Raymond Kimsey, Hiawassee 

Treutlen J W. Fowler, Soperton 

1 roup J H Melson, LaGrange 

Turner Nina Cox Ashbuin 

'Iwiggs. . 13 S Fitzpatrick, Jeffersonville 
Union . Frank Shulei, Blairsville 
Upson . J A. Thurston. Thoinaston 
Walkci R D Love, LidFatettc 

Walton . . J. Mason Williams, Monroe 
Ware T. L Everett, Waycross 


Warren . . 

Name and Address 
J. H. Harper, Warrenton 

"C ~A s'he'alyV'Sandeisville 
S Cuitis Harpei, Jesup 
Carrie Adams, Preston 
W H Kent, Alamo 
T V Cantrell, Cleveland 
Kre<l C Coopei, Dalton 
... . W. A Stone, Pitts 






Wilcox .. 


W Turnei Criilaway, Washington 


Julian F Bloodworth, Irwinton 
Worth. .. .M C. Owen, Sylvester 


Abbeville. WIIcoz Co., pop. l,il. 

Bd Bduc A L Hartsflold, 
Supei intendent F H Chandler 
High School Erie a J J' Bovd pi in 
MUSK- Myrtle? Foid 

Ac worth, Cobb Co., pop. 1,409. 

Bd Educ W H Kemp, chairman 

J H Harrison, secretary 
Supei intendent T J Haivey, Jr 
Music Mis A R Fowler 

Adalrsvllle. Barlow Co., pop. 1.000. 

Bd Educ R L Franklin, chaiiman 

W J Barbel, seoietaiy 
Supei intendent K E Adair 

Adel, Berrloa Co., pop. l,50t. 

Bd Educ H W Clements, chairman 

W E Winerato senetaiv 
SuptM intendent E V Whclt hel 

uel Co., pop. 00. 

Bd Educ J R Rogeis, chairman 
Bd Educ H C Williams, secretary 
Supoi inteiulent Civile Horndon 

Albany, Dougherty Co., pop. 14,607 

Bd Educ H T Mclntosh, chairman 
Sec Bd Educ S R de Jainette 
Superintendent Roland E Brooks 
High School J O. Allen, prin. 
Domestic Science Ethel Shelor 
Commercial H M Mills 
Georgia Normal and Agricultural College; 

(colored); state, co-ed. J W Holley, 


Alma, Bacon Co., pop. 1,061. 

Bd Educ H B Johnson, chairman 

H E Deen. secretary 
Superintendent R P. Ford 
Burn School J L Jones, pun 

Amerlcns, Snmter Co , pop. 8,760. 

Bd Educ John Sheffield, president 

Sec Bd Educ J. E Ma this 

City Superintendent J E Mathls 

Hiffh School S C Haddock, pi in 

Music Mrs Ella P Maynard 

Drawing Martha Wheatley 

Domestic Science Mrs Edna M Williams 

Georgia Southwestern College; co-ed ; est 
1906, Peyton Jacob, Pres 

Arlington, Calhoun Co., pop. 1,280. 

Hit id B Jl Askew, ji , chaiiman 

B C. Ray, secretary 
Superintendent M W Branch 
High School Mrs C K McNelll, prin 

Ash burn, Turner Co., pop. 2,116 

Pres Bd Educ G. C. McKenzle 
Sec Bd Educ F M Tison 
Superintendent R L. Todd, Jr 
High School L A Jar-khon pun 
Domestic S< icm e Reboot-a Adams 

Athens, Clarke Co., pop. 18,787 
Pies Bd Kduc Kev John D Mell 

B M Giler, secretaiy 
Superintendent B M Grier 
High S<hool E B Mell. principal 
Domestic Science Anna Belle Drake 
rommeicia.1 Aletha Hailcy 

Athens Business College, bus and sUn , 
R E Carter. Prin 

Lucy Cobb Institute, girls' boarding, non- 
sect . eat 1858. Millie Rutherford, Prin 

Union Baptist Institute (colored) , high 
school, co-ed , Bapt .CHS Lyons, 

Umveisity of Georgia, comprises College of 
Arts, of Agriculture, of Law, of Pharmacy, 
of Education , of Commerce , state univ , 
c-o-ed est 1785, Harmon W Caldwell, Pre* 

University of Georgia, College of Agriculture, 
apiicultuic, amicultuial engineering-, me- 
chanic aits, Paul Chapman, Dean 

University or Georgia. School of Education. 
J C Meadows, Dean 

University of Georgia, School of Home Eco- 
nomics, Mary E Creswell, Dnector 

University of Georgia, School of Commerce. 
R P Brooks, Dean 

University of Georgia, Lumpkin Law School. 
J Alton Hosch, Doan 

University of Georgia School of Pharmacy, 
Roheit C Wilson, Dean 

University of Georgia Graduate School. 
R P Stephens, Dean 

University of Georgia. Grady School of 
of Journalism; T E Drewry, Director 





Atlanta, Fulton Co., pop. 270.867. 

Bd Educ. E 8 Cook, president 

Mrs Fannie Mae Weaton, secretary 
City Superintendent Willis A. Sutton. 


H. Reid Hunter, in charge High Schls. 
Thomas W Clift, in charge of Business 


Attendance M, E. Coleman 
Statistics & Special E. R Enlow 
Research & Guidance H. H Bixler 


Music Ruth F Weegand 

Grades 1-111 Ethel Massengale 

Grades iv-vi Josie Slocumb 

Elementary Science Harriet C Rainwater 

Physical Education Myra Grave* 

Art Charlotte G. Smith 

Cafeteria Berma L Jarrard 

Home Economics Clara Cone 

Manual Arts P. S. Woodward 

Smith-Hughes Work T. W. Gttft 

Penmanship Gertrude Pollard 

Ungraded Classes May Walker 

Colored Schools M. Agnes Jones 
Boys' High School, Jackson and Tenth Sts. 
H. O Smith. Principal 

Commercial High School, South Pryor st ; 
. L. Floyd. Principal 

Girls High School, Rosalie street. 
Jessie Muse. Prin 

Technological High School. Jackson and 
T^nth Sts. W O Cheney. Principal 

North Fulton High School. North Side; 
W F. Dykes, Principal 

William A Bass Junior High School; Eu- 
clid & Washita; W. J. Scott. Pnn. 

Joseph E. Brown Junior High School; 
Beecher & Peoples; A. G. Martin. Prin. 

J W Maddox Junior High School, 1090 
Bankhead av , S W , J P Barren, Prin 

J C Murphy Junior High School, White- 
ford & Memonal Drive. H O Burgess, 

Daniel C. O'Keefe Junior High School, 6th 
& Tech wood; S. M. Hastings. Prin 

Hoke Smith Junior High School, Rill & 
Milledge sts.; L. O. Kimberly. Prin. 

Atlanta Conservatory of Music, est 19*7; 

Hugh Hodgson, Director, Peachtree & Broad 
Atlanta Law School, evening sessions, co- 
ed , est 1890. Hamilton Douglas, 

Atlanta-Southern Dental College, co-ed ; 

est 1887; S W Foster. D D S , Pres., 

106 Forrest Ave.. N. E 
Atlanta University (colored) ; college graduate 

courses, co-ed ; non-sect.; est. 1869; 

Florence M. Read, act'gr Pres. 
Clark University (colored) . coll . nor., agrl.. 

manual tr. and prep ; co-ed ; est. 1870; 

M. N.; M. 8. Davage, president. 
Cox College and Conservatory: see College 

Crlchton's Business College; bug. and sten 

E Katherine Reid. Pros. 

Draughon School of Commerce; est. 1889; H. 
R. Todd, Pres., 291 Peachtree St. N.E. 

Emory University; comprises College of 
Arts & Sci. ; Theology; Law: Medicine; 
Business Administration, Library Sci- 
ence; Graduate School, the Emory Junior 
Colleges at Oxford and Valdosta; co-ed.; 
M. E. So.; est. 1836; Harvey W. Cox. 
President. Druid Hills 

Emory University, Lamar School of Law. 
co-ed.; est. 1916; C. J. Hilkey, Dean. 

Emory University School of Medicine (At- 
lanta Medical College); est. 1S54. 
Russell H. Oppenheimer, Dean. 

Gammon Theological Seminary; tneol.; men. 
M. E . est 1883. Willis J. King. 
D. D. President. So Atlanta 

Georgia School of Technology, courses in 
Mechanical. Electrical, Civil. Textile, an* 
Chemical Engineering. Chemistry, and 
Architecture; men; state; est. 1888; M. L 
Brittain. President. 

Marist College, junior and senior high school: 
boys. RC . eat 1902. P. H Dagncau. 335 
Ivy st. 

Marsh Business College and Dickinson Secre- 
tarial School. Mrs. J F Marsh. Prin . 
Grand Theatre Bldg 

Morehouae College (colored) , college, di- 
vinity school, men; Bapt.; est. 1867. Sam- 
uel Howard Archer, Pres. 

Morris Brown College (colored) , coll , 
courses, theology, normal, music, do- 
mestic science, com'l. co-ed . A M E , 
est 1885; William A. Fountain. Jr.. Pres. 

Peacock School for Bo vs. boys* prep . non- 
sect ; est 1896, J. H. Peacock, Prin , 1137 
Peachtree St 

Southern College of Pharmacy, phar ; co- 
ed . est 1903. R C Hood, Ph G, Dean. 
223 Walton st . N W 

Southern Shorthand and Business Univer- 
sity. L W Arnold, Pres, 193 Peachtree 

Spelman College (colored) ; degree courses in 
liberal arts, women. Baptist, est 1881, 
Florence M. Read, Pres , 665 Ella St , S W. 

Turner Theological Seminary. Morris Brown 
University (colored), est. 1886. A. M. E . 
Charles L Hill, Dean 

Washington Seminary, girls' boarding; non- 
beet ; est 1878. Llewellyn D. Scott. Pres. 
1640 Peachtree Road 

Webster University, liberal arts, normal, 
post-graduate, law, theology, music; co-ed ; 
non-sect. ; J. D. Bradley, Pres., 1032 Stewart 

Woodrow Wilson College of Law; Clifford 
Walkei. Pres.. Healy Bldg. 

Augusta, Richmond Co., pop. 80,342. 

Bd Educ Thomas J Fender, president 
Superintendent S D. Copeland 
Assistant Supt T H Sherman 
Tumor College J. L. Skinner, ores 
Tubman H. S. (girls) T. H. Garrett, prin 
Richmond Acad. (boys) J L. Skinner, prin 

Raines Normal and Industrial Institute* 
Presb ; est. 1886; A. C. Grigrgs. Prin., 
Gwinnett St. 






Junior College of Augusta, boys, city, 

J. L. Skinner. President 
Osborne's Business College, bus and sten. . 

S. L Osborne, Pres. 
Paine College (colored) , coN , nor , indust , 

and prep . co-ed , boarding. M E , eat 

1884; Edmund Clarke Peters, Pres 
St Aiary'a Academy, girls' day, H C . est 

1853; Sister M. de Pazzi. Superioress, 708 

Tel fair 
University of Georgia School of Medicine; 

(O-ed , G Lombard Kelly, Dean 
Walker Baptist Institute, prep . co-ed . 
Bapt . John W Hill. Prin 

Cobb Co., pop. 648. 

Educ Li U Garielt. chairman 
G II Coleman, secietaiy 
Superintendent J H Howard 

Balnbridge. Decatur Co., pop. 0,000 

Bd of Ertuo. 1'iank S Jones, chaiiman 

E G Eloan, secietary 
City Superintendent E Q Elcan 
High School H O Shealy, prin 

Barnesville, Lamar Co., pop. 3,068. 

Bd Educ W B Smith, chairman 

C H Willis, secretary 
Superintendent J E (Julllebeau 
High School G B Connell, prin 
Music Marion Bush 
Blind Clay Smith 
dor don Military College, coll prep , no 

sect . est 18S2, J E (iilleheau, Pics 

Bartotr. Jefferson Co , pop. 650. 

Bd Educ Ralph Malone. chairman 

W K Jusey. J r , secretary 
High S<hool H G Haxper, Ji , pun 

Baxley, Apphng Co.. pop. 2,122 

Bd Educ W E Swain, piesitlmt 

Ira Lc-gfictt. societary 
Superintendent R O Vmson 

Blackshear, Tierce Co, pop. 1,000. 

Bd of ECII" B 1) Brantlpy. chairman 
?iil>fHntfrulont of School* E D Whisonant 
Hiifli School E B LouRhridpr pun 
Dean of Girls Mis Maud G Di'an 

Blainuillff. 1*nlon Co., pop 800. 

Count v High School J M Nuholson, pun 

Blakely, Early Co , pep. 1,888. 

Bd Educ W J Grist, chairman 

J G Standifcr, societary 
Superintendent Wade Woodward, Jr 

Blue Ridge, Fannln Co . pop. 1,500 

Brt Educ William Butt, chairman 
Superintendent T B Clyburne, Jr 

Boston. Thomaa Co., pop. 1,200 

Sch Trustees W B Moody, chairman 

H G Norton, sec'y-treas 
Superintendent H. A Vann 
High School J S Wimbeily, pi in 

Bowdon. Carroll Co. pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ R A. Lane, chairman 

M L Johnson, secretary 
Hiarh School G A. Garrett. supt 

Bowdon College; junior college; co-ed , est 
1857, Eldon Dittemore, Pres. 

BOH man, Elbert Co., pop. 800. 

Bd Educ CUience Butler, president 

M H Fleming 1 secretary 
Supoiiiitendent P A Hodgson 
Music Mis W A Johnson 
Domestic Science Jewell Thomas 

Bremen, Haralson Co.. pop. 1,027. 

Bd Educ W B Williamson, choii man 

G E Wasten, secietaiy 
Superintendent H D Hatchett 

Brooklet. Bulloch Co., pop. 500. 

Bd Educ J H Wyatt, chairman 
W c Cromlpy. secretary 
Supcimtendent J H Griffith 
High School L D. Collins, prin 

Broxton, Coffee Co., pop. 600 

Bd Educ D Kirkland, chairman 

C T Chamberliss. secretaiy 
Superintendent C O Wommack 
High School William E Barn well, prin 

Brunswick, Glynn Co., pop. 14.418. 

IM Ifitiuc C 1 Ji H'pi pienident 

Supcimtendent Geoiere W Wannam ikoi 

dlynn Academy R E Hood, prm 

MiiHJc; Marian Sevvell 

Phjmral Educ (boys) Stophrn R Adaniy 

Physical Educ. (girls) Katherine Ulmei 

Buena Vista, Marlon Co., pop. 1,161. 

Hd Educ Vilas Bclk, chaiiman 

W "fr Mulkey. secretary 
SiipciintcncU'nt Dennis D Still 
High School Rov M Hall, prm 

Buford, Gu-innett Co., pop. 8,807. 

Bd Etltu Call Pukle, chaiiman 
City Supt W. N. Nunn 
Mu mo Mis Caro Finch 
Domestic Science Frances Story 

Butler. Taylor Co, pop. 700. 

Ud Educ R C Montgomery, chairman 

H H Rlley. secretary 
Supei intendent V. P Folds 

Calio, Grady Co., pop. 8,167. 

J S Wiffht, secretary 
Supei intendent John S Herndon 
Higrh School W. J. Dickey, piiu. 

Calhoun. Qordoa Co., pop. *,600. 

Bd Educ J H Paschall, chairman 

F H Jollv, secretary 
Superintendent D W Windsor 
High School Frank Hugrhes, pi lit. 

Camilla, Mitchell Co., pop. 9,136 

Bd Educ J E Brooks, chairman 

J D Whiting, secretaiy 
Cltj Supei intemlent W T Burt 




High School BC Maddox. prm. 
Domestic Science Miss Ghandlei Parker 
Music Mrs Roy Hall 

Caaoa, Fraaklla Co., pop. 1,138 

Bd. Educ. E. M. Mabry. chairman 

Mrs. N. M. Opdale. sec'y-treas. 
Superintendent Parks Puckett 
High School Mrs Edwin Bowers, pi in 

Caatoa, Cherokee Co., pop. *.67f 

Bd. Educ W L Blackwell, chairman 

T A Dass, secretary 
City Superintendent J. P. Cash 
Higrh School W. G Nunn, prm 

Caraesvllle. Franklin Co., pop. SOO. 

Bd. Educ Clyde Sullivan, chairman 
County H S. C. A. Bray, pi in 

Tugalo Institute, prep , mil , co-ed., on- 
wet . est lyOO, Josiah C Hall. B Fed, 

Carrollton, Carroll Co., pop. 5,052. 

Bd Educ T J Ay cock, < halt man 

Horace Cole, bcietaiy 
Superintendent M. C. Wiley 
High School Ralph C Connally pun 
West Georgia College; I. S Ingram, Pres 

CartersYlllo, Bartow Co., pop. 5,850. 

Bd Educ T M. Neel, chairman 

E. R. Mines, secretary 
Superintendent W H Brandon 
Mutic Mrs H P. Womelsdorf 

Cairo Sprlns;, Floyd Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. of Educ. J. Scott Davis, chairman 

A Josh Tumi in, secretary 
Superintendent N H Reid 
High School Martha Davis, prin. 
Music <Mae Gwmn Matthews 
Domestic Science Elizabeth Montpomeiy 

Georgia School for the Deaf; state Institu- 
tion. J C. Harris. Supi. 

Codartown, Polk Co., pop. 8,126. 
Bd. of Educ. W. W. Mundy, chairman 

F H. Bre water, secretary 
Pity Supeiintendent J E Purks 
High School S E Abercromble, prin 
Music May Cal dwell 
Home Economics Dons Guill 

Chlpley. Harris Co., pop. 1.000. 

Bd Educ Roy Askew, chairman 

J W Caldwell, secretary 
Superintendent J. B Patrick 
High School Janie O'Neal, prin. 

Clarksvllle, Haborsham Co., pop. 700 

Bd Educ B H. Graves, chairman 

W H Garrison, secietary 
Superintendent A. L James 
High School Bruce Rav, prin 

Claxtna. Ean Co.. pop. 1.00ft 
Bd Educ. R R Tippins, chairman * 

E. C. Elmore. sec'y-treas. 
Superintendent W M. Crittenden 
High School M L. Purvis, prm 

Corhran. Blrrklry Co.. pop 1.650. 

Bd Educ A L Smith, president 

A J Thompson, treasurer 
City Superintendent T. M. Purooll 

High School Hubeit Yow, pi in 

Middle Georgia College, junior college ; co-ed , 
state, Leo H Browning, Pres 

College Park. Fulton Co.. pop. 3,622 

Cox Collefie and Consei vatory , giilb, boaid- 
111? dcpt . non-Meet , st 1843 William S 
Cox, Pres 

Georgia Military Academy, boys' boat ding, 
military, non-sect , est 1900, Col J C 
Woodward A M. Piesident 

Collegeboro. Bullocli County 

South Georgia Teachers College, training 
courses, state, co-ed , est 1906, 
Marvm S Pittman, Pies. 

Colquitt, Miller Co., pop. 760. 

Bd Educ L E Calhoun, chairman 

P Z Geei, secretary 
Supci intendent Charles Staple-ton 
High School Robert Lines, prin 

Columbus, Muscogeo Co., pop. 43,181. 

Bd of Educ. Hicks Fort, president 
Sec Bd Educ K B Daniel 
City Superintendent Roland B Daniel 
Pnncipai Hign School T C. Keadriek 

Prm Indust H 8 F P Bradford 
Art Mary Godard 
Manual Training Leo R Kisclie 
Domestic Science Ruth Plumb 
Domestic Science Mrs Ed Bryan 

fommeicia) May me Cole 

Tiaming Maiy Rame> 

St Joseph*! Academy, prep , co-ed . R C.. 
Sister M Stanislaus. Prin 

Comer. Madison Co., pop. 1,175. 

Bd Educ J V Stephens, chairman 

C L Adaii, secietary 
Supri intendent O C Dyer 

Commerce, Jackson Co , pop. 3,002. 

Bd Educ H F Bray, chairman 
Superintendent S F Maughon 
Hierh School J A Phillips prin 

Ruhaid Nix asflt prin 
Music Maijorie Welborn 
Home Economics Lourie Haley 

Conjors. Kockdalo Co., pop. 1,403 

Bd Educ G C Simmn, than man 

Harry White, secretary 
Superintendent C E Steele 

Cordele, Crisp Co., pop. 6,880. 
Bd of Educ O. T. Cower, chairman 
City Superintendent D H. Standard 
High School L E. Culbertson. pria 
MusicElizabeth Standard 

Cornelia, Habershan Co., pop. 1.274 

Bd Educ C C Kimsey, chairman 

George P Cunningham, sec'y-treas 
Superintendent A L Brewer 
High School Berry Anderson, prm 
Music Gladys Adams 






Covington, Newton Co., pop. 3,203 

Bd Educ S. C Candlcr, picsidcnt 

R M Tuck, secretary 
Superintendent C E Hawkins 
High School J M Biogdon, pi in 

Crawford, Oglethorpe Co., pop. 1,000. 
Bd Educ W W Armiatead, chairman 

M Blanchard, secretary 
Superintendent L P Green 
High School Mrs W W Armistead, prln 

rmufordvllle, Tallaftm Co.. pop. 1,000. 

Btl EiJuc J A Beazley. chairman 

E T Poitwood, secretary 
Superintendent J D Nash 
Hijrh School I W Drake, pun 

Camming, Forsyth Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. of Educ. Dr. J. A Otwell, chairman 

A C Ken more, secretary 
Superintendent Ralph Powell 
High School W B Pirkle, prin 

Cnthbert, Randolph Co., pop. 9,22 

Bd J W Hart is p . T t, Shaffer, 
Superintendent T H Wilkinson 
High School Isaac Caevart, prin 

Andrew rollegf. jumoi coll . grirls. board- 
ing. M E So . S C Olliff, President 

Dahloaega, Lu.npkin C* , pop 1,255. 

Hifrh S<h Bd B H Higprins, chaiimnn 

Ida Aveiy, secretory 
County Hiirh Sch R H Painter, siipt 

North Georgia College, junior coll , co-ed , 
milttaiy, state, es>t 1871, Jonathan C 
Kogers, l*i cs 

Dallas. PaulaiBg Co.. pop 1,600. 

Bd Educ C B McGanty chairman 

E H Bullock, secretary 
Supeiintendent J M Cochian 

Dalton, Whltfleld Co., pop. 8,100 

Pics Bd teduu Fiank Manly 

W C McGhee. secretary 
Supeiintendent T W Williams 
High School Frank Taylor, prin 

Marten, Mrlatoah Co, pop. 1.739 

Bd Educ B W Clancy chanmaii 

Mrs Jane Mel Atwood, heuetary 
Superintendent W P Lunsford 
High School Myitis Stoiey. prin 

Dawsoa, Torrell Co.. pop S.827. 
Pies Bd Educ M C Edwards 
J C Hollingsworth. secretary. 
Superintendent W H Martin 
Music Lucille Kimble 

Decatnr, Dekalb Co., pop. 13,276. 

Uti Educ C D AlcKmne>, chairman 

Anriiew Sledd, secretary 
City Superintendent Lamar Ferguson 
Boys H S -O L Amsler, prin 
Girls H S Daisy Frances Smith, prin 

Anes Scott Collet;* for Women; coll.. 
women ; non sect ; J R McCain, Pres 

Demorest. Habersham Co., pop. tM. 

Bd Educ Mrs H. B. Mowbray, chairman 

James Tayloi, secretary 
Supei intendent Cai roll Love 

Piedmont College, degiee college courses; co- 
ed . Cong: est 1807, George C Bellm- 
griath, Pres 

DonalNOiivllle. Seminole Co.. pop. 1,031 

Bd Educ f B Mosley, Si , Chan man 

M M Mintei, secretary 
Supei intendent C U Leach 
Music Mis J N Barker 

Douglas, Coffee Co., pop. S.6M. 

Bd Educ G H Mengledorff, president 

R W Prvoi. secrelaiy 
Supei inteudent L H. Battle 
Hijfh School F M Chalker, prin. 
Music Vivian Smith 

Georgia Normal and Business College, ost 
1898. non-sect., boarding-, co-ed.; A. A. 
Kuhl. Principal 

South Georgia Junior State College, state, 
co-ed , J M Thrash, Prin. 

Douglasville, Douglas Co., pop. 2,159 

Bd .Educ J R Hutcheson. chairman 

F M Stewait, neeretaiy 
High School R H Hams, pun 
Giacle Schools L C Butcher, supt 

Dublin, l^aurens Co., pop. 7,707. 

Bd Educ George T Morns, chairman 

A M Alsup, treasurer 
Superintendent A J Hargrove 
High School Zipporah Kidd, prin. 
Music Mrs J M Laney 
Home Economies Alice Purcell 

East Point, Fulton Co., pop. 9.512. 

Bd, of Educ, Gordon Nabell, chairman 
Bd of Educ Charles Thompson, aec'y. 
Superintendent Paul D West 
High School R H. Bell, principal 
Music Eloise Olds 

Eastman, Dodge Co., pop. 2,7t7 

Bd Educ W J Daniel, chairman 

S H Goolsby, secretary 
Superintendent J Paul Long 
Music Celcstine Williams 

Eatonton, Putman Co., pop. t,51 

Bd Educ Mrs P B GriffiUh, chairman 

J L Adams, secretary 
Supeiintendent Charles S Fmcher, Jr 
Hiprh School Hoi ace W Sturgis, prin 
Music Mrs L C Spivey 

Rockville Academy , prep . co-ed , 
P C Garris, Principal 

Edison, Calhoun Co.. pop. 1.000. 

Bd Educ A H Miller, ehanman 

J W Bass, secretary 
Superintendent Claud W Lowe 

Elberton, Elbert Co , pop. 6,483 

Bd Educ Z B. Rogers, chairman 
Superintendent J. H Greene 
High School Robert E Lee, Jr , prin 
Music Mrs W A Johnson 
Domestic Science Ethelyn Massey 





JSUUay, Gilmer Co., pop. 710. 

Bd Educ. J. M. Oarrett. president 
County H. S W. H Padgett, pi in 

Falrbvra, Campbell Co., pop. 1.60* 

Superintendent S L Lewis 

Fayetteville, Fayetto Co., pop. 1.200. 

Bd Educ C. D. Redwino. chairman 

John A Burch, secretary 
County H S B M. Harrison, pnn 

Fitxgerald, Ben Hill Co., pop. 6,418. 

Bd. Educ J. B Russell, chairman 
Bd. of Kduc. G. A. Jolley. secretary 
Superintendent Walter W. Stancll 
High School Fred Ayers, pnn 
Music Dorothea Lupo 
Home Economics Elizabeth Astin 

Forsyth, Monroe Co., pop. 2,208. 

Bd Educ J E Abeicrombie, chaiiman 
Mrs J. P Sutton. secietary 

Superintendent Theodore Rumble, Jr 

High School C D Gieeu, pun. 

Music Mary Ward 

Bessie Tift College, girls' boarding, music, 
oratory, art. Bapt . eat 1849: 
Aquila Chamlee, 1'iesident 

State Teachers and Agricultural College (col- 
ored) , co-ed . W. M. Hubbard, Pres. 

Fort Galaos. Clay Co., pop. l.SOt. 

Bd Educ Zach Arnold, chaiiman 

Li L Gwynn, seoietary 
Superintendent S A. Wells 

Fort Valley, Houston Co., pop. 8,223 

Pres Bd Educ W L Houser 
Superintendent J F. Lambert 
High School T H Smith, prin 

Gainesville, Hall Co.. pop. 2,320. 

Bd Educ A C Wheeler, president 

J A Rudolph, secretary 
Superintendent C J Cheves 
High School Guy Driver, pnn 
Domestic Science Antoinette Jackson 
Brenau College, girls' boarding, non-sect . 

eat 1878, Hay wood J Pearce, Piesident 
Riverside Military Academy, boys' board 

ing. non-sect . est 1908. Sandy Beavoi 


GlennvUle, Tattnall Co.. pop 1.069 

Bd Educ. C. L Cawart. chairman 

A Rahn. secretary 

Superintendent Sam L Oasklns 

High School J. T Alexander, prin 

Gordon. Wilkinson Co.. pop. 1,081 

Bd. Educ. Ben Dupree, chairman 

Frank S English, secretary 
Superintendent J. C. Turner. Jr 
High School Leon J Hendrix. prin 
Gracowood, Itichraond Co., pop. 500. 
Georgia Training School for Mental Defects, 

state. Edward W. Schwall, Supt 

Grant vllte. Coweta Co.. pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ B D. Banks, chairman 

Charles Arnold, secretary 
Superintendent Thomas Glanton 
High School Camilla Hutchinson, prin 

Greensboro, Greene Co., pop. 2,120. 

Bd Educ. C E Robinson, chairman 
City Superintendent C C Wills 
High School S. F. Burke, prin. 
Music Martha Henry 

Greenville, Merlwether Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ R. B Gilbert, president 

N F Culpepper, secretary 
Superintendent Harvey Cutts 
High School J L Carpenter 

Griffin, Spalding Co., pop. 10,821. 
Bd Educ Li P Goodrich, chairman 
Su pei m tendon t J L Foitnoy 
High School J L. Byrd. prin 

Hampton, Henry Co., pop. 1,098. 

Bd. Educ T J Shaw chairman 
Supeiintendent L H Davis 

Hartvrell. Hart Co., pop. 2,200. 

Bd Educ Claude Herndon, chairman 

A C Skt'itoii. senetai> 
Superintendent O. G Lancaster 
High School Ida E. McGukln. prin. 
Music Alary Barton 
Home Economics Lcolene Chapman 

Hawfclasvllle. Pulaskl Co., pop. S.420 

Bd Educ E C Brown, chairman 
Superintendent J P Millican 
High School G T Simpson, prin 
MUMO Lewis G. Thomas 

ilazlehurst. Jeff Datls Co , pop. 1.050 

Bd Edur* John Rogfis. pi evident 

B B Wootcn. sec'y-treas 
Supountendent C H Lnnsdoll 
Hitfh School G 1) Wilon. pi in 

Hogantuille, Ttoup Co., pop. 3,355 

Hd of 1C iu< . H B. Darden, t hali man 

J F McLaughhn, secretary 
Superintendent C O Lam 

Jackson. Butts Co., pop. 2,027 

W W Wright, sporetaiv 
Superintendent 1 V tfpencer 
High School H D Roberts, prin 

Jefferson. Jackson Co., pop. 1,207. 

Bd Educ W W Dickson, chairman 
Superintendent H J W Ki/ei 
fiupx. Musu Mrs J S Ayers 

Jeffersonvllle, Twiggs Co., pop. 786. 

Bd Educ J D Shannon, president 

D Y Califf. secretary 
Super intfMidont W D Oxford 
Hiffh School E\Hyn Chambliss. pi in 

Jmup. Wayne Co., pop. 1,041 

Bd Ediif T D Rioh, chairman 

Hov E Rieen, secretary 
Superintendent S II Sherman 
High School J H Dewberry, prin 
Music Louise Carmiohncl 
Physical Director H F Allen 

Clayton Co.. pop 1,080. 
Bd Educ R G Tumor, chairman 

J E Waldrop, secretary 
Superintendent Robert E Miller 
High School C M Yager, prin 





La Fayette, Walker Co., pop. 

Bel Educ W. T. Rhyne, president 

D W Stiles, secretary 
Superintendent Clayton W Peacock 
High School M T Shields, prin 

La Grange, Troup Co., pop. 20,131. 

Bd Educ C W. Co lorn an, chairman 

J H Moss, secretary 
City Superintendent F F Ro*e 
High School H S Burdette. prin. 
La Grange College, girls' boarding, M E 
So . est 1833. W. E Thompson. Pros 

Lavonla. Franklin Co., pop. 1.160. 
Bd Educ M L Allison, chairman 

W N Harrison, secretary 
Superintendent Claude H Phillips 
High School J T McKay, prin 

Lawrencevllle. Owlnnett Co., pop. 2,050 

Bd Educ H C Smith, chairman 

J V Hood, secretary 
Supei in ten dent IMul J King 
High School B C Dickinson, pun 

Mfhonla. Dekalb Co. pop. 1.428. 

Ikl Educ F F Cdffle. chairman 

J C Starr sec'y-treas 
Supciintcndcnt H F Shaip 

Louisville. Jefferson Co.. pop. 1 500. 

Bd of Educ. W. W. Abbott, Jr.. chairman 
Sec Hd Educ J W riaik 
IliKli St Imol M R PlaxLO, piin 

Lnmpkln, Stewart Co.. pop. 1.110. 

Hd Educ G W Pugh, chairman 

A T Foil, Bocretaiy 
Superintendent J W Richardson 
High Sihool C MtCartci. prin 

I TODS. Toomhs Co pop 27. 

B<1 Etliu G W Lank fold, chaitman 

H J Hi own WVM eta i v-ti calmer 
Supenntcndent G O Flovd .Tr 
High School L P Colliim pun 

Macon, Bibb Co . pop. 58.829. 

Bd Educ J E Hall, piesidcnt 
Rec Bd Kduc \V T Morgan 
<*ltv Supfnntemltnt Wallet P Tones 
Music Henrietta Collings 
Ait Virginia Hall 
Manual Training D M Waid 
Dotmstle Scfeno Mrs C' J Ilnlaton 
PhvMcal Diiortoi (gnls) Mai garni Bnino 
Physical Director (boys) Selby H Buck. Jr 
CnrnuiAicial I otifu Singleton 
Supv Prim Grades Agnes Barden 
Supv Klm <rades-~ Mrs Matgaret Feirill 
Kov8 High A J Swami prin 
Oirls High Anna Weaver, prin. 
Miller H S Hoiaoe S Lassctci, pi in 

Ballard Notmal School (colored), prep 
and not tr . co-ed , Cong . est 1868; 
Lewis H Mounts, acting Pnneipal 

CV'itral City (*olht;e (colored), prep, co- 
il Hapt .1 If Uadson, President 

Grnigto Alabam.i Hiismets School of Com- 
ment* c est 133, R L Wilson, Proa. 6G7 
Mulbcrrv rt 

Georgia School for the Blind, state insti- 
tution Q F Ollphant, Prin 

Mercer University; comprises College 

of Liberal Arts; School of Law; co-ed.. 

Bapt , est. 1833; Spright Dowell, Pres. 
Mercer University School of Law; co-ed ; 

W A Boo tie, Dean 
Mt De Sales Academy: girls' boarding; R 

C , est 1011; Sister M. Begina, Prin. 
Wesley an College, degree course*: women, 

M E So , est 1836, Dice R Anderson, 


Madison, Morgan Co.. pop. t.200. 

Bd Educ J L Moore, president 
("lly Superintendent J H. Purks. 
High School O R Cooper, prin 
Music Mrs Paul Rhodes 

Manchester, Meriwether Co., pop 2.776 

Ltd Educ J L Jackson, chairman 

G C Thompson, secretary 
Citv Supenntenclent H R McLarty 
High School C W Pittman, Jr , prin. 

Mansfield. Newton Co.. pop. 800. 

Bd Educ W E Knight, chairman 

Overton La\i rence, secretary 
Superintendent Whitlow Richardson 

Marietta, Cobb Co.. pop. 7.088. 

Bd Educ W H Perkmson. chairman 

C A Keith, secretary 
Citv Superintendent C A Keith. 
High School S Antley. prin 
Home Economics Nellie Dykes 

Marshallvllle. Maco* Co.. pop. l,08f. 

Bd Educ B B Murph, chairman 

O W Ware, secretary 
Superintendent B C Olhff 

Marseille, Banks Co.. pop. 860. 

Btl Educ John W Strange, chairman 

H R Hancock secretary 
Supciintendent D Francis Osborne 
Music Mis Rob*i t Cair 
Athletic Coach D L Fields 

McDonough, Henry Co.. pop. 1.700. 

Bd Educ George C Alexander, chairman 

J E Hooten, secretary 
Supei mtendent H H Hargrove 
High School Lucile Bowden. prin. 

Music Mrs Benton Thompson 

McRae. Telfalr Co.. pop. 1.COO. 

Bd Educ H C Saunders, chairman 

O F McRae. secretary 
Supciintendent J P Millican 
High School E Ballard. prin 
MeiRS. Thomas Co. pop. 1.111. 
Bd Educ J A Haitsfield, chairman 
Bd of Educ Leo Wilkes. secretary 
Snpciintendent L D Langlev 
High School A M Pulham, prm 
Mimic Ella Fiances Jones 

Milledgevllle, Baldwin Co.. pop. 5,584. 

Bd Educ R H Harper, president 

P N Bivins, secretary 
Superintendent G. S Roach 
Georgia Military College of University of 

Geotgla piep , co-ed . military, non-sect 

est 1879. G S Roach. Pres 
Georgia State College for Women, normal 

and training courses, est 1880; 

Guy H Wells, Piesident 





Millea, Jeaklas .. p. 1,080. 

Bd. Educ. B. W Mathews, chairman 

C S Anderson, secretary 
Superintendent W. US. PanTord 
High School E. W Graham, prin. 

Monroe. Walton Co.. pop. 8,0*8. 

Bd Educ P N Launme, chairman 

J P Adams, secretary 
Superintendent L, D Haskcw 
High School H. B Causey, prin 
Music Gladys Adams 
Georgia Vocational and Trades School , agri 

and indust., state; co-ed : eat ISOt; 

D I Barren, Pres. 

Bfontezum*. Macon Co.. pep. 1.6St. 

Bd Educ G T Ma son, chaiiman 

L C Cheves, secretary 
Superintendent C E Stevenson 
High School R. E. Ozier, prin. 
Music -Mis M S De Vaughn 
Domestic Science Margraret Proctor 

Montlcello, Jasper Co., pop. 1.800. 

Bd Educ D N Harvey, chairman 

G W Hawkins, secretary 
Superintendent W. F Blackmon 

Moultrie, Colqnltt Co., pop. 8,027. 

Pres. Bd Educ. P. R. Pidcock 
City Superintendent J. L. Taden 
High School Ethel Adams, principal 
Music Mrs W R Latham 
Domestic Science Ida Pope Majors 
Physical Training D G Phillips 
Elementary Supv Mrs L G Cox 

Mount Berry, Floyd County. 

Berry School , coll , prep ; agri , mech . boys 
and girls, boarding, non-sect . est 1902. 
Miss Martha Berry. Direr toi 

Mount Vernon, Montgomery Co., pep. 800. 

Biewton -Parker Junior College co-ed , boaid- 
ing. Baptist est 1904, A M Gates. 

Mount Zlon, Carroll County (Rural) 

Mount Zion Seminary, prep ; manual tr'gr , 
nnri domestic arts. M K v* 
Mrs Estella Searles Howard, Principal 

Nashville, Berrien Co., pep. 2,t5 

Bd Educ N A Hull, chairman 

E R Smith, secretary 
Superintendent -W B Gains 
High School J S Robinson, prin 
Domestic Science Tommie Men it 
Music Elizabeth Pharr 

Newnuan. Coweto Co.. pop. 7,037. 

Bd Educ W L. Stalllngs, chairman 

W G Post, secretary 
Superintendent C B Mathews 
High School A M Bowen, principal 
Domestic Science Onetta Varner 

Norcrofts, Gwlnnett Co. pop 1.000. 

Bd Educ George McLanev. chairman 

B F Summerour, secretaiv 
Superintendent F A. Brinson 
GradpH Charles Fitts, pun 

Norman Park. Colqnitt Co., pop. 748 

Norman Junior College. 4-yr. high school, 
yi. junior college, co-ed . est. 1900, Ba 
tist, Paul CarroIl.Pres. 

Ocilla, Iiwln Co., pop.. 3.035 

Bd Educ -W R Mixon, chairman 

G E Pittman, secretary 
Superintendent Alfred L Davis 
High School J. D. Salter. prin 
Oglethorpe University, Suburb of Atlanta 
Ofclethorpe University, degiec courses 
arts and science, co-ed , non-sect 
Thornwcll Jacobs, Pics 

Oxford. Newton Co., pop. 800. 

Palmer-Stone H S C T Stephens, pi in 
Emory at Oxford, academy and junior collet 

couises, men, M E So , est 1836, Georfi 

S Roach, Division Exec 

Palmetto. Campbell Co., pop. 800. 

Superintendent G H Coleman 

Polham. Mitchell Co., pop. 2,640 

Bd Educ A R Baggs. chairman 

W. M Harris, secretary 
Su nei in ten dent G R Portei 
Hiprh School B D King, prin 

Perry. Houston Co . pop. 1,896. 

Bd Edut J P Ethendere, chaiiman 

G W Hukfi, seeretaiy-tieasuiei 
Supt Public Schools J M Gooden 

Forterdale, Newton Co., pop. 2,880. 

Supei in ten dent Maud King 

Quit man. Brooks Co.. pep. 8.015. 

Bd Educ J M Heath, chairman 

D B McDonald setiotaiy 
Superintendent J Harold Saxon 
High School P E Ban on, prin 

Reynolds, Taylor Co.. pep. 1,000. 

Bd Educ H C Whatley. chairman 

W E Marshall, secietaiy 
Superintendent Schools K H Joiner 
High School Mattie Muhselwhite. prin 
Mufeic Mrs E P Hodges 

Klchland, Stewart C*., pop. 1,850. 

Bd Educ Jake Giles, chairman 

H. E. Norman, secretary 
Supci mtendent T E Kichie 
High School W J Dowd. prin 

Rn<-hUe. Wllcox Co . pop. 1 046 

Bd Educ Jim Crumney, chairman 

Hem v Fitzgei aid, aeci etai y 
Supei intciMlent J W Beall 

Rockmart, Polk Co., pop. 8,274. 

Bd Kduc S 1J J^ee, chaii man 

f* (j? Mumlv, sec retary 
Superintendent J A St oggin 
High School C R Butler, prin 
Music Miss Willie Edwards 

Rome, Floyd Co.. pop. 21.848. 

Bd Kiluc --(I T Watts, chairman* 
D A Moore, secietaiy ' 

City Superintendent B J 1 . Quiff 
High School H C Biewer. principal 
General Supervisor Ada Jenkins 




Darlington School, prep for boys, day and 
boarding; non-sect , est 1905, C. R Wil- 
cox, Pres 

Shorter College, girls' boarding, Bapt.. 
Paul M Cousins, President 

iossville. Walker Co., pop. 8.228. 

Bd Educ W D Clarkson. chairman 

O L Sims, secretary 
Superintendent H L. Brotherton 
Physical Training: G B Lelnbach 

loswell, Cobb Co., pop. l,45f. 

B< fcJilut W W Bowen, chairman 

Joseph H Foster, secretary 
Superintendent C W. Eeid 
Higrh School Blanche Johnson, prin 

toycton. Franklin Co., pop. l.BSt. 

Bd Educ S D Brown, chau man 

Jep Wmn, secretary 
Superintendent J F Sosby 
Music Nell Scoggins 
Home Economics Annie Jim Cailton 

andersville, Washington Co., pop. 8,011. 

Bd. of Educ. W. A. Bell, chairman 
Sec Bd Educ Newman Wood 
Supt & Prln H S W Rumble 
Supv Music Mrs D L Cheatham 

avannah, Chatham Co., pop. 85,024, 

ttd Educ Henry Blun, president 

City Superintendent Ormond B Strong 

W W McCune. assistant supt. 

Virginia L Heard, asst to supt. 
High School M M Phillips, prin 
Music (h s ) Lola Stevens 
Drawing Lila Cabaniss 
Domestic Science Louise Whitehuist 
Physical Training Rae Fraser 

Benedictine College, ptep , boys' day. mill- 

taiy, Jl C , est 1902, Stanislaus Bethel, 

Pies, 170') Bull st 
Soorgia State Industrial College (colored), 

manual training and trades, men. state, 

est 1891 Bemamin F Hubert .pres 
Papc Sohool, pirls da> pl.iy school thru 

g-jddo xu, non-sect est 1900 Nina Andci- 

son Pape Pun , Diaytou & Bolton sts 
Richards Business College, bus. and sec'l, 

est 1882, Charles J. Richards, Pres, For- 

syth Park 
Ryan's Business College; bus an* stn ; 

Kiss M E Ryan. Prln 
It Vincent's Academy, girls' day, R C . 

est 1845. Swter M Stella Marts. Dncot- 

K-ss >07 E Liberty St. 

nola, Cowetft Co., pop. 1,111 

M. of Eduo A. P. Carmlchael, chrm 
3uiM*i intriidont Hailand Hams 

irtal Circle. Walt OB Co , pop. 1.22t. 

3d Educ W S McKibben, chairman 

E E Cowan, secretary 
Superintendent M A Knox 
iigh School Gladls Lindsey, prin. 

per ton, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,033. 

3d Educ Will Stallings. chalnnan 

J E Hall, secretary 
Superintendent Lee McDonald 
llgh School L D Langley, principal 

Sparta, Hancock Co., pop* l,SOt. 

Town Supt. C. C. Chalker 

Statesboro, BuIIoch Co., pop. *,*. 

Bd. Educ. F F. Lanler, chairman 

R r Kennedy secretary 
City Schools C E Wollet, supt 
High School Mary Lou Carmichael, prin 

Btllbnore, Emanuel Co., pop. 85t. 

Bd Educ E H Heatih, chairman 

B R Durden, secretary 
Supeuntendent M H Williams 
High School Catherine Moye, prin. 

Btoao Mountain, Dekalb Co., pop. 

Bd Educ W. D Maddox, chairman 

J R Wells, secretary 
Supeuntendent J E Williamson 
High SchoolMrs J. R. Evans, prin. 

Hummer* l|l, Chattooga Co., pop. 4,891. 
Bd Educ B W Farrar, chairman 

B H Edmondson, secretary 
Superintendent John H. Cook 
High Sohool B Hale, prin 
Music Annia Pitts 

Swalnsboro, Emnnaol Co., pop. l.Slf. 

Bd. of Educ. Dr. R. C. Franklin, chairman 

John W Giddens, secretary 
Superintendent W. R. Morris 
High School C C. Cadenhead. prin. 

Bcrevea Co., pop. l,60t. 

Bd Edur W D Sharpe. chairman 

C A Strickland, secretary 
Supeiintendmt C L Miller 
High School Mrs Joseph A. Annis. prin 

Sylvester, Worth Co, pop. 1,4ft. 

Bd Educ W C Tipton, chairman 
Fee Bd Educ R L. Dearlso 

Superintendent Thomas B Conner 
Hig-h Sohool W R Moselpy, prin 

Talbotton, Talbot Co., pop. 1,111. 

Bd of Educ. J. W. Jordan, chairman 
Sec Bd Educ A J Peri-ymsn 
Superintendent H E. Hutcheson 

Tallapoosa, Haralsosi Co., pop. t.Sff. 

Bd Educ I. M Thompson, chairman 

S. Edwards, sec'y-treas 
Superintendent H. A Jones 
High School J Z Morris, pnn. 
Music Irma Heaton 

Tonnlllo. Waahiagton Co., pop. 1.1S1. 

Bd Educ C F Brown, chairman 

W A Daniel, secretary 
Superintendent W W Fowler 
High School E W. Norman, prin. 

Thomaston, Upson Co., pop. 4,926. 

Bd Educ James R Atwater, chairman 

W. B. Adam*, secretary 
City Superintendent Mark A. Smith 
High School R H Taliafero, prin 

Thomas vllle, Thomas Co., pop. 10,381 
Pres Bd Educ E R Jerger 

B B Broughton, secretary 
City Superintendent B. B Broughtoa 
High School H R Mahler, principal 




Thomson, McDnffie Co., pop. ,149 

Bd Educ J. E. Wilson, chairman 

Q. White Jordon, secretary 
Superintendent John H. Morrison 
Hig-h School Edith Ellington, prin. 

Tifton, Tift Co., pop. 8,005 

Bd Educ W W Biyan, chairman 

Julia Short, secretary 
Superintendent G O. Bailey 
High School Homer B. Button, prln. 
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, agric 

and home econ. ; co-ed ; state, est 1933* 

George H King, Pres 

Toccoa, Stephens Co.* pop. 4.602. 

Bd Educ R W. Graves, chairman 

O A Teasley, secretary 
Superintendent J B Cheatham 
Hiph School Paul Worley. prin 
Junior Higrh Sch. Mrs Claude Bond, pun 
Music Mis C M McClure 
Elementary Marie Isbell, prin. 

Trfon, Chattooga Co., pop. 8,280. 

Bd Educ N B Murphy, chairman 
ritv Superintendent Charles E. Bell 
High School J. W. Blevins, prin 

I nadllla. Dooly Co.. pop. 1,008. 

lid Educ D P Holloman, chaiiman 

Einest Shepherd, secretary 
Superintendent H McGouirk 

Union Point, Greene Co , pop. 1,126. 

Bd Educ Frank Bay, ohaiiman 

A J Stewart, secretaiv 
<*ui>ci mtendent G C Nelms 
Music Mrs Edna O'Neil 

Valdosta, I.ownde* Co., pop. 13,482. 

City Superintendent A G Cleveland 

HiKh School J P Mott, prin. 

Emory Junior College, a division of Emory 

Unlv , boys; W. B Stubbs, Assoc , Dean 
Gcorgria State Woman's College, degree couises. 

women, est. 1911; Frank R Reade, Pres 

Vidalia, Toombs Co., pop. 8,584. 

B<1 Educ J E Mercer, chairman 
Superintendent Bela A. Lancaster 
Hiffh School Carl G Renfroe, prin 
Music Fannie Punderburke 
Domestic Science Ixnuwe Stilea 
Manual Training F. D Garrard 

Vienna. Dooly Co., pop. 2,019 

Bd Educ P G Busbee, chairman 

E C Taylor, secretary 
Supeuntcndent J B Burercss 
Hig-h School J B. Davis, prin. 

Villa Rica, Carroll Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd of Educ. T. W. Tolbert, chairman 
Superintendent J H Bowen 

Wadley, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,428 

Bd. Educ F. T. McElreath, chairman 

E J Smith, secretary 
Superintendent J R Trippe 
High School R S Estes, pan. 

Waleaka, Cherokee Co., pop. 170. 

R inhardt Coll , jr coll , h s . voc , music 
departments . M 13 South, flat 1883, 
W M Bratton, President 

Warrenton, Warren Co., pop. 1,118. 

Bd Educ C H. Evans, chairman 

P H DeBeaugrine, secretary 
Superintendent R E Moseley 
Higrh School L. A Jackson, prin. 

Washington, Wllkes Co., pop. 4,298 

Bd Educ B W Fortson. chairman 

Clement E Sutton, secretaiy 
Superintendent H M Tarpley 
High School D. H Hardin, prin 
Domestic Science Mildred Bennett 

WayoroBs, Wore Co., pop. 15,510 
Bd Educ H C Bunn. chaiiman 
Superintendent Ralph Newton 
High School A. R Walton, prin 

Wajnesboro, Burke Co., pop. 3,311 

Bd Educ H W Blonnt. chairman 

J J Johnston, fiec*j-trcn* 
Supeiintendent W T Knox 
IlifiTh School T I, Bolton, prin 

Music Anita Beall 

West Point, Tronp Co., pop. 2.138 

Bd of Educ. W H Hupuley. chairman 
Superintendent W T Harrison 

V* liltTham, Grady <'o , pop tfid 

Bd Educ G B Trulock. 

W C Lane, secretary 
Superintendent Alex Carswell 
Higrh School M J Pexkins. pun 
Music Huby Westbrook 

Wlllacoochee, Coffee Co., pop. l,00t. 

Bd Edue Arthur Evans, chanman 

A R Paulk. secretary 
Superintendent R H Hairell 
Higrh School Iris Carter, prin 

Winder, Barrow Co., pop. 3,330 

Bd Edue H A Caritheis, chairman 

Loy Etheridge, secretary 
High School fr" L, Ivio, prin 
Home Economics Silvia Satterfleld 

IVoodbnry, Merlwether Co.. pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ F A Bartee. chairman 

P E Longino, secretary 
Superintendent T A Carmichacl 

tVrens, Jefferson Co., pop. 1,074 

Bd Educ J J Pilcher, chairman 

B P Avcra, secretary 
Superintendent J S. Warren 

Wright vllfe. Johnson Co., pop. 1.35t. 

Brl Educ Euercne Cook, chairman 

E L. Rowland, secretary 
Supcjintcndent J H Head 
Higrh School Tom Veasey, prin 

Young- Harris, Towns Co., pop. 34*. 

Younff Hams College, junior coll and high 
school ; co-ed ; M E So , T J. Lance, 

Zebulon. Pilce Co , pop 1 ,000 

Bd Edue P M Sullivan, chairman 

C R Gwyn, secretary 
Superintendent J P King 
High School J II C Thomas, pun 
Grades Lida Franklin, prin 



JOHN W. CONDIE, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Boise 

WILLIAM W. GARTIN, Assistant State Superintendent. .Boise 

HOWARD BALLIF, Auditor and Accountant Boise 

DOUGLAS HILTS, Certification Clerk Boise 

PH. SOULEN, State High School Inspector Boise 

WILLIAM KERR, Director of Vocational Education Boise 

LILLIAN NAVRATIL, Supervisor of Home Economics. Boise 

MILO T. MEANS, Supervisor Vocational Rehabilitation Boise 

TOM WATSON, Supervisor of Industrial Education Boise 


MRS. A. A. STEELE, Pres Parma 


CLENCY ST. CLAIR . Idaho Falls 

J. F. JENNY Cottonwood 

JEROME J. DAY .Wallace 

JOHN w. CONDIE, ex-officio 





SCOTT D. LOWE Pocatello Miss GLADYS Ross . ... Murphy 


GEORGE E DEN MAN, President .... 
JOHN I. HILLMAN, Secretary 

. .Superintendent City Schools, Burley 
. . . Boise 


Ada Ida Martm Wain^r, Boise 

Adams Mrs Lula JVkMahan. Council 

Bannock Scott D Lowe. Pocatello 

Bear Lake .. . John W Wng-ht, Pans 
Benewah .... 

.. . Josephine Lisowski, St Manes 

Bingrham William Bartlett, Blackfoot 

Blaine Grover C Sullivan, Hailey 

Boise Iflm. Myrtle Koppes. Idaho City 
Bonner Mis Jesse H Tuck, Saudpoint 
Donueville William S Brighton, Idaho Falls 

County Name and Address 

Boundary . 

.... Alice B Leslie, Bonners Perry 

Butte Ada Van Cleave, Arco 

Camas . . Mrs May Cunningham, Fairfield 
Canyon Minnie A. Davenport, Caldwell 

CJoitiude Fieeman, Soda Springs 
Cassia Mrs Florence Halght, Burley 

Clark Mrs Bess Pollock, Dubois 

t'learwater w 

..Mrs. Vera E. Rank In, Oroflno 






County Name and Address 


Mrs Ploience G Rowleys, Challis 

Mrs. Ida Hergesheimer, Mountain Home 
Franklin John A. Morrison, Preston 
Fremont E Glen Cameion, St Anthonv 
Gem ... Mrs. Alma L. Dolphin, Emmett 
Good ing: Mrs Sadie Keil, Goodmg- 

Idaho Mrs Elta M. Arnold, Grangeville 
Jefferson . I^ee Ormond, Riprby 

Jerome Mrs Nellie Roberts, Jerome 


Beryl McArthur, Coeur D'Alene 
Latah David Ross, Moscow 

Lemhi Edith Mulkcy, Salmon 

Lewis Katherme J McLeod, Nezperce 

Name and Address 

. . Angle Durfee, Shoshoni 

D W Nelson, Rexburi 

Mrs Bertha Nutting. Rupen 

. .Nellie Buckles, Lewistoi 

W E Morse, Jr , Malac 

Gladys Ross, Silver Cit> 

Daisy D Mason, Pajettc 

Nez Perce. 

Mis Violet Butler, Ameucan Fall* 
Shoshonc Natalie Fergruson, Wallace 
Teton Mis Floiencc McDonald, DngrK* 
Twin Falls 

Mis Dons StimUev. Twin Falls 
Valley Mrs Mildred Fry. Cascade 

Washington N J Rice, 


AJbUa, Cassia Co.. pop. 400. 

Bd Educ J B Chatham, chairman 

T H Mahoney, clerk 
High School J B Fridley, prin 

State, Normal School, normal, state, co- 
ed . est 1895, Raymond H Snydei, Pies 

American Falls, Power Co, pop. 1,250. 

Bd Educ J P Melhof, chairman 

C T Cotant, clerk 
Superintendent W E Davidson 
High School Gifford Davison, prin 
Music Mark Hart 
Home Economics Vivian Aims 
Coach J Y Nicolas 

Ashton, Fremont Co., pop 1,022 

Bd Educ E J Kidd. president 
Bd. of Educ H G. Fuller, secretary 
Superintendent Fred ( Brady 
High School James V Lacy, prin 

Blarkfoot. Blnffham Co., pop. 8.000. 

Bd Educ J K Smith, president 

Leon J Chapman, secretary 
Superintendent A E Hirschler 
High School William C Park, pi in 
Music Marjone Albertson 
Band, Orchestra R A Bobbins 
Commercial Carolyn Overstreet 
Home Economics Bculah Berreraan 
Athletic Coach Addington Martlndale 

Boise, Ada Co, pop. 21.546. 

Bd Educ T L Dnscoll, piesident 

Clyde F Potter, secretary 
Superintendent W D Vincent 

High School Z L For, prlii 
Music Judith Mahan 

Ait Wai y HolhiiKshead 

Printing O W Lemon 

Auto Mechanics Warren Adelmann 

LIbrailan Helen Miller 

Athldic roach Datum K Bmghri 

Boise* Business UmveisityJ bus and seel, est 

IO.J'2 Louis F Dichl PIPS 
Boise Junioi College, co-ed . 2-yr toll course. 

mu-n Engpiie B Chaifpe Pics 
Link's School of Business, bus and se^'l 

cst 1900, B C Beothan, Mdiiagei 
t Teresa's Academy, girls' boarding, R 
( , est 1889, Sistei M Alkttc, Supenor 

Bonner'n Ferry, Boundary Co . pop. l.tSf 

Bd Educ E E Fiy, piesldent 

M D Pace, secretary 
Superintenaenl Maurire D Pa^e 
High School Donald Potter, prin 
MUSK- Haiiy Waldcn 
Man Ti'g & Phy Ed Duncan Btanum 

Buhl, Tvxin Falls Co , 1.870. 

Bd Educ W R Hdtfleld, president 

R r Morse, secretary 
Superintendent M M Van Patten 
Junioi H S L Guy Newman, pi in 
Music John Eby 
Physical Training Floyd Bowers 
In termed Grades Mrs Mvrtle Gault, prin 
Piimaiv Grades Mis E E VanHouten 

Biirlev Cassia Co., pop 5,408. 

Bd Educ B O MfCullousrh pietudent 

M W Crouch, cleik 
Superintendent George E Denman 
Music Roetl T Hyde 
Home Economics Rub> Pool 
Shop John U Rencher 
Physical Educ (bo>s) George V Hjort 
Phvmcdl Educ (rirls) Ann 





Caldwell, Canyon Co., pop. 4,087. 

Bd Educ Harry Fro man, president 

Margaret Glpson, clerk 
Superintendent L A Williams 
High School Chailes Robinson, pnn 
Music Lorn E Christiansen 
Domestic Science Annette Jacobson 
Manual Training Lewis Hambltn 
Athletics Charles Robinson 

Beale School of Music, affiliated with 
College of Idaho. Frederic F. Beale. Di- 

College of Idaho; college courses, co- 
ed , Presb ; est 1891 . 
Orma J Smith, acting Pres 

Gem State Academy, co-ed , boarding, 
grades 1-12, 7th Day Adv , W S Boynton, 

Coeur D'Alene, Kootenai Co., pop. 8,346 

Bd Educ T E Powell, president 

B A Games, clerk 
Superintendent G O Fhippeny 
Senior H S H H Campbell, pun 
Junior H S M E Hawk, pnn 
Music (vocal) Pauline Paterka 
Band & Oichestra Ray J Fahringer 
Manual Training B A Harrison 
Athletics Lester B Bobcit* 

Cottonweod, Idaho Co, pop. 76f. 

Bd Educ L Turner, chairman 

W W Flint, clerk 
Supeimtendent Clyde Dawald 
High School A J Malcolm pun 

Culdesac, NerPerce Co., pop. WO 

Bd Educ Pete Zimmerman, president 

Harry Palmer, clerk 
Superintendent Fenn Emerson 
Athletics Bay Powell 

Kmmott. Gem Co , pop. 2,763 
Bd Edue L L Moore, president 
Herman Werle, secretary 

City Superintendent C Elmer Roberts 
High School Howard Andrews, pnn 

Junior H S Forrest V Stewart, principal 

Filer, Twin Falls Co., pop. 1,012. 

Bd Educ Ernest Dexter, president 

C W Macaw, cleik 
Superintendent W C Nuzman 
Hig-h School Earl Ramsey, prin 
Music Clinton Luke 
Home Economics Ruth L. Blown 

Genesee, Latah Co , pop. 1,2ft. 

Bd Educ R E Nordby, piesident 

Mahlon Follett, cleik 
Superintendent E S Suenkel 
High School Jay M Joyce, pi in 

Glenn's Ferry, Klmore Co., pop. 1,408. 
Bd Educ- M H Coon, president 

Benjamin F Hairlson. clerk 
High School J J Buoholz. prin 
Music Wilma Mitchell 
Home Economic fa Madeline Williamson 
Athletic Coach Kenneth Barrett 

Ooodlng. Goodlng Co., pop. t.200. 

Bd Educ William Pyle, president 

P G Hill, clerk 
Superintendent M W Tate 
Music W. S Berryessa 
Home Economic* Mrs M Fouls 
Athletics A. F Bergr 

Idaho State School for the Deaf and the 
Bhnd, P C Potts, Supt 

GrangerlUe, Idaho Co., pop. t,00t. 

Bd Educ A N Dyer, president 

Alton D Crowe, clerk 
Supeiintendent Emery D Doane 
High School Arthur D Jones, pnn 
Music Georgia G McMaster 
Band Jack Snodgrass 
Home Economics Martha Wed in 

Iffalley, Blalne Co., pop. 1.400. 

Bd Educ Hassell Blankenship, president 

A A Lambert, clerk 
Superintendent E G Foster 
Grades Lela Montgomery, prin. 

Harrison, Kootenai Co . pop 1,100. 

Bd Educ George Hull, president 

Grace Flatt, clerk 
Supeilntendent Ben F Lowe 

Idaho Falln, Bonnevllle Co., pop. 9.886. 

Bd Educ G B Crabtree, piesident 
Stanley Crowley, clerk 
Superintendent W W Chnstensen 
Senior High School R M Berry, pnn 
Junior High School O E Bell, pnn 
Music A L Gifford 
Athletics Glenn Jacoby 

Jerome, Jerome Co , pop. 2,553 

Bd Educ W C Clajpool, chairman 

Charles Welteroth, clerk 
Superintendent H M Shoun 
High School Harold Robats, prin 
Mimic Gustav Flechtner 
Home Economic** Kathleen Goodwin 
Athletic Coach John Norby 

Kellogg, Shoshone Co.. pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ C E Bradshaw, chairman 

Mi a Alice Hague, clerk 
Supeiintendent John M Booth 
High School Emory Bran*, prin 
Junior H S Bertha D Forbes, prin 
Music Glenn Exum 
Home Economics Frances DuSault 
Athletic Coach Judson Cutting 

Kendrlrk, Latah Co., pop. 700. 

Bd Educ H C Schupfer, chairman 

Lester D Crocker, clerk 
Superintendent T M Lyle 
Music Carolyn Boos 

Kimberly, Twin Falls Co, pop l.OOO 

Bruce Requa, clerk 
Superintendent L A Thomas 
High School W Frank Waruei. in in 
Music Richard Smith 
Ait Cora Baggs 

Manual Trainings Harold Brodhead 
Home Economics Bessie Dillon 
Athletics J V Thompson 





Lewtrton, Nei Peree Co., pop. 9,268. 

Bd. Educ. R B. Defenbach, president 

F C Brown, clerk 
Superintendent Glenn W Todd 
Senior High School Lenus L Carlson, prm 
Junior High School C C Lame, prm. 
Music J Boss Woods 
Art Margaret Johnson 
Manual Training Elmer Leaf 
Home Economics Josephine Kmcaid 
Athletic Coach John Vesser 
Librarian Ina Carlson 

Lewtston Business College, bus and sten , 

Fred L Ulen, President 
State Normal School, normal; tat*, ee- 

ed . eat 1893, J E Turner, president. 

Markay, Custer Co., pep 800 
Bd Educ H H Collins chairman 

Marie Weber, clerk 
Superintendent Ray L Harker 
Music Prod Westenfeld 
Manual Aits Clyde Bridger 

Malad City, Oneida Co., pop. 2,585. 

Bd Educ H E Thomas, chairman 
James B Jones, secretary 

Superintendent Karl G. Maeser 

H G Garrard, asst & el em supv 

High School Earl Maeser, prm 

Music C L Ratchffe 

Home Economics Anne Haberly 

Elementary Supv W W Thomas 

Athletic Coach Howard Berg 

McCammon, Bannock Co . pop 600. 

Bd Educ Vcrl Hall, president 

Leo O Hanson, secretary 
Superintendent David W. Thomas 
Music A Hollis Grange 
Home Economics Fern Fisher 

Meridian, Ada Co., pop 615. 

Bd Educ Z E Burnham, president 

O. M Laing, clerk 
Superintendent S L. Hughell 
Music Vina Jasper 
Home Economics Helen Mills 
Manual Training Kchin D Haitwcll 

MTontpeller, Bear Lake Co.. pop. 2,488. 

Bd Educ J B Bruce, chairman 
Sidney E Buigoyne. secietary 
Superintendent A J Winters 
Music Wesley Baker 
Mechanic Arts Lorenzo Swensen 
Home Economics Kathryn Mumm 
Physical Education W J Taj lor 
Physical Educ (girls) Louise Philpott 

Moscow, Latah Co., pop. 4,415 

Bd Educ L R Scott, president 

Weldon Schimke, secretary 
Superintendent Fulton Gale 
High School T H Correll principal 
Home Economics Luella Williams 
Music Verne Wilson 

University of Idaho, comprises the College 
of Letters and Science, of Agriculture, of 
Engineering, of Law. School of Mines, 
of Education, of Forestry; of Business Ad- 
ministration, Junior College; Graduate 
School: state univ. ; co-ed.: est 1889, M. 
G Neale. Pres 

University of Idaho. College of Agriculture. 
Edward J Iddings. Dean 

University of Idaho, College of Engineer- 
ing, courses in civil, electrical, mechan- 
ical, and chemical engineering, 
Ivan Charles Crawford. Dean 

University of Idaho, College of Law (Idaho 
Taw School), state, co-ed, est. 1909. 
Pendleton Howard, Dean 

University of Idaho School of Mines, geol- 
OKV. mining and metallurgy, est 1917. 
Aithur William Fahrenwald, Dean 

University of Idaho, Graduate School, 
Charles W HunBferford, Dean 

Uni\ersitv of Idaho School of Education, 
co-ed . J F Messenger. Dean 

University of Idaho School of Forestry 
D\\jgrht S Jeffers, Dean 

University of Idaho. Tumoi College, 
Thomas S Kerr, Dean 

Mountain Home, Elmore Co , pop. 1.6ft. 

Bd K'luc James Spoffard pM'vdent 

E W Lattimore. olerk 
Supenntendent O D Colo 
High School I D Sullivan, prm 
Mubio J G Watkins 
Music Mabel Buttars 
Athletic Coach J I Monastano 

Mnllan. Shoshone Co , pop. 1.000 

Bd Educ J B Ncwbim, pi evident 

William MoCullousrh, clerk 
Superintendent Elmer E Wilson 
Music Charles Salt 
Home Economics Ethel Huseth 
Industrial Arts George Wall 
Athletic Coach Jack Irvin 

Nampa. Canyon Co.. pop. 8,098. 

J3d Educ H E Myer, president 

Gertrude Miller, clerk 
Supetintendent John E Walsh 
High School C C Co\Un. principal 
Junior H S P C Dixon, prm 
Muic J A Winther 
Manual Training Keith Leatherwood 
Domestic Science Blanche Waterman 
Athletic Coa<h Victor Wetrel 

Northwest Nazarene College, coll liberal 
arts, ncademy enm'l, music, co-ed 
est 1914; Russell V DeLongr, Pres 

Nrz Ferce, Lewis Co., pop. 677 
Bd Educ. H. J. Sundahl, president 

James Painter, clerk 
Supeiintendent Paul F Dempsey 
High School Clarence Anderson, prin 
MUSK* Verona Wolff 
Home Economies Hannah Bo/aith 

Oakley, Cassia Co., pop. l.ttf. 

Bd Educ Edward Warr. chairman 
Charles S C1irk. clerk 





High School J. A. Mercer, principal 
Music Kendrlck Hawkes 
Athletics Monroe C Cranney 

Oroflno, Clear water Co., pop. 1,000 

Bd Kduc L G Beeson, president 

Frank Gaffney, clerk 
Superintendent J L, Houx 
Music Martha Jean Rohtoprg- 
Orchestra Ray Hinkly 
Physical Education Douglas Cordon 

Paris, Bear I*ake Co., pop. 006. 

High Sen Bd Ernest W. Allred. president 

A G Pendrey, clerk 
Superintendent A W Stucki 
Music Irwin Jensen 
Home Economics Deleliah Keller 
Woodworking N. R. Budge 

1'arma, Canyon Co., pop. 700. 

Bd Educ R H Young 1 , president 

Mis Cleora C Fisk. clerk 
Superintendent Irvin W Lane 
Music C W Albertson 
Music (mbtr ) Barnaul Albertson 
Home Economics Evelyn Sparks 
Phyuoal Tiaming Mdik Maxwell 

Payette, Pajette Co., pop. 2,512 

Bd Educ E Li Freehafer, chaiiman 

W R McClure, clerk 
City Superintendent W S Stephenson 
Music -CldUde Snydcr 
Band J Stoner 
Homo Economics Nellie Taj lor 
Manual Tiaimng L E Goodwin 
Athletic Coach Charles F Gill 

Pocatello, Bannock Co., pop. 16,852 

Bd Educ Fied A Burton, chairman 

Chestei Wells, clerk 

Lee A Blackmei, business managei 
Superintendent E Noiman Vaughn 
Senioi High School G N Green, prln 
Junior High School E W. Harold, pun 
Junior H S W S Curd, prln. 
Elemental y Educ C H Bond 
Music H L Fa w sou 
Domestic Arts Ruth G Dana 
Unlveisity of Idaho. South'n Bianch. co-ed , 

John R Nichols, Executive Dean 

Poet falls, Kootenai Co., pep. 750. 

Rural H S Bd E L. Brugger. secretary 

Hiyh School G O Kildow, supt 

Music Ray Fahrmger 

Home Economics Mis Maty Eisenhauer 

Manual Tr'g, Athletics Andiew F Baker 

Giades Howaid McGinley, pun 

Preeton, Franklin Co., pop. 3,878. 

Bd Educ. S. S. Evans, president 

Velma Cottle, secretary 
Superintendent R F. Campbell 
Music Harold C. Christensen 
Household Arts Alta Hirst 
Physical Education Blanche Boudrero 
Physical Education Joe Johnson 
Librarian Lucy Cutler 

Rathdrum, Kootenai Co., pop. 1,000. 

J R M. Gulp, clerk 

Superintendent Harold J. Evans 
Band. Orchestra Harvey Flanstrarg 

Grades Murrel Hansen, prin 

Rexburg, Madlaon Co., pop, 8.087. 

Bd Educ S J. Skelton, chairman 

E S Stucki, clerk 
Superintendent E S Stucki 
Music Evan ChristenHen 
Household Arts Olive Anderson 
Athletic Coach L G. Biddulph 

Ricks College, junior college; education, 
business, engineering, co-ed , L D S , est 
1888, Hyrum W Manwarmg, Pres 

Rlgby, Jefferson Co., pop. 700. 

A T. Johnson, clerk 
Supcuntendent Ross T. Rowe 
Home Economics -Viola Guidinger 
Music J D Montague 
Physical Education Donald Hugh Fuller 

Rupert, Minidoka Co., pop. 2,000 

Bd Educ H M. Cole, president 

Velma Morgan, clerk 
Supetintendcnt H M Carter 
Hjrfh School R D Armstrong, prin 

Music Geoig-e Catmull 

Home Economics Esther Wohllaib 
Athletics Edgar Lacy 

St. Anthony, Fremont Co., pop. 2,455. 

Bd Educ Hugh Davis, president 

F D Farnsworth, clerk 
Superintendent M Ray Thomas 
Music i Dean Baird 
Domestic Science Melba Olben 
Athletics Ralph W Harding 

State Industrial Training School, for de- 
linquents, p] O Cook, Supt 

St Maries, Benewah Co., pop. 1,600. 

Bd iSilut William D Keeton. chairman 

Howaid Olin, clerk 
Supeiintendent L T Baiker 
Mubic Melvin Done 
Manual Arts C. E Davis 
Home Economics Maude Roberts 
Giades Velva E Harding, prm 

Salmon, Lemhl Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ W W. Simmonds, president 

Mrs Nellie Sorenson, clerk 
Superintendent G E Sunderlin 
Music Florence Tracy 
Phy& Educ (boys) Charles Herndon 

Sandpolnt, Bonner Co., pop. 8,29O 

Bd Educ Lawrence Moon, chairman 

Lester W Ramsey, clerk 
City Superintendent L. O. Robinson 
High School Warren Avery, prin 
Home Economics Lou O'Meara 
Manual Arts Lester W Ramaey 

Shellev. Bine-ham Co., pop. 1,228. 

Bd Educ -Soren Torgensen, cb airman 

J Ivan Jensen, secretary 
Superintendent H. G. Garrard 
Music J D. Christensen 
Home Economics Evelyn Carlisle 
AthleticsWilliam Hall 






hoshoaa, LlMcola Co., pop. 1,800. 

Bd Educ Emmett Kelly, chairman 
Hit hJduc Mia Koa JLJ liauduck, sec'y 
Superintendent II F Willmorth 
Band, Orchestra W. S Berryessa 
Home Economics Helen E Wilcox 
Athletics- Lam be it T Dolphin 

Spirit lake, Kootenal Co., pop 1,000 

Bd Educ Francia Berry, president 

Cl>de .Smith, cleik 
Superintendent Dare C DeBeaumont 
High School Paul Cioy, pun 
MUMC Tom Armour 

fmr. latah Co.. pop 750. 

Bd Educ Hairy Campbell, chairman 
Mrs Marv I. AJcComb, cleik 
Supermtendent-*--Ralph Peterson 
Home Economics Alma Almquist 

Twin Fall*, Twin FalU Co, pop. 8,788 

Bd Educ' George J Ward, piesident 

E F Stettlor, clerk 
"mi iintrnfient \V B Smith 
High School H D Hechtner, prin 
Music Lloyd E Thompson 
Band ft Orchestra J. T. Balnbrldgs 
Art Eva Martin 

Home Economic 1 * Juanita SutcliflC 
AthlelicB R V Jones 
Librarian Stella Hlbbard 

Link's School of Business , acc'g and sec'l 
co-ed . B C Beetham. Manager 

Wallace, Shoshone Co., pop. 8,529. 

Bd Educ James K Bean, chairman 

Ida Chandler, clerk 
Superintendent Will J Jones 
High School Charles Chedzoy, pi in 
Music Philip B Coiy 
Home Economics Olive B Anderle 
Manual Training Elmer B Moe 
Athletic Coaah Melvin Ingiam 

Weiser, Washington Co., pop. t.717. 

Bd Educ John Fageratedt, chairman 

E W Horner. clerk 
Supeiintendent V H Kimbtough 
High School I P Patrick, prin 
Music A C Potter 
Domestic Aits Elma Senn 
Athletics C L McCluie 

Intermountain Institute, prep and manual 
tr , co-d , boarding, non-sect , est H9t; 
E A Paddock. Pres 

Wendell, Gooding Co, pop. 664 

Bd Educ E J Parr, chairman 

Honrv D Jackson, clerk 
Superintendent H F Downey 
Giades Elbcrt Hawley, prin 

Ueftleyan, Gooding County 
Goodlng College, college, academy, music, 
commercial, co-ed , ME , est 1917, 

Waltoi F Shaw, Pies 



JOHN A. WIELAND, Superintendent of Public Instruction Springfield 

CHARLES C STADTMAN, Coordinator of Division of Supervision Springfield 


T A. REYNOLDS, Legal Adviser 

O. F PATTERSON, Chairman, Northern District 

OTIS KEBLER, Chairman, Southeastern District 

E. S SIMMONDS, Chairman, Southwestern District 

E L COBERLY, Chief, Division of Statistics 

RUSSELL R. TRIPP, Supervisor of Text-Books and Publications 


JOHN J. HALLIHAN, Chairman Director Registration and Educ., Springfield 

JOHN A. WIELAND, Secretary State Superintendent, Springfield 

WALTER W. MCLAUGHLIN Director of Agriculture, Soringfield 

K L. AMES Director of Finance, Springfield 

MARTIN P. DURKIN . ... Director of Labor, Springfield 

\orvnov4L Ki>rc vriox STVFF 

J. W THOMPSON. Supcrvi^oi Induct ual Education 
J E HILL, Supervisor Agricultmal Education 
AD\H H HESS, Supciviboi Home Economics Education 


JOHN A. WIELAND, ex-officio, Chairman . State Superintendent, Springfield 
C H EN OLE, Secretary Springfield 


JOHN A. WIELAND, ex-officio, President State Superintendent, Springfield 
litMN'G V PE\RSO\ T , *SVv'?/ Rockfoid WALTER E BUCK, Manager . Virginia 


F. M. WINBIGLER, Pres. Monmouth ANTHONY MIDDLETON, Sec.Treas.. . 



SAMUEL K. WILSON, President . . President, Loyola University, Chicago 
TIMOTHY LEHMANN, Secretary -Treasurer President, Elmhurst Col., Elmhurst 


FRANK A. JENSEN, President. . . LaSalle-Peru Twp. High School, LaSalle 
ROBERT C. MOORE, Secretary Carlinvillt 


FRANK A. JENSEN, President LaSalle-Peru Twp. High School, LaSalle 

W L GARD, Secretary Superintendent City Schools, Beardstown 

RALPH E STIUNGEK, Pres Robinson J. E BLUE, Sec.-Treas . .. .Rockford 

LEO W CHULOCH, Pres Maywood A D. MCLARTY, Sec . Springfield 






Name and Addresi 


Name and Addrem 

Adams William D. Mitchell, Qumcy 

Alexander .. Lawrence D. Hinkle, Cairo 

Bond D. E. Sims, Greenville 

Bootie F. C. Keeler, Belvidere 

Brown . Fred Nations, Mt. Sterling 

Bureau Floyd French, Princeton 

Calhoun Cuba M. Tureman, Hardin 

Carroll Lawrence Brudi, Mt. Carroll 

Cass Walter B Buck, Virginia 

Champaign E. M. Harshbarger, Urbana 
Christian... Cloyd Wright, Taylorville 
Clark . . J. R. Hornbrook, Marshall 

Clay O. C. Anderson, Louisville 

Clinton Mary Brown McQuade, Carlyle 

Coles Harlan Beem, Charleston 

Cook Noble J. Puffer, County Bldg., Chgo 
Crawford . . John Nuttall, Robinson 
Cumberland William I. Birdzell, Toledo 
DeKalb . . Warren Hubbard, Sycamore 
DeWitt. . . Mrs May Porter, Clinton 
Douglas . Luther J. Black, Tuscola 

Du Page L V Morgan, Wheaton 

Edgar .. . . Russell Stephens, Paris 

Edwards R. M. Ring, Albion 

Effingham . . .E B Tucker, Effmgham 
Fayette .. . Kenneth Greer, Vandaha 
Foid . . F F Scatterday. Paxton 

Franklin . Elmer Swofford, Benton 
Fulton R V Cordell, Lewistowii 

Gallatin M M Davis, Shawneetown 

Greene . C. A Whiteside. Car roll ton 
Giundy . . Anna L Ondesco, Morris 
Hamilton M L Hunt, McLeansboro 
Hancock Arthur E Decker, Carthage 
Hardin Clyde L Flynn, Ehzabethtown 
Hendeibon . C S Apt, Oquawka 

Heniy... .W. W. Tucker, Cambridge 
lioquois W E Richison. Watseka 

Jackson . L. K Etheiton, Murphysboro 

Jasper Merle D. Yost, Newton 

J efferson 

Raymond A Lovln, Mt. Vernon 
Jersey .. .Charles Daniels, Jersey ville 
Jo Daviess .Frank L Burns. Galena 
Johnson Lloyd B Robertson, Vienna 

Kane E Earl McCoy, Geneva 

Kankakee .... 

Clarence J Kennedy, Kankakee 

Kendall .. ..C E. Vandeveer, Yorkville 

Knox J. D McKIbben, Galesburg 

Lake W. C. Petty, Waukegan 

LaSalle .. William R. Foster, Ottawa 


E C Cunningham, Lawrencevill* 

Lee . ... L. W. Miller. Dixo 

Livingston H W. McCulloch, Pontia 

Logan E. H Lukenblll, Lincol 

Macon r*ora B Ryman. Decatu 

Macoupin Karl Kerstein, Carlinvill 


Francis M. Scott, Edwardsvill 

Marion Paul P. Chance, Salen 

Mai shall Ozell Stateler, Lacoi 

Mason A. R. Smith, Havani 

Massac... Luther L Evers, Metropolis 
McDonough . C. C. McCormick, Macoml 

MtHenry Mrs. Ethel Coe, WoodstocJ 

McLean. William Brigham, Bloomingtoi 
Menard E. M Augsburger, Petersburf 

Mercer Fred G. Close, Aledc 

Monroe . . . Oscar A. Schmitt, Waterloo 
Montgomery. .Walter F. Grotts, Hillsborc 
Morgan.. Victor H. Sheppard, Jacksonville 

Moultrie Albert Walker, Sullivan 

Ogle W. L. Pickering, Oregon 

Peoria John A. Hayes, Peoria 


. . J. Harley Hammack, Pinckneyvllle 
Piatt ...Charles Mclntosh, Monticello 

Pike Homer L. Johnson, Pittsfield 

Pope Belle Parkinson, Golconda 

Pulaskl . .Marvin W. Webb, Mound City 
Putnam Thomas N Kennedy, Granville 

Randolph R. O Finley. Cheater 

Richland .. Earl H Hostettler. Olney 
Rock Island 

Floyd A. Shetter, Rock Island 

Saline . ..W. B. Westbrook, Harrisburg 
Sang-amon. . J. Ed. Taylor, Springfield 
Schuyler .... Orvall Briggs, Rushville 
Scott . ...Paul R. Blansett, Winchester 

Shelby W. F. White, Shelby ville 

Star k . . . . C E. Griffith, Toulon 
St. Clair .Erwin H. Runkwitz, Belleville 

Stephenson Thomas Pfisterer, Freeport 

Tazewell F. R Isenberg, Pekin 

Union.. Russell D. Rendleman, Jonesboro 

Vermilion L. A. Tuggle, Danville 

Wabash.... Justus A. Gibson, Mt. Carmel 
Warren.. .Frank Winbigler, Monmouth 

Washington C. A. Reeder, Nashville 

Wayne.... Leonard F Sanford, Fairfield 

White Harry Puntney, Carmi 

Whiteside H B Price, Morrison 

Will E. F. Booth, Joliet 

Williamson Don C. Moss, Marion 

Winnebago. .Irving Pearson. Rockford 
Woodford ...Herbert L. Dyar, Eureka 






Abingdon, Knoz Co., pop. S,7l. 

Bd. Educ. B W. Crumbaker, president 

G R Lawrence, secretary 
City Superintendent 8 E. LeMarr 
High School George W. Bennsr, prin. 
Music Grace Edwards Green 
Home Economics Mildred E Hewitt 
Athletics R W Johnson. 

Illinois Military School; preparatory, high 
school, and grades; boys; boarding; mili- 
tary; Clyde R. Tcrryt 

Albion. Edwards Co., pop. 1,584. 

Bd Educ Louis Fieber, president 

Ferdinand Schock. secretary 
Community H S Lee V Matheny. prin 
Music Oral Harris 
Domestic Science Catherine Parks 
Commercial Blanche Haefele 
Athletics H. J. Hutchins 

Alede, Mercer Co., pop. t,56t. 

Bd Educ O F. Domey, president 
Mrs C E BJorkman. secretary 
Superintendent L O Flom 
High School Edwin H Arford. prin. 
Music Bernice McDaniels 
Home Economics Dorothy Tennery 

Roosevelt Military Academy, college prep and 
lower school, boarding, non-sect , Earl J 
Stouffer, Supt 

Alexis, Warren Co., pop., 829. 

High Sch Bd W. E Hamswald, president 

John Armstrong:, secretary 
Community H S Gerald W Smith, prin. 
Grades Hazel I Nelson, pnn. 

Co., pop. 1,7M. 

Bd Educ. Charles Blakely, president 

C C McCormick, secretary 
Community H. S Ralph B Casey, prin 
Music Mary Louise MoCord 
Home Economics Georgia Stibbins 
Grade School* Mile* B Mill* prin. 

Alto Fans, Union Co., pop. 501. 

Bd Educ J I. MInton, president 

Daniel Regain, secretary 
High School J E Chapman, prm. 
Music George Caaper 
Grades Louie Davis, principal 

Alton, Madison Co., pop. 80,142. 

Bd Educ Gilson Brown president 

G. A. McKinney, secretary 
City Superintendent W R Curtis 
High School C. C. Hanna, principal 

Dtnsmore Wood, assistant principal 
East Junior H S C. C Hanna. prin 
Roosevelt Jr H S Raymond Ready, prin 
Supv Music Mary Magulre 
Manual Training George C. Ritcher 
Domestic Science Jane Henry 
Commercial Laurel Enochs 
Stenography Norm a Bartholomew 
Physical Tr'tr (boys) Ray Jackson 

Shurtleff College; college liberal arts and 

music, com'l; co-ed.. Baptist: est. 1827; 

Paul Lamont Thompson, President 
Ursulme Academy, grades thru high school, 

girls; day, Catholic, est 1859, Mother 

Josephine, Superior 
Western Military Academy; boys' boarding, 

est 1879. Ralph L Jackson. Pres 

Amboy, Leo Co.. pop. I.to0. 

Bd Ed (gxadet.) M A Sohuctto, piesident 

W L Bet ry man. secretary 
Superintendent R A Remboth 
Junioi High Sch Mi s Jobephiue McGee, prin 
High Son Bd L S Griffith, president 

W A Keho. secretary 
Twp High Sch W I. DeWees, pi in 
Music Elizabeth Lee 
Home Economies Viola Stranch 
Manual Tr'g, Coach James Domlnetta 

Anna, Union Co., pop. 8,486. 

Bd. Educ G A Hill, Jr , president 

R H Rudolph, secretary 
City Superintendent -R. C. Walker 
High School Bd Oliver Alden, president 
Com'ty High Sch. Bdson Smith, prin. 
Home Economics Irene Orr 
Music Harold Bailey 
Physical Educ (boys) Ray Duncan 

Edur (gnls) Edna T Gordon 

Antlorh, Lake Co., pop. 77ft. 
Bd Bduc G. R. White, president 

Helen Osmond, secretary 
High School TJ O Bright, principal 
Music Hans Van Halwede 
Industrial Arts Melvm Stillson 
Horn* Economic* Ruby Hlchey. 
Grades R E Clabaugh, prin 

Arcola, Douglas Co., pop. t,ltt. 

Bd Educ George L Pfelfer, president 

John C. Munson. secretary 
City Schools Chffoid St John supt. 
Township H S F A Wilson, prin 

Arenrvllle. Cn** Co , pop. 518 

High Sch Bd Hai old L Wittc, president 

A C Bolle. clerk 
High School Homer Dahman, prin 

Argenta, Macon Co., pop 519. 

Bd Educ )olm Bop, secretary 
High School Verne D Amacher, prin 
Band Sarah Miner 
Giades C M Thompson, supt 

Arso-Summlt, Cook Co., pop. 6,553 

Bd City Schls M Ferentchak, president 

Charles M Beigel, secretary 
Superintendent C. B Barrett 
High Sch Bd Herbert Swanson, pres. 
Frank Brodmcki, secretary 
Argo-Summit H S. Charles E. Wingo, prin. 
Music Bethuel Gross 
Manual Training Floyd G. Curl 
Home Economics Grace Steadry 





Arlington Heights, Cook Co., pop. 4,986. 

B i Ucluc 1> A Noyes, pieSideut 

E D Whitmore. secretary 
City Superintendent E D. Whitmore 
High Sen Bd William Mueller, prea 
Hig-h School A M Conger, pirn 
Music Donald G Costain 
Home Economics Caiey Clar 
Manual Trammgr John L Grose 

Armlngrton, Ta/evtell Co.. pop 350 

Bd Edue John Atteberiy, pie&ident 

Joe Israel, secretary 

Grade Schls Lawrence Atteberry. prln 
Township H S Albeit M Tayloi, prin 

Armstrong, Vermilion Co , pop 400. 
High Sch Bd Charles Gilbert, prea 

L M Burd, clerk 
High School A F Lawrence, prin 

Aahlaad, C*M Co., pop. 1,40. 

High Sch Bd T W Doolin, president 

R F Mau, secretary 

Community H S Kenneth C Pittman, pi in 
Mu&ic Dorothy Giau 
Grades II W Tnmpe, supt 

Ashley. Washlagtoa Co.. pop. 1.100. 

Bd Educ William Foehr, pieaident 

Chailes Logran, Sr . secietaiy 
Township II S Harrv T Keen, pi in 
Home Economics Florenee Hunt 

A M!I more. Coles Co , pop 548. 

Bd Educ John Kcgley. piemdent 

G D Wright, sooetaiy 
Supeimtemlcnt O II TrVdiiH 

Atthton, Ixse Co , pop. 779 

Bd Educ C R Root, president 
Bii Kduc Faust Royd. sectetary 
Superintendent John A Torrent 
High School Jean E Nelson, prin 
Music (instr ) C H O'May 
Music (vocal) Muriel Yeneiich 
Home Fconomics Mary Lee Hurt 

lunmptloa. Christian Co., pop 1,760. 

Bd Educ C C Owens, president 

R L Wenipen, secretary 
City Schools C W Wvsonpr, svipt 
Hisrh Sch Bd H J Harpold, president 

Mrs Leo LaRochelle Hecretarv 
Township High School E C Coatney, prin 
Music Margaret Scott 
Home Economics Helen Johnson 
Athletics Frank Chisevsky 

irtorla. Fnltna Co.. pop. 1,700. 

Bd Educ L L Hoopes, president 

Dale Bucy, secretary 
Superintendent T w Everitt 
Superintendent T W Everett 
Home Economics Mary Kathryn Poster 
Athletic Coach Gilbert Everly 

Ithens, Menard Co., pop. 1,535. 

Bd Kduc T L Cdiitiall, piehident 

G S Van Wormci, seoietaiy 
Community H S James O. Austin, prin 
Household Aits Maiy Jeanette livun 
Music Louise Rickard 
Band Alfred T Purseglove 

Atkinson, Henry Co , pop 778. 

Bd Educ Eli DeReu, president 
Bd Educ Owen Nicketson, secretary 
Supciintcndent M E Hulling 
Physical Tiaiiung A Ii White 

Atlanta, Logaa Co., pop. 1,150 

Bd Eciuc Oscar Mountjoy, piesident 

Isaac Dtigby. secretdiy 
Community H S C H Wright, prin 
Music Ksther Knowles 
Band & Orchestra A. W. Larlson 
Coa-h 11 u pert Pine 

Auburn, Sangamon Co., pop. 2,660. 

Bd Ed (erudeb) Rea Campbell, president 

Edgar Haiiib, secretary 
Supl (Blades) \Villiain T Hnke 

High Sch Bd G W Hamilton, president 
Township H 8 Thurman H. Bare, pi in 

Band. Oichtstia, Joseph Smdelai 

Home Economics Marion Drennan 

Hancock Co., pop. 1,160. 

(Jrade S< h Bd W B Robinson, president 

Jolin M^ad sectetai> 
fiades B Q Hoskinson, pi In 
Hiyh Sth Bd F VV Bea id, piesident 
Community H S M P >'ullmpi. pun 
Music C W TVceb 
Home P< ononiic s Viiffinia Wear 

Aurora, Kane Co., pop. 46,568. 
Kant bide 

Bd Educ Olney C Allen, president 

Edna, M Rollins, secretaiv 
Supeuntendent K D Waldo 
High School O V Walters, prln 
Junior H S Vivian Fuller, prin 
Supervisor Music Margaret C Pouk 
Band Master M W Rosenbarger 
Manual Training A. C Bloodgood 
Domestic Science Gertiude Not man 
Drawing Jessie Shirlev 

commetcial Jay L Hunter 
Stenography Veionlea O'Neil 
Printing- Haiold W Matthews 
Physical Director Glen C Thompson 
PMsioal Dm<toi (jritls) Bernice Cooi>er 
(Jiade Supv Mable O'Donnell 

UV.t Side 
Bd Educ James E Harley, piesident 

Helen Leiffh, secretary 
Superintendent Carl E Larson 
Hrh School Raymond D Meade, pi in 
Music Wayne Hert? 
Band H H Nlgro 
Ait Helena Sauer 
Building TradesC. L Koyl 
Domestic Science Esther Ballard 
Physical Direotoi (boys) Ralph Rea 
Phybical Director (girls) Ruth Foster 




Aurora College, liberal arts, music, Biblical, 
co-ed , Christian Adv . est 1893 , Theo 
Pier&on Stephens, Fres 
Jennings Seminary; girls' boarding; If. B., 

est 1859: Mrs Mma Malek, Supt 
Marmion-Fox Valley Prep for Boys; classical, 
academic, and com'l courses; boarding, 
military; Catholic, est 1889; F. Norbert, 

Metropolitan Business College, branch of 
Chicago school, L. H. Wilton, Manager. 

Avon, Fulton Co.. pop. 1.06f. 

Bd Educ M B Hunter, president 

Fannie Carr, secretary 
City Superintendent J. T. Reeve. 
Supervisor Music Donna M. Hatch 
Band M. W. Parker 

Harrington, Cook Co., pop. 8,208. 

Bd. Educ P. L. Anderson, president 

W. D. Datterrer, secretary 
City Superintendent Ermam S Smith 

Music Adelaide Swing 

Man. Tr'g, Mech. Drawing Lee T. Smiley 

Athletics Paul Clark 

Barry. Pike Co., pop. 1,7ft. 

Bd Educ Stanley Lease, president 

B B Watson, secretary 
City Superintendent M B Platz 
High School C B Sweet, pi in 
Music Roberta Mae Butcher 
Band V. Sellers 

Batavla, Kane Co., pop. 6,500. 

Bd Educ. G O. Kerfoot, president 

Raymond Lai son, secietary 
ritv bupeilntendent H C Storm 
Prin High School J. B. Nelson 
Band Paul Peebles 
Manual Trammer R L Beady 
Home Economics Helen Brauns 
Athletics (boys) A C Bostic 

Beardstowa. Caa Co.. pop. 9.191. 

Bd Educ Lee Northcutt, president 

Dr C E Soule. secretary 
Superintendent W. L Gard 
High School P. W. McAllister, prin. 
ftupv Musie Mrs W. Q. Smith. 
Band E H Swift 
Home Economics Elda Greve 
Manual Training Clyde McQueen 
Physical Educ (grills) Virginia Noble 

Reason, Logan Co., pop. 350 

Community H S Victor C Manley, prin 
Home Economics Low Eventt 

RHleflower. McLean Co. pop. 44? 

Township H S Hairy D Allen, pi in 
Music Pauline Carroll 
Home Economics Mary Strubinger 
Grades June W. Price, prin. 

Belleville, St. daJr Co., pop. 8,808. 

Bd Educ Henry C. G Schrader, pres 
City Supeilntendent H V Calhoun 
Prin Twp. H 8. H. O. Schmidt. 
Junior High School L A Butts, prin 
Primary Supervisor P. M. Tiley. 

Music Ernst Daab. supervisor. 
Art Mary E Hyde 
Health Edyth Hausmann 
Physical Education Aithur Herman 

Belleville Commercial and Shorthand Col- 
lege, bus and sten . est 189S 

Immaculate Conception Academy, girls' 
boarding; R. C.; Sister M. Magdalen. 

Bellwood, Cook Co., pop. 4,001 

Superintendent M. E Hattenhaur 

Belvldero, Boone Co., pop. 8,114. 

Bd Educ S H Wiight, president 

Hal F. Greef, secretary 
City Supeiintendtmi K. E Garrett 
Assistant Supt Elizabeth B. Harvey 
High School Martha A. Lindquist, asst 


Music, Band C. F. Gates 
Manual Training Virgil E. McAhster 
Com'l Louise Lawrence. 
Athletic Dir. (boys) Victor Baumgartner 
Athletic Director (girls) Vanessa Werth 

Bement, llatt Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd Educ Kov Veech. president. 

Ray Siders. secretary 
High School H E Slusser, prin 
Music. Band, Orchestra A H. Trickey 
Home Economics Ruth Ponder 
Athletics Edward Snavely 

Beald, Macoupim Co., pop. 1,012. 

Bd Educ (giades) John Gaddo. jr. pres 

John W Chullck, secretary 
Grades George V Harry, supt. 
Bd Educ (h. B.) Alex Young, president 
Township H S F A Bertettl. prin 

Benton, Franklin Co., pop. 8,205. 

Bd Edu< (giades) Claud Clark, piesident 

T C Davis, hecretary 
Grade Schools Charles M Johnson, supt. 
High Sch Bd W. B. Johnson, president 

Pete R. Ruth, secretary 
Township High School Floyd Smith, prin. 
Mumc Maiy P McKee 
Band Amman Roberson 
Home Economics Mary Webb 
Manual Tr'g-, Coach L J Foulk 

Berwyn, Cook Co., pop. 47,005. 

Bd. Educ. John p. Krivanek, president 

E. W Martin, secretary 
Supt. Dist. 100 E* W. Martin 
Music Marie Wait 
Art Yelma Stevenson 
Primary Supervtnnr Alta Mclntlre 
Supt Dist 98 William Hawkes 
Lincoln Jr H S Iva J. Crisp, prin 

Bethany, Moultrie Co., pop. 848. 

Bd Educ Charles E Kiss, president 

Elmer Mdlwam. secretary 
Township H. S. R. M. Strain, prin. 

ilandlnsvllle, McDoneugh Co., pop. 1.100. 

Bd Educ -George Prettyman, president 

William N Farris, secretary 
Higrh School L P Dechow, supt 
Grades Eima Farris, prin 





Bloomington, McLean Co., pop. 80,015. 

Bd Educ Boy A Ramseycr, president 

Sec Bd Educ Mattie Bishop 

Superintendent James Armoiu Lindaay 

PrincipAl High School W A Goodier 

Elementary Supv Ruth G Clendenen 

Music Helen Rothpeb 

Music (inst ) Arch L MacGowan 

Art M Maude Smith 

Manual Training John V Hileman 

Domestic Sci (h * ) Pora Munson 

Domestic Sci (grades) Kathenne Boyer 

Brown's Bloomington Business College; bus 
and sten . est 1890, Elmer L Hubble, 

Illinois Wesleyan University, comprise! 
College of Libeial Aits. School of Music, 
School of Niusmsr co-ed , M E , est 
18 r 0, H W McPherson, President 

Blue Island, Cook Co., pop. 16,509. 

B<1 Educ J C Joens, piosident 
Community H S H L Richards, supt 
Music Rolhn Pooler 
Band Spencer Wallace 
Domestic Science Louise Logue 
Manual Tiaimng C E Lindley 
Commercial B E Froblsh 
Athletics H C Bberhart 
Junior H S C B Price, pi in 

Blue Mound, Maron Co . pop 881 

Bd Educ (city) H C Shults, president 
Bd Educ (city)-!) B Davidson, sec 
Supei intendent Everett McCullev 
Bd Educ (h s ) E F. Dunbar, president 

Haldane W Bean, secretary 
High School Haldarie \V Bean, principal 

Bonrbonnalft Kankakee Co . pop 620 

St Viator College , liberal arts, science, com- 
merce, men, RC , est 1868, Edward V 
Cardinal, Pres 

Bradford, Stork Co.. pop 915 

Bd Educ (elem ) H Velde, pieuldent 

Mrs L S Nevltt, clerk 
Town Schools R C Edmundhori prm 
High Sch Bd B L Breen, president 

r,vnne T Nevitt clerk 
High School R C Edmundson, prin 

Sallie Vanzant, assistant prin 
Domestic S. lerice Winifred Orantham 

Bradley, Kankakee Co., pop. 8,043. 

Bd Educ Earnest A Bade, piesirlent 

Arthur Hayes, secretary 
Hirh School R P Welkcr, prin 
Band C W Torode 
Home Economics Carrie O Ryan 
Manual Tr'g, Coach James A Cook 

Brldgepoit, Lawrence Co., pop. 2,315. 

B J K<lu< l>r Schrader, president 

C M Lewis, secretary 
Grades Charles P. Martin, supt 
Twp High School E. B. Henderson, prin 
Music Darrell Parker 
Home Economics Beulah Alt 
Manual Training* F A Koertge 
Commercial M B Thompson 

Bunker Hill, Maconpln Co., pop. 1.046 

Bd Educ T A Welch, president 
Bd Educ. A. H Wise, secretary 

Supei intendent Fi anklm Rich 

Biiflhnell, McDonough Co., pop 8.506 

Bd Educ R E Lybarger, president 

May Biady. secretary 
Superintendent M M White 
Band C E Olinger 
Home Economics Vera Dolbow 
Athletic Coach A G Babcock 

Byron, Ogle Co., pop. l.tOO. 

Bd Educ Clarence Emeiv 

Raymond Hoffman, secretary 
Hiph School A R Young, pi in 
Music Lloyd D Pfoff 

Cairo, Alexander Co., pop. 13,525. 

Bd Educ W E Cummins, president 

Waltei B Warder, vecietaiy 
Superintendent Leo C Schultz 
Hisrh School (colored) J. W Butler, prin 
Prin Junior H S Maude Ehlman 
Musir- Verbena Dunlap 
Manual Ait* L D Jenkins 
Home Economics Meta C Vanvactor 
AthleticH C K Cole 

Calumet Cits, Cook Co., pop. 12.276. 

High Sch Bd John Huck, president 

Theodore Maciejcwski, secietary 
High School- -A V Lnckhart. principal 
Music- Harold J Christian 
Domestic Science -Wilma Buikle 
Manual T nnlnr Frit/ T Nelon 
Physical Tr'gr (boys) Wilber Petree 
Physical Tr'gr (girls) Adeline C Jaack 
C.rade Dist 155 Eric Brown, supt 
(.i<uie Dist 156 H C Wysong, supt 

Cambridge, Henry Co , pop. 1.S45. 

Bd Educ Frank H Wilson, president 

J A Horberg. secretary 
High School Harlcy N Rohm, supt 
Muic Paulino Record 

Camp Point, Adams Co., pop. 1.266. 

Bd Educ H O Henry president 

John Hoke secretary 

Community H S L, H Hollmeyer, prin 
Home Economics Rena Hodgens 

Canton, Fulton Co., pop. 11,751. 

Bd Educ J C Simmons, president 

A C Shepley. secretary 
Super intendent Ben KicUman 
Hurh School Oliver Rapp prm 
Muic fclem ) Elonor WiKon 
Band, Oichestia Fred D Walker 
Manual Truninp 1 Harold Tohnson 
Domestic Science Opal O'Brien 
Stenography Helen Tuttle 
Mech Draw & Printing L B King 
Physical Training: Paul Holiday 
Elementary May me E Snyder, supv 

Carbondale. Jackson Co.. pop. 7,521. 

Bd Educ^ H W Patterson, president 

R L Clemens, secretary 
Community TT S John H Ketrme, nnn 
Music C W Calhoun 
Manual Tiaiiung Leo FIUUCM 





Lib! arian Erin Lasfliter 

Grades J Raymond Hoffnei, snpt 

Southern Illinois State Normal University, 
teacher tr'g course*, co-ed , est 1874. 
Koscoc Puiham, Pres 

Carllnvllle, Maconpin Co , pop. 0,212. 

Bd Edue (grades) C J ILumpkin, prea 

D E Sexton sectetaiy 
City Superintendent H J Blue 
Bci Kduc (h a ) C T T^mnpkin, president 

William Schoenherr. secretary 
High School H J Blue, principal 

Maigaret Murphy, asst prin 
Music Martin Breymann 
Household Science Mary Harney 

Blackburn College; coll : co-ed.: Presb , 
est 1895, Wiliam M Hudson, Pres 

Cariyle, Clinton Co.. pop. 2.127. 

Bd Educ .Jordan Fink, piesident 

Theo H GIOSK frocietaiv 
Superintendent Albert E Schniepp 
Music LaVergne Schuster 
Band Travel (fne Schuster 
Alhleticfl O R Barkdoll 

Carml. White Co . pop 2,833 

Bd Edu< Matthew Land, pirsulent 

Elvis Eik man, secictary 
City Supt Mrs Maude B Chalfant 
Twp High School Henry J Karen, prin 
MURIC Kenneth Stilv^ell 
Home Economic* Mamie Heald 
Athletic Coach E J Harrington 

Carrier HflHs, Saline Co , pop 2,343 

Ud Educ W L Motsinsei, pi evident 

J H Pitman, secretary 
Superintendent Arthur Trammell 
Assifitant Supt Kenneth Phillips 
Higrh School Lowell Flenfr, asst pun 
Music Carol Fugrate 
Domestic Science Mary Mathis 

CarroIltoB. flroeae Co., pop. 2.355 
Bd Educ P A Daum, president 

C L Smith, secretary 
High School Abel Hanson, principal 
Home Economics Lcsah Jouctt 
MUSK Virginia, Men ill 
Physical Training Olin W Stead 

Carterville, Williamson Co., pop. 2,866 

Elem School Bd R M Winning, piesidrnt 

T A Gannon secretary 
Grades Ottis McMahon, supt 
High Sch B T M Hill picsulrnt 

L E Watson secretary 

"nmmuniti H S Elbeit FulUerson. prin 
Music -Tiene Watson 

Carthago, If an cork Co.. pop. 2.500 

Bd Edu< W C EldM'lt, piesident 

Thomas F Dunn, secretary 
Supeiintendent E R Rogers 
Prin High School Ida J Helfrich 
Band, Orchestra Lester S. Munneke 
Manual Training Byron West 
Home Economics Lydia Krauss 

Carthage College; coll : co-ed : Luth. ; 
1870, Rudolph Sehulz, Jr , Pres 

Caner. Clark Co.. pop. 2,000. 

Bd Educ (grades) A M Darnels piesident 

C S Fostei, secretary 
<liades--C C Green, supt 
Music Arlette Blum 
Bd Educ (h s ) Claude McKean, president 

H C Partlow, secretary 
Township H S J Bruce Buckler, prin 
Music Or ville Hawkins 
Home Economics Margaret B Jones 
Manual Aits Eugene C Gordon 
Physical Ti'er, Coach P E Acker 
Libi arian Mane Emrich 

Ontralia. Marion Co.. pop. 12,491. 

Bd Dist 135 Fred "L Pfaff, piesidont 
Citv Superintendent R V Jordan 
H S Hd .J C Heyduck, sec'y 
Township H S Oscar M Corbell, prin 
Dean of Girls Dorothy Jennings 
Hand Otchestra C Scripps Beebee 
Afanual Tiaimnfif Harry I-utz 
Domestic Science Verna Mae- Helm 
Physical Educ (boys) A L Tiout 
Physical Ednc (srirls) Jane Whelan 
librarian Veia Goesslinj? 

Brown'a Business College, bus and itoa , 
est 1897: J H Slekman, Prin 

Orro Gordo, Platt Co , pop. 1,003. 

Bil Ethic Doisev M HendnckR, piemdent 

C J Wrisrht seeretarv 
Superintendent Thomas A Ertwarrl* 
Community H S Thomas A Edwards, pun 
Domestic Science Ada Burkholder 

Champaign, ChampRirn Co . pop 22.985 

Bd Educ T C Dallenbach, president 

Mrs Bessie H Russell, secretary 
Superintendent V L, Nickell 
High School C W Allison, prm 

Elennoi H rhaffee vir e-prin 
Timioi H S A L. Thomasson, prin 
Music Mendel Rilcy 
Att Edith Walker 

Industrial & Voc'l Educ Ernest Simon 
Household Science Helen K. Stark 
PV>v Training fhovs) Tester Mover 
Physical Ti'g (girls) Doris Meneolv 

Brown Business College, bus and iten. 
co-ed . non-sect ; est. 1900; T R *lop 
kin*. B A . Prin . Main and Neil Rt 

ChandlerTllle. Cans Co., pop 1.050. 

Mrs C W Amont, secretary 
Titv Superintendent W W Mullen 
High Rch Bd Fred Kirchner secretary 
r'ommunftv H W W Ritchie, prin 
Musn- Esther Hamand 

Clmilenton, Cole* Co., pop. 8,004. 

Bd Educ J W G anna way president 

A E Traisr, eoretarv 
Superintendent Urban B. Jeffries 
High School Vick I* Langford, prin. 

Marvin Smith, asst prin 
Music Isabel Ruehrmund 
Band Byron C Hopper 





Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College , 
normal, co-ed , state, eat 1899; 
Robert O Buzzard, President 

CbAtswcrth, Llvtortt** C. v pop. l,tM. 

High Sen Bd W. E Coidmg, president 
Townshio H S W A Kibler, prm 
Band J E Clifford 
Grades Addis Gard. supt 

Cheaoft, McLean Co., pop. l.Blt. 

Bd Educ D N Stutzman, president 

V H Ballinger. sectetary 
Community H S William L Da vies, prin 
Band & Orchestra E Li Meeker 
Home Economics Marcia Johnson 
Librarian Maxinc Umphenour 

Cheater. Randolph Co., pop. 8,921. 

Bd Educ H. F. W Juergens, president 

John A File, secretary 
Superintendent W R Lowry 
High School L V Krutslnger, prm 
Music Ophelia Hack 
Band Fueda Duncan 
Home Economics Kathryn White 
Chicago, Cook Co.* pop. 8,*75,82. 

Board of Education 
228 North LaSalle Street 
Bd Educ James B McCahey, president 
Frank H Landmesser, secretaiy 

Business Officials 

Business Manager Howard P Savage 
Purchasing Agent Chust A Jensen 
Audltoi Hany H Biackett 
Chief Engineer John Howatt 
Architect John C Chris tense n 
Attorney Richard S Folsom 
Supt Bureau of Supplies fedwin J Arnold 
Secretary Frank H Landmesser 
Lunchrooms F O Washam, Director 

Educational Department 
William H Johnson. Superintendent 
William E Pooie, Special Assistant 
James E McDade. Asst Supt 
George F Ca*jsell, Asst Supt 
Minnie E Fallen, Asst Supt 
Frank L Beals, Asst Supt 

Dlfttrirt Superintendent* 
John W Bell, 5000 N Glen wood Avc 
Nelhe C Hudd, 2245 W Jackson Blvd 
Harry Keeler, 6130 S Lincoln St 

Elementary School q 
Mary I Reynolds, ^539 f.race St 
Lillian Tobm, 2714 W Augusta St 
Taroslav T Zmrhal. 2819 W 21st PI 
Daniel J Beeby, 8101 S LaSalle St 

Board of Examiners 
William H Johnson, Chairman 
Henry S Crane. Secretary 

Special Supervisors and Directors. 
Assignment Office- 

Elizabeth A. Morrison, in charge 

Elizabeth Wells Robertson. Director 
Bureau of Child Study 

Grace E Munson. Diiector 
Commercial Work in High Schools* 

Benjamin J Knauss, Director 
Compulsory Education 

W L Bodine, Superintendent 
Educational Expenditures: 
Alfred H. Clarke, Director 

Household Arts 

Frances Swain. Director 

Louis V Newkirk, Director 

W F Mouison (Col ) 

Helen Howe, Director 
Music (Instrumental) 

Oscar W Anderson, Supeivi&oi 
Physical Edumtion 

Augrust H Pritzlaff, Diiector 

Herman J Finoher. Director 
Research and Building Survey 

Don C Rogers, Director 
School Clerks 
Genevieve Watson 

E E Lehr, Educational Depaitmcnt 
Visual Education Division 

Paul E Edwards, Supervisor 


Amundsen High Sch. 5110 N Damen Ave ; 

Harry C MoKinsio, Principal 
Austin High School, 231 North Pine Avenue 

Wilbur H Wright. Principal 
Bowen High ctehool 8^th and Manlstee. 

O^ear F Fbwler, Pimcipal 
Calumet High School May St and 81st, 

John A Baitky. Pun 

Ciane Technical High School, 2245 W Tack 
son Blvd Henry H Hagen. Principal 
Du Sable High School, 4030 S Waba.h A^e 

Chauncey C. Willard, Principal 
Envlpwood High School Stewart ani C2nd, 

Frank G Biuner, Pimcipal 
Farragut High School, 2329 Turner Avenue, 
Petrr B Rit/ma, Principal 
Fenger High School. 11220 Wallace St , 

Fredeiick W Schacht. Pimcipal 
Flower Technical High School, N Central 

Park & Fulton. Sophie A Theilgaard, Prm 
Foreman Hi eh School. N Lavergne & School 

St ; Nellie F Ryan, Principal 
Harper High School, 6520 S Wood st . 
Arthur G Deaver, Principal 
Hat risen Technical Hijrh School 24th and 

Mai shall Blvd John P Maoleai. Prm 
Hirsch High School, E 77th & S Ingleside, 
Atthtir M Nichelson, Pimcipal 
Hyde Park High School i2nd snd Stony 

Island Av . Toscphs F Connelly. Principal 
Kelly High School, 42d St & California av . 

Isabella Dolt on, Prm 

Kelvyn Park High? School, 4^43 Wrightwood 
av Rose A Pesta, Principal 
Lake View High School Ashland and Irvine 

Park Blvd . Olice Winter, Prin 
Lane Technical High School, 2501 W Addison 

St ; Charles E. Lang, Principal 
Lindblom Technical High School, 6130 S Lin- 
coln St , Butler Laughlin, Principal 
Manlev High School, 2935 W Polk st ; 

Thomas J Crofts. Prin 
Marshall High School. Adams and Keicle 

George A Been, Principal 
McKlnley High School. Adams an* Hoy no, 

Caroline L Reilly, Principal 
Hedlll High School. 14th PI. near Throop. 

Walter Shea, Prin. 





Morgan Park Hiprh School, 1744 Pryor 

Ave., Eston V. Tubbs, Principal 
Patker High School. b8th and Stewart, 

Nolhe M Qumn, Principal 
Phillips High School, Perahing rd and Prairie. 

William J Pagre, Pi in 
Phillips High School. 4934 S Wabash A\c , 

Chauncey C Willard. Principal 
Roosevelt Hifth School. N Kimball & Wilson, 
Tames T Gaffney, Principal 
Schutz High School, Milwaukee and Addl- 

son, Thomas C Johnson, Principal 
Benn High School. Glen wood and Ardmore 

Av . David M Davidson. Prin 
Stemmetzs High School, Barry & Wellington 

Ave , Darnel F O'Hearn, Pirn 
Sullnan Ilisrh School, 6631 Bosworth av , 

Herbeit C Han^en. Pun 
Tilden Technical High School, 4.74.7 Union 

Ave . Charles J Lunak, Principal 
Tuley High School Claremont and Poto- 
mac. Ha/5el T Still man. Prin 
Von Steuben Hrh School, S039 N Kimball 

Ave , Vaiian M Shea, Principal 
Waller High School. Orchard and Center 

Douglas P Van Bramer, Prinicpal 
Wells Hierh School, 936 N Ashland Ave . 

Paul R Pom P. Pun 

Citv Junior Colleges 
Hcrzl Junior College, 3711 Douglas Blvd. 

Dorph Brovin, Dean 
Wilson Junior College, 6800 Stewart Ave , 

Veine O Graham. Dean 
Wi igrht Junior College, Coi nelia St and Austin 

A\e ; William II Conley, Dean 

Academy of Our Lady, girls' boarding, 
R C , est 1876. Sisters of Notre Dame. 
96th and Throop 

American College of Physical Education, 
courses for physical directors and play- 
gtound*. co-ed . ost 1910. C O Carl- 
strom, Pros. 1003 Diveisi>y Paik\va\ 

American Ooirservntory of Music, mus , 
est 1886, Karleton HacUtt, Piesident, 
S04 : Wnbash 

American School; correspondence couises in 
high school, Diesel, air conditioning, engi 
necring, law, commercial, est 1897, James 
McKmnev, Educational Direct, 58th &. 

American School of Home Economics, cer- 
resp. courses in cooking candv making, 
e^t 1904, Maurice Le Bosquet, Directoi 
850 E 58th St 

Armour Institute of Technology. Mechani- 
!. Electrical Civil, Chemical and Flie 
Protection Engineering:; Architect e , Sci- 
ence; day and evening, Willaid K Hotch- 
kiss, Pies, 33rd & Ficderal sts 

Art Institute of Chicago Att School 
courses in di awing, puntitiff. illustialton 
sculpture, industiu) design, ach ei tiding and 
printing design, interim aichitccturc and 
dcioiation. diess design, tetanius, tiuttnal 
ait education, est 187**, Robtit H 11 at she. 
Duector, Michigan & Adams 

Balatka Academy of Musical Art. all 
blanches of music nd dnmatle art. 
Anna H Balatka, Director. ftOfi S Wabanh 

Balatka Musical College, mus ; est 187t, 

Chr F Balatka, Direct 01, 431 S W abash 

Baptist Missionary Training School; theol 
iv< missionaries, women, boarding, Bapt , 
est 1881, Alice W S Brimson, Principal. 
2969 Vernon 

Bethany Biblual Seminary, theolog}, mis- 
sionary ti'g, Bible teachers courses, 
chuich music, Church of the Brethern, 
lo-cd, est 1905, D Webster Kurtz, 
Pies, 3435 W Van Buien st 

Boyd's Shorthand School . sten. and bus , 
c&t 1902. Robert Boyd, Puncipal. 04 W 

Boyesen School, girls' boarding and youni 
boys, Christian Science, Augusta Boye- 
sen. Principal. 4816 Drexel bird 

Branch School of Englneeilng. resident and 
correbp courses. Joseph G. Branch. Pres . 
TU7 South Parkway 

Bryant it Stratton Business College, bus 
and sten , est 1856, F W Hazleton. 
Manager, 18 S Michigan av 

Bums School of Music , piano, voice and 
drama, est l')04, M Rose Burns. Direc- 
tor. 342 W 65th 

Calumet i onseivatoiv of Music snd Dra- 
matic Art. est 1*908, Edwin L, Stephen, 
Pres , 11331 Michigan av 

Chicago Academy of Fine A its, art. co-ed , 
est 180Q r'arl N Werntz. Director, 
18 S Michigan Ave 

Chicago Business College, bus and sten , 
coed , est 1889, Walter D Harm, Pres, 
190 N State 

Chicago Chiistian College, co-ed , minor coll . 
music com*l, hjjrh school, Picderick H 
Wo/eman Pies, 71st & May Sts 

Chicago College of Commeice, bus and sec'l, 
Bcnj F Belhs, Pies , 62nd PI & Halsted 

Chicago College of Dental Surgery Dental 
Department Loyola University, men. eat 
1881. William H G Logan, Dean, Wood 
A Harrison 

Chicago College of Naprpath> . est 1909. 
Oakley Smith, Pres. 1628 W Jackson 

rhlcTgo College of Osteopathy co-d , est 
1891 , R N MacBam, Dean, 5250 Ellis Av 

Phi* ago ("olleRfe Preparatory chool Indi- 
vidual insti action , co-ed . Musetta Prots- 
man Pi in. 159 N State St 

Chicago Conservatory; mus co-ed eat 
1884, Edgar Nelson, Pres, 306 S Wabash 

Chicago Evangelistic Institute, practice 
school for evangelists and missionaries. 
Church music, interdenominational co- 
ed , Mis Iva Durham Vennard, Pres, 
17 r i4 Washington Iil\d 

Chicago Eve. For. Nose and Throat Col- 
lege, post-graduate, men; est 1897, Oscar 
B Nugent, Chief of Staff, 231 W Washing 

Chicago Fine Arts Conservatory of Music. 
H R Iloaie, Diiector, 1640 Melrose st 

Chicago-Kent College of Law iaw. co-ed , 
e?t 1888. Webster H. Burke. Dean, 
10 N Franklin st 

Chicago Latin School, boys' prep . dav, 
lames O Wood, Head Mastet, 1531 N 
I>eaiborn st 

Chicago Law School; law; co-ed ; est 
1896. J J DuBofs. Chancelloi 

Chicago Medical School, co-ed , est 1912 
G. Henry Mundt. Pres., 710 S. Lincoln it. 





Chicago Musical Collar* ; mus ; sst lf7; 
Rudolph Oanz. President, 64 East Van 

Chicago Musical Seminary, all branches, vo- 
cal and instrumental. Marie Greer MacDon- 
ald, Pres.. 3905 W Madison St 
Chicago Normal College, city teachers' 
training school, co-ed , ent 1871 
Verne O Graham, Pres , 68th & Stewart 
Chicago Piano College; mum , sat. li6, 
Harmon H Watt. Director. S04 8 
Wabash . 

Chicago School of Expression and Dramatic 
Art; Letitia V Barnum, Director, 410 S 
Micnlgan ave 

Chicago School of Nursing", one-year home 
study course, William Schulze, President, 
100 Ohio St 

Chicago school of Watchmaking, course* in 
watchmaking, engraving, jewelry repairing, 
stone setting: est 1908; Thomas Sweazey, 
Prm , 155 N Clark st 

Chicago Teachers' College; kindergarten-pri- 
mary tr'g sen ; women; Mabelle B Blake. 
Director. 504 Wnghtwood Ave 
Chicago Technical College, arch , eng 
drafting and designing courses day even- 
ing, and correspondence, est 1904, Charles 
W Morey, Pres , 118 E 26th St 
Chicago Theological Seminary; co-educa'l , 
Cong , est 1858, Albert W Palmer. Pres 
5757 University av 
Chrlstensen School of Popular Music; Azol 

Christensen, Director, 306 S Wabash 
Columbia Business college bus and sten . 
Charles Thompson, Pres , 4726 Irving 
Park Blvd 

Columbia College of Speech Drama and 
Radio ; co-ed ; Herman H Hegner, Pres , 
16 S Michigan 

Columbia School of Music, music and dram 
art, co-ed , est 1901, Arthur Kraft, Pres, 
6038 Sheridan Rd 

Commercial Art School. lesident and home 
study courses: W F Bay. Pies. , 110 S 
Michigan Ave 

Cosmopolitan School of Music and Dra- 
matic Art. Shirley Qandell. President 
308 S Wabash Ave 

Coyne Electrical School, practical courses 
in engineeiing. elects icity. est 1899, Ben- 
nett B Cooke, Director, 500 S Paulina 

Cultural Review School normal review, co- 
ed, est. 1905: O M. Heath. Principal. 
154 N state M 

De La Salle High School, boys, scientific 
com'l, and general POUTRCR R C , est 
1889, Brother H Basil. Diieotor 3453 
Wabash Ave 

D Paul University, comprises College of 
Liberal Arts, of Sciences; pf Law: of 
Education, of Music and Drama, of Com- 
merce, Secretarial School, the Academy 
Catholic, est 1008. Michael J O'Donnell. 
Pres . Webstei A Osgood 

De Paul University College of Law. day 
and evening, co-ed.; est. 1897. William F 
Clarke. Dean. 64 E Lake Street 

D Paul University College of Commerce: 
Comerford J. O'Malley, Dean. 04 E Lake 

Bnglewond Business College, bus and 
sec'l; B. F. Bellis, Pres, 735 Englewood 

Englewood Conservatory; music; est 1904 
Albert H McConnell. Director. 741 Boris 
wood av 

Ephpheta School for Deaf and Dumb; pri 

vate, girls, boys under 14. Anna A Cul 
len. Pi in, 3150 N Pulaski Ed 

Faulkner School, girls, college prep ; est 
1909, Elizabeth Faulkner, Prm , 4746 Dor 
Chester Av 

Girls Latin School of Chicago, coll prep 
day, non-sect , est 1888; Elizabeth Sin 
gleton. Headmistress, Scott & Stone sts 

Greer College of Trades, shop courses in re 
fngreration, air conditioning, auto mechanics 
welding, Diesel, aviation mechanics, radio 
Erwm Greer, Director, 2024 S Wabash 

Gtegg College, secretarial and business 
est 1896. John R Gregg, Pres, 6 N 
Michigan ave 

Harvard School for Boys, boys' prep.; day, 
non-sect , est 1876. Charles B Pence 
Elsie Schobmger, Prms , 4731 Ellis Ave 

Hebrew Theological College, tr'g school foi 
rabbis; est 1021. Saul Silbcr. Pres. Doug 
las Blvd & St L.OUIB Ave 

Hemphill Diesel Schools, day, mgrht and home 
study courses , Chicago, New Yoi k, L< . 
Angeles. Seattle, Vancou\er 

Herzl Junior College . co-ed . city. Doi /h 
Brown. Dean. 3711 Douglas Blvd 

Holy Angels Academy, giils, R. C.; 646 
Oakwood Blv 

Holy Family Academv; select school for 
Polish children, est 1892, Sistci M Aloy 
81 us, Supciior. 1446 W Division St 

Illinois College of Commerce. Benjamin F 
Bellis, Pun . 3260 W. Madison St 

Illinois College of Chiropody and Foot Surer 
cry. three-yeai couise, William J Stickel 
Dean, 1327 N C'aik 

International Accountants Society (a divi- 
sion of Alexander Hamilton Institute), 
toriesp courses in professional acct'g. 
est 1903, John T Madden. Pies. 3411 S 
Michigan ave 

John Marshall Law School; law; ce-e*.; 
est, 1889. Edward T Lee, Dean, 315 
Plymouth Court 

Junfpninum Academy. R C. girls' boarding 
and day. Sisters of Christian Charity, 
1(16 N Oakley Ave 

Kindred Arts Srhool, dram art. music and 
dancing eit 1918. Blanche Irene Ray, 
Director 6928 Wayne av 

La Snlle Kxtennton l T nlvrnIty . cournes In 
accountancy, law. business management, 
salesmanship, public speaking 1 , tiafflc and 
ti anspoi tation , resident and eorrespon 
denoe. William Bethke. Educational Di- 
icctoi Michigan Ave at 41 t St 

Lewis Institute courses in civil, electrical, 
and mechanical engineering, home eco- 
nomics business administration, educa- 
tion, day and evening-, co-ed . non-sect : 
est 18. Dugald C Jackson. Jr. Director, 
Madison and Damen 

Loretto Academy, girls' . R C , est 1905. 
Ladies of Loretto. 6541 Stewart av 

Lorlng School: girls, non-wet . eat 187, 
Cecilia Russell, Prm , 10650 Long-wood Di 

Loyola Arademy for Boys; prep, R c 
est 1ft OP; James A. Meekell, Headmaster 
Sheridan rd. ft Loyola ave 





Loyola University; comprises Graduate 
School. College of Arts and Sciences, 
Downtown College; Schools of Commerce, 
of Law, of Medicine, of Dentistry, of So- 
cial Work; St. Ignatius High School, Loy- 
ola Academy. Catholic, Jesuit Fathers, 
Samuel K. Wilson, Fres , 6525 Sheridan 

Loyola University Graduate School; Francis 
T Gerst, Dean, 28 N. Franklin St. 

Loyola University School of Law; three- 
year course, evening sessions. 30 to 9; 
co-ed ; st. 1908; John V. McCormlck, 
Dean, 28 N. Franklin 

Loyola University, Collegre of Medicine, co- 
ed , L D Moorheud, Dean, 706 S Lin- 
coln st 

Luther Institute, academic, commercial, dom- 
estic science, music, dramatic art, co-ed , 
Lutheran ; est 1909 ; J C Anderson, Pres , 
120 N Wood St 

HacCormac School of Commerce, co-ed., 
eat 1902; Mrs. Mary B MacConnac, Fret.. 
1170 E 63rd st 

Maclean School, vocal art. expression, dra- 
matic art, languages, dancing; Juan C 
Maclean, Pres , 25 E Jackson 

Meadville Theological School, Unitarian, 
men, est 1844, Sydney Biucc Snow, 
Pres. 5701 Woodlawn Ave 

Mendelssohn Conservatory of Music; vocal 
and instrumental music, est. 1906, CarrU 
Scott. Director. 306 S Wabash av 

Metropolitan Business College, bus and 
sec'l, est 1873; O M. Powers, Pres 
Loop School 37 S Wabash Ave 
Lake View School: Lincoln & Paulina 
Milwaukee Av School 1954 N Westcin Av 
Garfield Park School 9 S Crawford Av 
Englewood School 304 W 63id St 
Roseland School 11024 S Michigan Ave 

Moody Bible Institute, for the training of 
Christian workers, co-ed , Interdenomi- 
national; est 1886; Will H Houghton, 
Pres , 153 Institute Place 

Morgan Park Military Academy, boarding, 
non-sect , est 1873, Harry Delmont 
Abells. Supt. lllth and Hoyne are. 

Moser Business College, day and evening, 
Munson. Paul Moser. Prln , 116 S Michi- 
gan ave 

Mundelem Collegre, women, liberal arts, R C , 
Sisters of Charity, B V M ; Sister Mary 
Consuela, Pres , 6363 Sheridan Rd 

National Business College, est 1918, Joseph 
P Degan Pres , 3944 Lincoln av 

National Collegre of Chiropractic, degree 
coin sen, co-ed ; William Schnlze, Pres. 20 
N. Ashland 

North Park College, Jr coll . ac'd'y. theol . 
music, co-ed . est 1893. Swedish Evang 
Mission. Algoth Ohlson, President, Kedzi* 
and Foster 

Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, 
oo-ed . est. 1013. William Law Ferguson, 
Pres , 3040 Washington Blvd 

Northern Illinois College of Optometiy, 
oo-ed. est 1872. W B. Needles. President. 
4043 Drexel Blvd 

Northwestern Business College; bus and 
sec'y; J. F h, Prin., 2639 N. Kedzie 

Not th western T nlverslty Dental School; 
co-ed ; est. |I; Arthur p. Black, Dean 

Northwestern University Law School; law; 

co-ed , est. 1859, Leon Green, Dean 
Northwestern University Medical School; 
men, est 1859, Irving Samuel Cutter, 

Northwestern University School of Com- 
merce, co-ed . est 1908, 
Northwestern University, Medill School of 

Journalism, co-ed , est 1920: 

William B Slaughter, Educ'l Adviser 
Northwestern University, University College 

(evening) , Samuel N Stevens, Director 
Parker School, Francis W ; prep ; co-** 

Raymond W Osborne, Prin , 330 Webster 
Pestalozzi Froebel Teachers College; nursery 

school, kindergarten, primary; women; est 

1896, Herman H Hegner, Pres. 616 

S. Michigan 
Plerson Business College, bus and sten , est 

1910, I W. Pierson, Pres, 1105 Lawrence 
Presbyterian Theological Seminary, men, 
est 1830, John Timothy Stone, Pres., 

858 Chalmers Place 
Providence High School ; girls ; day ; R C ; 

Sister Mary Geraldmc, Prin , 119 S Central 

Pullman Free School of Manual Training, 

electricity, drafting-, auto mechanics, machine 

shop work, commercial subjects; co-ed , 

Urban G Willis, Prin, 250 E lllth St 
Quigley Preparatory Seminary, prep theol , 

men. B C ; est. 1005: Malachy P Foley. 

Rector, 103 E Chestnut 
Bay Schools, comprises Commercial Art 

School. School of Advertising. School of 

Photography, Vogue School of Fashion 

Art and Interior Decoration, W. F Bay, 

Pres , 116 S Michigan 
Rosary College, see. River Forest, 111. 
St Cyril's College, theol and prep , men. 

R C , Brother Director. 6413 Dante Ave 
St Francis Xavier Academy; girls; day; 

Catholic, est 1846; Sister Mary Alberta, 

Principal, 4928 Cottage Grove Ave 
St George School for Girls, for small girls, 

boarding department; non-sect ; est 1919, 

Madeline Seymour. Prin., 4545 Drexel 
St Ignatius High School ; boys ; Catholic ; est 

1869 ; Laurence M Barry, Prin , 1076 W 

Roosevelt Rd 
8t Louis Academy; girls' boarding; R. C ; 

grade i thru high school: est. 1904; Sis- 

ler St John of the Redeemer, Superior, 

11715 State St. 
St Patrick's Commercial Academy, prep 

and bus , Brother Joseph. 135 S Des 

Plalnes St 

St Scholastica School for Girls, kindergar- 
ten thru high school, day: B C ; est 

1008, Benedictine Sisters. 7416 Bidge Blvd 
Sherwood Music School, mus , co-ed ; est. 

1895. boarding dormitory; Walter Keller. 

Director. 430 S Michigan Avenue (12 

branches in Chicago) 
Sherwood School, for children 6 to 12. bd'g 

dept . est 1918, Miss L M. Sherwood. 

Prin . R02> Sheridan rd 
Siebel Institute of Technology : ^ resident 

courses in baking, brewing, refrigeration, 

corresp courses in baking, milling, bottling, 

refrigeration engineering; F. P. Siebcl, Sr., 

Pres., 953 Montana $*. 





Starrett School for Girls; girls' boarding 
non-sect ; est. 1884. Mrs Elizabeth Hurt 
Smith. Prln . 4515 Drexel Blvd 

Union Theological College, arts course and 
theol . Cong . est 1916, James Alexander 
Jenkins. Pies. 44 N Ashland Blvd 

University of Chicago, the University in- 
cludes (1) In Arts. Literatuie, and 
Science the College, and four Divisions, 
vi? , the Division of the Biological Sciences 
(including the School of Medicine on the 
Ouadrangle0 , the Division of the Human- 
ities, the Division of the Physical Sciences, 
the Division of the Social Sciences; (2) 
the Professional Schools, viz , the Divinity 
School, the Law School, the School of 
Business, of Social Service Administration, 
Rush Medical College, and the Graduate 
Library School; (3) the University Exten- 
sion (Home-Study Department) ; (4) the 
Libraries . Laboratories, Museums, and 
Clinics, (5) the University Press Uni- 
versity College offers afternoon, evening, 
and Saturday classes 

University of Chicago School of Business, 
William H Spencci. Dean 

University of Chicago Divinity School. 
Shirley T Case, Dean 

University of Chicago School of Social Service 
Administration, Edith Abbott, Dean 

University of Chicago Law School, 
Harry A Bigelow, Dean 

University of Chicago Medical Schools 

School of Medicine of the Division of the 

Biological Sciences. William H Taliaterro, 


Rush Medical College, co-ed . est 1837, 

Emmet B Bay, Assoeiate Dean 

University High School of the University of 
Chicago, Paul B Jacobson, Pnn 

University Elementary School of the Uni- 
versity of Chicago. Harry O Gillet. Prin. 

Univeisity of Illinois. College of Dentistry, 
state, co-ed . est 1899. Frederick B 
Noyes, Dean, 1838 W Harrison 

T'niveigitv of Illinois, College of Medicine, 
co-ed , David John Davis, Dean, 
185^ W Polk St 

Um\<*rsitv of Illinois Colkgre of Pharmacy, 
ro-ed , est 1X*o. W B Da> . Dean, 
715 S Wood St 

University School for Girls: girls' boarding, 
non-sect ; Miss Anna R Halre, Dean 
1106 Lak Shnr* Drive 

Victory Business School; bus and sec'I; co- 
ed , Sarah Sabolsky, Prin , 4305 South 

Walton Srhool of Commerce, home study, 
residence courses, est 1910. Charles K 
Langer. Pres . 332 S Michigan Av 

Watson's Business College, bus and it en 
George Watson. Prin. 638 W Oarfleld 

White's Business College, co-ed . est 1906, 
Edward B White, Prin. 4719 W Madison 

Wilson School of Music: est 1908; Alma 
Wilson McMahjll, Director, 6355 Kimbark 

Chicago Heights, Cook Co., pop. 22,300 

Grade Sch. Bd -O. F. Yanson, president 
Siinenntendent Ben A Sylla ^ 

High Sch. Bd. Leighton Yentzer. president 
Township H S Roswell C. Puckett, pnn 
Phy Tr (boys) C M. Sarff 
Phy Tr (girls) Leila Veaxey 
Li brat ian E. Pearl Hess 
Chicago Heights Business College, est 
Mrs John Mackay, Principal 

Chi II lent he. Peoria Co., pop. 1,151. 

Bd Educ E W Sweetnam, president 

D J Veerman, secretary 
Township H S W S Ad a me 9, prm 
Music Opal McKray 
Manual Training Herman B Hale 
Giades L L Peaico, supt 

Chrisms*. Edgar Co., pop. 1,200. 

Bd Educ felpm ) W B Swank, piesident 
Grades Charles Newman, supt. 
Higrh Sch Bd Earl G Conn, president 
Township II S Ralph E Wible. pnn 
Home Economics Dorothy Smith 
Manual Tr'g, Coach Franklin D. May field 

Cicero, Cook Co., pop. 05,776. 

Bd Educ F J Petru, president 

Eugene Clark, secretary 

City Supeimtendent George A Schwebel 
Township H S L M Hrudka. pnn 

Con School N F Fultz, pnn 
Gram Grades Mar'on Jordan. upv 
Primary Anne Evans, supervisor 
Music Lulu Kilpatiick. supervisor 
Ait Audie Ross, supervisor 
Phy Educ A Dram Art Helen Hoch 
Repeal oh Sara Gibson 

ClaytoB. Adams Co., pop. 1,050 

Bd Educ W E Nelson, president 

J H Shank secretary 
Superintendent K D Wilson 

Clinton, Dewitt Co., pop. 5,800. 

Bd Educ. (el cm ) H. S. Macon, piesident 

C H May. secretary 
Grades Arthur Vernei 
Musi<> Roberta Meeker 
Band Emmett R Sang 
Manual Training Omar Spltzer 
Home Economics Dorothy Harrold 
Bd Educ (h s ) R L. demons, president 

H F Swig-art, secretary 
Community II P Ralph Robb. prln 

Coal City. Crnmlv Co , pop 1,744. 

Bd Educ W E Sommerville, president 
N R Campbell, secretary 

Grades Arthur Clause on, prin 
High School M. R Phelps. ptinclpal 
Manual Training Edward Rashke 
Domestic Science Myrlleen Habecker 

Cobde, Union Co.. pop. 1,500. 

Bd Educ H A 1>uBols. president 

Geoige R Rich, secretary 
Grades E. W. Newman, supt. 
High Boh Bd. -Claude Rich, pres. 

Herbert Venerable, seoretray 
Community H. S. Nelson Hake, prii*. 





Coffeeu. Mmgomery Co., p.p. l,Mt. 

Bd Educ O A Wiegreffe, president 

Lyman E Tray lor. secretary 
High School W. M Runyon, prin 
Music Betty Mumaw 
Band H 'D. Mancell 

Colchester, McDoaough Co . pop. l,tS0. 

Grade Sch Bd Clarence Murphy, president 

Otto Hunt, secretary 
Grades Nelson Myers, principal 
High Sch. Bd. Georgre Hulson. president 

B A Harrison, secretary 
Community H S H L Klmgbeil, prm 
Music Eunice V. Gates 
Band Wilbur Jewsbury 

Coifs*, McLean Co., pop. 1.X50. 

High Sch Bd C Y Miller, president 

J. W Thomas, secretary 
Community H S S N McKean, prm 
Music William C Thurn 
Home Economics Elizabeth Humer 
Athletic Coach James Lee Miller 
Grade School T. S. Washburn, prin. 

' " * ' 

Bd Educ W B Jokerst, president 

Jerry Mashek. secretary 
Township H S J F Snodgrass, prin 

Emma Harris, dean of girls 
Music Rosalind Hohn 
Band, Orchestra F C Kreider 
Art Marion Johnson 
Manual Training- Ralph H Corn well 
Domestic Science Hilda Steiuer 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Walter Ehlert 
Physical Tr'g (snrls) Margaret Dodd 
Athletic Director W O Larson 
Grades C H Dorris. supt 

Columbia, Monroe Co., pop. 2,076. 

Bd Educ K A Weinel president 

Fred G Rapp, secretary 
Prin High School C. H. Struckmeyer 

Crystal Lake. McHenry Co., pop. 4.845. 

Grade Sch Bd Fred B Mathis, president 

G H Dike, clerk 

Tunior H S Loon J Lundahl. prin 
High Sch. Bd Paul Rauhut. president 

Virginia Holland, secretary 
rommumtv H S Doan M Ewinpr, prin 
Band, Orchestra Wilbur Schowalter 
Athletic Director Owen E Metcalf 
Librarian Fern Young 

Cuba. Fulton Co. pop 1.484 

Bd Educ Wilham Marshall, president 

Charles Quillen, secretary 
Communitr H S Earl H Dupran. prm 
Music (vocal) Miriam Hostetter 
Band, Orchestra Clarence Coons 
Home Economics Alicia Brown 
Coach J K. Walker 

3nllom, Livingston Co., pop. 8Y9. 

High Sch Bd Ed J. Ginter. president 

B P Frantz, secretary 
Community H S. Orvillo H Roll, prin 

Dakota. Stepheosoa Co., pop. I6t. 

Bd. Bduc L L. Wirth, president 
E. D. Vhmler, secretary 

Community H. S Ralph Wohlford, prin. 
Grades Grace Bolender. supt. 

Dakota School for Boys, open air 12 month 
sessions: 6 to 12. H K. Baltrer, Director 

Dallas City, Hancock Co., pop. I,t5i, 

Grade Sch Bd Everett Crane, president 

Robert Lemon, secretary 
Grades C. A Nutt. prm. 
High Srh Bd Harold Scott, secretary 
Community H S E Lynn Hill, prm. 

Eudora M Hulse, asst. principal 
Music K K Hennesey 
Commercial Maude Hulse 

Danville. Vermilion Co., pop. 86,646. 

Bd Educ V C Yeomans, president 

Vera K Johnson, secretary 
City Superintendent Clarence IB. Vance 
High School R. M. Duffin, prm. 
Manual Arts J. H. Hawkins, director 
Domestic S< ience Dolpha Parker. 
Music (h. a ) Rudy W. Cooper 
Art (h B ) Florence Keve 
Band & Orchestra Rudy W. Cooper 
Athletics Ned Whitesell 
Cafeteila Margaret Dodson 
Librarian Bertram French 

Utterback-Brown Business College, est 1895; 
Rufus M Utteiback, Pres. 

Decatur, Macon Co., pop. 57,511. 

Bd Educ W. L Huff, president 

William Harris, secretary 
City Superintendent William Harris 

Dwiffht York, asst, supt. 
Supv El em Grades Sarah Mark Imbodsn 
High School R C Sayre. principal 
Assistant Principal Asa Sprunger 
John Hill Jr. H. S George E Nichols 
Centennial Jr. H S Walter Stacy, prin 
Woodrow Wilson Jr. H. S Lee D. Pigott 
Roosevelt Junior II S H. F. Caimichael 
Music Mayme B. Irons 
Band & Orchestra Rex Reese 
Librarian Catherine Wick 

Academy of St Teresa; girls; boarding and 

day. est 1873, Ursullne Nuns 
Brown's Business College; bus and sten , 

co-ed : est. 1884, H M. Owen, Prin 

James Mi 11 [kin University, comprises 
college of Liberal Arts; Conservatory of 
Music, curricula in engineering, household 
arts, fine and applied arts, business admini- 
stration , and education, co-ed , Presbyter- 
ian, est 1903; John C Hessler, Pres 

b, DeKalb Co., pop. 8.10t. 

Bd Bduc H D Fisk, president 

Clarence J Emery, secretary 
Superintendent Frank W Phillips 
Music Minnie D Stensland 
Band, Orchestia Lawience Fogelberg 
Manual Training Paul Harrison 
Home Economics Wilma DeLassus 
Physical Educ Lela C. Trager 
Township H S R O. Beats, supt 

W T Emery, asst prm. 

Northern Illinois State Teachers College ; 
ro-ed.; est. 1S99; Karl Adams, Pres. 





Defavan, Tacewell Ce., pop. 1.409. 

Grade Sch Bd Leo J Stumbaugh. president 
Grades Leonard R Clark, supt 
Music (grades) Arthur Zorn 
High Sen Bd W E Ryan, president 
Community H 8 E D Finley, prin 
Band Fred Mclnms 
Home Economics Elizabeth Kenyon 
Commercial Mildred Bushell 
Athletics G C Towlea 

I>ePu. Bureau Co , pop. 2,525 
Bd Educ H G Hixon, president 

James Meagher, secretary 
High School 1 C Wiedrich, principal 
Music Nina Mamrick 
Manual Arts Earl Stutsman 
Home Economics Louise Vance 

Des Plaines. Cook Co., pop. 8,969. 
Bd Educ C J Hill, president 

Otto Wolf, secretary 
Superintendent E R Selleck 
Junior H S Vernon Wibcrgr, prin 
Music Margaret ZoUinger, supervisor 
High Srh Bd Mr Bergman, president 

Theodore Maikwoitli, secretary 
Maine Township H S T R Foulkcs, priu 
Calvin Legg, associate prin 

Louise Wood, dean of girls 
Music A M Harley 
Band, Orchestra Fred M Vierow 

Dlvernon. Sangamon Co , pop. 2,382 

High Sch Bd William Kessler, president 

Albert Klein, secretary 

Township H S Haioid B Stutsman, prin 
Music Isabel Ciaigr 
Domestic Science Lucy Parkey 
(trades- leo R Bostic, supt 

Dixon, I>e Co.. pop. 9,897. 

Bd Educ A F Go eke, president 
Sec Bd Educ Fred K Trlbou 
Supeiintonclont Allen H Lancaster 
High School B J Frazer. prin. 

Art Elizabeth Kiusp 

Orchestra Orville Westgor 
Home Economics Cleta White 
Manual Training D C Austin 

Dixon Business College, bus and sten : est 
1904. W H Coppins. Pres. 215 First 

Strong College of Music, graduate courses, 
st. 1911, William F Strong, Director 

Downer* Grove, Dn Pare Co., pop. 8,971. 

Bd ' Educ T O. Westhafer, president 

W D Herrlck, secretary 
Superintendent George E DeWolf 
High School Clarence W Johnson, prin 
Music William O Pohlmann 
Band Clarence Shoemaker 
Home Economics Marie Cramb 
Manual Training Thomas Nelson 
Commercial Clark Mahr 
Athletic Coach Eail W Sturges 

Dundee. Kane Co., pop. 5,690. 

Bd Educ F W Roberts, president 
Bd. of Educ. Oscar 8te*ge, secretary 
High School H. D. Jacobs, prin. 
Manual Training P Howard Spain 

Music, Glee Club Helen I Eeane 
Domestic Science Helen C. Johnson 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Eugene de Lacey 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Margaret M McBryde 

Dupo, St. Clair Co., pop. 1,393. 

Grade Sch Bd J N Hartzcll, president 
Prin (Jrades E F Schmelzel 
High Sch Bd William Brubaker. president 
Community H S Chai les Allen, prin 
Music Mary Ray Williams 
Band, Orchestra R W. Murfin 
Domestic Science Irene Liebig 
Manual Tiaming Ivan Baldwin 

Dnqnoln, Ferry Co., pop. 8,018. 

Bd Kduc (grades) J E Weber, president 

C M Bergman, secretary 
City Superintendent Joseph Strickler. 
High Sch Btd Charles Wemberg, pres 

E E Thornton, secretary 
Prin Township H S J G Stull 
Muslr Flora Carr 

Manual Training Charles Vanmetre 
Domestic Science Christina Golden 
Commr-*i MinnU Hummel 
Coach Emeiy Martin 

Dwlght, Livingston Co., pop. 8,090. 

Bd Educ Carl Christopher, president 

Maiy G Smith, secretary 
City Superintendent C A Brothers 
Music Dorothy Ward 
Band Tucker Drew 
Art & Pen'ship Cecelia Ohewning 
Domestic Science Eulab. Lynn 
Manual Ti'g & Athletics Eugene J Wallace 

Earl vine. Lasalle Co., pop. l,6t. 

Bd Ed UP A D Van Oinum, piesident 

Bd Edui Haiold J Miller, secretary 

High School F G Taylor, prin 

Music Mary Weis 

Band Ai thur Hcnti ich 

Physical Training Theodore Zimmerman 

Eaet Dnbuqne. Jo Daviess Co.. pep. 1.148. 

Bd Educ Madison T Graham, president 

P E Courtade, secretary 
High School Clyde W Martell supt 

East Mollne, Rock Island Co., pop. 10.853. 

Bd Educ Fred A Thomann, president 

Anna R Long, secretary 
City Superintendent D B. Hoffman 
High Sch Bd S E Long, president 

D O Johnson, Bcciotary 
Twp High School L O Dawson, Supt 
Music (grades) Millie Beck. supv. 
Music Oi s ) David Wilming 
Manual Training L L Josserand 
Home Economics Mai ion Scott 

Eaet Peoria, Tazewell Co., pop. 5,000. 

Bd Educ Lester Stickle, president 
Forrest Cummmjrs. secretary 
Superintendent Paul L Bolin 
Hiph Sch Bd Joseph Walker, piesident 

H C Mills, secretary 
Community H S Bvron Moore, prin 
Manual Training C E Allison 
MUMC, Band Joseph Valentine 
Athletics H. A Stamper 





East St. Louis, St. Clalr Co., pop. 74,024. 

fid Educ R L Campbell, president 

S W Moore, secretary 
City Superintendent D Walter Potti 

M E Bruce, asst supt 
High School W L Baughman, pnn 
Lincoln H S (colored) J W Hughes, 
Rock Junior H S L G Osborn, prin 
Landsdown Tr H S Cail T Pearce, prm 
Clark Jr H S ~S N Nalbach, prln 

Art JesHie Whitesell 

Band. Oichestra E C Tillotson 
Manual Training W Morris Jones 

Poods Virginia Marshall 

Cafeteria Director Gretchen Gansohimet7 
Conimei ciul Etbel Flannigan 

Brown's Business College; bus and sten., 

est 1901 ; I W Sims, Pres 
St Teresa Academy, girls, grades thin high 

school. R C , est 3894. 
Summer's College of Commerce, eat 1896, 

C C Stamps, PIPS. 17 N Mam 

Edlnburg, Christian Co., pop. 1,911. 

Bd Educ J H Hill, president 

H C Irwm, secretary 
High School H J Seybold, supt. 

Kdwardsvllle, Madison Co., pop. 6,211. 

Bd Ed uc P E Springer, pipnidcnt 

A E Barer, secretary 
High School W W Krumsiek. prm 
Junior High Sen E. L. Alexander, prin 
Music Edna Peigrom 
Home Economics Fiances Tendick 

Efflngham, Effingham Co., pop. 4,961. 

Bd Eduo C E Hershey piPMdPiit 

R E Henderson, secretary 
Superintendent Einest R Britton 
Higih School R L. Bach man. prin 
.Music Andrew Mikita 
Home Economics Rosetta Foisjthc 

Kldorado, Snllne Co , pop 5,004. 

Bd Educ Ed VanClevc. piesident 

Spbp Kelly, secietary 
Superintendent Ralph Slow 
High Sph Bd W T Karns. piesident 

V* G Choicer, secietary 
Township H S T Leo Dodd, pi in 
Music Lockwood Wiley 
Home Economics Donovan Hester 
Physical Training Bovard Clavton 

Elgin, Kane Co., pop. 35,912. 

Hd Edup Paul Born, piosidpnt 

Willard Beebe, secretary 
Superintendent Theodore Saam 
Prin High School W. L. Gobi* 
Music Alma Schock 
Ait Maybelle Holland 
Manual TrRinlnpr Philip E Tavlor 
Physical Education Arthur Roggen 
Health Helen Revett 

Chicago Junior School for Boys, home 
school: prep , est 1914; George W Kil 
burn, Executive 
Elgin Academy and Junior College; boys, 

Earl G Lpinbach, Headmastci 
Ellis Business College: bus and sten ; sst 
1900; T. F. Juergens, Prin. 

Elkville, Jackson Co., pop. 990. 

Bd Educ (giades) George Look, president 

John Cook, Jr . secretary 
Grades Orval Ragsdale, supt 
Community High Sch Clifford F Beid. prm 

Elmhurst, Pa Page Co., pop. 13,579. 

Bd Klur (Hem ) Frank B Avery, pres 

Edgar B Thoma, secretary 
Superintendent V L. Beggs 
High Sph Bd Paul J Kucter. president 

A C McAithur, secretary 

Communit> H S George L Letts, prin 
MUSIP O living Jacob&en 
Home E( onomics- - Mane Bukovac 
Athletic Dnector Clarence East 
Librai lan Myrtle Ellis 

Elmhurst College, lib aits dogree pourses 
co-ed, Evangelical Synod NA ; est. 1871; 
Timothy Lehmann, president 

Elmwood. Peoria Co.. pop. 1.588. 

His-h Soh Bd D H Moiton, president 

D A. Jaques. secretary 
Community H S Id IS Downing, prin 
Music Marcraret Crumbaker 
Band M W Paiker 

El Paso, Woodford Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd Educ J F Sturgeon, president 

E A Selk, sepretaiy 
Township H S Guy N Bayless, prin 
Band Can oil ton Judd 
Home Economics Ruby Smith 
Manual Tr'g, Athletics Lynn Gibbs 

Knfleld, White Co, pop 929 

High Sph Bd John M Qumdry, president 

C H Williams, secietary 
Community H S Roye B Bryant, prin 
Gi fides J E Bolerjack. supt 

Equality, Gallatin Co., 1,338 

Bd Educ Geoige C Guard, piesident 

D T Beverly, secretary 
Tirades James Milhgan, eupt 
Township H S A Max Lollar, pi in 
Music Earl Cousin eau 
Home Economics Verona Rikli 

Eureka. Woodford Co.. pop. 1.881. 

Bd Educ Dean F Blankenship. piesident 

J Frank Felter, secretary 
Township H S Leonard E Loos, wpt 
Music Griff Lathrop 
Band Mahlon Saxton 

Eureka College, liberal arts and music 
departments, ro-ed . Christian, est 1866, 
Raymond P McLain, President 

Eranston, Cook Co., pop. 68,839. 
District 75. 

Bd Educ Samuel N Stevens, president 

J R Skiles, secretary 
Superintendent J R Skiles 
Musir Tnhn Beattle, supprvlBor 
Manual Training A L Anderson 
Domestic Science Mrs Alta B Crossland. 
Dramatics Winnifred Ward 
Physical Education Elnora Smith 
General Supervisor Martha C Olsen 





Township II S Francis L Bacon, piin 

District 7i. 
Bd Educ B. F. Andrew*, president 

P W Nichols, secretary 
Supeiintendent D. E, Walker 
Music Jessie Wild 
Manual Training M J. Ryan 
Domestic Science Florence Baker 
Tests & Meas'ments Agnes L Sanders 

Evanston Collegiate Institute; 2-yr junior 
coll , 3-yr training school, co-ed ; Meth ; 
est 1934; T Otmann Firing, Pres 

Gariett JUiblh al Institute, theol . co-ed.; M. 
K , est 18C6. Hoi ace Gieeley Smith, 

Mary wood School for Girls, prep ; boarding, 
RC, est 1915, Sister Superior, 2128 
Ridge Ave 

National College of Education, a teachers 
college; courses m nursery school, kinder- 
garten and elementary grades: boarding 
dept. ; women, est 1886; Edna Dean 
Baker, Fres 

Northwestern University, comprises Collect 
of Liberal Arts. Graduate School, School 
of Engineering. School of Music, of 
Speech, of Education, and of Commerce 
in Evanston. School of Law, of Medi- 
cine, of Dentistry, of Commerce (even- 
ing courses) ; Joseph Medill School of Journ- 
alism, and University College (evening 
courses) in Chicago, co-ed , est 1851, 
Walter Dill Scott, Pres 

Northwestern University School of Engi- 
neering, courses im Mechanical, Electrical. 
and Civil Engineering, men, est 1907. 
William Charles Bauer, Dean 

Northwestern University School of Education, 
Ernest O Melby, Dean 

Northwestern University. School of Music, 
co-ed ; John W Beattie, acting Dean 

Noith western University. School of Speech, 
co-ed . Ralph Brownell Dennis. Dean 

Northwestern University Summei Session. 
Ernest H. Hahne. Director 

Roycemore School , prep ; girls , day , est 
1915; Rebecca S Ashley, Prin , 640 Lin- 
coln St 

Seabury-Western Theological Seminary; degree 
course*. Frot Episcopal, co-ed . est 
1858, Frederick C Grant, President 
Sheridan Road at Haven St 

Ewla*, Franklin Co., pop. 41t. 

Superintendent Herbert Page 
High School J. H. Westfall, prin. 

rairbury, Livingston Co., pop. S,ttt. 

Bd Educ A. E. Agard, president 

W W Compton, secretary 
Grades Clarence Goodart. supt 
Township H S A, C. Watson, prin 
Music L A Kortkamp 
Household Arts Grace Whitford 

fetrfleld, Wayne Co., pop. 3,275 

Bd Educ J T. Blakely. president 

J D Knodell, secretary 
Grades- Lloyd L Green, supt 
Higrh Sc& Bd W S Lawrence, president 

H D. Willard. secretary 
Comiruchy H S Albert Willis, prin. 

Fairmount, Vermilllon Co , pop. 870 

High Sch 13d W H Catlett, president 

Z A Terry, secretaiy 
Community H S J G Rogers, prin 
Grades Walter E Lee, prin 

Fairview, Fulton Co., pop* 572. 

Bd Eduo. (elem.) V. L Taylor, pres. 

C S Voorhees, secretary 
Grades Harold F. Earner, supt 
High School Bd. Gordon A. Cook, pres. 
Bd Bduc Jerome Lawson. secretary 
Community H S. Kenneth D. Cable, prin 

Farmer City. Dewltt Co., pop. 1,756. 

Gordon Sebastian, secretary 
Grades H R. Sparks, supt. 
High Sch Bd A M Wilkes, president 
Township H S O. H. Wisthutf, prm. 
Music Ruth Jones 
Band Harry Merry 

Farmersville, Montgomery Co., pop 513. 

High Sch Bd K L Hayes, president 

Mrs Calhe Jane Shrader. secretary 
Community H S Fred R. Wakeland, supt 
Grades Eldon Fuchs, prin 

rarmington, Fulton Co., pop. S,tOt. 

Grade Sch Bd Eirl Sutton, president 

Lem Smith, secretary 
City Superintendent E A Huff 
High Sch. Bd Robert Rohlfingr, president 

T Keyes, secictary 

Community H. S. Russell B. Troxel, prin. 
Music Floy Bear, supervisor 

Flat Bock, Crawford Co., pop. 1,666. 

Bd Educ Thomas P. Kent, president 

Fay E Duncan, secretary 
High School Sherman B Stackhouse. prin. 
Grades W. Weger Allison, prin. 

Flora, Clay Co., pop. 4,377. 

Bd Educ R S C Reaugh. president 

Leo Allen, secietary 
City Superintendent G O Lewis 
Township H S Rex W Dale, prin 
Manual Training H E Fogler 
Band, Ouhestra Joe Johnson 
Commercial Mrs. Mae Gibson 

Forest Park, Cook Co.. pop. 14,545. 

Bd. Educ L G. Pittman, president 

Chailes W Meseke, secretary 
Superintendent W. 8. Dlmmett 

Forrest, Livingston Co., pop. 965. 

Bd Educ. Frank Hilsabeck, president 

E J. Lyon, secretary 
Grades William Woodward, supt 
Township H S J. Paul Gardner, prin. 

ForreitoB. Ogle Co., pop. 1,166. 

Bd liMuc A J. Taylor, president 

Bd of Education J. E. Fisher, secretry 

Superintendent H. C. Hewitt 

Music Frances Chllson 

Band, Orchestra Beth Hower 

Home Economics Luella Green 

Franklin. Morgan Co., pop. 611. 

Hiph Sch. Bd Charles R Gibson, preside* 

Milford Rees, secretary 
Community H. S W. L Viar, prin. 
Grades Mrs Etta Tranbarger. prin 





Freeport, Stephenson Co., pop. 22,026. 

Bd Edur N C Phillips, piesident 

Jane Hayes, secretary 
Superintendent B F Shafer 
Senior H S L A. Fulwider. prin 
Junior H. S B O Cully, prin. 
Music (grades) Helen V Haberland 
Music (vocal) Ernestine Johnson 
Music (instr ) -Karl H. Kubitz 
Man Tr (h. 8.) Boyd Gams 
Man Tr (grades) A. R Buffln 
Home Econ , Cafeteria Alma Rucker 
Pli>aical Ti if (girls) Helen L Nelson 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Dean Johnson 

Brown's College of Commerce, bus and sec'l, 
C P Bealer, Manager 

Fulton, Whlfteilde Co., pop. 2,850. 

Bd Educ W H Mitchell, president 

Mino Flikkema, secretary 
City Superintendent E. E. Liljequlst 
High School HortenbO Hunt, prm 
Music Hai riet C. Bell 
Domestic Arts Hortense Hunt 
Athletics W F Massey 

Galena, Jo Davless Co., pop. 4,835. 

Bd Educ J T Hi&sem, piesidcnt 

R V. Stephens, secretary 
Superintendent Stanley B Finifrock 
Prin Higrh School Stella L Bench 
Mubic Richaid Daniels 
Domestic Science Mildred Heath 
Commercial Mary Crawford 
Athletic Director Hayvv ard K.u i maun 

Galeobvrjr, Knox Co., pop. 28/702. 

Bd Educ J. E Andersoii, president 
Supeilntendent Oliver O Young 
High School E L. Moyer, principal 
Hitchcock Jr H S Fred F Robertson 
Lombard Jr H S J D Lester, prin 
Elem. Grade Supv. Nellie Swanson 
Music -E W. Lantz 
Manual Training Harry Crawford 
Ait Goldia Athetton 
Health iMarie Johnson 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten., 

J. H Cox, Prin. 
Corpus Christ! Academy, boys' boarding, 

and high school, Catholic, eat. 1893, 

James P Montague, Prin 
Knox College, coll liberal arts and conserva- 
tory of music: co-ed : non-sect : eat 

1837, Carter Davidson, Pres 
St Joseph Academy, girls, grades through 

high school, RC, est 1878, Sisters of 


Galvn. Henry Co., pop. 2,682. 

Grade Sch Bd Howard Reed, president 

Mis Bertha Dukey. seoietaij 
Grade Schools C A Weber, supt 
High Sch. Bd George Hayes, president 

C F Schwab, secretary 
High School H M. Robertson, prin 
Music Winifred Hamer 
Band H K. Thrasher 
Home Economics Naomi Murphy 
Manual Tr'g * Mch. Drw'g John Romans 

Gardner, Grundy Co., pop. l,20t. 

Bd Educ B C Strout, president 

E C Bookwalter, secretaiy 
Giades J E Crum, pi m 
Township H S Dale N Roberts, prin 
Home Economics Alice Zachary 
Manual Training Clarence Barr 

Geneseo, Henry Co , pop. 3,858. 

Bd Educ (grades) John Wood. pres. 

C F Mobuig, secretary 
High Sch Bd Clyde Foid, president 

Heibeit Bergen, sccietarv 
Township H S lames D. Dai nail, prin 
Music Claience Bell 
Art Marjorie Miller 
Manual Training Leo C Magdefrau 
Homo Economics Elsie Magee 
Librarian Corrme Henderson 

Geneva, Kane Co., pop. 4,592. 

Bd Educ E Roy Wells, president 
c ity bupetlntendent H M Coultrap 
High School Lester Chamberlain, prm. 
Music Ruth Averill 
Band, Orchestia Fred Bigelow 
Manual Training Carl Nelson 
Home Economics Frances Forker 
Coinineical Lillian Sweet 
Physical Education Alice Toenniges 

Illinois Training School for Girls, state. 
Florence Monahan, Managing Officer 

Genoa, Defcalb Co., pop. 1,858. 

High Sch Bd John Cauavau, president 

C J2 Senska, secietaiy 
Township H S Cloy S Hobson, pun 
Band & Orchestra Roy M Hubbell 
Home Economics Ethel Glecklei 

Georgetown, Vermilion Co., pop. 1,100. 

High Son Bd C E Smith, president 

Wilson Richie, secretary 
Township H S Glenn A. Deland, prin 
Music Aneita Hill 
Band, Orchestra Maurice Russell 
Grades O C Robinett, supt 

Gibson City, Ford Co., pop. 2,108. 

Bd Educ Ivan Bowers, president 

L A Bariow, secretary 
Township High Sch W M Loy, supt 

Verna Thomassen, asst prm 
Music Margaretha Rasmussen 
Band Byron Wyman 
Manual Training Fred Anderson 
Home Economics Helen Jcrvis 
Physical Educ (boyb) Paul Hensel 
Physical Education Verna Thomassen 

Gilleeple, Macoupln Co., pop. 4,088. 

High Sch Bd John Campbell, pie si dent 

William Cloud, secretary 

Prin Com'nty High School Earl J. McNely 
Band, Orchestra D Babso 
Manual Training G W Gravel 
Household Arts Jewel Watson 
Physical Ti'g (boys) Leslie Nicolet 
Phvsioal Tr'g (girls) Laveta Hobson 
Grade Schools J W. White, supt 




Oilman, Iroquols Co., pop. 1,400. 

High Sch Bd. L M. Walker, president 

Carl Frey. secretary 
Superintendent E. H. Bremer 
Music Mabel Nafziger 
Home Economics Virginia Carlock 

Glrard, Maconpln Co., pop. 1,891. 

High Sch Bd R. C. Hamilton, president 

Clarence Whitler, secretary 
Township H S C. E McGee, prin. 
Muhic Fiancee Dearborn 
Home Economics Eul.t Tajloi 
(jiades Hany Kamm, supt. 

Glen Ellyn. Dn Pace Co., pop. 7,628. 

Bd. Educ Mildred Barloga. secretary 

Superintendent S A Denison 

Music Maude Purdum 

Art Wilma 8k id more, supervisor 

High Sch Bd. Margaret Lindsay, sec 

Twp. High School F. L. Blester 

Band Orth Baer 

Athletic Director Ralph E Fletcher 

Olenwood, Cook County 

Glenwood Manual Training; School; In- 
dust, for normal dependent boys, non- 
sect.; est. 1887, W A. Michael, Supt 

Godfrey, Madison Co., pop. St. 

"Beverly Farm" School for Nervous an* 

Backward Children; non-sect.; co-ed.; 

est. 1897, Groves B Smith, Supt 
Monticello College, girls , piep school and 

junior coll . boarding, non-sect , est 1848. 

Geoige Irwm Rohrbough, Pie* 

GoUonda, Pope Co., pop. 1,230. 

Bd Educ Jesse Foreman, president 

J A. B Walther, secretary 
Community H S -J Poole Willis, piiii 
Grades J Poole Willis, supt. 

Granite City. Madison Co., pop. 25,127. 

Bd. Educ. (city) John H. Klemschmidt, pres. 

Grover C. Cease, secretary 
Superintendent A. M. Wilson 
Bd. Educ. (h s ) G. W. Hoelscher, pies. 

Walter Amelung, secretary 
Community H S. Paul A. Grigsby, prm 
Physical .Director Byron Bozarth 
Physical Dlr. (girls) Wanda McLellan 

GraavlUo. Putnam Co., pop. l,15f. 

Grade Schools William Glover, prm 
Township H S Roy Pyatt, supt. 
Music C H Nelson 
Home Economics Mildred Duvall 

Grayvllle, White Co., pop. 2,ftf. 

Bd. Educ. C. O. Ellis, president 

L JL> Butler, secretary 
High Srhool Earl W. Skiles. prin. 
Southside Gr. Sch -Helen M. Taylor, prin. 
Northside Gr. Sch. Herschel Newcomb. prin 

Greenfield. Green Co., pop. 

Bd Educ Jesse B Parks, secretary 
High School H R Glrhard, prin 
MusicMrs. H. L Knudson 
Band, Orchestra H G. Keller 
Manual Training M. B Cory 
Grades H T Greer, prin. 

Greenville, Bond Co., pop. 8,288. 

Bd Educ F T. Rowland, president 

H. A. McLaln, secretary 
City Superintendent Alex Long. 
High School Ira King, prin 
Music Robert Woods 
Band Edward Quivron 
Manual Training L Glenn Baker. 
Home Economics Leah Johnson 

Greenville College; coll.; eo-ed.; Free 

Meth.. est. 1892; H. J. Long. Pres 

Grldle*, McLean Co., pop. 710 

High School Charles K Wutkinn, supt 
Music Belle Kempe 

Grlnrsvllle, Pike Co., pop. 1,404. 

High Sch. Bd W. W Buchanan, president 

W. F. Harshman, secretary 
Community H S R J Nichol, supt. 
Music Alice HarRhni* 
Physical Tr'gr (grirls) Eloi**e Chumley 
Athletic Coaeh Gilbert Love 

Hamilton, Hancock Co., pop. 1,400. 

Bd Educ M G Dadant, president 

E M Leroy, secretary 
Superintendent Leroy Knoeppel 
High School Earl Rosar, prin. 
Music Nell Orwig 

Domestic Science Genevieve Roblson 
Commercial Goldle Berry 

Harnsburjf, Saline Co.. pop. 12,311. 

Bd Educ Haiiy Barter, president 

D B McGehee, secretary 
Supei mtendent W. Russell Malan 
Junior H S Gardner Bride, prin 
Prin Township H 8. Harry Taylor. 
Music, Band Claud Huhck 
Dom Sci & Cafeteria Bernice Kohlmeyer 
Physical Education Mary Davidson 

Harvard, McHenry Co., pop. 2,602. 

Bd Educ W. J Hcatley, president 

P. H. Marcks. secretary 
City Superintendent William W Meyer 
Community H S L 3 Bourn, prin. 
Music Veve Marquis 
Music (inst ) Carl Huffman 
Domestic Science Helen Seibels 

Harvey, Cook Co., pop. 17,021. 

Bd Educ Jesse Coale. president 

Jessie Kerr, secretary 
Superintendent C. C Thompson 
Township II S William E McVey, prin 
Junior College J L. Beck, dean 
Music Florence Samuels 
Band D. C Allen 
Industrial Arts -L Britton 
Home Economics Gertrude A. Rahn 
Physical Educ (boys) K. J. Lipe 

(girls) Miss M. G. Carr 
Cafeteria Florence Waterman 

Havana, Mason Co., pop. 8,000. 

Grade Sch. Bd Guy McGrew, president 

Ralph E. Deckard, secretary 
Grade Schools Wilbur Trlmpe, supt. 
High Sch Bd O F. Pfetzing, president 

C H. Kreiling, secretary 
Community H. S. S. Howard VanDyke, 
Band, Orchestra C. R. Kllngmaa 





Athletic Director Louis Becker 
Librarian Clara Borgelt 

Hebron, McHenry Co., pop. 750. 

High Sch Bd. R E Okeson, president 

John Wilson, secretary 
Community H S Hejbeit N Marsh, supt. 

Henry, Marshall Co., pop. 1,760. 

Bd. Educ. (grades) Roy Miller, president 
Bd Kduc C A Onyun secretary 
Superintendent Roy F. Steele 
Hitrh Sch. Bd Henry Mattlson, pres 
Township H S Roy F Steele, prm 
Music Olgra Merdian 
Domestic Art Gretchen Schiffbauer 
Manual Training- W B Benning-ton 

Herrin, Williamson Co., pop. 9,670. 

Bd Eduo Obcar Lindsay, president 

Herbeit L. Tygett, secretary 
City Superintendent John B Creek 
Township H S Eugene C Eckert, pi in 
Music Frank S Watkins 
Band & Orchestra C B Nessler 
Art Virginia Chapman 
Athletics Charles Jack, director 

Heyworth. McLean Co., pop. 851. 

Bd Educ John Wietmgr, piesident 
Hd fcMuc Ralph E Jones, secretary. 
Higrh School Harris Dean, pun 
Giadcs Oscar W Obburn, prm. 

Highland, Madison Co., pop. 8,314. 

High Sch Bd Leo Ammann, president 

V H Koch, secretary 
High School P L Ewing, supt. 
M usic Frances Peterson 

Baud Maurice Hoovci 
Home Economics Helen Drew 

JiuliiRtiidl Aits John Rohncr 

Highland Park, Lake Co., pop. 11.814. 

Bd Educ Howell W. Murray, president 

William M Font secretary 
Supt Dist 107 R H Pnoe 
Supt Dlst 108 Clark G. Wright 
Township H S R L Sandwick, prm 

Raymond Mooic. nsst prm 

Minnie B uzard, dean of pirls 
Music, Band Harold Finch 
Industrial Aits Robeit W Schneider 
Home Economics Lucie Burwash 
Ait Lucille A Wood 
Phys Tr. (boys) Robert Kendig 
Librai lan Doi othy Teare 

Hlllsboro, Montgomery Co., pop. 5,511. 

Bd Educ Fred Zellmann. president 
Mrs Myrtle Edwards, secretary 
Ctty Superintendent H J Beckemeyer 
HiRh School G M Girhard. prln 
Junior H. S Raymond Nettleship, prin 
Band & Orchestia J Brent Cox 
Band A Orchestra (grades) H. D. Mancell 
Household Science Ada Foster 

Hinsdale, Da Page Co., pop. 6,841. 

Bd Educ.Charles L. Cobb, president 

M. B. Travis, secretary 
Superintendent Martin B Travis 

MUSiC J 1. lluvh wlOu.. . 

Manual Training R E Holch 
Home Economics Ruth Trevithick 
Phy Educ. (boys) R. D. Kreis 
Phv Educ (girls) Marjory Lyons 
Libraiian Nellie Cline 

Homer, Champaign Co., pop. 1,100. 

Btl Educ Carl Winters, president 

Louis Gantz, secretary 
Community H S I M Wrigley, pi in 
Giadcs Chailes E Price, prm 

Homewood, Cook Co., pop. 4.08ft. 

M Blair, secretary 
Superintendent Harry Eller 
Twp. High School (see Harvey) 

Hoopeston, Vermilion Co.. pop. 5*597. 

Bd Kduc Paul K Webber, president 

H H Hamilton, secretary 
City Superintendent W M Lowery 
Principal High School Byron Frame. 
Music Helen Wolffe 
Band W. L. Reinert 
Man Tr ft Athletics Glenn Brasel 
Domestic Science Maude Evans. 

Industry, MoDonough Co., pop. 604. 

Bd. Educ Ray Anstine. president 

Louis Gantz, secretary 
Township H S G F. Underwood, prin. 
C.rades J M Penmngton, pnn % 

Jacksonville. Morgan Co., pop. 17,92*. 

Bd Educ George B. Kendall, president 
John Baud, secretaiy 

Supei mtendent R. O. Stoops 

High School James C. Mutch, prln. 

David Prince Jr. H. ff. Hester C Bur- 

Music Lena Mae Hopper 

Art Esther Robinson 

Baud, Oichebtra Don Watson 

Domestic Science Alice Larimore 

Domestic Art Edna Osborne 

Manual Training Elbert Lair 

Punting John May 

Physical Education Frank H. Walker 

Librarian Lillian Havenhlll 

Brown's Business College; bus and sec'I; 

D L Hardm, Prm. 
Illinois College, coll liberal arts; co-ed ; 

Presb , est 1829; Harold Clarence Jaquith, 

Illinois School for the Blind; state; co-ed.; 

Robert W. Woolston, Supt 
Illinois School for the Deaf; state; co-ed; 

D T Cloud, Supt. 
MacMurray College for Women; college, 

music, fine arts, home economics. M E., 

est 1847. Clarence P. McClelland. Pres. 
Routt College, coll and prep , R. C.; est 

1904, Father Killacky. Pres 

Jersey ville, Jersey Co,, pop. 4,804. 

Bd Educ Fred A. Du Hadway, president 

W. O Wilson, secretary 

Township H S Frank H. Markman, prin. 
Music Virginia Vasey 
Domestic Science -Mabel Whitford 
Manual Tr'g, Athletics W. J. Creamsr 
Grades Schools R. H. Hamilton, supt. 





Johnston City, Williamson Co.. pop. 5.941. 

Bd. Educ (grades) Thomas Cosgrove. sec. 
City Superintendent E. B. Miller 
High Sch Bd J L Love, secretary 
Township H S. J L. Buford, prin 
Band R W Oesch 
Industiial Educ James Goad 
Domestic Science Marguerite Robinson 
Athletics Ralph Davison 

Jollet, Will Co., pop. 42,998 

Bd. Sch Inspectors Dale G Nicholson, pres 

J. Gordon Skeel, clerk 
City Superintendent H. Ambrose Perrin 
Township H. S. W. W. Haggard, prln 
Supv. Grades Edna Keith 
Music Glen J Ford 
Art Elizabeth Simpson 
Manual Training H. M Lundeen 
hysical Education P. H. Slocum 
Household Aits Laura Aveiy 
College of Saint Francis; women, degiee 

courses in arts, science, music; est 1925, 

Sisters of Saint Francis, Mother M Tho 

raasme, Pres. 
Metropolitan Business College. 

J H Jennings, President 

Jonesboro, Union Co., pop. 1,1M. 

Bd. Educ R. Wallace Karraker. pres 

M. 8. McCord, secretary 
Grades Clyde Martin, prin. 

Kaakakee, Kankakee Co., pop. 20.680. 

Bd. Educ. Alfred Beaumont, president 

Eviw lioennu ke, secretary 
Superintendent Irving Munson 
Pun High School K. Y Allison 
Dean of Girls Helen Shuman 
Supv. Music Olive Humphry 
Band. Orchestra G Piersol 
Manual Training P. M. McKinley 
Art Mrs Hattie Bell Dapron 
Domestic Science Grace Coulter 
Stenography Edith Carmody 

Gallagher School of Business, bus and sec'l, 

Mary M Gallagher, Pnn 
St Joseph's Seminary, girls' boarding; R 

Catholic, est 1865; Sister Saint Mai IP 

Gabriel, Superior 

Kansas, Edgar Co., pop. 1,150. 

Bd. Educ E E Covalt, president 

T S Wright, secretary 
Superintendent John Roberts 
Music Moms Riebman 
Home Economics Marguerite Foust 

Kettbsburg, Mercer Co., pop. 1,SM. 

High Sch. Bd C C. Chafa, president 

C E Barnett, secretary 
Community H S E H. Test, supt 
Music Cormne Cannady 
Home Economics Margaret Shaver 
Manual Trg, Phys. Ed Lawrence Junohen 

Kenllworth, Cook Co., pop. 

Bd. Educ Arthur W. Wakeley, president 

E L. Nygaard, secretary 
City Superintendent E. I* Nygaard 
Now Trier H 8. (see Winnetka) 

Kewanee. Henry Co., pop. 17,091. 

ttd Educ H D Swain, president 

Adela \Vesebaum, secretary 
Titv Superintendent Charles Bruner 
High School R M Robinson, prin 
Music W G Biown 
Ait Dorothy (Jib son 
Manual Training Paul V. McMorils 
Domestic Science Anna Weimer 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Ross Anderson 
Physical Ti'g (girls) Genevicve Mihuhk 

lOwanee Business College, est If OS, 
H H Head, Pnncipal 

Kmmuiicly, Marion Co., pop 825. 

Bd Educ Chdiles Gammon, piesidrnt 

A H Miller, sectetaiy 
Superintendent V V. Barciolt 

Kirkwoml. 11 arren Co , pop 882 

Mis Olho Ki'llv, secietaiy 
High School J E Savage, supt 
Music Alia lluth RHWson 
Home Economics Lucy Lang 
Athletics (boys) Conant McNeil 
Grades Mma McClymonds, pun 

Knozvllle. Knoz Co., pop. 1,857. 

Bd Educ G P Hebard, president 

C K Bennison HecietHiy 
Superintendent Milton W Brown 
Tnclustiial Arts J Wendall Stamps 
Music* Mrs Helen Sherman 
Hand E H Hampy 
Domestic Science Cora Mae Poole 

Lac-on, Marshall Co.. pop. 1,MO. 

A B Gt is wold, secictaiy 
Grade Schools O C Jch<>K supt 
Community II S O C Echola, pi in 
Home Economics Lockie V Cline 
Manual Tiaminp: William Boots 

La Grange. Cook Co.. pop. 10.102. 

Bd Educ John B Gibson, piesidcnt 

Claik Wdiren, secretary 
City bupeiintendent J C Davtes 
High Sch Bd Robert Fletcher, pres 

G W Willett. secretary 
Lyons Tup H S G. W Wlllet. Prln 
Music Clarence Dissinger. supervisor 
Home Economics Kate L Diovui 
Athlotios Olivet C Stengor 
Librarian Emily Etbell 

Bioad\iew Aoiufrmv, fee^omlai v COUIROI, oom'l 
muhic, imliiht aits, co-cd . Liith , A J 
Olson, Pres 
Nazaielh Atadoiny, frills' boat ding. K (.' 

histers of St Joseph 

St Josephs Academy, ho>s boat ding, H 
C . SiBtetB of St Joseph 

I,* Hrp. Hancock Co.. pop. 1.65t. 

11,1 Educ H M Butt piomdent 

A 1 1 1 1 a F r a sei . secret ai y 
Hitrh School El be it H StiJf, supt 
Gtades I\a Warner, prin 

Forest. Lake Co., pop. ,17. 

Bd Educ Fiederick Held, president 
Richard D Stevenson, secretary 
Supenntendent Melvin G Davis 





Leonard E LOOB, assistant supt 
Supv MuBic Herman L Walker 
Manual Training George Greene 
Drawing Eleanor Hatch 
High School (see Highland Park) 

Ferry Hall; girls, boarding; non-sect , est 

18b9, Eloise Tremain. Principal 
Lake Forest Academy, boys' boarding. 

Presb , est 1858, John Wayne Richards, 

M A , Headmaster 
Lake Forest College, college of liberal arts: 

co-ed . Prcbby tcrian , est 1876, Heibert 

McCorab Moore, Pies 
Thorpe Academy; boys, 5-15 years .boarding ; 

est 1919: William F Thorpe Supt, 1355 

N Sheridan Rd 

Lanark, Carroll Co., pop. 1,400. 

Bd Educ R M Livengood, president 

Floyd Zuck. secietary 

City Superintendent Leonard I Wierson 
Music Helen Doherty 
Band ft Orchestra Leonard I. Wierson 
Home Economics Ella Beck 

La Salle, LaSalle Co., pop. 13,080. 

Lid Educ William F Confrey, president 

Sec Bd Educ Con J Relnhard 

City Superintendent James B McManu*. 

Music Marie Stutzenski 

Manual Tr'g (grades) H B. Roth well 

Dom Science (grades) Helen Schrelner 

LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Harry L Wilmot, dean 
LaSalle-Peru Township High School 

Frank A Jensen, feuperintendent 
Music Sarah I McConnell 
Band Lee W Peterson 
Art Zada T Dicksou 
Manual Training Chailcs E Horn 
Domestic science Kathleen Gaynor 
Com'l ft Sten C. C. Ebbert 
Phys Educ (boys) Howard Fellows 
Phys Educ (girls) Bernadme Kunkel 
Libi anan May eel Baker 

LawrenceviUe, Lawrence Co., pop. 6,298. 

Bd K.IUC r W Cook, president 

Karl Glover, secretary 
Supenntemlent M N Todd 
Twp H S Bd B O Summer, president 

Carl Glover, secretary 
Township H S M N Todd, prin 
Music Belle Longbons 
Domestic Science Martha Eshelman 
Manual Training M. W Wade 
Athletic Coach C. J Kobeit 

Lebanon, St. Clalr Co., pop. 1,600. 

High Sch Bd Phil Qrlesbaum, pres 

Arnold Villhard, secretary 
Community H S L. J East, supt 

Mianie Nless, principal 
Music Fannie Ban- 
Band George Barton 
Home Economics Emma Steinhauser 
Man Tr'g ft Athletics Arkell Fischer 

McKendiee College, college liberal arts, and 
conservatory, co-ed , M E.; est 1121, 
Clark R Yo*t. Pre* 

LomoBt, Cook Co., pop. t,449. 

Bd. Educ. Charles Woods, president 

James Lynch, secretary 
Grade Schools D L. O'Sullivan. supt. 
Township H S George F. Keough. prin. 
Athletic Director Poe Street 
Bandmaster Charles Nicholls 

Lena, Stephenson Co., pop. 1,500. 

H. 8. Bd. M. F. Kottman, president 

R F Dameier, secretary 
Community H. S. H. L Sprague, supt. 

LeRoy, McLean Co., pop. 1300. 

High Sch Bd Charles Crumbaugh, president 

Lee Pray, secretary 

Township H. S W. Earl Taylor, prin 
Music Myrtle Ann Dressier 
Band Charles LeRoy Cox 
Home Economics Mary K Love 
Athletics L A. McKean 
Grades Bruce Sartam, supt. 

, Fulton Co., pop. 2.604. 

Bd Educ Beam Deplar, president 

M B Boyd, secretary 

High School Howard M Leinbaugh, supt 
Music Frances Wells 
Band M W Parker 
Home Economics Helen Melvin 
Athletic Coach George Dertmger 

Lexington, McLean Co., pop. 1,400. 

Hig-h Sch Bd E C Mahan, president 

E B Douglass, secretary 
Community H S Neil F Garvey, supt 

Home Economics Marie Gantzert 
Manual Training w. V. Heldreth 

\thletic Coach Robert Du Bois 

Grades Neil F Garvey. supt 

Ubertyville, Lake Co., pop. 8,787. 

Bd Educ W Lightbody. piesident 

AIis Maufle Frudy, secretary 
City Superintendent Farnham A Hudson. 
High Sch. Bd H G Mason, president 

Mrs Glayds Lovell. secretary 
Prin Twp. High School H. B. Underbrtnk 
Music Marcia Weissgerber 
Manual Training C. W. Andrews 
Physical Educ. (boys) A J. Bergstrom 

Lincoln, Logan Co., pop. 12,843. 

Bd Educ E C Gaffney, president 

D J Mitchell, secretary 
City Superintendent D. F Nickols 
Manual Tr'g (giades) Nicholas Stumpf 
Phjbicdl Education Betty Coultas 
Band A Larison 
High Sch Bd Dean Harris, president 

A H Larson, secretary 
Principal High School W. C. Handlln. 
Music Frances Mantle 
Band. Orchestra Herbeit O Merry. 
Domestic Science Conine Houston 
Manual Training W. E. Aide 

Lincoln College; junior coll , music, domes- 
tic cience, agrlc. ; co-ed.: Presb eat. 
1865; William D. Copland. PreT 

Lincoln Business College; bus. and itea.- 
est. 1881; W. R. Whetsler, Prin. 





Utehfield, Montgomery Co., pop. 8,126. 

Bd Educ George Sinler, president 

Irving Yaeger, secretary 
Community H S. -L J Hill, supt 
Household Arts Gertrude Bockcwit/ 
Orchestra B J. Ellis 

Physical Educ (boya) Maurice T Macy 
Physical Educ (girls) Doiothy Diawbaugh 
Grade Schools A J Black, supt 

Livingston, Madison Co., pop. 1,366. 

High Seh Bd Han is F Mav, president 

John Van Hooser. secietary 
Community H S Vernon G Mays, supt 
Band Herman Schefflcr 
Grades Iipiner Rachow, supt 

Lockport, Will Co., pop. 3,878. 

Grade Sch Bd Walter Blackwell, president 

M W. Taylor, secretary 
Superintendent Mrs Louise P Bush 
High School Bd H A Godfrey, president 

W W North, secretary 
Township H S. James M. Smith, prln 
Music Lucille Emraans 
Man Tr * Mech Draw W. H Sterling 
Home Economics Delia Mehnert 
Lewis Holy Name School of Aeronautics, 
prep and tech courses, men; R C. , Brother 
Fabian. Supt 

Lontant, LaSalle Co, pop 911. 

Bd. Bduc. (h. s ) Alfred Bell, president 

C W Curtis, secretary 
Community H S James Schneider, supt 
Music Richard fling 
Domestic Science Phyllis Crawford 

Lovingtoa, Moultrie Co., pop. l,15t. 

Bd Educ S H Curry, president 

Rue Bowers, secretary 
Grade Schools Burl Pankey. supt. 
High Sch. Bd Roy Wilson, president 

G L Lindsay, set retary 
Township H. S. Kenneth V Henninger, pnn 

Lyons, Cook Co., pop. 6,500 

Bd Educ Leo P Meyer, president 

Edward J Rezabek, secietary 
Superintendent J W Costello 
Music Violet Krai 

McHenry. McHenry Co., pop. 1,700. 

Bd Educ A E. Nye, president 

J W Preund, secretary 
Supt * Pnn Com'nty H S C H Duker 

Band, Orchestra Herman D Ellis 

McLean, McLean Co , pop 697. 

Bd Educ J H Baker, secretary 
Community H S Paul McFarland, supt 
Grades Gordon Hirst, prin 

BfcLeantboro, Hamilton Co., pop. 2,155. 

Bd Educ A H Sloan, president 

Mary Afflack. secretary 
High School Marvin J Carlton, pnn 
Music Mary Flannigan 
Libranan Mary Afflack 
Grade Schools Robert Wilson, supt 

Mtepomb, McDonongh Co., pop. 8,998. 

Bd Bduc. H. P. Kettron, president 

O J. Andrews, secretary 
Superintendent Claude S. Chappelear 

High School W N Atkinson, pnn 
Manual Training Matthew Jack 
Band. Orchestra W F Bunnell 
Home Economics Clara Garrison 
Physical Tr'g (boys) William Strickland 

Western Illinois State Teachers' College, 
turners* professional courses, state, es* 
1003. Waller P Motgmi. Pres 

Madison, Madison Co., pop. 7,079. 

Btl Educ Robert Dron, pi evident 

C A Barnctt, seeretary 
Supenntendcnt E W Heob 
Hisrh School J 13 OKK, pnn 
Music Mae Waters 
Band (1 E Thomas 
Home Economics Codona Swarfs 
Commercial Frlede Michel 

Mahomet. Champaign Co , pop 649 

High Sch Bd F L Kroner, president 

Nelle R Morrison, secretary 
Community II S Wilfred C Coe , prin 
Grade''- Clano Kokenspar g-ci , prin 

M ant? no, Kankakeo Co . pop. 1,150 

Bd Educ Norrls G Curl, president 

C M Wright, secretary 
Township li S J F Benham, prin 
Giaile^ Clarence O'Connor 

Academy of Our Ladv . giil* hoarding 
smaller bovs, grades thru high *ehoo', R 
C est 1007, Sistei St John B.iptit 
Super lor 

Marengo. McHenry Co., pop. 1.900. 

Grade S<h Bd R V Dusenbenv ims 

Mrs Ralph Mai lory, secretary 
Grades J L Trump, supt 
High School Bd D U Boyle, pres 

Mrs Luty Redpath. seeretOij- 
Community H S H E Meyers, prin 

Marion, Williamson Co., pop. 9,016. 

Ivan I Roberts, secretary 
Superintendent H O llelford 
High Sch Bd Will Pillow, secretary 
Township- H S Allen R Fduaids, supt 
Music Louis W Alnitz 
Coach Paul J Houghton 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 
T H Siekman, Pres 

Uarissa, St. Clalr Co., pop. 1,650. 

Bd Etliic Thomas J Lee. preHident 

Mis Pearl Eckert, seeretarv 
GimkK Theodore Chailwootl, mipt 
Hre-h Seh Bd John K While, piesuient 

H E Hfimilton secretary 
Prin Twp H S Q H Thompson 

Maroa, Macon Co., pop. 1,193. 

William C McGuire. secretary 
Community H. S William 1) Keyes, ]r pun 
Home Eeononnes Venus Johnson 
Physical Education Fred Boll 
Grades Loren R Lewis, prin 

Marseilles, LaSalle Co., pop. 4,298. 

High Sch Bd P R Clark, preside**. 
Bd Educ B U Stebblns. secretary 





High School A. P. Gossard, supt 

R C. Hawley, prin. 
Music Tola Hunter 
Household Arts Margaret Kuntz 
Manual Training Leland Strombot 

Marshall. Clark Co., pop. 

Bd Educ O A. Keiser, president 

Fred Kelfer, aecietary 
High School R R. Geddes, eupt 

Nelson R Stork, asst prin 
Manual Training H. W. Finley 
Music John Bright 
Home Economics Ruby Ice 
Athletic Coach John Wear 

BfartlMvllle, Clark Co., pop. 1.460. 

Grade Sch Bd Estill Blank, piesident 

6 C Cunningham, secretary 
Grades G W Andcison. supt 
Hiffh Sch Bd Carl Beabout, president 

Orion Kitchen, secretary 
Community H S Julian House, pun 
Music Paul E Thaney 
Manual Aits John P Garrigub 
Home Economics Madge Cooper 

Mascontah. St. Clalr Co., pop. 2,000. 

Bd Educ Hobait Plab. president 
Kelsor Nickel, secretary 
Superintendent W B Garvm 
Community H S John H. Stout, asst prin 
Domestic Science Ruth C Walton 
Manual Training Walter Giauel 
Commercial Clara Mathews 

Mason City, Mason Co.. pop. l.SOO 

High Sch Bd C J Mai tin. president 

John Hubly, secretary 

High School Ray Graham, superintendent 
Muvu Roy W Oesche 
Home Economics Ruby Conovoi 

Afattoon, Coles Co., pop. 15,620. 

Bd Educ. A B Pooiman, pi evident 

Paul Hardinger, secretary 
City Superintendent H B Black 
High School Ernest W Keisten, prin 
Music Borghild Julsrud, supervisor 
Band Richard Elliott 
Manual Training lunior Hahr 
Domestic Arts Dons Drinkwatcr 
Libiarian Ruth Vcrwey 

Utterback Business College, bus and sten , 
eat 1896, Robert Alexander, Manager 

Maywood, Cook Co., pop. 25,670. 

Supt Dlst. 89 Eugene La Rowe 

High School Bd. William F. Boeger, pres 

Leslie J Smith, secretary 
Proviso Twp H S E R Sifert, pi in 
Dean of Boys H E Carr 
Dean of Girls Eh/abeth B Oakes 
Supv Music R Li Osburn 
Art Wllhelmlna Marm 
Manual Arts R E Poplett 
Physical E<luc (git Is) Mary Wheeler 
I ibranaii -Frances E Hammitt 

Chicago Lutheran Theoologlcal Seminary, 
theol , men, Evang Luth . eft. 1191; 
L Franklin Gruber, Pres, 

Media, Henderson Co., pop. tOO. 

Bd hMuc Mis Bertha Pogue. president 

Mrs A L Beal, secretary 
Township H S Garold D. Holstine, prin. 

ftfendon, A damn Co. pop. 645. 

High Sch Bd George Shupe, president 

C S Bilderback, secretary 
Township H S Charles S Bilderback, supt 
Music Jeannie McAuslan 
Home Economics Elda Murphy 
Physical Training George Bodecker 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Gladys Lively 
Grades Alfred Haubrock, supt. 

MeJidota, LaSalle Co., pop. 4,006. 

Grade Sch Bd Elmer G Feik, president 

George Heaaenberger, secretary 
Superintendent M E Steele 
Twp H S Bd George Nauman. president 

B Harry Peck, secretary 
Township High Sch M E Steele, prin 

H W Mauntel. asst prin 
Band, Orchestra Harlan W Peithman 
Ait J Evelyn Showalter 
Manual Training Gilbert Gehler 
Home Eoon , Cafetria Wilma Hoffert 
Physical Educ (girls) Edith Jones 
Athletic Coach R E Dewitz 

Metamora, Wood ford Co, pop 68S. 
High Sch. Bd Joseph I. Knoblauch, pren 
Bd Educ S M Snyder, secretary 
Township H S Ray J Schertz, prin 
Band George P Thompson 
Home Economics Louise Koehler 
Physical Education W W Painter 

Metropolis, Massac Co.. pop. 5,570. 

B<1 Educ S F Chase, president 

Mabel Elliott, secretary 
Superintendent C J Ramsay 
Community H. S. B. A. Smith, principal 

Music Melba Fullmer 
Band Richard A Fiocchi 

Home Economics Alice E Neuhoff 
Manual Arts Hurshel Dever 

Mllford, Iroquols Co., pop. 1,460. 

Bd Educ Hairy Holmes, president 

S O Wright, secretary 
City Superintendent Maud Gray. 
Township II S Vernon L Plummer, prin 
Home Economics Lillian Merritt 

Minonk. Woodford Co., pop. t,000. 

Grade Sch Bd John Leffers. president 

F S Wylie, secretary 
Pitv Superintendent C O. Waldrip 
Hiph Son Bd Roy Dovey. president 

W C Hart secretary 
Community H S Harold Wright, prin. 
Mu*ic Harvey Tucker 
Domestic Science Gladys Waahburn 

Molina. Bock Island Co., pop. 82,880. 

Bd Kduc C R Rosboiough, president 
*e Rd Educ Pita Knowing 
Superintendent E P Nutting; 
High School C R Crakes, prin. 
John Deere Jr. H 8 A. W. Wood, prin 
Central Jr H. 8 Grace Dale, prin. 
Supv Music Ina Dunlap 




Manual Training B W. Freeman 
Drawing Norma Riehl 
Commercial Clara Duisdicker 
Physical Educ Herbert O Klier 
Athletics O. F. Bennett 
School For Deaf Thelma Myers 

Momence. Kankakoe Co., pop. 2,02*. 

Bd Educ W W. Porter, president 
Community H. S J B Stout, supt. 
Music Etta Irene Grimes 
BandPaul T. Liljedahl 
Manual TralnlngH. L. Liberty 
Home Economics Elizabeth Fink 

St Patrick's Academy; girl's boarding. 
R. C.. Sisters of the Sacied Heait. 

Monmonth, Warren Co., pop. 8,782. 

Bd Educ C S Peacock, president 

Charles Blair, secretary 
High School Roy Fetherston, supt. 

Q. Ray Imbody, principal 
Music Ruth Yenerich 
Band, Orchestra William Lynch 
Manual Training Howard Nelson 
Domestic Science Edna Stedman 
Physical Educ (boys) Fred C Exter 
Physical Educ. (girls) June L Roberts 
Librarian Louise Duncan 
Monmouth College, coll liberal arts, music, 
fine arts, co-ed ; Un Presb . est 18">f>, 
James Harper Giier, Pres 

Montioello, Plait Co., pop. 2,881. 

Bd. Educ W. N Slevers, president 

C C Austin secretary 

Township H S Francis M Peterson, prm 
Music Dorothy Bayless 
Band Ernest E. Lukens 
Librarian Mary Hussey 
Grade Schools W E Baird, supt 

llooseheart. Kane Co., pop. 1,800. 

Mooseheart Horn* and School, academic 
and vocational courses for dependent 
children of deceased members Loyal Or- 
der of Moose; W J Leinweber, Supt 

Morris, Grundy Co., pop. 6.568. 

Bd Educ. W G Penn. president 

Ella Peterson, secretary 
City Superintendent B R Bowden 
High School F. E Monson. prln 

Home Economics Ella Bansau 

Athletics J. 8 Crabtree 

t. Angela's Academy; girls* boarding. R 
C.: est 1859. Sister M Lorettyn, Pnn 

Morrison. Whlteside Co., pop. 8,068. 

Bd Educ G L D. Smith, president 
Bd. Educ Murray Ritchie, secretary 
Superintendent E H. Mellon 
High School Mabel Borman. prln. 
Music Louise Haselton 
Band H W. Burch 
Industrial Arts -Floyd Tompkms 
Home Economics Rachel Lemon 
Librarian Marine Entwhistle 

Horrlfl*vflle. Christian Co., pop. 1.240. 

High Sen Bd George Sloan, president 
A. L. Byan, secretary 

Grades H B Stephenson, supt 
Community H. S Einar Anderson 
Home Economics Celia Gebhart 
Athletic Coach W. 8. Curry 

Morton, TazeweU Co., pop. 1.179. 

Bd Educ (h.s ) E L Robinson, pres 
Bd Educ William Bartelmay. secretary 
Township H. S G. F Conell, prm 
Music, Art Barbara J Scott 
Band Tames G. Hatcher 
Home Economics Helen Moser 
Manual Tr'g J Byron Durham 
Grades Ward Grundy, supt. 

Mound City, Fulaskl Co., pop. 2,7*5. 

Grade Sen Bd E P Easteiday, picbidcnt 

R M Hurst, secretary 
City Supenntendent M C Hunt 
Higrh Sch Bd W W Waite. president 
Community H S S W Frey, supt 

Mounds, Polaskl Co., pop. 2,129. 

High Sch Bd August Crosson. president 
Bd of Educ L. B. Armstrong, secretary 
Township H S J C Gieeson, supt 

Mount Carmel, Wabash Co., pop. 7,120. 

Bd Ed UP J E Churchill, picsidcnt 

Mis Edith Kamp. secretary 
Superintendent R S Condrey 
Music Floyd Perkins 
Home Economics Lyle Mamer 
Manual Arts. Coach Thomas Gilbert 
Librarian Ruth Lengelson 

Mount Carroll. Carroll Co., pop. 1,065. 

Bd Educ Howard Petty, president 

Charles Kessler, secretary 
High School P F Grove, supt 
Music Maurme Palmer 
Ham! & Orr hestra Colpman Miles 
Manual Aits Franeis Cram 
Homo Economics Maud Collins 
Athletics H B. Walker 

Franocs Shimer Junior ColJesro. women 
piep and junior coll . boarrlmtr tlept 
Baptist, est 1853. Raymond B Culvei, 

Mount Morris, Oglo Co., pop. 1,804. 

Grade Seh Bd N A Boling-er, pinmclcnt 

H D Ro<*<*. secretary 

Grade Schools Harold Patterson, supt 
MUMC (voeal) 3 Leslie Pierce 
Hiph Srh Bd O A Hanko, president 

J W Robbing seeretary 
Community H S Ira Hendrickson, suj't 
Band, Orchestra Beth Hower 
Manual Training Paul J Yoe 
Home Economics Marian Sympson 

Mount Oll^o, Maroupln Co., pop. 8.601. 

Giade Sch Bd Carl Haller, pi CHI dent 

Mi Luschei, secretary 
Grades Wairen P Shepherd, supt 
Hig-h Sch Bd P O'Fdirell, president 

Davidson Simpson, secretary 
Community H S John K. Price, prm 
Music fh s ) Lulubell Libbey 
Band. Orchestra Alfred Bernreuter 
Home Economics Rose Bartti 
Librarian Vclma Soulsby 





Mount PulMki, Logan Co., pop. 1.860. 

Bd Educ Ben Potter, president 

C. M. Merriman, secretary 
Grades Zenobia Zimmerman, prin 
Bd Educ (h. s ) J M Rothwell, president 
Township H. 8 Lloyd L. Hargis, prin 
Home Economics Alberta Voile 
Band Paul Merry 

Mount Sterling, Brown Co., pop. 1.999. 

Bd Educ J Q Lawless, president 

B L Webber, secretary 
High School R S. Raynes, principal 
Musio Esther Duncan 
Home Economics Mary McCutcheon 
Athletic Coach U B Kimmel 
Grades Minnie B. Flynn, prin 

Mount Vernon. Jefferson Co., pop. 12.648. 

Bd. Educ. (city) D. A. Whitlock, pres 

Roger Webb, secretary 
Superintendent H. E Bosley 
Music (grades) Ruby Johnston 
Hiffh Sch. Bd M M. Lumbattis, president 

Mrs Mary G Dickson, secretary 
Township H 8 Silas Echols. supt 
Dean of Girls S Cornelia Pierre 
Manual Training P F Stables 
Music (h s ) Florence Lyon 
Band Elmer R Beloof 
Physical Trsr (boys) E B 
Physical Tr'er (gnrls) Martha Davidson 
Librarian Mildred Warren 

Afowaqua, Shelby Co., pop. 1,600. 

Hjgrh Sch Bd W J Wiegman, president Parks, secretary 
High School Corem Waller, supt 
Home Economics Evelyn R Ellmgrer 
Music, Band Husrh A Gunderson 
Athletics M J Corby 
Murphysboro. Jackson Co., pop. 8,262. 
Bd (city) Claude Wisely, president 

William Kimball, secretary 
Grades William Carruthers, supt. 
H S Bd Sam B McNeill, ptesident 

A B Stoehrle. sectotnty 
Township H S Albert Nicholas, prin 
MusicHoward Thrallkill 
Libianan Cliffy Stewart 

Naperville, Du Page Co., pop. 5,112. 

Bd Educ Lester J Schlooib, president 

Paul Shiffler, secretary 
Superintendent R M Beebe 
Prin High School V Blanche Graham 
Elementary Supv Edna C Wunder 
MusicArthur Hill 
Band Elmer Koerner 
Orchestra B P Blackard 
ArtRuth Oakford 
Manual Training Martin L Klein 
Home Economics Prarle E Betts 
Physical Educ (boys) John Hatshbargcr 
Phys F3d (guls) Irene R Stark 
Evangelical Theological Seminary, theol , 

coed , Fvarurelical Church; est 1877; 

O B Kimmel, President 
North Central College, coll , co-el . Evang 

Assn , est 1881; Edward E Rail, Pres 

Nashville. Washington Co., pop. 2.184. 

Bd Educ Ed Schmltt, president 
Osoar Kirchhoefer. secretary 

Superintendent J. Lynn Wilson 
Music L. W. Snider 
Home Economics Louise Ghent 
Physical Educ. (boys) Philip Allen 
Physical Educ (girls) Evelyn Hearting 

Nauvoo. Hancock Co., pop. l.ttf. 

Bd Educ K. J Beinhardt. president 

Geoige Harsch, secretary 
Giade Schools Lawrence Pierce, prin 
High Sch Bd O A. Hertel. president 

Arnold Ourth. secretary 
Township H. S J C. Bilderback 

St Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C.; 

Benedictine Sisters, Mother Mercides, 

Neoga, Cumberland Co., pop. l,17t. 

Grade Sch Bd F. A Carruthers. president 

Verii Lawrence, secretary 
Giades L H Mann, prin 
Hisrh Sch Bd L. K Voris, president 

Mrs Nellie K Smith, secretary 
Township H S Ray Duncan, prin 
Music Gerald Boyer 
Manual Tr'gr, Athletics Charles Colin 

New Athens, St. Clair Co , pop 1,406. 
Bd Educ. (h s ) Hy Reuss, Jr., secretary 

High School H W Krohn, principal 
Music Rhea Crews 
Manual Training George Fiedler 
Home Economics Reva M Voile 
Grades John D Voprler, pnn. 

Newman, Douglas Co., pop. 1.28f. 

Bd Educ R C Gllogly. president 

Ora Lawrence, secretary 
Prin Township H R John IT Trinkle 
Grades Virgil Bancroft, pirn 

Newt na. Jasper Co., pop. t.OfO. 

Hiffh Sch Bd A J Kmsel, president 

Roy McCormack, secretary 
Community H S Omar M Tobias, prin 
Music Thomas Perdue 
Industrial Arts D L. Young 
Grades Grace Hendry, prin 

Nokomiff. Montgomery Co. pop. 3,465 
Bd Educ A J Eekhoff, president 

Harry Todd, secretary 
Grades E A Lewey. supt 
Townbhip H S Ivan Johnson, prin 

Normal. McLean Co., pop. 6,785. 

Bd Educ E C Biasi. president 

T H Keys, secretary 
Community H S Monroe Melton, supt 

H J Stoltz, principal 

Eula Mathew, dean of girls 
Junior H S James C Carnahan, prm 
Miiwc Evelyn Koehler 
Athletics Ralph Arends 

Illinois State Normal University; normal; 
co-ed ; est 1857; Raymond W. Fairchfld. 

Oakland, Coloi Co., pop. MM. 

Bd Educ. (grades) C.W. Hudson, prertdont 

Bruce Bell, secretary 
Grade School g. W Cauldwejl, prtn. 





High Sch Bd H L Griest, secretary 
Township H. S. L F. Fulwiler, prin. 
Music W P. Amos 
Athletic Coach Richard Boblenz 

Oak Park, Cook Co., pop. 63,818. 

Bd. Educ. J. C. Morrell, president 
William J. Hamilton, secretary 
Clt** Superintendent W. J. Hamilton 
Music (elem.) Edith C. Howe 
Art (elem.) Ruth Blankmeyer 
Township H. S. M R. Me Daniel, pnn 
AiUBiC (H S ) Anton H Emba 
Art (h. a.) Mrs. Caroline Eckart 
Man. Tr. (h. s.) Heber C. Taylor 
Domestic Science Lillian Johnson 
Librarian Helen Wurtzbach 

Oblong, Crawford C.. pop. 1,888. 

High Sch Bd C C Oursler. secietary 

Township H S C E Ambrose, prin 

Music David Welsh 

Homes Economics Ruth Mil lei 

Athletic Coach Paul Beck 

Libraiian Evelyn Whitmer 

Grade Schools R M Girhard, prin 

Odell, Livlagsten Co., pop. 1,108. 

L. B. Muzzy, secretary 
City Superintendent J E Lukens 
High School Nelle Roe Lukens, prin 
Domestic Science Harriet Gassensmlth 

Ohio. Bureau Co., pop. 874. 

Bd Educ Dr J M O' Mai ley. secretary 
High School George A Shannon, prin 
Music Mrs. Grace Kramer 
Grades Katherine Spaldin?. supt 

Olney, Rlehland Co., pop. 8,148. 

Bd Educ Karl Hasslmger, president 

T. C Colvin, secretary 
Grade Schools C. T. Cramer, supt 
Manual Training R W Jaques 
Township H. S W R Mclntosh, prin 
Music R. B. Barrett 
Home Economics Edith McDowell 
Manual Training- Oliver Fiher 
Athletics Frank Newton 

Onarga. Iroquols Co.. pop. 1,488. 

High Sch. Bd J H Stoutemeyer. president 

John Eversole, secretary 
Township H S D L Reed, supt 
Manual Training 1 Lyle Hutton 
Music Mrs. Grace Baylor 
Orchestra J. Fred Fehr 
Home Economics Virginia Ellis 
Grades Merle Wright, prin. 

Onarga Military School, prep and business 
courses; board In*, J. E. Blttinger. Supt 

Oqnawka, Henderson Co., pop. 1,188. 

Bd. Educ. John Peterson, president 
Bd Educ R A Trimble, secretary 
Grade Schools Clark Campbell, prin. 
Bd. Educ (H S ) C. W Haffner. sec 
Township R. S. Ray Albright, supt 

Oregoa, Ogle Ce.. pp. 8,188. 

Bd Educ John Putnam, president 

G T Snyder secretary 
High School Roland Klest, prin. 
Music Vivian Holmes 

Athletic Coach Arthur Driver 
Grades Mary Gantz, principal 

Ottawa, LaSalle Co., pop. 15,048. 

Pres. Bd. Educ. J. U. Schumacher 

K A Lynch, secretary 
City Superintendent Christopher J. Byrne 
Township H. S H. D. Anderson, prin 
bupv Music (High School) John Hoft 
Music (grades) Mary Carter 
Manual Tr*g (H S.) H. J. Zuege 
Manual Tr'* (grades) Ralph Weber 
Band Arthur Hentrieh 
Domestic Science (grades) Mabel Kohrt 
Drawing (Grades) Helen Hodklnson 
Art (h a ) Mrs Riva Bane 
Clothing- Margaret Geng 
Foods Marion O'Neill 
Stenography Estella Falling 
Phymcal Director Robert McKay 
Military Director Ernest H. Pool 

Peacock Secretarial School , secretarial tr** , 

co-ed , Mrs Emily G Peacock, Prin 
Pleasant View Luther College , jr coll , co-ed , 

Luth ; est 1896, Orlando Ingvolstad. Pres 
8t Xavler's Academy, girls' boarding. K 

C , Sister Benedict, Superior 

Palatine, Cook Co.. pop. 2.118. 

Hig-h Sch Bd Harrison Kincaid, president 

William Mair, secretary 
Township H S John L ReUbser, prin 
Giade<9 J C Clettcnberg. prin. 

Palestine. Crawford Co., pop. I.t88. 

Grade Sen Bd George Calvert, president 

W E Oaklei, becretary 
City Superintendent Roe M. Wright 
Higrh Scii Bd John Buikctt. president 

A S Buiks, becretary 
Township H S F E King, prin 
Music Geraldlne Egan 
Home Economics Aliee E Groff 
Manual Training: E W Koertse 

Palmyra, Macoupm Co , pop 835. 

High Sell Bd John HiiHon. proqulenl 

Clyde Hoover, secretary 

Hiffh School R Eveiett Stevenson, pi In 
Domestic Science Minnie Morgan 
Grades Nellie Tonga te, prin 

I'aaa. Clirlstlaa Co., pop. 8,855. 

Bd Educ F J Eberspacher, piesldent 

H M Cot hern, sectetaiy 
ritv Mjpeilntendent J L Hart 
Hiffh Sch Bd A C. Stanfteld, picbidcnt 

C W. Slater, secretary 

Township H S Ray U Brummett, prin 
Music Russell Widoe 
Home Economics Freda Randall 
Manual Training E. J. Harrison 
Physical Tr'g (boys) James R. Spfller, Jr 
Physical TI'I? .(girls) Nedra Gogrgin 
librarian R.ijmoml H. Dey 

Panama, Montgomery n pep UB81. 

Hcl Edue Fred Pree/clancl. proHulcnt 

Henry Noe, clerk 
Superintendent Leonard Will 

Paris, Edgar Co., pop. 8,783. 

Bd Educ R S Lloyd, president 
K. R. O'Hair, secretary 






Superintendent John R. MOM 
Principal High School Carolyn L Wens 
Music Ethel B Hougham 
Manual Training H B Hunter 
Home Economics Galena Klbby 
Commercial Zulu Wright 
Athletic Coach H Don S wee ley 
Librarian Mrs Ella Jacobs 

Park Ridge, Cook Co., pop. 10,426. 

Bd Educ E A. Dommick, prebident 

Mildred Schrader, secretary 
Superintendent Harry D. Winslow 

C. V. Baker, asst supt 
Music Hazel Ford 

Domestic Science M Belle Meredith 
Manual Training Earl T. Tilley 
Physical Training: A. L Lyons 

Pawnee, Sangamon Co., pop. 1,200. 
Bd Educ Edward Crowder. president 
Bd Educ W E Young:, secretary 
Township H S R E Simpson, prin. 
Home Economics Mildred Morris 
Grades Charles Seals, prin. 

Paxton, Ford Co., pop. S.086. 

Bd Educ Walter Kiest, president 

H P Larson, secretary 
Community H S John J Swinney, supt 

Maude Graoen, assistant principal 
Music Virginia Cleave! and 
Athletic Coach W E Zimmerman 

Pectonlc, Wlnnebairo Co., pop. 1.100. 

High Sch Bd Erwln Goodwill, president 

Albert Anders, secretary 
Community H S R L Bradley, prin 
Music Alvar T Berghult 

Petto, Tazewell Co., pop. 16,086. 

Bd Educ (city) E Veerman, secretary 
City Superintendent C. B. Smith 
High Sch Bd J A Crosby, secretary 
Principal High School Richard V. Ltndsey 
Music. Band William H Miller 
Home Economics Dorothy Coin well 
Art Robert O Bone 
Librarian Dorothy Bruc 

Peoria, Peoria Co., pop. 104,788. 

Bd Educ C. O DeMoure. prcbident 
Sec Bd. Educ Guy T Mowat 
City Superintendent E. C. Fisher 
Music Eva O. Kidder, supervisor 
Art Katherine M. Lester, supervisor 
Industrial Educ L P Elliott 
T*om* Economics Anna Tjaden 
Physical Education Carl Graner 
Hand & Orchestras I. Irvine; Bradley 
Kindfir'n, Primary Vora C Going 
Health, Hygiene C H Benning 1 , M D 
Dental Dept C Carrol Smith 

Kmgman Hisrh School, Madison & Sloan sts 

Louis R McDonald, Pnn 
Manual Training; High School. Lincoln at 

& Shelly st ; W G Russell. Prin 
Peoria Hifh School. North st & Richmond 

av ; J H. Brewer. Prin 
Peoria Kindergarten Training School. 
Vwa C Going, Director 

Academy of Our La4y of the Bacrei 
Heart; girls* boarding; R C , Sister Sim- 
plicia, Superior 

Bradley Polytechnic Institute; co-eC; BOB- 
sect . est 1807; liberal arts college: A. B 
and B S degree, home economies: manual 
training, mechanical trades, day and even- 
Ing classes, Frederic R. Hamilton, Pres 

Brown's Business College; bus. aa stea.; 
est 1868. C J Harvey. Manager 

palding Institute: prep . boys; R C . 
est 1899. Father Boniface Martin, Prin 

Peotone, Will Co., pop. 1,260. 

Bd Educ J. W Turner, president 

John Campbell, secretary 
High School C L Walters, supt 

Pern, LaSalle Co , pop. 0,121. 

Bd Educ J D Lent, president 
Superintendent C W Martin 
Physical Training George Haegele 
Drawing Lydia Nelson 
PenmanshipNellie M Hart 
Township High School (see La Salle) 
St B*rte College: coll.; men; R C.; est 
1891 Justus Wirth, Pres 

Petersburg, Meard Co., pop. t.807. 

Bd Educ C C Juhl. president 

Neuman Stevens, secreteary 
Superintendent Baulah M Wood 
Higrh School H P Claus, prin 
Music Band Howard Akers 
Athletic Coach Hubert Pearce 

Plncknejville, Perry Co., pop. 8,046. 

Bd Educ John D Roe, president 

Frank Horner. secretary 
Superintendent E E Harriss 
Hiprh Sch Bd John F Templeton. president 

E F, Bar tie secretary 

Community H S W. Howard Ketring. 
Music, Art Marian R Hartung 
Band Orehsetra Lloyd E Cunningham 
Home Economics Tirzah E Kane 
Libiarian Alice Gladson 

Pittsfleld, Plko Co., pop. t,*OS. 

Bd Educ Mark Smith, president 

Mina Lovell. secretary 
Superintendent J H Voshall 
High School M E Woodworth, prin 
Music, Band Robert Milstead 
Home Economics Treva Leftndge 
AthleticsRobert C Wright 

Plalafleld, Will Co., pep. 1,000. 

Bd Educ H A Goodson, president 
Bd Educ W. C. Luce, secretary 
Superintendent Lewis H Mahoney 
High School Mrs Mary R. Pierce, prin 
Supv Music Grace Vinnon 
Manual Training G L Bonvallet 

Piano, Kendall Co., pop. 1,684. 

Pres Bd Educ C A Darnell 

Harriett Mighell. secretary 
"Uy Superintendent P. H, Miller 
Bd Educ (h i ) Dr A E Lord, pres 

Leslie M Gilford, secretary 
Music Mrs. Ina S. Miller 

Pleasant Plains, Sangamon Co., pop. 6*5. 

Hijrh Sch Bd F D Huber, president 

T D Irwin, secretary 
Township H S O W Young, prin 
Grades A L Harlow, prin 





Plymouth. Hancock Co., pop. 92t. 

Bd Educ II M Lawton, president 

O D Cooper, secretary 
Superintendent Olen L Smith 
Higrh School Apluld Anderson, pi in 

FocaJiontas. Bond Co., pop. 830. 
Bd Educ Ed Baehr, president 

6 G Gillespie, secretary 
Superintendent I. D Baker 

Polo. Ogle Co.. pop. t.078. 

Bd Educ David Frey, president 

John Coffman, secretary 
Supeiintendent Willis Pittengrcr 
Community H S Norma K Bo>ea, prln 
Music, Orchestia Robert A Choate 
Home Economics Pauline Hedrick 
Manual Ti'g, Athletics Leonard Skoglund 

Pontlac. Livingston Co., pop. 8,255. 

Bd Educ Jacob Solma, president 

C M Cleavenger, secretary 
Grades Arthur P Spelt z, supt 
High Sch Bd R T Johnston, president 

H I Shepherd, secretary 
Township H S C A. McGinnls, prin. 
Music Jack North 
Band, Orchestra Jack North 
Manual Training Carl H King 
Home Economics Ruth Galloway 
Physical Tr'g (boys) G A Haskins 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Elisabeth Baird 
Libiarian Margaret Richards 

Capes Shorthand School, scc'l training 
courses. C B Daugherty. Prin 

Port Bvron, Rock Island Co., pop 71*. 

Bd Educ Glenn Mathcs. pit^idtnt 

C W Sid linger, secretary 
Community H S Paul M Turner, supt 
Grades Norval Powell, prin 

Princeton, Bureau Co., pop. 4.756. 

Bd Educ C H Coll, president 

Parrv D Trimble, secretary 
City Superintendent George O Smith 
High Sch Bd Guy A Bryant, president 

John Skinner, clerk 

Twp High School Owen V. Shafer. prln 
Music Donnabelle Fry 
Home Economic** Frances Malslrary 
Physical Tr'g (boys) E W. Ewart 

Prfnrevllle, Peorla Co, pop 1.035 

High Sch Bd Ernest LaMay, president 

Harry Friedman. *eeretary 
Community H S W R Cordis supt 

PropheUtown. Wlilteslde Co., pop 1.5fO. 

Bd Educ I Vandermyde. president 

Mr*. M H Baldwin Mcratary 
Superintendent Cletus B Mummart 
High School Wendell M Lav man. prin 
MUMIC Vincrnt Olm stead 
Band Ogden Pernn 
Athletics Maurice L Lindsay 

QnJncr. Adams Co., pop. 39,221. 

Bd Educ W C Dowd, president 

Charles E Lane, secretary 
Superintendent W. H Lemmel 

High School Elmer A. Jensen, prin 
Jsupv Music Maude Harding 
Band. Orchestra Paul E. Morrison 
Art Beatrice Lewis 
Manual Training Andrew Mercker. 
Domestic Science Helen Jariett 
Athletic Coach Grover W. Kerr 

Chaddock Boys School, grades ix, boarding, 

manual training, printing- ME , cst 1809, 

Mrs Eva C Fnelds, Supt 
Gem City Business College; business tiain 

ing, accounting, secretarial, civil service 

co-ed ; est 1870, D L Mussel man, Prcs 
Notre Dame of Quincy; girls, academy and 

high school , boarding and day , R C , 

Mothct Marv Lovola. Supeiioi 
Quincy College; academic, collegiate, educa 

tion tlepts co-ed . Catholic, est 18(51), 

John Koebele, Pros. 
Quincy College of Music, co-ed 

Lulu M Felt, Director 
Quincy Conservatory of Music. The, musle, 

est 1885, William Spencer Johnson. Dir 

Rankin. Vermilion Co , pop 944 

Hisrh Sch Bd F L Lisreritt. president 

R S Sloan, secretary 
Township H S Boy Clark, supt 
Music Glady* Hurt 
Band E L Pierce 

Home Economics Mis Mildred Goodwin 
Junior H S Calvin Hubbell, prin 

Rantoul, Champaign Co . pop. 1,555 

Earl Stephens secretary 
Ciiadcs C M Condit, supt 
Bd Twp H S Frank rates. Sec 
Twp High School Chas C Condit, prin 
Music Eliazbeth Dryedale 
Band B B Wyman 
Man Tr'g & Phy Tr'g Fred Adam 
Home Economics Laura Ryburn 

Raymond, Montgomery Co., pop. l.OCO. 
Higrh S^h Bd E F RifTov. president 

O Rav Homy, sorretdrv 
Community H S Martin M Bielma, Jr , prin 
Grades Ida I Peck, principal 

Red Bud, Randolph Co., pop. 1.400. 
Bd Educ George Becker, president 

<*oi fe K<ch serretRr\ 
High School Leiprh V Finlev. prin 

Ridge Farm, YermllioB Co., pop. 1,0ft. 
Bd Educ Ellis Canaday, president 
Bd of Edur Ernest Srhermerhorn. sec'y 
Township IT S H. E Jones, prin 
Orchestra, Glee Club Madolin Hackett 
Athletic Coach B K Longman 
Grades H K Webb, supt 

Ridgwnv, Gallattn Co , pop. 1,102 

High Sch Bd Edgar A Green, president 

J C Murphy, pecretary 

f^mmunitv H S -James F Karbr, prln 
MUSK* J A Moore 

River Forest. Cook Co., pop. 8,901. 

Bd Educ E W Pnebe, president 
Superintendent Ray E Cheney 
Music Mrs M S Vwrnon 
Art Josephine Belsly 
Manual Training C* O Hogue 
Township High School (see Oak Park) 





Rosary College: coll for women. Catholic; 
est 1922; Sister Thomas Aquinas, Pres 

Riverside, Cook Co., pop. 6,660. 

Bd Diat 96 S 8 Fuller, president 

Lillian S Kovai, seoretai> 
Superintendent L J. Hauser 
Bd Dist 308 John D Clancy, president 

Ethel Curtis, secietary 
Township H S -Glenn K Kelly, prln 
Arts ft Grafts J O. Vance. 
Home Economics Ruth Lucille Damn 
Manual Training- O C Haack 
Music Clarence Peebles 
Physical Tr'ff (boys) Alfred Dudley 

(girls) Kathryn Cancie 
Librarian Mary A. Moore 

Roiwoko. Woodford Co., pop. 1.099. 

High Sch Bd Curtis McCauley. president 

Fiank D Sauder, secretary 
Township H S Tilman Smith, prm 
MUSJC- Pauline E*an 
Robinson, Crawford Co., pop. .86S. 
Bd Bduc (city) L W Singleton, ec'y 
Grades A F Goldsmith, superintendent 
High Sch Bd Perry Graves, secretary 
Township H. S. Ralph B Stringer, prin. 
Music H. E Hart 
Manual Training -L M Caiter 
Librarian Helen Mary Hoclal 
Kochelle, Ogle Co., pop. 3,785 
Grade Sch. Bd August Zimmeiman. pros 
City Superintendent H R Llssack 
Township H S Bd C A Anderson, pres 

Mrs George Un^er seeretaiv 
Township H S C A Hills, supt 
Mimic Mrs Orva Wright 
Oi chestra P Toennwres 
Home Economics Mararet !Falstad 
Physical Education C C Ellis 
Bock Falls, Whlteside Co., pop. t,6f7. 
Bd Educ L L Winn, president 

Charles Smith, secretary 
Grade Schools E I. Lehr. supt 
Township H S R M Robeitson. prln 
Oichestra Orville Westgor 
Manual Training Stewart Cameron 
Home Economics Marion Cameion 
Rock Island, Rock Island Co., pop. 89,093. 
Bd Educ Truman Plantz, president 

E F Burch, secretary 
Superintendent Selmer H Berg 
High School E H Hanson piin 
Franklin .Tr H S Winifred Huntoon. prin 
Washington Jr H S Owen B Wriprht. prin 
Music William G Rozeboom 
Home Economics Bliss Maple 
Physical Training Kenneth Green 
Drawing Sara M MoElhinney 
ConVl A Stenography Charlotte Stone 
Augustana College: liberal arts, theological, 
music, art courses, co-ed . Lutheran, est 
1860. Conrad Bergendoff. Pres 
Rock Island Business College, bus and sei'l, 

courses; G W Adams, Supt 
Villa de Chantal. girls' board In K R C , 
Sisters of the Visitation: Sister Marie 

Rockford, Wlnnebftffo Co., pop. 85,881. 

Bd Educ. Charles W. Roe, president 
Folke Engstrom, secretary 

Superintendent W W Ankenbrand 

Music Astrid Gustafson. supv. 

Ait Myrtle M Irons 

Elemental y Maude E Johnson, supv 

Cafeterias Lucy E Norm lie 

Attendance & Special Educ. W. R Gardner 

Health, Physical Educ. Ruth E Lens 

Public High Schools 

Rockford Sr High S James Blue, prin 
Roosevelt Jr H S James W. Welsh, prm 
Lincoln Jr H S Harry C Muth, prin 

Bishop Muldoon High School .girls , Sister M 
Andrew, Prm , Stanley & Elm Sts 

Brown's Rockford Business College, bus , 
sec'l, E L Lyons, Prm 

Rockford College, college, art, music, edu- 
cation, household arts, social service; wo- 
men, non-sect , est 1849. Gordon Keith 
Chalmers, Pres 

St Thomas High School, boys R C . John 
L Scary, Prin . 920 Mulberry 

Rockton, Winnebogo Co.. pop. 841. 

High Sch Bd A B Zwaska, president 

A B Samp, secietary 
Community H S O. E! Loo mis, prin 
Music David McElrov 
Home Economics Esther Loser 

Roodhonse, Green* Co., pop. t,8Sl. 

Hifirh Sch Bd N J Bucklin. president 

Jesse V. Hawk, Sr, secretary 
Commumtv H S H D Barr, supt 
Music Margaret Burbridge 
Band Donald Hamilton 

Roue* file. Warren Co., pop. 1,069. 

High Sch Bd Frank Kirkpatrick, president 

Geoigc Da\is, secretary 
Township H S M P. Sprunger. prln. 
Music Maigraret Fassnacht 
Home Economics Mary Elizabeth Mattix 
Grades H L Beckett, supt 

Romvllle. Vermilion Co., pop. 1,609. 

Bd Kduc Glenn Prillman, secretary 
City Superintendent R. H Poland 
High School Roy E Meredith, asst. prin. 
Home Ecnomies Gladine Rutz 

Rojalton, Franklin Co, pop 2,048. 

Bd. Educ Alex Macken/ie. president 

Herbert Dabbs, secretary 
Superintendent I Leon Kimmel 
Music Heiman Sims 

Rnshville, Sehuylcr Co., pop. 2,m. 

Bd Educ Guy H. Miller, president 

Mlrs Margaret Brines, secretary 
City Superintendent Robert G Smith 
High School Thomas Houston, prin 
Band. Orchestra Ivan Harnew 
Physical Educ. (boys) Robert N Wixon 
Physical Educ (girls) Tressie Masoceo 

St. Annr, Kankakee Co., pop. 1,067. 

Bd Educ Earl R Meier, president 

Fred Davia. secretary 
Community H S J B Johnson, prln 
Sewing Emma Snook 
Industrial Arts Joe L Jcpsen 
Grades James J. Shrontz 





St. Charles, Kane Co., pop. 5,854. 

Bd Educ G N Lamb, president 

G E Thompson, secretary 
City Superintendent G E Thompson 
High School F G Hufford. prin 
Junior High School Alice Davis, prin 
Music. Band Bldon Harris 
Manual Training H R Wilkinson 
Home Economics Marion Finske 
Athletics W T Wallace 

Mt St. Mary's Academy; glrli* board in*, 
R. G.; Sisters of St. Dominic. 

Nelson Tutoring School; co-ed , boarding, 
agres 2-15, special behavior eases, normal 
children only. eat. 1920, Stella Pike Nel- 
son, Prin. 

St Charles School for Boys; state school 
for delinquents; W T. Harmon, Managing 

St. Elmo, Fayette Co.. pop. 1,15*. 

Bd Educ J U McClurc, president 

P E Mattix, clerk 
High School F. E. Crawford, prin 

81. Franelsvllle, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ E H McKelfreak. president 
Bd Educ C A Collinson. secretary. 
City Superintendent C. H. Leathers 

Salem, Marion Co., pop. 1,900. 

Bd Educ Harry F Johnson, pie side nt 

Mrs Ada Duffy, secretary 
Supenntendent Clyde M Campbell 
Home Economics Mae R Stedelin 
Manual Training W B Matthews 
Music Charlotte Holt 
Band, Orchestra H E Mitzelfelt 

Sandoval. Marlon Co.. pop. I.t58. 

Terry Day, secretary 
Grades Ralph Jensen, supt 
High Sch. Bd -Julius Conrad, secrotaiv 
Community H. S C E Crawford, pnn 

Sandwich, DeKalb Co., pop. t,520. 
Bd. Educ N. M. Ogilvie. president 
High School Lynn O Raskin, supt 
Music Katherine Russell 
Manual Training Clarence T Allen 
Home Economics Emelie Hanson 

Savanna. Carroll Co.. pop. 5,287. 

Grade Sch Bd R S Hanson, president 
J. C Wittenberger, secretary 

Superintendent W D Waldrip 

High Sch Bd G. W Casscll, president 
R B Law, secretary 

Township H S W p Hafemann, prin 

Musir> Ruth L Elliott 

Home Economic** Elinor R Butcher 

Manual Tr** A Coach W F McCarthy 

Librarian Mane Hoertx 

Smera. Latalle pop. l.ltO. 

High Sch Bd D B Comegys, president 
"d Rdue Fred Whittaker. secretary 
Township H S Gerald M Hoben. supt 
Music Marian Kelly 

8"ww, Franklin Co., pop. ,841. 

High Sob Bd Joe C Kelly, president 

H S Kirkpatriek. secretary 
Township H S Lewi* C Robey, prin 

Commercial Mrs O M. Kirkpatriek 

Household Arts Lucille Rea 

Manual Tr'g. Athletics Elbert C Peterson 

Music Lucille Hageman 

Grades Charles R. Thompson, prin 

hawneetown, Gallatln Co., pop. 1.608. 

Bd Educ (grades) H. H Howell, pres' 

Harry Harmon, secretary 
Grade Schools G P Lackey, supt 
Community H S C W Thomasson, supt 

Sheffield. Bureau Co., pop. 1,150. 
Bd. Educ A W Boyden, president 
Bd of Educ. W. L. Howard, secretary 
Superintendent Paul Comer 
Music, Home Econ Haiiiettc Click son 

ShHbrtllle, Shelby Co., pop. 4,045. 

Bd Educ W A Baker, president 
J C Eberspaeher, secretary 

Superintendent J A Mann 

High School G W Bedell, pi in 

Music John Norman 
Band R G Newell 
Athletics W A. Bishop 

Sparks College, bus sten and music, co 
ed . est 1908. H D Sparks, Pres 

Sheldon. Iroqnols Co, pop. 1.480. 

Bd Educ A T Ross, president 

L L Hootman. secretary 
Community H S Brooks Courtiiffht. supt 
Band. Orchestra J F Fehr 
Manual Ti'p Athletics Kenneth Stephens 
Grade Schools R. E. Leyman, supt 

Sldell, Vermilion Co, pop 800. 

.T 1? Atkinson secretary 
Grade Schools B H Splcer, supt 
Music (grades) Mrs L Rowe 
Township H S - W T Goreham. supt 

fimis, Rock Island Co., pop. *,541. 

Bd Educ J E Brown, president 

J G Walker, secretary 
Superintendent George O Barr 
Music Thelma Lou Shippa 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Willard Gauley 

Sparta. Randolph Co., pop. 8,888. 

Bd Educ N F Roberson. ptcsident 

Robert Stewart, secretary 
City Superintendent R Carley 
Twp Hiirh School F. H. Torrence 
Music Mary F McKee 
Band Frank Palmei 
Manual Training Walter L Hunt 
Home Economics Viola Miller 

Springfield, Sangamon Co., pop. 71.857. 

Bd. Educ Harry H. Coe, president 

Louise Bur tie, secretary 
Superintendent William J Lowry 
Central H S Dwight W McCoy, prin 
Feitsham H S Fred C Nichols, pnn 
Lanphier H. S George Stickney, prin 
Music (vocal) Frances M Chatburn 
Music (inst ) Clarence F Sauer 
Art Harriet M Can trail 
Manual Training M. F. Kavanaugh 
Domestic Science Jennotte Dickerson 
Physical Education T E Royal 





Settle Stuart Institute, girls' boarding 
non-sect, est. 1869, Anne H Brooks 

Brown's Business College, est 1864. 

8 I Gresham Pres, Register Bid*. 
Cathedral Boys' High School , Catholic , D A 

O'Connor, Pnn , 715 E Monroe 
Concordia Seminary, theology: men, Evang 

Luth, est. 1846, Henry Bernard Hemmeter, 

Illinois Business College, bus . sten , est 

1900, C N Stockton. Pres 
Sarred Heart Academy, girls' boarding, 

dav, clem thiu high school, music, fine 

arts, R C , Dominican Sisteis 
Springfield Junior College, Municipal; co-ed. 

Augustine Confrey, Dean 
Ursuhne Academy , girls , prep , R C , 

Mother Thomas, Superior 

Spring Valley, Bureau Co., pop. 5,272. 

Bd Eduo Cail Van Schaik. president 

Fiank Sharkey, secietarv 
Superintendent Tames Nesti 

High Sen Bd R N Germano, president 

Henry Diyer, clerk 

Township H. S Allen C Tyler, supt 
Music Ruth Osmanson 

Home EC Cafeteria Came Power* 

Band. Oichcstia A C Svcet 
Athletics Richard Nesti 

Auto Mechanics - Wesley Hoger 

Staunton, Macoupin Co., pop. 6,609. 

Bd Educ Harry J Burns, piesident 

A 1C Fickei secretaiy 
C.rades H A Curtis, supt. 
High Sen Bd A C Goff president 

A C Srhneidei, secretary 
Community Higih School Fred Wilson, prin 

Steger, Cook-Will Co., pop. 2,986. 

Bcf Educ Harrv Anderson, president 

William P Roc, secretary 
Superintendent J E Patton 
Music Mildied Lang-ban 

Sterling, Whltesfde Co., pop. 10,013. 

Bd Dist 11 E A Turnroth, president 

William H Thomas, secretary 
Supt Pis* 11- O A Fatkler 
Wallace Fch Dist 10 Harold Challand. 
Township H. S Roscoe Eads, prin 
MUMIC- (vocal) John Honens 
Music (niHt ) Kenneth Bailey 
Manual Training; C N Timmons 
Domestic Science Edna M Neflf 

Scoville School; bus and sec'l courses, 
est 1869. A T Srovlll, Principal 

St Mary's High School, co-ed , R C , 
Sister Superior 

Btockton, Jo navies* Co , pop. 1,850. 

Bd Educ L S Beattie. president 

H R Stanton, secretary 
Supt & Prin IT S M R Stephan 

Music Bvron Hayes 
Commercial Ethel Abney 
Athletics Everett Shaffer 

Home Economics Ethel Thomas 

Stonlngton, Christian Co., pop. 1,466 

High Sch Bd S M Holbcn, president 

J A. Armstrong, secretary 
Community H S Ernest Brown, prin 

Home Economlca N. Marie Howell 
Physical Training Joe Wylder 
Grade Schools Rosa Emerson, prin 

Streator, LaSalle Co., pop. 14,712. 

Bd Educ G N Taylor, president. 

T E McNamara, secretary 
Superintendent H K. Whittier 
Music Eunice Perry, supervisor 
Art Pauline Phelps 
Physical Educ. Leora Ellsworth 
High School Bd. John Patterson, pres. 

K. A Chamberlain, secretaiy 
Township H. 8 H. K Whittier, prin 
Music Robert Schramm 
Household Arts Litta Law 
Manual Training Byron Snow 

Art & Design Margaret Hall 
Athletic Coaoh Lowell Dale 
Brown's llusiness College; bus an A stea , 
st If 00. W I Thomas. Prin 

Strongrhnrst, Henderson Co., pop. 836. 

A. D. Prescott. secretary 
Community H S C E Magnusson, prin 

nlllva*. Monltrie Co., pop. 2,8ft. 

Bd Educ -J L. Mclaughlin, president 

Mrs Arlo Chapin, secretary 
Grades Ellis L Brant, supt 
Township H S Glenn M. Kilby. prin 
Music Harold Wich 
Household Science Katherine Nichols 
Athletic Coach Clark E Dennis 

Imimer, Lawrence Co., pop. 1,460. 

Bd Educ M W Travis, president 

B J Buchanan, secretary 
Township H S H A Dollahan. supt 
Sycamore, DeKalb Co., pop. 4,018. 
Bd Educ C B Conrad, president 

George A James, secretary 
Superintendent R A Lease 
High Sch Bd. W. J Fulton, pres 
Principal High School Roberta Amrlne 
Music Florence Wollenaack 
Art Cora Miner 
Manual Training M. E. Herbst 
Domestic Science Ellen Paterson 
Physical Training J B Shrout 

Saint Alban's School; boys: prep courses; 
P ; est 1890, Charles L Street, Head- 

Tamaroa, Perry Co., pop. 1,115. 

Bd Educ J H Ely the, president 

J W Riead. secretary 
Superintendent A C. Bauman 
Tanutns, Alexander Co., pop. 822. 
Bd (h. s) A. White, president 

T O Dlllow, secretary 
Community H S Thomas Hood, prin. 
Grades Oris P. Vick. supt. 
Taylorville, Christian Co., pop. 7,229. 
Bd Educ E K Adams, president 

G. L McDaniels, secretary 
Superintendent C W. Wilcockson 
Junior H. S O. E Cornwell, prin. 
High Sch Bd G L Armstrong, president 

Boyd H Dappert, secretary 
Township H S P T Walters, prin. 
Music G G Wall 
Domestic Science Mrs Verna Vogelsang 






Manual Training H L Card. 
Librarian Grace Hill 

Teutepolls. Kfflnghain Co.. pop. 970 

High Sch Bd Charles Thoele, president 

Louis Brumleve, secretary 
Superintendent Sister M Ethelbert 

St Joseph Seminary, prep for Franciscan 
Priests only. Catholic, eat 1862. 
Martin Strub, Rector 

Tolono, Champaign Co., pop. 760. 

C. T Prestin, secretaiy 
Community H. S K. L. Let&mger, prin 
Mutac Evelyn Lmdgieu 
Home Economics Bernardme Johnson 
Grades G. C. Hall, supt. 

Tolura, Marshall Co., pop. ,. 

Grade Sch Bd. G P. Ftecht, president 

F. H Duiham, secretary 
City Superintendent Leo B Walsh 
High Sch Bd J Kresl, piesident 
Community H. S H W Stinson, prin 

Toulon. Stark Co.. pop. 1,150. 

Bd Educ M. D Dewey. president 

J A Nowlan. secretary 
Township H S M P Wilkms, supt. 
Music Jimmae Fisher 
Manual Tr'g, Athletic** W J Metzger 
Home Economics Gertrude Chase 
Grades O K Strike, supt. 

Tromont, Tacewell Co , pop. 76. 

Bd Educ E E Musselmann, secretary 
Community H S C D McMuny, prm 
Mubic Luoile Sorer 
Manual Ti'g:, Athleticb Robert Annasenz 

Trenton, Clinton Co., pop. l,70f. 

Bd Educ R C Hcner, president 
Wealey Kaufman, Sr , secretary 
City Superintendent J H Glaeser 

Tuseola. Douglas Co.. pop. 2,569. 

Bd Educ (grades) Harry King, president 

Grade Schools Owen Hubbell, supt 

High Sch B<1 George H Fuller, pres 

Community H S Guy R Collins, prin 

Home Economics Louise Frantz 

Music Carl J ITcnning 

Manual Tr'gr, Athletics- Rex Benoit 

Urban* Champaign Co., pop. 13,058. 

Bd. Educ B S. Hopkins, president 

Wallace Davis, secretary 
Superintendent T H Cobb 
High School S. B. Hadden, prin. 
Asst Principal Mabel Ricketts. 
Music G T Overj?ard 
Manual Training A Q Bennett 
Stenography Sarah Fisher 
Athletic Director Lewis Stephens 

University of Illinois, comprises the Gradu- 
ate School, the colleges of Liberal Arts 
and Science*. Commerce and Business 
Administration. Engineering. Agriculture. 
Education, Fine and Applied Arts, and 
Law, the schools of Library Science. 
Journalism, Physical Education; and (in 
Chicago) the colleges of Medicine, Den- 
tistry, and Pharmacy, state univ ; co- 
ed ; est. 1867; Arthur Cutts Willard, Pret. 

University of Illinois. College of Liberal 
Aits and Sciences, M T McCIure, Dean 

University of Illinois. College of Commerce 
and Business Administration, Charles M 
Thompson, Dean 

University of Illinois, College of Education; 
Thomas Eliot Benner, Dean 

University of Illinois. College of Engineer- 
ing, M. L Enger, Dean 

University of Illinois. College of Agricul- 
ture; Herbert W Mumford. Dean 

University of Illinois, College of Fine and 
Applied Arts, Rexford Newcomb, Dean 

University of Illinois. Graduate School. 
R D Carrmchael, Dean 

University of Illinois. Library School; two- 
year course for college graduates; P nin- 
es s L Windsor. Ph B . Director. 

University of Illinois. School of Music. 
Frederick Benjamin Stiven, Director 

University of Illinois., School of Journalism, 
Lawrence W Murphy, Director 

University of llinols. College of Law. three- 
year and four year courses: Albert J 
Harno, Dean 

Univeisity of Illinois, School of Physical 
Education, George A Huff. Director 

Vandalia, Fajette Co., pop. 4,341. 

Bd Educ H. H. Sonnemann, president 

Don Conner, secretary 
Superintendent G G Bicker 
High School James F. Hortm, prin. 
Music Floience Diers 
Commercial Bernice Barkley 

Venice. Madison Co., pop. 3.805. 

Bd Educ C R Scott, president 

Raymond Barr. secretary 
Superintendent J H Gore 
Music Olga Bartelson 
Band William Cavallo 

Vermilion Grove. Vermilion Co.. pop. 17S. 

Vermilion Academy, prep , co-ed , Friends. 
est 1874. Carl J Hawk. Prin 

Vermont. Fulton Co.. pop. 1.195. 

Bd Educ H C Page, president 

George E Carrick, secretary 
Superintendent Sterling L Moak 

Versailles. Brown Co . pop. 627. 

Bd Educ A A Thoroman, president 

J C Cap teen, secretary 
Superintendent C. H. Wilson 

Vienna. Johnson Co.. pop. 1,127. 

Bd Educ Carl Bellamy, president 

D Jaek Hood, secretary 
C.i.xios Iiene B Bakoi, supt 
Township H S Cail Frcdeiick, pi in 
Band, Orchestra Austin Gibson 
Athletic Coach C R. Crawshaw 

Villa Grove. Douglas Co., pop. 1.906. 

Bd. Educ Frank Baer. president 

C W. Meadows, secretary 
City Superintendent L V Sprlggs 
Township H S Lyman Racster, prin . 
Band Melvin McCoy 
Household Arts Daisey Miller 
Manual Tr'g & Athletics Oru Hall 




flola, Mercer Co, pop 868. 

Bd Educ Frank Bollman. president 

J V Lmdtairg. secretary 
Community H S Fielding A. Smith, prln 
Giades Laura Stewart, supt. 

flrden, Macoupln Co.. pop 4,000. 

High Sch Bd S M Blunk, president 

Community H S It H Elam, prm 

Band- Carl Fischer 

Industrial Arts Burton Clark 

Home Economics- Hazel Yolton 

Grades G P Chapman, superintendent 

Virginia, CAM Co., pop. 1.800. 

High Sch Bd A A GebharUt. president 

V IS Virgin, secretary 
Community H S M M. Cruft. supt 

C R Wilson, principal 
Music Hildreth Edwards 
Hand. Athletics P R Auwarter 

Walnut, Bureau Co.. pop. 1,150. 

Iliffh Sch Bd Edward Baumgartner, pres 

Howard C Ross, secretary 
Community H S Cecil A Snider, prm. 
Home Economics Laura Cleveland 
Music Alene Strouss 
Grades Cora Vincent, principal 

Wapella. DC Witt Co, pop 528. 

Hiffh Sch Bd P L Abcll, president 

Joe Tiuxcl, secretary 
Community II S Frank E Galbreath, pnn. 

Warren, Jo Da v leu Co., pop. 1,650. 

Bd Educ Robeit Farran, president 

Mrs J C Renwick, secretary 
Community H S Leon Slothower, supt 
Manual Training Floyd S Bntten 
Home EfonomifB Edna Belmaster 
Band Roscoe Bogart 

Warsaw, Hancock Ce , pop. t,885. 

Bd Educ Henry Zobel, piesident 

Hemetta Bushling, secretary 
Superintendent E R Hartman 
Hurh School Mareraret Cochran, prm 
Music Donald Stricklei 
Domestic Science Marcia Johnson 

VI afthburn, Mar shall -Wood ford, pop 830 

Hish S<h Bd Adolph Wolt/cn, piesident 

W G West, clerk 
Township H S R S Toon, prin 
Band, Orchestra John Held 
Grade Schools M. H Walker, prin. 

Washington, Tazewell Co., pop. 1,450. 

lid Educ C W Vercler, piesident 

Henry A Esser, secretaiy 
Community II S R R Kimmell, supt 
Music Henry A Esser 
Athletic Coach H Carman 

Waterloo, Moaroe Co., pop. 8,800. 
Bd Educ B. B Voris, president 

C H Koenlgsmark, secretary 
City Supeiintendent W J Zahnow 

Watseka, Iroquols Co., pop. 3,500 

Bd Educ A T Murphy, president 

Edythe H Kenncy. secretary 
Community H S W T. Wooley, prin. 
Music Janet Smith 

Manual Tr'g Beryl Cunningham 
Commercial -Moinio Saathofl 
Grades W. L Adams, supt 

Wankegaa, Lake Co., pop. 38,484. 

Bd. Educ Paul W Kaiser, president 

City Superintendent John S. Clark. 

Music Lucile Quirnby, supervisor 

Art Harriet Conolly 

Manual Training M F Bussewitz 

Domestic Science Elizabeth Hendee 

Commercial Olire Lirinrston 

Twp High School John W. Thalman. prln. 

Waverljr, Morgan Co., pop. 1,578. 

Grade Sch. Bd C. F Allen, president 

E E Etter, Secretary 
Superintendent Georgre Wilton 
High Sch Bd S R Campbell, president 
Township H S A W Heath, prin 
Supv Music Mrs Helen Smith. 
Band Robert H. Fields 
Home Economics Anna E Von Almen 
Manual Training: E. G Cleveland 

Way*esvllle, De Witt Co., pop. 528. 

Bd Educ Arthur Adair, president 

John Hammitt, secretary 
Grades H. M. Lmdsey, prin. 
Township H. S C H Lanham. prm. 

Wenona, Marshall Co., pop. 1,550. 

Bd Educ E C. Harter, president 
^J C Zimmerman, secretary 

Grades Ernest Johnston, supt 

Community H. S. A L Lewis, prin. 

Music Blanche Lindgren 
West Chicago, Da Page Co., pop. 3,471. 

Bd Educ (city) J. D. Wills, secretary 

City superintendent C. C. Byerly 

Bd Educ (H S ) C. A Lee, secretary 

Community H. 8. C. C. Byerly, prin. 

Assistant Pun S D Bishop 
West Frankfort, Franklin Co., pop. 14,000. 

Bd Educ (grades) Herman Boner, pres 
Robert Haff, secretary 

Grade Schools C A We Her, supt 

High Sch Bd O. S Brown, president 
O. Hays, secretary 

Community H S S. B. Sullivan, supt. 

Art Maurme Webb 

Music Neva Pearl Gloyd 

Band, Orchestra Theodore PaBcheda? 

Domestic Science Bernice Svvofford 

Librarian Ethel Morris 

West Salem. Kclwards Co , pop. 040. 

Earl Greathouse, secretary 
Community H S. Robert Ulm, supt. 

Walter A Bratsch, asst pnn 
Physical Educ. (girls) Clara Louise Balraer 
Physical Educ. (boys) C Donald Betebenner 
Grades Melvin Smith, supt. 

Western Springs. Cook Co., pop. 4^50. 

Bd kduc John Laidlaw, president . 

Leonard B Wheat, secretary 
Superintendent Leonard B. Wheat 
Music. Art Laura Ragruse 
Physical Education Hugo Fenske 
Twp. High School (see La Grange) 

Wftstfleld. Clark Co., pap. 050. 

High Sch. Bd L A. Weeden, president 
T Pendell, secretary 





Township H S J. Roy Lccvy, prm 
Music, Band Harold Dodd 
Household Arts Honna Dunham 
Athletics Eail Prather 
Grades Jesse M Watson, supt. 

Westville, Vermilion Co., pop. 4,241. 

Bd Educ. Fred Sneyd, preaident 

Walter A Dowiatt, secretary 
City Superintendent Frank E Dugas 
Music (grades) Evelyn Anderson 
Township H S Paul W Thomas, supt 
Music, Art Margaret Brittan 
Home Economics Mildred E Thomas 

flheaton, Dn Pace Co., pop. 7,164. 

Bd. Educ. (grades) Carlton I* Fischer, pres. 

C L< Anton, secretary 
High School Bd. H L, Kahl, president 

Mrs. Myrtle McCarty, secretary 
Superintendent K K. Tibbetts 
High School M P Roberts, prin 
Music Margaiet Dirks 
Art Tilhe Houts 

Home Economics Jennie B Miner 
Commercial Josephine Wiggins 
Physical Director (boys) Robert Horsley 
Physical Dir (pirls) Harriet E Yingling 
Librarian Agnes Montgomerie 
Wheaton College, comptlses college, acad- 
emy, and conservatory of music, co-ed . 
Cong . eat 1860. James Oliver Buswell, 
Jr.. Pres 

White Hall, tireene Co., pop. 2.200. 

Bd Educ H C Haynes, president 

R F Barnett. secretary 
Superintendent L. E Stark 
High School W A, Knoop, prin 
Band Marden White 

WiUiamavilie, Sangamon Co., pop. 652. 
Bd Educ J M Shearl. president 
Bd Educ John T. Cooper, secretary 
Township H 8 George O Main, prin 
Grades Harry M Hackdrd, supt 

Wilmette, Cook Co., pop. 15,171. 

Bd. Educ Henry E Cutler, piesident 

J. R Harper, secretary 
City Supt James Robb Harper 
High School (see Winnetka) 

Wilmington, Will Co.. pep. 1,550. 

Bd Educ A H Brymer, president 

E P Shepley, secretary 
Superintendent Lester J Stevens 
High School Lester Stevens, prin 

Winchester. Scott Co.. pop. 2.000. 
Bd. Educ. (grades) H 8. Birk, secretary 
Grades C E Pulham. supt 
Hifirh Sch Bd George Peak, president 

Roy Bagshaw, secretary 
Community H S Arthur Adams, prin 
Home Economics Helen Ownby 
Band Alberta Mapes 

Wtmlnor. Shelby Co.. pop. 1.000 

High Sch Bd O C Garrett. president 
High Sch. Bd. T. A. Garner, sec. 
Community H S J H Dunscomb, prin 
Music Donna A. Hood 
Manual Training Frank Davis 
Domestic Science Lucille Sutter 

Winnetka, Cook Co., pop. 12,084. 

Bd Educ Robert S Hammond, president 

Mary G Wilcox, secretary 
Superintendent Carleton W. Washburne 

S R Logan, associate supt. 
Psychology William H Voas 
Research Mabel Vogel Morprett 
Physical Education Harry P. Clarke 
Music L H Tingling 
Manual Training Lloyd V. Long 
Domestic Science Margaret Pritchard 
Ait Alta Gahan 
High Sch Bd Abe R Peterson, president 

Elizabeth F* Far well, secretaiy 
New Trier H. S. -Matthew P. Gaffney, supt 
Dean of Girls Elizabeth E. Packer 
Dean of Boys Fred Kahler 

North Shore Country Day School, kinder- 
garten to college; co-ed ; est 1919. Perry 
Dunlap Smith. Principal 

Woodstock, Mcllenry Co., pop. 5,523 

Bd Educ W S McConnell, president 
Fred G Bosshard. secretary 
Superintendent W. J. Colahan 
Community H. 8 H G. Abraham, prin 
Junior H S E E. Hanson, pnn. 
Music Audrey G Miller 
Band & Orchestra Clarence Olson 
Art ft DesignMary B. Newman 
Home Economics Gladys Laughlln 
Librarian Ruth A Price 

Todd School for Boys, prep , boaiding; non 
sect ; est 1848, Roger Hill, Prin 

Wyanet, Bureau Co., pop. 825. 
Community H. 8. J M Rlchey. prin. 
Music Margaret O'Donnell 
Band Albert Sweet 
Home Economics Ruth Reedholm 
Athletic Coach J M Richey 
Grade Supt Mis C F Winterburg 

Wyoming, Stark Co., pop. 1,400. 

Grade Sch Bd Eric Eagleston. piesident 

Roy Shullow, secretary 
Grades T A Baker, prin 
High School Bd Joseph Br9\vn, president 

V L Brown, secretary 
Community H 8 W S Perrin 

ITates City, Knox Co., pop. 650. 
Bd Educ J L. McKeighan. president 

Eva G Davits, secretary 
Superintendent Dwight L. Hedgcock 
Township H. S. F. A. Whiteslde, prin 
Music Margaret Plowe Crumbaker 
Band Louis E Meek 

Torkrllle. Kendall Co., pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ P L Hoadley, president 

William Hayden, secretary 
Superintendent F. C Thomas 
High School Esther Roesoh, asst prin 

Zeigler, Franklin Co., pop. 8,790. 

Bd. Educ. M. H. Detweller. president 

John Lyons, secretary 
Grades Curtis Jennings, supt 
Community H. S. James F Brashears, prin 
Home Economics -Naomi Keller 
Band Charles Neil 



FLOYD I. MCMURRAY, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. .Indianapolis 

GROVER VAN DUYN, Assistant State Superintendent Indianapolis 

Z. M SMITH, Vocational Director and Super, of Agricul. Education. . Indianapolis 

ALLEN T. HAMILTON, Supervisor Industrial Education Indianapolis 

THOMAS H. MAHAN, Director, Teacher Training and Licensing. .Indianapolis 

AGNES WATSON, Supervisor of Home Economics Education Indianapolis 

VIRGIL R. MULLINS, Chief Elementary and High School Inspector. .Indianapolis 
RALPH WATSON, Asst. Elementary and High School Inspector . . Indianapolis 

SLATER BARTLOW, Director Rehabilitation Division Indianapolis 

CHARLES ROMINGER, Assistant Director Rehabilitation Division Indianapolis 

MARGARET PADDOOK, State Attendance Officer Indianapolis 

J WILLIAM BOSSE, Director, Statistics and Educational Research .... Indianapolis 

CHARLES HERTENSTEIN, State Aid Auditor Indianapolis 

BERT F. YEAGER, Assistant Auditor Indianapolis 


FLOYD I. MCMURRAY, President State Superintendent, Indianapolis 

W. L. BRYAN, Secretary President, Indiana University, Bloommgton 


WBNDEL W. WRIGHT, President Bloomington 

ELLEN VINEY, Vice-President Crawf ordsville 

CHARLES O. WILLIAMS, Permanent Secretary-Treasurer .Indianapolis 


GEORGE C. CARROLL, President... .Superintendent City Schools, Terre Haute 
ROY B. JULIAN, Secretary-Treasurer. .Superintendent City Schools, Valparaiso 


This board has the same membership as the State Board of Education The 
tote bus a Uniformity Law. 






County Name and Addrew 

Adami Clifton E. Striker, Decatur 

Allen D O McComb. Fort Wayne 


C. E Talking ton, Columibus 

Benton Fred Hull, Fowler 


* * Vaughn Johnson. Hartford City 

Boone Paul J. Swank, Lebanon 

Brown.. . Grover G Brown. Nashville 
Carroll... . George McCain, Delphi 

Cass Reed Groninger, Logransport 

Clark W. E. Wilson, Jeffersonville 

Clay J R McCullougrh, Brazil 

Clinton ...Charles C Jones. Frankfort 
Crawford Shelby C. Adams, English 

Daviess Eugene O'Brvan Washington 
Dearborn J. R. Houston, Lawrenceburg 

Decatur Paul Alexander. Greenburg 

DeKalb. . . Carl F Stallman, Auburn 
Delaware . . Lee O Baird, Muncie 

Du'bois John H Teder, Jasper 

E Ik hart Ora C 1 Strvrkei Gonhen 

Favette . Maize J Elliott. Connersville 

Floyd Glenn V. Scott. New Albany 

Fountain . Ralph M. Ingersoll, Covmgton 
Franklin Mandus Chance, Brookville 

Fulton Karl Rouen Rochester 

Gibson U. S. Abbott, Princeton 

Grant Thurman A DIcu=5 Marlon 

Greene A. E. Keller, Bloomfleld 

ITamiltotn John S Hu*sev. Nohles-ville 

Hancock S. R. Boring, Greenfield 

Harrison .James R. Holliday, Corydon 

llendncks J S Vaughn, Danville 

Henrv . A F Bvrne. Newcastle 

Howard Clifford LmHback. Kokomo 
Huntingdon Adrian Little. Huntinjyton 
Jackson James H Tatlock, Brownstown 
Jasper I \ t Huntingdon Rensselaer 
Jay . Henry W Bortner, Portland 

Jefferson . John D Gabel, Madison 
Jennings Shepherd M Whitcomb. Vernon 
Johnson Ouster Baker. Franklin 

Knox. ..George G Graham, Vincennes 
Kosciusko Harry E Lewallen, Warsaw 


Charles F Kohlmeyer, Lagrange 
Lake .. A E Condon, Crown Point 

County Name and Address 

LaPoite Scott C Kjnoll, LaPorte 

Lawiencc . ... Gerald C. Ingle, Bedford 
Madison .Ja-mes W Frazier. Anderson 
Mai ion .... J. M Dunn, Indianapolis 
Marshall. .. .Dean e E Walker, Plymouth 

Martin Rome Osborn, Shoals 

Miami J O Jenkins Peru 
Monroe. . . .Clarence Leuck, Bloomington 

. .. John W Ward, Crawfoidsville 

Morgan Virgil Whitaker, Martinsville 
Newton. William O Schanlaub, Kentland 
Noble .. RaLph R Stanley Albion 
Ohio . . Burton W Goiman, Rising Sun 

Orange Arthur W Wilson, Paoli 

Owen Lowell H Moore, Spencer 

Parke Gerald Alexander, Rockville 

Perry Fred J. Evrard, Cannelton 

Pike. . . . Emery V. Couts, Petersburg 
Porter Karl M Dinsmore. Valparaiso 
Posey . Clifford H Melton, Mt Veinon 
PuUski DonnM 1, Crise. Winama< 
Putman Frank Jen ell, Greencastlo 

Randolph Glen O Chenoweth, Winchestei 
Ripley . . . Gayle S Eads, Versailles 
Rush . . John E Goode, Ru&hville 
St Joseph ... 

. . . .Ralph H. Longfleld, South Bend 
Scott ... .Floyd E James, Scottsburg 
Shelby. ...Thomas Fogarty, Shelby ville 

Spencer Eugenia Hayden, Rockport 

Starke Albert F Stanley, Knox 

Steuben . Willis R Roberts, Angola 
Sullivan.. . . Richard Park, Sullivan 
Switzerland Phonies Noble VevaA 

TIpnecanoe C B Noidleh Lafavette 
Tipton .. ..Fred L McReynolds, Tipton 
Union Charles C. Abernathy, Liberty 
Vandptilnii uh 

Lowell Hon-kins Etvansville 
Verm-illion Clvde Mitchell. Newport 
Vigro Claienco Pound, Teire Huuto 

Wabash . . Neil M Good, Wabash 

Warren . William Davis, Wllliamspoit 
Warrick Gerhaidt Ahien*. Roonville 
Washington Arthur Pusher Salmi 

Wayne AH Hines, Richmond 

Wells . Frank E Dav, Bluffton 

White John B Troncm, Monticello 

Whitley Alvin R Fleck, Columbia City 


Akron. Fulton Co., pop. 1,000. 

Twp Sch Trustee Clifford Wilhoit 
Hieh School Frank S Stephens, pun 
Music, Art Cleo Mondy 
Home Economic* Kathryn Miller 
Manual Training Ray Deardorf 

Albany, Dolawaro Co.. pop. t.HO. 

Bd Educ E L Graham president 

L A Evans, secretary 
Superintendent Efttil Oinn 
Manual Training Harold Alison 
Music Vivian Slagle 
Home Economics Kathleen Anderson 

Albion, Noble Co.. pop. 1,680. 

Twp Sch Trustee Guy Hardenhrook 
High School Z A Willennar, prln 
Music, Art Portia Barnes 
Home Economics Retta Gei?cr 
Physical Education Allen Emmerson 

Alexandria. Madison Co.. pop. 5.000. 

Bd Educ Mrs Edith Reiss, president 

G R Lindley, secretary 
Superintendent Frank O Medsker 
High School Victor M Evans, prln 
Junior High School Clyde Albln, prin 

Music -Claude Mussel man 

Home Economics Marjorie Foster 

Manual Training R W Ihn* 





Asnboy, MMaml Go., pop. 760. 

Twp. Sch. Trustee Ben Dodson (Converse) 
Superintendent C. L. Mack 
High School Dale Prout. pnn 

Anderson. Madison Co., pop. 89,804. 

Bd Educ. R M. Critchlield. president 

E. H Downey, secretary 
Superintendent Arthur Campbell 
High, School F. W. Stoler, pnn. 
Prin Junior H S. E. H. Fishback. 
Music Hermlna Colson 
Band ft Orchestra: Richard Rencenberger 
Art (grades) Helen T Craig 

Vocational Clarence D Rotruck. dlr. 

Home Economics Margaret Leachman 
Physical Training A. R. Chadd 
Commercial Katherlne I* Brown 

Anderson Business College; bus and stsn , 

O R. James. Manager 
Anderson College and Theological Seminary 

J A Moriiaon, President 

Andrews, Huntlngton Co., pop. 1,600. 

Township Sch Trustee Irvan Wiley 
Consolidated Schl C. R Stephens, prin 
Music, Art Donna Pearl Hall 
Coach Edw. Cleaver 

Angola. Steuben Co., pop. 8,780. 

Bd Educ Cary E Covell. president 

E C. Kolb. secietary 
City SuperintendentJohn L. Estrich 
High School C H. Elliott, prin 
Music George W Trunrtnill 
Art Pauline Hawley 
Home Economics Janalyce Kouls 

Tri-State College: courses in engineering and 
commerce, co-ed : est 1884. Burton Handy. 

Arcadia, Hamilton Co.. pop. 1,860. 

Township Sch. Trustee Z. E. Gordon 
Con Twp School Lloyd Lieurance. prin 
Music Charles Carter 

Argos. Marshall Co.. pop. 1307. 

Township Sch Trustee Harvey Coplen 
Superintendent D. R Rohrer 
Music, Home Econ Ruth Stevens 
Industrial Arts Lyman Brumit 
Physical Education Harry Rav 

tttlca. Fountain Co., pop. 8,800. 

Bd Educ John T. Nixon, president 

R G Butler, secretary 
City Superintendent W F Mulllnnlx 
High School Freeman R Cox. prin. 
Music & Art Mrs. Effle J. Hildebrand 
Home Economics Mrs Pearl A. Ludlow 
Physical Educ. (boys) Glen W. Overman 
Physical Education (girls) Irene Poster 

Auburn. Dekalb Co., pop. 5.800. 

Bd Educ B O Snepp, president 

R W. Carlson, secretary 
Superintendent H L. McKenney 
High School E. F. Frlbley, prin. 
Junior High School F. 6. Zeigler 
Music Frances Moor 
Art Lydia Sellers 
Athletics Cecil Young 

Aurora, Dearborn Co., pop. 4*410. 

Bd Educ. Willis Thompson, president 

Virgie Longcamp. secretary 
Superintendent Hal E. Driver 
High School A. A. Wegsner. prin. 
Music Helen Wilson 
Art Lucile Boles 
Home Economics Ethel Eaton 

Batetvllle, Blpley Co., pop. *,888. 

Bd Educ. Elmer H Bauer, president 

Joseph Wmtz. Jr.. secretary 
Superintendent Richard H. Prentice 
High School E P. Cassidy, prin. 

Music A Drawing Helen Addlsman 
Home Economics Dorothy White 

Bedford, Lawrence Co., pop. 18,208. 

Bd. Educ Theodore C. Pentzer, president 

Clifford Spear, secretary 
Superintendent Warren J. Yount 
Senior High School H. H Mourer, prin. 
Prin Junior H S Dorothy Moran 
Music Catherine Keach 
Art Margaret O'Connor 
Manual Training Walter Stuckey 
Cooking La Vonne Maish 
Sewing Ellen J. Teare 
Physical Education Paul Lostutter 

Beech Grove, Marion Co., pop. 8,871 

Bd Educ Elton Geshwiler. president 

Ralph Wright, secretary 
Superintendent L B. Mann 
Music Katherine Sommer 
Domestic Science Florence Birks 
Art Leona G Spain 

Berne. Adams Co., pop. 1,888. 

Bd. Educ. Hiram Liechty, president 

Menno Burkhalter, secretary 
Superintendent Earl M Webb 
High School Caroline Hirschy. prin 
Music Freeman Burkhalter 
Home Economics Glennys Arnold 
Manual Training Edison Springer 
Athletics Erne Judson 

Blcknell, Knox Co., pop. 5,212. 

Bd Educ. E. H. Tade. president 

W Cyrus Wampler. secretary 
Superintendent Harold Axe 
Music Charlotte Brim 
Manual Tiaining Wright SchanTer 
Domestic Science Edna House 
Art Gladys Snyder 

Bloomfleld, Greene Co., pop. 8.100. 

Bd Educ. H. B Turner, president 

George W. Secrist. secretary 
High School C F Henderson, prin. 
Music. Art Jessie McCracken 

Bloomington, Monroe Co., pop. 18.227. 

Bd. Educ Raymond Renaker, president 

Helen Hicks Baker, secretary 
Superintendent H. E. Biniord 
High School V L Tatlock, prin 
Junior H. 8. Cloyd Anthony, prin 
Music Helen E. Schwsnd, director 





Band, Orchestra Newell Long 
Art Harry A. Broad 
Home Economics Martha Livingston 
Vocational Dept. Charles McCormick 
Physical Educ. (boys) A. L Phillips 
(girls)- Coia Purdy 

Indiana Univeiaity, comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences. School of Education. 
Law; Medicine; Business Administration; 
and Music, also Extension Division; 
state univ ; co-ed ; est. 1820; William 
Lowe Bryan. President 

Indiana University. School of Education, 
professional courses for teachers, co-ed . 
est. 1868; Henry Lester Smith, Dean 

Indiana University, School of Law; Jaw; co- 
ed. ; est 1842; Bernard C. Gavit. Dean 

Indiana University, School of Business Ad- 
ministration; Herman B. Wells. Dean 

Indiana University. School of Medicine 
freshman year; last three years Indian- 
apolis, co-ed ; B. D Myers, Dean 

Blnfftoa, Wells Co., pop. 4300. 

Bd Educ H M Ullman. president 

W. A. Kunkle. Jr. secretary 
City Superintendent O. M Craig 
High School L. R Wiley, prin 
Music Olive M Grimsley 

Art Helen Mattice 
Domestic Science Bessie Sale 
Industrial Work Lawrence E Templin 

Boonville. Warrick Co.. pop. 4,204. 
Bd Educ Charles H. Garrison, president 

Charles A Roberts, secretary 
Superintendent Ivor J. Robinson 
High School A E Bennett, prin 
Music Arden W Richards 
Domestic Science Gertrude Grossman 
Manual Training: Perry Pat more 
Physical Training Herman Keller 

Borden, CImrk Co., pop. 685. 

Township Sen Trustee J M Stalker 
High School Carl N angle, prin 
Music Isaleen McGuirk 

Bourbon, Marshall Co., pop. 1,500. 

School Trustee W S Baker 
High School- Edgrar p. Smith, principal 

Music Dorothy Alice 

Home Economics Glenna Lea Brown 

Industrial Arts Marion L. Watkms 

AthleticsKenneth Allee 

null, CUy Co., pop. ,S40. 

Bd. Educ P. C. Farris, president 

Ray Marks, secretary 

City Superintendent Charles P. Keller 
Senior High School George K Pell, prin 

Mabel Bishop, asst prin 
Junior High School Raleigh L. Phillips, prin. 
MusicEva Donaffher 
Art Mary Buckley 
Home Economics Ruth Shattuck 
Manual Training Hugh Hicks 
Physical Educ. (girls) Katherine Wnghtson 
Athletics H L. Wheeler 

Bremen, Marshall Co., pop. 2,000. 

Bd. Educ James, K. Gorrell, president 
William Leman, secretary 
City Superintendent C. B Macy. 
High School P. K. Churchill, prm. 
Music & Art Justine Baker 
Man Tr*g A Phy. Tr*g R. W. Bowman 
Home Economics Wilma Smith 

Newton Co., pop. 1,875. 

Bd Educ Allen B. Harms, president 

Gertrude Miller, secretary 
Superintendent Guy Dickey 
Music Gertrude Cusick 
Home Economics Rowena Hud d lesion 
Athletic Coach Vergil Bobbins 

Brookston, White Co., pop. 1,*50. 

Twp. Sen Trustee J C VanAtta 
High School W. F. Ned, prm. 

L H Victor, asst. prin. 
Music & Art Margaret Payne 
Domestic Science Bess Wallace 

Broofcvllle, Franklin Co.. pop. *,160. 

Bd Educ O W Hubbard, president 

Arthur G Siebert, secretary 
Superintendent Charles L Zuck 
High School Frank Todd, prin 
Music, Art Omar Rybolt 
Industrial Arts, Coach H. Paul Cly 
Home Econ . Phy. Educ Alma Jane Lake 
Commercial Blanche Crawford 

Browmburg, Hendricks Co., pop. 1,063. 

Twp Sen. Trustee O. A. Robinson 
High School J P Snodgrass. prin 
Music Lucille McRoberts 
Home Economics Florence Steuerwald 

Brownstown, Jackson Co., pop. 1,408. 

Bd Educ C. V Sage, president 

H. A Vermylia, secretary 
Superintendent Ralph Denny 
High School Howard McRoberts, prin 
Home Economics Muriel Miller 
Physical Training Harold D. Emig 

Butler. Dckalb Co., pop. 2,500. 

Bd Educ Jessie O Oberlm, president 

Harry B Miller, secretary 
Superintendent J P Price 
Music, Art Dons Kester 
Band, Orchestra Lida M Stage 
Home Economics Virginia Brown 
Athletics John R. Moore 

Cambridge CUy, Wayne Co., pop. t,000. 

Bd Educ Hugh D. Morris, president 

Hugh FOBS, secretary 
Superintendent L. W. Arburn 
High School Floyd A Hines, prin 
Music. Band Frederick Taehne 
Industrial Arts Marvel Moore 
AthleticsEdwin Crate 

Cannelton, Perry Co., pop. 1,150. 

Bd Educ William C Lehman, president 

Preston Minor secretary 
Superintendent Harry R. Davidson 
High School Paul Garrison, prin. 
Band. Orchestra Don Marketto 
Athletics Edward Cuddy 





Carlisle, Sullivan Co., pop. 1,160. 

Bd. Educ H. . Warner, president 

Fayette T. Herndon, secretary 
Superintendent P R Cromwell 
Higrh School Kathryn Harris, prin 
Music J. L Cockrum 
Home Bcnomics Mona Stull 
Manual Training -A. Q Parks 

Carthage, Ruth Co., pop. 1,125. 

Township Sen Trustee Mrs Mattie Publow 
High School James R Behr, prin 
Music, Art Norren Warren 
Home Economics Lucille Marsh 

Charlestown, Clark Co., pop. 1,050. 

Township Sen Trustee T J. Marshall 
Higrh School F. C. Hochmeister, prin. 
Home Economics Ruby McCullough 

Chesterton, Porter Co , pop. 2,230. 
Township Sch Tiuatee John G Johnson 
<"Mty Superintendent F M Coldsboiough 
Music Ben Johnson 
Industrial Arts George K Lowry 
Domestic Science Mabel Morgan 

Churubueco, Whitley Co., pop. 1,090. 

Township Sch Trustee Lewis Geiger 

Uirh School L L Pefley, prin 

Music, Art Buthene Sharp 

Band Harold Leckrone 

Home Economics Betty Wallace 

Cicero. Hamilton Co., pop. 1.700. 

Township Sch Trustee Z E Gordon 
High SchoolFrank F Hiatt, prin 
Supv Music C M Carter 

Indiana Academy, prep co-ed . Seventh- 
Day Adv . est 1902. W A Nelson, Mgr 

Clay City, Clay Co., pop. 1,600. 

Township Sch. Trustee Walter E Kricble 
High School Ernest R Chillson, pi in 
Music Luther E White 
Home Economics -Olive Coleman 

Clinton. Vermilion Co.. pop. 7,936 
Bd Educ I. D White, president 

D. C Huffman, secretary 
High School 12 C Bovd, prin 
Music Edward McCool 
Manual Training R M. Stwalley 
Home Economics Anna Laura Curtis 

Colleirevlllo, Jasper County. 

St. Joseph's College, college for men. Cath- 
olic, est 1891, Rufus H Esscr, Pros. 

Columbia City, Whitley Co., pop. 8,050. 

Bd Educ Thomas H Hood, president 

Edgar J Strouse, secretary 
Superintendent A G Kerr 
High School Orla R Smiley, piincipal 
Music Hazel Pitman Munns 
Band Lawrence Johnston 
Art Treva Flora 

Industrial Arts Walter L. Stephen-son 
Home Economics Hester Little 

Columbus, Bartholomew Co.. pop. 9,985. 

Bd Educ D. M. Bottorff, president 

Glenn W Thompson, secretary 
Citv Superintendent Donald DuShane 
High School Harley Talley, prin. 
Supv Music Ida Edenburn 
Supv. Art Lillian Volland 
Home Economics Haxel Fitzpatrlck 
Sewing Elizabeth Bond 
Vocational Director A E. Jackson 
Medical Director Dr Bertha Clouae 

Columbus Business College, 
Louise Buckler, Manager 

Connersville, Fayette Co., pop. 12,859. 

Bd Educ Carl C Smith, president 

F E Creamer, secretary 
City Superintendent E. C. Dodson 
Prin High School B E. Myers 
Junior High School O G Platt, ptin 
Mubic Emerson J Boroughs 
Drawing Merle Brandenberg 
Man Tr & Mech. Draw.- William Crone 
Household Econ Mabel Randall Swain 
Commercial & Sten Marjorie Smith 
Phy. Educ. (boys) M. G. Prultt 
Phy Educ (girls) Marietta S Miller 
Hygiene & Health Esther Canter, dir 

Converse, Miami Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd Educ D. R Robinson, president 

C Hamilton, secretary 
Supei intendent Charles C Thomaa 
High School Philip L. Eviston, prin 
Music Velma Miller 
Band & Orchestra Charles A McGuiie 

Corvdon, Harrison Co., pop. 1,700. 

Bd Educ Robert P. O'Bannon, president 

Maurice Griffin, treasurer 
Supeiinttendent J Caiol Rice 
High School John D Mosslei, prin 
Music & Art Louise Bottorf 
Manual Training John Duley 
Home Economics Ardis Stepro 

i/ovington, Fountain Co., pop. t,500. 

Bd Educ Clyde . Fields, president 

Lee Philpott, secretary 
Supei intendent D L Downing 
High School H E San ford, prin. 
Music Frank D Conlin 
Manual Training C N Creamet 
Home Economics Kathryn Talbott 

Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., pop. 10,189 

Bd Educ John H Beeson, president 

Clyde Rogers, secietary 
Super intendent M C Darnall 
Elementary Supv Ellen J. Viney 
High School L J C Freeman, prin 
Junior High School Karl C James 
Music Lillian R. Porter. 
Band & Orchestra Joseph Gremelspacher 
Art Catherine Martin 
Manual Training Samuel M. Woodruff 
Home Economics Evelyn Blackford 
Commercial C B Young 
Phv&ical Education Nolan Craver 

Wabash College, coll ; men; Presb ; eat 
1832, Louis B Hopkins, president 





Crown Point, Lake Co., pop. 4,044. 

Bd. Educ William Kobelin, president 

Frederick G Lislus, secretary 
Superintendent A. T. Lindley 
High School Cecil R Ervin 
Band. Orchestra Eldon Ready 
Music Mrs Florence G Thomas 
Art Madeline Dupes 
Home Economics Lottie E. Allman 
Athletics Earl L. Ferris 

Culver, Marshall Co., pop. 1,080. 

Township School Trustee D. H. Smith 
High School Floyd M. Annis. prin 
Music Bertha Rust 
Manual Training Earl Snyder. 
Domestic Science D. Mignon Anderson 

Culver Military Academy; coll. prep, and 
junior college; non-sect., est. 1894; L. R. 
Gignilkat. Supt. 

Danville, Hendrlcks Co., pop*l,t50. 

Township Sch Trustee Tide M. Scais 
High School C R Landis. prin 
Music Noma Porter 
Home Economics Margaret Stilwell 
Athletics Maurice Kirtley 

Central Normal College; normal; private, co- 
ed.. Carl H Griffey. President 

Deeatnr, Adams Co., pop. 5,156. 

Bd. Educ. Ira B. Fuhrman. president 

Carrie T Haubold, secretary 
Superintendent Walter J. Krick 
High School W Guy Brown, principal 
Music Helen Haubold 
Band Albert Sellemeyer 
Art Kathryn Kauffman 
Manual Training Amoa Ketchum 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Hugh Andrews 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Jeanette Clark 

Delphi, Carroll Co., pop. t,500. 

Bd Educ Harry Griffith, president 

Harry G. Baum. secretary 
City Superintendent C. T Amlck. 
High School Charles A. Smith, prin 

Music. Art Georgians Kienly 
Domestic Science Beulah Smith 
Physical Education Lester Williams 

Dunkirk. Jay Co., pop. 1.187. 

Bd. Educ Charles L. Gaunt, president 

Harry McDonald, secretary 
Superintendent Charles L. Johnson 
Principal High School James E Dicksoa 
Music H Paul Brown 
Industrial Arts William Stoner 
Home Economics -Mary G Coble 
Physical Education Robert Primmer 

East Chicago, Lake Co., pop. 54,914 

Bd Educ Howard W Yant, president 

John Zarza, treasurer 
A G Slocomb. purchasing agent 
Superintendent Roy W. Feik 
Assistant Supt A. C Senour 
High School R. F Robinson, prin. 
High School R R Myers, prin. 
Music Robert J White, supervisor. 
Vocational Director Brae* B. Ben 

Art Mary Lean 
Physical Education Frank Cash 
Visual Education -Kathsrine MacDougall 

Baton, Delaware Co., pop. 1,60*. 

Township Sch. Trustee W. B. Smith 
High School R Van Skyock. prin 
Music Reed Thompson 

Edlnburg, Johnson Co., pop. 2,050. 

Bd Educ John W Graham, president 

A W Kellams, secretary 
Superintendent Dewey Manuel 
Prin High School Samuel 8. Rinkard 
Music Lois LeSaulnier 
Art Clara Schneider 
Athletics John W Gwin 

Elkhart, Elkhart Co., pop. 32,940. 

Bd E3uc Fred Lundquist, president 

Alfred I* Smith, secretary 
City Superintendent J F. Wiley 
Senior High School Tohn W Holdcman, prin 
Roosevelt Tr H S Harry F Miller, prin 
Vocational Director E T Organ 
Music David W. Hughes 
Art Bernice Rarer 
Com'l & Sten Clarice M Robinson 
Manual Training E T Organ 
Domestic Science Bertha Depew 

Elkhart Business College, bus and sten . 
Ira E Elliott. Manager 

Blwood, Madison Co., pop. 11, ft 8. 

Bd Educ Geroffie R Wewler, president 

R T Boston, secretary 
City Superintendent William F. Smith 
High School C C Hillis. prin 

Junior High School Maria Thurston, prla 
Manual Training Harry L House 
Home Economics Esther Koons 
Art Helen Benedict 

Physical Education J P Francis 

Evansvllle, Vaoderbnrgh Co., pop. 108,152. 

Bd Educ Lester R McCool. president 

Mrs Edwin F. Karges. secretary 
Superintendent Ralph Irons 
Upper Grade Supv P H Bosse 
Research & Sec. Educ Harold Spears 
Kindg'n Supervisor Anne DeBlois 
Music Helen Wilkinson, supervisor 
Art Delia Fricke, supervisor. 
Industrial Arts Warren A. Pease 
Home Economics Emma B Page 
Physical Education John B. Wilson 
Visual Education Alex Jardine 
Guidance Guy Nicholson 
Central High School. 

Carl Shrode. principal 
Frances Joseph Reltz High School 

M. L. Plumb, Principal 
Benjamin Bosse High School, 

Carl Eifler, Principal 
Lincoln High School (colored); 
William E Best. Principal 

Evansville College; liberal arts, music, engi- 
neering depts; co-ed ; Meth , est 1854; 
F Marion Smith, President 

Lockyear's Business College; but and itea.; 
co-ed.: non-sect ; est. 1888; 
W M Wootton, President 





f airland, Shelby Co., pop. 690. 

Township School Trustee W E Jones 
High School C Conger, prin 
MUHIC, Art, Dom Sci Claudia Vance 

Fairmount, Grant Co., pop. 8,300. 

Bd Educ Charles Carey, president 

Lee McTuinan, secretary 
Superintendent F S Galey 
High School Myrtle Gilbreath, prin 
Music Rupert Kilgore 
Home Economics Georgia Stibbms 
Man Tr'g-, Phy. Educ Lawrence Gotschall 

Farmersburg, Sullivan Co., pop. 1,141. 

Twp Sch Trustee G P German 
H irh School- -E A O Dell, prin 
Home Economics Marpaiet Lammey 

Ferdinand, Dubola Co., pop. 1,000. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception. 

prep and ha, girls,, boarding, RC, 
Sister M Clarissa, Superior 

I lora. Carroll Co , pop 1 450 

Township Sch Trustee William M Wmgrard 
High School Simon H Irick, prin 
MuMe William Marocco 
Athletics Norbcrt Knieslv 

Fort Branch. Gibson Co., pop. 1,060. 

Twp Sch Trustee James D Poster 
High School E J Hemmer, prm. 
Musio, Ait Venita Map Boicn 
Home Economics Ida Bcrsrci 
IndUMtrial Art* Ch.nles Epperson 

Fort Wayne, Allen Co , pop 114,946 

Bd Educ Benjamin F Geyer, president 

Lei a R Vesey, secretary 

Wilhelmme Heine, clerk 
Superintendent Merle J Abbett 
Musie D Oswald Jones 
Art Alice E Hall 

Manual Training George H Russell 
Ph\sual Education Henry Meyer 
Home Economics Gertrude Keep 
Penmanship Ida S Koona 
Elemental v Education Mabel Holland 
Research Tests & Measurements 

Louise Brnmbaug-h 

Central High School Fred H. Cronlnger. prin 

North Side High School M H Northrop, 

South Side High School R N Snider, prin 

Concordla College, classical and science 
courses, men, Luth , boarding, military 
tlept , est 1830. (Academy for boys and 
Kirls), Erwm L Meyer, actuip Pies 

Fort Wayne Ait School, art and design, 
interior du oration, crafts, eo-ed , 
J W Rennell, Dhector 

Fort Wayne State School, foi mentally defici- 
ent , co ed , W F Dunham, Supt 

Indiana Technical College, eouiscs in elec- 
trical, civil, chemical, mechanical, and 
aeronautical engineering , radio and televi 
non men, A T Keene, President 

International College, The. business profes- 
sions, J Lyle Tucker, Pies 

St Augustine'^ Academy. suls, dn> 
R C ; est 1845; Sister St. Louise, Prin 

The Athenaeum; bus and sten , co-ed . W 
J Bowker. Pres , Utility Bldg 

Fortvllle. Hancock Co., pop. I,lf5. 

Town&hip Sch Trustee Everett McMahan 
High School Hubert Helms, prin 
Manual Training S Stokes 
Music & Home Economics Freda Eller 
Athletics L. E Brown 

Fowler, Benton Co., pop. 1,600. 

Twp Sch Trustee T S McConnell 
High School David G Small, prin 
Music Harold Sang 
Domestic Science Helen Henderson 

Frankfort, Clinton Co., pop. 12,198. 

Bd Educ Lawrence McCreary, piesidcnt 

Fiedeiick S Petty, secretary 
Superintendent M. N O'Bannon 
High School C. R Young, prin 
Dean of Girls Edith Hmman 
Tumor H S Tames G. Warren, prin 
Supervisor Music Inez Nixon 
Band Aubrey M Thomas, director 
Orchestra Lester DeBard 
Art K Marie Foulds 
Home Economics Georgia Jackson 
Manual Training James G. Davis 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Everett N Case 
Physical Ti'gr (grirlb) Jane Caton 

Fi anklin, Johnson Co , pop 5,678. 

Bd Educ Carl Soott. president 

Oi.m A Province, secretary 
Superintendent Ralph W Sheek 
High School W Stanley Porter, pi in 
Music, Band Howard Isley 
Industiial Arts Claude Weeks 
Domestic Science Susannah Ott 

Franklin College, classical and science 
courses, co-ed , Bapt . est 1834, 
William Gcai Spencer. President 

Masonic Home High School; 
F M Sageser. Principal 

Frank ton, Madison Co., pop. 1,500. 

T\vp Sch Trustee Sam Welborn (El wood) 
TFiph School M A Coneland, prin 
Music, Art Mary Woellweits 

French Mek, Orange Co , pop 2,462. 

Bd Educ. E W. Beaty. president 

J E Gruber, treasurer 
Supenntendent E Phillips Blackburn 
Hitrh School Homer M Hightower. prui 
Music Grace Drabing 

Garrett, Dekalb Co.. pop. 4,850. 

Bd Educ J W. Thomson, president 

J A Clavenger, secretary 
Pity Supt W S Painter 
High School E Vaughn Minniear. prin 
Music & Art Gilbert Coble 
Home Economics Marguerite McKinley 
Manual Training W. Q. Woodcox 

Gary, Lake Co , pop. 100,749. 

Bd Edue Mav A Patterson, president 

Donald W Milliren. secretary 
City Superintendent William A Wlrt 
Supv Music M E Snvdpr 
Physical Education T E Gilroy 
Home Economics Elizabeth Ames 
Manual Training G E Wulflng 
Penmanship Linda Weber 
Commercial Bernlce Engels 





Auditorium Mildred Harter. 
Visual Education A H. Jones 
J&merson High School B A Spaulding 
Froebal High School Charles S Coon* 
Horace Mann H S Charles D Lutz, prln 
Roosevelt (colored) H Theo Tatum, prin 
Lew Wallace H S Verna Hoke. prin 
Tolleston H. S. James W. Standley, prin. 

Garj Business College; est. 1912; A. N 
Hirons. Principal 

Os CUy, Grant Co.. pop. 8,760. 

Bd Educ Frank Biddinger, president 

K K Deeren, secretary 
Superintendent A J. Reifel 
High School Frederick Hengstler, prin 
Music Mildred Griffiths 
Band Frederick Belter 
Art Grace Hutchins 

Geaeva, Adams Co., pop. 1,250. 

Township Sch. Trustee J. C. Mann 
Superintendent R O Hunt 
Music, Art Mildred Yobst 
Manual Training A. C Cook 
Domestic Science Margaret Bhoades 

Goodlaad, Newtea Co., pop. 1,800. 

Township Sch. Trustee Frank Frohrcich 
High School E. W. Dunkin. prin 
Music * Art Delia A Yochem 
Manual Training Bert G Keene 

Goshen, Elkhart Co., pop. 10.897. 

Bd Educ Frank S Ebersole, president 

William D. Champion, secretary 
Superintendent O L Walter 
High School Harold H Bechtel, prin 
Supv. Music H. A. Brinklow 
Art Arthur Sprunger, supervisor 
Manual Training Claude French 
Home Economics Nada I Wright 
Physical Educ George Herman Byers 
Goshen College; comprises college of liberal 
arts; normal, music, and Bible School, co- 
ed ; Mennomte; est 1895; Sanford Calvin 
Yoder, Pres 

Greeneartlo, Putnam Co., pop. 4,608. 

Bd Educ Guy T Wright, president 

Edward Eiteljorge, secretary 
Superintendent Paul F. Boston 
High School William Bishop, prln. 
Music. Band Djormer Bergethon 
Art Dorothy Knudson 

Manual Training H A. Thomas 
Phy. Tr'g (boys) Marlon Crawley 
Phy. Tr. (firls) Leona Kestner 

DePauw University; degree courses in arts and 
science; music; co-ed ; M E ; est. 1837; 
Clyde fe. Wildman, Pres. 

Greeafield, Haacocfc C*., pop. 4,448. 

Bd Educ Charles S Bruner, president 

Fred Thomas, secretary 
City Superintendent Z Merrill Smith 
High School Eugene O Higgins. principal 
Music Howard M Thomas 
Art Katheryn Curry 
Manual Training C. A. Sink 
Domestic Science Mary B Purr 
Athletics R L Bratton 

Oreensburg, Deeatnr Co., pop. 5,702 

Bd Educ Robert Woodfill, president 

Arthur Lynch, secretary 
City Superintendent Elmer C. Jermaa. 
Prin. High School Carl Billings 
Supr. Music Mrs. Altha Cflerkin 
Art Martha Lee FVost 
Home Economics Dorothy Bohng 
Manual Training Alva McGraw. 
Physical Director H. H Nugent 

GroostowB, Howard Co., pop. 1,850. 

Township Sch. Trustee B. V. Dawson 
Superintendent C D. Callis 
Music & Art Mary Adaline Fausset 
Home Economics Helen Overmeyer 

Greenwood, Johnson Co., pop. 2,878 

Bd Educ C Ebert Dearmin. president 

Tilson F Shadley. secretary 
Superintendent Earl L. Wood 
Music (h s) Maurice Shadley 
Art Elizabeth Todd 


Bd Educ Clarence Stout, president 

Albart Bland, secretary 
Superintendent Frank M Cory 
High School Joe R Craw, prin 

Music Jules Brewer 
Manual Training Theodore Sedgwick 

Home Economics Martha Young 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Martha Castle 

Physical Tr'g (boys) Marfleld Cain 

Hammond, Lake Co., pop. 71.526 

Bd Educ Claude C. Sohl, president 

Elmer McKay, treasurer 
City Superintendent L. L. Caldwell 
Principal High School A L Spohn 
Vocational Director Fred E Benson 
Music Irma O Hederick. supervisor 
Art Olga Schubkegel, supervisor 
Manual Training A J Zimmerman 
Home Economics Ruth Comer 
Penmanship Irene Forristel 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Karl B Hufflne 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Ruth Cronk 

Hammond Business College, bus aad 
sten; Isaac A. Witham, Principal 

Hamovor, Jeffersoa Co., pop. 4S0. 

Twp Sch Trustee J W Farrell 
High School Dewev C Weir, prin 
Music. Art Mary Prudence Thompson 

Hanovor College: coll ; co-ed ; Presb.; est 
1827; Albert George Parker. Jr, Pres. 

Hartford City, Blackford Co., pop. 6,6*2. 

Bd Educ H. L Buckles, president 

Clyde Strait, secretary 
Superintendent H. P Kelsay 
High School Joseph C. Wagner, prin 
Music Esther Nesblt 
Band Clyde Lucas 

Art *Mary K Humphrey 
Manual Training Lawrence P. Myers 
Home Economics Gladys Tell 
Physical TrainingEsther Kelley 
Atheltica James B Good 





Hobart, Lake Co., pop. 5,787. 

Bd Educ Herman C. Johnson, president 

Joseph M Mundell, secretary 
Superintendent J. M. Sellers 
High School R. A Nuzum, prin 
Music- Bertram Francis 
Manual Arts Raymond Jungck 
Home Economics Edna Fnednck 
Physical Education (girls)- Ova Frantz 
Physical Education (boys) George Belshaw 

Howe, IA Grange Co., pop. 700. 
Howe School: boys' boarding; mil ; P E , 
est 1884; Burrett B Bouton, Supt 

Huntingburg* I>ubol0 Co., pop. 8,439. 

Bd Educ Edwin P Schwartz, president 

C E Blemker, secretary 
Superintendent S E Cooper 
High School Ray Goldman, prin 
Music Dalton H Wicker 
Industrial Art Charles W McComas 
Home Economics Kathryn Murray 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Ray Scott 
Physical Tr'g- (girls) Laura Ellen Tarvin 

Huntington, Hnntlngton Co., pop. 14,000. 

Bd Educ H A Buzzard, president 

J L Brenn, secretary 
Superintendent C E Byers 
High School Burton H Stephan, pun 
Supv Music Vivian Stoddard Branvan 

Band, Orchestra Delmar Weesner 

Art Harriet Roush 
Physical Education Ruth Luther 

Home Economics Emma F Kline 

Prim & Kindergarten Eleanor O'Connor 

Huntingdon College; four-year liberal arts; 
co ed ; Harold C Mason. President 

Hrmera, Sullivan Co.. pop. 1,200. 

Twp. Sch. Trustee Tip Tipton 
City Superintendent Jesse M Boston 
Manual Training Norman Lewellyn 
Home Economics Mildred Van Arsdall 

Indianapolis, Marion Co., pop. 364,161. 

Bd Educ Alan W Boyd, president 
Maxwell V. Bailey, secretary 
A B Good, business director 

Superintendent Paul C Stetson 
D T Weir, assistant supt 
William A. Hacker, assistant supt 
Virgil Stinebaugh, assistant supt 

Music Ralph W. Wright 

Art Instruction Florence H Fitch. 
Vocational Education, Practical & Fine Aitb 
Harry E. Wood 

Military Sci. & Tac C. H Calais (Capt ) 

Visual Education Came B Francis 

Publications William A. Evans 

Arsenal Technical Schools, Arsenal and 

Michigan; DeWltt S Morgan. Principal 
Broad Ripple High S< hool, Marion Ave at 

63i d St., K. V. Ammezman. Pilncipal 
Emmerich Manual Training High School. 
601 S Meridian; E H K McComb, Prin 
Crlapua Attucks High School (colored), 
Russell A. Lane. Prin . 12th & West 

Shortridge High Sch ; 8401 N. Meridian St.; 

Geoige A Buck. Principal 
George Washington High School, 2215 W 

Washington St , Walter G Gingery. Prin 

Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music; co-ed ; 
Max T Krone, Director, 1204 N. Delaware 

Benjamin Harrison Law School, co-ed , 
William R Forney, acting Dean 

Butler University, classical, scientific and 
vocational courses, comprises colleges of 
liberal arts, religion, and education, co- 
ed.. Disciples, est. 1855. (affiliated the 
Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music) , 
James William Putnam, Pres. 

Butler University College of Education, 
William Leeds Richardson, Dean 

Butlei University College of Religion, Fred- 
eiick D Kershmer, Dean 

Central Business College, bus and sten , 
Fred W Case, Prin , Architects and Build- 
ers Building 

lies School of Shorthand, est 1904, 
Gustava lies, pun . Bankers Trust Bdg 

Indiana Business College; conducts , 
chain of schools in Indiana, Ora Butz, 
Pres , Pennsylvania & Vermont Sts 

Indiana Central College, comprises Col- 
lege of Liberal Arts, School of Music, co- 
rd . Un Breth ; est. 1905, Irby J. Good. 
Pres . University Heights 

Indiana (litls School, state indust , Dr 
Kenosha Sessions, Supeimtendent, Ciaw- 
fordsvllle ttoad 

Indiana Law School, co-ed , est 1894, 
Addison M Dowlmgr, Registrar 

Indiana School for the Blind, literary, music 
and Industrial courses, state, co-ed , est 
1848; Robert Lambert, Supt, 7725 College 

Indiana State School for the Deaf, primary, 
giammar and high school courses, state, 
co-ed , est 1844, O M Plttinger, 
Superintendent, 1200 15 42nd 

Indiana University, School of Medicine. 
co ed . est 1903 ; Willis D Gatch. 
Dean, 1040 W Michigan 

Indiana University School of Dentistry, co- 
ed . e^t 1879. Frederic R Henshaw, Dean. 
1121 W Michigan St. 

Indianapolis College of Pharmacy, co-ed , 
est 1904. Edward H Niles, Dean 
802 E Market St 

John Herron Art School; conducted by Art 
Association of Indianapolis, est 1901, 
Donald M Mattison, Director, Pennsylvania 
& 16th 

Lady wood School, girls; grades through high 
school, R C ; Sister Superior 

Lain Business College; bus , aten and teleg ; 
est 1904. M. M. Lain. B 8, Pres 

Normal College of the American 

Gymnastic Union, noimnl physical edu- 
cation; est 1866, C B Sputh, Pres 

Park School, country day. boys; grades iv 
thru high school, non-sect . Clifton O 
Page, Headmaster, Route 17 

St Agnes Academy, prep girls. Catholic, 
Sister Hildegarde, Prin . 1350 N. Meridian 

St John's Academy; girls' boarding. R* C ; 
est. 1869. Sister Regina Clare, Superior, 
135 W. Maryland st 





St. Joseph'* Institute for Young Men; prep.; 

boys, R. C.; Brothers of the Sacred 

8t Mary's Academy and School for Girls; 

girls' boarding; R. C ; Sisters of St 

Sanderson Business School, bus. and sten., 

est 1900. L. A Sanderson, Prln., Peoples 

Bank Bldg. 
Tudor Hall; girls' boarding; non-sect; est 

1902, I Hilda Stewart, Prin . 3171 N 

Meridian at 

Jasonvtlle, Greene Co., pop. 3,586. 

Bd Educ Wallace Thorlton, president 

W H Wakefield. secretary 
Superintendent A I Messiek 
High School E A Downey, principal 
MUBIC Nina ITeal 
Art Sara M. Phipps 
Industnal Arts Lawrence Sheets 

Jasper, Dnbols Co , pop. 8,945 

Bd Educ Louis Siebert, president 
Claude Gramelspachci , secretary 
Superintendent Hugh Cathcart 
High School Claude Miller, prin 
Music & Art Dorothy Srhnaus 
Home Economics Mecie Ross 
Industrial Arts Elmer Hunefeld 

Jeffersonville, dark Co., pop. 12,086 

Bd Educ C A Nachand, president 

J W Seitz, secietary 
City Superintendent B G McCullom 
High School H. B. Vorgang, prin. 
Music Genevleve Schlosser 
Art Frances Allhands 
Domestic Science Dorothy Kimbley 
Manual Training C C Callahan 
Physical Education (girls) Miriam Banner 
Physical Education (boys) Frank Barnes 

Josjesboro. Grant Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ Earl Himehck. president 

Corlin Shields, secretary 
City Supt. Charles H Terrell 
High School William C Wiley, prin 
Music Raymond Himehck 
Band Fred Reiter 

Manual Tr'g. Athletics Everett Fisher 
Domestic Science Mary Jane Sawyer 

Kendallville, Noble Co.. pop. 5.428. 

Bd Educ J W Hart, president 

Cail A Miller, secretary 
City Superintendent H M. Dixon 
High School L. 8. Brumbaugh, prin. 
Music Tasa C. Love 
Art Josephine Sawyer 
Home Economic* Helen Vardaman 
Athletics Charles R Ivey 

KentUutd, Newtoa Co., pop. 1,150. 

Bd. Educ R L Smith, president 

Mary A Bair, secretary 
Superintendent Alvin C Cast 
Music, Art Ruth Johnson 
Band- L B Elmore 
Domestic Science Lenore Foster 
Industrial Arts W K Bartlett 

Kewamaa, Fnltom Ce., pep. 1,100. 

Township Sch. Trustee J. B. Talbott 
High School David C. Allen, prin. 
Music (instr.) Homer Cassidy 
Athletic Director Russell Walters 

KBightstewn, Henry Co., pop. 1,011. 

Bd Educ R B Hufford, President 

N. P. Reeves, secretary 
City Superintendent L. B. Rogers 
Music & Art Frances Luke 
Bandr C R Deardortt 
Home Economics Edith Tipton 
Physical Training A C. Brown 

Knox, Stark* Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. Educ. Orville W. Nichols, president 

Ed A Wilkens, secretary 
Superintendent Julius Henry 
High School Oscar W. Valentine, prin 
Music, Art Margery Hufford 
Home Economics Bertha Abner 

Kokomo, Howard Co., pop. 82,848. 

Bd Educ H M Rhorer, president 

Mis Wanita Hughes, secretary 
City Superintendent C. V. Haworth 
Principal High School C. B Hlnshaw 
Music John 8 Caylor, supervisor 
Art Bernice McKlnley 
Cooking Martha Kumler 
Sewing Chestina Williams 
Vocational Director Virgil Fleenor 
Cafeteria Bernice Doody 
Athletic Director Chester Hill 

Kokomo Business College; bus. and stem.; 

est 1902, C C Denny. Manager 
St. Francis Academy; prep; oo-ed.; R. C.; 

R P Halpln, Principal 

Ladoga, Montgomery Co., pop. l.tOO. 

Township Sch. Trustee Norman Himes 
High School R. Chayce Cox, prin. 
Music Loretta Martin 
Home Economics Esther Byrcl 

La Fajette, Tippeoaaoe Co., pop. 26,240. 

Bd Educ H C Smith, president 

R G Ikins, secretary 
Superintendent Morris B McCarty 
High School Mori is E. McCarty. prin 
Music Rena M Rice, supervisor. 
Art Adah Broadbent 
Band, Orchestra Bernard A Me Adams 
Manual Training Frank Kivett 
Domestic Science Edith L Steffen 
Penmanship J. H. Bachtenklreher 
Physical Educ (boys) George Kenzler 
Physical Educ (i?irls) Emily J. Aldndgc 

LaFayette Business College; bus. and ste.; 
Roy Puterbaugn, Principal 

Purdue University comprises schools of ag- 
riculture, of Science, of Engineering, of 
Pharmacy, of Home Economics; co-ed ; 
state; est 1874. Edward C. Elliott, Pres 

Purdue University School of Science; co-ed , 
Howard E Enders, Dean 

Purdue University School o/ Agriculture. 
John Harrison Skinner, Dean 

Purdue University Schools of Engineering, 
courses in Civil. Electrical. Mechanical, 
and Chemical Engineering; A. A. Potter. 





Purdue University, School of Pharmacy, 

Charles B Jordan, Dean 
St Ignatius Academy, girl*' boarding; R 

C . eat. 1857, Sister St Louise, Principal. 

229 Columbia 8t 

Lftgrange, La*range Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ Paul R. Dunten, president 

Mrs John P. Caton, secretary 
City Superintendent Zaner R Le Master 
Music Esther Button 

Lapel, Madison Co.. pop. 1,079. 

Twp Sch Trustee Herschel G McClintock 
High School Floyd Walker, prin 
Music & Art Velma Rosecrans 
Home Economics Elizabeth For sy the 
Physical Training: E D Cushman 

La Porto, La Porte Co., pop. 15.755 

Bd Educ 6 O Larson, president 

A T. Destcr, secretary 
City Superintendent B. B. Wetherow 
High School John M French, prin 
Musir Mrs Lola R Vawter, supv 
Manual Training; Edgar Hobbs 
Homo Economics Mrs Jessie S Hotchkivs 
Art M J McGuirk 
Commercial Iris Buck 

Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co., pop. 4,500. 
Bd. of Educ. O. If. Keller, president 

Freda S Ulrich, secretary 
City Superintendent Jesse W. Riddle. 
High School Jesse M Hansell, prin. 
Music Loren E Wilson 
Home Economics Irma L Blackmore 
Industrial Arts Charles E Thomas 
Librarian Ruth A Kirtlcy 

St. Lawrence Select School; prep.; co-ed ; 
R C . est 1867; Rev. William Kreis, 

Lebanon. Boone Co.. pop. 6.257. 

Bd Educ Stanley E Jonen, president 

Elmer T Stark, secretary 
City Superintendent Paul Van Riper 
High School Thomas Christian, prin 
Music Alma McNeal 
Band Marvin Richey 
Art Marie Shanks 
Home Economics Jeanette Smith 
Manual Training F. V. Demaree 
Athletics Paul Newman 

Liberty, Union Co., pop. 1.650. 

Bd. Educ Elmer Bossert, president 

James H Eaton, secretary 
Superintendent M A Turner 
High School Albert Kaufman, principal 
Music Mozelle Tracy 
Art Mary Mott Douglas 
Home Economics Marian Miers 

Uconier. Noble Co.. pop. 8.087. 

Bd Edue Charles C Nelson, president 

O S Lyon. secretary 
Superintendent O R. Bangs 

Band, Orchestra W. A Lucas 
Industrial Arts Harold Nelson 
Home Economics Mary Reid 

Linton, Greene Co., pop. 5,906. 

Bd Educ Mahlon Gilbreath, president 

T E Harris, secretary 
City Superintendent T. J. Beecher 
High School H H Miller, principal 
Junior High School- Clyde Rentjes, prin 
Music Mary Morgan 
Art Gladys Terhune 
Manual Training Raleigh Roach 
Domestic Science Thelma Powell 
Physical Director Gerald Land is 

Logansport, Case Co., pop. 21,626. 

Bd Educ Lynn O'Neill, president 

Otto W Hetzner. treasurer 
Superintendent W L Sprouse 
High School B F Cox, prin 
Junior High School Laban Fisher 
Junior H S James Brown, prin. 
Elementary Supv Myrtle L. Baufman 
Music Edwin Gould 
Music (grades) Thelma Sines 
Art Jullane K. Jensen 
Home Economics Nell Jones 
Phy Dir (boys) Clifford Wells 
Phy Dir (girls) Dorothy Patterson 

Logansport Business College; bus. an* stea , 
cPt 1902. Sadie K. Creery, Prin. 

Loogootee, Martin Co., pep. 1,600. 

Bd Educ J F Michaels, president 

G F Toy, secretary 
City Superintendent J M Haigerty 
High School W K Young, prin 
MUPIC Amelia Matthews 
Home Economics* Louise Slates 

Lynn, Randolph Co., pop. 1,000. 

Township Sch Trustee James Isenbargrer 
High School Will W Moore, principal 
Music Ruth Vming" 
Home Economics Hazel Bascom 

Lyons, Greene Co., pop. 1,000. 

Twp Son Trnsloe William H Kolfe 
High School C E Keller, prin 
Music Vivian Black 

Madison. Jefferson Co.. pep. 6,084. 

Bd Educ .Joseph M Cooper, piesident 
Bertha C Keelty, secretary 

City Superintendent E O Muncle 
Hi*h School C K Salm. principal 

MURK- Haiold Rothrrt 

Art Vinnie Gray 

Home Economics Opal Sherman 

Marion, Grant Co., poo. 24,496. 

Bd Educ Harlan Hayes, president 

W D Moss, secretary 
City Superintendent Blbert B. Day 
Supv Instruction Inez Howard Mai shall 
Supv Music Minnie M Hedges 
Band Philip Policy 
Orchestra Lloyd D Jones 
Di aw ing Ruth Crooks 
Vocational Director M. D Foland 
Physical Director Orville J Hooker 
Commercial M S Cole 
Cafetei ia Daisy Holmes 

Senior High School J W Kendall, prin 
McCuIloch Jr H S H E Vandivier. prin 

Katherine Burton, assistant prin 






Martin Boota H. S H. K Vandivier, prln. 
Bertha Anderson, assistant prin. 

Marion Business College: account's and sec'l 

courses; James T. Maher, Manager 
Manon College, liberal arts, normal, theology, 

fine arts depts; co-ed , non-sect ; W F 

McConn, Pres 
Marion Sen of Mus . co-ed , non-sect ,Edw 

Turechek. Director 

fartlnsvllle, Morgan Co., pop. 4,600. 

Bd Educ Harry F Dutton. president 

G 6 Bothwell, secretary 
City Superintendent M S Mahan 
Higth School Glenn M. Curtis, prin 
Junior High School Lewis Williams, prin 
MusicHazel M Kelso 
Band Vernon Spauldlng 
Art Ruth Miles 

Home Economics Mrs. W. O. Hockstetler 
Manual Training W G Hockstetler. 
Physical Training Evart Smith 

Michigan City, Laport* Co., pop. 26,785. 

Bd Educ Henry F Miller, president 

Ruth Bydzy, secretary 
Cit> Superintendent Milo C Murray 
High School Merle L Knapp, principal 
Junior High Sen Cecil F Humphrey, prin 
Music H E Ten Harkle 
Band Palmer T Myran 
Art Berne Wineman 
Manual Training Orlando Johnson 
Household Arts Mildred Smith 
Phy. Tr'g (boy*)- T. A. Gill 
Phy. Tr'g (girls) Frances Seberta 

flddletom, Henry Co., pop. 1366. 

Bd. Educ A. J. Hupp, president 

Charles C Wilhoit, secretary 
Superintendent O. T Kent 
Music Ruth Roberts 
Athletics J E Williams 
Grades Alton Cochran, prin 

MlabJiwaJtft, St. Joseph Co.. pop. 26,630. 

Bd Educ -Charles W Bmgrham. president 

Charles A Astrom, secretary 
City Superintendent P C Emmons 
High School Charles H Kern, principal 
fiupv. Music Jeannie Terry- 
Art Alice Baker 

Industrial Education W J Middleton 
Domestic Science Jennie Sasse 
Physical Training F. M. Steele 

Mitchell, Lawrence Co., pop. 3,286. 

Bd Educ Will S. Burris, president 

Harry B. Erwin, secretary 
City Superintendent C. w. Deckard 
High School Clara Borden, prin. 
Music Esther Barkley 
Home Economics Margaret Mclntire 
Manual Training L D. Miller 

. . i Co., pop. 1,270. 

Twp Sen Trustee Homer Templeton 
High SchoolClaude V. York. prin. 
Home Economics Lillian Peterson 
Music Ruth Itnler 
Band B El wood Nichols 

Ifonroevllle, Allen Co., pop. 1,160. 

Township Sen. Trustee John D Adams 
High School Ervin A. Doty, prin. 
Music, Band Mildred Miller 
Home Economics Elsie Towel 
Industrial Arts George Martin 

Montecnma, Parke Co., pop. 1,286. 

Township Sen. Trustee J. D Reel 
Superintendent Donald Reel 
High School Volney Ward, prin. 
Music Jesse Hendrix 
Home Economics Carrie Hobson 
Physical Tr'g Volney Ward 

Montlcello. White Co., pop. 2,456. 

Bd Educ Louis B Lantz, president 

H. L Miller, secretary 
Superintendent Robert Ross 

Music Bertha Peet, supervisor 

Art Virgnma Rice 
Home Economics Fiances Inskeep 

Montpelier, Blackford Co., pop. 8,886. 

Bd Educ Hugh Shuman, president 

H W McConkey. secretary 
Superintendent H. G Morgan 
High School William E Kmgsolvcr, prin 
Music Pearl M Tiain 
Art Donalda Smith 
Home Economics Ida D Morehouse 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Ghlee Walker 
Physical Tr'g (boys) M A. Wilson 
Athletic Coach David Craig 

Mooreftville, Morgan Co, pop. 1,781. 

Bd Educ Mrs. C E. Lawrence, president 

H A Fields, secretary 
Superintendent Forrest R. Caldwell 
High School G E Long, prin 
Music, Art Dorothea Templeton 
Home Economics Marian Bray 

Morocco, Newton Co., pop. 1,260. 

Twp Sch Trustee Henry Brandt 
High School Cecil A. Grayson, prin 
Phy Educ Ind Arts ROBCOC Pierson 
Music, Art Bertha Moore 

Mount Vernon, Poeey Co.. pop. 6,668. 
Bd Educ Ivan O. Field, president 

G A Ashworth, secretary 
Superintendent J. G. Turner 
Higih School Gurley S Rust, prin 
Band William F Waldrop 
Manual Training Frank Fesscnden. Jr 
Athletics Kenneth Carr 

Mulberry, Clinton Co., pop. 760. 

Township Sch. Trustee L D. Waldron 
High School Charles L Hawking, prln. 

Music, Art Margaret Beaver 

Muncto, Delaware Co., pop. 46,648. 

Bd Educ E Arthur Ball, president 
Frederick McClellan. treasurer 
Grace Fern Mitchell, executive tec'y 
H F. Brlnkley, supv bldgs ft grounds 
Superintendent H B Allman 
Supervisor Music Clarena Hunter. 
Industrial Arts H. F Brickley 
Educa'l Guidance Mrs Erma B Christy 
Physical Training Walter Fisher 






Art Adahne A Gates 
Com'l & Sten Fred Tuhey 
Kindergarten Lillian Mitchell 

Research Dept T. B Calvert. director 
Tests. Measurements & Elementary Supv. 

Nellie Morrison 

Central High School Paul F. Addison, prm 
Junior Hiejh School John V. Maier. prm. 
Junior High School Roscoe Shaffer, prin. 
Junior High School C. E. Pittinger, prin 

Ball Teachers College, teacher t'g courses, 
co-ed . state, est 1918. Lemuel A Pit- 
ten ger, President 

Muncie Business College, est 1904; J. T 
Pickerlll. Manager. 

Nappanee, Elkhart Co., pop. 2,500. 

Bd Educ Harvey O Field, piesidcnt 

LaMar Mut%chler secietary 
City Superintendent J. A. Abell 
High School Galen Roose, pi in 
Music Feme Lantz 

Band Henry Busohe 

Home Economics lima J Black 

Industrial Aits Floyd Dickey 

New Albany, Floyd Co., pop 25,825 

Bd Educ Oscar O Badei, president 

IVank Clipp, secretary 
Suppimtondcnt C B McLinn 
High School C C Katteriohn, prin 
Junior H S Carl A Zimmerman, pun. 
Supervisor Music Bertram Heckle 
Domestic Science Alinda Widman 
Drawing Frances Mergell 
Physical Training Lena Board 
Librarian Hat tie J Deeble 

New Albany Business College, bus and 
sec'l, est 1865, R A Wooldridge, Pres 

N*w Harmony. Posey Co., pop. 1,430. 

Bd Educ A L. Johnson, president 

Henry Dixon, sccietarj 
<*upeiintendent Bail W Rapp 
MUSK- Fiance** Decn 
Industrial Arts J M Martin 
Home Economics Ruth Davis 

New Haven, Allen Co , pop 1,237 

Twp Sch Trustee Fred Wissman 

High School Paul White, pi in 

Music Evelyn Waltei 

Art Leona Ley 

Manual Training B F Clem 

Home Economies Helen Hair oil 

Newburg. Warrlck Co., pop. 1.4t5. 

Township Sch Trustee- J E Ellis 
City Supt Ralph W. Meadows 
Hijarh School Maurice Abel, pun 
Music Grace J. Koch 

Newcastle. Henry Co., pop. 14.458. 

Bd Educ Harry Bums, president 

Kay Davis, secretaiy 
City Superintendent E J. Llewelyn 
Principal High SchoolRoy H Valentine 
Junior High School Dorothy Gilbert, prin 
Music and Drawing May Dorsey 
Manual Training James F. Pitcher. 
Foods Martha Miller 
ewlng * Millinery Jonlo L. Wright 

Physical Educ (boys) Fred Goar 
Physical Educ (girls) Gertrude Vivian 
Librarian Martha H Nutt 

Noblesville, Hamilton Co., pop. 5,071. 

Bd Educ Archie L. Kinzer, president 

Melvin Mallery. secretary 
Superintendent Ben H. Watt 
High School A F Mueller prin 
Junior High School Maggie Meloy, prm. 

Music Walter Elliott 

Art Virginia Bushong 

Home Economics Wyrtis Wai ring 

North Judson, Starke Co., pop. 1.140. 

Bd Educ Charles P. Roney, president 

F J Vessely, secretary 
Citv Superintendent H C Clausen 
High School C C. Dlettert. prin. 
Home Economics Alpha DeWitt 
Band, Orch W W Arbuckle 
Manual Training Charles IB. Lucas 
Physical Education G B Ingwell 

North Manchester, Wabash Co.. pop. f .500. 

Bd Educ. Isaac Oppenheim, president 

Clyde Eckhart, secretary 
City Superintendent Charles E. Cook 
High School Warner Odgen, prin 
Music W David Koils 
Home Economics, Ait Iiene M Schaaf 
Manual Training L F Jackson 
Physical Educ (girls) Mary Louise William? 

Manchester College, college of liberal arts, 
education, music, art, coed , Dunker, Otho 
Winger, Pres 

North Vernon, Jennings Co., pop. t.015. 

Bd Edue J W Clerkin, president 

Mrs Hazel Mae Eberts, secretary 
City Superintendent C E Sandefur 
High School Merrill J Webb, principal 
Music. Art Wilma C Grossman 

Notre Dame, St. Joseph County 

rmverwty of Notre Dame, comprises the 
College of Arts and Letters: of Science, 
of Engineering, of Law, of Commerce, 
men. Catholic, est 1843. John F O'Hara, 

University of Notre Dame College of En- 
gineering , courses in Civil, Mechanical, 
Elcrtiical, Mining, Chemical, and Aero- 
nautical Engineering, Thomas Sterner, 

University of Notre Dame College of Law, 
men, Thomas Konop, Dean 

University of Notte Dame College of Com- 
merce; James B McCarthy, Dean 

St Mary's College, degree courses; women, 
boarding, Catholic, est 1855; Sister M 
Madeleva, Pres 

Oakland City, Gibson Co., pop. t.100. 

Bd Educ Marion Hunt, president 

Russell E. Duncan, secretary 
Supenntendent Waldo J. Wood 
Senior High School Elmer Smith, prm 
Junior High School C O. Gladish, prin 
Music, Art Aline Martin 
Home Economics Mayra Biggs 

Oakland City College; liberal arts, teacher 
training dept ; co-ed ; Baptist; William 
Prentice Dearing, Pres 





Odon, Dariess Co., pop. 1,080. 

Bd Educ Earl T Webster, president 

J. C Harris, secretary 
Superintendent I. R York 
High School J. A. Deal, prin 
Music -Martha T. Freshley 
Grades G D. Henderson, prin. 

Oldenburg, Franklin Co., pop. 1,0*5. 
Academy of th ImmaculaU Conception, 
girls' boarding; Pi. C.; 
Sister Mary Magalen. Principal 

Orleans, Orange Co., pop. 1,820. 

Bd Educ. J. Grant Sanders, president 

Will R. Elrod, secretary 
City Superintendent L. C. Ralston 
High School Lester Laugh lln, prin 
Music A Art Omar Delch 
Home Economics Ruby Butler 
Manual Training Omer Kirby 

Os*ood, Rlpley Co., pop. 1,150. 

Township Sch Trustee C W Lemon 
High School Wilbur Toung, prin 
Music Edythe Gunter 
Home Economics Mary Stork 

Owensvllto, Gibson Co., pop. I t 10t. 

Twp. Sch Trustee M. T Montgomery 
Superintendent Charles Robinson 
Music Virginia Hyneman 
Art Elsie Dragoo 
Home Economics Mary K Massey 
Fhy. Educ (girls) Dorothy Dawson Certain 

Oxford, Beaton Co., pop. l,16t. 

Twp. Sch Trustee R W. Irvln 
High School R. E Hood, prin 
Music A Art Halcie M Day 
Band ROBS Tipton 
Industrial Arts Lester Vickers 
Home Economics Doris Davis 

Paoli, Orange Co., pop. 2,012. 

Bd Educ L. A, Bruner, president 

John B Weeks, secretary 
Superintendent Charles L Stallcup 
High School Anna J. Marls, prin 
Music A Art Edna Teaford 
Grades Herschel Gasaway. prin 

PendletoB, Madison Co., pop. 1,600. 

Bd Educ. R E Brookbank. president 

W. F. McVaugh, secretary 
City Superintendent Floyd H. Miner 
Prin High School Irvin Ellsworth 
Music Nelda McKinney 
Home Economics Desalt Burton 
Indiana Reformatory, School of Letters; 

state; A F Miles, Supt 

reuvlllo. Jay Co., pop. 1,000. 

Twp Sch Trustee Adelma R Horn 
High School M. Clyde Black, prin 
Music Bonita Bloxsom 
Athletic* Shelley Caldwell 

Pern, Miami Co., pop. 12,780. 

Bd Educ. W A Cunningham, president 

W A. Hammond, secretary 
Superintendent T. P. Crodian 
High School Victor F. Dawald, prin. 
Junior High School J. O. Miller, prin. 
Music darter M. Brown 

Art Velma VandivUr 

Horn* Economics Bertha Torroba 
Physical Tr'g (boys) William McClure 
Physical Tr'g (girls) June Brubak* 

Petersburg. Pike Co., pop. 2,000. 

Bd. Educ. Joe O'Brien, president 
Mrs Amy Fleming, secretary 
City Superintendent J. B. Leas 
High School C. D. Man hart, principal 
Music, Art Ruth Anna Thompson 
Home Economics Edith Smith 

Plereeton, Kosdnsko Co., pop. 1,018. 

Twp. Sch Trustee Claude E Robbins 
High School George Plew. principal 
Music. Art Lucile Richhart 
Home Economics Mary L. Friedlme 

Plalnfleld, Hendricks Co., pop. 1,115. 

Twp Sch Trustee E. B. York 
Superintendent J. P. Girard 
Home Economics Heloise Cooprider 
Music Chester Drake 

Indiana Boys* School; state indust.; ost. 
1868; E M. Dill, Superintendent 

Plymouth, Marshall Co., pop. 4,888. 

Bd Educ J Abner Broman, pi emdent 

Harold Pifer, secretary 
Superintendent Ray Kuhn 
High School H R. Beabout. principal 
Music Carolyn G. Townsend 
Band, Orchestra L B Eherenman 
Ait Mary Jane White 
Home Economics Anne B. Morris 

St. Michael'* Academy; prep.; boys' board- 
Ing; R. a; est 1870; Sister M Pulcheria, 

Portland, Jay Co., pop. f.180. 

Bd Educ W D Schwartz, president 

B. G. Jenkins, secretary 
City Superintendent J. C. Webb 
Principal High School D. S. Weller 
Junior H. S Ralph Trotter, prin 
Music Alice Stage 
Supv Art Jane Louise Fulton 
Manual Training Homer Smith 
Physical Training Kenneth Farris 

Princeton, Gibson Co., pop. 7,505. 

Bd Educ Harvey Milburn, president. 

Maude Nordhorn, secretary 
City Superintendent G. B. Derbyshire 
High School Mabel El Tichenor. prin 
Music Geraldine Drury 
Drawing Pansy Blase 
Manual Training Hugh Wilson 
Home Economics Viola C. Englehardt 

Bedkey, Jay Co., pop. 2,880. 

Bd. Educ Charles Gegenheimer, president 
Bd Educ Harry Appenzellar. secretary 
High School John L. LeMaster. prin. 
Music Mary Hoth 
Athletic Coach Cleon Hutchinson 

Remington, Jasper Co., pop. 1400. 

Twp. Sch. Trustee Lowell Jones 

High School K King Telle, prin 

Music Robert Shearer 

Art Grace Thompson 

Home Economics Mrs. Aletha Buck Gill am 





jr, Jasper Co., pop. MA. 

Bd Educ Mrs Blanche Chapman, pres. 

Robert Loy. secretary 
High School R L Cleavcland, pi in 
Music Carl Frye 
Industrial Arts W. T. Holt 
Home Economics Elizabeth Lamson 
Athletics W. Bausman 

Monnett School for Girls, boarding. Meth 
Epis , est 1911, Coia E Foltz, Pi in 

Richmond, W ayne Co , pop. 32,561 

Bd Educ Walter A Crum, president 

Mailowe H Kluter, secietary 
City Superintendent W G Bate 

George Davis, assistant 
Principal High Scnool B C Cline 
Dennis Ji H S Lloyd Ashby, prin 
Test Jr. H. S Heth G. Smith, prm 
Music Ben Graham, Jr 
Art Nellie Mawhood, supervisor. 
Physical Education Lyman Lyboult 

Earl ham College, coll , music, domestic sci 
ence depts , co-ed . Friends , est 1847 , 
William Cullen Dennis, President 

Richmond Business College , bus and sec'l 
courses, est 1857, W L Stump, Manager 

RidsTovllIo, Randolph Co.. pop. l,18t. 

Twp Sch Tiustee Birch Hollowell 
Township H S Forest Jack, prin 
Music Susannah Berkley 
Manual Training Heiman Becklo 
Home Economics Mrs Floience Brown 

, Ohio Co., pop 1,618. 

ltd Educ -Orville Cofield, piesidcnt 

Paul Rump, secietarj 
Superintendent F E Condei 
High School Orville Hodon, pi in 
MURK P W Rursbcc 
Home Economics Edna P Hand 

Roachdale, Putnam Co., pop. l.OtB. 

Township Sch Trustee J V Stafford 
High School Lee Waltcis, prin 
Music & Home Economics Ruth Dodd 
Industrial Arts Howard Pace 

Rochester, Fulton Co.. pop. M64. 

Bd Educ Mrs Dee Robbins, piesident 

Lcvi Moore, secretary 
City Superintendent A. L. Wnltmsr. 
Hlgih School Fred Rankin. prin 
Music Editk Thomson 
Manual Training L. B Perry 
Domestic Science Ruth Adams 
Physical Education Clyde Lyle 

Rookpnrt, Speneer Co., pop. t,t1t. 

Bd Educ Paul Harris, president 
Sec. Bd. Educ. Mrs. Dell Thurman 
Citv Superintendent T. V. Pruitt 
Industrial Arts Ben Atkinson 
Music Art Virgil Gobba 
Home Economics Judith Parker 
Physical Director Lucille Richards 
Physical Director (boys) Paul Thorn 

Rockvllle, Parks Co., pop. t.lOs. 

Bd Educ M.ittie J Cooper, pienident 

Cut Us Biansom, secretary 
Superintendent C A. Noble 
High School Willard W Green, prin 
MUHIC, Band Harold Manor 
Elementary Loren Garner, pnn. 

Rollins; Prairie, Laporto Co. 

Twp Sch Trustee Charles A Hunt 
High School Webster Carr, prin 
Music, Home Econ Agatha Bee son 

RuHliville. Rush Co , pop , 5,722. 

Bd Educ E R Casady, president 

George N Wiltse, secretary 
Supeiintendent L A Lockwood 
High School Claire J Sellers, prin 
Music Donald E Meyers 
Ait Eli/abeth Jane Foster 

Saint Mary-of-tfae-Woods, Vigo County 

Saint Mary-of-the- Woods College, courses in 
liberal arts and fine arts, women, boarding, 
R C , est 1840 , Mother M Raphael, Pres 

Saint Meinnrd, Spencer County 

St Memrad Majoi and Minor Seminary, the- 
ology, philosophy, classics , men , R C , est 
1857; Ignatius Esser, Pres 

Salem. Washington Co, pop. 3,191 

Bd Educ A C McClintock, president 

Mi H Reed Boggrs, secretary 
Superintendent Elwood E Brooks 
High School Leroy Cook, prm 
Music Mack RaMon 
Art Doiothy Clarke 
Manual Training lohn H Davis 
Grades T M Cavanaugh, pirn 

Bcottsbnr*, Scott Co.. pop. 1.5dt. 

Bd Educ Fiank M McCl.un, pirsiderit 

Geoige E Haugland, secretary 
City Superintendent W L Craig 
Prin High School J A Mohler 
Music Clara B Ulen 
Drawing Viva Craig 
Home Economics Mae McCullough 

Se> mour, Ja-ckaon Co , pop 7,808 

Bd Educ Mrs Lenore S wails president 

Neal Hennc*sy, secretary 
fltv Supt N J Lasher 
High School J R Mitchell, prin 
AFnsic drace Hemmer 
Ait Francis Muria> 
Domestic Science Pearl Shaffer 
Sevmour Business College, eat 1901. F Q 

Whltmer. Principal 

Shelbum. Sullivan Co. pop. 1.814. 

Twp Sch Trustee G P German 
High School Falhs Ward, prin 
Manual Training Donald Pound 
Home Economics Lena M. Raines 
Physical Educ Donald Pound 

Shelb^ Tllle, Shelbv Co, pop. 10,618. 
Bd Educ Charles M Ewmer. president 

Earl F Hammond, secretary 
Superintendent William F Loper 
High School J W O Breck, pnn. 

Emerson H Bas*, asst prm 
Music Martin Schulz 
ArtCora Tindall 





Manual Training Roy Ray. 
Cooking Eulalie Mull 
Sewing Ola Billman 
Librarian Louis Kuhn 

Sheridan, Hamilton Co., pop. 1,890. 

Twp. Sch. Trustee Theodore Petti John 
High School Forest R. Groff, prin. 
Music. Art Martha Alice Sheets 
Industrial Arts R A. Eudaly 
Home Economics Lou Edith Wimborough 

Shoals, Martin Co., pop. 1,034. 

Bd Educ J S Gilkison, president 

Festus Troutman, secretary 
Superintendent George E. Ray 
Hiprh School Leonard E. Lowe, prin 
Music Pauline Jones 
Home Economics Edna Courtney 

South Bend, St. Joseph Co., pop. 104,193. 

Bd Educ Laurance J Harwood, president 

George E. Davies, secretary 
R. D Orcutt, clerk to the board 
Superintendent Frank EL Allen 
Educational Research Galen B. Sargent 
Educational Guidance Helen Dernbach 
Music Effle E Harman, supv. 
Art Abbie L Pierce, supervisor. 
Vocational Educ G F. Weber, director 
Household Arts Ada A Hilller, supv. 
Health Dept -Lulu V. dine. supv. 
Elementary Grades Allegro Inglerlght, 
Attendance Elizabeth R. Turner 
Cafeteria Grace Marshall 
Central Junior-Senior High School. W. Wash- 
ington St., P. D. Pointer, Prin. 
Muessel Junior High School, California & 

BlaiAe Aves . J C Brumbaugh, Prin 
Nuner Junior High School, Vine and 27th 

W. A Butcher, Principal 
Riley Junior-Senior High Sch , Ewing av. & 

Fellows; Glenn S. Kropf, Principal 
Washington Junior-Senior High School. 1523 

W. Sample St.; P. O. Schoeppel. Prin. 
Thomas Jefferson School, 528 S Eddy Street: 

E. E. Cook, Principal 

James Madison School, 832 N Lafayette 
Blvd ; Lillian Anderson, Principal 

St. Joseph's Academy, girls' day. primary 
to academic; R C ; eat, 1865, Sister M. 
Francis Clare, Superior 

South Bend College of Commerce, est 1882, 
M. D Puterbaugh, Pres 

South Bend Conservatory of Music; mus., 
Mid dramatic, est. 1908; Frederick Inger- 
soll. Director. 

South Bend University Law School; 3-year 
course, day and evening, co-ed.; Freder- 
ick Juchhoff, Dean 

Thomas Commercial School; bus and sten ; 
Mrs. B. R. Thomas, Prin , Christman Bid? 

South Wbltley, Whltley Co., pop. l.f* 

Township Sch. Trustee Russell L. Cftassley 

High School Lee L. Eve, Prin. 

Music Gregg Lidikay 

Home Economics Mildred Tobey 

Manual Training D+nnte Wright 

Spencer, Owen Go., pop. t,150. 

Bd. Educ B. R. Gray, president 

R E Dayhulf, secretary 
Superintendent J. A. Free 
High School R. M. Spangler, prin. 
Manual Training L,. 0. Rubbard 
Physical Education S T. Proffitt 

Splceland, Henry Co., pop. 600. 

Township Sch. Trustee Wayne Myer 
Senior High Sch, R. E. Brooks, prin. 
Junior High Sch. Walter Pitts, prin. 
MusicEdith Ward 
Home Economics Mary Glick 

Sullivan, Sullivan Co., pop. 5,806. 

Bd Educ H D. Campbell, president 

Paul Higbee, secretary 
Superintendent Dale C. Billman 
High School H. C Gilmore, prin. 

Music Tolman Gharst 

Art Veva Shields 

Manual Training Harold A. Martin 

Home Economics Isabella Forbes 

Sommltvllle, Madison Co., pop. 1,550. 

Twp. Sch Trustee Alpha Tomlinson 
High School Charles E. Harris, prin. 
Junior High School Arthur Gossett 
Music. Art Florence Hundley 
Home Economies Vera L. Davis 
Athletic Coach George Johnson 

Swayzee, Grant Co., pop. 1,850. 

Township Sch. Trustee Fred Oden 
Supeiintendent C C Trook 
Music. Art Pauline Nauman 
Home Economics Rhea Shields 
Athletic Director R. B Anderson 

Syracuse, Kosciusko Co., pop. 1,400. 

Township Sch. Trustee Walter Koher 
High School Court Slabaugh, prin. 
Music, Art Lucile H Haworth 
Home Economics Blanche M Riddle 

Tell City, Perry Co., pop. 4,873. 

Bd Educ Thomas Mulholland, president 

H H Wettmarshausen, secretary 
Superintendent Glen H. Traw 
Hijfh School N Dixon, prin. 
Music & Art Erna Coldeway 
Band A E. Gobba 
Domestic Science Adah Royal 
Manual Training Radie Moseby. 

Terre Haute, Vtgo Co., pop. 62,810. 

Bd Educ Clark L Adams, president 

Alfred J Woolford 
Superintendent George C. Carroll 
Charles F Orosjean, assistant 
Loring Halberstadt. assistant 
Art Julia H Duenweg, supv 
Primary Blanche Fuqua 

Foods Laura/ S. Shryer 

Clothing Lora A. Lewie 
Wiley H S W Scott Forney, prin. 
Garfleld H. 8. Charles Zimmerman, prin. 
Gerstmeyer Technical H. 8. Guy Stanta 
Woodrow Wilson Jr. H. S J. J. Maehling 
McLean Jr H S. W. C. Garretson, prin. 
Sarah Scott Jr. H. S. G. Lawrence Jones 




Indiana State Teachers College, normal, 
state, co-ed , eat. 1870, 
Ralph N Tirey, President 

King Classical School, prep , co-ed, non- 
sect , est 1907, Bertha Pratt King, Prln , 
>03 S 6th st 

Rose Polytechnic Institute: courses m mechan- 
ical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineer- 
ing, men, est 1874, Donald B Prentice, 

Wabash-Brown's College of Commerce; est 
1870, M P Akers, Pres 

Thorntown, Boone Co., pop. 1,000. 

Township Sch Trustee Richaid C. Beesley 
High School Boy P. Wisehart. prin. 
Music Marion Bilby 
Home Economics Mrs. Mary Quinn 

Tipton, Tipton Co., pop. 4,600. 

Bd Eduo R C Wickeisham, president 

Mm Tude E Richards, secretary 
City Superintendent D E Lelst 
High School C B Stemen. principal 
Music Helen Addleman 
Manual Arts G O Runyon 
Ait Bossie Montgomery 
Home Economics Cai roll Blount 
Athletic Coach John W Ward 

St Joseph's Academy, girls' boarding, R 
C . est 1890, M Agatha, Superior 

I'nion City, Randolph Co., pop. 3,800. 

Bd Educ Mary A. Fitzgerald, president 

Raymond E Mangas, societal y 
Superintendent Hat lie Gaiver 
IliKh School Charles B McCullouRh, prin 
Music Walter Sha\v 
Ait Ha^el Langdon 
Manual Training George Frazler 
Home Economics Margaret Mangel 

I pland. Grant Co., pop. 1,800. 

Twp Sch Trustee Virgil Ritter 
High School James L Pugh, prin 
Band Fred Reiter 

Home Economies Charlotte Ann Rapp 
Ind Arts, Athletics John Brogneaup 

Tavlor University, comprises the College 
of Arts and Science, and School of Music , 
co etl , Interdenominational , est 1846, Rob- 
ert Lee Stuart, Pres 

Valparaiso, Porter Co., pop. 8,049. 

Bd Educ James J McKay, pi evident 

Ira C Tilton, iecrctaiy 
Superintendent Roy B Julian 
Principal High School H M Jessee 
Music Mary Stevens Myers 
Art Leathe Carman Ponader 
Manual Training Joseph B Brown 
Domestic Science Margaret Bartholomew 
Domestic Art Edith Weeing 
onimerclnl Ralph Schecnk 
Physical Educ Mary Hollers 

Valparaiso University, comprises College of 
Liberal Arts, College of Engineering, Col- 
lege of Pharmacy, School of Law. co-ed ; 
Luth , est 1872, O C Kreinheder, Pres 

Van Buren, Grant Co., pop. 1,070. 

Twp Sch. Trustee William J Korporal 
High School H H Scott, prin. 
Music Frances Kelly 
Band Fred Reiter 
Home Economics Beryl Boiler 

Veedersburg, Fountain Co.. pop. 1,760. 

Bd Educ Harry Gunn. president 

John Simmerman, secretary 
Supenntendent C W L>ockins 
High School Kenneth Cade, prin 
Music Ruth Burgner 
Home Economics Mabel Madlgan 

Vevay, Switzerland Co., pop. 1,660. 

Bd Educ John Truitt, president 

H N. Humphrey, secretary 
Superintendent ht S Furnish 
High School J A. Danglade. Jr , prin. 
Music & Art Martha Banister 
Manual Training Ellis Walker 
Home Economics Teanette Orem 
Physical Educ (girls) Edna Shadday 
Physical Educ (boys) Harold Beneidct 

Ylnoennes, Knox Co., pop. 17,564. 

Bd EducW A Viets, president 

Allen E Hogue, secretary 
Superintendent Virgil L, Eikenberry 
High School L V Phillips, prin. 
Music Kathleen Campbell 
Art Lucy Williamson 
Industrial Art Alfred Reel 
Physical Training John L Adams 

St Rose Academy ; girls ; high school , R C 

Sister St Liguori, Prin 
Vincennes Business College, bus. and sten. 

J E Lawrie, Manager 
Vincennes University, coll ; co-ed ; non 

sect , e&t 1806. W A Davis. Pres 

Wabash. Wabaeh Co.. pop. 8,915. 

B<i Educ Philip G Magnei, piesident 

J V Beamer, secretary 
Superintendent Owen J Neighbours 
Hiffh School L H Carpenter, prin. 
Tumor H S Cecil Gamble, prin 
Music Marcelle Schlemmer 
Music (inst ) A R Jinks 
Manual Training Rex Sims 
Home Economics Claire Miller 
Art Mary Jane Heinly 
Physical Tr*g (boy&) R p. Struck 
Physical Tr*g (girls) Marcia Snow 
Primary Supv Olive Bagwell 

Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., pop. 1.150. 

Twp Sch Trustee Clayton Enders 
High School C J Oerber. principal 
Music Marian Hahn 
Band. Orchestra Gene Chenoweth 
Home Economics Martha Warstler 

Walkerton. St. Joseph Co., pop. 1.200. 

Twp Sch Trustee Robert W Corle 
Superintendent B A. Sweigart 
High School E J Hippensteel. prin 
Music, Art Margaret Current 
Band Fred Waters 
Orchestra Helen Wright 
Home Economics Bern ice Felton 
Industrial Arts, Phys Ed Dane Pugh 





Warren. Hunttngton Co., pop. 1.528. 
Twp. Sch. Trustee Glade K. Eckman 
High School Cliffoid L Fribble, prin. 
Music La Von Coolman 

Manual Tr'g A Phy. Tr'g Earl V. Williams 
Art, Phys. Educ (girls) Jean Smith 
Home Economics Betty Schilling 
Commercial Ruskin Laymon 

Warsaw, Kosrlusko Co.. pop. 5,478. 

Bd Educ O Bay Miner, president 

Lloyd W. Johnson, secretary 
City Superintendent James Leffel. 
High School Loren Chaatain. principal 
Music Helen Sloane 
Baud. Orchestra Frank D Mereditu 
Art Velora Frarer 
Home Economics Marie McDonald 
Com'l & Pen'ship J F Tenner 
Physical Educ (boys) George Fisher 
Physical Educ. (girls) -Louise Le Hew 

Washington, Davfeas Co., pop. 9.070. 

Bd. Educ Rolhe Moren, president 

E B Isenogle. secietary 
Superintendent N E. Helderman 
High SchoolA O. Fulkerson, prin 
Music V E. Dillard 
Art Maude Han is 
Cooking Mary Billings 
Manual Training T A McCormick 
Physical Director Wendel Walker 

Waterloo, Dekalb Co., pop. 1,850. 

Bd Educ James Husselman, president 

Ferro A Morr, secretary 
Superintendent Ezra E Lollar 
High School A J Smith, prin 
Music, Art Virginia Bachtel 
Band A Orchestra Lida M Stage 
Home Economics Beulah Graham 

West Baden, Orange Co., pop. 1,174 

Bd Educ James Allen, president 

William Newgent. secretary 
Superintendent Herschel C Baker 
High School Audra Bedster, prin. 
Music. Art Glendora Charles 

West Lafayette, Tlppeoanoe Co., pop. 5,095 

Bd Educ F. S Crockett, president 

Wible Hiner, secretory 
Superintendent F. A Burtsfleld 
High School C Ross Dean, prin 
Music Marshal Howenstein 
Art Gwendolyn fielding 
Manual Training Leslie H Tucker 
Home Economics Ruth Abel Hamlin 

West Terre Haute, Tigo Co.. pop 4.310. 
Bd Educ. E. M. Wise, president 

Charles Eggleston, secretary 
Superintendent John K M c Carter 
Hijrh School G E. Nicholson, prin 
Music Gertrude Lotze 
Art Mary Alice Hilton 
Domestic Science Iva M Price 
Librarian -Mary E. Morgan 

Westfleld, Hamilton Co., pop. 780. 

Township Sch. Trustee Ruf us Jobe 
High School George H Lee, prin. 
Music Margaret S Beelar 
Dmnestie Science Myra Mendenhall 
Athletic Director Tommy Moore 

Union Bible Seminary, tr sen for ministers 
and missionaries, co-ed , Friends, est 
1911. William M. Smith. Superintendent 

Whiting, Lake Co., pop. 10,880. 

Bd Educ John Ciesar, Jr , president 

D J Paskwietz, treasurer 
Superintendent W. W Borden 
Principal High School L. C. Orubb. 
Junior High School E. L. Rlordan, prin. 
Music (vocal) George Calder 
Music (i nst rum ) Adam P. Lesinsky 
Art Irene Stewart 

Physical Education Homei T Orsboin 
Vocational Director O M Merrlman 

WlUlamsport, Warren Co., pop. 1,SM. 

Bd Educ John B. Polk, president 

John A Fix, secretary 
City Superintendent O M Leath 
High School R Van Scoyoc, principal 
Music & Art Pauline Reed 
Home Economics Marion Williamson 

Winamar. Pnlaskl Co., pop. MOO. 

Bd Educ Hai old J Hallock, president 

Robert Kelly, secretary 
Superintendent Earl D Roudebush 
High School Herman Stalker, pi in 
Band, Orchestra Albert Fiscus 
Home Economics Elizabeth Caress 
Physical Education Everett Shivery 

Winchester, Randolph Co., pop. 4,000. 

Bd Educ W D Brown, president 

lohn L Turner nerreturv 
<upeiintendent Ellm H Bell 
Hierh School Buell E Cium, pi in 
Music B eld on C Leonard 
Ait Mary Manifold 
Manual Training I W Hub*r 
Physical Educ (pirl0 Jean Shepherd 
Athletics Charles Murphy 

Windfall, Tlpton Co., pop. 1,000. 

Township Sch. Trustee Carl Retherford 

High School Victor W. Owens, prin 

Music Joseps Ragins 

Art Maiy A Rice 

Manual Training John Hinds 

Home Economics Margaret Sharp 

Winslow Fike Co., pop. 1,140. 

Twp Sch Trustee Edward G Richardson 
Hi?h School Newton Thompson, prin 
Music Irene Royalty 

Worthlngtoo, Oreene Co., pop. 1,6*0. 

Bd Educ Thomas Jackson, pi evident 

W H Griffith, secretary 
Superintendent Lorin C Mclntosh 
High School Virgil Fisher, principal 
Industrial Art Russel M Adkma 
Home Economic Ruth English 
Athletics Charles C Broad well 

Torktown. Delaware Co., pop. 1,000. 

Twp Sch. Trustee Thomas H. Miller 
High School Ray O Burns, prin 
Home Economics Marie Dice 
Music & Art Lulu W Lykins 
Athletics Kenneth Slgler 



AGNES SAMUELSON, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Des Moine* 

FBED L. MAHANNAH. Deputy Superintendent 

RUSSELL E. JONAS, Djrector of Research Division 

FLORENCE B. PREHM, Supervisor Normal Training Schools and Public Junior 


JESSIE M PARKER, Supervisor Rural Schools 
H. K. BENNETT, Regional Supervisor Northeast District 
WILLIAM A. DUNLAVY, Regional Supervisor Southeast District 
R. A. GEIFFIN, Regional Supervisor Southwest District 
A J STEFFEY, Regional Supervisor Northwest District 
F. E. MOORE, Dnector Vocational Education 
HAMPTON T. HALL, Acting Supervisor Agricultural Education 
MARY FARRIS, Supervisor Homemakmg Education 
HARRY W. CARMICHAEL, Supervisor Trade and Industrial Education 
WILLIS W. GRANT, Supeivisoi Vocational Rehabilitation 


AGNES SAMUELSON, State Superintendent, ex-officio President Des Molne* 

VIOLA H. SCHELL, Secretary Des Moinet 

O R. LATHAM President, State Teachers College, Cedar Falls 

JOHN S. NOLLEN President, Grinnell College, Grinnell 

F. N. OLRY Superintendent County Schools, Denison 

ARTHUR DBAMER Superintendent City Schools, Cedar Rapids 

ESTHER E TRONSIROM, Chief Clerk Des Moines 

JAMES R\K, P)cst<lrnt Mason City CH MILKS F PYE, Secretary Des Moines 


ABTHUB E. BENNETT?, President.... .Upper Iowa University, Fayette 

GEORGE N. BRIGGS, Secretary President, Graccland College, Lamoni 






County Name and AddreM 
Adair.. . . Edna J Barnes, Greenfield 
Adams . . Maude M Fnman. Corning 
Allamakee . 

.Mrs Isabella Whalen, Waukon 

Appanoose . . . .L. E Johnson, Centerville 
Audubon. Flora S. Rendleman, Audubon 

Benton Ella M. Mehlhaus, Vmton 

Black Hawk A. Jewett, Waterloo 

Boone Marvin J Cooper Boone 

Bremer. . ..Mildred E. Smith, Waverly 


.... Dayton Winter, Independence 
tMna Vista 

A E Harrison, Storm Lake 

Qtler. . Hazel Black, Allison 


Albert L, Wiseman. Rockwell City 

Carroll ~- - ~H H Lmton, Carroll 

Pass Georgia Byrne, Atlantic 

Cedar Jane McCormick, Tipton 

Cerro Gordo . 

Hazel V Thomas, Mason City 

Cherokee Irene Brooks Cherokee 

Chickasaw A If O Vaala. New Hampton 
Clarke . ..Ada M. Tillotson, Osceola 

Clay K R Rowley, Spencer 

Clayton H F Oelbergr, Elkader 

Clinton Fred C Itowersox, Clinton 

Crawford F. N Olry. Denison 

Dallas.. .. . May A Hills. Adel 

Davis.. .. H C Brown Bloom field 
Decatur . W. H Eliason, Loon 

Delaware Flovd E Pratt Manchester 
Des> Momes L I, Woodruff, Builmgrton 
Dickinson B W Burnison Spirit Lake 
Dubuque Joseph Flvnn Dubuque 

Emmet... . Marie Sorum. T5stherville 
Fayette I, G Meyer, West Union 

Flovd Fannie O Howell Charles Citv 
Franklin . H G Doeringsfeld, Hampton 

Fremont . . Stella Daland, Sidney 

Greene Retson A Morris, Jefferson 


. .Kenneth F Jones Grun-d-v Center 
Guthrie . ... 

Fre-d R Tuaker Guthrie Center 
Hamilton Zell Berrvhill, Webster Citv 

Hancock J R Bagfg-s, Garner 

Hardin ... M Z. Albers. Eldora 

Harrison . Arlene Van Cleave, Logan 
Henrv E Mae Grau Mt Pleasant 

Howard . J L Davies, Ciesco 

Humboldt Frances I Messer, Dakota City 

Ida C A. Bahnsen, Ida Grove 

Iowa.. .Mrs. Alice DeSpain, Mar en go 
Jackson Charles F. Martin, Maquoketa 

County Name and AddreM 

Jasper Lucy B Hall, Newtc 

Jefferson .Oiissie Lyon, Fairfle 

Johnson. . W N Leeper, Iowa Cil 

Jones Nellie V. Morey. Anamoi 

Keokuk .Harry S. McVicker, Sigournc 
Kossuth. William Shirley, Algor 

Lee Leonard G Haase, Donne Use 

Linn Lulu B Secrist, Cedar Hapic 

Louisa Ada Smith, Wapel 

Lucas Helen Pf-rimmer. Chanto 

Lvon Elizabeth Trei, Rock Rapu 

Madison Lorin B Sayre, Winters' 

Mahaska ..J I Lynch, Oskaloos 

Marion J F. Tiacy, Knoxvil 

Marshall C. E. Shutt, Marshalltow 

MJlls . Amv Hammers. GLenwoo 
Mitchell . Ren a Jean Nelson. Osax 

..Mrs. Ruth Ordway Myrland, Onaw 
Monroe Ether Roberts, Albi 

Montgomery Lula B Reed, Red Oal 
Muscatine E 1> Bradley, Muscatin 

O'BnenMargraret Innes Mann, Primgha 
Osceola Mrs Gladys W Bradley, Sible 

Page Mabel Searl, Clarind 

Palo Alto 

Florence Wells Emmetsbun 
Plymouth Christine Petersen, LeMar 
Pocahontas Alice Cole, Pocahonta 

Polk .K D Nicholson, Des Moine 


Laura Leonard, Council Bluff 


Mrs Emma P Denham. Brooklxi 
RinROl.d Vcra F Dickens. Mount Av 
Sac P A Lauterbach. Sac Cit 1 

Scott Harry W Banze, Davenpor 

Shelby Mrs Rose M Parker, Harlat 
Sioux Charles H Tye, Orange Clt 1 

Storv Lu-cile Douglass Nevad; 

Tama Harry B Heitland, Toled 

Tayloi Mrs Anna D Englo, Bedfon 

Union Ella Day, Crestoi 

Van Btiren . . 

Cornelia C Hodges, Keosauqui 
Wapello Celia M Bell Ottumwt 

Warren R C Norris, Indianol* 

Washington . ... 

Lester B Krabill Washingtor 
Wayne Charles Elmore, Corydoi 

WXbster /Lulu Rose Orr. Fort Dodere 
Winnebagc Clara B Olson, Forest Cit> 

Chailes G Stoen Decorah 
Woodburv C G Hadlev Sioux Citv 
Worth. . G J. Frandle. Northwood 
Wright Claude W Sankey, CLuioi 


Arlcle.r. Hardin Co.. pop. 1.244. 

Bd Educ B R Hadley, president 

Mrs Pearl Baker, secretary 
City Superintendent T C Green 
Higrh School O F. Van Sant, principal 
Music Luella Scurry 
Manual Training: Herman Holmes 

Adel, Dallas Co., pop. 1,068. 
Bd Educ R. H. Luther, president 
E. R. Orr, fecretarjr 

Superintendent Donald Weir 
High School Mary J Leonard, prin 
Tumor H S Alice Truoaf. prin 
Music Mildred Caldwell 
Domestie Seience Cloc JeniRon 

Afton. Union Co.. pop. 1,014. 

Bd Educ Ralph Welch, president 

F A Shute, secretary 
Superintendent James W Thompson 
High School L E Mahaffy, prin 





Music Ruth MacBride 
Band L E MaHaffey 
Home Economics Aileen McAllister 

Akron. Plymouth Co.. pop 1,130 

Bd Educ Charles Kanagro, president 

Walter E Mellon, secretary 
Superintendent Floyd A. Conner 
High School Charles H Konarska, prin. 

Albla, Monroe Co., pop 4,969. 

Bd Educ Lizzie J Alexander, president 

Charles W Small wood, secietaiy 
City Superintendent W H Fasold 
High School W W Haitzell. pi in 
Junior College John S. Chambers, dean 
Music Mary Margraiet Miller 
Band. Orchestra Dale Cans 
Domestic Science Nellie Meucle 
Manual Training: Dean Bellman 
Physical Ti'g (boys) Fred Geneva 
Phybieal Tr'g (girls) Ruth Pharis 

4Igona, KoMuth Co., pop. 3,840. 
Bd Educ 6 D Shumway, president 

Mrs Leora K St John, secretary 
Superintendent O B Lamp 
llurh School Tohn G McDowell, prin 
Music Margaict McNown 
Manual Training Paul Bergrer 
Domestic Science Winmfred Gillen 

Alta. Buena Vista Co. pop. l.OOO 

Bd Educ E J Edwards, president 

C P Sangston, secretary 
Superintendent--.^ A Claik 
High School Iia E Peny, prin 
M usic Evelyn Bai tman 
Home Bionomics Fiance" Van Vooihm 

Alton. Slonx Co, pop. 1,046. 

Bd Educ C B Hoeven. president 

Stanley Chenault secretary 
Supeiintendcnt Henry A Boone 
High School Joseph W Sykes, pi in 

Anu, Storr Co , pop. 10,261. 

Bd Ed ur Walter Boot, president 
Sec Bd Educ Frnnk B Howell 
Superintendent Joidan L Larson 
Hmh School Verne M Young, prin 
Central Jr H S Verna Schmidt, prin 
Welch Jr H S John E. Harlan, prin 
supei \ isor Music Edna Bower 
Ban<l- Kichatcl Day, director 
Domestic Silence Marcia Turner 
Physical Ti'g (boys) Ray Donels 
Physical Ti'g (girls) Alvira Lunsford 

Iowa State College of Agriculture and Me- 
chanic Arts, courses in Agriculture, Engi- 
neering. Home Economics, Industrial Sci- 
ence, and Veterinary Medicine, co-ed , 
et 1858. Charles E Friley. Pres 

Iowa State College, Division of Agriculture, 
H H Kildee, Dean 

Iowa State College. Division of Engineer- 
ing. Thomas K AKK, Dean 

Iowa State College Division of Home Eco- 
nomics, Oenevieve Fisher, Dean 

*OWM State College. Division of Industrial 
Science, Charles E Fnlev, Dean 

Iowa State College. Division of Veterinary 
Medicine, Charles Murray, Dean 

Anamosa, Jone Co., pop. 8,066. 

Bd Educ. Mrs A. N. Trevarthan, president 

Lloyd Soper, secretary 
Supenntcndent G B Kmser 
High School R L Runkle, principal 
Prin Junior High School Jennie Birk 
Music Florence Reusch 
Manual Training John McLees 
Home Economics Dora Bean 

Anita. Cass Co., pop. 1,118. 

Bd. Educ Floyd DeMent, president 
Bd Educ Joseph Vetter, secretary 
City Superintendent C W. Garlock 
High School WInona Kyle, prin 
Music Mildred Eshelman 
Band- Mark Toll 

A Hhton. Osceola Co , pop. 518. 

Bd Educ J H Carmichael, picsident 

L M Klosterman, secretary 
Superintendent Alfred W. Fischer 

Atlantic, Cms Co., pop. 5,685. 

Bd Educ W R Jones, president 

Elsie Wendlinsr, secretaiy 
City Supt J P Street 
High School G G Kmpfer, prin 
Music, Band Irvan Rich 
Manual Training Allen T. Boiler 
Home Economics Marion Busse 
Physical Dn (boys) Olan G Ruble 
Phjsical Dir (girls) Margaret Curry 

Andubon, Andubon Co., pop. 2,253. 

Bd Educ Roy Chard, president 

L C Bagley, secretary 
Superintendent S T Manuel 
High School J. L Rutherford, prin. 
Music Amy Robeitaen 
Domestic Science Esther Keath 
Man Tr'ff & Athletics M O Nickalson 

Atoca. Pottawattamie Co., pop. 1,520. 

Bd Educ H E Leach, president 

Frank VIerhus secietary 
Superintendent O H Rutenbeck 
HiR-h School R L Reynolds, prin 
Manual Training Max Boiler 

Bancroft, Kossuth Co., pop. 850. 

lid Educ Edward Droessler, president 

Leo M Saunders. secretary 
Supenntenrlent G D Hart 
High School Georgia Carmean, prin 

Bedford, Taylor Co., pop. 2,075. 

Bd Educ Clark Paul, president 

Carl Cummings. secretary 
Superintendent Stephen G LaMar 
High School Alma Jackson, prin 
Tumor H S. Alice Nelson, prin. 
Music Kenneth Werth 
Domestic Science Veia Johnson 

Belle Plalne, Benton Co., pop. 3,887. 

Bd Educ Challen McCune. president 

Ross R Bailey, secretary 
Superintendent M. L Morria 
High School Wayne Conrad, prlu. 





Music Marian Yavorsky 
Manual Training: Louis Falck 
Home Economics Evelyn Mansfield 
Athletics Garland Lamb 

It+ltevne, Jackson Co., pop. 1,663 

Bd. Educ. A. C. Schneider, president 

Lester J Gaylor, secretary 
Superintendent Henry W. Anderson 
High School Gail Patterson, principal. 
Junior H. S. Banjamm Janssen 
Manual Training H. W. Anderson 
Music T. Alfred Peters 
Dramatics Henrietta Schell 

Belntond, Wiiirht Co.. pop. 1,224. 

Bd Educ William Parker, president 

Cato Criesy. secretary 
Superintendent A Merlin Sones 
High School Loramne Powers, prin. 
Music Harry Keller 
Manual Tr'gr Harlan Rigby 
Home Economics Regrina McGough 

Darin Co.. pop. S.028. 

Bd Educ H L Fent. president 

A G. Anderson, secretary 
Superintendent H. Ostergaard 
Junior College E T Carlstedt. dean 
Higrh School J T. Brooks, prin 
Music Ruth Mary Samson 
Manual Training 1 R B Carroll 
Home Economics Priscilla Burroughs 

Bnone. Boon* Co.. pop. 12.451. 

Bd Educ Henry Wallace, president 
L. B Johnson, secretary 

City Superintendent G S Wooten 
High School H J. Van Ness, principal 
Music Helen Steven, supervisor 

Manual Training Ferdinand Daehler 

Domestic Science Anna Johnson 

Drawing Jennie Lee 

Physical Dir (boys) Cleo Roberts 

Physical Dir. (girls) Evelyn Carlson 

Sacred Heart School; prep . co-ed , R C , 
est. 1S87. Sisters of Charity. 

Brighton, Washington Co., pop. 1,614. 

Bd E3uc -John Wanerus. president 
Bd. Educ D. J Kyle, secretary 
Superintendent H. C Messer 
High School L. E McAfee, prin 
Home Economics Lucille Jones 

Brltt, Hancock Co., pop. 1.808. 
Bd Educ. H. R. Brooks, president 

B R Boldt, secretary 
Junior College L. J. Thles, supt. 
Dean Walter C. Harvey 
Senior High School Gladys Morris, prin. 
Tumor High School Leila Dodd. prin 

Brooklyn. Powenhlek Co., pop. l.*8. 
Bd Educ. C. E. Brooks, president 

C. F. Fowler, secretary 
Superintendent T. R. McGeorge 
High School Gay A. Orr. prin. 
Band. Glee Club Leo E. Shuler 
Home Economics Marian Edwards 
Athletics Ellsworth Miller 

Burlington, Des Moines Co.. pop. 26,755. 

Bd Educ A Cardie, president 

N. C. Friedel. secretary 
City Supt W G Brooks 
High School R. H. Bracewell, prin 
Horace Mann Jr H. S R. K Corlett. prin 
Oak Street Jr H S W. L Rhea, prin 
Music Ramona Jorgensen 
Band Arnold Zopf 
Orchestra Dorothy Baumle 
Manual Training P. G Frasier 
Domestic Science Edna Burhans 
Athletic Coach J. F. Thomason 
Physical Dir. (boys) Carl Johansen 
Physical Dir (gills) Doris Schouten 
Printing W. C Lohman 

College of Commerce, co-ed , est 1*16, C 

W. Woodward, President 
St Paul Central High School, primary thru 

high sch . est 1876. co-ed . Catholic. 

Sister Mary Amabllis, Superior 

Calmar, Wlnneshiek Co., pop. 1.668 

Bd Educ F A Hennessv, president 
I B Bjonerud. secretary 

Superintendent J. C Iverson 

Higrh School Marlm G Jamieson. pnn 

Homo Economic** Margrarct McEniry 

Carroll. Carroll Co.. pop. 4,691. 

Bd Educ E J. Kratoska, president 

Byron A Gregory, secretary 
Superintendent V E. Stansbury 
Prin High School B. F. Osburn 
Music Virginia Rice 
Band H A Gruetzmachcr 
Home Economics Nadine McClung 
Manual Training George Schultz 
Stenog & Typewriting Bertha Johnson 
Physical Tr'gr (girls) Donna Niles 
Athletic Coach Floyd Rombough 

8t Joseph's School, prep . co-ed . R C 
Franciscan Sisters 

Cascade. Dubinin*. Co.. pop 1.268 

Bd Educ Lloyd Hoffman, president 

Leo Dolphin, secretary 
Superintendent G P Thomas 
Higrh School Kathryne Brietbach, prin 
Art Stasia McNallv 
Music Madeline Skahill 

St Mary's Academy, prep . co-ed , R C . 
J B Albers, Pres 

Cedar Falls, Rlaokhawk Co. pon 7.862. 

Bd Educ G A Bairn son, president 

Amies Hanson, secretary 
Superintendent J. H Peet 
High School M B Street prin 
Junior H. S L. R Holmes, prin 
Music Effie Mae Turner 
Orchestra James Mchchar 
Manual Training R R Ebersold 
Home Economics Evelyn Davis 
School Nut e -Hannah Scott 
Phy Dir (boys) C C VanDyke 
Phy Dir (girls) Mabel GustafHon 

Iowa State Teachers' College, professional 
teachers' training courses, state; co-ed., 
est 1876: O R. Latham. President 





Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., pop. 66,097. 
Bd Educ E. R. Moore, pi eel dent 

C D Hedberg, secretary. 
Citv Superintendent Arthur Deamer 
Supv. Kindergarten Henrietta Harken 
Hupv Primary Grace Shield* 
Supr Elementary Mary B. Icke 
Supv Music Alice C Inskeep 
Art Edwin T. Bruns 
Physical Training 1 Fred Winter 
Indust. Arts, Night Sch E. H. Chrlstensen 

Franklin High School, 300 Twentieth St , N 

E ; M S Hall man. Principal 
McKinley High School. 630 Tenth St , S E ; 

W L Paxson, Principal 
Roosevelt High School. 300 Thirteenth St., 

N W . Fred J Kluss, Principal 
Wilson High School. 2301 J Street. S. W.. 

Jennie E Poet, Principal 

Cedar Rapids Business folleire. bus and 
sec'l; est 1879, W C Henmng, Pres 

Coe College, comprise* Liberal Arts, Sub- 
Freshman an 4 Music Department!, co- 
ed , Presb .eat 1881. Harry Morehoust 
Gage President 

Mt Mercy Junior College and Academy, 
Kirla, boarding. Catholic, est. 1901. 
Sisters of Mercv 

8t Joseph's Academy, prep , co-ed , R C ; 
Sister Mary Agatha. Superior 

rvntervllle, Appanooae Co , pop. 8,4811. 
Bd Educ D D BentzinRer, president 

George Milani, secretary 
Titv Superintendent Everett W. Fannon 
Junior College E Wayne Hllmer, dean 
HiKh S< hool J L Uarter, prin 
Music loa Iverson 
Band William Cower 
Household Arts Ouida Green 
Manual Training Cuthbert Sandstrom 
Athletic Coach Willis D Lamb 

Chariton. Lucas Co.. pop. 5,175 

Bd Educ B R VanDyke. president 

Dr P T Perry, secretary 
Tit\ Superintendent J R Coufflll 
Trln High School F. A. Lunan 
MUKIC Kenneth Hartzler 
Household Art% Mary Melick 
Manual Training O L Hutchison 
Athletic Coach William E Swim 

fharle* City, Floyd Co , pop. 8,089. 

Bd Educ W. E. Frudden. president 
Sec Bd Educ A R Eggprt 
Superintendent P C Lapham 
Hi*h School Harry M Clark, prin 
Junior High School Cora Erueger, prin. 
Music Lottie Craig 
Manual Training Clark L Oormley 
Physical Dlr (boys) Coburn Chapter 
Physical Dir (girls) June Ellw 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, 
prep , co-ed , R P . est 1S'6, Sister 
Mary Miriam. Superior 

Charter Oak. Crawford Co., pop. 784. 
Bd. Educ H. C. Jones, president 
Bd. of Educ. Edward L. Lyons, secretary 

Superintendent R W Hooker 
High School Dwam Daughton, prin. 
Home Economics Velva Allen 

Cherokee, Cherokee Co.. pop. 6,448 

Bd Educ C H Johnson, president 
Sec Bd Educ William Shardlow 
Superintendent J C Hoglan 
High School R E Creel 
Piimary Supv Edith Barber 
Music Geneva Nelson 
Band. Orchestra R N Kjerland 
Manual Training Joe Cuffel 
Foods Kathryn Both 
Physical Dir (boys) Ed P Barrows 
Physical Dir (girls) Helen Kurtz 

Cincinnati, Appanoose Co, pop. 1.858. 

Bd Educ John Reed, president 

Claire McDonald, secretary 
Superintendent L J Cronwall 
High School B R Holhs, prin 
Music Cecil Rogers 

Home Boon, Phys Educ (girls) Lutie Smith 
Man Tr'g , Phys Educ (boys) C E 

Clarence, Cffdar Co., pop 870. 

Bd Educ William Mmgst. president 

A W Kemmann, secretary 
Superintendent Keith L Benner 
Prin High School Jenna Beadle 
MURJO K S Baker 
Home Economics Dorothy Brown 

Clarlnda, Page Co , pop. 4,960. 

Bd Educ J F Sinn, president 

Roy Collins, secretary 
Superintendent Fred W. Johansen 
Junior College Herbert L Glynn, dean 
High School John W Slocum. prin 
Junior High School Keith Henning, prin 
Music, Band V V. Hemphill 
Manual Training Neil Johnston 
Home Economies Geneva Proudfit 
Physical Tr'sr (girls) Evelyn N Fisher 
Athletic Director R P Barrows 

Clarion Wright Co. pop. t,M5 

Bd Educ G A. Evans, president 
T.ucile Armstrong secretary 
Superintendent C. J. Christiansen 
High School R C Amidon, pnn. 
Tumor High School I L Peters, prm 
MUMC -J W Miller 
Manual Training G A. Hauseld 
Home Economics Elizabeth Hibba 

Oirknvllle. Butler Co., pop. 1.008. 

Bd Educ H J Carter, president 

Fred Seitz. secretary 
Superintendent Howard L. Kirk 
High School Fred E Hilton, prin 
Mubic. Band Ray C Smith 

Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo Co., pop. 8,057. 

Bd Educ. B C Myhr, president 

Ralph Ingersoll. secretary 
Superintendent C. A. Pease 





High School -Catharyn Chambers, prin 
MusicClara Metcalf 

Band, Orchestra John 

Manual Training- Mahlon Hint; 
Home Economics Ailleea Wltmer 
Athletics Chris Johnston 

Clinton, Clinton Co., pop. 25,740. 

Bd Educ. C. B. Bather, president 

Victor Sorenson, secretary 
City Superintendent Clark W. Brown 
Principal High School W J Yourd 
Junior H S Olen C Higbee. prin 

Music Alice MacBnde 

Orch & Band Max Gmelin 

Art Mrs Elsie D. Charles 

Physical Dir (h s ) Claude Reeck 

Physical Tr'g (girls) Naomi Thurreaon 

Cafeteria Harriet Parks 

CUnton-Lyotis Independent District 
Bd. Educ V. D Ketelsen, president 

C A Buechncr. secretary 
Superintendent P W Mona 
High School P. B. Sharar, prin. 
Junior High School R. G Smith, prin 
MusicMabel Bailey 
Band- Wilbur E. Keidel 
Manual Traimng^-W E Keidel 
Home Economics Dorotha Fnesner 

Commercial Lona Lee 
Physical Training T W Krukow 

School Nurse Elsie T Osborne 

Mount St Clare Junior College and Acad- 
emy; girls; boarding. Catholic, est 1893, 
Mother Paul Carrico. Pres 

Our Lady of Angels' Seminary, girls' 
boarding, R C . est 1872. Sisters of 
Charity of the B V M 

St Mary's School, prep , co-ed , R C , Sis- 
ter Mary Justa. Prin 

Scovill School; bus and sec'l courses, est 
1925, A T. Scovllle. Prin 

Coif sue. Jasper Co., pop. 2,213 

Bd. Educ 6 E. Tilton. president 

R F Agar, secretary 
High School H J Eastman, prin 
Junior H. S Marie Braniff 
Music Evelyn Fahan 
Band E W. O'Neill 
Home Economics Ethel Mandernach 
Manual Art P. W. Ferrell 

College Springs. Page Co. pop. 886. 

Bd. Educ. Paul Farquhar. president 
Bd W N Dow. Sec'y. 
Superintendent Gerald Rowland 
High School Floyd Hewlett, prin. 
Music Maurine White 
Home Economics Maxine Middleton 

Columbus Junction, Louisa Co., pop. 1,180 

Bd Educ R S Johnston, president 
Bd Anna Mulhern. B 
Superintendent H. E Northey 
High School Ralph Hibbs. prin 
Music -Geneviev* Fedderson 
Band G W, Ayres 
Home Economics Helen Cecil 

Coon Rapids, Carroll Co., pop. 1,084. 

Bd Educ C E Coder, president 

R Harvey, secretary 
Superintendent C. B Christian 
High School Stella Millslagle. prin 
Music Vere Bushart 
Band Roy Holltday 
Domestic Science Lenore Adamson 

Corning, Adams Co., pop. 2,018. 

Bd Educ R "L Wheeler, president 

Anna E. Lyons, secretary 
Superintendent JL K Taylor 
High School R W Curiie, principal 
Music Florence Coughlan 
Home Economics Fern Martens 

Correct ion v ill e, \\oodbury Co., pop 1,016. 

Bd Educ S W Kuater, president 

Ed Rowse, secretary 
Superintendent W. H Franklin 
Music Claire Gen ting 
Manual Training* Peter V Affie 
Home Economics Jessie Cheatham 
Band Glenn Barto 

Co don. Wa>ne Co.. pop 1,669 

Bd Educ R L Wolf, piesident 
T. M Stromsten, secretary 
Superintendent Ward T North 
High School Josephine Coffey, pi in 
Music Hildreth Morrctt 
Home Economics Dorothj Husby 

Council Bluffs, Pot ta watt am I e Co , pop 42,048 

Bd Educ A Fied Presler, president 
Sec JW Edut It. H Williams 
Superintendent J A True 
Music (vocal) Thcodosia J Hobbs 
Music (instr ) Rudolph Seidl 
ROTC W A Mead (Capt ) 
Physical Education Otto Wuil 
Interm & Gram Grades Loretta McNamara 
Kindgr'n Primary Adelen Holland 
Bloomer H S Nannie M Hardm. prin 
Jefferson H S R F Meyers, prin 
Lincoln H S Gerald W Kirn, prin 

Iowa School for the Deaf, state, est 1852, 

O Lr Mclntire, Supt 
St Francis Academy, gills' hoaiding, R 

C , Sister Mary Chionla. Ptin 

Cresco, Howard Co., pop. 3,055. 

Bd Educ George A. Plummcr, president 

H H Webber, secretaiv 
Supetfntendent D J Robbing 
High School George Carroll, prin 
Music Helen Ball 
Band Valdemar Johnson 
Domestic Science Ilva Fishel 
Physical Tr'e (bovs) Boytl Thompson 
Physical Ti'f (grirls) Fave Stingley 

Assumption High School, co-ed , Catholic, 
est 1883, Sister Mary Ermine. Superior 

St Joseph's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 
Sistci Marv Vlvlna Supertot 

Creston, Union Co, pop. 8,015. 

Bd Ecluc Fred M Davis, president 

F F Packwood, secretary 
Superintendent Burton R Tones 
Junior College V. I Sanders, dean 





Senior High School! H. Trcfz, pnn. 

Junior High School P. D. Obert. prln 

Music -Margaret Gault 

Art Edith Bradbury 

Athletic Director W. E Scantlebury 

Physical Tr'pr (girls) Elizabeth Warttman 

Librarian Mrs. D J. Crane 

Dallas. Marion Co., pop. 500. 

Bd Educ. Frank Waters, president 

Mrs. Elma Wilson, secretary 
Superintendent O. B. Kerr 
High School Adelaid Ports, prm. 

Dallas Center, Dallas Co., pop. 856. 

Bd Educ L. H Hoover, president 
Bd. F. L. Loring, Secy. 
Simerintendent Elmer B Foster 
High School Dallas Spencer, prln 
Home Economics Harriett Harlan 
Manual Tr'g Athletics Leland McCosh 

Davenport, Scott Co., pop. 60,751. 

Bd Educ Edw F Strohbehn. president 

J E Baumsartner. secretary 
Superintendent Irvin H. Schmitt 
Hi*h School A. I Naumann, pirn 
Supv Music Clara L Thomas 
Art Ella Preston 
Orchestra F. E. Mortiboy 
Home Economics -Inez J Whitney 
Primary May Holmes, supervisor 
Industrial Arts W C Wood 

Brown's Business College, bus and sten , 

est. 1901; Roscoe H Peck. Prln. 
Immaculate Conception Academy, girls, 

grades thru high school . boarding: and day , 

est 1859, Sisters of Chanty, Sister Mary 

of the Cioss, Superior 
Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home School, state. 

Paul Covert. Principal 
Palmer School of Chiropractic, co-ed . est 

1895. B. J. Palmer. Pres. 
Sacred Heart Cathedral School, prep , c- 

ed , R. C., Sisters of Charity. B V. M 
St Ambrose College, boys' boarding, R C , 

College of liberal arts, and prep dept.: 

est 1882, Martin Cone, Pres 
St. Anthony's School, prep , co-ed , R C , 

est 1853, Sisters of Charity. 
St. Mary's School; prep and high school, 

girls, R. C.; Sisters of the Holy Cross. 
St Katharine's School, girls' boarding and 

day; PE ; est 1884; Sister Ethel Mary, 


D*rorah. Wlnneshlek Co.. pon. 4.039. 
Bd Educ. Mrs L. K Knight, president 

Clara M McConaty. secretary 
Superintendent Thomas R Roberts 
High School Jeffrey A Peterson, prin 
Band, Orchestra W. A Moen 
Music (grades) Anna May Davis 
Manual Tr'g L W Buckton 
Home Economics Myrtle Bourland 
Physical Tr'g (boys) George Kiome 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Lyla G Sill 

Immaculate Conception Academy, prep 

co-ed.. R C.. est 1895. Sister Maty 

< arnes Superior 
Luther College, liberal arts degree courses. 

<*>-ed . Lutheran est IKttl Ove J H 

Preus, Pres. 

Denlson. Crawford Co., pop. 8,905. 

Bd. Educ F. N. Bowe, president 

W K Tetry, secretary 
Supei intendent L. P Sewell 
High School Harold Welch, prln 
Music Dorothy Griewe 

(inst ) Harold Welch 
Foods Margaret Btdwell 
Clothing Da Anthony 
Grades Anna Schneller, prin 

Denmark, Lee Co., pop. 850. 

Bd Educ H E Hazen. president 
Bd Educ. C. E. Lewis, secretry 
Superintendent Adam Miller 
High School W L Poynter, prin 
Music Max Crockett 

l>e Molnee, Polk Co., pop. 142,559. 
Bd Educ George A. Peak, president 

George L. Garton, sec'y ft bus manager 
Superintendent A. W Merrill, acting 

Bessie Bacon Goodrich, curriculum 

Edith W. Gushing, assistant to supt and 

director of personnel 
Secondary Schools Rail I Grigsby 
Elementary Education W C Findley 

Industrial Educ R C. Wool man 
Art Estelle Hayden. 
Mu*le Terrain E Walters. 
Physical Educ John A. Johnson 
Commercial C D Slinker 
Pupil Adjustment, Attendance. Sec Educ. 

and Auxiliary Agencies R. I Grigsby 
Health Education Gertrude E Cromwell 
Home Economics Mrs Helen Wagner 
Social Studies J. E Stonecipher 

East High School. B 13th and Walker 

Sts , O G Prichard, Principal 
Lincoln High School. S W 9th & Loomia 

Ave , Aaron C. Hutchens. Principal 
North High School. 7th and College Ave . 

5 E Thompson. Principal 

Roosevelt High School, 46th and Center 
St , J E Stonecipher, Principal 

James Callanan Junior High School. Slst 
and Center, Clifton F Schropp, prin 

Amos Hiatt Junior High School. E. 15th 

6 Garfield, Cress O. Hoyt. Principal 
Warren Harding Junior High School, Euc- 
lid Av & Cambridge; J. M Sterrett, Prin 

Washington Irving Junior High School, 

16th & Forest Av . W. O Allen, Prin 
West Junior High School, 16th ft Center 

sts ; Clifton F. Schropp, prin. 
Woodrow Wilson Junior High School: B 
25th & University; Everett Davis, Prln 

Academy of the Visitation; prep , co-ed.. 
R. C ; Father Nugent. Pres 

American Institute of Business; bus. and 
sec'l; E O. Fenton. Pres, Tenth & Grand 

Capital City Commercial College; bus. and 
sten , est 1884. B F Williams, Presi- 
dent. 10th ft Grand av 

Cummlnif Pchool of Art; co-ed est 1R** 
Iowa Art Guild Counselors; Alice McKee 
Cummings, Director. 625 17th st. 

Des Moines College of Pharmacy, co-ed . 4- 
yr course, filbeit O Kagy. Dean. 1019 
High St 





Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy, co- 
ed . est. 1898; Arthur D. Becker. Presi- 
dent, 720 Sixth Ave. 

Drake University, comprises College of Lib- 
eral Arts, Bible. Law. Education. Com- 
merce and Finance, and Fine Arts, co- 
ed., non-sect , est 1881, Daniel W. More- 
house Pros 

Diake University College of Liberal Arts, 
Alfred T Pearson, Dean 

Drake University College of Fine Arts, 
Conservatory of Music, Music Supervisors' 
Department, Dramatic Art. Drawing and 
Painting; Herbert Gould, Dean 

Drake University, College of Education, 
Harry V. Masters. Dean 

Drake Univeislty. College of Law, law. co- 
ed , est 1875. Arthur A Morrow, Dean 

Drake University. College of the Bible. 
Christian; Tesse C Caldwell, Dean 

Drake University Colleere of Commerce and 
Finance; Lynden Hoffman, Dean 

Grand View College pren , co-e<l , Evnng 
Lutheran; est 1895, C A Olsen, Pres 

St Ambrose Academy, prep . co-ed R C 
est 1865, Sister M Petroma, Sup. 607 
Ascension St 

8t Joseph's Academy girl's boarding R 
C. kind to hiph *rhonl est IRS* Stater 
Mary Antonia. Prin . 22nd st & Grand 

PeWItt. Clinton Co . pop. 3.038 

Bd Educ Henrv B Jaesrar. president 

E J Miller, secretary 
Superintendent O W Beauchamp 
High School Walter H Lmder. prin 
Music Liela Jorgensen 
Band H L Booth 
Manual Tr'g N T Baird 
Domestic Science Norma Pepler 
Physical Tramme Mar eel la Connote 

Dexter. DsJIaa Co.. pop. 767. 
Bd Educ L. S Drew, president 
Bee Bd Educ J E Hammond 
Superintendent W D Clampitt 
High Rchool Lnulse Oehlman. pi in 
Music C B Biles 

Diagonal. Binggold Co, pop 750 

Bd Educ E J Watson, president 
Bd Educ Robert L Bailey, secretary 
Superintendent O C Varner 
High School Helen V Westcott. prin 
Music Gail Schroder 

Van Ruren Co.* pop. 1,000. 
Bd. Educ Mrs F. A. Nelson, president 
Berdott Grubb*. secretarv 
Superintendent Joseph W. Sexton 
Music Bernhard Moklebust 
Manual Tr'g., CoachHarold Wilson 

Dow. Wright Co . pop. 80t. 

Bd Educ Al Bailey, president 

Theo Damerow. secretary 
Superintendent Hugh S. Logan 
High School Bernadine Burge, prin. 
Mmic Irma Campbell 
Home Economics Mary E Smith 
Athletics Hugh Clark 

Duhuque, Dulwque Co., pop. 41,670. 

Bd. Educ G. J Timmerman, president 

Alois A Kaufman, secretary 
Supetintendent Earl D Cline 
High School Ralph W. Johnson, principal 
Washington Jr H S A A Morr, prin 
Jefferson Jr H S. L F McDonough, prin 
Art Mary A Brownson, supervisor 
Music Leona Heim supervisor 
Vocational Educ William B Galloway 
Home, Economics Eleanor M Oeisler 
Elementary Schools Beatrice L Lehning 
Ungraded Classes Hanarose Haggerty 
Physical Education Charlotte Ford, supv 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, 

girla' boarding. R C . Sisters of St 

Francis, Davis ave 
Academy of the Visitation girls' boarding. 

elementary and high school, est 1871. 
Catholic: Sister Mary Lucy, prin 
Ba>less Business College, bus and sten . 

est 1858 E. B. Lyons. Prin 
Claike College, women, degiee couises, nor 

mal and music clcpts , est 1843, Catholu , 

Sisters of Chanty, Sistei Maiy Antonia 

Durkm, Pi es 

Columbia College, college and prep dept . 
military, R. C., est. 1873, Thomas Conry. 
St rolumbklll's Academy prep co-ed . 

Catholic: John Hal pin, Principal 
St Joseph's Academy, prep girls R r 

est 1868, Sister Mary Bcrnardus, Superior 
St Mary s Academy , prep , co-ed , H C . 

est. 1878. Mother Coleta. Prin 
University of Dubuque, comprises coll of 

liberal arts, and Theological Seminary, co 
ed , Presb : est 1852 Dale D Welch. 

Wartburgr Theological Seminary. theoL. 

men, Evangelical Lutheran, est 1854; 

Emil H Rausch, Pies 

Dunlap, Harrison Co , pop. 1,600 

Bd Educ P <i Tnjrcrsoll, president 

C H Van Slyke. secretary 
Superintendent K M Spencer 
High School Paul Bloomers, prm 
Music Mary McClung 
Band Henry Collins 
Home Economics Frances Kloppmg 
Manual Training Arthur Mai ten* 
Coach Richard Giles 

Dversvllle, Dnbmiue Co., pop. 1,911 

Bd Educ William Lappe, president 
Bd Educ Albert Drexler, secretary 
Superintendent Emma Goerdt 

D'flarf Tama Co., pop 1,000. 

Bd Educ John Helm, president 
Bd E E Wieben. s 
Superintendent Ruby G McCarthy 
Senior High Son J K Haehlen. prin 
Music Doris Paul 
Domestic Science Ethel Van Horn 
Manual Ti'g. Athletics Haiold Hot 

Earle Grove. Wright Co , pop 4.062 
Bd Educ S S Bragdon, president 

Marjorie Foil, secretary 
Superintendent C L McDowell 





Junior College Gerald Shepherd, dean 
Higrh School D. L. Wood, pun. 
Music A O Bogard 
Manual Training 1 A B Parsons 
Home Economics Mildred Carmody 
Physical Dir. (girls) Katherine Bowen 

Earlham, Madison Co, pop. 749. 

Bd Educ C B Stanley, president 

E. L. Scar, secretary 
Superintendent H. M. Taulbee 
Junior H. 8 Paul Grant, pnn. 
Music Milton Trezel 
Domestic Science Dorothy Allen 

Esrlvllle, Delaware Co , pop. 552. 

Bt Educ William Hunt, president 

John Clifton, secretary 
ritv Kiipetintenrient (iuy D Kibble 
High School Nathan A Edwaidb, pi in 

Edd>vllle, Wapello Co, pop 1,085 

Bd Educ M G True president 

C. E Baldwin, secretary 
Superintendent L C. Taylor 
MusicKarl Nielson 
Home Economics Faune Wheeler 

Eldon WapHIo Co.. pop. 2,084. 
Bd. Educ. D. O Cummins, president 

L N Frescoln, secretary 
Superintendent A W Bates 
High School Letha Plowman, prin 
Music Lela Snyder 
Home Economics Maltha Thomas 

Eldora. Hardin Co , pop. 2.0 

Bd Educ H W Stonebrook, president 

Mrs E. A Ellsworth, secretary 
Superintendent F K Schmidt 
High School Anna Capellen. prin 
MusicMildred Luce 
Band Milo Myers 
Home Economics- Gertrude Baler 
Manual Training: B L Woodcock 

State Industrial School for Boys, stat* In 
stitutlon for Juvenile delinquents: O. 
Von Krog. Supt 

Klkader, Clarion Co.. pop. 1 Iftl 

Bd Educ C L Cridor. picsidcut 

B L Jipson. secretary 
Superintendent J Dale Welsh 
High School Vaughn Thoinburjfh, pi in 
Music (vocal) Gertrude Reeve 
Band. Orchestra Paul Reagan 
Homemaking Mildred Deischer 
Manual Tr'g, Ath Coach Lylc Shroyer 

Elma. Howard Co.. pop. 807. 
Bd Educ -F W. Church, president 

Goldie Elwood. secretary 
Superintendent J. H. Lyford 
High School Dinsmore Braiidmill, prin 
Music Catheryn T^aughlin 
Band H H Dlekmann 

Academy of our Lady of Lourdes. prep , 
co-ed , R C , est l0tf. Sisters of St 

Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co., pop. 2,865 

Bd Educ A A Theile. president 

Llojci Frost, secretary 
Superintendent R W Newell 
High School J A. Greenlee. prin 
Music Harriette Neufeld 
Band, Orchestra S. A. Wood 
Manual Training William Ketchen 
Home Economics Kathryn Misbach 

Ep worth, DubuQde Co., pop. 520 

Bd. Educ F. C Edwards, president 
Bd Carl H Maxwell, Secretary 
Superintendent E. W. Breneman 
High School L D. Wallace, prin. 

Entherville, Emmet Co., pop. 4,040. 

Bd Educ Roy J Ridley, president 

Imogene Knutsen, secretary 
Superintendent Forrest G Stith 
Junior College N. E DeMoney. dean 
Music (vocal) Dorothy Wassum 
BandRaymond Minkler 
Homemaking Florence Meyer 
Manual Training Vern T Nordeen 
Athletic Coach Max Lynn 

Fair hank, Buchanan Co., pop. 720 

H<1 Educ F T Bushny, president 

A H Nieman, secretary 
Supei intendent Arthur Carpenter 
High SchoolMabel R Edwards, prin 

Fairflrid, Jefferson Co., pop. 6,619. 

B<1 Educ W T Webb, president 

J W Lindauer, secretary 
Superintendent W G Pence 
High School J F T Saur 
Music Elizabeth Maasdam. supervisor 
Music (in sir ) Paul R. Hultquist 
Art. Penmanship Harel Kellogg: 
Manual Training James H Brolliar 
Cooking 1 Alma E Beck 
Sewing Myrtle Manquiat 
Phxekal Training L A Gluenkin 

Parsons College, coll . co-ed Presb . est 
1876, Clarence W Greene, President 

Farley, Dubuque Co , pop. 676. 

Bd Educ John Scherrman, president 
Leo M Sanner, secretary 
City Superintendent P E Kehoe 
High School Lyola Sanner, pun 

Farming-ton, Van Buren Co., pop. 1,161. 

Bd Educ W. H. Mott, president 

C. G. Vernon,secretary 
City Superintendent Arthur T 8 Owa 

High School Erma Bonds, principal 
Music Margaret Minister 
Home Economics Gladys Schmidt 
Physical Education Russel Pool 

Favette. Fayette Co.. pop. l.llt 

Bd Educ Harold Whitley. president 

R A Swartz. secretary 
Superintendent A. S Morse 
High School Jeannette M Bendei, prin 
Music (vocal) Minerva Kettler 
Music (tost.)- Paul T. McNutt 
Manual Training Don Pierson 





Home Economics Dorothy Geiger 
Athletics - B 8. Madden 

Upper Iowa University, coll . co-ed . M 
E . eet 1857. W C. Mongold, act'g Free. 

Fond*, Pocahontas Co., pop. 1,380. 

Bd. Educ A P. Maloney, president 

James O'Keele, secretary 
Superintendent F M Hamilton 
High School Olaf E. Dahl, prin. 
Music, Home Economics . Patricia Murphy 
Band A. E. Morse 

Fnre*t City, Winnebago Co., pop. 2,145. 

Bd. Educ. -Frank Segerstrom, president 

Oscar Branstad, secretary 
Superintendent George D. Eaton 
High School Fredric Bohning, prin. 
Music Geraldinc Boman 
Band Hugh Croft 
Home Economics Odette Bahl 
Manual Training -W. L. Eidahl 

Waldorf College, junior coll. teach, tr'g. 
music, business, co-ed . Lutheran, est 
1903; Junald L Bendahl, Pros 

It. Dodge, Webster Co., pop. 21,895. 
Bd Educ Frank A Cooley. piesident 

Esther Peterson, secretary 
Oitv Superintendent K D Miller 
Junior College Harris E. Dickey, dean 
Senior H. S C T Feelhaver, pnn 
Junior H S. M. W. Stout, pnn 
Music Ilcnc Cummer 
Manual Training -W. M. Phares 
Domestic Science Jane Crow 
Art Helen L, Cooley 
Physical Director Fred Cooper 

Corpus Christl Academy, prep , co-ed . est 
1901; R. C.; Sister M. Emerentia. Su- 

Fort Dodge-Tobm Business College, est 1892; 
W F McDamel, Pres 

Fort Madison. Le* Co., pop. 18.779. 
Bd Educ. Boy L. Gray, president 
Bd. of Educ. James Low, secretary 
City Superintendent A I Tiss 
Prin High School T W Kerfoot 
Music Dorothy Costelloe 
Rand. Orchestra Carl Nelson 
Art Florence Brown 
Manual Training C. E. McCaslin 
Domestic Science Pauline Jacobs 
Physical Tr'g. (girls) Helen Herrling 
Physical Tr'g. (boys) J. T Smith 

Fort Madison Business College, bus and 
sec'l; Ray G Warren, Pres 

Carver, Haarock Co., pop. 1,028. 
Bd. Educ. C. H. Schissel, president 
Sec Bd Educ F E Blackstovi 
High School J. R Mounce, superintendent 
Music Katherine Robinson 
Band ft Orchestra John Kopecky 
Home Economics Lois Guyett 

Gle*wMd. Mill* Co. pop. 4.05f 
Bd. Educ T. B Lacey. president 
Bd W c Rathfce. s 
Superintendent Robert E. Ballard 

Higrh School C. F. Kilpatrick. prin. 
Junior H S. Mildred Surface, prin. 
Music Kathryn Roskopf 
Manual Training Charles Andrews 
Home Economics Ethel Linden 

Institution for Feeble Minded Children: state, 
co-ed . H B Dye. M. D M Supt. 

Grand Junction, Greene Co., pop. 1,018. 

Bd Educ A. R. Clause, president 

Fred Van Pelt, secretary 
City Superintendent William J. Xineald 
High School Dora Gladson. prin. 
Music W. R. Fuller 
Home Economics Mildred Burns 

Greene. Butler Co. pop. 1,150 
Bd. Educ. H G. McLeod, president 

W. H Green, secretary 
Superintendent Guy V. Newcomer 
Music Ralph V Horning 
Home Economics Alice Hudson 
Manual Training Raymond Schrody 

Greenfield. Adair Co.. pop. 1.379 

Bd Educ E J Lidey, president 
Bd Earl McCrefght. a 
Superintendent George O Westby 
High School Christine Smith, pnn 
Music Marian Raisty 
Band Denzel Nicholson 
Home Economics Myra Belvel 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Dorothy Byers 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Bernard Page 

Grinned. Poweshlek Co., pop. 5.038. 

Bd Educ R. T. Mills, president 

Kathryn Wilson, Recretary 
Superintendent V. D Patterson 
Prin High School T T Cranny. 
Tumor High School Emma Bobzm, prin 
Music Clara Phillips 
Manual Training K Starbuck 
Home Economics Jewell Rutherford 
AthleticsPaul T. Frank 

Grinnell College: coll. and music, co-ed : 
non-sect ; est 1847, John 8 Nollen. Prss 

Grisu'old, Cms Co., pop. 1,204. 

Bd Educ F N Hobson, pi evident 

Roy M. Scott, secretary 
Superintendent -C J Prehm 
High School Winifred Bromelkamp, prin 
Ji High School Howard Llmbaugh, prin 
Music Lenore Crawford 
Band A Orchestra John Dickey 
Home Economics Erma Whannel 
Athletics Daryl Pendergraf t 

Grandy Center, Grundy Co.. pop. 1,354. 

Bd. Educ. T. E. Evans, president 
Dan Ditch, secretary 
Superintendent V. T Hancock 
High School Irene Sterrett. prin 
Junior H S A. O. Davidson, prin. 
Music Noraa Rupprich 
Band George B Turner 
Manual Training Ixjwell Carver 
Domestic Science Evelyn SchulU 





Onthrle Center, Gnthrle Co., pop. 1,857. 

Bd. Educ. Frank Parsons, president 

M. R. Ronck, secretary 
Superintendent Edigon Moyers 
Prin HI*h School Jean Safley. 
MusicEthel Marie Denny 
Band T. R. Compton 
Home Economics Esther Whetstone 
Athletics Hugh S. Knight 

Gnttenberg, Clayton Co., pop. 1,878. 

Bd. Educ. D. Morley, president 

Albert Becker, secretary 
Superintendent B. H. Oraeber 
High School R. W. Brant, prin. 
Music Mildred Franks 
Home Economics Margaret Everett 

Hamburg, Fremont Co., pop. 2,108. 

Bd. Educ- R. Stoner. president 

F. J. Ideas, secretary 
Superintendent A. D. Henslelgh 
High School F I* Johnson, prin. 
Music Betty Ann Evans 
Band S. E. Wilcox 
Home Economics Flcta Hunt 
Manual Tr'g F L. Johnson 
Athletics Arnold Selk 

Hampton, Franklin Co., pop. 8,468. 
Bd Educ. L H. Davis, president 
Bd. of Educ. F. H. Ridgeway, secretary 
City Superintendent A. E. Rankln 
High School Edna Luce, prin 
Music Mildred Rauscher 
Band F. O. Gnffen 
Home Economics Aileen Wiederrecht 

Marian, Shelbv Co.. pop. 8,187. 

Bd. Educ. Mrs. Charles Paulk. president 
Sec Bd Educ B. B. McPbeeters. 
Superintendent W. F. Johnson 
High School R J Finn, prin. 
Music Martha Hitchcock 
Band. Orchestra Melvin Hill 
Manual Training: Don J. Vail 
Home Economics N. Ember Day 

Hartley. O'Brien Co., pop. 1,106. 

Bd Educ E Pfeiffer, president 

William Tielmer, secretary 
Superintendent George A. White 
High SchoolA. R. Block, prin. 
Band John Day 

Domestic Science Mrs Josie Jacobs 
Manual Tr'g. Athletics F. E Hild 

Havrarden, Sioux Co., pop. 2,107. 

Bd. Educ. Helen R. Ball, president 
A* O. Bader, secretary 
Superintendent H. C. Britzmann 
Prin High School- Lois Pierce 
Music Harold Decker 
Home Economics Evelyn Scott 

Hlteman, Monroe Co.. pop. 1.000. 

Bd. Educ. Russell Angell, president 
Bd. Educ I. J. Phillips, secretary 
Superintendent Earl D. Alexander 
High School Mclvina Swanson, prin 

Holsteln. Ida Co., pop. 1,248. 

Bd. Educ. A. C. Hansen, president 

Bd. Educ. T. M Watts, secretary. 

Superintendent ^M R. Soth. 

High School Nellie R Walter, prin. 

Music Bernice Lomen 

Band Conrad E Claussen 

Manual Training A. J. Van Citters 

Home Economics Helen Green 

Hopkinton, Delaware Co.. pop. 797. 

Bd. Educ. -Herman Dunlap, president 

F C Reeve, secretary 
Superintendent David H. Johnston 
High School Mrs Frank W. Wilson, prin. 

Lenox College, junior college, co-ed., 
Presb , eat 1869, E E Laughlin, Dean. 

Hull, Sioux Co., pop. 658. 

Bd. Educ H. B. Bolks, president 
Bd Educ. C L Beach, secretary 
Superintendent Robert Gosselink 
High School Katie Vant Hof. prin 
Music Gencvieve May 

Hnmboldt, Hnmboldt Co., pop. 2,229. 

Bd Educ L D. Snyder. president 
Lorena Newsome, secretary 
Superintendent Edwin E Swanson 
High School Catherine Osia. principal 
Music (h. B ) T Maurice Talmadge 
Music (grades) Wilma Jackson 
Home Economics Ruth C. Derry 
Physical Tr'g. Omar J. Manship 

Hnmenton, Wavne Co.. pop. 1.006 
Bd Educ Herman Richard, president 
Bd Clyde Hutchinson. Sec'y. 
Superintendent Theodore M Cook 
High School M A MacAllister, prin 
Band LeRoy Dick 

Ida Grove, Ida Co., pop. 2.198. 
Bd. Educ A. O. Rasmussen. president 

Carl A Blake, secretary 
Superintendent M. M. Schell 
Music M. T. Sordcn 
Industrial Arts James Einum 
Home Economics Henrietta Johnson 
Physical Tr'g (boys) S G. Vickerstaff 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Lina Herrala 

Independence, Buchanan Co., pop. 8,517 

Bd Educ C. L, Fiester, president 
T M Genunel, secretary 
Superintendent F. E Mueller 
Junior College Q. A Wemple, dean 
Tumor H. S. Marguerite Nicholson, prin 
Music Phyllis Bridge 
Band M. J. Barker 
Manual Training O J. Haney. 
Domestic Science Ruth Cronin 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Merle Killer 
Physical Tr'g (boys) M. R. Fritzel 

Indianola, Warren Co., pop. 8,489. 
Bd. Educ. G. A. Grant, president 

M F Hendeison, secretary 
Superintendent W H Hoyxnan 
High School -J C. Hickman. prin. 





Music Fiancena Sterns 

Band, Orchestra Harry L, Grange 

Ait Maicia Newton 

Manual Training George Dorr 

Domestic Science Anna Mary Noble 

Physical Tr'g (girls) Margaret Mordy 

Athletics D. Russell McCarthy 

Simpson College, liberal arts and music 
( -Guinea, co-ed , M E . est 18(50, Earl 
Enyeart Harper. Free. 

Iowa City. Johneon Co., pop. 15,842. 

Bd. Educ W. E. Spence, president 

Charles 3 Galiher. secretary 
City Superintendent Iver A Opstad 
Senior High School W Beck, prin. 
Tumor Hijfh School Katherme Barry, prin 
Music Phyllis Lehmer 
Manual Training Roy A. Bartholomew 
Domestic Science Doris Hittle 
Drawing -\gnes Otto 
Physical Tr'g (boys) FVancis Morten 
Physical Tr'g (girls)- Estelle Strohbeen 

Biown s Commeice College, co-ed , est 1921, 
J White Brown, Pres 

Irish's Business College, bus and sec'l, est 
1897; Elizabeth Irish, Prop 

St Alaiy's bchoul. prep , co-ed , R C , est 
181*2. Sistet M Leon, bupeiior 

State University of Iowa, comprises College 
of Liberal Arts, of Law. of Medicine, of 
Dentist! y, of Pharmacy, of Engineering, 
of Education, of Commerce. Graduate Col- 
lege; Schools of Journalism, of Letters, of 
Fine Arts, of Nursing. Child Welfare Re- 
*eaich Station, Summer Session, Exten- 
sion Duision, est 1847, 
Eugene Allen Gilmore, President 

State University of Iowa College of Liberal 
Arts, George F Kay, Dean 

State Unlveisity of Iowa. College of Law. 
Wiley Blount Rutledge. Jr . Dean 

State University of Iowa College of Medi- 
cine, co-ed , Ewen M MacEwen. Dean 

State University or Iowa, College of Den- 
tistry, Alvin W Btyan, Dean 

Stflte Unfv^r^if^ of Inwa Oraduate Col- 
lege. George D Stoddard. Dean 

State University of Iowa, College of Phar- 
macy, est 1885, Wilber J Teeters, Dean 

State University of Iowa. College of Com- 
merce rfi*tr A Phillips Dean 

state University of Iowa, College of Eng- 
ineering; Francis M Dawson, Dean 

State University of Iowa. College of Educa- 
tion, teachers' professional courses, est 
1913. Paul C Packer, Dean 

State University of Iowa, School of Nurs- 
ing, Lois Blanche Corder, Director 

State I nlversltv of Iowa School of Fine Arts, 
Rufus H. Fitzgerald. Director 

State University of Iowa School of Jour- 
nalism; Frank I* Mott, Director 

State University of Iowa, School of Letters, 
Norman Foerster, Director 

State University of Iowa. Extension Division; 
Bruce E Hahan. Director 

State University of Iowa, Child Welfare Re- 
search Station; George D. Stoddard, Direc- 

State University of Iowa, Summer Session; 
Paul C. Packer. Director 

Iowa Falls, Hardin Co., pop. 3,954. 
Bd Educ. Mrs. W. E. Welden. president 

Geitiude Leach, secietaiy 
Superintendent C. M Bartrug 
High School O T Cowan, prin 
Junior H. 8. R. D Pryor, prin. 
Music Mrs. Myrtle Eggspuehler 
Band J E. Cook 
Manual Training V. R. Johnson 
Domestic Science Francine Frakes 
Ellsworth Junior College, 

Sheridan R Jones, Dean 

Luanna Hall, librarian 

Jefferson, Greene Co., pop. 3,427. 

Btl Educ W E S Hutcheson, president 

C. F. Lyon, secretary 
Supeuntendent A J Diapei 
High School Ronald Anderson, pi in 
Music Louise Hall 
Band Kermit Hosch 
Manual Training Ney Mahaflfa 
Domestic Science Mildred Hart 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Leila Andeison 
Athletics Mark McLarnan 

Jewell, Hamilton Co., pop 041. 

Bd. Educ Magnus Johnson, president 

Otto Fenton, secretary 
Superintendent Ben DeLong 
High School Marcella Radell, prin 
Music Miss Goli 

Keokuk, Lee Co., pop. 15.S89. 

Bd Educ Karl Kiedaisch, president 
Frederic C Smith, secretary 
City Superintendent R L Reid 
Senior High Sch George E Davis, prin 
Junior High Sch E. S. Patterson, prin 
Music Alice Beach 
Band Leo H. Graether 
Art Mamie Slack 

Home Economics Elizabeth Maxwell 
s< hool Nurse Margaret Henke 
Phy. Tr'g (boys) James W. Schultz 
Phy Tr'g (giils) Bernice Ballance 

Keokuk Business College, bus and sten . 

Mrs Coia Fretwell, Prin . Ayres Bldg 
St Vincent's Academy; prep.; co-d.; R, C.; 

Sister Margaret. Principal. 

Keosauqua, Van Bnren Co., pop. l,00t. 
Bd. Educ. M. F. Roush. president 

Ora Williams, secretary 
Superintendent V. Bruce Beall 
High School Arden Koonta, prin. 
Music Wilfred Burton 
Domestic Science Bertha Saunderson 

Kota. Keokuk Co., pop. 1.020. 
Bd. Educ N. O. McNurlen, president 

B. B Brown, secretary 
Superintendent H. A Hofer 
High School Cornelia Bulkier, prin 
Music Eldora Alhman 
Band I. A. Mirick 

Ktna;s1v, Plymouth Co.. pop. 77 
Bd. Educ. Walter Karlson, president 
R. Payne, secretary 
Superintendent L N. Gill 
f'Hnrlpal High Rchool Isabelle Trlpp 
Music H. H. Lease 





Kaoxville, Marion Co., pop. 4,692. 
Bd Educ J H. Johnson, president 
Bd H H Browne, 
Superintendent M. A. Trabert 
High School G. C. Michener, prln. 
Music (vocal) Elaine Meikle 
Band -George W Unkrich 
Manual Training Jens Sorenson 
Home Economics Alice Avery 
Athletics Leslie Bollman 

Lake City, Calhoun Co.. pop. 2.048 
Bd. Educ. W. W. McCreary. president 

Li W Sierent. secretary 
Superintendent E L Miller 

Wilbur Tount. asst supt 
Junior H S Pauline Croops, prin 
Music Ruth Faacoe 
Band Ovid B Lewis 
Domestic Science Wilma Kmney 

Lake Mills, Wlnnebas;o Co, pop. 1,214 
Bd. Educ Ed Kingland. president 

T J Moe. secretary 
Superintendent O A Rusley 
High School Elva Fordyce, prin 
Music Marcus Boe 

Lam on I, Decatur Co , pop. 1,541. 

Bd Educ J W Barr, president 
H H Gold, secretary 
Supeuntendent E 6 Kelley 
High School Junore Troe. prin 
Music Mrs Helen Walters 
Band & Orchestra Joseph Anthony 
Manual Training E J Hauswirth 
Home Economics Marjorie Acheson 

Graceland College; junior coll.. liberal arts, 
naeh tr , pre-liw, prc-eng , pre-med., 
ser rt'tariul. and mnM< , co-ed , L D. S., 
est 1895, George N Briggs, Pres 

I *ftlnr. Allamakee Co . pop 1 R42 

Bd Educ George Aschom. president 

N oi man Martinson, Decretal y 
Siipeilntendent T M Rickansrud 
Music Murtis Weike 
Home Economics Alyce Lynum 

La port* City, Blarkhawk Co . pop. 1,2 IS 

Bd Educ C A Fultz, president 

Jesse O Kober. secietaiv 
Superintendent M H Taylor 
High School John E. Lynch, prin 
Music Lillian Garrabrandt 
Home Economics Pauline Fairlv 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Verona Fuller 

LHiigh. Uetarcr Co. pop. 1,090 
Bd. EducW. H. Xeough. president 

C H Buck, secretary 
Supenntendent L. B. Carter 
High School- Varrian Schemmel, prin 
Music Gertrude Backer 
Couch Charles F. Dayton 

!< Mars, Plymouth Co., pop. 4.157. 

Bd Educ R S Bowers, president 

George W. Sturgcs, secretary 
Superintendent Harvev N Kluckhohn 
High School H. W. Ackermann, prin 

Junior H S. Herbert Adams, prin 
Band. Orchestra Hugh F. Gibbons 
Nianual Traimnp L A Deedrick 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Alpha Knight 

Western Union College, liberal arts, normal 
training, music, industrial arts, commercial, 
co-ed ; non-sect ; est 1900, D O Kime, 

Lenox, Taylor Co., pop. 1,274. 

Bd Educ Charles Eckler. president 

O L. Goodale. secretary 
Superintendent K U Parker 
High School Anna Tuiner, prln 
Music Dorothy Lust 
Home Economics Hazel Bussey 
Manual Tiaining Fred Cronkite 

Leon, Deratur Co., pop. 1,991. 

Bd Educ Grovcr Hamilton, president 

Dio McGlnms, secretary 
Superintendent E W Blair 
High School L C Hoffman, prin 
Music William Gowdy 
Domestic Science Virginia Griffln 

Logan. Ifarrliion Co., pop. 1,403. 

Bd Educ Roy E Havens, president 
Bd Educ Walter I. Wolfe, secretary 
Superintendent Don A Foster 
High School Margaret Leeney, prln 
Music Maude E Stober 
Band Sam H Kosowsky 
Industrial Arts C E. Matthews 
Home Economics Marie Willard 
Athletics Uel Franklin Evans 

Lohrville, Calhoun Co., pop. 1.500. 

Bd Educ Hugh Baird, president 

R M McKinley. secretary 
Tltv Superintendent R C Lorenz 
Hiffh School J W Mickllck, prin 
Music. Band M. B Reckoff 
Pometic Science Gertrude I^yons 
Athletics J W Micklick 

I n* fllin Monroe Co nop. 1.200 
Bd Educ F. N Abbey, president 

L, FJ Johnson, secretary 
Superintendent Bay F. Reed 
Hiprh School Harold Warnngrton, prin 
Domestic Science Margaret Warner 

Madrid. Boon* Co.. pop. 1.191. 
Bd. Educ.- Earl Brown, president 

Walter Anderson, secretary 
Supetintendent Glenn M. Grout 
High School E P Schindler, prin. 
Junior H S. Leland J. Dolan, prin. 
Music Marion Marr 
Band, Orchestra George Stevens 
Man Tr'g & Athletics W R Ingersoll 

Mfllvern. Mill* Co, non. 1,154. 
Bd Educ P. E. Mulholland, president 

H W Salyeis, secretary 
Superintendent F M. Davison 
High School Katherme Walker, prin 
Music Lydla Thledeman 
Home Economics Hildegarde Baumgartner 





Delaware Cto., pop. 8,410. 

Bd. Bduc B. Lawman, president 

F. B. Wilson* secretary 
City Superintendent C. W. Banff! 
High School Donald F. Howard, prin. 
Junior H S. Rosadel Haught. prin. 
HuBic Esther Sanderson 
Band, Orchestra, O. G. Odegaard 
Domestic Science Velma Hill 
Manual Training Paul Beckman 
t. Xavler's Academy, prep . co-ed.. R C.. 
est 1891, Sister Mary Isidore. Spuerior 

sfaallla. Crawford Co.. pop. 76. 

Bd. Educ. E M. Mark, president 

W. C. White, secretary 
Superintendent R. O Borreson 
Music Otto Boellstorlf 
Home Economics Grace Raffety 
Athletics C. . Thomas 

Manly. Worth Co.. pop. 1.476 

Bd Educ Ben F. Lake, president 

H. R. Upchurch, secretary 
Superintendent W. H. Tate 
High School Edward L. Paine, prin 
Junior H. S. John M. Barber, prin. 
Music Crescence Sobohk 
Band. Orchestra Lawrence Hahn 

JT. Carroll Co.. pop. 1,454. 

Bd Educ Henry Hoffman, president 

P H Jonea. secretary 
Superintendent Amos C Lee 
HUrh School L E Qualley, prin 
Music Oriet Fardall 
Physical Education Jerome Aga 

MusoB. Calhoon Co.. pop. 1.28f). 

Bd Educ O E Johnson, president 

Alice E. Walton, secretary 
Superintendent H C DeKock 
High School Wesley A Erbe, prin 
Music Florence Young 
Band Arthur Bowlsby 
Art Ruby Summer 
Domestic Science Mabel Weimer 
Manual Training J. W Holcomb 

Mapletea, Ms**s> Co.. pop. Lite. 

Bd Educ T H Schoemahn, president 

P. C. Cockrill. secretary 
Superintendent K C Vanorden 
Hig-h School Leo A. Martin, pnn. 
Music Max Werner 
Home Economics Jean McGrew 

Taqnoketa, Jackson Co.. pop. S.57t. 
Bd. Educ. A. L Scholl, president 

Hillis K Lee. secretary 
Superintendent W. C. Harding 
High School E. A. Gump. prin. 
Music M. Roberta Stone 
Band D. H. Holcomb 
Manual Training Byron Philips. 
Athletic Coach J. A. Johnson 

Mamis. Cherokeo Co., pop. Sf6. 

Bd Educ J R Pattison, president 

George W. Johnson, secretary 

Superintendent Harold Wood 

High School John B. Pease, prin. 

Marengo, Iowa Co.. pop. 2.112. 

Bd Educ W L Agee. president 

M T Beem, secretary 
City Superintendent J. H Shlpten 
High School Hattie Crenshaw. pria. 
Music Mayme Lyons 
Band Richard Bryant 
Home Economics Eva Darting 
Commercial Helen Merrltt 

Marls*. UBB Co.. pop. 4.4ff. 

Bd. Educ. Mrs. E. A. Granger, president 

B J. Miller, secretary 
Superintendent C. B. Vernon 
High School Delbert J. Pugh. prin 
Tumor H S Mrs Laura Burns, prin 
Manual Training Edmond V. Clarke 
Music Hose Wilcox 
Band G L. Lyman 
Home Economics Dorothy Kuhn 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Margaret DeWeese 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Eldon Coffman 

MnrahRlltown. Marshall Co.. pop. 17.37S. 

Bd. Educ -E. E. Bachman, president 

C C. Trine, secretary 
City Superintendent William F Shirley 
High School B R Miller, prin. 
Junior H S T. R. Ehrhorn. prin. 
Music Alice Blanshan 
Orchestra & Band Keith Rlchter 
Art Edith Hammack 
Manual Arts Warren Dickinson 
J>nm<9tic Science Vera Whinery 
Physical Educ. (girls) Dolores Charlton 
Athletics Russell Dickinson 

Central Iowa Business College, bus aa4 
sten.; est. 1890; Harold Hunt. Principal. 
St. Mary's Institute, bus and sten.. Mother 
M Frances, Pres 

Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co.. pop. 28.804. 

B. Educ W G C Bagley, president 
Bd. of Educ. R. L. James, secretary 
Superintendent Robert B Irons 
Junior College S L Rutland, dean 
Senior High School James Rae, pnn 
Lincoln Jr. H. S Arthur Erager, prin. 
Music (h s ) Carleton Stewart 
Music Mildred Jackson, supervisor 
Band W. A. Storer 
Art Mrs Ethel Roberts, supervisor 
Art (h. s ) Mrs. Harriett B. Crabb 
Manual Training F B Hathaway 
Domestic Science Florence O'Leary. 
Physical Dir. (boys) Volney Hanson 
Physical Dlr. (girls) Odella McGowan 
Athletic Dir Clayton Sutherland 

Hamilton School of Commerce; commerce 
courses of senior grade, est 1900; W. R 
Hamilton, Pres. 

McGregor, Clavtoa Co., pop. 1,2M. 

Bd. Educ. W. B. Pilkington. president 

F. C. Sloane, secretary 
Superintendent R D. Noble 
High School James Broderick, prin. 
Athletic Coach M H. Moore 





OT*lchr, Marion Co., nop. 1,673. 
Bd. Educ Mrs G B. Logan, president 
Bd. Educ. Ben Haselhuhn, secretary 
City Superintendent C. E. Shepherd 
High School Floyd Patterson 
Home Economics Katherine Master 

Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., pop. 4,224. 
Bd Educ M. E. Montgomery, president 
Bd. Educ. C. C. Kellogg, secretary 
Superintendent Russel J. Mourer 
Music, Art Thelma Hardy 
Band Raymond W. Jones 
Manual Training Thomas Ryan 
Home Economics Ethel Pierce 
Commercial Helen High 

Mltrhel1vlll>, Polk Co., pop. 869. 

Bd Educ Mrs. Mary Marmon, president 
Bd. Educ A Carson, secretary 
Superintendent John S Fmlay 
High School Jack W Pence, prin 

Training School for Girls; state institution for 
juvenile delinquents. Anna Lyman, Supt. 

Monona, Clayton Co., pop. 1,040. 

Bd Educ W. Baskerville, president 
Bd Educ E H. Wirkler, secretary 
Superintendent J Frank Church 
High School J. P Lambert, pnn. 
Music Merle Sliter 

Montexuma, Poweshlek Co., pop. 1,178 

Bd Educ Clyde McFarlm, president 

Edgar McNeil, secretary 
Superintendent R. A Vanderwal 
High School R J Badger, prin 
Music Warren L Pollard 
Manual Training Marvin B Lind 
Home Economics Frances Baugher 

Montlcello, Jones Co., pop. 2,043. 

Bd Educ F E. Stimson, president 
Charles Podhaski, secretary 
Superintendent A B Grimes 
High School Boyd Shannon, prin 
Music (vocal) Dale McConnell 
Band. Orchestra Lyle McMullen 
Domestic Science Clara Palmer 

Mnnltnn. Appannos* Co.. pop 1.238 

Bd. Educ J. R. Barkley, president 
Bd Educ S R Mace, secretary 
Superintendent P E Pyle 
Hisrh School Harold Neifert, prin 
Domestic Science Lena Good 

Mount Avr, Rlngffnld Co.. pop. 1.646. 

Bd E9uc C C. Lawhead, president 

G L Hayes, secretary 
Superintendent W H McFarland 
High School E G Brockman, prin 
Music Pauline Darnell 
Band. Orchestra E G Brockman 
Home EconomicsRuth Henderson 

Mount Pleasant. Htnrv Co.. pop. 8,874. 
Bd Educ Paul E. McCoid. president 
Bd. of Educ. Mrs. Elanora Morris, sec. 
Pity Superintendent C W Cruikshank 
High School C A Cotrell, prin 
Music Guy E. McLean 
Band Edward Smith 

Manual ArtsGlen R Hoffman 
Home Economics Lucille Tumey 
Kindergarten Bessie Miller 

Iowa Wesleyan College; college of liberal 
arts, music dept ; co-ed ; M. E ; est. 1842, 
Harry DeWitte Henry, president. 

Mount Vernon, Linn Co.. pop. 1,588. 

Bd. Educ Mrs R. P. Ink, president 

Bert A very, secretary 
Superintendent Charles E Lowers 
High School Clyde Lindsley, prin 
Music Charles Bezdeny 
Home Economics Sue Kepler 
Manual Tr'g. Athletics Harold Fisher 

Cornell College, coll liberal arts; conserv- 
atory of music, art, dramatics , co-ed , M E , 
est 1853, Herbert J Burgstahler, Pres 

Muscatine, Muscatine Co., pop. 16,778. 

Bd Eduo R E Dunker, president 

Paul Geibel. secretary 
Superintendent N D. McCombs 

mior College Willetta Strahan. dean 
igh School F 6 Messinger, prin 
Dean of Girls Eula Downer 
Music Clifford V. Thomas 
Manual Tiaining Clark Brown 
Art Edith Stocker 
Home Economics Mildred Stirlen 
Printing Carl J Beinert 
Athletics Harold Weber 

St Mary's Academy, girls, prep , R C , 
Sister Hyacinth, Superior 

Mvstio. Appanoose Co.. pop. 2.968. 

Bd Educ William Wakeland, president 

D W. Plessner, secretary 
Superintendent Max R Berry 
High School Herman M. Wareberg, prin 
Mubic Jessie Richardson 
Home Economics Hannah Jenkins 

Nashua. ChirkaMw Co.. pop. 1.16*. 

Bd Educ E S Taylor, president 

A W Lehmkuhl, secretary 
Superintendent J. G Lovejoy 
PMn Hlp'h *'hoo Pasbie McCulloch 
Music Dorothy Skeela 
Home Economics Margaret Calderwood 

Ntola. Pottawattamfe Co.. pop. 9t6, 

Bd Educ G A Moffatt. president 

Genevieve Green, secretary 
Superintendent Dennis T Jones 
High School B U. Bolton. prin 
Music Geraldine Smith 
Home Economics Velma Newell 

Nevada, Storv Co., pop. 8,188. 

Bd Educ Harry Langland, president 

C. F Wilson, secretary 
rv Superintendent T B Warren 
High School Herbert Engelbrecht, prin. 
Junior H S Carrie Edwards, prin. 
Music Dorothy Dawson 
Band, Orchestra R. N. Cook 
Manual Tr'g, Athletics Harold Hopkins 





Oak Park Academy, prep , co-ed . est 
mil. Seventh Dav Adv. boarding 
dept . M 3 Culver, Prin 

fcow Hampton, Chlckasaw Co.. pop 2,275. 

Bd Educ F B Strike, president 

Bd Alfred Kelson. See'y. 

"<iprintendent P. J Moor* 

High School A. E. Hewlett, prm. 

Music Helen McMillan 

Manual Training Leonard Shilling:! aw 

Home Economics Dorothy Brown 

w f,ndon Henrr C . pop. 1.144 
Bd Educ F M McCleary, president 
Bd Educ. B. N bmith serietary 
Superintendent Harold M. Morrow 
High Sohool Ro^ W Wise, pi in 
Music Roscoe V Heringrlake 

New Sharon, Mahanka Co, pop. 1.122. 

Bd Educ L C Stilwell. president 

Mrs Cecil Harper, secretary 
SuperintendentE E Jackson 
High School Vera Whitacre. prin 
Music Dorothy Grant 
Home Economics Maude Rupp 
Manual Tr'er, Athletics Truman Man ship 

New Ion, Jasper Co., pop 11.560 

Bd Educ Mrs E C Smith, president 

Lela Bishop, seiretaiy 
City Superintendent B C Berg 
High School Harold Lynn, principal 
Music Delimla Roggensack 
Band, Orchestra Van Dyke Clingman 
Art Mrs Mildred Cunningham 
Industiiul Aits A P Twoprood 
Home Economics Ne\a Peterson 
Physical Dir (boys) Ray Gaylor 
PhjMral Dn (puls) Esther baup 

Nora Springs. Floyd Co., pop. 1,060. 

Bd Educ Seth Cheney, president 

John Adams, secieiaiv 
Supenntendent Henn E Footer 
Hi#h School Fred Larson, prin 
Music Charlotte Se verso n 
Band Bail Gaiy 
Manual Training- Fred I^mnn 
Home Efonomics Helen Puiintun 

Northwood, Worth Co., pop. 1.264. 

Bd Edno C G Toye. president 

b U \olcl. secietarv 
Superintendent Ernest X Piehm 
Prin High School Esther A Webb 
MUSK- Evelyn Johnson 
Domestic Science Gwendolyn Selleck 

VM-WII*. Beit'rm f pop ffXS 
Bd Educ J. C Glenn, president 
Bu Jduc Henry Thomas, ueiretary 
Superintendent C T Johnsten 
High School Geraldine Long, prJn 

Oakland. Fottawattamie Co., pop l.lto. 

Bd Educ Henry Ewaldt, president 

Delmar Buase, secretary 
Superintendent C. R. Mclntire 

High School Raloh G Carl, prm 

Music Dorothy Dickson 

Band Milton Wehrle 

Home Economics ^Martha Ruth Grant 

Ocheyedan. Onreola Co.. pop. 50A 

Bd Educ Mrs Belle Randall, president 
s*c B4 Educ Charles Morton 

School Merwin "L Zwald, supt 

Od^tMilt Sac Co. pnp |, 288. 
Bd Educ I. G Turner, president 
Dons Hanson, secretary 
Superintendent- -A W Coon 
Higrh School F. B. Bogaid. prin 
Music & Art Vernlce Green 
Band Dan Jensen 
Homemaking- Kathryn Zelle 

Oclvtein. Fayrtte Co. pop. 7,794. 

Bd Educ T E Stevens, president 

i* A KiUd, secielut> 
Superintendent G B Ferrell 
High School C. L Nelson, prin 
Junior II S Ray A Bell, prm 
Mu-ie Inez Johnson 
Art, Penmanship Sadie Monson 
Domestic Science Millie Lerdall 
Manual Tr g Bert Vander Btink 

Bender's Secretarial School, co-ed . 

Ursula Bender, Prin 
Sacred Heart School, high school, co-ed . 

Catholic, est 1006. Sister Mary Regia. 


Offden. Boon? Co.. pop 1.2V8 

Bd Educ Hairv Plath. president 

Mtlvin Anderson, secretaiy 
Supetinteudent G A Neifert 
Hiffh School R Knudsen, pi in 
Music Mary Kathleen Ferguson 
Hand Oichestia R Bamhart 
Home Kconomics Marjone A Ochs 

Onaw*. Monona Co., pop. 2,026 

Bd Educ Ed Rawlings president 
^c net Kiiuc - -U < bank*- 
Suix i intcndent J P Weisensee 
HlRh School Ha7ei V\ iese, prin 
Music Irene Johnson 
Band M D Hudleson 
Domestic Science Arlene Orr 
Manual Training- W F Glitches 

Orange City. Sioux Co , pop. 1,374 

Bd !tluc George Dunlop. president 
Bd W W Schultz. Sec'y 
Supeiintendent John W Biouwer 

High School Gaylen Gardner, prin 

Muic Arnold Running 

Northwestern Junior College and Academy, 
co-ed . Reformed, est. 18S2; Jacob Heem- 
Btra. Pres 

ORS;P Mitchell Co.. p'*n. 2.062 
Bd Educ H E LaRue. president 

Mrs Elizabeth S tough ton, secretaiy 
r-ftx PiinfTintpnffpnr <;*a H Snwyer. 
High School W D Addison, prin. 




Music Ruth Graper 
Band, Orchestra LeRoy Lidslrom 
Manual Training Herman Halvorson. 
Domestic Science Mildred Moore 

8t Marys Academy, prep , co-ed , est 
1902, Reverend Hays, Prin 

Osceola, Clarke Co.. pop. 2,868. 

Bd. Educ. H. E Stroy, president 

. G. Banta, secretary 
Superintendent Lee E Easter 
High School Frank White, prln. 
Junior College Lillian V. Hjort, dean 
Music Margaret Hanson 
Band & Orchestra Cloyd Meyers 
Manual Training W G. Bagg 
Home Economics Vera Dunaway 

Physical Tr'sr (boys) Charles Gregory 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Mar jorie Waller 

Oftkaloota, Mahatka Co.. pop. 10423. 
Bd Educ Gilbert F. Livermore. president 

Elizabeth Hawkins, secietary 
City Superintendent R. B. Newman 
High School R. O. Hartman, principal 
MusicHelen McMains 
Band Ivan Kennedy 
Art Veia Me Bride 
Sewing Irene Buchanan 
Manual Training Ion G Hanke 
Phy Dir (boys) Harold F Rose 
Phy Dir. (girls) Opal F German 

William Penn College , liberal arts , commercial 
and music depts , co-ed , Friends, est 
1803, F W. Perisho, acting Pres 

Oseian, Winneehiek Co., pop. 850. 

Bd Educ E. H Brown, president 
George Lansing, secretary 
Superintendent L J Radtke 
High School . L. Johnson, pnn 
Music Helen Maxwell 
Home Economics Edith Sykes 

Ottumwa, WapeUo Co., pop. 28.075. 

Bd Rduc C D Evans, president 

Walter K McLain. secretary 
Superintendent Frank W Douma 
High School J F Van Antwerp, prin 
Junior H S O W. Fauber, prin. 
Manual Training T H Colcman 
Music Selma Q Aa 
Band & Orchestra Cleveland Davton 
Art Belle Mmeus 
Homo Economic Met a kioegrer 
Athletics Don Newell 

Iowa Success School, bus. and sten ; W. W 
Toole, Principal. 

Ottumwa Heights Junior College and Acad- 
emy, girls, boarding dept ; Catholic. 
Sister Superior 

Oxford Johitftnn Co pop. 614. 
Bd. Educ C O. Parks, president 
C C BirHme. ecretarv 
Superintendent V M Harsha 
High School Haxel P Jones, prin 

Panora, Guthrie Co., pop. 1,080. 

Bd Educ S T. Brown president 

Ed Flynn, Jr , secretary 
Superintendent L A. Logan 
Music Marie McMahon 
Band & Orchestra J. R Compton 
Home Economics Grace Dellahooke 

P*rk*rburg, Butler Co.. pop. 1,108. 

Bd. Educ H. N. Bruechert. president 

Mrs W S Mead, secretary 
Superintendent C M Ransom 
High School Floyd Hurd, prin 
Music (vocal) Marjorie Thomas 
Music (inst ) M J Gritting" 

PaulUna, O'Brien Co., pop. 1.008. 
Bd. Educ. R. C Brown, president 

Mrs J B Bullock, secretary 
Supeiintendent B H Toay 
High School W. W. Whitney, prin 
MusicCharles C Chase 
Baud, Orchestra S E Franklin 
Home Economics Svbil Tincknell 
Athletics W W. Whitney 

Folia, Marion Co.. nop. 8.726. 
Bd Educ Paul Lautenbach, president 

P Van Sittert. secretary 
City Superintendent F M. Frush 
High School Clarence Wilkins, prin 
Music Anna Tyaseling 
Band, Orchestra Earl Van Rees 
Home Economics Ethel Olson 

Central College , liberal arts, and music depts , 
co-ed , Reformed, est 1853; Irwm J Lub 
bers, Pres 

IVrr>, Dallas Co.. pop. 5,929. 

Bd Educ Harry Witvat. president 

Leonard French, secretary 
Superintendent J S Vanderlmden 
High School C. H. Beem, prin. 
Music (vocal) Doris Bocock 
Music (mstr ) P. V. Nissen 
Manual Training F A Sanders 
Home Economics Mary Louise Peebles 
Ait Virginia Cunningham 
Physical Ti f g (boys) G B Critchett 
l Tr'g (gills) Beryl Austin 

Plcasantville, Marion Co., pop. 1.0M 

Bd Educ Court Horsman. president 
F. T Metcalf, secretary 
Superintendent Loren Bane 
High School Mary Wright, prin. 
MUMC Annette Ekeberg 
Band Leo Spalti 

Home Economics Elberta Wroughton 
Manual Training Millard Berry 
Athletics M. R Horton 

Porahontas, Pocahontan Co., pop. 1.302. 
Bd. Educ C. C. Kepler, president 

Fred Hudson, secretary 
Simpfintendent J Rnllin Grant 
High School M. S Olson, prin. 
Music Lorene Moirel 
Home Economics Marion Raymond 
Athletic Coach Carl Hanagan 





Pomeroy, Calhonn Co., pop. 815. 

Bd. Educ J. D Parker, president 
F E Hoyer, secretary 
City Superintendent Leigh H. Ladd 
High School June Wilkinson, prm 
Music Pauline Johnson 
Home Economics Loney Kroeger 

Poatvllle, Allamakee Co.. pop. 1,039. 

Bd Educ William Klingbeil. president 

Keith Gray, secretary 
Superintendent R J. Carroll 
Music Ruth Hanson 
Band. Orchestra C. D. Lowell 
Home Economics Gladys Lynum 

Red Oak, Montgomery C.. pop. 5.778. 
Bd Educ. William Beiley, president 
Marion Halbert, secretary 
ruy superintendent J K Tnman 
High School H O LeGrande. prm 
Music Wilma Shaw 
Band G. T Bennett 
Orchestra Harold A very 
Domestic Science Mabel Powell 
Powell School for Nervous and Backward Chil- 
dren, est 1003. V. E. Powell. MD. Prin 

Relnherk, Grundy Co.. pop. 1,205. 

Bd Educ Lindsay Keith, president 

E. F. Eoht, secretary 
City Superintendent W S Miller 
Principal High School Vesta L Perkins 
Music Lillian Marsh 
Band, Orchestra Norman Meyer 
Home EconomicsDorothy Bone 

Rrmsen. Plymouth Co., pop. 1,076. 

Bd Educ A H Jastram. president 

O H Huewe, secretaiy 
fitv Superintendent Jmes W Burns 
High School Paul H. Grier. pnn. 
Home Economics Rosalia Mansheim 

Rlierslde, Washington Co, pop 698. 

Bd Educ C S Cummings, piesldent 

C J Kaiel. secretary 
Superintendent H. T Holt 
High School Margaret Griffin, prin 
Band O C Bergman 

Rock Rapids. Lyon Co., pop. 2.005. 

Pre* *<d Frtuc Pirnon Fisher 

F B. Parker, secretary 
Superintendent A. O. Voogd 
High School L L Ktuwell. prin 
Music Stephen A. Fowler 
Manual Training Lniiin Kohl 
Home Economics Hulda Jacobsen 
Physical Dir. (boys) Frank L Kinch 

Rock Valley, Sioux Co., pop. 1.198. 

Bd Educ John Haupt. president 

A R Halstead. secretan 
Superintendent R J McNelly 
High School Mary Norris, prin 
Music N. H. Franz 
Home Economics Berdie Lewis 
Manual Ti'g, Athletics -John Catron 

Rnckford. Fiord Co.. pop. 1.081. 
Bd. Educ Mrs. Persia Mernck, president 
R H Martens, secretary 

Superintendent Lloyd H. Smith 
Prin. High School Hazel Plumley 
Music -Louisa Tweet 
Band, Orchestra Lyal Smith 
Home Economics Louise S1eh 
Manual Training Zora Joe Buckley 

Rockwell. Cerro Oordo Co.. pop. 880. 

Bd Educ Theo. Eddy, president 

E E. Roland, secretary 
Superintendent Tilford H Stall 
High School Jesse B. Piersol, prin 
Music Amanda Horvei 

Citv. Calhoun Co.. pop. t.0*9. 
Bd. Educ Fred Thompson, president 

R. E Cooley, secretary 
Supeiintendent T G Burns 
High School Everet Wendt, prin 
Music Thora Bowman 
Home Economics Nelda Truesdell 
Athletics Gale Fisher 

Rnlfe, Pocahontas Co., pop. 1,031. 

Bd Educ L R. Davidson, president 
Bd of Educ. John H Brlnkman, secretary 
Supeiintendent M D Anderson 
High School Edna Mar cum, principal 
Music- Louise Smith 
Home Economics Irene Me Nee 

Sf Anesrar, Mitchell Co.. pop. 747. 

Bd Educ George Gutmann, president 
Oscar L Mueller, secretary 
Snmrintpndent H F Hisse 
High School -Oladlce Sears, prin. 
Junior H S Julius Teach, prin. 
Music Glenn Smith 
Home Economics Margaret Bowen 
Athletics F B Shoemaker 

Nac Citj, Sac Co, pop. 2,854. 

Bd. Educ Mi s. Grace Griffith, president 

Frank Kessler, secretary 
Supeiintendent Leonard A Steger 
Hisrh School Ray Kilhon, prm 
Junior H. S Fred Ehrhardt. prin 
Music Mrs Hetty L Franks 
Band, Orchestra Roy L Holtz 
Home Economics Helen Gray 
Physical Dir. (boys) Martin Brandes 
Physical Dir (gills) Mattha Ptior 

Suborn, O'Brien Co., pop. 1,174. 

Bd Educ Guy Melvin, president 

A J Jerpbak, secretary 
Supeiintendent Edna B Pitman 
High School Ernest Swanson, prin 
Music Edna Mae Anderson 
Band Adolph Moeller 
Home Economics Reva McNabb 
Manual Training Clarence Fow ler 

Sermonr, VI am* Co. pop. 2,290. 

Bd Educ E E. Butler, president 

S M Kirk land, secretary 
Superintendent P H Jarman 
High School H. E Donald, prin. 
Junior H S. Edward 8. Nielsen, prin 
Music Josephine Conboy 
Band Harold Bwing 
Home Economics Helen B. Sweet 





Sheffield, Franklin Co.. pop. 1,106. 
Bd. Educ. H. H. Atkinson, president 

V. W. Watt, secretary 
Sn pei in ten dent H D Hoffman 
High School- W. F. Clifton, prin 
Music Martha Gilbert 
Band, Orchestra M E Hunt 
Home Economics Nina AUeman 

Sheldon, O'Brien Co.. pop. 8,288 
Bd. Educ H. B. Cochran, president 

W. P. Iverson, secretary 
Superintendent W. C. Jackman 
Principal High School Margaret Burns 
Music Helen Buck 
Band, Orchestra M. D. Smith 
Home Economics Marie GH ester 

Shenfundoah, Page Co., pop. 6.519. 
Bd. Educ R. H. Sawyer, president 

J P. McCloy. secretary 
Supeiintendent W Dean McKee 
High School Bernard V. Gueinsey, prin 
Music Harold Greenlee 
Band. Orchestra H. A. Bergran 
Manual Training Everett V. Hall 
Home Economics Marie Van Cleve 
Physical Dir (boys) Fred M. Bitzman 

Slbley. Osreola Co.. pop. 1,320. 

Bd Educ F P Wmkler, president 

Woodrow Hudson, secretary 
Supeiintendent J L Gettya 
Principal Cornelia Mattert 
Music Paul Shurts 
Home Economics Jeanette Trei 

Sidnev Fremont Co . pop. 1,019. 
Bd Educ T. D. Johnson, president 

Milton Bates, secretary 
Superintendent E. C. Kincaid 
High School Hens Anderson, pun 
Music Mary 6 LaDage 
Band Warrcnd Darrah 

Siffourney, Keokuk Co., pop. 2.032 

Bd Educ Luke Vittetoe, president 

C. A. Beistle, secretary 
Superintendent E B Lvnch 
Junior H S Rufus H Hoffman, prin 
Music Marguerite Green 
Home Economics Marjorie Quire 
Physical Dir. (boys) William H. Frazey 
Physical Dir (girls) Marguerite Green 

Sinn* Ontrr. Slouv Co . pop. 1,497. 
Bd. Educ. Peter G. Mouw, president 

(enit Do Mots, secietaiy 
Superintendent S A Sandven 
High School Pearl Eye. prin. 
Junior High Soh Ed waul Vamlei Pioeg 


Murie Lyle Gilbert 
Manual TrV & Athletics C L Peteison 

School of Christian Primary Instiuction 
co-ed, est. 1906; Prin Kuening 

Sioux City, Woodbury Co., pop. 79,862 
Bd Educ. Harry H. Epperson, president 

H. C Roberts, secretary 
Superintendent L W. Feik 
Primary Supervisor Fannie A Foster 
Intermediate Supv. Amelia Rhynsburger 
Vocational Education L H. Wood 
Music M. T. Iverson 
Art Mary Louise Boetje 
Home Economics Lillian Orr 
Physical Training Jane Harris 
Central High School A G Heitman. prin 
East High School H A Arnold, prin 
North Junior H S M H White, prin 
East Junior H. S D A. Hayworth, prin. 
West Junior H S H J. Itudgate. prin. 
Woodrow Wilson Jr H. S E. E. Briggs 

Briar Cliff Junior College; girls; R C . 
est 1930; Sister Mary Servatius, Pres 

Morningslde College, coll, prep and music 
departments; Methodist Bpis , est 1894, 
Earl A. Roadman, President 

National Business Training School, bus 
est 1902; G Albert Anderson, Prin. 

Trinity College; high school, arts, pro -med- 
ical, prc-legal; men; R C ; est 1914; John 
A Elbert, Piesident 

Sioux KapidB. Ruena Vista Co, pop. 1.080 

Bd Educ B C Stanzel, president 

L R Altizer, secretary 
Superintendent C S Griewe 
High School Grant Silver, prin 
MUMO Martha Ellen Glenny 
Manual Tr'g, Athletics Harold Blair 

S|encer. Clay Co., pop. 4,044. 
Bd Educ R M Tuttle. president 

Lula Flint, secietary 
Superintendent Harold T Williams 
High School Lowell Test, prin 
Music (vocal) Blanche Williams 
Band, Orchestra Harold Reckseen 
Manual Tr'gr Austin Shearer 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Irvin L Nelson 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Eleanor Johnson 

Spirit Lake, Dickinson Co., pop. 1.162. 

Bd Educ R A. Furman. president 

C C. Gravatt, secretary 
Superintendent H E llsley 
Hicrh School H A Mahannah, prin 
Junior High School Nellie Lee. prin 
Music Maxine Gmelin 
Home Economics Dorothy Christiansen 
Physical Education John Webb 

Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co., pop. 3.658. 
Bd. Educ H. E Farnsworth, president 

Wilbur H Kaufman, secretary 
Superintendent A. E Ruby 
High School Lura McLane. prin 
Music Mrs. Alys Cain 
Band & Orchestra Waldo Scott 
Home Economics Louise Carlberg 
Man Tt'g & Athletics Donald Burkhlser 

Buena Vista College, collegiate, prep., mu- 
sic and com'l, co-ed.; Presb ; est. 18tl; 
Henry Olson, President 





Story City, Story Co., pop. 1,887. 

Bd Educ Boy Sweet, president 

E E. Sevareid, secretary 
Superintendent Frank E Green 
High School Chatlotte Nelson, prin 
Music Thelma Haven 
Home Economics Beatrice Olson 

Strawberry Point Clavtoa Co.. pop. 1,051 
Bd. Educ. G. J GUI. president 

John A. Htiebsch, secretary 
Superintendent Hugh T Busboom 
Senior H. S W. H Madgefrau. prin 
.Tumor H S Ruth Bell, prin 
Music Almeda Nieth 
Home Economics Lucy Porter 

ftuftrt. Guthrie Co., pop. 1.826 

Bd. Educ N. Earl Wise, president 

A A Montgomery, secretary 
Superintendent E. R Stephenson 
High School Joe S Kirkman, prin. 
Junior H 8 William G Ryan. Jr.. prin. 
Music LarUn Barry 
Home Economics Margrette Eckardt 

8nmner, Bremer Co , pop. 1,404 

Bd Educ E. W Heyer. president 
Sec Bd Educ <' Heniy drannrman 
SuperintendentWalter L Hetzel 
High School Hollis N. Hunt, prin. 
Music Margaiet Kollman 
Band, Orchestra Vernon H Taylor 
Manual Arts Hollis N. Hunt 
Home Economics Florence L Hotchkm 

Tabor, Fremont Co.. pop. 1,017. 

Bd Educ G L Roark, president 

i) Al Williams secretary 
City Superintendent J M Ireland 
Junior H. S M. M Culver, prin 
Music Kathyrn Hill 
Band Warren Darrah 
Home Economics Tarana Schlampp 
Athletics Raymond Anderson 

Tama, Tama Co.. pop. 2.290. 

Bd. Educ. R. I, Beale. president 
Charles Davis, secretary 
Supeilntendent E H Nelson 
Hisrh School Benjamin Jon en. principal 
Junior H S. Hazel Thompson, prin 
Musio- Margaret Sherman 
Home Economics Minnie Hauswirth 
Athletics O. E. Wilcox 

t. Mary's School, prep . co-ed , R O , st 
18*6; Sister Mary Albertas. Superior 

TlptoB. Cedar Co., pop. t.048. 

Bd. Educ. M. C. Hamiel, president 

C. S Miller, secretary 
Superintendent D J. Kelley 
HUrh School C W Cowan, prin 
Musio Margaret Westenberger 
Band J G Westby 
Home Economic* Olivette Pehrson 
Physical Tr** (boys) J. fc. Briley 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Arlene Stoncr 

Toledo, Tama Co.. pop. 1,626. 

Bd. Educ J. P. Walters, president 
Bd. of Educ. E. A. Benson, secretary 
High School Carl Midkifl, prin. 
Music Claude Rose 
Athletics Irvm Thompson 

State Juvenile Home, for dependents, 
co-ed , LaVcre Smith, Supt 

Traer, Tama Co., pop. 1.378 
Bd Educ Dr C. H Brown, president 

f F Stoakes, s 
Superintendent D R Cottrell 
High School Aliaretta Gregg, prin 
Junior H S Anna Kendall, prin 
Music Evelyn Pope 
Band E A Franklin 
Domestic Science Marjorie Child 
Manual Training;- Glenn Stavenbogen 

I nlverslty Park. Mahaska Co . pop 500 

Fletcher College, coll liberal arts; music, 
oratory, co-ed : est. 1906; C. W Butler. 

Vail. Crawford Co. nnn 578 

Bd Educ Mrs J C Dawaon. president 
Bd Educ. M J Monarhan. Sec'y. 
Superintendent H L Denshoof 
High School C I Ermsae. prin 

Valley Junction. Polk Co.. pop. 8.681 

Bd Educ Charles Mahoney. president 
A B Rutt. secretary 
Superintendent H W. Feartn* 
High School Paul Little, prin 
Tumor H S Chester Pratt, pnn 
Baud, Oichestra Earl Josten 
Domestic- Science Blanche Baldu<* 
Athletics Ben Duea 

Van Horn*. Ben (on Co . pop. 684 

Bd Educ Osborne O'Brien, president 
Bd. of Educ H. A. Burns, secretary 
Superintendent Harold G Griffith 
High School Sara Serdorff. prin 
Music Helen Klousia 

Victor. Iowa Co , pop 700. 

ftl Educ Edward Lei in. president 
Bd Educ W R Chlttenden, secretary 
City Supt John McSweeny 
Principal High School Flora Holm*** 
Home Economics Edith Owens 

Vlllisca. Montgomery Co.. pop. t.080. 

Bd Educ F S Williams, president 

Roy A. Means, secretary 
City Superintendent H. E. Dow 
High School Edith F. Rusk, prin 
Music -Frances Oman 
Band A Orchesti a Arno Muster 
Home Economics Helen Jamison 
Athletics Russell Ruff 






Vlnton, Ben ton Co., pop. 8,836 

Bd Educ E A Buxton, president 

W L Conder. secretary 
Superintendent C E Knapp 
Senior High School H C. Jensen, prin 
Junior High Sch W Lament Constable, 


Music Irma Van Amlule 
Band, Orchestra J. C Cleary 
Home Economics Alice Lucas 
Physical Educ (boys) F C Cameron 
Phybicdl Educ (girls) Helen Spinden 

Iowa School for the Blind, ac.idemic, indus- 
trial, music, and physical courses, co-ed : 
state, eat 1853. F E Palmer. Supt. 

Wall Lake, Sac Co , pop. 800 
Bd Educ John Voerel, president 

R C Hopkins, secretary 
Superintendent J R Underwood 
High School M E Piggr, prin 
Music Leone Sumner 
Home Economics M a rgaret Conner 
Manual Training: M E Pigs 
Physical Ti Aithur H Olson 

IVnlnut Pott ft" alt am IP Co, pop 1,072 

Bd Educ Arthur Mertz. president 

J W Bowman, secretary 
Supenntendent H J Fitzgerald 
High School Madge May, prin 
Music. Penmanship Loipn.i Jaeob*on 
Homo Economics Ruth Willis 
Coach John E Ossian 

Wapelln. Louisa Co , pop 1.32* 

Bd Educ A W Heins, piesident 

C M Donaldson, secretaiy 
Supeiintendent A R Morledge 
TTiffh School Alfred Bedford, pun 
Music Alice Reed 
Band. Oichestra C C Smith 
Home Economics Mary E Bolon 
Physical Training" Carol Gillstrap 

Washington. Washington Co. poo 4,380 
Bd Educ C W. Tucker, piemdent 
Bd. of Educ. R. W. Thompson, secretary 
Superintendent E A Ralston 
High School Delia Patton, prin 
Tumor College Harland Mead, dean 
Music Helen Ooffev 
Music (mst ) Maurice Bray ton 
Home Economics date Randell 
Manual Training W P Bhkel 
Phy DH (boys.) Geoige Freshwater^ 
Phy IMi (xiils) KIIMR Clemane 

8t Tamp*' School orep co-*d R C . st 
1875, Sister M. Louis Bertrand, Superior 

Waterloo. Blackhawk Co., pop 46.101. 

Bd Educ CharloB S McKiimtiy. president 

("fi.irles N Hostetler. secretaiv 
Superintendent latkl M Logan 
Senior H s Fred J Miller, prin 
Junior H S H D Tnvlot pi In 
Grade Supervisor Hazel Piehm 

Band Hfrbct t Goodwin 

MUKIC Donald Baum 


-Elizabeth Green 

Art Lillian Olson 

Manual Training H L Gairett 

Foods Grata Thorne 

Clothing Marie Beverley 

Physical Dli fbovs) Hairv Rlevers 

Physical Dir. (girls) Lucille Herrling 

Vxc.toi' blUfe 

Bd Educ W E. Ogle, president 

Ira W B lough, secretary 
Cny Superintendent Charles A Klttrell 

High SchoolWilliam W Gibson, prin 
Wallace Ji H S Charles L Hoffman, 

Waterloo Jr H S Ruth Updegriaft, pi In 

Music Naneen Davis, super visor 
Art Virginia Gieer 
Cooking Margaret King 
Sewing Ada Frum 
Physical Dir (boys) Glen Strobndge 
l'h\si<al Dii (gills) Ruby Patteison 
Pr'inarv Supervisoi Elsie Smdt 

Academy of Oui Lady of Victory, prep , co- 
ed , H C . Rev M Cooney. Pres 

Gates College, bus and secretarial, est 
1X81 Bruce V tps prin 

Sacred Heart School: coll. prep., com'l 
course"* co-ed Catholic Sisters of Mercy, 
Sister Mary Edmunda, Prin 

Uaiikon, Allamakee Co. pop. 2,359 
Hd Educ R R Teffnes. piesulent 

I'ied Meieikord, setietary 
rltv Superintendent B K Orr 
High School M H Goede, prin 
Music Annaruth Wareberg 
Band. Orchestra S D Gratke 
Homo Economics Marie Olson 
Athletics Howard Moffit 
I ibrarian Martha Stilwell 

Waverly, Brenner Co., pop. 8,t05. 

Bd Educ Leonard H Backer, president 
See Bd Kdiu M M Kiniesjev 
Superintendent John H. McBurney 
Senior H S Kenneth V Stephenson. pnn 
Junioi H S Irene Swedberg. pnn. 
Music Mrs Gertimlp 1, Lynch 
Band. Orchestra Melvm Dean 
Manual Training John de Neui 
Domestic Science Blanche Rosa 

Wartbwg- Colleere: liberal arts courses, co-ed . 
Luth , est 1868, E J. Braulick. pres 

Webster Cit>, Hamilton Co., pop 7,084. 
Bd Educ Mrs. M F McKee. president 

Irene C Fronlng, secretary 
Superintendent Burrus E Beard 
lunioi rollepe HatM L Rire. dean 
Semoi High School C E Miller, prin 
lunioi TTiph School Eli/abeth Slee, prin 
Music Letitia Whitten 
Home Economics Vivian Bockwood 
Manual Training Oscar Johnson 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Leonard Skoglund 

Went Bead, Plo Alto Co., pop. C7t. 

Bd Educ Ben Walker, president 

V H R1rt secretary 
Superintendent A B McMullen 





High School J C Seurr prin 
Home Economics Mabel Dinsmore 
Music (vocal) -Margaret Hellman 
Band Ralph Campbell 

St Joseph's Academy, piep . co-ed . R C., 

Sister M. Romana. Superior. 
St. Peter's and Paul's School, prep ; co-ed , 

Evang Luth , est 1898. Rev P. Dobber 

stein, Prin 

West Branch, Cedar Co., pop 648. 

Bd Educ J IS Larson, president 
B. of Educ. T. A. Moore, secretary 
City Superintendent F J. Snider. 
High School F G "Weaver, pi in 
Music J Quentine Kongsback 
Manual Training 1 John Bartlett 

Went Liberty. Muscat Ine Co, pop 1,666 
Bd. Educ. W. C Nichols, president 

J M Addle man. secretary 
superintendent Karl C Smith 
High School Theodore F. Arnold, prin 
Music Lorna Schuppert 
Band -C P. Seltenrich 
Domestic Science Alverda F. James 

West Union, Fayette Co.. pop 2,055. 

Bd Educ W H Antes president 

Mrs Minnie Camp secretary 
Superintendent R W. Esslinger 
High School Bertha Hanson, prin 
Music (vocal) Evantrehne Fennell 
Music (instr > Norman C Owen 
Home Economics Ruth Ferritor 

What Cheer, Keokuk Co., pop 1.730 

Bd Educ John Maxwell, president 

Tohn Ford, serretarv 
Superintendent C B Hartshorn 
Higrh School Earl E Hall, prin 
Music Roberta Haie 
Home Economics Laverne Clark 

WilllaniNburg, Iowa Co., pop. 1,060. 

Bd Educ R E Jones, president 

U. S Butler, secretary 
Supeilntendent E M McGrew 
High School Glen Kruwell, prin. 
Music Merle Vietmeir 
Home Economics Dorothy Bohlken 

Wilton Junction, Muacatlne Co., pop 1,157. 

Bd Educ Henrv Maurer, Tr , president 

John Maurer. secretary 
SuperintendentA C Baumgartner 
High School Elmer Swanson, prin 
Music Jennie Mai tin 
Domestic Science Thelma Ness 

Winfleld, Henry Co.. pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ H L. Moody Jr , president 

Fred Weirather, secretary 
Superintendent G. G Bellamy 
Higrh School Avon Covey, prin 
Music Ruth Dykstra 
Home Economics Helen Bell 
Athletics Avon Covey 

Wintered. Madlnon Co , pop. 2,818. 

Bd Educ. Neil Anderson, president 
N E Hollen, secretary 
Supetintendent A P Heniy 
Hurh School D R Lillard, prin 
Junior High School Hugh Steele. prin 
Music Laura Williamson 
Band L W Durham 
Home Economics Edith Gloss 
Physical TT'K (bovs) Herman Clark 
Phy&ical Tr'g (girls) Ruth Gentry 

Woodbine, Harrison Co., pop 1.588. 

Bd Educ Floyd Elston. president 

Harold I.. liaierht. *ecietaiy 
Superintendent J. K. Gee 
MusicHelen Boe 
Home Economics Maria Nelson 
Physical Tr'g (hoys) Pete Parks 
Ph3bical Tr'sr (erirls) Bather Idema 



W. T. MARKHAM, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Topeka 

RAY D. HODGELL, Assistant State Superintendent 

IOWA JONES, High School Supervisor 

RALPH STINSON, High School Supervisor 

MAY HARE, Rural School Supervisor 

EARL JONES, Chief Clerk 

C. M. MILLER, Director Vocational Edu. and Supv. Trade and Induitrj 

L. B. POLLOM, Supervisor Vocational Agriculture 

HAZEL E. THOMPSON, Supervisor Vocational Home Economic* 

W. R. ANTHONY, Bond Clerk 


W. T. MARKHAM, Chairman State Superintendent, Topeka 

CHARLES D. ISE Coffeyville V. F. SCHWALM McPherson 

F. D. FARRELL Manhattan J. B. HEPPELFINGER Newton 


MRS. IDA GRAMMER Junction City Lounc LESSLIE, Secretary . . . .Topeka 

W. A. BRANDENBURG Pittshurg 


Gov. WALTER A. HUXMAN, Chairman Topeka 

C. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Business Manager Topeka 

CURTIS W. MYERS, Assistant Business Manager Topeka 

GRACE MCALLISTER, Secretary Topeka 


W. C. AUSTIN, Chairman State Printer, Topeka 

OLOA HOUSE, Secretary Topeka 


W. T. MARKHAM, Chairman State Superintendent, Topeka 

F. L. PHUT, Secretary-Manager Topcka 


DALE ZELLERS, President Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia 

F. L. PINET, Sem tary Topeka 






County Name and AddreM 

Allen Mrs Iva E Farrell, lola 

Anderson.. Mrs. Gladys Whitwell, Welda 
Atchison Gladys M. Wmzer, Atchison 
Barber . . ... 

W Clifton Freeman. Medicine Ix>dRe 
Baiton . Earl A Spencer, Great Bend 
Bouibon Mis Mona Page, Foit Scott 
Biown C M Eisenbise. Hiawatha 

Butlei . Philip Higtloii, El Dorado 


Mrs. Vida M Vinson, Cottonwood Falls 


Mae Mern field, Sedan 

Cherokee G. A Sanders, Columbus 

Cheyenne George T Diekhoff. St Fiancis 
Clark . . . Eula A Leslie, Ashland 
Owen M Pan ton, Clay Center 
Marcine Campbell, Concoidia 
Paul II Jones. Quenemo 
Helen Thompson, Cold water 

Toman che 


Craw ford . 
Elk. .. 
Elhs . 

Mollie Cloud -Huston, Win field 
.. ..O U Heryford, Girard 

. . Alice Aronson, Oberlin 
Fiank E Coirell, Abilene 
Mr* Hada M Nelson, Trov 
Harold C Fisher, Lawrence 
Clara Delander, Kinsley 
Mrs Opal E Green, Howard 
Joseph T Pfeifer. Ha^s 
W J Shannon. Ellswoith 
Finney Mi*. R G Barker Gaiden Citv 
Ford Edna T-ockman-Cobb, Dodge City 
Fiankhn Fied I- Settles, Ottawa 

Geary ... Ida M Grammar function Citv 
Gove . S M Beason, Gove 

Graham Mai\ Fabncius, Hill Citv 

Giant Vern Johnson, I T l\sws 


Mis Maiy Kuth Shiauuet, Cimmanon 
Gieenwood Gwendolen Loiiff, Euieka 

Greelev Orla O Burr, Tribune 

Hamilton Alice (.lovei, Svraeuse 

Harper Jess O Culliaon, Corwin 

Harvev . Sue Thimm, Newton 

Haskell Mrs Cora Williams, Sublette 
..Alta Hendrickson, Jetmore 
Ralph A Pattemon. Holton 
J D Everett, Oskaloosa 
Ernest C Whitley, Man k at a 
Beth Mooie, Olathe 
Fred Spence, Lakin 
Edward Naanes. King-man 
Mr AVJI Hvf Oreensburp 
Lonnie N Wood, Oswegro 
William T Smith, Diffhton 
Leavenworth .................... 

Hilda K McPherson. Leavenworth 
Lincoln Victor Murphv, Vesper 

Linn Paul L. Sellars, Centerville 











Name and 


Mrs. Phoebe F. Fulls, Russell Spring's 

Lyon Mary R. Williams, Emporia 

Marion A W Urquhart. Marioi 

Marshall P. W. Kirkpatrick. Marysvilli 

McPherson J. A. Blair, McPherson 

Meade . . Ola Granger, Meadc 

Miami Hazel King*, Paola 

Mitchell Lyle Cloepfll, Beloil 


...Mrs Manic M. Weber, Independence 


George R Johnson, Council Grove 
Moiton Robeit K Davis, Elkhart 

Nemaha . . . Blanche McNergrney, Seneca 
Neosho . Doiothy Powell, Erie 

Ness C. L Williams, Ness City 

Norton . .Byron F. Salisbury, Norton 

Osag-e O. H. Thomas, Lyndon 

Osborne Frank A. Paschal. Osborne 

Ottawa . Frank LaPlant Minneapolis 
Pawnee . Bertha M Marymee, Lamed 
Phillips David Van D>ke, PhillipsburR 


. Howard O Stone, Westmoreland 
Pratt . . .Thomas A. Eubank, Pratt 
Ratlins Mis Josephine Walker. Atwood 
Reno Will Billtnesley, Haven 

Republic Madison Coombs, Belleville 

Rice L F Baldwin, Lyon& 

Riley . Agnes Engstrand, Manhattan 
Rooks Bessie Brown, Stockton 

Rush . . .Ed M Nickel. La Cross* 
Russell . . Floyd Wrigrht. Russell 
sa'me S L Sondegard, Salina 

Scott James Norton, Scott City 

Sedgwick R M Crum, Wichita 

Seward . ... Emma Thompson, Liberal 
Shawnee Maude B. Snyder, Topeka 

Sheridan Robert Mosier, Hoxie 

Sherman Bernice E Sellars, Goodland 
Smith W E Lee. Smith Centei 

Staffoid Ralph Edwards, St John 

Stanton Mrs Kmnia Tolson, Johnson 

Stevens . Rhylow J Cott, Ilugoton 

Sumner ... 

. Mis Mary L Watkins, Wellington 
Ihomas . Mrs Frances Passel, Colby 

Treg-o Gladys Loy, Wakeeney 

Wabaunsee . Ralph John. Alma 


lima Rnan son, Sharon Spiings 

Washington . 

Chester Mori is, Washington 
. t Mrs Mabel Payne. Leotl 
.Beulah Mellon. Fred on la 
Josie Cooper, Yates Centei 

Wichita . 

Donald R 

McOullev, Kansas Citv 



AHHen* Dickinson To., pop 
Bd Edun Howard Keel, president 
Doria N Hockennnith. secretary 
City Superintendent F C Gardner 
Hieh School Marvin Van Otdol. prin 
Munie (vocal) Henry Wise 
Music (inrtr.) Earl B. Bay 
Manual Training Roy A. Martin 
Domestic Science Evelyn Bloome 

Alma WalwmiMte f*. pop. . 

Be! Bduc A J. Outh, prenident 

C O Nelson, secretary 
Snnrrintind<nt Karl R DcVore 
Musio Eddyth Sheet* 
Domestic Science Miriam Roren 
Athletic* Leo Burner 





Altamont, Lahette Co., pop. 606. 

High Sch. Bd Arthur Hunter, president 

C. A. Payne, secretary 

Prin County High School D L. Katterjohn 
Grade School George Dove, prin 

Altoona, Wilson Co., pop. 1,010. 

Bd Educ Arthur Pucket, president 

Grant Travis, secretary 
Superintendent W E Hoggatt 
Hisrh School P P Innes, prm 
Music Margery Dungan 
Manual Training R E DeBolt 
Domestic Science Mary Windhorst 

Anthony, Harper Co., pop. 2,740. 

Bd Educ P. O Herold, president 
Emma Jess, clerk 

Hisrh School Donald A. McConnell, prin. 
Music Cecil J. McKee 
Home Economics Edith Brown 
Manual Training- Donald Lake 

Arcadia, Crauford Co., pop. 1,175. 

Bd Educ J D Pettit, president 

Mike Outman, clerk 
Superintendent A P Bowlui 
High School G M Amos, principal 
Music Raymond Peterson 
Domestic Science Reba Heath 

Ark anna A City, Cowley Co, pop. 14,003 

Bd Educ Li E Brenz, president 

Guy L* Ecroyd, secretary 
City Superintendent C E St John 
Junior College E. A. Funk, dean 
High School E A Funk, principal 
Tunior H S Harold Loucks, prin 
Music A E San Romani, supervisor 
Manual Training Carl ti Holman 
Domestic Science Lovern Webb 
Domestic Art Htleu Nt*iman. 

Kansas-Oklahoma Business College, co- 
ed . Mrs Grace W. Stewart, Prin 

Arma, Crawford Co., pop. 2,180 

Bd Educ Thomas Humes, Jr , president 
Thomas Marion, clerk 
Superintendent D. N Tira 
Senior High Sch J. E. Needham. prin 
Junior High Sch Estal Gilmour. prin 
Music Josephine Gelso 
Manual Training J Keifer 
Domestic Science Jennie Penn 

Afthland. Clark Co., pop. 1,147. 

Bd. Educ H R Daigh, president 

Board of Education Prank Gulp, secretary 

Superintendent T E Humphreys 

High School Ardith Williams, prin. 

Music Robert Duncan 

Home Economics Etta Belle Robinson 

Phy Educ (srirla) Gladys Van Ordstrand 

Phy. Edue. (boys) Jean Rennet 

Atrhtam, Atohlson Co., pop. 15,028 

3d Educ H P. Armstrong, president 
Sec. Bd. Educ. Augusta Welnmann. 
Superintendent William D Wolfe 
High School G L Cleland, prin 
Manual Training Harry Frantr 
Home Economics Marcelme Markle 
Commercial D. 8. Skoglund 

Atchison Business College; bus. and sten., 

est 1886: M J Morriney. 
Mount Saint Scholastica College; women; 

boarding* R C ; est 1863; Mother Lucy 

Dooley, Pres 
St Benedict's College, piep, collegiate and 

business courses, men; R. C.; est. 1858, 

Martin Veth, President 

Atwood, Rawlings Co., pop. 900. 

Bd Educ C C. Madsen, president 

H Rowland, clerk 
Supeiintendent J E Towns 
County High School E. L. Starrett, prm. 

Aniruftta, Butler Co., pop. 4*219. 

Bd Educ A R Peckham, president 

A Bertha Hlte, secxetary 
Superintendent J W Murphy 
High School H H. Robinson, principal 
Music (hs) B H. Folks 
Music (elem) Margaret Wiley 
Manual Training: R W Samuel 
Domestic Science Ruth Parker 

Baldwin, Douglas Co., pop. 1,265. 

Bd Educ Wilson Counts, president 

Mrs. Nina Pollock, secretary 
Superintendent L. I*. Thompson 
High School Mrs Nannie L. Gander, prm 
Music Mrs. Anna Moore 
Domestic Science Anna Stewart 
Commercial Ethel Walking 

Baker University, comprises college of lib- 
eral arts, and music department, co-ed : 
M E , est 1858. Wallace B Fleming. 

Baxter Springs, Cheiokee Co., pop. 4,551. 

Bd Educ Earl Chlldress. president 

Bd Educ Grace E Perkins, secretary 

Superintendent N. L Lancaster 

High School N L Lancaster, pi in 

Music Opal Wall 

Domestic Science Marie Lafferty 

Physical Director Carlos W. Pruett 

Belleville, Republic Co., pop. 3,435. 

Bd Educ H. D. Thomas, president 

L. F Millor, secretary 
Superintendent S H. Sims 
High School A O. Hainline, prin 
MusicElsie Wall 
Music (inst ) Andrew H Wieting 

Beloit, Mitchell Co., pop. 3,485. 
Bd Educ R J Fittell. president 

Mary Walsh, secretary 
Superintendent John S Morreli 
High School E M Chestnut, ptin 
MusicWilliam D Fitch 
Art Irene Hancock 
Manual Training Darrell Hinkhouse 
Home Economics Carol Pearson 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Frank Prentup 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Gladys Turner 

Girls' Industrial School; State 
Lula Coyner, Supt 





Bin* Rapid* Marshall Co., pop. MtO. 

Bd Educ. E. M. Carlson, president 

C R Elder, clerk 
Superintendent Wilmot D. Carr 

or Springs, Wyandotto Co., pop. l,40t. 

Bd Educ H C Hays, president 

J. H Griffith, clerk 
Superintendent Roy Hoglund 
Music Wilma Mae Woods 
Home Economics Mary Olive Crawley 
Man Tr'g, Phy Tr'g J G. Melsenhelmer 

Bnrklln. Ford Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ W. P Bryant, president 

T W. Birney. treasurer 

Superintendent W. T. Ward 

Music- Ira McKUmis 

Home Economics Ruth McCandless 

Burllngatne, Osage Co., pop. 1,681. 

Bd Educ H B Dubois, president 

E W. Sutherland, clerk 
City Superintendent E L Hellman 
High School Mrs W A McCauley. prln 
Music H M Baker 

Home Economics Mildred Harvey 

Coach M L KIrby 

Barling-ton, Ooffey Co., pop. 2.273. 

Bd Educ Mrs. Sophia Kempton, president 

William M Scott, clerk 
Superintendent T E Osborn 
High School E R Sheldon, prm 
Music Robert M Slater 
Manual Training* Ralph Lr Reed 
Home Economics Ruth Jorgenson 
Commercial Justine McKee 

CIdwell, Summer To. pop. 1.017 
Bd Educ A. V Barter, president 

C V King, clerk 
Superintendent Marvin D. Alcorn 
High School Francis Gregory, prin 
Music Cecil Enlow 
Grade School Ruby Lamb 

Caney. Montgomery Co., pop. 2.651. 

Bd Educ A T Jones, president 

Yetta Liberman, clerk 
High School J. R Popkins, prln. 
Music A L Triggs 
Domestic Science Gertrude Hunt 
Art Ruth Kimes 
Manual Training Harry Daniels 

Cedar Vale, Chaiitauqua Co., pop. 1.044. 

Bd Educ P J McCormfck, president 

J W Jones, clerk 
Superintendent R. R. Vandruff 
High School Olin H. Wilson, prin 

. Neonho Co.. pop. 10.286. 
Bd. Educ James A. Butin. president 

L H Petit clerk* 
r-lty Superintendent L. H. Petit 
High School W. W. Bass. prin. 

Trade School J V Hamilton, director 
Music Warren 8. Edmnndson 
Band, Orchestra Albert G. Brown 

Domestic Science Hacel Cox 
Physical Educ. Bernie J. Goodrum, dir 

Chapman, Dickinson Co., pop. 781. 

Bd Educ Anna Thisler, president 

Homer ILeatherman, clerk 
City Superintendent A. D. Hasslor 
Prin County H. 8. O. O. Smith. 

Cherokee, Crawford Co., pop. 1,647, 

Bd (city) C A. Loveland. president 

W. S Wimmer, clerk 
City Superintendent J. B. Forsyth 
Music Marguerite Thcis 
Man Tr'g (Jr h s ) MerillChaney 
Domestic Science (Jr. h. s.) Mary Dunlap 
Community H. 8. Weir Van Norsdall. prin. 
Music (h s.) Dean Crazton 
Athletics Paul McCoy 

Cherrvvale, Montgomery Co., pop 8.080. 

Bd Educ Stanley Mustard, president 

John P Sheffield, clerk 
City Superintendent John P. Sheffield 
Music Max C. Conner 
Health Pauline Folkers 

Chotopn. Lahette Co*, pop. 1.018. 

Bd Educ B F Roe, president 

Mrs J. B Reynolds, clerk 
High School Ernest F McCue. prin 
Manual Training Reno Payne 
Household Arts Eloise Smith 
Music Ellen Eagle 

Clay Center, Clav Co., pop. 3,715. 

Bd Educ William Beall, president 

V R Vergades. secretary 
Superintendent Ernest Tolin 
Muwo Helen Dobson 
Home Economics Vera Lindholm 
Manual Training Andrew Leipersberger 
County High School Sheldon Frick. prln 

Clehnrne, Rller Co., pop., 225. 

Bd Educ Herbert A Johnson, president 

A H Toburen, clerk 
Hisrh School F S Gustafson. prin 
Grade School Emma Smith, prin 

Clrdr Cloud Co., pop. 1.800. 

Bd Educ Charles Fryer, president 

Guy Harrington, clerk 
Superintendent Walter V. Freese 

CofTeyville, Montgomery Co., pop. 16,198. 

Bd Educ C D Ise. president 
Thelma Mifflln. secretary 
Superintendent Kenneth W. McParland 
High School V. A. Klotz, prin. 
Roosevelt Junior H. 8 J. H. Benefiel 
Music Neil Branstetter 
Manual Training S L Highbaugh 
Domestic Science Eugenia Dawson 
Physical Education W. H. Mifflin 

Colby, Thomas Co., pop. 2,345 
Bd Educ August W Lauterbach, Jr , pres 

Hairy Herold, secretary 
Superintendent R. L Dennen 
High School Floyd Fanner, prin. 
Junior High Sen. H. C Ryan. prin. 
Music (vocal) Maxine Roche 
Band * Orchestra H. C. Kohfeld 





Manual Training Merel B Young: 
Home Economics Dorothy Morgan 
Athletics Lloyd Taylor 
Librarian Vera Lewallen 

Colclwater, Comanche Co., pop. 1,207. 

Bd Educ Earl Martin, president 

J H Allerdice, treasurer 
Superintendent L. G Whitzel 
Music Floyd Denton 
Manual Training LeRoy Melia 
Home Economics Pauline Davis 

ColiimbiiM, fheiokee Co., pop. 3,155. 

Fred Simkin, clerk 

City Superintendent Clyde O Davidson 
Prin County H. S. Mrs Ethel Lock 
Junior High School R W Collins, pi in 
Music Emile Carrier 
Manual Tiaining G R Wallace 
Domestic Science Jeanette McGregor 
Physical Training H A Henley 

foneordia, Cloud Co., pop. 5,792. 

Bd Eduo Frank Baldwin, president 

Dorothy Landess. clerk 
Superintendent E B Albaugh 
High School II D Karns 
Music Oscar Allen 
Manual Training Bruce J Scovell 
Domestic Science Neva Solt 
Art Annie Lee Ross 
Physical Tr'g (boys) James Helmert 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Esther Hobson 

Conway Springs, Summer Co.. pop. 1,000 

Bd Educ A B. Allen, president 

R II Cline, clerk 
Superintendent Kyle Trueblood 
Oichestra Mrs. W. A. McFfemn 
Art Addle Penn 

Cot to* wood Falls, Chase Co. pop 1.000 

Bd Educ Mrs A J. Seigle. president 
Mrs Helen Replople, secretary 
Superintendent Wylie V Harris 
County H. S. Henry Gentry, prin. 
Music George Putnam 
Physical Training Paul Lessig 

( ouncil Grote, Mori is Co, pop. 2,857. 
Bd. Educ. A. G. Dunn, president 

W E Nix, secretary 
Superintendent D. B. Lidikay 
High School Charles O'Bryunt, prin 
Music Everett Brown 
Home Economics Ruth Weiscr 
Manual Arts J. W. Miller 

I>ighton, Lane Co., pop. 1,000. 

HcJ Educ B H Willey. piesident 

Irma Dickenson, sect eta iv 
Town Schools Prank G Davison, prin 
Prin County H. S. Frank E. Strlrkler 

Itodge City, Ford Co., pop. 10,050. 

Bd Educ George Eckles. president 
n A. G. Schroedermeier. clerk 
Superintendent A. G Schroedermeier 
Senior High School B. C. Hunt, prin. 
Junior High School A B Callaway, prin 

St Mary of the Plains Academy; girls' 
boarding, R C , est 1915, Sisters of St 

Douglass, Butler Co., pop. 1,010. 

Bd Educ. L D Brandt, president 

J F Bush, clerk 
Superintendent Newton E Terrill 
High School Meredith Cromer, prin. 
Music Carl Coover 
Manu Arts & Athletics Charles Schraeder 

Downs, Osborne Co.. pop. 1,400. 

Bd Educ W C Sellers, president 

I E Petit, clerk 

High School George Bistline, prin 
Music Marie Moore 
Domestic Science Lucile Piper 
Manual Training Earl Dragoo 
Athletic Coach Cade Suran 
Grade School Lawrence Dillon, prin 

Bfflngham. Atchlson Co., pop. 674 

Bd (grades) J R Snyder, president 

F W Luse, clerk 
Grades Lloyd Compton, prin. 
High Sen. Bd. Gladys M. Winzer. president 

E C Evans, secretary 
County High School Frank L. Hunn. prin 

KI Dorado, Bntler Co.. pop. 13.830. 

Bd Educ. H. C. Cox, president 

Mrs Charlotte Byrum. secretary 
City Superintendent J F Hughes 
Junior College Earl Walker, dean 
High School E L Harms, prin 
Junior H S Paul Hawkins, prin 
Music R W Wallingford 

Klkhart, Morton Co.. pop. 1,160. 

Bd Educ M E Bibler, president 

B E Stivison. clerk 
Superintendent George G. Swartz 
Music Lewis Stoelzing 
Home Economics Frances Babb 
Manual Training O. J. Abel 

Kllirmood, Barton Co, pop. 1,103. 

Bd Educ Fred Wolf, Jr , president 

L B Wood, clerk 
Superintendent J W Ostenberg 
High School E. E. Lewis, prin. 

Kills, Ellis Co., pop. 1,876. 

Bd Educ J W Nicholson, president 

C Keagy, clerk 

Superintendent L R Vaniman 
Senior H S Edarar A Fit/fferald. prin 
Junior H S. C. H. Brown, prin. 
Music Ann Connelly 
Band Charles Shedden 
Homemaking Velma Meserve 
Physical Training Harry L. Hasler 

Kllfmorth, Kllsttorth Co, pop. 2,065. 

Bd Educ Alfred O'Donnell, president 

A H Barofsky, secretary 
City Superintendent O. J. Silverwoot. 
High School W. M. Ehrsam. prin. 
Home Economics Mildred Beil 
Manual Training- H. G. Hahn 
Music N V Napier 
Physical Tr f g (boys) Guy Hayes 
Physical Tr g (girls) Mabel Line back 





Emporia, Lyon Co., pop. 14,067. 

Bd. Educ Fred Heath, president 

Nora Wood, secretary 
Superintendent W. M. Richards 
Principal High School Rice Brown 
Junior High School A. Kirk Ramy, pnn. 
Music <giades> Edith Bunch 
Music (vocal) Edwin Payne 
Music (inst ) Ormond Parker 
Manual 1 raining George A Lodle 
Foods Mae Hancock 
Clothing Mabel Coverdill 

College of Bmporia; coll ; co-ed , Presb. , 
pre-medical, pre-englneerlng, education, 
pre-law, commerce, journalism, home eco- 
nomics, and music departments; est 1883, 
John Bailey Kelly. President 

Emporia Business College, bus and sten . 
est. 1881; J. E. Hawkins. Pres. 

Kansas State Teachers' College, state; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1865; Thomas W. 
Butcher. President 

Enterprise, nickinnn Co., pop. 78. 

Bd Educ . R. Grosser, director 

Walter Hoffman, clerk 
High School Newell Terrv prin 
Superintendent W. M Richards 
Music Mrs J. W King 
Home Economics Althea Keller 
Manual Training Max W. Bickford 
Physical Training Samuel Llndahl 
Grades Louis C. Schwanke, prin 

Enterprise Academy, prep co-ed ; 7th Day 
Adv . est 1919; R. R Newman, principal 

Erie, Neosho Co, pop. 1,485. 

Bd Educ H. J. Miller, president 

Lloyd B. Locke, secretary 
Superintendent O P Ca Id well 
Music Rollo F Weeks 

Bndora. Donjrlas Co., pop. 640. 
High Sch Bd C B Johnson, clerk 
Rural High Sch C. L Ruthrauff. pnn 
Bd Educ (grades) Oscar Westerhouse, 

Grades -F G Nichols, prin. 

Eureka. Greenwood Co.. pop. 2.412. 

Bd Educ A. H. Anderson, president 

Clay C Carper, secretary 
Superintendent W M Ostenberg 
Senior H. S W. C Kampschroeder, prin 
junior High School James B Hutton. pun 
Art Mary Gibson 
Manual TrainingKenneth Pettit 
Music (elem ) Elizabeth Ott 
MUBI<* (h s ) Clark Evans 
Household Arts Grace Smith 
Athletics Oren Stoner 

Florence, Marion Co., pop. 1,M7 

B<1 Educ S Savage, president 

Eail Collins, clerk 
c uperintendent R C Purrussel 
High School Carl Wilson, prin. 
Music H. S. Woodbury 
Home Economics Tillle Rife 
Athletic Coach Roger Thatch 

Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., pop. 10,46*. 

Bd Educ Hany Crane, president 
Sec Bd Educ W V. Dixon 
City Superintendent V. M. Llston 
High School W S Davison, ptln 
Junior H S Edgar Williams, prin 
Music r vocal ) Will nrd Nicholn 
Music (inst.) Eric Baber 
Manual Training Joseph Arkle 
Domestic Science Rosella Moody 
Domestic Art Mildred Skinner 
Physical Training Warren Littrell 
Drawing Anna J. Brown. 
Ft Scott Junioi College. W S Davison. 

Frankfort, Marshall Co.. pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ C W. Bonnell, president 

W. T. Stewart, clerk 
Superintendent Martin Grantham 
High School Frank Harris, prin 
Music Beulah Manning 
PhjHical Ttaimng Geoige W Olson 

Fredonia, Wilnon Co., pop. 3,954. 

Bd. Educ II. J. Davies, president 
Helen Lutes, secretary 
Superintendent H. F Wilson 
High School William R Linn, vice-prin 
Music Paul Marts 
Domestic Science Jewell Fink 
Manual Training- Frank McKelvy 

Fredonia Business College, bus, sten. 
est 1907. Ella T Sheedy, President 

Frontenac, Crawford Co., pop. 3,225. 

Bd Educ John Loth, president 

James C Laidler, clerk 
Superintendent J E Ciawford 
High School Maigaret Monahan, piinclpal 
Junior High School Frank Layden, prin 
Home Economics Lillian Schmidt 

Galena, Cherokee Co.. pop. 6.096. 

Bd Educ F. H Rohrbaugh. president 

Beatrice Byrd, secretary 
Supei intendentJ J. Whitehead 
Music Mildred Senter 
Domestic Science Opal Hoard 
Physical TrainingMartin Haseltlne 

Garden City, Finney Co.. pop. 6,121. 
Bd Educ A. M. Fleming, president 

C. I Zirkle. secretary 
Superintendent Ira O Scott 
High School W E Jones, prin 
Music E Thayer Gaston 
Physical Training Oran W. Shearer 

Gnrnett. Anderson Co.. pop. 2.121. 

Bd Educ F. H. Mclntosh, president 
Charles E. Cox. clerk 
City Superintendent C H. Oman, 
Principal High School G. B. Watklns. 
Music Cleora Kluss 
Manual Training S. M. Burris 
Domestic Science Ruth Qulnlan 





Girard, Crawford Co., pop. 

Bd Educ. O B. Gentry, president 

Ethel McNett. clerk 
Superintendent R. H. Smith 
High School Jane Townsend, prin. 
Music (vocal) Evelyn Bellinger 
Music (inst ) P. R. Lisenbee 

Goodland, Sherman Co. pop. 8,664. 

Bd Educ Elmer E. Emver, president 

Wade Warner, clerk 
City superintendent J. R Reed. 
County H S L C Peters, prin 
Music (grades) Adria Slaback 
Music (h. B.) E. Elsworth 
Domebtlc Science Hazel Howe 

Great Bend, Barton Co., pop. 5,559. 

Bd Educ E E Morrison, piesident 

H C Colegrave. clerk 
Superintendent H C Scarborough 
High School O. E Bonecutter. prin 
Junior H. S R W Hogan, prin 

Oreely, Anderson Co.. pop. 578. 

Bd Educ Charles L Hagan, piesidtnt 

William Rommelfangrer, clerk 
Superintendent Elgin A. Denio 

Grecasbur*, Klowa Co., pop. 1.000 

Bd Educ W. L Woods, president 

ulenna Broadbooks, clerk 
Superintendent C D Miller 
1 1 iff h School Fred Hodges, prin 
Music Lois Rice 
Band, Orchestra Marlyn Kmgsley 
Manual Arts- Wayne Ewmg 
Physical Training D. J Householder 

lialtttead. Ilaney Co, pop 1,16.1. 

JJd Educ M M Showalter, president 

Charles E Hinshaw, secretary 
Superintendent Charles E Hinshaw 
High School Orville D Pote. prin 
Manual Training Floyd Roberts 
M UBio Margaret Huebert 
Home Economics Helen Wilmore 

Hanoi r, Washington Co . pop 1.150. 

Bd Educ H O. Hurtig. president 

T H. Khoadeti secietarv 
Superintendent M S Kaufman 
Music Lucille Lord 
Manual Training K \ Petetson 
Home Economics Gladys Bellinger 

lfrpr Harwr Co poo. 1.600 

Bd Educ Ray A. Reazin, president 

Frank Neighbor, clerk 
Superintendent Eric T Tebow 
High School E. L. Andrick, pnn. 
Muflic B. E Markley 

Hat en, Reno Co., pop. 1,301. 

Hisrh School R P Templin, pnn 

Klowa Co. nop. ff6H. 

Bd Educ W. T. Miller, president 

Ehen Pvle, clerk 
Grades Ralph Waters, prin 
High School Loun P Rupple, prin 
Music -Mcartu WAttm* 

Friends Bible College, Bible training, junior 
coll , and academy , co-ed ; Friends , est 
1802. Bernard E Mott, Prcb 

Hays, Ellis Co.. pop. 4.618 

Bd Educ Millard Kirkman, president 

Clyde U Phillips, clerk 
Superintendent Clyde U Phillips 
Senior High Sen. Clifford D. Dean, prin. 
Junior High Sch W F Loveless, prin 

Foit Hays Kansas State College, profes- 
sional courses for teachers, co-ed . eat 
1902, Clarence E Ranck, Pres 

Herington, Dickinson Co.. pop. 4,065. 

Bd Educ Paul Knuth, president 

Wilma Jailhte, clerk 
Supeiintendent E J Chesky 
High School Gordon Peterson, pi in 
Music Dorothy Morris 
Music (inst) H. W Connett 
Home Economics Margaret Scott 

Hesston, Harvey Co., pop. 500. 

Public Schools Peter Shellenberger, prin 

Hesston College, junior college and high 
*chool, co-ed , Milo Kauftman, Pres 

Hiawatha, Brown Co., pop. 3.017. 

Bd Educ F N Morrell, president 
Fredenck Younkman, secretary 
Superintendent M. F. Stark 
I ' Ait Mar if \n *> H 
Domestic Science Kay Eskeldson 
Manual Training H. D Smethers 
Physical Training Arvil Dixon 

Hlsrhland. Don i pi an Co pop. 780 

High Sch Bd F B Misse, president 

L. I Davis clerk 

High School Chailes B Cot bet, supt 
Music Ardon Booth 
Grades J H Lusk, pi in 

Highland College, junior college, music, 
and academic courses: co-ed.; est. 1857; 
C M Rankm. President 

Hill C!(v. Graham To. pop 1.050 

Bd Educ C E Webb, director 

Murrav Wallace, clerk 

High School George B banning, prin 
Gtades Albert Rosenberg, prin 
Music (h s ) Blaine Coolbaugh 
Music (grades) Mrs Irma Brumbaugh 

Hills' nro, Marlon Co.. pop. 1.100. 

Bd Educ Sam J. Unruh, president 

Wijliam Kopper, clerk 
^upenntendent Leonard J. Franz 
High School Isaac BaUer, prin 
Music Emily Ball 
Manual Training Herbert Wiebe 
Domestic Science Beitha Leppke 

Hoiington, Barton Co., pop. 3,001 

Bd Kduc Ro> Cornelius, president 
Bd Educ F A Sod erst rom, secretary 
Oity Supt Edward D Kroesch 
High School C C Hardy, prin. 





Holton, Jackson Co.. pop. 3,668. 
Bd. Educ. Albert M. Cole, president 

Walter J Bennett, clerk 
Superintendent G. A. Swift 
High School Thomas J. Moore, prin 
Music H G Thompson 
Art Gordon Dunn 

Horton, Brown Co., pop. 4,212 

Bd Educ W. J. Lowe, president 

Alice McDonald, clerk 
Superintendent Lloyd P. Wollen 
Higrh School M. K. McKinney, prin 
Music Willie Lou Robertson 
Industrial Arts Ralph Landes 

Howard. Elk Co.. pop. 1.070. 

Bd Educ. -Frank Reid, president 

Leslie Wiener, clerk 
Superintendent G L Wycoff 

Hoxie, Sheridan Co., pop. 749 

Bd. Educ. Bob Mosier, president 

Odessa Fairchild, clerk 
City Schools -Warner Johnson, prin. 
County H. S. -Raymond Darland, prin. 

Humboldt, Allen Co, pop. 2,829 

Bd Educ Frank Miller, president 

Bd. Educ. Robert Leimenstoll. secretary 

Superintendent E. N. Hill 

Higrh School Asa J. Trueblood, principal 

Music Mrs. F. W. Hartwig. supervisor 

Domestic Science Mildred Harman 

Manual Training 1 C. M. White 

Physical Tr'g (boys) Joe Limes 

Physical Tr*g (girls) Dorothy McCauley 

Hntohinson, Reno Co., pop. 27,085. 

Bd. Educ J. J. Brownlee, president 

J. E. Oeyer. clerk. 
City Superintendent J. W. Gowans 
Junior College C. M. Lockman, dean 
High School J. F. Gilliland. principal 
"Prln. Liberty Jr H S. J W Jarrott 
Prin. Sherman Jr H S R L. Stelnheimer 
Domestic Science Marian Brookover 
Drawing Gertrude Chapman 
Physical Training William Upson 
Penmanship Augusta Parker 

Salt City Business College; bus and sten . 
o-ed ; est. 1897, J. D. Conard, Manager 
State Industrial Reformatory, state refer* 
matory for boys; Noah Wiggins, Supt. 

Independence. Montgomery Co.. pop. 12,782. 

Bd Educ W. O. Gray, president 
Florence E. Harper, secretary 
City Superintendent J. H. Clement 
Junior College E R. Stevens, dean 
Senior High Sch S. A. Maust, vice-prin 
Junior High Sc. E J. Castillo, vlce-prin 
Music Margaret Gilmore 
Music Oi. s ) Irene Reid 
Band A Orchestra Paul O. Goepfert 
Art Genevieve Kerby 
Manual Training Walter Frlley 
Domestic Science -Anna Allen. 
Physical Education L. E. Losey 

Iota, Allen Co.. pop. 9,032. 
Bd. Educ. JO. E. Russell, president 

Charles Klaumann, secretary 
SuperintendentJ. A. Fleming 
High School A E. Garrison, prin. 
Music Alice Denton 
Manual Training Floyd Smith 
Domestic Science Isabel Gallemore 

Jetmore, Hodgeman Co., pop. 500. 

Bd Educ T W. Cole, president 

Mabel MacNair, clerk 
County H. S. Melvin W. Torrer, prin. 

Junction City, Geary Co., pop. 7,683. 

Bd. Educ U. S. Weary, president 
Fern Hauserman, secretary 
Superintendent W. A wood 
Jr ft Sr H S J J. Vineyard, prin 
Music Ruth Martin 
i.iust fraining - O P. Brown. 
Domestic Science Mrs Marguerite Morrison 
Domestic Art Lucille Dauner 

Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., pop. 122,827. 

Bd Educ Frank Rushton, president 

G A Widder. secretary 
Superintendent F. L. Schlagle 
bupv. Music Besslo Miller. 
Art Katherme Card well 
Manual Training L. E. Falgren 
Home Economics Florence Palmer 
Physical Education Merle Henre 
Kind. -Prim Edith Hopkins, supv 
Intermediate Leona Sheppard. supv. 

Argentine Junior-Senior High School, 22nd 

& Ruby Sts., J. C. Harmon, Principal 
Wyandotte High School and Junior College, 

9th & Minnesota Ave.; J. F. Wellemeyer. 


Rosedale Junior-Senior High School. 86th & 
Springfield; D. F. Bentley, Principal 
Sumner High School (colored); Ninth and 

Washington Sts ; John A Hodge. Prin 
Central Junior High School. 10th and Ivan- 
dale Ave.; R. C. Johnson, Principal 
Northwest Junior High School. 18th and 

Haakell; A. W. Allen, Principal 
Northeast Junior High School (colored). 

4th and Troup, J. H Collins, Piincipal 

Clark's Commercial College; Francis Chad- 
wick Clark, Principal. 

Kansas City Baptist Theological Seminary, 
est 1901 ; Lyman Morse Denton, Pres , 
Seminary Heights 

Kansas State School for the Blind; co-ed , 
Olive I. Thompson, Supt ,1100 State Ave 

University of Kansas, School of Medicine 
(Junior and senior years), med , reg 
co-ed ; est. 1905; H. R. Wahl, Dean 

Kingman, Klngman Co., pop. 2.116. 
Bd. Educ. Frank Yeoman, president 

E. B. Harlow, secretary 
City Superintendent J. L. Engelhardt 
High School L. N. Glsh, prin. 
Music Ben Regier 
Manual Training V. C. Van Camp 
Commercial Sallie Heberling 
Physical Educ. (boys) Clarence Blower 
Physical Educ. (girls) Arlene Smith 





Kinsley, Edward* Co., pop. 1,647. 

Bd Educ. Mary Fravel, president 

I. V. Martin, clerk 
SuperintendentI. V. Martin 
Home Economics -Hazel Flook 
Music W E. Hanna 
Manual Training Carl Schlegel 
Physical Tr'g (boys) R. R Strait 

Kiotva, Barber Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd Educ C H McBrayer, president 

J. E. Dalnton. clerk 
City Superintendent George C. Stevens 

La C>gne, Linn Co., pop. 1,028. 

Bd Educ. E. L. Allen, president 

R D Smith, clerk 
Superintendent Lowell Smith 
High School Grace Potter, prin 
Domestic Science Olive Gage 

La Harpe, Allen Co., pop. 2,757. 

Bd Educ John Garvey, president 

Sec Bd Educ Fied E Wood 

City Superintendent T. H. Culbertaon 

High School K H. Petit, pnn 

Music Edna Gish 

Domestic Science Agnes Wilson 

Earned, Pawnee Co., pop. 8,524. 

Bd. Educ. B L. Meador. president 

R E Taylor, clerk 
City Superintendent R V Phinney 
Prin High School M O Brown 
Junior High Sch Fred Howell, prin 
Music Glenn Ruff 

Lawrence* Douglas Co., pop. 13,891 

lid Educ A B Ewing, president 

H L Sutherland, clerk 
Superintendent C E. Birch 
High School Neal M. Wherry, prin 
Junior H. S J. E. Jacobs, prin. 
Klem Grades Susan Friend 
Supervisor Music Mabel Barnhart 
Manual Training L. H. Emmett 
Art Maude Ellsworth 
Health Electa Kindlespergcr 

Haskell Institute, high sch and indust . 
for Indians co-ed . Federal, est 1884, 
Russell M Kelley, Supt 

Lawrence Business College, bus and sten , 
est 1860. W. H. Quackenbush. Pres 

University of Kansas, comprises the Gradu- 
ate School College of Liberal Arts and 
Sciences, School of Engineering and Arch- 
itecture, of Fine Arts, of Education, of 
Law, of Medicine, of Pharmacy, of Busi- 
ness, state, co-ed ; est 1866. Ernest 
Hiram Lindley. Chancellor 

University of Kansas. School of Fine Arts, 
music and art, co-ed., Donald M. Swarth- 
out. Dean 

University of Kansas, School of Engineer- 
ing and Architecture, courses in civil, 
electrical, mechanical, mining, chemical, 
municipal and sanitary engineering, est 
1891; F. A. Busaell, Ch. Exec. Gomm. 

University of Kansas. School of Education, 
professional courses for teachers, est 
1910; R. A. Schwegler. Dean 

University of Kansas. School of Law. law; 
William I*. Burdick, Dean 

University of Kansas. School of Medicine, 
prep ; med . (freshman and sophomore), 
co-ed , est. 1900, H. R. Wahl, Dean 
(see Kansas City, Kan ) 

University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy; 
est 1865, L D Havenhill, Dean 

University of Kansas, School of Business, 
eat 1924. Frank T Stockton, Dean 

Leavenworth, JLeavenworth Co., pop. 17,466. 

Bd. Educ. E. Bert Collard, president 

Ira J Bright, secietaiy 
City Superintendent Ira J. Bright. 
High School O R. Young, prin. 
Jumoi H. S Glenn E. Patterson, prin 
Music Minnie Taylor 
Manual Training Virgil Lampton 
Domestic Art Eva Watson 
Physical CultureOscar Ruther. 
Com'l and Stenog'y C. W. Pratt. 

Leaven worth Business College, bus and 
sec'l, est 1887; Martin Gonser, Manager 

Mount St Maty's Academy, girls' board- 
ing. R C . est 1866. Sisters of Charity. 

Leoti, Wichita Co., pop. 500. 

High Sch. Bd. Mabel Payne, president 

High Sch Bd P. E Metheney, secretary 

County H. S Lawrence Sayler 

Music Ralph Stutzman 

Home Economics Myrtle Burditt 

Manual Training Howard Golentine 

Le Roy, Coffey Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ. Milo Kesner, president 

A C Lane, clerk 
Superintendent F. I. Collins 
Music Irma Blackburn 
Domestic Science Esther Quenzer 

Uncial Seward Co., pop. 5,894. 

Bd Educ F G Boles, president 

N B. Mahuron, secretary 
fitv Superintendent N. B. Mahuron 
High School John R Van Buskirk, prin 
Music H B Lowdermilk 
ArtMabel Reinhart 
Manual Training Fred H Rose 
Home Economics Winnie Condit 
Physical TVg (boys) Roy Baker 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Winnie Condit 

Lincoln. Lincoln Co.. pop. 1,450. 

Bd Educ. Charles Holman, president 

Glen Sheppard. clerk 
Superintendent George B Lanning 
High School Clarence Olson, pnn. 

Llndsborg, McPherson Co., pop. 1,027. 

Bd Educ H. J. Thorstenbergr, president 

Mrs Alfred Lundquist, clerk 
Superintendent L. W Soderstrom 
High School Clifford Swenson, prin. 
Music Florence Goble 
Art Elsie Penner 

Manual Ttaining Chester Palmer 
Home Economics Alice Lagerstrom 

Bethany College; coll. liberal arts, music 
and art depts; co-ed ; Lutheran; est 1881; 
Ernst F. Pihiblad, Pres. 





l,on*ton. Elk Co.. pop. 1,300. 

Bd Bduc Fred Adam, president 

Melvin Mason, secretary 
Superintendent R. L. Conway 
High School Ethel Jolly, prln. 

Lyndon, Osm*e Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd ttriuc H W Behrena, president 

J. E. Hilky. clerk 

City Superintendent H L Paslay 
High School- W. C. Markley 

Lyons, Rice Co., pop. 2,516. 

Bd Educ Fred Taylor, president 

H C Ernst, clerk 
Superintendent Edward G Grannert 
High School R H. Williams, pnn. 
Music Vera Volkmann 
Home Economics Margaret Kelley 
Manual Training; J W Truax 
Physical Training; J. Nelsom Sorem 

Manhattan. Riley Co., pop. 10.136. 

Bd Educ P J Newman, president 

Clara Spilman. secretary 
Superintendent W. E Sheffer 
Senior High School F V Bergman, prin 
Junior High School Roy Browning, prin. 
Music Helen Jerard 
Manual Training; E. G. Darby 
Domestic Science Mrs Laura B. Baxter 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science, compiises the Divisions 
of Agriculture, Engineering, Home Eco- 
nomics. Veterinarv Medicine. General Sci- 
ence. Graduate Study. Summer School. 
Extension, co-ed . est 18b3. Francis Da- 
vid Farrell, Pres 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science, Division of Agriculture, 
Leland Everett Call. Dean 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science. Division of Engineering, 
R A Seaton, Dean 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science. Division of Home Eco- 
nomics. Margaret M Justin. Dean 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science. Division of Veterinary 
Medicine. R. R. Dykstra. Dean 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science. Division of Graduate 
Study, James Edward Ackert. Dean 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science. Summer School, Edwin 
Lee Holton, Dean 

Kansas State College of Agriculture and 
Applied Science. Division of College Ex- 
tension. Harry John Umberger, Dean 

Mankafn. Jew*il Co. non. 1.100. 
Bd. Educ. Milford W. Hale, president 

Francis I. Bliss, clerk 
Rupetinf ndent- N G Sheffer 
Music Lowell Knisely 
Domestic Science Alice Towson 
Athletics Alex Francis 

Marlon, Marlon Co., pop. 1,808. 

lid Educ John E Wheeler, president 

Ada Woolheater, clerk 
Supei intendent Maurice B Myer 
High School Dale Miller, prin. 
Juiuui H fit Leslie Jf aimer 
Music Mary Louise Gall im ore 

Marysville, Marshall Co., pop. 4,016 

Bd Educ W. Von Riesen, president 

George Griffiths, clerk 
Superintendent D E Wolgast 
High School R F Rowland, pun 
Junior H S Nina Kirkwood. prin 
Music Dorothv Parcels 

Hcl'heraon. McPlimon Co., pop 6.147 

Bd Educ R E Mohler, pieeident 

R W Pot win. secretary 
City ^upermiendeni li. W Potwin 
Prin Senior H S W R Frazer 
Prln Junior H 8 R R Uhrlaub 
Music (vocal) Helen Dobson 
Musu August San Komani 
Art Amber McCoy 
Domestic Ait Blanche Brooks 
Domestic Science Constance Rankin 
ruysical Training (boys) R A Bell 
Physical Training (girls) Helen Hirni 

Central Academy and College, piep and jun 
ior college, co-ed , Free Mctn , cst 1914, 
C A Stoll. Pres 

McPher&on College, coll lib arts, music, 
commercial depts , co ed , Ch ot the Brcth 
i en, est 1887, V F Schualm, Pres 

Medicine Lodge. Barber Co.. pop. 1,100. 

Bd Educ C L Forsyth, director 

Garnett Richardson, clerk 
Superintendent F Floyd Heir 
Mumc Raymond McAllister 
Home Economics Gladys Denny 
Physical Educ (grirls) Kathryn Black 
Physical Educ. (boys) Robert M Casncr 

\IIHonvale, Cloud Co, pop 500. 

Bd Educ Mrq I, Nelderhiser. pies 

C Burroughs, clerk 
Grade Schools Mies E Fry, prin. 
Rural High School L A Noll, prin 
Music Ellen Bloomquist 
Domestic Science Mila Pishney 
Jshop &, i'hy Ti g u Sal lee 

Miltonvale A\ f sieyun College, jr coll * 
prep courses; co-ed , Wesley an Meth , c-t 
1909, C Floyd Hester, Pres 

Minneapolis. Offana Co. pop. I.77t. 

Bd Educ C C Larzalene, president 

A R Miller, secretary 
( it> feupfimifiuleiii Utorge E. Bear 
High School H A Engstiom pi in 
Junioi High School G C. Mann, prtn 
Music Bertha Glsh 
Band G Lewis Doll 
Manual Training Kenneth A Boyd 
Home Economics -Margaret Coleman 





Mulvane, Sumner Co., pop. 1,939. 

Bd Educ. A. G. Huff, president 
H L Fulk, clerk 

High School Paul B Rider, prln 
Music Helen Swenaon 
Home Economics Eleanor Denton 
Physical Training George Norton 

Neodesha, Wilson Co., pop. 8,470 

Bd Educ G. C Pitney, president 

A O Steele, clerk 

City Superintendent Glenn A. De Lay 
High School George D. Ca Id well, prin. 
Music Robert Milton 
Art Margaret McCune 
Manual Training L B Carlyon 
Domestic Science- Margaret Bair 
Physical Training F. S McNair 
Athletic Director Robert McCollum 

Newton, Harvey Co., pop. 11,084. 

Bd Educ. F M Puttroff, president 
i-liy Suptrlntendunt John H. HAffelnnger 
Prln. High School Frank Lindley 
Lincoln Junior H S John L. England, 
Music Helen Stith 
Band ft Oichestra E S Sandeison 
Manual Training Karl Nelson 
Domestic Science Mary Llnton 
Drawing Marie Orr 
Commercial Christine Miller. 

Bethel College , coll liberal arts, music dept ; 
coed , Mennomte; est 1893, Ed G Kauf- 
man, Pres 

Nlrkorunn, Reno Co . pop. 1.050. 

Bd Educ (city) F. C. Aschman, president 

E. A Pearce, clerk 
Grade Schools S. E. Earl 
Music (grades) Mrs. J. E Waits 
Community H S F. A. Mundell, prm 
Manual Training W A Schmitt 
Music (h s ) H. J. Block 

North Branch, Jewell Co., pop. 100. 

North Branch Academy, prep , co-o* 
Friends, est 1889. Guy W Harvey. Prin. 

Norton Norton To., pop 1.700. 
Bd Educ. R W. Hemphill, president 

H V. Knapp, clerk 
Supeiintendent Dean Gilley 
Jr High School Mrs. Ella Jacques, prin. 
Community H. S Gerald Travis, prin. 

Oberlln. Decatur Co.. pop. 1,629. 
Bd Educ E M Biooks, president 

Marian Cathcart. clerk 
Supei intendent Charles E I Jawkes 
Music Donald Johnson 
Manual Training Paul Sandy 
Home Economics Geneva Johnson 
County High Sch Russel T Anderson, prin 

Ola the. JohnnoB Co., pop. 8,188. 
Bd Educ C E Todd. president 

H. B. Julien. clerk 
Superintendent W. B Kentijh 
Music Bernard Petersen 
Manual Training M. H. Enaor 

Kansas State School for fn* Deaf; co-ed ; est 
1861; H J Meiuernei. Supt 

Osage City, Osnre Co., pop. S.037. 

Bd. Educ Fred Bloom, president 

Bd Educ E C Um den stock, secretary. 

Superintendent Charles Schoonover. Jr. 

High School Edgar S. Colvin. prin. 

Music Gladys Nygren 

Band, Orchestra Ethan M. Gill 

Home Economics Ethel Snyder 

Physical Training F. W. Thomas, Jr. 

Osawatomle, Miami Co., pop. S.SSO. 

Bd Educ W. H. Weber, president 

Mrs Stella Stanley, clerk 
City Superintendent George A. York 
High School D. A. Morgan, prin. 
Music (vocal) Velma Weber 
Music (instr ) S. W Jolley 
Manual Training Edwin Brychta 
Domestic Science Alice Smith 

Osborne, Oshorne Co., pop. 2,098 

Bd Educ George A. Woolley, president 

Loren Wolfe, clerk 
Superintendent L H Brewster 
High School R C. Barnett, prin. 
Music Paul Ryberg 
Home Economics Martha Gordon 
Manual Training Herbert Hockstrasser 

Oekaloot*, Jeffereon Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ Curt. Patrick, president 

j w. Roberts, clerk 
Superintendent G. A. Tewell 
Music Bernard Peterson 
Domestic Science Anna M Strickler 
Physical Training Arlan Wilkinson 

Oftwegn. Labette Co., pop. ,t28. 

Bd Educ J. F. Zoucha, president 

R E Greer, clerk 
Supeiintendent D E Kerr 
High School C C. Ross. prin. 
Music B. C. Donmyer 
Domestic Science Mrs. P. L. Maxwell 
Manual Training P. L. Maxwell 

Ottawa, Franklin Co., pop. 0,563. 

Bd Educ R. E Curby. president 

H. L. Cartzdofner, secretary 
Superintendent G. H Marshall 
High School Ralph E. Gowans, Prln. 
J unior H S L A. Wilson, prin. 
Music Isla Romig 

Band, Orchestra -Hazen L. Richardson 
Manual Training C. W. Parent. 
Domestic Science Gertrude Seyb 
Commercial E C. Shemwell 

Ottawa University; comprises College of 
Liberal Arts and Science. School of Fine 
Arts (Music, Expression, Art); co-ed.; 
Bapt . est 1865; Andrew B. Martin, Pres. 

Paola. Miami Co., pop. 8,630. 

Bd Educ G I Piotzman, president 
Neil C Rice, clerk 
Superintendent W L. Rambo 
High School Harry A. Parker, prin. 
Music Ralph E. Gift 
Manual Training E. G Gilbert 
Domestic Science Bessie Heitt 

Ursuhne College and Academy ; girls ; board- 
mg ; R C ; est. 1895 ; Mother Jerome, Pres. 





Parsons, Labette Co., pop. 14,908. 

Bd Educ William Cunningham, president 

W S Phillips, cleik 
Superintendent Bees H. Hughes 
Senior High School E F. Parner. prin. 
East Junior H S H C Rule, prin. 
West Junior H S L. M Eddy, pi in 
Domestic Science Florence Harold 

feabody, Marion Co., pop. 1,27*. 

Bd. Educ. D. M. Ward, president 

Earl Fickertt, clerk 
Superintendent H. H Brown 
High School Frank Leatherman 
Music Irene Schneider 
Manual Training Paul B. Johnston 

rhillipflburg, Phillips Co., pop. l,tS5. 
Bd. Educ. Archie Wherry, president 

E L.. Morgan, clerk 
Superintendent William McMullen 
High School H. . Bradley, prin. 
Music Helen Heaston 
Manual Training Ralph Bowers 

Pittsburg, Crawford Co., pop. 18,145. 

Bd. Educ Joe Buchman, president 
Clk Bd Educ Thelma Werme 
City Superintendent M M Rose 
Principal High School John L Hutchinson 
Roosevelt Jr H S F M Green, prin 
Lakeside Jr H S P. O Briggs, prin 

Courtney College of Commerce, U. B. Court- 
ney. President 

Kansas State Teachers College, teacher train- 
ing courses, state, co-ed ; W. A. Branden- 
burg. President. 

Pittsburg Business College, bus and sten . 
est 1895, H L. Anderson, Pres 

Plalnville, Rooks Co.. pop. 1,100. 

Bd. Educ O. R Gilbert, president 

F W. Brandt, clerk 
Superintendent ! A Fleming 
High School Violet Rouner. prin 
Music James H. Rice 
Domestic Science Violet Rouner 
Coach William Eckart 

Ptoasanton, Una Co., pop. 1,559. 

Bd Educ Mrs. Richard Teubner, president 

C H. Porter, clerk 
Superintendent Elwyn Campbell 

Pratt, Pratt Co., pop. 6,822. 

Bd. Educ. Lee Hamilton, president 

Eleanor Gordinier, clerk 
Superintendent Amos W. Glad 
High School H. B. Unruh, pnn. 
Music Mrs Edna V. Stillman 
Art Edith Knox 
Manual Training Virgil Pugh 
Foods Geneva Goodard 
Clothing Frances Rosser 
Physical Trg (boys) Fred Lighter 
Physical Tr*g> (girls) Gertrude Barton 

Quindaro, Wyandotte Co., pop. 500. 

Western University (colored), industrial 
school for negroes, co-ed ; A. M. S . est 
189$, G A Gregg, Pres. 

, Russell Co., pop. 1,165. 

Bd Educ M. G Gregwiie. president 
Oscar O strum, clerk 
Superintendent Clifford D. Dean 
High School Thomas L Iden, prin. 
Music Phillip B Boughner 
Manual Training Paul Christensen 
Domestic Srieme Ruth (Srove 
Physical Educ (boys) Dean Skaer 
Physical Educ. (girls) Sarah Mahoney 

St. Francis, Cheyenne Co., pop. 675. 

Bd Educ A L Hancock, president 

R A Thompson, clerk 
Giades E R Shearer, prin 
County High School G E Greene, prin 

8* John. Stafford To., pop 1.400 

Bd. Educ G. H. Blake, president 
T Hahn. clerk 
Superintendent Don Kitch 
Music J J Dalke 
Art Katherme Shaler 
Home Economics Marion Jewell 
Industrial Arts G E Burnette 
Physical Tr'c (bovs) C V Jrvm 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Erma Abbott 

8t Man*, fottavratomle Co. pop 1,287 

Bd Educ Paul Clark, president 

A A Ronsse, clerk 
Superintendent John M. Browne 

St Louis University School of Divinity , R C , 
A C Kemper, Dean 

St Paul. NroHho Co . pop 1.086 

Bel Educ V T Burns, president 

Ethel McMains, clerk 
Superintendent L T Creech 
High School Gertrude Stoelzinjr 

Sahetha. Nemaha Co . pop. 1.857 

Bd Educ F W WriKhtman. president 

H S Moulton. clerk 
Supenntendent W O. Staik 
Hmh School W R Whitzel, prin 
Junior H S Ernest E Barnard, pun 
Mumo Rachel Wilson 
Band, Orchestra M O Wood 
Physical Training W A Forsberg 
Physical Trg (mrls) Elie Ferguson 

Ballna, Saline Co., pop. 30,156 

Bd Educ Frank S Dyar, president 

F L, Reynolds, clerk 
Citv Superintendent W S Heusner 

High School W W Waring, pifncfpal 
Music F C Lebow, supervisor 

Art Nelle Seiver, supervisor 
Man Tr E\ rett Barber 
Domestic Science Lora Miller 

Kansas Wesley an University, coll liberal 

arts, music, commerce, co-ed . M E 

*r 1K*f, I B Bouers Pre* 
Marymount College, degree courses, high 

school, girls, Catholic, Sister Chryaos- 

tom, Dean 
St John's Military School; coll prep 

hoarding P E , est 1888, ' 

B. L Clem, Superintendent 
Sacred Heart School, prep , co-ed . R C 

Sister Reglna, Supeilor 





Scammon, Cherokee Co., pop. 2,878. 

Bd Educ Joseph Batten, president 

James Dunn, clerk 
Grades Lawrence Redd, pnn. 

Scott City, Scott Co., pop. 1,793 

Bd Educ Elmer Epperson, president 

J L. Jones, treasurer 
Superintendent Paul C. Loveless 
County H S. - J. H. Bay, prin. 
Music Alberta Sandow 
Domestic Science Florence Daniels 
Physical Tr'g (boys) O N Shearer 

Scranton, Osage Co., pop. 1,027 

Bd Educ John White, president 

Mrs. Will Urish. clerk 
Superintendent- E. B. Hart 
High SchoolEverett Fires, prin 

Sedan, Chautauqua Co., pop 2,211 

Bd Educ. Fred Chubb, president 

J W. Dalton, clerk 
Supeiintendent R L Jewell 
High School Thomas N Millard prin 

Seneca, Nraiaha Co , pop 1.858. 
Bd Educ Clifford W Baldwin, president 
Bd Educ Bess Larimer, clerk 
Superintendent T E Bowers 
Music Gladys Roe 
Home Economics Marvel Cox 
Physical Education Paul McDamel 

Smith Center, Smith Co., pop. 1,450. 
Bd Educ -M H Hill, president 

D P Moorman, clerk 
Superintendent Ernest R Allbert 
Music Ida Marie Wickizer 
Band, Orchestra R A Samuelson 
Home Economics Gerald inc Lancaster 
Physical Educ (bovs) R L Conger 
Physical Educ. (girls) Helen Bice 

Solomon. Dickinson Co, pop 1.000. 
Bd Educ N. E Hall, president 
City Supt. Leon F. Montague 
High School Leon F Montague, prin 

Stafford. Stafford Co., pop. 1,500. 

Bd Edur J L Spirard, president 

Mae McGregor, clerk 
High School Frank L Irwin, prin 

Sterllnr. Rice Co., pop. 2.013. 

Bd Educ Marion Trueheart, pres 

E. W. Farrell, clerk 
Superintendent -L C Newman 
Junior H. S. Presley E. Cowan, prin 
Music Marie B Colburn 
Music (instr ) C H. Crawford 
Physical Training H E Detter 
Manual Training Allen Lintecum 

Sterling College: coll. lib arts: Un 
Presb ; est 1887; H A. Kelsey. Pres 

Stockton, Rooks Co., pop. l.tOO. 
Bd Educ.- Carl Bray, president 
William Marshall, clerk 

Superintendent Alex V. Anderson 
High School Rena Bouner, prin. 

Syracuse, Hamilton Co., pop. 1,150. 

Bd Educ. E. M. Scott, president 

C F Harrison, secretary 
City Superintendent W. A. Baker. 
Music (vocal) Edwin Payne 
Band. Orchestra Fernando Cook 
Domestic Science Jessie Hucson 
Athletics Clifford Binns 

Tnnganoxle, Leavenwortn Co., pop. 1,050. 

Bd. Educ Lela Kevin Meyers, director 

W C. Allan, clerk 
Grades Albert F Ayers. prin. 
High School W. C. Morrow, prin. 

Topeka, Shawnee Co.. pop. 64,120. 

Bd Educ. John F. Scott, president 

H L Armstrong, business manager 
Superintendent A. J. Stout 
Supv Elementary Julia B. Davis 

MusicDavid T Lawaon, supervisor 
Manual Training W. W. Scott 
Home Economics Jessie Bell Woodworth 
Art Lugrace Wbltmer 
Penmanship Ruth Kittle 
Director Phy Tr L P Dittemore 

High School W. N. Van Slyck prtn 
Night School C H. Hepworth, director 
Boswell Jr. H. S Charles S. Todd, prin. 
Franklin Crane Jr. H.S. Wm. P. Dietr, prin. 
Curtis Jr H. S S. H. Stark, prin. 
East Topeka Jr. H. S. W. G. Magaw. prin 
Holhday Jr. H. S P. E Oyler, prin. 
Roosevelt Jr. H. S F. G. Parsons, prin. 

Assumption School, prep . co-ed.. R C., 

est 1867, Sister Rose, Superior. 
Clark School of Secretarial Training, 935 

Western Ave ; Helen Clark, Director 
Dodds School of Business. 512 Central 

Bldg ; Mrs. Fred J. Dodds, Owner 
Kansas Vocational School (colored) ; 

state. Clement Richardson Prin 
State Industrial School for Boys; 

Paul A Cannady, Supt.. North Topeka Sta. 
Topeka Business College, bus and sten , 

est. 1888; M H. Strickler, President, 111 

E Eighth 
Washburn College: comprises the College. 

of Liberal Arts. School of Law and School 

of Music: co-ed.: Cong.: est. 1805: 

Philip C. King, Pres. 

Washburn College Law School: four-year 

course: co-ed.; Rosseau A, Burch, Dean 

Washburn College School of Music, 

Ira Pratt, 

Tribune. Greeley Co., pop. 067 

Bd Educ A E. Smith, president 
Mrs Bertha Kucera, clerk 
Grade Schools Robert Brickey. prin. 
County High School Lloyd Miller, prla 

Troy, Donlphan Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ. F. W. Kotsch. president 
Bd. Educ. E. B. Doughty, olerk 
Superintendent Charles Marble, Jr. 





T*Uey Xtolli, JeffenoB Co., pop. 1,150, 

Bd, Educ. Mrt. Ellen Newman, president 

L A. Keppart, clerk 
Superintendent B. R, Thorpe 

Waketiiey, Trei o Co , pop. 1,565 

Bd. Educ R A. Hinshaw, president 
Bd. Educ. C. M Hutchison, elerk 
Town Schools M C Poague, supt. 
High School R E Custer. prln 

Wamego, Pottmwatomle Co., pop. 1.7SS. 

Bd Edue S. F. Berner, president 

C. F. Schorr, clerk 
Superintendent-J. W. Wellborn 
Music Mildred Miller 
Physical Training Wesley Grout 
Manual Training: Shelton Abersold 

Washington Co., pop. 

Bd Educ George Dickson, president 

W B Smith, clerk 
Superintendent F E Hewitt 
High School H. H. Darby, prln 
Music Lois McNitt 
Domestic Science Mary Brookshier 

Woir. Chorokoo Co.. pop. 2,58*. 

Bd Educ. W. B Hamilton, president 

W. L Wisby, clerk 
Superintendent L C Holcomb 
Music John Herring 

WelUatton, Snmrner Co., ion. 7,58S. 
Bd Educ. George A Slothower, president 

H A Richards, elerk 
Superintendent Claude Kissick 
Senior High Sch Harley E Stamm, pnn 
Music Nile Joachim 
Music (elem.) Mildred Kimmel 
Domestic Science Gladys Cronemeyer 

Wichita, Sedgwlek Co., pop. 114,624 

Bd EducH B McKibbm, president 

Louis Gerteis, secretary 
City Superlmtendent L W. Mayberry 
Music Grace V. Wilson, supervisor 
Manual TraminrT C Woodm 
Domestic Science Nellie Waddmgton 
Pcnmamhip William Anderson 
North Hirfi School L W Brooks, prm 
East High School Truman G Reed, pnn 
Allison Jr. H. S J. E. Stinson, pnn. 
Central Jr H. S. Alden Salser, prin. 
Hamilton Jr. H. S. Mrs. Helen M Eckstein 
Horace Mann Jr. H S-Wm T Crosswhite 
Roosevelt Jr. H. S Frank K. Reid, prin. 
Robinson Jr H. S. Paul H. Good, prin. 

American Business College; bus. and sten , 
est. 1893; Morris I. Taylor, Fret. 

Dague Business College; bus. and itoa.; 
S R. Dague, President 

Friends University; comprises College of 
Liberal Arts; School of Fine Arts; Grad- 
uate Biblical School; co-ed ; Friends, est 
1898; David M. Edwards, Pres. 

Mount ParmH xr^deniv rirls boarding* 
Catholic, est 1887; Sister Mary Baphaella, 

Municipal University of Wichita, college 
of Liberal Aits and Sciences, of Business 
Adminstration and Industry, of Education 
of Fine Arts, Graduate School, Municipal, 
co-ed ; est 1892. W M Jardine. Pres 

Power- Myers Conservatory of Music, est 
1910, Reno B Myeis, Dueetor, Douglas 

Sweenev School short courses in eleetrieity 
Diosol, welding, radio, E J Sweeney, Pres 

Wichita Bnsinofis College, bus and sten , 
est 1883; W. I drum, Pres 

Wilson, Ellsworth Co, pop. l,0i. 

Bd Educ F D Olds, president 
Charles Padlasek, clerk 
-Superintendent Menno Voth 
High School Flo>d Carter 
Band Clifford Mortimer 

Winfteld, Cowlay Co , pop 9,598 
Pres Bd Educ -C B Hamilton 

Audry Cochran, secretary 
Superintendent Evan E Evans 
High School Herbert C Hawk, prin 
Muaie Paul Painter 
Art Eulah Lindner 

St Johns Lutheran College, prep, music 
and business co-ed Luth , est. 1891, 
Carl S. Mundinger, President 

South westein College, comprises college, mu- 
sic, business art, oratory, co-ed .ME, 
est 1886, Frank E Mossman, Pres 

State Training School, for mentall> deficient, 
coed , est 1881, Wylie W Cook, Supt 

Yates Center Woodnon Co.. pop. 2,100. 

Bd Educ E<1 Light, president 

*r Bd Educ Miss V E Ream 

Superintendent S R Widner 

Tnnior High School Cerlle Mason, prin, 

Musie Fianoen Baxter 

Manual Training Wayne Weare 

Domestic Science Lllliefred Tonkey 



H. W. PETERS, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Frankfort 

GOBDIE YOUNG, Assistant Superintendent Frankfort 

MARK GODMAN, State Supervisor of Public Schools Frankfort 

P. H. NBBLBTT, Director, Division of Free Textbooks Frankfort 

A. P. TAYIA>R, Director of Certification Frankfort 

R H. WOODS, Director, Division of Vocational Education Frankfort 

HAROLD G. WILSON, Supervisor Trade and Industrial Education .. Frankfort 

ATA LEE, Supervisor Home Economics Education Frankfort 

HOMER W. NICHOLS, Director of Special Education Frankfort 

CLEVELAND MOORE, Supervisor, Division of Special Education Frankfort 

OLNEY M. PATRICK, Supervisor, Division of Special Education Frankfort 

L N. TAYLOR, Supervisor Negro Education Frankfort 

J. C. MILLS, Auditor and Inspector Frankfort 

GEORGE L EVANS, Duectoi of Finance Frankfort 

Moss WALTON, Director, Census and Attendance Frankfort 

JOHN W BROOKER, Director, Division of School Buildings & Grounds Frankfort 

R. E. JAGGERS, Director of Teacher Training Frankfort 

RUTH THEOBALD, Supervisor of Public School Libraries Frankfort 


H. W. PETERS, Chairman .State Superintendent, Frankfort 

JOHN W. BROOKER, Secy. Frankfort J L. CLOAR Middlesboro 

MRS. ESPY GOODPASTER . Owingsvillo BERNARD EILERMAN . . . . Covington 
CHESTER BYRN. . ..Mayfield W G. HAMMOCK .. .. Versailles 
VIRGIL BAIRD . ..Glasgow JOHN SANDIDGE Louisville 


HENRY NOBLE SHERWOOD, President Georgetown College, Georgetown 

PAUL B. BOYD, Secretary Dean, University of Kentucky, Lexington 


FRANK L. Me VET, President... President University of Kentucky, Lexington 
W. P, KING, Secretary Heyburn Building, Louisville 







County Name and Address 

Adalr .......... C. W. Marshall, Columbia 

Allen ..... Golia E. Rather, Scottsville 

. . 

Barren .......... James W. Depp, Glasgow 

Bath ........ W. W. Horton, Owingsville 

Bell ................ S. A. Mills, Pineville 

Boone ............ D. H. Norris, Burlington 

Bourbon ............ J M Me Vey, Paris 

Boyd ........ A. H. Thurman, Catlettsburg 

Boyle. ...H. A. Cocanougher, Danvflle 

Bracken.... Charles Paynter, Brooksville 

Breathitt ....................... 

..... Mrs. Marie R Turner, Jackson 
Brecklnridire ....................... 

........ Hobart B. Hines, Hardinsburg 

Bullitt.W. H. McFarland, Shepherdsville 
Butler ..... Louis Arnold. Morgantown 

Caldwell ...... B. F. Blackburn, Princeton 

Galloway ....... M. O. Wrather. Murray 

Campbell ........ J. W Reiley. Alexandria 

Carlisle ......... Hardin Graves, Bardwell 

Carroll ............ Clay Tharp. Carrollton 

Carter .......... Herman Horton, Grayson 

Casey ....... W M Watkins, Liberty 

Christian . N. T Hooks. Hopkinsville 
Clark.... W G Conkwnjdit, "Winchester 

Clay ........ Ezra Webb. Manchester 

Clinton ............ R. C. Reneau, Albany 

Crittenden .... J L. F Paris, Marion 

Cumberland . ..... 

. . . Earl E Garrison, Burkesville 
Daviess ......... E W. Richmond, Owensboro 

Edmonson ......................... 

. . Mrs. Gertie Lindsey, Brownsville 
Elliott ........ John L. Crisp, Sandy Hook 

Estill....Mrs. Mayme West Scott, Irvine 

Fayette ............ D Y Dunn, Lexington 

Fleming ...... M. N. Evans. Flemlngsburg 

Floyd ...... Towne Hall, Prestonsburg 

Franklin ............ Roy True, Frankfort 

Fulton .......... Clyde Lassiter, Hickman 

Gallatln ......... William Harris, Warsaw 

Garrard. . . .Colonel Hammonds. Lancaster 

Grant .......... M. J. Belew, Williamstown 

Graves .......... W. H. Baldree. Mayfield 

Grayson.... Charles S. Brown, Leitchfield 

Green .......... Nona Burress, Greensburg 

Greenup ........ Fred Mavnard, Greenuo 

Hancock ....... R. I. Glover. Hawesville 

Hardin.. Gilbert Burkhead, Elizabethtown 
Harlan ........ James A. Cawood, Harlan 

Harrison .......... W. L. Case, Cynthiana 

Hart .......... R. G. Vass. Munfordville 

Henderson... N. O. Khnbler, Henderson 
Henry *.*.. 

....Mrs. Lucy L. Smith, New Castle 

Hickman .......... Vera Beckham, Clinton 

Hopkins. .David S. Edwards. Madisonville 
Jackson ..... Coleman Reynolds, McKee 

Jefferson ..... Orvilla J. Stivers, Louisville 

Jessamine .......................... 

....... Roland Roberts, Nicholas vllle 

Johnson ...... John Fred Williams, Paintsvflle 

Kenton ..... .Robert Sharon, Independence 

County Name and Address 

Knott ...... Beckham Combs, Hindman 

Knox ...... George Messer, Barbourville 

Larue ...... Ada Lee Graham. Hodgenville 

Laurel .......... Walter Chestnut, London 

Lawrence ........... David Morris, Louisa 

Lee ........ Sam B. Taylor. Beattyvllle 

Leslie ................ J. D. Begley, Hyden 

Letcher ....... Arlie Boggs, Whitesburg 

Lewis ....... Annie Bertram, Vanceburg 

Lincoln ........ Mayme Singleton, Stanford 

Livingston ......................... 

Mrs Mamie T Ferguson, Smlthland 
Logan ....... G. B. Williams, Russellville 

Lyon ........ Eugene F. Glenn, Eddyville 

Madison ...... J. D. Hamilton, Richmond 

Magoffln .......... D. J Carty, Salyersville 

Marion ......... J W. Clarkson, Lebanon 

Marshall ........... Holland Rose, Ben ton 

Martin .. .. Earl C. Reed, Inez 

Mason. . . Emory G Rogers, Maysvillo 
McCracken ...... Miles Meredith, Paducah 

McCreary ............................ 

..... William O. Gilreath, Whitley City 

McLean ........ O. W. Wallace. Calhoun 

Meade ..... R. W. Hamilton, Brandenburg 

Menifee ...... Shelby Kash, Frenchburg 

Mercer W W. Ensminger, Harrodsburg 
Metcalfe ....................... 

.... Herman L Williams, Edmonton 

Monroe ...... Paul Lyon, Tompklnsvillt 

Montgomery . . ............. 

Nell Guy McNamara, Mt Sterling 
Morgan .... Ova O. Haney, West Liberty 

Muhlenberg .H. F. Bates. Jr., Greenville 
Nelson ..... Charles W. Hart, Bardstown 

Nicholas . . . Mrs. Eda S. Taylor. Carlislt 
Ohio ---- W R. Carson Jr. Hartford 

Oldham ........... J. W. Selph, LaGrang* 

Owen ........ J O Webster, Owenton 

Owsley ...... Luther F. Morgan, Booneville 

Pendleton ....... Chris Wilson. Falmouth 

Perry ........... M. C. Napier, Hazard 

Pike .............. C. H. Farley. Pikeville 

Powell Thomas T Rogers. Stan ton 

Pulaski ...... James M. Holt. Somerset 

Robertson . Robt. T. Adkins, Mt Olivet 
Rockcastlc ........ Myrtle Bryant, Mt. Vernon 

Rowan ........ Roy Cornette, Morehead 

Russell .......... J. L. Story, Jamestown 

Scott . . ..F. W Hood, Georgetown 

Shelby ........ B. J. Paxton, Shetbyvllle 

Simpson.... Erie Neely Duff. Franklin 

Spencer. . Hubert Hume, Taylorsville 
Taylor ...... Geo. E Sapp. 


Todd .......... Claude 

htower. Elkton 

Trigg .......... J. N. Holland. Cadis 

Trimble... J W. McMahan, Bedford 
Union ...... W. O. Wright, Morgan field 

Warren ..... Everett Witt, Bowling Green 

Washington ........................ 

........ J. F. McWhorter, Springfield 

Wayne ................ Ira Bell, Monticello 

Webster ...... T. V. Fortenberrv, Dlxon 

Whitley ...... C. 8. Wilson. Williamsburg 

Wolfe....... ---- Bruce Rose, Campton 

Wood ford.. James B. Helrd. Versailles 






Alexandria. Campbell Co., pop. 500. 

Bel (county) John Trapp. chairman 
County High Sch F. I. Satterlee, prm 
Music Lee M. Trauth 
Domestic Science Halhe Caldwell 
Physical Director L Woolum 

Anchorage. Jefferson Co., pop. 

Bd Educ James E. Durham, chairman 
Superintendent D. D Moseley 
Manual Training D D Moseley 
Music Forrest Mercer 
Domestic Science Mildred Hambleton 
Physical Education Harry D Olenn 

Ashland, Boyd Co., pop. 99,074. 

Bd Educ Elaine Lewis, chairman 
A J Brown, secretary 
Superintendent W. L Brooker 
High School Edgar K. Smith, prm 
Putnam Jr H S J A Anderson, prm 
Coles Jr H S J H Williams, prin. 
Music John Lewis 

Auburn, Logan Co., pop. 697. 

School Trustee Irl Scott 

County H 8 C S Adams, prin 

Augusta, Bracken Co., pop 1,718 

Bd Educ H V. Richer, chairman 

Dexter Thornsbury, secretary 
Superintendent Neal A Ranson 
High School C E Word, prin 
Supv. Music Hattle Belle Dunbar 
Band & Orchestra Mrs Nell Steen 

Barbonrville, Knox Co, pop 1,877 
Bd. Educ W. E. McNeil, chairman 

Guy O Nichols, secretary 
Supeilntendent Guv O Nichols 
High School Daniel M Hum fleet, prin 
Home Economics Nellie Hays 

Barbourville Baptist Institute: prep 
courses, co-ed ; boarding- dept.; Bapt ; 
eat 1898. H E Nelson. Pi in 
Union College: liberal arts coll . co-ed . 
M E ; est 1886; John Owen Gross, Pres 

Bardstow* Nelson Co.. pop. 1,711. 
Bd. of Educ. Henry L. Mulr, chairman 

F B Wilson, secretary 
Superintendent W. F Hibbs 
High School Tom Ellis, prin 
Music Maurice Martin 
Grades Arch Pulliam 

St Joseph's Preparatory School, boys, board- 
ing: B. C.. est. 1810, Brother Lipouri, Prin 

Bardwell, Carlisle Co., pop. 1.400. 

Bd Educ Oscar Bodkin, chairman 

John Williams, secretary 
High School 8. Jack Gardner, prin. 

Beaver Dam, Ohio Co.. pop. 700. 
Bd Educ C P. Austin, chairman 

J. M. William*, secretary 
High School E. E Tartar, prin 
Music Lorraine Lyon 
Home Economics Dorothy Bonar 

Bellevne, Campbell Co., pop. 8.497. 
Bd. Educ. Charles A. Patzold, chairman 

Lawrence Greisinger. secretary 
Superintendent Leo F Gilltgan 
High School W H Marshall, prin 
Supv Music Anna West. 
Physical Culture Estella Disc 

Benton, Marshall Co., pop. 875. 

Bd Educ L V Benson, chairman 

Tallus Chambers, secretary 
Superintendent Tull us Chambers 
High School Matt Sparkman, prin 
Music Paul Bryant 
Home Economics Elizabeth Harper 

Berea, Madison Co.. pop. 1,810. 

Bd Educ Thomas Huff, chairman 

Wilson Evans, secretary 
High School Wilson A Evans, prin 
Music Helen BickneU 

Berea College, comprises the College. 
Academy, Foundation - Junior High 
School; Music Department; School of 
Nursing, co-ed ; non-sect , est 1855. Wil- 
liam James Hutchins, Pres 

Blackey, Letcher Co., 

Stuart Robinson School, prep . co-ed . 
Prcsb . est 1914; W L Cooper. Pres 

Blavkford. Webster Co . pop 649. 
Bd Educ D M Babb, chairman 
Ralph Little, sectetary 
Higrh School Emerson Crowley. prin 

Bloomfleld, Nelson Co.. pop. 600. 

Bd Educ Frank Allen, chairman 

H P Humphrey, secretary 
High School W. D Chilton, prin 

Booneville, Owsley Co., pop. 260. 
Bd Educ Hubert Wilson, chairman 

Sam Estep, secretary 
High School J Park Strother. prin 

Bowling Green, Warren Co., pop. 12,348. 

Bd Educ Frank Cole, chairman 
Wyatt W. Williams, secretary 
Superintendent Thomas C. Cherry 
High School L C. Curry, principal 
Supv Music Mary Armitage 
Drawing- Miss Reed Potter 
Domestic Science Mrs Iva Ferrin 
Athletic Director- /-Douglas Smith 

Bowling Green Business University, hue 
est 1875. J L Harman. Pres. 

St Joseph's Academy, girl's boarding, R. 
C : Sister Superior 

Western Kentucky State Teacher* College, 
co-ed , est. 1906; H H. Cherry. Pres. 

Burgin, Mercer Co., pop. 708. 

Bd Educ John Vanarsdall, Jr , chm'n 

Lewis A Piper, secretary 
High School Lewis A. Piper, prm. 





llnrkrftville. Cumberland Co.. pop. 860 
Bd EducH. A Ferguson, chairman 

A H Freer, seoretaiv 
Superintendent Leon Cook 
High School N G Wesley, pnu 
Music Beulah Moms 

Bnrnsldc, Pulaski Co.. pop. 1,078. 

Bd Educ T. B Grissom, chairman 

A H Freer, secretary 
Superintendent A H. Freer 
High School N G Wesley, pnn 

Calhoun, McLean Co., pop. 760. 

Bd Educ S R Wai trip, chaiiman 
Bd Educ Walter Scott, secretary 
High School Marshall Hearm, pnn 

Cadfx, Trig* Co., pop. 1000. 

Bd Educ J E Griffin, chairman 

A L Townsend. secretary 
High School * L Townsend. prtn 

Campbells* tile. Taylor Co.. pop. 1.400 

Bd Educ Fred L Graham, chairman 

Mrs Clayton Hord, secretary 
High S<hool John A. Jones, prin. 
Music Mi 8 Metlin Wood 
Home Economics Winnie Sinclair 

Campbellsville College, junior coll , co ed , 
Baptist, est 1907. D J Wiight, Pies 

Camp* on. Wolf* Co pop 47O 

Bd Educ Roy Hanks, chairman 

R L Tolson. secretatv 
SuperintendentClarence W Starns 

Carlisle, Nicholas Co. pop. 1,720. 

PreH Bd Educ 1 B Koss 

S K Veach, secretary 
Superintendent Ifi E Pfansteel 
High School Nancy E Talbert, prin. 

Carrollton, Carroll Co., pop. 8,200 

Bd Educ C A Hill, president 
City Superintendent Paul B Boyd 
High School T K Stone, prin 
Music Mrs James Snydor 
Home Economics RoHemaiy Ethington 

Catlttsbarg, Boyd Co., pop. 8.520. 

Bd Educ I) C Burns, chairman 

John C Hogan, secretary 
r-itv Hpr Intend ent J T. Kflracle 
High School Carl Hicks, prin 

Central City, Mnhlenherg Co.. pop. 2,000 
Bd Educ F T Wallace, chairman 

Mary Ellen Jarvn, secretary 
f'lty &>upeiintendnt Tim Mclnsheim 
High School George T Taylor, prin 
Music L P Brown 
Home Economics Beulah Snider 
Manual Training D Oral Caywood 
Physical Education Leslie Ellis 
Physical Educ. (girls) James Long 

Clay, Webster Co., pop. 1,878. 

Bd Educ Daron Quirey, chairman 

F. F. Charles, secretary 
Superintendent W G Sullenger 
High School J Edgar Pride, prin 
Music Ruby K. Lipford 
Domestic Science Katherine Russell 

Clinton Hlckman Co., pop. 1,500. 

High School O M Schultz. Jr. prin 
Music Mrs Warfleld Browdor 

Cloverport, Brecklnridge Co., pop. 1.866. 

Brt Edur Mrs Shelby Conrad, chairman 

G L Tiller, secretary 
High School G L Tiller, prin 

Columbia. 4dalr Co.. pop. 800. 

Bd Educ John W FlowciB, ohaiiman 

T E Waggener. secretary 
Superintendent W M Wilson 
High School Mary Lucy Lowe 

Lindsey Wilson Junior College; 2-yr ; co 
ed , M E Ch So , est 1903, A P White, 

Columbus, Hlckman Co . pop. 1.250. 

Bd Educ E W How oil chairman 

Voi a Be r Kham, sts i ctai v 
Hrh School James R Allison, prin 
Mustc Mrs Vera M Lynn 

Curbin, Whltl*} Co., pop 8,030 

H<1 Educ W W Lawson. chairman 

G W Campbell, secretary 
Supeiintendent G W Campbell 
Hisrh School -W E Burton, pnn 
Athletic* N 6. Denes 

Corinth, Grant Co, pop. 475 

S< hool Ti ustee L A Rogers 
Orle P Gruelle, secretary 
High School E B Whalin, principal 

for.> don, Henderson Co , pop. 800 

Bd Educ J J Cottingham. chairman 

P E King sectetnrv 
High School W K Dorse\, pnn 

Cotlngton. Kenton Co, pop 05,252. 

Bd Kdu< Bernard J Kathman, chairman 
R W OHrtch, business directoi 

Supeiintendent Glenn O Hwing 

Music Oscar T H Schmidt 

Domestic Science Clara G Eaton 

Physical Culture Anna Campbell 
Drawing Lei* Lowe 

Penmanship Seddie Grunkomeyer 

Primary Arline Yonnir 

Intei mediate Sara Rues 

Commercial Frank Karnea 


Holmes High School. 25th and Madfaon 
Stb . H H Mills, Principal 

William Grant High School, 9th ft Qresnup 
H R Merry. Principal 

Covington Catholic High School; boys, 
Charles Reiter, Prin., 1212 Greenup st. 





Villa Madonna Academy; girl*' boarding, 
day, elem thru high school. K C , Sia- 
teis of St Benedict 

Cynthiana, Han-toon Co., pop. 4,385. 

Bd Educ Orle Lebus. chairman. 

Eva Reed secretary 
Superintendent W E Lawson 
High School W H Cason, prln 
Music & Drama H D Ingles, director 
Physical Training H D Ingles 

Danville, Boyle Co., pop. 6.729. 

Bd Educ John 8 Van Winkle 

L C Bosley, secietary 
superintendent L. C. Bosley 
High School Theo A Sanford, prm 
Music Beva Kemp 
Domestic Science Ruth Latimer 
Manual Training- Stanley Ko/arski 

Centre College, coll liberal arts, coordinate 
depts foi men and women, Presh , est 

1810. James H Hewlett, act'? Pics 
Kentucky State School for the Deaf 

M J Lee, Supt 

Daw*on Sprlnfffl, Hopklim Co , pop 2,311 

Bd Educ Chester Wilkey, chairman 

R A Belt, secretary 
Superintendent R A Belt 
High School B U. Sisk. prtn. 
Athletic Coach O B Springer 

Dayton. Campbell Co , pop. 10.033 

Bd Educ C L Winter, chairman 

Harry Koemg, secretary 
Superintendent Olln W Davis 
Hijrh School W A Cook, pun 
Mubic John Stewait 
Domestc Science Willie K Easley 
Physical Training W A Ba*s 
Manual Training John A. Wbtteml 

Dffkoyen, Inlon Co, pop 650 

County High School W T Black, prm 

KarUogton, Hopkins Co., pop. 3,012. 

Bd Educ W A Randolph, chairman 

Ernest Newton, secietarv 
City Superintendent A. P. Prather 
High School L, J McGlnley. prln 

Eddyvllle, I-yo Co.. pop. 1,*50. 

Bd Ed ue S M Mai tin. chanman 

R Y Hooks, secretary 
Superintendent T. H Barton 

Klizabethtown, Hardin Co.. pop. 2.587 

Bd Eduo R T. Layman, chairman 

Coinelia Heeler, secretary 
Superintendent H C Taylor 
High School Mrs J T Willett. prln 
Bond-Washington II S (colored) G W 

Adams, prin 

Bllcton. Todd Co . pop. 1,123 

Bd BJduc B E Boone, chafiman 

B. I* Nabue. secretary 
High School W. G. Puryear, prm 

Eminence, Henry Co., pop. 1,018. 

Bd Eduo A D Hudson, chairman 

L S Moss, secretary 
Superintendent O. L McElroy 
High School John Carl Sparrow, prin. 

Erlanger, Kenton Co., pop. 650. 

Bd Educ Alonzo Victor, chairman 

E B Yelton, secretary 
Supeiintendent Edgar Arnett 
High School Bettie Morgan, prin 
Music Ruth Sitton 
Domestic Science Julia Stenken 

Falmonth, Pendleton Co, pop. 1,184. 
Bd. Educ J. M Mason, chairman 

C R Boggess, secretary 
Supeiintendent Lloyd H Lutes 

* lemingsmirg. Fleming Co., pop 1,350. 

Bd Educ Carlm Whaley, chairman 

M N Evans, secretary 
Town Schools Frank D Scott, prin 
MusicEdith MacDonald 
Home Economics Frances Thornton 

Fords* Hie, Ohio Co , pop. 700. 

Bd Educ C L Mason, chafiman 

H C Giaham, secretary 
High School W R Winfrey, prin 

Fort Thomas. Campbell Co., pop. 10,067. 

Bd Educ F E Hall, chairman 

Elizabeth Chapman, secretary 
Superintendent D W Bridges 
High School Joe W. Austin, prin 
Music E T Jones 

Physical Educ (girls) Elizabeth Roach 
PJ^qical Eduo (boys) Walter Van Winkle 

Frankfort, Franklin Co.. pop. 11,626 

Bd Educ F J Sutterlin. chairman 

C Coy Wells, secretary 
r-itv Superintendent J. W Ireland. 

Hisrh School C D Redding, prin 

Music Ei H! or a South 

Domestic Science Carolyn Lutkemeier 

Drawing Jessie M Pox 

Principal Colored Schools W. S Blanton 

Kentucky State Industrial Coll (colored), 
co-ed, est 1887, R B Atwood, Pres 

Franklin, Slmnsoa Co , nop 3,063 

Bd Educ Mont Breedlove, chairman 

J F Jordan, secretary 
Superintendent C H Jaggers 
County High School L L Valentine, prin 

Faltesj. Fultea Co., pop. 4,000. 

Bd Educ R H Wade, chairman 

Ethel Butterworth, secretary 
Supeiintendent J. O Lewis 
High School Lawrence Holland, prin 
Music Mrs LoH Hlndman 
Manual Training Uet Klllebrew 
Physical Training Jack Carter 





Georgetown, Soott Co., pop. 4,228. 
Bd. Educ. S. P. Beed, chairman 

J W. Lancaster, secretary 
Cfty Superintendent J. W. Lancaster 
High School P. E Barker, prin. 
Music Margaret Pierce 

Home Economic*- Jane Lewis 
Manual Training M. L Oakley 
Physical Training J. T. Vaughn 

Cardome Academy, girl's boarding, R C , 

Mother Superior 
Georgetown College; comprises College, 

and School of Music; co-ed.; Bapt ; est. 

1829; Henry Noble Sherwood, Pres 

Ghent. Carroll Co., pop. 680. 

Bd. Educ E. P. Tandy, chairman 

P V. O'Neal, secretary 
High School J. O Cannon, prin 
Physical Training J. B. O'Neal 

Glasgow, Barren Co., pop. 2,500. 

Bd Educ F. C. Dehraux, chairman 

Boy I* Beatty, secretary 
Superintendent W H. Sugg 
High School Paul Vaughn, prin. 
Music Elizabeth Harvey 
Librarian Mary McFarland 

Grvensburg, Green Co., pop. 800. 

Bd Educ E. E. Wallace, chairman 

C. W. Burress. secretary 
High School J H Sanders, prin 

Green up, Greenup Co., pop. 711 
Bd. Educ Mrs. James W. Collins, chairman 

E. J. Horton, secretary 
SuperintendentRobert J. Nickel 

Greenville, Muhlenber* Co., pop. 2.000 
Bd. Educ. J. T. Chatham, chairman 
Harry Wilkinson, secretary 
Supenntendent T. O. Hall 
High School -V. M Moseley. prin. 

Home Economics Prances Bussell 
Manual Training D. P. Denison 

ffardlosburg, Breckenridge Co., pop. 080. 

Bd Educ John Marshall, chairman 

Marshall Norton, secretary 
Superintendent John W Smith 

Harlan, Harlan Co., pop. 4,827 

Bd. Educ -Clark Bailey, chairman 

Margaret Mullins, secretary 
Superintendent L. C. Henderson 
High School B. N. Ftnchum, prin 
Music Kate Allen 
Manual Tr*g John M Aber 
Home Economics Marparet Mvrick 
Elementary Principal Willis Howard 

Bi^row Co*, pop. 2,000. 
Bd Educ.- J. B. BobanJs, chairman 
Dr. C. B. Van Arsdail, secretary 
Superintendent W. W Ensminger 
High School J. K Powell, prin 

Hartford, Ohio Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. Educ. T. H. Black, chairman 

L. G Barrett, secretary 
High School W C. Schults. prin 

Hawesvllle, Hancock Co., pop. 1,060. 

Bd Educ Guy V Barlow, chairman 

R I Glover, secretary 
High School W. C. Oakley, prin. 

Hwtard, Perry Co., 
c. R. L. 

M n1 

Bd. Educ. Ifc. L.' Collins, chairman 

E C. Wooton. secretary 
Superintendent R T. Whittinghill 
High School J Foley Snyder. principal 
Domestic Science Mrs. W. G. Biley 

Hazard Baptist Institute, normal, private, 
co-ed, est 1900. A. B Rouse, Prin 

Haxel Green, Wolfe Co., pop. 286. 

Hazel Green Academy, prep . 
Christ , est 1888, boarding. 
Henry A Stovall, Prin 

co-ed , 

HanderHon. Henderson Co.. pop. 12.100. 

Bd Educ Marvin Walker, chairman 

C A. Katterjohn. secretary 
City Superintendent C E Dudley 
High School William B Floyd, prin 
Junior High School William Aton, prin 
Supv Music Mrs Marion Worsham 
Art Helen Blackwell 
Manual Training William Hund. Jr 

Domestic Science Mrs. Owen Baskett 
Domestic Art Mis Nannie M Dlxon 

Hlckntan, Fulton Co., pop. 1,850. 

Bd Educ H L Amberg, chairman 

G R Hale, secretary 
Town Supt J M Calvin 
High School Roy H. Whalin, prin 
Domestic Science Grace! Barnes 
Music Lenora Amber* 

If Indman. Knott Co . pop. 381. 
Bd. Educ. James Combs, chairman 

Brckham Combs, secretary 
High School J F. Smith, prin 
Home Economics May me Hadley 
Manual Training Thomas Lovette 

Hindman Settlement School, prep , eo 
ed. : boarding; non-sect . efc i902, 
J F Smith, Prin 

Hodgtnville, I*arno Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. Educ. Walter Reed, chairman 

Mrs. Lena Foley, secretary 
Superintendent W. J Boyd 
Music Mis W J I.ane 
Physical Education Bernard Hick man 

HopkfiunriUe, Christian Co., pop. 10.740. 
Bd. Educ. Hunter Moss, chairman 
Superintendent Gladstone Koffman 





High School Charles J. Petrie, prin 
Colored H. S P. Moore, supt 
Music Clara Bonte 
Band H. L. Lebkuecher 
Manual Training C R Uphoff 
Domestic Science Mrs. Lila Conner 
Domestic Art Vera McKee. 

Bethel Woman's College, jr college, b'dg , 
J W. Gaines, President 

tfustonvllle, Lincoln Co., pop. 430. 

Bd Educ Henry Baughman, chairman 

W L. Jones, secretary 
High School D. W. Quails, prin. 

Irvine, fistill Co., pop. 2.705. 

Bd. Educ. M. L. Rowland, chairman 

W. F. Stevens, secretary 
Superintendent R F Flege 
High School R M. Van Home, prin. 
Music Myra Blown 
Athletic Coach William Merrifield 

Jackson, Breathltt Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd. Educ. R. L Hadden, chairamn 

Mrs Dora Blanton, secretary 
Superintendent J. W. Davis 
County High School P. H Neblett. prin 

Jenkins, Letcher Co., pop. 9,800. 
Bd. Educ W. C. Halbert, chairman 
D A. Bellamy, secretary 
Superintendent C V Snapp 
High School W K Davidson, prin 
Home Economics Grace Hilsenbeck 

La Grange, Oldham Co., pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ M G Peck, chairman 

P L Davis, secretary 
Superintendent H R. Kirk 
High School John W. Trapp, prin 

Lancaster, Oarrard Co., pop. 1,040. 

Bd Educ. Paul Elliot, chairman 

C H Purdom, secretary 
Superintendent C. H. Purdom 
High School Ann Conrad, prin 

l.awrencehurg, Anderson Co., pop. 1,800. 

Bd Educ- C E McGlnnin. chairman 

A E Brown, secretaiy 
Superintendent C O. Ryan 

Lebanon, Marion Co.. pop. S,100. 

Bd Educ H P. Myers, chairman 

C C Boldrick, prin. 
Superintendent J. H. Parker 
High School Mrs. Horace Johnston, prin 
Colored Schools Mary Hughes 
Home Economics Rosa Oeiser 

St Augustine's High School ; co-ed ; R C ; 
Sisters of Loretto 

LeitcbAeld, Grayson Co.. pop. 040. 

Bd Educ A G Bradshaw. chairman 

Allen Puterbaugh, secretary 
Superintendent Allen Puterbaugh 

Lexington, Fayette Co., pop. 45,780. 

Bd Educ R. D. Norwood, president 

Ben xlerr, secretary 
Superintendent Henry H. Hill 
Elementary Supv. Nan Lacy 
Music Paul Mathews 
Art Katherine G. McGinnis 
Manual Training George E Perry 
Household Arts Virginia Marrs 
Physical Training Mrs. Chester D. Adams 
Director Athletics John Heber 
Medical Director George H Wilson. M D 
Henry Clay High School. Main & Walton av. , 

Charles E Skinner, Principal 
Lexington Junior High School, Limestone 

& 4th. Mary L. Hunt. Prin. 
Morton Junior High School, Walnut Ac 

Short sts. ; J. M. Deacon, Prin. 
Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School 

(colored). N. Upper & 6th; W. H. Fouse, 


Picadome High School; 

J. Harvey Sweeney, Principal 
Russell Junior High School (colored). 

Campbell & 4th.; M. H. Griffin, Prin. 

College of the Bible; theology; Disciples of 

Christ; est 1865; Charles Lynn Pyatt, 

Ohm'n of Faculty 
Hamilton College, girls* junior college and 

prep ; boarding, non-sect ; est. 1169; 

Julia F. Allen, Dean 
Lexington Business College; bus. and sec'l; 

229 W. Short St. 
St Catherine Academy; girls; elem. 

through high school; R. C.; est. 1888; 

Sister Rose Mary. Superior. 240 N. 

Limestone St. 

ness; Anna P Mitchell, Pres. 
Transylvania College, degree courses in arts 
and science; co-ed ; Disciples; est. 1780; 
Arthur Braden, Pres. 

University of Kentucky; comprises College 
of Arts and Science, of Agriculture, of 
Education, of Engineering, of Law, of 
Commerce, Graduate School; co-ed., 
state: est. 1865; Frank L. McVey. Pres 

University of Kentucky College of Am 
and Sciences; Paul P. Bojd. Dean. 

University of Kentucky Graduate School. 
W. D Funkhouser, Dean 

University of Kentucky College of Agricul- 
ture, Thomas Poe Cooper, Dean. 

University of Kentucky College of Engi- 
neering; courses in civil, mechanical, elec- 
trical, mining, and architectural engineering, 
James H. Graham. Dean 

University of Kentucky College of Educa- 
tion; William S. Taylor, Dean 

University of Kentucky College of Law. 
three-year course; co-ed.; est. 1908; 
Alvin E. Evans. Dean 

University of Kentucky College of Com- 
merce. Edward Wiest. Dean 

University of Kentucky, University Exten- 
sion; Louis Clifton, Dir. 

University of Kentucky. Summer Session. 
Jesse E. Adams, Dir. 





Llvermore, McLean Co., pop. 1,578. 
Bd Bduc. C. D Helm, chairman 

L. Taylor, secretary 
Superintendent I*. C. Taylor 
Music Sara Akin 
Home Economics Vinette Barton 

London, Laurel Co., pop. 1.500. 

Bd Educ James Williams, chaiiman 

J B Isaacs, secretary 
Superintendent H. V. McClure 
Domestic Science Mr* Lois Champion 

Sue Bennett College, junior coll ; co-ed , 
M E Ch So ; Kenneth C East, Pres 

Louisa, Lawrence Co., 1,961. 

Bd Educ J W Elkms, chauman 

David Morns, secretaiy 
High School H L Bills prln 
Domestic Science Mrs Georgia McGuffey 
Physical Education Jack Atkins 

Louisville. Jefferson Co., pop. S07.808. 
Bd Educ Mrs George E. Zubrod, president 

Henry B Manly, secretary 
Business Director Samuel D. Jonas 
Secondary Educ W T Rowland. Jr 
Elemental} Educ C A Rubado 
Elem Curnculum Elizabeth Breckmridgre 
Art Lena Hillerich 

Educational Supplies and Budgetary Informa- 
tion R E Udiighei ty 
Piimary Maiy Browning: 
Intermediate Grades Bonnie C Howard 
Kindergartens Allene Seaton 
Music Helen Bos well 
Household Aits Mary Gale Cawthon 
Manual Tiaimug LeoiMid Daugrheity 
School Gaidens Emilie Yunker 

Physical Training H. T Taylor 
Health & Safety Mary M Wyman 
Bureau of Research J E Brew ton 

Ahrens Trade School, 646 S. Pint 8t ; 

Ethel M Lovell. Prin. 

Atherton High School for Gills, Morton 

Ave. at Rubel. Emma J. Woerner, Prln. 

Louisville Male High School. Hrook and 

Breckinridge sta . W S Milburn. Prin 
Louisville Girls' High School, 2nd and Lee 

Sta.. 8. B. Tinsley. 1'rincipal 
Shaw nee High School, 40th & Market Sta , 

Robert B. Clem, Principal 
DuPont Manual Training High School. 
Brook & Oak Sts , Clarence Lee Jordan, 
Central Colored High School. 9th and Chest* 

nut Sts ; Atwood S. Wilson, Prin. 
Highland Junior High School. Roanoke A 

Norri Place; Eva T Mason, Prln 
Louisville Junior H S , 2nd and Lee Sts 

S B. Tinsley, Prin 
Parkland Junior H S , 25th & Wilson Sts , 

Nata Lee Woodruff. Prin 
Southern Junior High School, Ashland A 
Bellevue Aves ; Fannie H. Loewenstem, 

Western Junior H. 8 . 22nd & Main St 
Gertrude Kohnhorst, Prin. 

Eastern Junior High School. 1128 E Bioad 

way. Samuel V Noe, Prin 
Alex G Bariet Junior High Sch , Gait & 

Grinstead Dri\e, Glenn Kendall, Prin. 
Madison Street Coloied Junior High, 17th 

& Madison; William H Perry, Jr., Prin. 
Jackson Street Colored Junior High School, 

Jackson & Breckinridge. A. E Meyzeek, 


Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, girls' 

boarding. R. C . Sister Margaret Mary 

Carroll. Prln 
Bryant A St rat ton Business College: bus 

aec'l, est 1864. G A. Bergen, Pres. 33.1 

Guthrie St 
Central Law School (colored), law; co-ed , 

est 1892, William C. Brown, Dean 
Clark College of Commerce, est 1905; P W 

Clark, Pres , 937 S 4th St 
Cross School, piep.. co-ed . non-sect ; Mrs 

Laura B Cross Prln . 924 Fourth 
Holy Rosary Academy; girls; day; high and 

grades; RC.: Sister Teresa Webb, Superior 

133J S 4th 
Jefferson School of Law. co-cd , est 1906, 

Benjamin F Washer, Dtan 
Kentucky Home School for Girls , prep ; day , 

est 1863 , Annie S Waters and Annie S 

Anderson, Prms , 1649 Everett Av 
Kentucfkv School for the Blind, state, 

Catherine T Moiiarty. Supt , 18G7 Frank 

Loretta High School, grirls. day; R C . Sis 

ter M Nermckx. Super 101. 443? W Bioad 

Louisville Art Center, 125 E Jacob St , 

Fayette Barnum, Director 
LouiHville College of Pharmacy <*o-ed . est 

1872; Rudolph V. Miersch, Pres, 104 W 

Louisville Collegiate School, girls' day. est 

3916, nurse iv fnhool to college prep 
Marjorle Hlscoz, Prin . 2427 Olenmary 
LouiKMlle Institute of Technology, Y M C 

A School, coll prep , bus . engineering 

tiadet). ait, auto, radio and \t elding, W 

H Lippold. Dnector 
Louisville Municipal College for Negroes; de 

gree and jumoi coll couiHes. co-ed , oper 

ated by University of LouisMlle. Rtifus E 

Clement, Dean 
Louisville Normal School normal, state, 

co-ed . Elisabeth Breckenridge. Principal 

1128 E Broadway 
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Semi 

nary, men, est 1851, Frank H CaKlwell 

Pres , 109 E Broadway 
Na/uieth Col'eeo. women, desrioe COUIRPS. R 

C; est 1920, Mother Mary Catherine 

Malone, Pres, 843 S 4th St 
I'tesentailon Academy, pi*p . co-ed tt 

C, est 1834, Sister Agatha. Prin.. S*1 

Fourth st. 
St Xavler's High School; boys; day; R 

C ; prep ; Brother Benjamin, Director, 

118 West Broadway 
Sacred Heart College, women junior coll ant 

normal, resident and day, R C., 3107 Lex 

mjrton rd 

Simmons University (colored): college, nor 
prep . music and Indust. depts ; Bapt., 

est 1879, M B Lanier, Pres " 





Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 

Bapt , men, eat 1859, John R Sampey. 

Pros., 2825 Lexington id 
Spencerlan Commercial School, bus an I 

sec'l courses; est 1892, J W Drye, Pres, 

815 S First St. 
University of Louisville; comprises College 

of Liberal Arts. Speed Scientific School, 

schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Mutac, 

co-ed . non-sect est 1837. Raymond A 

Kent, Pies . Belknap Campus 
University of Louisville College of Liberal 

Aits, J J Oppenheimer, Dean 
University of Louisville School of Law; 

three-year course, co-ed , est 1846, 

J N Lott Dean, 312 Armory PI 
University of Louisville School of Medicine. 

co-ed . est 1837, John Walker Moore, 

Dean, 101 W Chestnut St. 
University of Louisville School of Dentistry. 

co-ed . John T O'Rourke. Dean 
University of Louisville. School of Music. 

D wight Anderson, Dean 
Univeisity of Louisville, Speed Scientific 

School, engineering coin MS, Bcimet M 

Biigman, Dtan 
rjrsuline Academy of the Immaculate Con- 

ception* prep, girls. BC; est 1859. 

bister M Sylvester, Directress, 806 East 

Woman's Missionary Union Training- School, 

for Christian woikers, est 1007, Came U 

LittVjohn Prin , 334 E Broadway 

Ludlow, Kenton Co . pop 6.485. 

Bd Educ Mrs Bessie A DOPIT, chairman 

Lucas Floyd, secretary 
Superintendent J S Brown 
Music Lillian La Rue 
(irades W D Re>nolds, pnn. 

Lyndon. Jefferson Co, pop. 100. 

Kentucky Military Institute, military, non- 
sect . est 1845. Col C B Richmond. 

Washington Co.. pop. 190. 

Bd Educ S T Hamilton, chairman 

1 M< \\norHM, M<I letaiv 
High School Otha Gaffln. prln 

Madlsonvlll*, Hopkins Co, pop 6,908 

Bd Rdiic Dnn KclL\, chairman 

1'aul Dilhngham, secretary 
Super intendent Hai per Gat ton 
High School C 1 Henr>, prln 
Music Llnnle McMurray 
Domestic Science Sarah Hart is Broun 
J'hvsifMl Ti. lining Raj Ellis 

Mnple Mount. Datipsti Counts 

Mount St JoHeph Junior College and Acarle 
my purls. resident and day, jumoi coll 
<ouisc8 grade i thru hurh school R C , 
Sislw M Chrintina E< kmaim, Dean 

Marion. Crit tendon Co., pop. 1.718 

1W Ecinr 8 J Curnahan. chainnan 

J Watts Franklin, Hpcictaiv 
Superintendent C A Hollow ell 
High School Mildred Summerville 
MUSK* Marguerite Wicker 
Domestic Science- Louise Swann 

Mayfleld, Graves Co., pop. 10,858 
Bd Educ W J. Webb, president. 

Noble Gregory, secretary 
City Supt Kenneth R. Patterson 
High School Ray Ross, prln 
Music K M Wells 

Maysville. Mason Co. pop. 6.557 

Bd Educ M. C. Russell, chairman 

D E Fee, secretary 
Superintendent John Shaw 
High School Roy Knight, pi in 
Music Stella Pennington 
Domestic Science Virginia Moore 
Physical Education (boys) Earle D Jones 
Physical Educ. (girls) Anne Watson 

mddlesboro. Bell Co., pop. 10,850. 

Bd Educ J R Tlnsley, chairman 

J H McGiboney, secretary 
Superintendent ^James W Biadner 
High School P L Hamlett, prin 

Music Myrle Hubbard 

Manual Training Wilbur Creswell 
Home Economics Angle Fugate 

Physical Tr'g (boys) Case Thomasoon 
Phvsical Tiaming (girls) Helen Tolman 

Librar lan Eliazbeth Owsley 

Midway. Woodford Co., pop. 808 

Kentucky Female Orphan School; high 
school for orphan girls; est 1849, 
Luty Peterson, Supt. 

Mlliemhurg. Renrbon Co., pop. 9*9. 

Bd Educ H. C Current, chairman 

J M McVey, secretary 
County H S E. E Allison, prin 

Military Institute; boys board- 
ing and day. Col W. R Nelson, Supt 

Montirello, Wayne Co.. pop. l.ttO. 

Bd Educ Isaac Walker, chairman 

John R Wilhite, secretary 
Superintendent K F Peters 

Morehead, Rowan Co., pop. 1.8M. 

Bd Educ D B Leadbetter, chairman 

Roy Cornette, secretary 
Superintendent Roy Cornette 
High School D D Caudill, pnn. 
Physical Training Austin Kiddle 

State Teachers College, teacher tr'g , co- 
ed . est J887. Harvey A Babb. Pres 

Morganfleld. f'nlon Co, pop. t,100. 

Bd Educ B L Conway, chairman 

R A Waller, treasurer 
Superintendent K G Qillasple 
High School W. R. Perry, pun. 
Home Economics -Wilma Belew 
Elementary School Elizabeth Johnson, pnn 
Dunbai H S (colored) R I Pleasant, prin 

Morgantown, Butler Co.. pop. 85t. 

Bd Educ Louis Arnold, chairman 

A J Bradley, secretary 
High School L E Hurt, prin 





Morton* Gap, Hopkins Co., pop. 1,061. 

Bd. Educ Lulu Solomon, chaiiman 
Bd Jfiduc P L Shaw, secretary. 
Superintendent Claude Gentry 
Music Mary Grace Wilkey 
Athletic* Peyton Vinson 

Mount Merlin*, Montgomery Co., pop. 4,000 

Pres Bd kduc Chailes D Giubbs 
Sec. Bd. Educ. C. P. Killpatrick 
Superintendent Duke Young 
High School K. H. Harding, pnn. 
Music Nannie Lee Vaughan 
Home Economics Florence Owings 

Mount Vernon, Rock Castle Co., pop. 850. 

Bd. Educ. X. D. Bryant, chairman 

W. R. Champion, secretary 
Superintendent W. B. Champion 

Murray. Callnway Co., pop. 2,800. 

Bd Educ. Luther Robertson, chairman 

Dr. O. B. Irvan. secretary 
City Supt. W. J. Capllnger 
High School E. Filbeck, prm 

Murray State Teachers College: teach tr'g 
courses, co-ed , James H. Richmond. Pres 

Nazareth, Nelson County 

Nazareth Junior College and Academy, girls, 
boarding, RC, est 1814; Sister Mary 
Ignatius, Dean 

Nerlnz, Marion County 

Loretto Junior College, women, boarding:. R 
C , est. 1812. Mother Mary Linus. Preb 

New Castle, Henry Co., pop. 700. 

High School C W. Craft. Prln 

Newport. Campbell Co.. pop. 80,809. 

Bd Educ George G Schneider, chairman 

bee. Bd JEduc Emil uerhardt 

Superintendent A D Owens 

High School James L Cobb, prm 

Music John Molnar 

Art Grace M. Jenkins 

Manual Training Marshall Hurst 

Domestic Science Miss K Weiner 

Drawing Sudie Harris 

Physical Education (boys) W J Foster 

Physical Education (girls) Nancy Poe 

Academy of the Immaculata. prep . co-ed. 

est. 1858; Sisters of Charity. 
Academy Notre Dame of Providence, girls 

boarding; R. C.. est. 1889, Reverend 

Mother Maria, C. D P.. Prin. 
Newport Business College, bus and sten , 

est 1890, R. R Hutcheson, Prin 

N!cho!A*vllle. Jessamine Co., pop. 2.500. 

Bd. Educ J A. Van Arsdall, chairman 

A C. McCleary, secretary 
Superintendent Hattie C. Warner 

Olive Hill, Carter Co.. pop. 1.100. 
Bd. Educ. John Haggard, chairman 
High School W. Maurice Baker 

Oneida, day Co., pop. JSOO 

Oneida Institute, junior-senior high school, 
co-ed.; Baptist: est 1800. Charles Coins. 

Owensboro, Davless Co., pop. 

Bd. Educ B S. Triplett. chairman 

Helen Hill, secietaiy 
Oltv Superintendent J L. Fouat 
High School J. W. Snyder, prin 
Junior H. 8. R. B. Smith, prin. 
Music Mae Armendt 
Domestic Science Marguerite Moore 
Manual Training C. R. Watts 
Di awing Cora Lee Webb 
Classification Mame Harrison, supv. 

Owenton, Owen Co., pop. 1,100. 

Bd Educ. C. L. Vallandingham, chairman 

H. A. Adams, secretary 
Supeiintendent Henry A. Adams 

Owlngsvllle, Bath Co., pop. 1,250. 

Bd Educ A H. Dawson, chaiiman 

J L Darnell, secretary 
Superintendent C P Martin 
Music Edna T. Byron 
Domestic science Clara Arnold 
Physical Training N. E Darnell 

Padneah, McCracken Co., pop. 33,541. 

Bd. Educ E. S. Barger, chairman 

Mrs Ethtl M. Rice, secretary. 
Superintendent H. L Smith 
HIKII School Walter C Jetton, prin 
Manual Training Charles Rayburn Moffltt 
Domestic Science Elizabeth Fisher 
Lone Oak High School, Route 6, 

Woodfin Hutson, Principal 
Reidland High School, Route 4; 
Claience H Gentry. Principal 

Draughons Practical Business College. 

bus and sten , A M House, Mgr , fix 

Paducah Junior College: co-ed , 2-yr high 

school, 2-yr college, non-sect , est 1JKJ'2 

R. 6. Matheson. Jr , Dean 
St Mary's Academy, prep . co-ed R C.. 

Ulster Asrathina Prin 

West Kentucky Industrial College (col- 
ored), co-ed ; state. D H Anderson, 


Paintsvllle, Johnson Co., pop. 2.414. 

Bd Educ D. H. Daniel, chairman 

Douglas Turner, sec'y-treas 
Superintendent Arville Wheeler 
High School Lloyd Hamilton, prm. 
Music J. W Stone 
Domestic Science Ruth Adams 
Industrial Training Dean Parnsh 
Athletic Coach Robert Montgomery 

Paris. Bourbon Co.. pop 6,204. 

Bd Educ J S. Wilson, president 

Kiser bmith, secretary 
City Superintendent Lee Klrkpatrlck 
High School P A Scott, prin. 
Music Ellen Blandin* 
Physical Training Mrs. Fred Greer 
Home Economics Mrs Dan Peed 

Pembroke. Christian Co.. pop. 800. 
Bd Educ. W S Sandbach, chairman 

W. S Sandbach, secietary 
Superintendent L. W. Allen 





Plkevllle, Pike Co., pop. 1,7 Of. 

Bd Educ G. W Coleman, chairman 

Ray Vestejrs. secretary 
City Superintendent T. W. Oliver 

Pikeville College; junior coll. and prep.; 
co-ed ; Presb ; eat. 1889. 
Frank D McClelland. President 

Flaevllle, Bell Co.. pop. 1,106. 

Bd Educ W B Myers, president 

Margaret Ham, secretary 
Superintendent J. L. Lair 
High Schood Donald B Cawthorne, prin. 
Physical Training W. H. Grabruck 

Prestonsbnrg. Floyd Co., pop. 1,667. 

Bd Educ Roy Perry, chairman 

Ishmael Triplett. secretary 
Superintendent Ishmael Triplett 
Domestic Science Mrs Virginia Currey 

Princeton, Caldwell Co , pop. 4,764 

Bd Educ G G Harralson, chairman 

Hugh Goodwin, secretary 
City Superintendent Everett Howton. 
High Schoola A. Horn. prin. 
Music Cathrine Owen 

Providence. Webster Co., pop. 5.036 

Bd Educ. A. H. Traylor, chairman 
Superintendent Edwin R Ward 
High School W. W. White, prin. 
Music Karrie Jefferson 
Home Economics Mrs T K Roney 

Richmond, Madison Co.. pop. 6.495. 

lid Educ H C Sandlin. chairman 

W F O'Donnell, secretary 
City Superintendent W. P O'Donnell 
High School A. Li Lasslter, prin. 
Music Mis Robert Sory 
Domestic Science Jane Melton 
Manual Training J. A. Kunkel 

Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College; 
co-ed . H L. Donovan. Pres. 

Russell, Oreenup Co.. pop. 1.756. 

Bd Educ J W. Ramey. president 

B F Kidwell, secretary 
Superintendent B F Kidwell 
High School J H Brad ah aw. prin 
Music Edith Fuller 
Domestic Science Lois M. Swan 
Athletic Coach Lloyd Patterson 

Rassellvllle, Logan Co., pop. 8,111. 

Bd Educ Guy K Clark, chairman 
Sec. Bd Educ.C. W. Andrews 
City Superintendent C T Canon 
High School J. F Tanner, prin 
Home Economics Mrs. Lenore N. Moore 

Ht. John. Hardln County 
Bethlehem Academy, girls' boarding: R 
C.; Mother M. Kevin. Superior. 

SI. Mary. Marlon County 
Mt Mary's College, coll.. men; R. C.; eat 
1820; Francis J Jaglowicz, Pres 

St. Vincent, Union County 

St. Vincent's Academy, girls; 8 grades thru 
high school; resident and day. B. C.; Sis- 
ter Mary David. Prin. 

alt IJck, Bath Co., pop. 656. 

Bd. Educ C. L. Staton. chairman 

Silas Miller, secretary 
Superintendent- Silas Miller 

eottsville, Alien Co., pop. 1,460. 

Bd. Eduo Lattie Graves, chairman 

N. D. Bryant, secretary 
Superintendent N. D. Bryant 
High School H. A. Ward. prin. 

flebree. Webster Co., pop. 1,766. 

Bd. Educ. A. M. Orsburn, chairman 
W. P. Hall, secretary 
Superintendent J. Barrel! Tlmmins 
High bchool L-ucretia Buckner. prin 
Muslo A Dom. Scl. Lila Jane Melton 

Bharpsburg. Bath Co.. pop. 066. 

Bd. Educ. O. C. Atkinson, chairman 

Mrs. R. L. Brown, secretary 
High School A. B. Foster, eupt. 

helbyvllle, Shelby Co.. pop. 4.666. 

Bd. Educ Paul Schmidt, chairman 

Fielding E. Ballard, secretary 
Superintendent Mrs. Willie C Ray 
High School C. Bruce Daniels, prin. 
Music Florence Goodman 
Home Economics Alma Regenstein 

Science Hill School; girls* boarding; non- 
sect ; est. 1826. Clara M. Poynter. Prin 

Bhepherdsville, Bnllitt Co.. pop. 666. 

Bd Educ K C Henderson, chairman 

William F Russell, secretary 
Town Schools William F. Russell, prin 

Slaughters, Webster Co., pop. 875 

High School R. E Simons, prin. 

Smithland, Livingston Co., pop. 1,666 
Bd. of Educ.G. A. Rudd. chairman 

William Bridges, secretary 
Giadc Schools Ruby Rudd, prin. 

Somerset, Pulaeki Co., pop. 5,566. 

Bd. Educ. H. F. Jeffrey, chairman 

W. B Gragg, secretary 
Superintendent P H Hopklno 
High School W. B. Jones, prin. 
Music Jane Gooch 
Manual Training N J Ranum 
Home Economics Edith Denton 
Printing Howard Huff 

Springfield. Washington Co., pop. 1,566. 

Bd Educ. H J Bo one, chairman 

W D McElroy. secretary. 
Superintendent -Bennett J. Lewis 
Music Mrs H. S. Shultx. director. 
Domestic Science Mrs. H L. Leachmaa 
Physical Training H A. McCabo 





Stanford, Lincoln Co.. pop. 

Bd Educ W. H Hill, chaiiman 

J T. Embry. secret aiy 
Superintendent J T Embry. 
High School G. B. Ellison, piin 
Music Verna von Gruemgen 

Stanton, Powell Co., pop. SOO. 

Bd Educ George Conlee, chairman 

C Bowen. secretary 
County II S Arthur G Johnson, pnn 

I'nlon Co., pop. l.SOO 

Bd. Educ J G. Wynn. chairman 

W S Williams, secretary 
City Superintendent Fred Schults 
High School W T McGraw, principal 
Music Mrs Lillian Winston 
Athletics M 01 gran Christian 

Tj lorsvllle. Spencer Co., pop. 700 

Bd Educ Charles Shindler, chairman 

G L.ouis Hume, secretary 
Grade Schools W T Buckles, pnn. 

Tompftlnsville, Monroe Co., pop. 000. 

Bd Educ S L, Hill, chaiiman 

B T Hawaii, secretary 
Supei intendent R T Hagran 

t nlontovrn, Union Co., pop. 1,000. 
Pres Bd Educ V L. Givens 

P L, Berry, secretary 
Supei intendent Otis Harkins 
High School Mivs E Ikiiy, unn 

T ewls ft., pop. 1.SIAO 

Bd Educ W. I Clarke, president 

W T Clark, secretary 
Superintendent O L Mulhkm 

Verona, Boone Co., pop. 245. 

Bd Educ J T Roberts, chairman 

G C Rensom, secretary 
Superintendent W F Coop 

Versailles. Woodford Co., pop. t,500. 

Pres Bd Educ Herbert Newman 
^superintendent Paul Garrett 
High School J B Binford, pnn 
Home Economics Elizabeth Anderson 

Waddy, Shelby Co., pop. 200. 
Principal Hljrh School W R Martin 
Music Mi,s Kelly Cox 

Warsaw, Gallatln Co., pop. 950. 
Bd. of Educ. Mrs. J. I* Richard*, chmn. 

E C Threlkeld. secretary 
Superintendent Margaret I .an dram 
High School Kirk Do 11 Ins, prin 

Waylaad, Floyd Co., pop. 2,436. 

Bd Educ George Pau, chairman 

F Harmon, secretary 
High School George L Moore 
Music Elizabeth Baird 
Manual Training Evert Hall 

Weeksbnrv. Floyd Co.. pop. 1,000. 

Town Schools Carl G. Ford, prin 

Mberty, Morgan Co., pop. 1.000. 

Bd Educ J F. Ben ton. chairman 

Ova O Haney, secretary 
High School S J. Carpenter, prin 
Supv. Music Mrs. Hattle Baldwin 

Wlckllffe, Ballard Co., pop. 1,200. 

Sen Trustee M C Anderson 
Superintendent A O Adams 
Music Kernon Smith 

WHliffmsburir. Whltler Co, pop. 1.800. 

Bd Educ J B Murphy, chairman 

Ai kley Wi ight, secretary 
Supei mtendent C T Mackev 
High School E T Maskey, pnn 
Music Flora Adkins 
Physical Education IT B Steely 
librarian Douglas Tetiy 

Cumberland College. Junior college. co-d 
Bapt . est 1880, J L, Creech. Pres 

Wllllfmtfttown. Grant Co . pop 1. M t 

Bd Kdnc M TJ Hucherson, chair 

One P Gruelle, secretary 
Superintendent One P Cruelle 
Hiirh School deoi^e D Tajloi pnn 

Ullmore, Jefwamine Co., pop 1,830 

Bd FMue Joe Cox fhaiiman 

Miss Teat or, Fecretarv 
High School Dan R (Mass, pnn 
Music-^-Milton Stewart 
Art- -Eloise Deitr 
Domestic Science Anna IVances Chamber^ 

\sbui > College, liberal arts degiee courses 
co-ed , non-sect , est 18*10, 
Hemy Cl.iy Moinson. 1'ies 

riarfc Co., pop. 8.SSS. 

Bd Educ Sam Cawood, chaiiman 

Rose J Shepherd, secretary 
Supei mtendent B B Hodgkin 
High School W F Jones, pun 
Music Margaret Smith 
Manual Training T, C Pallahan 
Domestic Science --Florence Owmgs 

Kentucky Wesleyan College, college ol 
liberal arts : co ed , M E So , ett 1 8oO , 
R V Bennett, President 



T. H. HARRIS, State Superintendent of Education .................... Baton Rougt 

JOHN E. COXE, State High School Supervisor. __________________________________ .Baton Rouge 

JOHN M FOOTE, Division of Information & Educational Service ..... Baton Rouge 

A M . HOPPER, State Supervisor of Elementary Schools .......... Baton Rouge 

M S ROBERTSON, Assistant Supervisor Elementary Schools ............ Baton Rouge 

J. W. BROUILLETTB, Assistant Supervisor Elementary Schools. _______________ .Baton Rouge 

M. P. ROGERS, Director of Curriculum ............... Baton Rouge 

JOHN E. LOMBARD, Director Division of Certification ............... Baton Rouge 

JOHN B. ROBSON, Assistant State High School Supervisor. ---------------------- .Baton Rouge 

S M JACKSON, Supervisor of Agricultural Schools ............... Baton Rouge 

A. LARRIVIERE, Assistant Supervisor of Agricultural Schools ........... Baton Rouge 

A C LEWIS, Agent, Schools for Negroes ....................... Baton Rouge 

C L BARROW, Assistant Agent, Schools for Negroes ............... Baton Rouge 

Miss CLYDE MOBLEY, Supervisor Home Economics ................. Baton Rouge 

LELA A. TOM LIN SON, Assistant Supervisor Home Economics ......... Baton Rouge 

ROY L DAVENPORT, Director of Agricultural Teacher-Training . . . Baton Rouge 
Lois SHORTESS, State Supervisor of Libraries ................. Baton Rouge 

E G. LUDTKE, Supervisor Trades and Industrial Education .... Baton Rouge 

S. T. BURNS, State Supervisor of Music ...................... Baton Rouge 

J. W. HAIR, State Supervisor of Physical Education .......... Baton Rouge 


H H WHITE, President ............................................ Alexandria 

STATE SUPERINTENDENT T. H. HARRIS, Secretary ................ Baton Rouge 

WALTER J. BURKE ...... New Iberia E. A CONWAY ..... Shreveport 

W A MONTGOMERY Lafavette H H. WHITE .............. Alexandria 

"" - 

PARRISH FULLER ........ Oakdale H . H. HOLLOWAY ......... Roseland 

C. W. SMITH ............... Ruston A. J. GELPI ........... New Orleans 


L. E FRAZAR, President .................. Principal High School, Merryville 

SPENCER PHILLIPS, Secretary ................................. Baton Rouge 

Scrrr T. H HAWS, Chairman ..................................... Batwi Roufi 





Name and Aadress 

litt .-.:.: . .: . *:. . T T. f fffiBi.fBGSfi 

Ascension. L. J. Babin, Donaldson ville 


. . . . S A. Alleman, Napoleonvllle 
Avoyelles . . . L. A Cayer. Marksville 

Baton Rouge, E 

C B Turner, acting, Baton Rouge 

Baton Rouge, W. J H. Bres, Fort Allen 
Beuregard ..K. R. Hanchey, DeRIdder 
Bienville . J A. Shelby, Arcadia 

Bossier . R V Kerr, Benton 

Caddo E W Jones. Shreveport 

Calcasieu ..HA Norton, Lake Charles 
Caldwell . E. B Cotting-ham, Columbia 
Cameron .Thps McCall, Grand Chenier 

Carroll, East . . 

Ashley Warlick, Lake Providence 

Carroll, West . . 

O E Huey, Oak Grove 

Catahoula H. W. Wright, Jonesville 

Claiborne Theron Hanchey, Homer 

Concordia J S Burns Vidalia 

De Soto , . . S M Sho\*s, Mansfield 
Evang-elme. .F. V. Launey, Ville Platte 
Fehciana, E ..PH. Dupuy, Clinton 

Fellclana. W 

Robert E Watson, St Francisville 
Franklin John L McDuff Wmnsboro 
Grant. ... . S C Shaw, Colfax 

Iberia Lloyd G Porter, New Ibena 

Iberville L P Terrebonne, PlaQuemme 
laikson W L McLaurm. Jone-sboio 
Jefferson ... J C Kills. Gretna 

Jefferson Davis W P Arnette, Jennings 
Lafayette J W Faulk. Lafayette 

Lafourche .W 8 Laf argue. Thlbodtuur 


Name and Aadress 

LaSalle . J D Russell. Jr. Jena 

Lincoln H. L. Campbell. Ruston 


H. L. Pearce, Jr., Denham Springs 

Madison J R Linton. TalluUh 

Morehouse '.. .ED Shaw. Bastrop 
Natchitoches ..E A. Lee. Natchitochei 
Orleans Nicholas Bauer, New Orleans 
Ouachita .T O Brown, West Monroe 
Plaquemines . 

A L Pourciau, R. i, New Orleans 

Polnte Coupee 

.. Alonzo McFarland. New Roads 
Rapides .... H. M. Wells, Alexandra 
Red River.. . A H Hoxton. Coushatta 
Richland . . . E E Keebler, Rayville 
Sabine ... G C Reeves. Many 

St Bernard J F. Gauthier, Aiabi 

St Charles .. J B Martin, Hahnvillt 
St Helena . .Watson Bankston, Green sburg 
St James . R. P Lowiy, Lutcln-i 

St John J. O Monteerut. Edgard 

St Landry. .W. B. Prescott. Opelousas 

St Martin 

... L J Montegut, St. Martinsville 

St Mary L A Law, Franklin 

St Tammany E E I/von, Covinpt^n 
Tangipahoa ..C C. Pittman, Amite 

Tensas V. C. Rives, St. Joseph 

Terrebonne . .H L Bourgeois, Houma 

Union P. L Read, Farmervllle 

Vermilion . J H Williams. AbbevllU 

Vei non T. L. Harvey, Leesville 


D H Stringfleld. Frankllntnn 
Webster J R Pitchoi. Mim1< n 

Winn . . . D E Sikes, Winnfleld 


Abbeville. Vermilllon Parish, pop 4,556. 
Bd Educ W. J Holmes, president 
Sec Bd Educ J H William* 
High School G W Sudduth, prin 
Domestic Science Mrs M T Gordy 

Alexandria. Rapides Parish, pop. 23.025 

Bd Educ W H Tones, president 

H M Wells, secretary 
Bolton H S S M Brame, prin 

J D Smith, asst prin 
Art Billie Barksdale 
Home Economics Lillian Talbot 
Athletic Coach Guy Nesom 

Araite, Tangipahoa Parish, pop. 2.536 

Bd Educ J. H Beatty, chairman 

C C Pittman, ectetary 
High School R. W. Russell, prin. 

Arcadia, Bienville Parish, pop. 1,782 

High School E R Hester, prin 
Domestic Science Mary Esther Roberson 
Athletic Director L. J. Oarrett 

Ilaatrop, Morehouse Parish, pop 5.121. 

Bd Educ C E Vaugrhan, chanman 

E D Shaw, secretary 
Superintendent E D. Shaw 
High School S G Lu< ky, prin 

Baton Rouge. K Baton Rouge Parish, 30.729 
Pres Bd Educ W H Perkins 
Superintendent C B Turner 
High School Reine Alexander, prin 
Physical Education Jules Roux 

Louisiana State University. Atmcultuial and 
Mechanical College, comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences: College of Agriculture 
College of Engineering; College of Pure 
and Applied Science (including Audubon 
Sugar School) ; Graduate School; Law 
School; Teachers College; College of Com- 
merce; School of Medicine (at New Or- 
leans). Graduate School of Library 
Science. School of Music; Lower Divi- 
sion; state univ.; co-ed.; est. 1860; James 
Monroe Smith. Pres. 

Lousiana State University. College of Arts 
and Sciences, Fred C. Frey, Dean 





Louisiana State University, College of Pure 

and Applied Science, Charles El Coates, 

Louisiana State University, Graduate 

School, Charles W Pipkin, Dean 
Louisiana State University, College of Agri- 

culture. agrlc , animal industry, ant hor- 

ticulture, home economics. 

Jordan G Lee, Dean 
Louisiana State University, College of En- 

gineering, courses 1 C)vil, Mechanical, 

Electrical, and Chemical EnglneerUfl, 

Leo .7 La s sa lie. Dean 
Louisiana State University, Law School. 

Frederick J. Beutel, Dean 
Louisiana State University. Teachers' Col- 

lege, professional training; courses in edu- 

cation, Clarence A IVAR, Dean 
Auduhon Sugar School of Louisiana State 

University, courses in growing cane and 

beets, chemistry and engineering of sugar 

manufacture, co-ed . eat 1897, Charles 

E Coates, Ph D , Dean 
8t Joseph's Academy, girls' boarding. R 

C p*t 1805 Mothoi M St Mich.irl. 

Southern Unlver1t> (colonel) coll and 

prep , J ^ Clark. President, R F D 

Stafo School for the Blind, Mrs A J Cdld- 

well, prin. 

Beaton, Bossier Parish, pop. 680. 

Pre* "Rd Erin** r H Irlon 
High School S IT Johnston, prin 

Bernlce, I'nlon Parish, pop. 650. 

Pres Bd Kdur E '* rolvln 
School -M A Price, pi in 

Bogaliifta, Washington Pariah, pop 14,086 
Bd Rduc J. P Starns, president 

M L \\Vuacher, necietatv 
Hiph School Ward Johnson 
MURIC Mr Mixon 
Home Economics Mmmc Vcrdel 
I'h>*ical Training Gary Dildy 

Bo}re. Rapiclen Parish, pop. 1,060 

High School r* R Sandei^, prin 

Breanx Bridge. St. Martin Parish, pop. 1,171 

Hd E<luc L C St CJermaln. than man 
High School A J Cormier, prin 

Bnnkle, Avoyelles Parish, pop. 1,150. 

Bd Educ G TJ Porleila, (halt man 
High School C G Snoddy, prin 

Bora*, Plaqnemlnes Parish, pop. 600 
High School E A Landry, prin 

Camptl, Natchltoehes Parish, pop. 550. 

High School C G. Cloutier, prin 

Carenrro. Lafayette Parish, pop. 600 

High School- -Otlen Hibeit, pi In 

Centrevllle. 8t Mary Parlnh, pop 700 

Bd Educ A J DelahousHp, chairman 
High School R M Strinei, pun 

Chmir\vUIe. Rapid** Parish, pop. 835 
High School O B Adams, prin 

Chondrant. Lincoln Parish, pop. 500 

High School C Li Madden, prin 

Church Point. Acadla Parish, pop. 581 

High School T Li Lougarre, prin. 

Clinton, Bast Fellclana Pariah, pop. 1.000. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr. W C Ball 
High School J C Rogers, prin 

Colfax. Grant Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Bd Educ S M Abel, chairman 
High School E E Davis, prin 

Columbia, Caldwell Parish, pop. 760 

High School H. S. Bankston, prin 

Cotton Valley, Wabster Parish, pop. 1,133 

High School F L Spencer, prin. 

Conshatta, Red River Parish, pop. 600. 

Hierh School P E. Adorn, prin. 
Giade School Mary E Bridges, prin 

Tntington, St Tamtnam Parish, pop. 3,208 

Bd Educ Bryan D Burns, president 
Sec Bd Educ E E L>on 
Hiph School Kleanor W Rayne, prin 
Domestic Science L V Sudbury 
Physical Training (boys) Lemos Fulmer 

St Paul's College, prep , boys' board 
inK R C cst 1900. 
Bi other Ernest, Pres 

frowle>, Acudia Parish, pop 7,656 
Hd Educ H Hawsey < hah man 

J M Baker secietarv 
Pnn High School J W. Mobley 

Delhi. Richlaml ^arinh, pop. 1,000 

High School J B Thompson, prin 

Denham Springs, la vingston Parish, pop. 1,002 

High School J G. Dutton, prin. 

De Quincj, Calcanieu Parish, pop 3,587. 
Superintendent C. W. Hanchey 
Music Mrs A Gallagher 
Domestic Science Mary Braddock 
Phvsical Training C W Hanchey 

I>e Ridder, Beauregard Parish, pop 3,707 

Bd Educ G Hennigan, president 

K R Hanchey, secretary 
High School T W Sanders, prin 
Art Rex Browning 
Domestic Science Eloisc Sanders 
Athletic Coach A S Huflman 

Donaldsonvllle, Ascension Parish, pop. 4,10* 

Bd Kduc C K Dixon, chairman 

L,air\ J Babin. secretary 
Principal High School B C Alwes 

Rclgaril. St. John Parish, pop. 500 

High School Charles Broussard. prin 

Kluabrth, Allen Parish, pop. 1.53O 
High School K C Smith, prin 

Erath. Vermilion Parish, pop. 575 

High School B B. Webb, pria 





, Jackson Pariah, pop. 1,000. 

High School J M. Barr, prin 

Eunice, St. Landry Parish, pop. 3 t 597. 

Bd Educ B B McManus, vice-pres 
High School C. A. Bandel, prln. 
Domestic Science Marion Irving 

Farmerville, Union Parish, pop. 1.137. 

Bd Educ J G Taylor, chairman 

P L Read, secretary 
High School C. G. Murphay, prin 
Supv. Music Mrs. Pat. Murphy 

Ferriday, Conoordia Parish, pop. 1,044. 

High School H. A. Bateman. prin 

Franklin, St. Mary Parish, pep. 8,000. 

Bd. Educ. L. A. Law, secretary 
High School E A Crowell, prin 
Music Elizabeth O'Brien 
Home Economics Chelsea Gates 

Gibftland, Blenville Parish, pop. 1,000. 

High School John S Campbell, prin 

Glenmora, Raplde* Parish, pop. 2,898. 
Bd Educ W. J Avery. secretary 
High School George R Mays. prin. 

Golden Meadow, Lafourche Parish, pop. 2,050 

High School Leonard J. Miller, prin. 

Grand Cane, De Solo Parish, pop. 800. 

Principal High School C C Payne 

Grand CoUau. St. Landry Parish, pop. ail. 

Normal College and Academy of the Sat red 
Heart; girls, boarding, R C , e*t 1821, 
Mother Sullivan, Superioress 

Greensburg, St. Helena Parish, pop. 600 

High School W E Phillips, prin 

Gretna, Jefferson Parish, pop. 9,584. 

Pres B Educ George A Cox 
Sec Bd Educ J C Ellis 
Principal High School Helen Cox 

Gneydan, Vennillion Parish, pop. 1,313. 
Sec Bd Educ J H Williams 
High School T. L. Bush, prin. 
Home Economics Gladys Seward 

. Tancipahoa Parish, pop. 6,072. 

Bd Educ Leon Ford Jr . chairman 
High School Balph Shaw. prin. 
Domestic Science Hallle White 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Richard Bankston 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Doris Welters 

Harrlsonbort;, Catahonla Pariah, pop. 400. 

Sec. Bd. Educ. J R. Stone. 

High School J A Wedgeworth, prin. 

Clalbome Parish, pop* 2*54S. 
Bd Educ Tom Henderson, chairman 

C E Miller, secretary 
High School L. W Ferguson, prin. 

Homer, Olalborne Parish, pop. 8,305. 

Bd. Educ T. A Hanchey, secretary 
High School H. G Robinson, prin. 
Music Marion Dorman 
Domestic Science Marjorie Allgood 

Honma, Terrebonno Parish, pop. 6,534. 
Pres Bd Educ A R Viguerie 
Sec Bd Educ H. L Bourgeois 
City Superintendent H L Bourgeois 
Prin High School E L. Talbot 

Lorton Preparatory School; prep., day; e* 
ed ; non-sect : est 1903. Sarah G. Win 
der. A. B.. Principal. 

Independence, Tanglpahoa Parish, pop. 1,081 

High School T B Pugh. prin 
Helen H Kluchln, asat prin 

Iota, Acadla Parish, pop. 860 

High School A. V. Smith, prin. 

Jackson, East Fellciana Parish, pop. 3.066. 

High School J F. Moreland, prin 

Voaaerette. Iberia Pariah, pap. 8.000. 

Bd Educ J. E Everet, president 

L. G Porter, secretary 
High School W L Colvin. prin 
Home Economics Celeste Thibeaux 

Jena, La Salle Parish, pop. 1,007. 

Bd Educ Q T Hartner. chairman 
High School Milton POSPJT. prin 
Music Ruby Mae Currey 

Jennings, Jeff Davis Parish, pop. 8.0X5. 
Pres Bd Educ J M Boose 
Bee Bd Educ W P Arnette 
City Superintendent E A Crowell 
High School L L Kilgore, prin 

Jonesboro. Jackson Pariah, pop. 1.0 10 
High School W. E Walker, prin 
Physical Training W L Langley 

JonaBvlUa, Catahoula Parish, pop. 1,080. 

Bd Educ E W Dayton, chairman 

H W Wright, secretary 
High School F H Shiel, prln 
Domofltic Science Mrs Edna Allen EnotP 

Kenner, Jefferson Parish, pop. 2,440 

High School 3. J. Barbre. prin. 

Kentwood, Tangipahoa Parish, pop. 8,050 

High School J F. Corkern, prin 

Kinder, Allen Parish, pop. 1,148 

Bd Educ D B. Hvatt, chairman 
High School R. G. Hanchey, prin. 
Music Katherine Gates 
Domestic Science Kemper Russell 

LaFayette, LaFajretto Parish, pop. 14,685. 
Bd. of Educ. L. I* Judlce. president 
Bd. of Educ. J. W. Faulk, secretary 
High School R. E. Chaplin, pria. 

Southwestern Louisiana Institute; college 
of liberal arts; education, engineering; com 
mwce; home economics; state, co-ed , et 
1901. Edwin L Stephens, Pret. 





Lake Arthur, Jeff Davis Pariah, pop 1,603 

Bd Educ W M Fen ton, chairman 
High School L H Richard, prin 
Music (vocal) Marjorie Harp 
Music (in sir.) H H. Ramsey 

Lake Charles, Calcasieu Pariah, pop. 15,791. 

Bd Educ Aichie E. Hick man, president 
City Superintendent Ward Anderson 
High School Q W. Ford, prin 
Music Ora Reams 
Physical Educ (boys) R S Kill en 
Physical Educ (girls)- Ebbie Whitten 

Lake Providence. E. Carroll Parish, p. 1,917. 
Pros Bd Educ H H Graham 
High School C E Holly, prin 

Lecompte, Rapldes Parish, pop. 1,00. 

Bd Educ W H Jones, chaii man 
High School R E Galloway, prin 
Athletic Coach F D Orr 

LeesTllIe, Vernon Parish, pop. 2,500. 

Bd Educ T J Ifcrrm. chairman 

Fnullav Stanley, secretary 
Hiph School E E Paikci. prin 
MUMC Julia lioffpair 
Domestic Science Mrs Jewel D Bioun 
Physical Tiaming Wood Osborne 

Logansport. De Soto Parish, pop. 1,000. 

High School A G Lee, prin 

Lutcher, St Jamet* PariHh. pop. 1 181 

High School E L Roimsel. pun 

Madlsonvllle. St. Tammany Par., pop. 1,103. 

Junior H S Houston S Talley, prin 

Mandevllle, St Tammany Co, pop. 1.130. 

Hisrh School E M Cieel, pun 
Phjeical Training Carlton Caldwell 

Manirham. Rlchland Pariah, pop. 800 

High School T A Judd. prin 

Mansfield, De Soto Parish, pop. 1,000. 

Pres Bd Educ F O Brinkley 

S M Shaws. secretary 
High School I C Strickland, prin 
Elementary Supv Fannie Rnes 

Mum, ftnbinc Parish, pop 1.339 

High School J T Leopold, pun 

arksvllle, Avoyellts Parish, pop. 1.076 

Bd Educ G L Porterie, chairman 
High School Lolita Guilbeau. prin 

Mer Rouge. Mtorehouae Parish, pop. 000 

Hjgrh School W. C Jordan, prin. 

Mrrr>%Ule, Beauregard Parish, pop. .036 

Hitch School L E Fia/ai, pun 

Minden. Webster Parish, pop. 6.105. 
Bd Educ J B Snell. chairman 

J B Pitcher, secretary 
High School S R Emnions, prin 
Grade Supervisor Helen Woodard 

Monroe, Ouachita Parish, pop. 26,028. 
Pres Bd Educ Arnold Bernstein. 
Supei intendent E L Neville 
High School Charles E K>nney 
Supervisor Music Clara W Hali 
\ it- -Louise Moore 
Domestic Science Sara Bres 
Physical Education Percy Brown 

MooringHport, Caddo Parish, pop. 802 

Higrh School L E Walker, prin 

Morgan City, St Mary Parish, pop. 5,981 

Bd Educ E A Delahoussa> e, chairman 

L A Law. secretary 
High School H S Hover, prin 
Music Velma Nichols 
Home Economics Mary Elizabeth Kraeffer 

Napoleoavllle, Assumption Parish, pop. 1.800 

Bd Educ Paul Rodngue, chairman 

5 A Alleman, secretary 

High School W P Blanchard. prin. 

NatchitocheH, Natchitoches Parish, pop. 8,888. 
Pres Bd Educ Edgar Levy 

E A Lee, secretary 
High School A B Simpson, prm 
Musi* L,ila Tomlinson 

Louisiana Stats Normal School, normal, 
state, co-ed . est 18S5; 

Albert A Fredericks, Pres 

New Iberia, Iberia Parish, pop. 8,098 
Bd Educ L Q Porter, secretary 
City Superintendent L. O. Porter 
Principal High School C M Bahon. Jr 

New Orleans, Orleans Parish, pop. 458,762 

Bd Educ Henry C Sen a um burg, pres 

Auguste J Tete, secretary 
City Superintendent Nicholas Bauer 
Assistant Supt August* J Tete 
Assistant Supt E W Eley 
Assistant Supt Alexander Sonntag 
IMbtiict Supt. Caroline S. Pfaff 
District Supt Louella Egan 
Attendance Director Auguste J. Tete 
Hygiene & Child Welfaie Fred L Fenno 
Music Mary Conway 
Ait Mrs Annabel Nathans 
Manual Training John S Pearcs 
Household Arts Mis Adele Stewart 
Physical Education Frank J Beier 
Voc Ouidance Emma Piitchard Cooley 
Ev ng Schools F Gordon Eberle 
Speech Correction Sue B Power 
Nature Study, Gardening James M Mc- 


Supt. of Maintenance Jacob Schlosser 
Consulting Architect Edward A. Christy 

Warren Easton High School (boys). Canal 

6 Salcedo, F Gordon Eberle, Prin 
Fdwaid Douulas White Hijrfi School (co-ed ) , 

Bavou id & Derbigny, J Hughes Rapp. 

Pi in 
Peteis High School of Commerce (boys). 

S Broad & Baudin; Arthur J. Scott 

Eleanor McMain High School (girls), 8 

riulborne & Joseph, Alice Leckert, Prin 





Alcee Fortier High School (boys). Freret & 

Joseph, John R. Connlff. Prin. 
John McDonogh High School (girls); 

Esplanade, Hocheblave K Dorgenois. 

Eugenie Suydam. Prin 
Sophie B Wright High School (girls); 

Napoleon A Prvtania Eleanor E Klggs 

Joseph A. Maybin School for Graduates 

(co-ed.); 1532 Calliope it.; Miss Bay 

Abrams. Prin. 
Allen High School of Commerce (girls). 

Loyola av & Joseph. Ruby V. Perry. Prin. 
Behrman High School (co-ed.), Pelican av. & 

Elmira St.; Alice Harte, Prin 
L E. Babouin Vocational School (girls); 

727 Carondelet St.; Violett O'Reilly, Prin. 
Joseph Kohn High School of Commerce 

(girls). Napoleon ft Camp; 

Hazel Drysdale. Prin 
Charles J. Colton High School (co-ed ) ; St. 

Claude & Spain; Rose Ferran, Prm 
McDonogh No SB High School (colored). 

656 S Rampart; Luclen V. Alexis. Prin 
J. W Hoffman School (colored). 2939 Third 

st ; Lawrence D Crocker, Prin 
Albert Wicker School (colored). 2420 Canal 

St.. George Iionge, Prin. 

College and Academy of the Sacred Heart, 
women, boarding and day. R C . Mother 
Mary Blumantine. Superior. 421 St 

Baptist Bible Institute; three-year and grad- 
uate courses; co-ed ; est 1917; W W 
Hamilton, Pres , 1220 Washington Ave 

Chlnchuba Deaf Mute Institute; school for 
deaf; co-ed ; R. C.; Archbishop of New 
Orleans. Pres of Board of Directors. 

Dillard University (colored); liberal arts 
courses; co-ed : est. 1930; William Stuart 
Nelson, pres. 

Frances T Nicholls Vocational School for 
Girls; city; Violett O'Reilly, Prin 

Oulllot's Institute; girls' boarding; aon- 
sect.; Miss Marie Quillet. Prim.. 1808 

Holy Cross College, boys; fourth grade 
through high ; boarding , R C ; Brother 
Gerard, Pres, 4950 Dauphine St 

Holy Trinity School; prep.; boys; Rer. A. 
Bechelmayer. Prin.. 2827 RoyaL 

Isidore Newman School; coll. prep.; co-ed ; 
non-sect ; est. 1903; Clarence C. Benson. 
Director, IB21 Jefferson av. 

Jesuit High School; boys, R C ; est 1847. 
J. D. Foulkes. Pres.. Carrollton ay. ft Banks 

Louisiana State University Medical School, 
co-ed., est 1931. Arthur Vidrine. Dean 

Louisiana State University School of Dentis- 
try; co-ed.. Samuel H. McAfee. Dean 

Louise S McGehee School, girls; college 
prep.: non-sect : est. 1912; Nina Preot 
Davis, actg. Headmistress. 2843 Prytania 

Loyola University; comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences, of Pharmacy, of Music, 
schools of Law. of Dentistry; Department 
of Commerce and Finance, Catholic; est 
1911: Harold A Gaudin, Pres., 6363 St 
Charles av. 

Loyola School of Law; eo-ed.: est. 1914; 

three-year course; James T. Connor, 

Dean, 686 S St. Charles Ave 
Loyola University School of Dentistry, co-ed.; 

four-year course, C. Victor Vlgnes. D D S., 

Loyola University. New Orleans College of 

Pharmacy, four-year course, co-ed . est 

1900, John F McCloskey, Dean, 6363 St 

Charles ave 
Loyola University, New Orleans Conservatory 

of Music; four-year course. Ernest 

Schuyten. Dean. 6317 St Charles ave. 
L'Unlon Francaise School; girls' boarding. 

non-sect; Miss Marie Dumestre, Prin., 

928 N. Rampart. 
Margaret C Hanson Normal School, city, 

co-ed.; Josie B. Soares. Prin.. 4211 S. 

Notre Dame Seminary, theology, men. R. C ; 

Michael J Larkin. Pres , 2901 Carrolton Av 
Paragon Shorthand Institute, bus. aat 

sten.; est. 1890. Alex. Lichteatag. Prop.. 

5422 Willow st. 
Points College of Music and Fine Arts. 

co-ed, est 1892, Delphine Points. Pres.. 

930 Elyslan Fields Ave 
Rugby School; boys* boarding; non-sect; 

military, est 1894. W. E Walls. Prla. 

480S St. Charles Ave. 
St. Aloysius College; boys* bo a re Ing; R. C.; 

Brother Celestin. Prla. 1106 Esplaaa4s 
St Mary's Dominican College, women, degree 

courses in arts and science, 4-yr. teacher 

tr'gr course, R. C , est 1010. Sister Mary 

Catherine. Pres. 7214 St. Charles Ave, 
Soule* College; com'l sec'l and prep courses, 

co-ed , est 1856, Albert Lee Soule', Pres , 

1410 Jackson Av 
Southern College of Music; music; ee-ed.; 

Mrs. Alfred Miester. Pres . 1334 7th St. 
Kpencer's Business College, bus. sten ana* 

language, co-ed . est 1893. L C Spen- 
cer. B S , President. 711 Common. 

Tulane University of Louisiana, comprises 
the College of Arts and Sciences, of 
Engineering, and of Commerce, H 
Sophie Ncwcomb Memorial College for 
Women; College of Law; School of Med- 
icine; Graduate School of Medicine, School 
of Social Work; co-ed : non-sect ; est 
1834; R. L Menuet. acting Pres. 

Tulane University College of Arts and Sciences ; 
Edward A Bechtel, Dean 

Tulane University Graduate School. John M 
McBryde, Dean 

Tulane University College of Engineering, 
four-vear courses in Mechanical, Electri- 
cal. Civil and Chemical Engineering, and 
Architecture; James M. Robert, Dean 

Tulane University. Newcomb Memorial Col- 
lege for Women; liberal arts, sciences, 
music, art; est 1886; Pierce Butler. Dean 

Tulans University College of Law; co-ed . 
est 1847; Rufus C. Harris, Deaa 

Tulane University School of Medicine: co- 
ed.; est. 1834; C. C. Bass. M.D.. Dean. 

Tulane University Graduate School of Med- 
icine; Hiram W. Kostmayer, Dean 

Tula no Univerflity College of Commerce and 
Bualncss Administration, Morton A Al- 
drich. Dean 





Tulanc University, Department of Middle 
American Research; Frans Blom, Director 

Tulane University School of Social Work. 
Elizabeth Wi&ner, Director 

Twentieth Century School, co-ed.; Miss A 
L Ellis. Prin . Louisiana Bidg. 

Ursullae College and Academy; girls' board- 
ing B.C.; est. 1727: Mother Mary Ber- 
nard Bonhomme, Superioress. 2635 State st 

Xavier University (colored), includes college 
of Liberal Arts; of Science, of Education, 
of Music, of Pharmacy, of Pine Aits, of 
Physical Education, of Social Service. 
Graduate School, co-ed , est 1915. R C , 
Mother M. Agatha. Pres . Washington & 

New Rhoads, Point Conpeo Parish, pop. 1,864 

Bd Educ William Falconer, chairman 

A McFarland. secretary 
High School E B Jewell, prln. 

Noble, Sablne Parish, pop. 000 

High School B. H. Arthur, prin. 

Oak Ridge, Morehonso Parish, pop. 800 

High School B S. Hammer, prin 

Oakdale, Allen Parish, pop. 4,016 

Bd. of Educ. T. B. Hyatt, secretary 
High School A. W. Durham, prin. 

Oil City, Caddo Parish, pop. 860 

High School Roy JSvans, prin 

Oils, La Salle Parish, pop. 800 

High School J G Hicks, prin 

Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, pop. 6,209. 
City Superintendent W C Perrauet. 
High School Howard J. Laflcur. prin. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception. 
R. C . prep . co-ed ; Sister Veronica. 

Patterson. St. Mary Parish., pop. X.600. 

Bd Educ E A Delahoussey, chairman 
High School P 8 Bauer, prin 

Ptnevlllf, Rapldes Parish, pop. 3.694. 

Louisiana College, liberal arts, co-ed , Bap 
tist; est 1906, Clayhrook C ottmgham, 

Plain Dealing. Bossier Parish, pop 1,412. 
High School F. Q Phillips, prin. 

Plaqnemlne, Ibervlll* Parish, pop. 6,124. 

Bd Educ Louis Wilbert, chairman 
High School S. L. Crownover. prln. 
Music W. B Higdon 
Physical Training A. L. Dupont 

Ponehafcrala. Tanglpaboa Bjuish. pop. 1.999 

High School W. B. Butler, prin. 
Domestic Science Nana James 
Physical Training Irwin Davis 

Rayne, Aeadla Parish, pop. 3,710 
Superintendent A T. Browne 
High School W. Bonnier, principal 

Domestic Science Zula Rich a til 
Physical Training Henry Evans 

Bayvlllo. Richland Parish, pop. 1.499. 

Bd Educ T. A. Stark, chairman 

B B Keebler. secretary 
High School Robert S Harris, prin 
Music Beulah Curry 
Home Economics Margaret Fenet 
Physical Tr'g (boys) John Whatley 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Ruth Shepard 

Reserve, St. John Parish, pop. 600 

High School A M. Seal Ian, prin. 

Rosedale, Iberville Parish, pop. 600 

High School W L Rather, prln. 

Robellne, Natchltoches Parish, pop. 860. 

High School O. M. Lay. prin. 

Boston, Lincoln Parish, pop. 8,600. 

Piincipal High School H B. Townsend 

Music Kendall Hearn 

Orchestra Harvey Nelson 

Home Economics. Ethel Lambert 

Physical Training James Plummer 

Louisiana Polytechnic Institute; tech. an< 
Indust ; state: co-ed ; est. 1194; 
E S Richardson, Pres 

St. Francisvllle, W. Fellclana Parish. 1,366 

High School R. B Watson, prin. 

St. Gabriel. IberUUe Parish, pop. 765 

High School J. L. Harbourt, prin. 

it. Joseph, Tensas Parish, pop. 1.666. 

High School J. L. Crigler, prin. 

6t. Martlnvllle, St. Martin Parish, pop. 8.606. 

Bd Educ. C. T. Bienvenue. chairman 

L J Montegut, sectetary 
High School F M Carson, prln. 

Hhreveport, Caddo Parish, pop. 76.669. 
Bd. Educ. Marion H. Smith, president 

& W. Jones, secretary 
Bvrd H S Grover C Koffman, prm. 
Fair Park H S J W Ward, prin 

Centenary College of Louisiana, coll.; oo- 
ed ; Meth ; est. 1845; Pierce Chne, Pres 

I>orld College. Junior coll , giils. boarding, 
music, art. drama, home economics, phy- 
sical education, seel courses; Edward C. 
Solomon, Pres 

Meadow s-Draughon College, bus and sec'l 
tr'g est 1900, George A Meadows, Pres 

Norton Business College, bus and sten . 
Mrs J W Norton. President 

St Vincent's College, girls, boarding grade 
i thru high school. R C . est 1868. Sis- 
ter Mary Stanislaus, Dean 

Slldell, St. Tammany Parish, pop. 1.880. 

Bd Educ W L Abnev president 
High School L. V. McGinty. prin 
Domestic Science Gwendolyn Thomas 
Physical Training C. W. O'Neill 

Spring Hill, Webster Parish, pop. 1,646. 

High School J L Cathcart, prin. 
Home Economics Irene Moncrief 
Physical Tr'g (boys) F. H. Hughes 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Mattie L. Robinson 





Sulphur. Calcaslen Parish, pop. ITU 
Hirh School -I. D. Bayno. pria. 

Tallutah, Madlsoa Parish, pop. l.Ott. 

Bd. Educ. A. T. Palmer, president 
8ec Bd Educ James R. Linton. 
City Superintendent James R. Llntoa. 
High School M A Phillips, Jr , prm. 

Thlbodaux, Lafoureho Parish, pop. I,*tt. 

Bd Educ P. J. O'Neil, president 

W. S. Lafargue, secretary 
Prin High School L, L, Broussard 
Mount Carmel Academy; girls' boarding. 

(Trades thru high school. R C . e^t 1856, 

Sister Superior 
Thibodeaux Collegre; boys; high school: 

boarding- and day. Catholic; est. 1857. 

Brother Casimir, Pres 

YIAalla, Concordia Parish, pop. l.ftS. 

Pres. Bd Educ John Dale. 
High School 6. M Stiickler. pun 

Ville Platte. KvanreUne Parish, pop. 1.M4. 

Bd Educ J C Vidrine, chaiiman 

F. V. Launey. secretary 
High School J. D Lafleur, prin. 
Domestic Science Eha Fontenot 
Music, Art Ernestine Harrison 
Physical Training W H Gotten 
Commercial Charles Mouton 

Ttnton, CalcsMiev Parish, pop. 1,441 

Hlrh School J M Boyet. prtn 
Music W. E Noonan 
Home Economics Margaret Melancon 
Physical Educ. (boys) B S Walker 
Physical Educ (girls) Eleanor Scaife 

Vivian, Caddo Parish, pop. 1,864. 

Hifh School 0. I* Mackey. prtnolpal 

Home Economics Pearl Beaird 
Physical Training O C Sanders 

Washington, St. Landry Parish, pop. l.ltl. 

Bd Educ R L, Hawkins, president 
High School O. L Wyble, prin. 

Welsh, Jefferson Davis Parish, pop. 1.4M 

Higrh School Georgre Cousin, Jr , prin. 

Westwego, Jefferson Parish, pop. 3,987 

High School Stella Worley. prin 

White Castle, Iborvlllo Parish, pop. I.***. 

Bd Educ Charles J Slack, chairman 

Joseph E Berret, secretary 
Higrh School S E. Owen, prin 

Wlnafleld. Wbm Pariah, pop. 1.SM. 

Pres Bd Educ C McQlnty 
High School W. D Walker, prin 

Wlnnsboro, Franklin Parish, pop 1,065. 
Bd Educ B. 3 Landis. chairman 

John L. McDult, secrotaiv 
High School William B Glover, prin 

Yonnjrsvllle, l^afayetto Parish, pop. 

Bd Educ L L. Judice. chaiiman 
High School S J Duiand. prin 

Zwolle. Sabine Parish, pop. l/64 

High School W N Holladay. pi in 



BERTRAM E PACKARD, State Commissioner of Education Augusta 

EDWARD E RODERICK, Deputy State Commissioner Augusta 

HARRISON C LYSEIH, Agent for Secondary Education Augusta 

RICHARD J. LIBBY, Agent for Rural Education Augusta 

MRS. GLADYS PATRICK, Field Supervisor of Rural Education Augusta 

ZETA I. BROWN, Field Supervisor of Rural Education Augusta 

VILLA E. HAYDEN, Field Supervisor of Rural Education Augusta 

C. HARRY EDWARDS, Director of Physical Education Augusta 

A. W. GORDON, General Agent for Unorganized Township Schools Augusta 

STEPHEN E. PATRICK, State Director of Vocational Education Augusta 

FLORENCE JENKINS, State Supervisor Home Economics Augusta 

H. S. HILL, State Supervisor of Agriculture Orono 

LEBOT N KOONZ, Supervisor of Industrial Rehabilitation Augusta 


Public school text-books are required by state law to be furnished free bj the 
several towns. There is no State Text-Book Commission and no state uniformity of 



Elementary Supervisor, Jonesboro 



Maine has no county superintendents of schools, but has what is known as the 
' ' Union Systems ' ' of school supervision. The towns and cities of the state, of which 
there are 517, are combined into groups by the State Commissioner of Educa- 
tion, and the members of the school commutes of the towns in these groups 
elect one person to serve as superintendent of schools of the group or union, devot- 
ing his whole time to that work. The only exception to this arrangement is in the 
case of towns or cities having more than seventy-five teachers These are allow- 
ed to elect a Superintendent of Schools to serve that town or city alone. 


Alfrod, Tork C*., pop. SM. 

Town Supt M E Wright 

High School Milton M. Weymouth. prm. 

r. Oxford Co.. pop. 757. 

Sch Com Mrs Alice Thurston, chairman 
Supt Sherman Graves (Ridlonville) 
High School Wallace A Cutting, prin 

AMOB, Bomonot Co.. pop. t.tti. 

Sch Com -Charles F Gillis, chairman 
Superintendent J Albert Green 
Anson Academy Ernest E Haskell, ptin 
Tumor H. S Charles F Gillis, pi in 
Home Economics Gertrude Hardy 

AfthlABd, Aroostook Co., pop. S,17f . 

Sch Com Rav L Rafford, chairman 
Superintendent Lester Harriman 
HiRh School Tames A Crowley, prin 
Domestic Science Alice Hews 

Ath*M. Boaioroat Co., pop. 14. 

Sch Com H C W Batcher, chairman 
Superintendent E A Pattee (Harmony) 

Somerset Academy Carl E Reed, prin 

Music Miss Lessard 

Home Economics Ethel M Hilton 





Auburn. Androaeoggin Co., pop. 18,571. 

Sch. Com John B. Cartland, chairman 

Mipenntendent George R Gardner 

High School Perley 8. Turner, prin. 

Music Russell Jack 

Art Jeanette Loring 

Manual Training Frederick J Bryant 

Domestic Science- Dorothy Anderson 

Commercial Maud Huskins 

Phy Dir (boys) Linwood Dwelley 

Phy. Dir (girls) Catherine Blagdon 

Augusta, Kennebec Co., pop. 18,100. 
Bd. Educ Dr. O. H. Brann, chairman 
Superintendent Fred W. Burrill 
High School Everett V. Perkins, prin. 
Art Ruth L Hazel wood 
Manual Training Maurice C. Yarney 
Manual Training Clement Downs 
Dom. Sci Mary A. Hill; Alice Hunnewell 
Commercial Dept. Florence Holnibtrom 
Physical Tr'g (boys) John W. Manter 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Marjoric Morrell 
Elementary bupv Lou Buker 

Gates Business College, 

bus and sten , 

Bangor, peaobsoot Co., pop. 28,749. 
Sch Com. C. M. Clark, chairman 
Superintendent Irving W Small 
High School Charles E Taylor, prin 
Open Air School Marion F. Quinn, prin. 
Music Evangeline Hart Huey 
Manual Training Clarence H Drlako 
Domestic Science -Ruth Crosby 
Art Georgia W. Worster 
Penmanship Mabel M Dnnkwater 
School Nurse Katharine B. Smith 

Banger Theological Seminary; theol.; co- 
ed f Cong ; est 1814; Harry Trust, Pres 

Beal Business College, bus and stenog . 
Joseph W Hamlfn, President 

Oilman Commeicial School, bus and sten . 
co-ed . Flora Gilman, Prin 

Maine School of Commerce, eat 1926. 
Chesley H Husson. Prin 

Bar Harbor, Hancock Co., pop 4.476. 

Sch. Com A B Hodgkms, chairman 
City Superintendent George H. Beard 
Higrh School Carlton S Fuller, prin 
Prin. Grade Schools Ethel I Connors 
Music Frederick A Westcott 
Manual Training Leon Lewis 
Domestic Science Rena H. Stewart 

Bath, Sagadahoc Co., pop. 9,110. 
Bd Educ W. L. Skelton, chairman 
Superintendent Clinton D Wilson 
High School Horace P Hemck, prin 
Manual Training D T Alkazin 
Mechanical Drawing J. Pomeroy 
Domestic Science Janette W. Smith 

Belfast. Waldo Co. pop. 5,088. 

Son Com B. E Larrabce. chairman 

H. S. Head, secietary 
Superintendent H S Read 
High School E C Fuller, prin 
Music E. S Pitcher 

Co., pep. 

Sch Com Mrs. Aroblne Twombley, ch'm. 
Superintendent Ivan Adams (Oakland) 
High School W Rodney Wyman, prin. 
Music Harry Drew 

Berwick. Yerk Co., pep. t.tM. 

Sch. Com. Chester H. Frost, chairman 
Town Superintendent William C. MeCue. 
High School Aubrey Tabor, prin 
Music Stanley Gerrish 

Bethel, Oxford Ce., pep. 8.M8. 
Sch. Com Robert D. Hastings, chairman 
Superintendent Carrie M. Wright 

Gould Academy; prep; co-ed.; non-seot.; 
est ItSff; Frank E, Haascem. A. M.. 

Biddeford, York Co., pop. 17,688. 

Superintendent A Alton Garcelon, Jr 

Margaret L Stone, sec'y to supt 
High School A. G Snow, prin 
Supv Music Florence L Crowley 
Manual TrainingFred M West 
Art, Pen'ship Rebecca Spencer 
Household Arts Mary Waterhouae 
Physical Director Stephen F White 
Phy Director (girls) Joan R. Cosgrove 

Blalae, Areoetoek Ce., pep. 1,018. 
Pres Bd Educ Norman Tapley 
Superintendent J A Leonard (Mars Hill) 

Blue Hill, Haaceck Co., pop. 1,488. 

Town Superintendent E L Llnscott 

George Stevens Academy; prep.; oe-e4L; 
non-sect , Thomas B Langley, Prin 

Boethbay, Lincoln Ce.. pop. 1,700. 

Sch. Com Charles Chapman, chairman 

Town Supt H B Clifford 

Center High School Clifford Buck, prin 

East High School Arthur Cordlner, prin 

Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln Co., pop. 8,056 

Sch Com B West Lewis, chairman 

Town Supt H. B Clifford 

High School A. W. Jellison, prin. 

Bewdolnham, Bagadaboe C*., pep. 1,888. 

Sch Com Cleveland Curtis, chairman 

Emily M Rideout. secretary 
Supt Leon P. Spinney (Brunswick) 
High School J H. McCart. prin. 

Brw*r. Penohscot Co. pop. 8.084. 

Sch. Com Mrs. Lettie Thompson, chairman 
City Superintendent H. B. Houston 
High School E B Goidon, prin 
Music Charles Larsen 
Manual Training Fred P. Barker 
Domestic Science Gladys Gould 
Physical Ti'g Dana D Dogherty 

Bridgewater, Aroeeteek Ce., p*. 1,88*. 

Pres Bd. Educ A M. Stackpole. Jr 
Superintendent J A Leonard (Mars Hill) 





Bridgewater Classical Academy, 
Lloyd H Robinson, Principal 

Bridgton, Cumberland Co., pop. 2,659. 

Sch. Com. Frank Stone, chairman 

Town Supt Guy Monk 

High School Harold P Andrews, prin 

Bristol. Lincoln Co.. pop. 2.415. 

Sch Com B B Blaisdell, chairman 

C W Poole. secretary 
Supt Blynne Allen (Newcastle) 
High School William B Kempton, prin 

Brooksrllle, Hancock Co.. pop. l,17f. 

Sch Com. James Babbidge, chairman 

Phillip Gray, secretary 
Supt Harold C Philbrook (Castlne) 
High School A B. Hefler, prin 

Brownvllle, Piscataquis Co., pop. 1,80*. 

Sch Com Alice Graves, chairman 
Superintendent Harland A. Ladd (Hilo) 
High School Edgai R Cio/iei, pnn 
Music Helen Pratt 

Brunswick, Cumberland Co.. pop. 7.261. 
Bd Educ M Phillips Mason, chairman 

Leon P. Spinney, secretary 
Superintendent Leon P Spinney 
High School Percy E Graves, prin. 
Manual Training S. Dickson Allen 
Domestic Science (h s ) Mrs Inez P. Allen 

Bowdoln College; coll.; men. non-sect.; est 
1794. Kenneth C M Sills. LL D , Pre 

Buckfleld, Oxford Co., pop. S57. 

**ch Com G B Spauklinp chairman 
Superintendentr-Isaiah M. Hodges (Turner) 
High bchool C *N Gould, pnn 

Bocksport, Hancock Co.. pop. f ,21f. 

fech Com Archie L White, chairman 
Superintendent Herbert Jewett 
School Paul Brown, pnn 

Bast Maine Conference Seminary, prep . 
co-ed , M E , est 1843. Howaid P Davis. 

Bnxton, York Co., pop. 1,671. 
Sc-h Com Marian E I Hague, chauman 
Supt George E Jack (Holhs Center) 
High School Frank H Jewett. pi in 

Calais. Washington Co.. pop. MIC. 

Sch. Com. Philip Holmes, chairman 
Superintendent Alden Allen 
High School F A Tarbox, prin 
Manual Training Henry Tompkins 
Domestic Science Buth Murchie 

CamdoB, KBOX Co.. pop. Ml*. 

Sch Com George H Thomas, chairman 
Town Supt. Charles E. Lord 
High School C. P. Wood, prin 
Music Mrs Esther Rogers 
Art Margaret Wysong 
Manual Training Stanley Fryo 
Domestic Science Dorothy Baker 
Athletic Coach F F. Richard* 

Canton. Oxford Co.. pop. 1.011. 

Sch. Com B E Patterson, chairman 
Superintendent Harry A. Foster 
High School John Pollard, prin. 

Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., pop. 2,365. 

Superintendent John T Gyger 

Prin High School William R Kempten 

Caribou, Arooatock Co., pop. 7.248. 

Sch Com Amos H Fletcher, chaiiman 
Town Supt George M Carter 
Prin High School John A Partridge 
Music Leonard Curtis 
Domestic Science Evelyn Hamilton 

Carmel. Penobscot Co., pop. I.tM. 

Sch. Com -Hugh Kelly, chairman 
Superintendent Mrs Bertha Cartel 
High School Farrell C Ingalls, pun. 

Castiao, Hancock Co., pop. 38. 

school Com Aithur W Patterson, Ch 
Town Superintendent Harold C Philbrook 
High School Harrison E Small, principal 

Eastern State Normal School; normal. 

state, co-ed . est I8b8, William D Hall 

Charleston. Penobscot Co.. pop. M4. 

Son Com Edith Howes, chairman 

R T Dunning, secretary 
Town Supt H D Rldlon 

Hlgglns* Classical Institute, prep ; co-ed , 

Bapt . est 1S37, W A Tracy. Prin 

Chelsea, Kennebec Co., pop. 3,21*. 

Supt Mrs Lila N. Leavitt (Coopers Mills) 

Cherryfleld, Washington Co.. pop. 1,4ft. 

Sch Com Belat Wass, chairman 
fcupt Benjamin H Varney ( Jonesboro) 
Cherryfield Academy Kenneth W Biagdon 

China. Kennebeo Co.. pop. 1,27. 

Pres B4 Educ W A Lord 

Supt Carl B Lord (North Vassal bo ro) 

Erskinc Academy Karl F Ambs, prin 

Clinton. Kennebec Co., pop. 1.268. 

Pres Bd Educ C W Spaulding 
Sec Bd Educ George Billings 
Supt Raymond S Finley (Pittsfield) 
High School Clark Abbott, prin. 

Corlnna, Ponobarot Co., pop. 1,237. 

Supt Ray Robinson (Newport) 

Corinna Union Academy: prep ; day; eo> 

ed , est 1852. Samuel A Thompson. Pi in 

Corinth. Penobscet Co.. pop. 1.M4. 

Town Supt H D Rfdlon 





Cumberland, Cumberland Co., pop. MM. 

Supt John Gvger (Portland) 
Greeley Institute Ervin Stuart, prin. 
Music Robert Stetson 
Domestic Science Helen Robinson 
Manual Training- Andrew McSorley 

Danforth, Washington Co., pop. 5. 

Sen. Com. Horace Pullen, chairman 
Superintendent James DeWever 
High School Victor Reed, prin. 
Music Elvezice Marchesi 

lo. Hancock Co.. pop. 1.040, 

Pres. Bd Educ George L Beck 
Superintendent A H Tuck (Stonington) 
High School E. Walk Pickering, prm 

Dexter, Penobscot Co., pop. 4,063. 

Sch Com Mrs. Mabel Mountain, chairman 

1 own Supt D W Kollms 

Prin High School Harry A Blake 

Music and Drawing Mary Smart 

Manual Tr'g Frederick Oulgley 

Home Economics Eloise Macomber 

Physical Tr'g Quentin Sprague 

Wassookeag School boys 14-20, college prep : 
boarding, est 1927. Lloyd Harvey Hatch, 

Dlxfleld, Oxford Co.. pop. 1.050. 

Sch Com Claience Emery, chairman 
Town Superintendent Frank McGouldrick 
High School John Daker, prin. 

Dover-Foxcroft, Piseataquis Co , pop, 4,050. 

Sch Com V L. Warren, chairman 
Superintendent Perry F Shibles 

Foxcroft Academy; Frank G Stone, Prin 
Music Gertrude Gately 

Dresden MiUs, Lincoln Co., pop. tOO. 

Bridge Academy; prep ; co-ed ; non-sect.; 
st. 1111; Norrls & Lord. A. B.. Prin 

Lake, Aroostook Co., pop. 1.481. 

Sch Com Fred S Austin, chairman 

Superintendent Anne M. Martin 

High School Thomas J Fournier, prin 

Bart Corinth, Penobocot Co., pop. 47S. 
Bast Corinth Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect ; est 1843, Ross P Spear. Prin 

WaobJnfton Co., pop. l,ttf. 

Superintendent Leroy W. Moan 

Washington Academy; prep.; co-ed.; aon* 

sect ; est 1792; John C Merrill, Prin 

Catto*. Aroostook Co., pop. 1.800. 

Sch. Com. Victor Hoyt, chairman 
Supt W. H. Jenkins (Fort Fair field) 
Hl*h School W. W. Halo, prtn. 

Baotport, Washington Co., pop. 4.801. 

Sch Com J E Brooks, chairman 
Superintendent Raymond B. Steward 
High School L. Brooks Varney. prin. 
Physical Training Harold Meader 

Eliot, York Co., pop. 1.680. 

Sch Com Edward Blaisdell, chairman 
Town Superintendent William C. IfeCuo 
High School Maurice C FOBS, prin 

Ellsworth, Hancock Co., pop. S.54t. 

Sch. Com Walter Clark. Jr. chairman 
Superintendnet L T. Dunham 
High School L R. Addition, prin 

Falrfield, Someraet Co., pop. 5,138. 

Sch Com L H Dixon, chairman 
Superintendent W H Phinney 
Lawrence H S Ralph A Ranger, prin 
Music Gertrude Smith 
Manual Training Erhng Jonassen 
Domestic Arts Ileen Brophy 
Physical Tr'g (boys) Geoige Wentworth 
Ph>sical Tr'g (girls) Ruth Brown 

Farmlngton, Franklin Co., pop. 8,200. 

Sch Com Lloyd B Morton, chairman 
Town Superintendent William F. Minor 
High School Clarence N Gould, pun 
MusicTola H Perkins 

Abbott School; boys' boarding; non-sect; 

est 1844. Charles Haskell, Headmaster 
Farmington State Normal School; normal* 

state co-ed est 1865, Wilbert G Mai 

lett, Puncipal 

Fort Falrfleld, Aroostook Co., pop. l.OtO. 

Sen Com George Findlen, chairman 
Superintendent William H Jenkins 
High School Lewis H Knger, prin 

Fort Kent, Arooatook Co., pop, 4,719. 

Sch Com L H Fournier. chairman 

Town Supt G Hector Bourgom 

High School Lawrence A Violette, prin 

Madawaska Training School; normal; stats. 
co-ed . Richard F. Crocker, Prin. 

Frankfort, Waldo Co., pop. 1,157. 

Sch Com Frank McCambridge, chairman 
Superintendent Kermit S Nk-keraon 
High School William M Damm, prin 

Franklin, Hancock Co., pop. 1.101. 

Sch. Com. John C. Estey, chairman 
Town Supt S 8 Scammon 
High School Merle Jones, prin. 

Freedom, Waldo Co., pop. 480. 

Superintendent G M D Grant (Unity) 

Freedom Academy; prep ; oratory, co-ed , 
boarding dept ; non-sect . st UK, 
Edith W Small, prin. 





Frraort. Cumberland Co., pop. t,88t 

Sch Com Harold I Goldman, chairman 
Town Superintendent Ralph G. Oakes 
High School Frank A Dorr. prm. 
Music Mildred S Bennett 
Manual Training Carl B Jensen 
Domestic Science Alice J Potter 
Commercial Geneva Little 

Frenchvlllo, Aroontook Co., pop. 1.414. 

Sch Com Leonard Gagnon, chairman 
Town Superintendent Albert D Martin 
High School Marion Bisson, prm 

Fryeburg, Oxford Co., pop. 5M. 
Bd Educ Harriet Abbott, chairman 
Town Supt. Charles A. Snow 
Fryeburg Academy, Elroy O LaCasce. Prin 

Gardiner, Kennebeo Co., pop. 5,111. 

Sch Com Theodore E Emciy, chanman 
City Superintendent A R Carter 
High School Orlando C Woodman, prin 
Music Eva M Town, supervisor 
Manual Tr'g Andrew Hooper 
Domestic Science Grace Goldsmith 

finrham. Cumberland Co . pop 3.028 
Seh Com Olive G Irish, chairman 
Sch Com Alverdo L Douglass, chairman 
Superintendent Gu> V Sinclair (West- 


Principal High School Charles C Shaw 
Supv Mueic Mrs Chase Boothby 
Manual Training; George A Brown 
Domestic Science Evel\n Littlefleld 
Drawing Helene 

Western Normal School, normal; state, co- 
ed . Walter E Russell. Principal 

Gooldsbero. Hancock Co.. pop. l.S4t. 

Pres Bd Educ F F Tracv 

Supt Merle R Keyes (We*t Sullivan) 

Graad Isle. Aroostook Co.. pop. 1,817. 

Sch Com Floient Sanfacon, chaii man 

G G Vermette. secretarv 
Supt Charles L O'Connell (Van Buren) 

Gray. Cumberland Co.. pop. I.t7t. 

Bd Educ F Sawyer, chairman 
Superintendent Frederick H. Aikens 
Pennell Institute; S E Marks, prm 

GrooBvlllo. Plscataquls Co.. pop. 1.474, 

Bd Educ Louifl Oakes, chairman 

E L Dean, secretary 

Town Superintendent Russell S Taylor 
High School Robert M Diehl. prin 
Music Dorothy DickinRon 

GoJlf.rd, Plscataqols Co., pop* MMl 

Sch. Com Eveline Cross, chairman 
Superintendent John A Dunton 

Ifallowell, Kennebee Co., pop. I.8C4. 

Sch Com J D Nutting", chairman 
Superintendent Leroy S Huckins 
High School Lawrence Stuart, pnn. 

Hampden, Pemobscot Co., pop. S.SSt, 

Sch Trustees Charles F Coulhard, ch'mn 

Everett E Hughes, secretary 
Superintendent Charles H. Grant 
Hampden Academy Robert L Jacobs, 


Harrington, Washington Co., pop. l.OM. 

Sch Com Geogre W Frye. chairman 

Superintendent F E Drfsko 

Hiph School Charles F Lawrence, prm 

Hartland. Somerset Co. pop. 1.17*. 

Sch Com Olney L Wilbur, chairman 
Superintendent Walter J Rideout 
Hartland Academy Cecil T Cuts, pi in 
MUSK- Gertiude Thome 

Hebron, Oxford Co., pop. 80S 

Supt William O Bailey (South Paris) 

Hebron Academv. bovs' prep , Bapt , est 
1804, R L. Hunt. Prin 

Hermon. Penobsrot Co.. pop. 1.310. 

Sch Com R T Luce, ehauman, 
' own Snpt Charles H Grant 
High School Stuart C Chaplin, prin 

IfndfdnB. Aronstonk To., pop. 1.1BS. 

Sch Com Floyd Sherman, chairman 
Superintendent Floyd C Royal 
High School Harold E McLauchlan 

Hollli. York Co., pop. I,t84. 

Sch Com P A Crockett, chairman 

Town ^iipt O^orir* E Tack 

Hiffh School Melville Johnson, prin 

Hnulton. Aronatook Co . pop 6,865. 

Sch Com Stella K White, chairman 
Superintendent P H Woodworth 
Principal High School M B. Lambert 
Junior H S Allston E Smith, pnn 
Manual Tiaimngr Chailes W Allen 
Domestic Science Doris Parke 

Ricker Classical Institute and Junior Col- 
lege, coed; Baptist; est 1848. Roy M 
Hayes, Prin 

Islaad Falls, Aroostook Co.. pop. 1.6S* 

S( h Pom Roswell Emerson, chairman 

Mr* Lyda Banton, secretary 
Superintendent Harry Lewm 

Jav. Franklin Co. pop. 3.1O4. 

Sch Com Joseph Drattor, chairman 

Town Supt A M Sanborn 

Hiph School Stephen J Drattor, prin 

Music Elizabeth Pomeroy 

Domehtic Science Mrs. Ruth Fairchild 

Joaeoport. Washington Co.. pop. t.74. 

Sch Com Mrs Richard Davis, chairman 
Superintendent Ralph L. Brown 
High School Allan B Chesterton, prin. 





Kennebtuk, York Co., pop. 8,999. 

Sob Com Harold H Bourne, chairman 

Superintendent John S. Carver 

High School W J Davidson, prin. 

Music Mary Lord 

Domestic Science Madelyn Hussey 

Kennebimk Port. York Co., pop. 8,189. 

Bd Educ Carroll T Farrar, chairman 
Superintendent John S Carver (Wells) 
High School Harold E. Carson, prin. 

Kent* Hill. Kennebee Co., 

Maine Wesleyan Seminary and College; co-ed ; 
bd'gr and day; high school; coll prep ; est. 
1824; Edward W Hmcks, Headmaster 

Klttery, York Co.. pop. 4.390. 

Sch. Com -John F. Adams, chairman 
Superintendent Elmer O Small 
Traip Academy N. B. Dinsmore. prin. 
Music Beatrice Sawyer 

Lot. Penobseot Co.. pop. Ml. 

Sch. Trustees J D Murphy, chairman 

Town Supt H E Fortier 

Lee Academy A M Pottle, prin 

Lewlston, Androscoggin Co., pop. 34.948. 

Sec Bd Educ Charles Bickford 

City Superintendent Charles W. Bickford 

Principal High School J. J. Butler 

Music Emlle H. Roy 

Art Louise Cronin 

Manual Training Clarence B March 

Sewing- (grades) Mary L. Conley 

Cooking (grades) Ada Lemon t 

Domestic Arts (h s ) Hazel Furlong 

PenmanshipMary E. Farley. 

Bate* College, coll.; co-ed.; mon-sect ; eat. 

1863. Clifton L> Gray. PhD. Pres 
Bliss Business College, bus and sten ; 

R. C Haines, Principal 

, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,393. 

Sch Com A H Damon, chairman 
Supt. George M. Carter (Caribou) 
High School Donald V. Atwater. prin. 

Llmlngton, York Co.. pop. 989. 

Supt William G. Bailey (Kezar Falls) 
Lunington Acd'y Bramard C. Paul, prin. 

Lincoln, Penobscot Co., pop. 2.790. 

Sch Com Herbert Haskell. chairman 
Town Superintendent Charles H Swan. 

Mattanawcook Academy, prep ; co-ed ; 
Karl C McGraw, Principal 

Waldo C*.. pep. 1,989. 

Town 0vpt. Albert F. Barnes (AppUton) 

Lisbon Androwoggln Co.. pop. 4.119. 

Sch. Com. Sara F Potter, chairman 
Superintendent F. H. Byram 
Lisbon H. S. Arthur Todd, prin. 
Lisbon Falls H. 8. H. E. Bowman, prin. 
Manual Training Raymond King 
Home Economics Martha Baumann 

Lltchfleld Comers, Kennebee Co., pop. 899. 
Litchfleld Academy; prop.; co-ed.; non-see t.; 
Everett P. Frohock, Principal 

Livermore Falls, Ajidroscoggln Co., pop. 3,147. 

Sch. Com. Mrs Charlotte Bean, chairman 
Superintendent W H. 8 Ellingwood 
High School Stephen A Griffin, prin 
Music Mrs. Elizabeth Pomeroy 
Manual Training Clifford Parsons 
Domestic Science Lillian Abbott 

Lnbee, Washington Co., pop. 8,898. 

Sch Com E H Bennett, chairman 
Supeiintendent William H. Bottomley 
High School H. Gastonguay. prin 
Physical Training Quintln D. Sprague 

Machlas. Washington Co., pop. 8,989. 

Sch. Com R. H Reynolds, chairman 
Superintendent L W. Moan 
High School H. V. Gilson, prin. 
Physical Educ. Albert Dekin 

Washington County State Normal School, 
state, co-ed.; Philip H Kimball, Prin. 

Madanaska, Aroostook Co., pop. 3,588. 

Sch Com Francis J. Cyr, chairman 
Supt Albert D Martin (Frenchville) 
High School Ralph Foster, prin. 

Madison, Somerset Co., pop. 3,058. 

Sch Com B K Edwards, chairman 

Wallace Weaton, secretary 
Town Superintendent W B Woodbury 
High School Albert Pillsbury, prin 
Manual Tr'g George Jacobs 
Domestic Science Saia Blalsdell 

Mapleton. Aroostook Co., pop. 1,189. 

Sch. Com Charles E. Wilcox, chairman 
Town Supt Elmer H Webber 
High School Joseph F Kolouch, prin 
Domestic Science Etta M. Grange 
Commercial Russell D Carroll 

Man Hill. Aroostook Co., pop. Mil. 

Sch Com George R Fendetson. chair 
Superintendent Joseph A. Leonard 
Music Ethel Knowlea. 

Aroostook Central Institute, co-ed ; 
C. Stanley Corey, Principal 

Mechanic Falls, Andraooggln Co., pop. 2,931. 

Superintendent Henry W Coburn 
High School John K. Pottle, prin, 

Meaieo, Oxford Co., pop. 4.754. 

Sch. Com Mrs. Celia Hunt, chairman 
Supt. Sherman Graves (Ridlonville) 
High School A. D. Gray. prin. 
Music Vera Tibbetts 

MlHbridge, Washington Co.. pop. 1,M9. 

Sch. Com Mrs Elsie Watson, chairman 

Superintendent Frank Drisko 

High School Robert L. Douglas prin. 





Mllllnocket, Fenobscot Co., pop. 1,868. 

Pres Bd Educ F E Cimpher 

Sec Bd Educ J. Ruih 

Town Superintendent William M Man 

High School Alden W. Allen, prin. 

M llo, Piscataquis Co., pop. 2.556. 

Sch. Com Mrs Lmnie Dick, chairman 

Superintendent Harland A Ladd 

High School Harland Ladd 

Music Marjorie Austin 

Domestic Science Adrienne DeLisle 

Manual Training M B Kittredge 

Monmouth. Kennebec Co., pop. 1,S86. 

Town Supt. Cyrus M Kendrlck (Litchfleld) 
Principal High School Vrthur J Chick 

Monson, PIsrataquis Co.. pop. 1,243. 

Srh Triifetee Harold E Momll, chmn 

Aithui Bray, seeretaiy 
Town Suot t'Uud* T, Sidclinger 
Monson Academy Philip A. Stinchfield. prin. 

ftfontlcello. Aroostook Co., pop. 1,297. 

Supt Joseph A Leonard (Mars Hill) 

Mount Desert, Hancock Co., pop. 2,012. 

Town Supt W E Tlark 

Hifdi School Rolf B Motz, prin 

New Castle. Lincoln Co., pop. 1,068. 

Town Supt Blynne Allen 

Lincoln Academy; prep ; co-ed.; non-sect ; 
est 1801. Robert Clunie. Jr. Prin 

New Gloucester, Cumberland Co.. pop. l,t8. 

Soh Com Kied Blake chairman 

Supt Frederick H Aikens 

lliurh School Byron E Titcomb, pun 

New Sharon, Franklin Co., pop 955 

Si h Com Will A St.uwi. chan man 
Town Superintendent S T Marshall 
Hiurli Sihool Paul S Lvinbunier, prin 

Newport, Penobscot Co., pep 1.747. 

S<h Com Lewis Hauls rhairm.ui 
Supcr intendent Roy Robinson 
High School Joaoph H Chaplin, pi in 
MUMC Gertrude Thome 
Domcbtio Science Ruth J Todd 

Norrldrowoek. Somerset Co., pop. 1.608. 

Sch. Com Mrs Bernard Carr, chairman 
Superintendent Ivan E Adams (Oakland) 
High School Clifton M Hamm. prin 

North Anson, Somerset Co.. pop. l,00t. 

Aason Academy; prep : co-ed.; non-sect; 
est 1823; Ernest E Haskell, Pnmipal 

North Berwick, York Co., pop. 1,777. 

Sch Com Giaoe Moiro\v. chaiinmn 

Gordon Hilton, secretary 
Superintendent John S Carver (Wells) 
High School Donald P Cobb, prin. 
Manual Tiaining George Lowd 

North BrldstoB, Cumberland Co., pop. 286. 
Brldgtoa Academy; prep.; co-eel , nen-sect.; 
eet HOI. H H Sampson. Prin 

North Parsonfleld, York Co., pop. 26*. 

Parionfleld Seminary; prop.; co-ed.; non- 
sect ; Ernest E. Weeks, Principal 

Norway, Oxford Co, pop. 2,215. 

Sch Com Mrs Bermce H. Greenlaw, ch'm. 
Town Supt. W. H. Edminster 
High School V M Sampson, prin. 
Physical Tr'g (boys) James G Cole 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Darrell Brown 

Oakland. Kenaebee Co., pop. 2,257. 

Sch Com Bertie B Libby, chairman 

Superintendent Ivan E. Adams 

Higrh School Norman D Lathrop, prin, 

Musir Gloria Drew 

Manual Ti aining Albert Barlow 

Old Town, Penobscot Co., pop. 7,266. 

Sc'h Com T B Gray, chairman 
City Superintendent W O Chase 
Prin High School V H. Robinson 
Junior H S R H Curran, prin 

Orland, Hancock Co., pop. 1,2X4. 

Supt Herbert Jewett (Bucksport) 

Orono, Penobsoot Co , pop. 8,211. 

Sch Com Geoige J York, chairman 
Town Supt W O. Chase 
High School C. L Smith, prin. 
Music Belle Vlrgie 

University of Maine, comprises College of 
Arts and Sciences, of Agriculture, of Tech- 
nology. School of Education, co-ed , est 
1865, Arthur Andrew Hauck, Pres. 

University of Maine, College of Agriculture, 
Aithur L Deenng. Dean 

Un i \ersity of Maine, College of Arts and 
Sciences. Edward J Allen, Dean 

University of Maine. College of Technology. 
courses in chemical, civil, electrical, mechan- 
ical engineering, and pulp and paper tech- 
nology, Paul Cloke, Dean 

University of Maine. School of Education, 
O S Lutes. Dean 

Orrington, renobocot Co., pop. l,21f. 

S<h Com Mrs Ethel Baker, chairman 

CS Hetbeit Jewett, secretary 
Supt Herbert Jewett (Bucksport) 
M UMC El i/. abeth Worcebter 

Oxford, Oxford Co., pop. 471. 

Prt'B Bd Educ. E L. Binns 

Town Supt W. II. Edminster (Norway) 

Hrh School William B Ledger, pnn. 

Paris, Oxford Co., pop. 3,486. 

Bd Educ Austin Stearns, Jr , chairman 
SupeunUmdent William O Bailey 
Pnn West High School D. L. Libbey 
Music Mrs Helen Barnes Shaw 

Parsonfleld, York Co., pop. 1,017. 

Sch Com R. V. Smith, chairman 
Superintendent William Bailey 
Parsonfield Seminary Eraebt E. Weeks, prin. 
Music Flora Carpenter 
Home Economics Ada Rogers 





Patten. Pe*ot*eot Co.. pop. MM. 

Sch. Com Caleb Scribner, chairman 

Ralph Miles, secretary 
Superintendent Charles 9. Hulbert 

Patten Ac'dy Worth L Noyes, Prin 

Pembroke. Washington Co.. pop. M7S. 

Sch Com Herbert Motangr. chairman 
Superintendent Raymond Steward 
Higrh School D H Webcott. pi in 

Ferry. Washington Co.. pop* 1.161. 

Supt Raymond B Steward (Eastpoit) 

Phillips, Franklin Co.. pop. 828. 

Sch Com. E. B Currier, chairman 
Superintendent Thomas A. DeCosta 
Prin. High School Paul WhiUem?-? 

Phlppsbnrg. 8a*adahoe Co.. pop. 1.07S. 

Pres Bd Bduc C V Mlnott 
Supt John Carter (Woolwich) 

Pttteflold. Somerset Co.. pop. MSI. 

Sch Com Fred Eaton, chanman 
Superintendent Raymond S Finley 
Music Elizabeth Hanmgan 

Maine Central Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Free 
Bapt , eat 1866. E M Purinton, Prin 

Poland. Androocoggln Co., pop. 

Supt Henry W Coburn (Mechanic Falls) 

Portland. Cumberland Co., pop. 70.810. 

Bd Educ Adam P Leifrhton, president 
Sec Bd. Educ William B. Jack 
City Superintendent William B Jack 
Deputy Superintendent Helen M Robinson 
Prin High School Aruthnr W. Lowe 
Prin Peering H S William E Win* 
Elementary Education Margaret W Norton 
Music Emily E Chase 
Manual Training Dwight R Parker 
Household Arts Lena E Shorey 
Penmanship Ralph E Rowe 
Americanization Clara L Soule 
Drawing & Art Harriet E Thompson 
Physical Education D Sanford Parker 
Military Science Karl V. Palmer 

Clark Piano School; 637 Congress Street. 

Howard Clark. Director 
Oray's Portland Business College: bus. and 

sec'l; est 1863, Noah E Rankin, Prin, 

390 Congress St 
Maine Institution for the Blind, state, 

James F Macy, Supt , 189 Park Ave 
Maine School for the Deaf, state; co-ed . 

Louise T Young, Supt , 85 Spring St 
Northeastern Business College, bun and sec'l. 

Earl S. Grant. Prin . 97 Danf 01 th St 
I Elisabeth's Academy; girls' boarding; 

R. C.; Mother Mary Teresa, Prin. 
t. Joseph's Academy; glrW boarding; R. 

C.. est 1882. Sister Margaret Mar>. Dl- 

Sawyer's Shorthand School, sten ; co-*d , 
est. 1SS6: Miss Lydla H. Beck. Prin 

School of Pine and Applied Art of the Port- 
land Society of Art. oo-ed . est 1011. 
Alexander Bower, Director. 07 Spring st 

Shaw Business College, bus. sten. teleg ; 

est 1884 J S Pratt. Prin 
Waynflete Latin School, girls' preparatory. 

non-sect , est 1898, Barbara B Woodruff, 

Westbrook Junior College, tails; boarding. 

Umversahst , est 1831, Milton D Proctor, 


Presqn* Isle, Aroostook Co., pop. 6,958. 

Soh Com H F MoGlauflm, chairman 
Superintendent Roland J Carpenter 
High School P S Cunningham, prin 

Music E Myrle Elwell 

Aroostook State Normal School; nor.; 
stato; co-ed.; San Lorenso Merrlmaa. 

Princeton, Washington Co., pop. l,tf 1. 

Sch Com Mrs Church Furbish, chairman 
Supei intendent Frank A Day 
High School Horace C Porter, pi in 

Randolph, Kennebeo Co., pop. I,tl7. 

Pres Bd Educ Fred C Moore 

Supt A Raymond Carter (Gardiner) 

Readfleld. Kenneberk Co.. pop. 996. 

Pres Bd Educ Dr J S Mllllken 

Supt Loio\ S Hwknm (Wmthropl 

Richmond, Sagadoboe Co., pop. MM. 

Si>h Com Run* Cuitis rhaiimun 
Supt Cyrus M Kendnck (Litchfield) 
Higrh School Paul E Jark, prin 

Rwkland, Knox Co., pop. 9,075. 

Sch Com Laforest A Thurston, chuiiman 
*MII>CI intrnilent Geoiirt* J Cumminp 
High School Joseph E Blalsdell. prin 
Music Esther S. Rogers 

Rnmford. Oxford Co. pop. 8.576. 

Sfh Com StUt&it F Mai tin chairman 
free Bd Educ L E Williams 
ritv Superintendent L E Williams 
High School George E Lord. prin. 
Music- Mrs Ida I> Sweatt 
Domestic Science Lenora D Dow 
Manual Training D II Woodward 

Saco, York Co., pop. 7,227 
Town Supt Harry C. Hull 
Music Ruth Thomas 
Manual Training Charles B dark 
Domestic Science Mrs Sumner Fenderso 
Draw g & Pen'ship Arabella Loid 

Thornton Academy; prop.; co-ed.; non- 
sect . Ernest Roliston Woodbury. Prin 

St. \gatha. ArooHtoofc Co . pop. 1.596 

Sr h Com RoHurio FraiK'k Chairman 
Supt Allx-rt D Mai tin (Fn-nchxillo) 
Hiph School Lillian McDonnld, prin 

Hanford. York Co., pop. 1S.392. 

Sch. Com John V Tuoker, chaiiman 
Superintendent A. Hamhn 






High School George C Purington. prin 
Drawing Ada M. Anderson 
Manual Training Leslie Mackay 
Domestic Science Blanche Phllbrick 

8angervllle, Plscataqnle Co., pop. 1,810. 

Sen Com Harold Barrows, chairman 
Superintendent John A Dunton 
High School Richard H How ell. prin 
Music Florence Homei. supei visor 
Manual Training Henry D Johnson 
Domestic Science Helen McDonough 
Physical Educ O T Smith 

Bcarboro, Cumberland Co , pop. 2,444. 
Supervisor F H. B Heald 
Prin HlKh School Elwood Q Bessey 

eareport, Waldo Co., pop. 1,444. 

Town Superintendent H S Read 
HiKh School Victor N Greene, prin 

Sebago, Cumberland Co., pop. 576. 

Town Supt Mrs Celia H Sanborn 

Potter Academy; prep ; co-ed., non-sect ; 
est 1895, Milton W Wey mouth. Prin 

Sherman, Aroostook Co., pop. 1,058. 

Supt Harry Lewin (Island Falls) 
High School George H Barnes, prin 

Skovthesjan, Somerset Co , pop. 6,431. 

Hd Educ William Philhiick. chairman 
Town Superintendent W B Woodbury 
High School P S Turner, principal 
Maninl 'Iiaming Thomas A Dionne 

oath Berwick. York Co.. pop. 8.885. 

Sch Com Clatence I- Hlaisdell, than man 
iuwn bupl W C McCue 

Berwick Acadeni) EictH M Got don. Pnn 

oath China. Kennebee Co., pop. 102. 

Brsklne Academy; prep ; co-ed., non-sect , 

i*l 18JU Lr\\is <* Tathani 

South Paris. Oxford Co., pop. 1,793. 

S<li Com El*m Ku\ chjiinian 
SuixTintemh'ttt William O Bailor 
Hijfh School C E Wood prin 
Music Mrs Helen Shaw, supervisor 
Physical Training Winston Wilier 

South Portland, Cumberland Co . pop 13,840 

S<h Com Paul I Da\i chairman 

Superintendent L C Day 

High School Oeorsre E Beal. prin 

Music Etliol M Edwards 

Art Annie D McClellan 

Manual Training Howard L, Richardson 

Domestic Science Mildred Costello 
Physical Tr'g (boys) William A. Macomber 
Physical Tr'g (girls) Beatrice Nesbett 

South Thomaston, Knox Co., pop. 1,488. 

Pres Bd Educ Thomas L. Maker. 

Sec Bd Educ Ralph Crockett 

Town Supt. F. L. S. Morse (Rockland) 

Springfield, Penobecot Co., pop. 888. 

Sch Com C E. Budge, chairman 
Union Supt H E Fortier 
Supervisor Music Grace E. Shaw 

Eastern Maine Institute, co-ed ; non-sect . 
Kenneth E Kane, Principal 

Spring-vale, York Co., pop. t,009. 

Nasson Institute; girls, secretarial, home eco- 
nomics, music, liberal arts: non-sect.; est. 
1912; Dawn Nelson Wallace, acting Pres 

Standish. Cumberland Co., pop. 1.037. 

Sth Com Wilson Hawkea, chaiiman 
Town Supt George E Jack 
High School Rupert Johnson, principal 
Music- H A D Hurd 

Stockton Springs, Waldo Ce., pop. 1.108. 

Soh Com Charles Worth, chairman 

Mis Susie Giant, secretary 
^upprJntendent Kermit Nirkerson 
High School Stuart C Chaplin, prin 

Stonlngton, Hancock Co., pop. 8,088. 

Sch Com George Howard Noyes, chair- 

Superintendent A H Tuck 
High School K H Howell. prm. 

Sullivan, Hancock Co., pop. 1,188. 

S< h Com Donald B Estabrook. chairman 

Raymond Orcutt, secretary 
Supt iintemk lit Merle R Keyes 
Hih School C Wesley Wixson, prin 

Thomaston, Knox Co.. pop. 8,808. 

Sch Com Mary McPhail, chairman 
su])t Charles E. Lord (Camden) 
Hii<h School John Creighton, prin 
Music Mrs June Creighton 
Drawing Lena S Cleveland 

Topsham, Sagadahoc Co., pop. 8,010. 

Ch Bd ISd C I Givcen 
Supt Leon P Spinney (Brunswick) 
Manual Tiainmg S Dickson Allen 
Domestic Science Pauline Douglas 

Tremont, Hancock Co., pop. 1,110. 

Town Supt W E Clark 

Turner, Androscoggln Co., pop. 1,708. 

Sch Com Aithur Libby, chanman 
Superintendent Isaiah Hodges 

MusicMrs Ruby Briggrn 
Domestic Science Pamelia Thorne 

Leavltt Institute, prep ; co-ed . non-sect., 
est 1901; B P. Smith, Prin. 





Union, Knox Co., pop. I,t38. 

Town Supt F D Rowe 

Hijarh School William P Thomas, prin 

Van Buren, Aroostook Co., pop. 4.721. 
Pres Bd Educ Joseph A Peeletier 
Sec Bd Educ Joseph A Deemals 
Superintendent Charles L. O*Connell 

St Mary's College, b'dg sen for boys. prep, 
high school, and com'l courses, R C , est 
1887; P Forestler, Prea 

Vassolboro, Konnober Co., pop. 2.077. 
Town Supt Carl B Lord 

Oak Grove Seminary, prep with junior 
dept , post-grad secretarial; girls, board- 
ing. Friends, est 1849. Robert E Owen, 

Haven. Knox Co.. pop. 2.S34. 

Sen. Com S. L Winslow, chairman 

Town Supt E A Smalley 

Prin High School S B Hopkins 

Waldoboro, Lincoln Co.. pop. 2,686. 

Sch Com S H Brown, chanman 
Superintendent A L Shoiey 
High School Earle M Spear, prin 

Warren, Knox Co.. pop. 1312. 

Sch Com Benjamin E Starrett, chairman 
Town Superintendent P D Rowe 
High School Horace P. Maxcy, prin 
Music Mrs Nettie Vinal 

Washburn. Aroostook Co., pop. 1.662. 

Sch Com George Umphrey. chairman 
Town Superintendent A A Woodworth 
High School Earl Hutchinson, prin 
Music Eleanor Smith 
Domestic Science Jennie Davidson 

Waterrtlle, Kennebee Co.. pop. 16,464. 

Sch Com Ernest Marrmer, chairman 
Superintendent C E Glover 
Prin. High School Norman Mathews 
Music (vocal) Mrs Lilla Atherton 
Music (instr.) Herman Rowe 
Drawing Arthur Lowe 
Commercial Arthur Spiague 

Coburn Classical Institute, prep . co-ed . 

(boarding; dept. for boys) ; Baptist , est 

1829; Hugh A Smith, Prin 
Colsy College; coll , co-ed ; Bapt ; esi 

1118; Franklin Johnson, President 
Thomas Business College, bus and sten ; 

est, 1894; George H. Watson and John 

U TsHwnas. Owners 

Wells, York Co . pop. 1,908. 

Bd Educ Charles R Clark, chairman 
Superintendent John S Carver 
Hijarh School Ora W Coleman, prin. 
Music Azalea Garland Wilson 
Domestic Science Mrs J L Howard 

Westbrook, Cumberland Co., pop. 10,807. 

Sch Com Leigh B Motherwell, chairman 

Superintendent Guy V Sinclair 

High School Milton A Philbrook. prin 

Music Lorraine H Lombard 

Manual Training Austin Alden 

Domestic Science Mai y S Byrne 

Whltofleld. Lincoln Co., pop. 1.066. 

Sch Com Mrs Grace Emerson, ohali man 
Supt Mrs Lela N Leavltt (Coopers Mills) 
High School Philip Gagni, prin 

Wilton, Franklin Co.. pop. S.266. 
Town Supt A M Sanborn 
Wilton Academy Maurice Earle. prin 
Music Leah T Peteison 
Manual Tr'gC M Speaitn 
Domestic Science Florence E Ward 

Ulnslow, Kennebeo Co., pop. 3,015. 
Pres Bd Educ P M Cram 
Town Supt Carl B Lord 
High School Clyde E Russell, prin 
Domestlr Science Hatrlet Ham 
Manual Training- Ella Hewlns 
Physical Training W L Mansfield 

Wlnterport. Waldo Co . pop 1.662. 

S<*h Com Ernest Spurden. chairman 
Superintendent Keimit Nickeison 
Hijrh School Earle A McKecn. prin 

p. Kennobec Co, pop. 2.114. 

Sch Com Mrs Edith French, chairman 

Arthur Tones, secretary 
Superintendent Leroy S Huckins 
High School John LaPlant, prin 
Manual Training Leslie Lapham 
Athletic s Joseph Jordan 

fllsoasset. Lincoln Co., pop. 1.287. 

Superintendent Randall Cummings 

Wiscasset Acd'y Charles S Sewall, prin 

Yarmouth. Cumberland Co., pop. 2.S66. 

Son Com N B T Barker, Chairman 
Town Supt Ralph G Cakes 
Domestic Science Ida Russ 
Manual Training Herbert W Johnson 

North Yarmouth Academy, prep , co-ed , 
Stanley W Hyde. Prin 

fork, York Co. pop. 2302. 

Sch. Com Samuel W Moulton. chaliman 
Superintendent Elmer O. Small 
High School William Springer, prin 
Music Florence Homer 
Manual Training Kenneth Nason 
Domestic Science Evtiyn Anderson 



ALBERT S. COOK, State Superintendent of Schools . . . Baltimore 

I JEWELL SIMPSON, Asst Supt in Charge of Elementary Instruction .. Baltimore 
THOMAS G. PULLEN, JR., Asst Supt in Admin, and Sup of High Sch, Baltimore 

E CLARKE FONTAINE, Supervisor of High Schools Chestertown 

JAMBS E. SPITZNAS, Supervisor of High Schools Cumberland 

M. THERESA WEIDEFFLD, Supervisor of Elementary Schools Baltimore 

J WALTER Hum NGTON, Supervisor of Colored Schools Baltimore 

JOHN J. SEIDEL, Director of Vocational Education .Baltimore 

ELISABETH AMERY, Supervisor of Home Economics Education Baltimore 

ROBERT C THOMPSON, Supervisor of Vocational Rehabilitation Baltimore 

THOMAS D. BRAUN, Asst Supervisor of Vocational Rehabilitation .Baltimore 

H. F. COTTEBMAN, Supervisor of Agricultural Education .Baltimore 

ADELENE PRATT, State Director of Public Libraries Baltimore 

BERKIE C STERN. Statistician, Bureau of Educational Measurements Baltimore 

MERLE S BATFMAN, Credential Secretary Baltimore 

GRACE STEELE TRAVERS. Financial Secretary Baltimore 


TUSKER (i LOWNDFS. Pics Cumberland J M. T, FINNEY, M. D Baltimore 

MART E W RTSTFAU ... ..Sharon CHARLES A WEAQLT. . Hagerstown 

EDWARD H SHARPE . . . Frederick WENDELL D ALLEN . . . Baltimore 

ALBERT S. COOK, State Superintendent THOMAS H. CHAMBERS Federalsburg 


Public school teit-books are required, by state law, to be furnished free by tae 
state. There is no State Text-Book Commission. The money is distributed aaomg 
the counties and Baltimore City and adoptions made by their boards. 


EDITH WALKER, President Principal School 87, Baltimore 

WALTKB II. DATIB. Secretary . Principal Higb School, Havre de Grace 






County Name and Address 

Allegany Charles L Kopp, Cumberland 

Anne Arundel. ..George Fox, Annapolis 
Baltimore.. .Clarence O. Cooper, Towson 

. Harry R Hughes, Prince Frederick 

Caroline Benjamin C. Willis. Denton 


Raymond S Hyson, Westminster 

Cecil . H B McBnde, Elkton 

Charles F Bernard Gwynn, LaPlata 

Dorchester.. James B Noble, Cambridge 
Frederick Eugene W Pruitt, Frederick 

Garrett Frank E. Ratbbun, Oakland 

Harford.. C Milton Wright. Bel Air 
Howard Herbert C Brown, Elllcott City 

Coutty Name and Address 

Kent Louis C. Robinson. Chestertown 

Edwin W. Broome, Rockville 

Prince George's 

Nicholas Orem, Upper Marlboro 

Queen Anne's . .... 

Franklin D Day, Centerville 

St Mary's 

. . . Lettie M Dent, Leonardtown 
Somerset . . 

W Stewart Fitzgerald, Princess Anne 

Tdlhot J Willard Davis, Easton 

Washington B J Grimes, Hagerstown 
Wicomico. . Jas. M. Bennett, Salisbury 


Arthur C Humphreys, Snow Hill 


Aberdeen, Harford Co.. pop 1,000. 

High School B n ttevens. principal 

Accident, Garret t Co , pop 500 

High School B O Aiken. prin 
Home Economic s Louise Dillon 

Ammendale, Prince Georges County 

LaSalle Hall. boys, high school. R C , est 
1883. Brother Denis. Prin 

Annapolis, Anne Arondel Co , pop. 12,531. 

Bd Educ James Bilhngslea. piehnlent 

George Fox, secretary 
Superintendent George Fox 
High School Howard A Kmhart, prin 
High School (colored) Frank Butler, prin 
Music Mrs Katharine Ramsay 
Manual Training Alfred Roth, Jr. 
Domestic Science Kathaiine Brown 
Colored Schools Sarah Jones, supv 
Elementary Supv Julia Wethermgton 
Primary Supv Vera E Pickard 

Cochran- Bryan The Annapolis Preparatory 

School, prep for Naval Academy, West 

Point, Coast Guard, and college, Lt 

Comd'r S Cochran. Pnn 

St John's College, degree courses In arts 
and aeipnopfr. men. non-sect . c*t 3 GOG. 

Amos W W Woodcock, Pres 
united States Naval Academy, government 

preparatory school for U 8 Navy, est 

1845, David Foote Sellers, Supt 
U 8 Naval Academy Preparatory School. 

boarding, A Werntz Ogle, Pnn , 227 Prince 

George St 

Baden, Prince George* Co.. pop. 450. 

High School Dudley C. Aist, prin. 
Home Economics Ehse Oberlin 

Baltimore, population, 804,874 
Sen. Com'rs Forrest Bramble, president 
City Superintendent David E Weglein 
Assistant Supt. William R. Flowers 

Assistant Supt J Carey Taylor 
Assistant Supt ((.rades) Charles F Willis 

Directors and Supervisors 
Kmdeigai ten-Primary Eva E Geistmyer 
Administrative Asst Helen M Stegrman 
Business Management John W Lewis, 

assistant supt 

Special Education Harry F Latshaw 
Special Classes Mildred Grimes 
Speech Collection Pototh> M Fowler 
Educ Sup & Equip George F Smith 
Handwriting Beulah P. Beale 
Division of Maintenance & Operation of 

Schools John C Siegle, chief 
Music John Uenues dltector 
Industrial Educ George M Galther. 
Commercial EUuc Cljde B Edgeworth 
Vocational Educ Chailes W Sylvester. 


Statistics A Research John I. Stenquitt 
Americanization Night Schools, Attendance 

Martin M Hilm. director 
Vocational Guidance Leona C Buchwald. 


Colored Schools Francis M Wood 
Physical Education Louis R Burnett 
Art Leon L Wfnslow 
Household Economics Mary Faulkner 

Baltimore Citv College Thiity-thlrd A The 

Alameda, Philip H Edwards, Pnn 
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. North av 

ft Calvert, Wilmer A. Dehuff. Prin. 
Eastern High School; North Ave. and 

Broadway. Laura J Calrnes. Prin 
Forest Park High School. Chatham Road A 

Eldorado Ave . Wendell Dunn, Prin 
Frederick Donsrlass High * hnol (colored) 

Calhoun & Baker. Harry T Pratt. Prin 
Southern Senior- Tumor High School, Warren 

& Williams Aves , John H Schwatka. Fnn 
Western High School. Gwynn'0 Fall* 

Parkway & Pulaski, Ernest J Becker. 


Junior High School* 

Edgar Allan Poe Junior High School, Fay- 
ette & Greene Sts , M Caroline Coe, Prin 





Florence Nightingale Junior High School, 

Aisquith & Orleans Sts . R Milton Hall. 
Hamilton Junior High School, Bayonne & 

Sefton Aves ; Ida V. Flowers, Prin 
Garrison Junior High School, Harrington 

Rd & Garrison Ave , Achsah E Gibson, 
Patterson Park Junior High School. Pratt St 

& Ellwood Ave . Norman L Clark, Prin 
Robert E Junior High School, 1206 

Cathedral St , Emily W Eversfield, Prin 
Lafayette Junior High School, Park Ave. & 

Hoffman St , Emily W Eversfield, Prin 
Chpvahfi D'Anmoui Junior High School, 

Homewood Ave & 22nd St , 

R Milton Hall, Principal 
Clifton Park Junior High School. Harford 

Rd near 25th St , Emma A Schad. Prin 
Gwynns Falls Park Junior High School, 

Hilton & Morley Sts . Margarietta Collins, 
Roland Park Junior High School. Roland 

Ave near Deepdene Rd , Grace C Fair- 
bank, Prin 
Tumor High School Unit No 56A, 36th & 

Poole Sts ; G Gordon Woelper, Special 

Asst -m-Charge 
Junior High School Unit No 225, Maisel & 

Xevada sts , Westport, William H Bock- 

nnller, Prin 
Tumor High School Unit No 213, Govane 

ave & Campbell Lane, Mamie Weltner, 

Harvey Johnson Tumor High School (colored), 

Hill St nr Sharp, John N Cotton, Prin 
Dunbar Junior High School (colored), Me- 

Elderry & Caroline Sts ; Carnngton L 

Davis, Prin 
Booker T Washington Junior High School 

(colored), McCulfoh & Lafayette, William 

Anderson, Prin 

Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, gnls, 

daj RC Sistei Maiy Gertrude Pcteib, 

Superior, 5712 Roland Ave 
Baltimore Business College, bus. and sten , 

E H Norman, Pies. Baltimore & Light 
Baltimore College of Commen-e acot'g and 

finance YMCA, coed e*t 1009, E J 

Rutt. Dean. Franklin & Cathedral 
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, secondary 

technical courses, boys, city, est 1884, 

Wilmer A Dehuff, Prin 
Bo>4* Latin School; boys' day, non-sect.. 

Frederick A Hahn, Headmaster, 1006 Bre- 

vard St 
Bivn Mawr School lor Girls, country day, 

rollpjre prop . non-sect . est 1885, Janet 

H Claik Headmistress. Charles St & Mel- 
Cslvert Hall College, bovs prep , day. R C . 

Brother D Augustm, Prin , Cathedial and 

Calvett School: day and coircsp school, 4 to 

12, Donald W (ioodnch, Headmaster, Tus- 
cany Road 
Charcoal Club School of Art, co-ed ; est 

1883; Robeit C Dinuii, Dnector, Preston 

& St Paul sts 
College of Notrs Dame of Maryland; girls' 

boarding. U C eat 1873. bister M 

Frances. Charlea Street Ave 
Baton * Burnett Business College; bus and 

sec'l, en 1878, C J Faton, Pres, 

Morris Building- 

Edmunds Commercial College, bus and sec'l: 
Mary O Edmunds, Pres, 506 Park Aye 

Franklin Day School, boys, lower school, 
junior-senior high school, YMCA; James 
A Kershnci . Headmaster 

Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 
1801 , Edwin Cornell Zavitz, Headmaster 

Oilman Country School; boys' boarding, 
non-sect . est. 1897, E Boyd Morrow, 
Headmaster. Roland Park. 

Girls Latin School of Baltimore; day; non- 
sect , est 1890 , Nellie M Wilmot, Head- 
mistress, 10 Club Road, Roland Park 

Goucher College, college for women; est 
1888, David Allan Robertson, President, St. 
Paul & 23d St 

Johns Hopkins University, comprises Facul- 
ty of Philosophy (including Graduate 
School, and College of Arts and Sciences) : 
Walter II Page School of International 
Relations, School of Medicine; of Engineer- 
ing, of Hygiene and Public Health; of 
Business Economics, non-sect , est 1876, 
Isaiah Bowman, Pres 

Johns Hopkins University College of Arts and 
Sciences, E W Berry. Dean 

Johns Hopkins University College for Teach- 
ers, Florence E Bamberger, Executive Sec'y 

Johns Hopkins University School of Engineer- 
ing, courses in civil, chemical, electrical, 
mechanical, and gas engineering; John B 
Whitehead, Dean 

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 
co-ed .est 1893, Alan M Chesney, Dean 

Johns Hopkins University School of Hygi- 
ene and Public Health, training courses 
for public health work, co-ed , est 1918. 
Allen W Freeman, Dean 

Loyola College, coll , men ; R C , est 1852 ; 
Joseph A Canning. Pres 

Loyola High School , coll prep ; boys ; R C , 
John J Long, Pi in , Calvert & Monument 

Maryland Institute School of Art and De- 
sign, courses in practical and fine arts, 
Alon Bement Director, Mt Roval av 

Morgan College (colored), college courses; co- 
ed ; ME, est 1867 ; John O Spencer, 

Mount St Joseph's High School; boys; board- 
ing R C . est. 1876; Xaverian Brothers. 
Frederick Avenue 

Park School, grades and high schl; co-ed ; 
est 1912 ; Hans Froehcher, Jr , Pnn , 
Liberty Heights Ave 

Peabody Conservatory of Music; mua,; est. 
1867, Otto Ortmann. Director, ML Ver- 
non PI and Charles St. 

Roland Park Country School, girls' day, 
est 1900. Elizabeth M Castle. Head Mis- 
tiess, 817 W University Parkway, Roland 

St Francis Xavler School for the Deaf, R 
C ; Sister Mary Gerard, Superior, 12 S 
Wood in gt on Road, Irvmgton 

St Mary's Seminary, theol. ; men ; R. C.; 
est 1791; John F Fenlon, Pres, Paea 

Samuel Ready School; girls' boarding; noa- 
sect . est 1887, Mary B Krekel, Prin. 
North & Harford aves 





Strayer-Bryant & Stratton Business Col- 
lege, bus and secretarial, est 1892, 
E S Donoho. Pros . 18 N Charles st 

University of Maryland. School of Medici**. 
co-ed .est 1807. J M H Rowland, 
Dean. Lombard and Greene 

University of Maryland. School of Law, 
co-ed ; Roger Howell, Dean. Redwood & 

University of Marvland School of Dentistry, 
co-ed . est 1882; J. Ben Robinson, 
Dean. Cor. Greene and Lombard 


Annie Crighton. Supt . Lombard and Oreen 

Barton. Allejrany Co.. pop. l.OO 

Bd Educ William A. Gunter. chairman 

Mary B. Wickard. clerk 
High Fchool Gilbert C Cooling, prin 
Manual Training Arthur A Dick 
Domestic Art Lillle Inskeep 

lei Air. Harford Co. pop. 1.775. 

Bd Educ Tevis Baker, president 

C M Wright, secretary 
High School Earl T Hawkins, prin 
Manual Tr'g G Vernon Hanna 
Home Economics Juanita Greer 

fterlla. Worcester Co., pop. 1.7ft. 

Bd. Educ Franklin Upshur. chairman 
High School H B Scarborough, prin 
Music Mrs Sue Powell 
Industrial Arts John T. Bruehl, Jr. 
Domestic Science Nannie Purnell 
Commercial Mary F Bailey 

ftethfleda. Montgomery Co. pop. 600. 

Hi*h School T W Pvle principal 

Helen Hendricks. secretary 
Music Kenneth Pnstoie 
Art Bernadette Sheen an 
Home Economics Katie Womac 
Shop Albert Bender 
Physical Educ (boys) Anthony Kuppa 

(girls) Beatrice W Crocker 

loonsboro, Washington Co.. pop. 1.044. 
High School Homer W Guyton, prin 
Music Eva Draper 
Home Economics Phoebe Roop 

towfo, Pri.ce Georges Co.. pap. 441 
High School Robert H Weagly. prin 

Maryland Normal School (colored), state. 
co-ed ; Leonldas 8 James. Prin 

iraadywine. Prince George Co.. pop. 800. 

High School Michael Hernick, prin 
Music Mary B Brown 

raunrlek, Frederick Co., pop. 3.671. 
High School Wilbur Devllbiss. prin. 
Music Mrs. Ruth Coblentz Swank 
Home Economics Eleanor Weajdcy 
Shop Work Frank F. Ha*el 
'hysical Educ. (boys) John Brady 
Physical Educ. (girls) Mrs. Anna S. Mills 

Cambridge. Dorchester Co., pop. 8,044. 

Bd. Educ. Clarence L Saxton. president 
Citv Superintendent James B Noble 
High School E Floyd Cromwell, prin. 
Homo Econ f*i anccs Matthews Stowart 
Manual Training A F Farver 
Commercial Anna G Collins 

CateMvllle, Baltimore Co., pep. t.tOt. 

High School D W Zimmerman, prin 
Miibio C James Velio 
Industrial Arts Elmer K Zeller 
Household Arts Katherme E Braithwaite 

Mount de Sales Academy of the Visitation. 

srirls, grade i thru "high school, hoarding. 
B. C . est 1852. Sister a of the Visitation 

Roberts-Beach School, girls' boarding, non- 
sect . est 1920. Lucy George Roberts. 

St Charles College, for boys preparing for 
the Catholic pi lest hood, est 1831, 
(icorge A Gleason, Pies 

Saint Timothy's School for Girls board- 
ing, prep and elective, non-sect . *>st 
1882, Ella Robinson WatUuis. Head 

Oellton. Cecil Co . pop. 618. 

High School Mary Emily Clark 

CeMtervflle, Queen Araes Co., pep. l,fft* 

Bd Educ --William McKcnnev. chairman 
Hijfh Pchool K Clvde Wails, principal 
Manual Training: Nicholas G Nidcs 
Domestic Science Mary Catherine Tolson 

Charlotte Hall. St. Mary Co., 

Charlotte Hall School, boys' boarding, mil 
non-sect . est 1774. B F Crowson. Prtn 

Chesapeake City. Cecil Ce. y pop. 1.171* 

Bd Kduc Fred Lewis, president 

Udif> [> Saper, clerk 
Hicrh School E B Focklor prin 
Home Economics Rachel E Boyd 
Industilal Arts Harry W Price 

Ghcetertown, Kent Co.. pop. 2.809. 
Bd Educ E Linwood Redmile, president 
Superintendent L <' Robinson 
High School VV. T Stenger, prin 
Music Maryaret Russell 
Manual Training: Owen C Blades 
Domestic Science Estella K Comegys 

Washington College, dogrrc courses in arts 
and sciences . co-ed ; non sect , est 1 782 , 
C.ilbcrt W. Mead.. President 

Church Hill. Queen Anne's, pop 406 

High School James Bernard Merrlck. prin 

Clark* vllle, Howard County. 

2isrh School Weldon G Daw son. prin 
usic Mildred German 
Home E< cm Mary Kli/abeth Mather 

Clear Hpring. Wafthington Co.. pop. 621. 

Bd Educ Cyrus O Bell, chairman 

Hiich School Walter Pel^rnian, pilnclpal 

Music Mildred E Karper 





Clinton, Prince George'* County. 

High School Truman 8 Klein, prin 

College Park. Prince George'* County. 

University of Maryland, comprise* the 
College of Agriculture, Art* and Sci- 
ences, Engineering, Education, Home 
Economics. Graduate School, and the 
Summer School, (see Baltimore for the 
Schools of Law. Medicine, Dentistry, 
Phaimacy, and Nursing, state univ . co- 
ed ; est 1807. H. Clifton Byrd. acting 

Unireroity of Maryland College of Agricul- 
ture. H I Patterson Dean 

Unirersity of Maryland College of Arts and 
Sciences, T H Taliaferro, Dean 

Unirersity of Maryland College of Engineer- 
ing. A N Johnson. Dean 

University of Maryland College of Education. 
Willard S Small. Dean 

University of Maryland College of Home 
Economics, M Marie Mount, Dean 

University of Maryland Graduate School. 
C O Appleman, Dean 

University of Maryland The Summer School. 
Willard S Small. Director 

Colora, Cecil County. 

West Nottingham Academy, coll prep , 
boys, est 1741, J Paul Slaybaugh, 
**ad master 

Cordova, Talbot Couiitv 

High School J H Caldwell, prin 
Homo Economic** Anna G Ha\il.m<l 

Crapo, PoroheHtcr Count) 

High School E A Cuughiin. principal 

Crleleld, Somerset Co , pop. 8.468. 

Bd Educ Bryre Whittington, preen lout 

W Stewart Fitzgerald, secretary 
High School C Allen Carlson, prinripal 
Home Economic* Mrs Bernice H Sterling 
Orchestra Fred G Usilton 
Industrial Art* Roy A. McCollor 

Cumberland, Alleffany Co., pop. 37.747 

Bd Educ William A Gunter, president 

Charles L Kopp. secretary 
Superintendent C L Kopp 
Penna Ave Sr -Jr H S Victor D Hei- 

scy, prfn 

AHcgany Senior H S Ralph R Webster 
Green St Jr H S Karl G Perry, prin 
Frederick St Colored H. S Earle L Bra- 

cey. prin 

Catherman's Business School, bus and sec'l 
courses; Charles S Catherman, Pi in 

Deals] Island, Somernet Co , pop 2.0OO 

High School William C Graham. Jr , pun 

Dento. Caroline Co.. pop. 1,7*5. 

Bd tSilut* Civile P*nU. ohAum.ui 
High School W K Gumming, pi in 
Musi< Ch.ulottc Spicer 
Manual Training Iivin Fmlth 
Home Economics Anna Frances Scwaid 

Bart New Market, Dorchester Co.. pop. 1.M7 

Bd Educ Clarence Sax ton, chairman 
High School Albert S Farver. prin. 

Kanton, Talbot Co., pop. 4.001. 

Hig-h School Benjamin S Carroll, prin 
Man Tr * Draw William Hull 
Music Dorothy E Hull 
Domestic Science Lena Slocumb 
Commercial Clara Mason 

Elkridge, Howard Co., pop. 1.000. 

High School Charles W Willis, prin 
Home Economics M Gladys Dickerson 
Industrial Arts Robert C Henley 

Elkton, Cecil Co.. pop. 3,829. 

Bd Educ Fred Lewis, chairman 

Superintendent Howard T Ruhl 
High School Guy Johnson prin 
Industrial Arts Loren C Murray 

Domestic Science Dorothy Hooper 

(Commercial Elsie Benton 

Kllloott City, Howard Co.. pop. 8,30*. 

Bd Educ Harrv Pailett. chaiiman 

Woodland C Phillip*, secretary 
High School John E Ymglmg, prin 
Muio Eleanor M Dries 
Home Economics Dorothy B Bower 

Bmmltsburg. Frederick Co., pop. 1,370. 

Higrh School Arvln P Jones, prin 
Mnic V Lenore Blount 

Mount St Mary's College: coll ; mea; R. 

C , est 1808. John L Sheridan, acting 

St Joseph's College, coll for women, board- 

ing , R C , Sister Isabelle, Dean 

Fderal*burg, Caroline Co*, pop. 1.860. 

Bd Ed ur Thomas H Chambers, president 
Hiprh School T Conover Grouse, prin 
Music Louise Brook* 
Home Economics- Rosalie Gilbert 
Manual Training: Harold Kilheffer 

Creek, Dorcheftfrr Co , pop 650. 

Hijrh School Raymond H Simmons, prin 

Fllntptone. Alleranr Co . pop 500 

High School Elsie Hill Roland, prin 

Forest Glen, Montgomery County 
Nation* i Park Seminary, girls* boarding; 
non-sect , James E Ament. LL D.. Pres 

Frederick, Frederick Co., pop. 14,434. 

Bd Educ Robert L. Warfield, president 

Superintendent E. W. Pruitt 

High School A I*. Leary. prin. 

MusicMartha B. Pettit 

Manual Training: S W Frankenfield 

Domestic Art Frances L King 

Domestic Science E Virginia Doub 

raf*t*na <^ Hi Castle 

Physical Tr'jr ( girls > Helma Hanii Boweis 

Athletics Earl D Widmyer 

Librarian Maicelene Kefauver 

Attendance Officer Gertrude Smith 





Hood College, women; degree courses in lib- 
eral arts, home economics, and teacher 
training-, non-sect , est. 1893. Henry Irvin 
Stahr, Pres. 

Maryland State School for the Deaf, state, 
co-ed . Ignatius Blorlee. Superintendent 

St John's Literary Institute, grades thiu 
high school, co-ed , Catholic, J J 
Donlan, Prin 

FriendsviUe, Oarrett Co., pop. 600. 
High School W. J Glenn, prin 
Music Evangelme Rumhaugh 
Home Economics Ethel Grove 

Fmtbnrg, Allegany Co., pop. 6,028. 

Bd Educ William A Gunter, chairman 
Superintendent Charles L Kopp 
Beall H S Richard T Rizer, prin 
Music Estelle D Williams 
Manual Training J S Hunter 
Domestic Arts Ruth Engle 
Domestic Science Bessie Volk 
Physical Eclut Agnes Ilowat 
Physical Educ (bojs) Fdvtaid Fiiu< 1 
Librarian Martha J Thomas 

State Teachers College professional course* 
for teachers, co-ed . John L Dunkle. Pics 

Gaithersbnrjt, Montgomery Co, pop. 1,068. 

High School Maxwell E Burdette. prin 
Music Helen D Blckmore 
Home Economics Mildred E Lutes 
Physical Educ. (boys) Harry A Bertschey 
Physical Educ (girls) Edith Barnett 

Galena, Kent County 

High School Lelia N Ware, principal 

Garrett Park, Montgomenr Conntv 

Georgetown Pieparatoiv School boj-* high 
school coll prep b'd'g and da\ R C . 
eat 1788, Henn J Wiesel, Rector 

GarriMm, Baltimore Co.. pop 100 

Garrison Forest School, girls' boarding and 
day , est 1914, Jean G Marshall and Nancy 
J Offutt, Pnns 

Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County 

High School L Tod Motley, principal 
Music Mary Berwager 
Home Economics Ruth Sartonous 
Industrial Arts Garner Klair 

Glencoe, Baltimore County. 

Oldnelds. country school for girls, est 1811, 
Duncan McCulIoch, Jr , Head 

Greensboro, Caroline Co., pop 009 
High School G Linden Duff>\, prin 
Industrial ArtsViggo E Rathke 
Home Economics Sadie R Guseman 

Hafcntown, Washington Co., pop. 30,861. 
Bd Educ Cyrus D. Bell, president 
Superintendent B J Grimes 
High School John D Zentmyer, principal 
South Potomac Jr H S William C Dlehl 
Woodland Way Jr. H S Wilson P. Sperow 
Vocational Earl Huyett 
Commercial Mary Kaylor 

Columbia College, bus and sten , co-ed , 
8 M Funk. Principal 

Hampstead. Carroll Co., pop. 555. 

High School Claude L Yowell, prin 
Music Eleanor Kimmey 
Industiial Arts Roocoe Spencer 

Hancock, Washington Co., pop. 893. 

High School Douglas M. Bivens, prin 
Music Mrs Helen Heflner 
Home Economics Octavia Miller 

Havre de Grace, Harford Co, pop. 3,985. 

Prin High School Walter H Davis 
Music Allen Amoss 
Draw'g & Man Tr'g Allen Amoss 
Domestic Science Willette Bland 
Athletics (boys) Walter Kahout 
Athletics (girls) Edith Archer 

Hnrlork, Dorchester Co., pop. 1,075 

High School William R So \\eis, pi in 
Music Mrs Ro/elle McClelland 
Industrial Aits -Perrv S Flegel 
Home Economics Mis Anna P Coikran 

I!jatt*\ille, Prince George's Co, pop 2,075. 

Hiirh School T A Miller, prin 
MUSK* Kathcrine Grumbme 
Home Economics Mary R Riley 
Industrial \its-Stanley Jenkins 

Ilchetter, Howard Co v pp. 600. 

Redemptoi 1st Novitiate, theol , men, R 
(' PM 1H<>7 James Ban on Rcctoi 

KftzmJller. Garrett Co. pop 1.044 

High School O P Jones, prin 
Home E< onomi< H Palma Luccntc 
Industtial Arts Eugene Harpold 
PhvMcal Tiaimn? T V Baucom 

IM Plata, Charles Co., pop. 500. 

Bd Educ Samuel Depon, president 

Julia Cox. secretary 
High School Milton M Som^rs, prin 

McDonough Institute, prep . com 1 and nor . 
boarding, co-ed . non-sect . est 1901. R 
H Lee Reich. Principal. 

Laurel, Prince Georges Co , pop. t.07. 

High School L H Howland. prin 
Music Julia Arnold 
Industrial ArtsAlfred C Hack 
Domestic Science S Melissa Boyd 

I eonardtown, St. Mary Co., pop. 05. 

St Mary's Academy, girlh. hoarding and da\ 
grade 1 thru high school, R C . rst 1SK."> 
Sisters of Chanty of Narareth , Sistti 
Lucina DncctrcsB 

IJbertytown. Frederick Co , pop. 589. 
High School E K Chandlee, prin 

Ltabon. Howard Co pop. 50O 

High School J Wesley Mum foul Ji . prm 
Home Economic* Huldah E En nor 

Laacnnlng, Allegaay C.. pop. t,85t. 

Bd Educ William A Gunter. president 
Principal High School Arthur F. Smlta 
Music Annetta Yatea 
Industrial Arl Joseph Haugcn 
Household At ts Helen White 
(Commercial W S Morris 





Lothervllle, Baltimore Co., pap. 661. 

Maryland College for Women. collegiate 
music, art, and domestic science, Luth , 
est 1853; Frederick E Metzger, Pres 

Manchester, Carroll Co , pop 523. 

High School Gerald E Richter, prln 
Music Eleanor Kimmey 
Home Economics Viva R Engle 
Shop Clark H Went/ 

McDonogh, Baltimore Co., pop. lot. 

McDonough School , prep and bus courses 
agricultural and mechanical, boys, semi- 
military, non-sect . est 1873, Louis B 
Lamborn. Headmaster 

Middtotown, Frederick Co., pop. 692 

High School Herbert F Da\is, pnn 
Homo Economic* Ine/ E Flaiiapan 

Midland, Allegany Co., pop. 1,173. 

High School Roger X Day, principal 

Mount Airy. Carroll Co . pop. 622 

High School Gilbert D Mai tin. pi in 
MUHIC Doiothy B Rood 
Home Economics L Lawyer 
Industrial Arts Edgar Weigle 

Mount Savage. Allegany Co., pop. 3,500 

High School J O Kefauver, principal 

Mount Washington. Suburb Baltimore. 

Mount St Agnes Junior College, girls, board 
ing, R C , est 18(>7, Sister M Pius, Dean 

Mount Washington Sihool for Boys, boarding 
and da>. R C , est 1899, Sibters of Mercy 

New Windsor, Carroll Co., pop. 750. 

High School Willaid L, Haukins, pi in 
Music Carolyn Bullock 
Home Economics Evelyn Kauffman 
Industrial Arts John P Kroh 

Blue Ridge College, collegiate, preparatory, 

and business depaitments. Church of the 
Brelhern. cst 1809; Edward C Bixler. 

North East, Cecil Co., pop. l,15t. 

High School Ralph H Bcachlcy, pun 
Home Economics Hannah M Mace 
Indunliidl Ail& Arnold J Cioddy 

Oakland, Oarrett Co., pop. 1,9*5. 

Bd Educ Stuart S Hamill. president 
fc*c Bd Educ F E Hathbun 
High School F D Bittle, pi in 
Music Ruth C. Brown 
Home Economics Martha Hamstead 
Physical Educ ation Doi othj Ed\i ai ds 

Ocean Cltv, Worcester Co , pop 500 

High School William L Bennett, pi in 
Home Economics Elizabeth Laws 

Oldtown, Allegany County 

High School George F Relter. prin 

Orerlea, Baltimore 

Maryland School for the Blind, co-ed , non- 
sect . est 18G3. John F Bledsoe, Super- 

Oxford, Talbot Co., pop. 1,*4S. 

Prin High School Thomas Taylor 
Music Marion L Miller 

Perry vl He, Cecil Co , pop 635. 

High School Lawience M (Joisuch, prin 
Home Economics Rachel E Boyd 
Industrial Arts Harry Price 

PittsTlUe, Wicomlco County 

High School W B Bowen. principal 
Music Marian Davis Parker 

Pocomoke City, Worcester Co., pop. S,07i. 

High SchoolVerlln C Krabill, prin 

Music Ethel Schockley Bromley 
Manual Training Edward Merrill 
Domestic Science Rebecca Bennett 

Fnolesvllle. Montgomery Co.. pop. 45*. 

High School C Mernck Wilson, prin 
Home Economics Ethel Gorauch 

Port Deposit. Cecil Co., pop. 1,575. 

Tome School for Boys, college prep . lower 
school boarding, non-sect . est 1889, 
Charleb J Koppcl, Hcadmabtei 

Prince Frederick, Calvert County. 

County H S Willis H White, pun 

Music Frances I Oliver 

Home Economics Doiothy Oidwcm 

Princess Anne. Somerset Co., pop. 1,100. 

Bd Educ Bnce Whittinpton, chairman 

Acidic B Dashiell. clcik 
High School C N Baughan. prin 
Home Economics Jeanette Gore 

Princess Anne Academy, Eastern Branch Uni- 
versity of Maryland (colored) , agric , home 
economics, mechanic arts, liberal arts, 
co-ed , et 1886. B A Grigrsby, Registrar 

Relstertown, Baltimore Co., pop. 64t. 

High School R W Corr, prin 
Music Maltha Tovcll 
Industrial Arts Arthur L Colburn 
Household Arts Merle Eubanks 
Hannah More Academy, girls' boarding, P 
E Cht 1832, Laura Fowler, Prin. 

Kldgely, Caroline Co, pop. MS 

Hiern School Clement H Noble, prin 
Home Economicb Doiothy Jenkins 

Rook Hall, Kent Co., pop. 1,000. 

Prin High School W A P Strang 
Music Estelle B Strang 
Industrial Arts Arthur L. Greenwood 
Home Economics Ella Hadaway 

Rockvllle, Montgomery Co., pop. 1,459. 

Bd Educ Thomas C. Darby, president 
Edwin W. Broome, secretary 

High School L F Schott, principal 
Music Miriam 6 Rhoads 
Physical Educ (boys) Allen Vogt 
Physical Educ (ffirls) Catherine Cockburn 

Ruxton. Baltimore Co., pop. 350 
University School for Boys, boys' boarding. 
countr\ day school, W W Marston, Prin 





St. James School P. O., Washington Co. 

St James School for Boys, boys' boarding. 
P. B.. est. 1842. Adrian H Onderdonk. 
A B . Headmaster. 

St. Mary's City. St. Mary's County 
St. Mary's Female Seminary; girls; high 
school; jr. coll.; boarding; non-sect ; est 
1840; M. Adcle France, Prm 

St. Michaels, Talbot Co., pop. l.MO. 

High School William C Fink, prm 
Music Marion L. Miller 

Salisbury, Wicomlco Co., pop. 10,997. 

Prin High School Clarence H Cordrey 
Music Rosalie Smith 
Manual Training John R Waller 
Domestic Science Mrs Ida B Hearne 
Commercial Helen Porter 
Librarian Mrs J Louise Howard 

State Teachers College, teacher training coin fe- 
es; co-ed , J D Blackwell, Pres. 

Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co., pop. 135. 

High School \ustm A LaM.ur, Ji , prm 
Music Mary G Cross 

Severna Park, Anne Arundel County 

Severn School, boya prep , boarding, non- 
sect . Holland M Teei, Prin 

Silter Spring. Montgomery County 

Senior High School E M Douglas, prm 
Junior High School William B Maiks. prm 
Bullie School, boys, academic secondary, and 

junior coll , boarding, non-sect . est 1030 

William F. Bullis, Prin 

Smittisbnrg. Washington Co.. pop. 500. 

High School Rexford Hartle, principal 

Snow Hill, Worcester Co., pop. 1,915. 

Bd Educ Fianklin Upshur. president 

A C Humphreys, secretary 
Prin High School O Perry Simmons 
Music Ethel S Bromley 
Home Economics Emily T Dulev 
Industrial Arts Clarence J. Beauchamp 

Sparrows Point. Baltimore Co, pop 4.000 

High School Austin P Wheeler, prin. 
MUHIC Dorothy M Wiseman 
Household Arts Mrs Julia W Woodward 
Industrial Arts Jacob Da vies 

Stockton, Worcester County. 

High School G Ewell I>ry<len, principal 
Music A Home Economics Mabel L Jones 

Sykesrllle, CarroU Co. pop. A6ff 
High School John F Wooden Jr , prin 
Music Paul Grouse 
Home Economics Kathryn Wentz 
Industrial Arts Emory Ebaugh 

Taneytown. CarroU Co . pop. 824 

High School George N Shower, prin 
Music Estclla Easig 
Orchestra Paul Crouse 
Industrial Arts Claude LeFevre 
Home Economic Mildred Price 

Thurmont, Frederick Co., pop. 1,074. 

High School James C. Biehl, prin. 
Music Dorothy E Beachley 
Home Economics Jessie Shipley 

Tilghjnan. Talbot Co., pop. 1.800. 

High School William E. Lednum, Jr . pi in 

Towson, Baltimore Co., pop. 8,600. 
Bd Educ Samuel W. Shoemaker. chair- 
Clarence S. Cooper, clerk 
High School Edward C. Stapleton, prin. 
Manual Tiaimng Floyd A My rick 
Music Miriam Hoffman 
Household Arts Helen F Bozarth 

State Tcachcr-s College, teacher tiaining. co- 
ed . e-t 18(W Lida Lee Tall. Pies. 

Union Bridge. Carroll Co , pop 1.082. 
Bd Educ Perie Vance, chairman 
High School Robert linger, prin 
Music Caroline Bullock 
Industrial Arts Clarence Knox 
Home Economies Evelyn Kauffmaii 

Vienna. Dorchester County. 

High SchoolJohn A Wright. Jr. pi In 
Home Economics Rebecca Bennett 

Ualkemvill*. Frederick Co. pop 682 

High School Harry O Smith, prm 

Western port, Allejrany Co pop S.977. 

High School John W Fisher, prin. 
Mimic Eleanor Eickhorn Waldcn 
Domestic Science Margate! \ Hayden 
Commercial Mary Hanna 
Industrial Arts Tohn F Laughltn 

Westminster, Carroll Co., pop 4,464 

Bd Educ James Pearre Wantz, president 

Maurice S H linger, secretary 
Prm High School K C Settz 
Music Lou R Havrkinq 
Industrial Arts Samuel Caltndcr 
Home Economics Ethel Fnsor 
Elem Grades Mvrtle C EC k hat fit, supv 
Librarian Cornelia Kroh 

Western Maryland College, coll liberal 
arts, mii'.lc courses, co-ed , Meth. Prot , 
est 1808, Fred O Holloway. Pres. 

Wllllamsport. Washington Co, pop 1.615 

High School Samuel B Plummer. prin 

Home Economics Lois Simon 

Hontr KiononiKH Mi* Klh-u Heffnet 

Woodstock. Howard Co., pop. 280. 

Woodstock TolleRC, an etc Jesuitical college 
(onriurted b\ the If*uit* H I* . est 18f 
Francis E Keenan, President 



JAMES G. REARDON, Commissioner of Education Boston 

P. J SULL.IV AN, Dir. Elem. and Second Educ and Teachers Col Boston 

ROBEUT O SMALL, Director of Vocational Education Boston 

JAMES A MOVER, Director of University Extension Boston 

MARY A. BARR, Director Immigration and Americanization Boston 

WILLIAM H. MCCARTHY, Director, Division of the Blind Boston 


IT^ Vf' Elementary Schools ANNA A j^ MARTHA T . WO NBON, 
ALFRED R. MACK, High Schools. rr^ i^i^ AU, Q^^I. 

WM. J. O'KEEFE, Research and Statis- Household Arts Schools 


PHILLIP CASHMAN, Special Schools istration Agents, Vocational Educa- 

and Classes. tion. 


SHAY, Industrial Schools for Boys E EVERETT CLARK, MART I. GUYTON, 

and Men. Supervisors Adult Alien Education 

RUFUSW.STIMSON, Agricultural Schools JoHN L DARORENi Registration of 
CAROLINE H. WILSON, Industrial Schools Teachers 

for Girls and Women R AY QRAYSON, RALPH COLSON, 

M. NORCROSS arRATTON, Vocational Physical Education. 

Teacher-Training Division INA M CURLEY, Safety Education 


LUSK, Industrial Schools for Boys tlon 

and Men CLAY-ION L LENT, Teachers' Retire- 

FRANKLIN E HEALD, Agricultural ment Board 

Schools WILLIAM J. O'KEEFE, Supervisor, 

FRANK L. ALLEN, Art in Industry Office Organization. 


JAMES G. REARDON, Ex Officio Chairman State House, Boston 

P A O'CoNNELL Boston ROGER LOWELL PUTNAM .. Springfield 

VI\RY E. MtnuuY Cambridge THOMAS H. SUUUVAN Worcester 


15 Ashburton Place, Boston 

V!RS. GRACE I. WOODBURY, President Melroee 

-iucH NIXON, Secretary 15 Ashburton Place, Boston 


WILLIAM R PECK, President Superintendent of Schools, Holyoke 

BURR J. MERRIAM, Secretary-Treasurer Supt. of Schools, Framingham 






Massachusetts has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the town system of school supervision, each city or town, or, where the 
towns are small, a group of towns, having its individual superintendent of schools. 


Abtaffton, Plymouth Co., pop. 5,872. 

Chin Sch Comm Win J bheehan 
Clerk Sch Comm W P Hutchinson 
Town Superintendent C A Record 
Principal High School Elijah D Cole 
Music Blanche Maguire 
Art Margaret Gcrvaio 
Household At ts Josephine Lynes 

Acushnet, Bristol Co., pop. 1,284. 

Ohm Sch. Qomm Louis Gandette 
Superintendent Albert F Foid 

Adam*, Berkshire Co.. pop. 12,897. 

Sch Com John H Hanlon chairman 

J Fianklin Fanell, secretary 
Superintendent J Franklin Fanell 
Hisrh School Edward W Martin, prin 
Junior H S Carleton D Howe, prin 
Music H Cail Gorman 
Manual Training James Smith 
Domestic Science Catherine Murray 
Phybical Educ (boys) Arthur Fox 
Physical Educ (puls) Sylvia Paradise 

Agawam, Hampden Go., pop. 7,095. 

sch Com Clifford Granger, chairman 

Sidney F Atwood. clerk 
Town Superintendent Benjamin J Phelpe 
High School F Earl Williams pun 
Music Ruth A Penj 
drawing Marv M Crowley 
Manual Training Fredeitck T Dacey 

Amesbury, Ea*ex Co.. pop. 11,899. 

Soh Com Jeiemidh J Reardon, chairman 

Mrs Lurana Smith, clerk 
Superintendent Fred C English 
Principal Hifth Fchool Fonet Brown 
Music Dorothy Barton 
I 'tawing Mrs Edith Da\in 
Household Aits Margaret Moran 
Physical Educ Catherine Nrlsori 
Phjscial Edue John E Rogers 

Amherst, Hampshire Co., pop. 5,888. 

Sch Com Chailes E Bennett chairman 
Superintendent L Leland Dudley 
High School Ralph W Raskins, prin 
Junior H S Robert E. Quirk, pnn 
MUSK Marc Tai low 
Drawing Robert Drummond 
Physical Educ (jrtrls) Edith L Pmnick 
Physical Educ (boys) George E Williams 
Elementary Supv Louise A Hanson 

Amherst College; coll.; men. non-sect ; eat. 

1821. Stanley King. Pres 
Massachusetts State College; courses 
in agriculture, horticulture, home economics, 
physical and biological sciences, social 
science physical education, co-ed . eat 
1863. Hugh P Baker. Pres 

Andover. Bsex Co.. pop. 8,t88. 

Sch. Com Fred C. Smith, chairman 

Elmer Grover, secretary 

Town superintendent Henry C Sanbera 
High School Nathan C Hamblm, prin 
Music Miriam Sweeney 
Manual Training Carl M Gahan 
Domestic Science Margaret Hlnchcllffe 
DrawingAlice Olliff 
Com'l it Stenog Mervin E Stevens 

Abbot Academy, girls' boarding, non-sect ; 

college prep music, art, dramatics, est. 

18*28. Matffueiitc Kearney, Prin 
Phillips Academy, boys' boarding; nsa- 

sect , est 1778; Claude M Fuess, Head- 

Arlington. Middlesex Co., pop. 88,094. 

Sen Com Harrie H Dadmun. chm'n 

Mrs Theresa N Turner, secretary 
Superintendent Clarence H Dempsey 
Prin High School Herman Gammon* 
Supv Music Grace G Pierce 
Manual Training Arthur E Robinson 
Domestic Science Harriett R Pennell 
Drawing Mrs Marlon I Ford 
Stenography Miss Evangellne Cheney. 
Mar veh ff Academy girls, grade i thru high 
school, mubic. boarding, est 1913, Catho- 
lic. Sisters of Chribtian Education 

Aflhburnham. Worcester Co.. pop. 1,187. 

Sch Com Joseph C Bailey, chairman 

Mm Sadie Gates Hecietaiy 
Supt Charles A Mitchell (Winchendon) 
Music* Mis EJJen Lashua 

Ashburnham School for Boys, boarding. 

apes 0-10 non sect, Whitton E Norm. 


Gushing Academy, prep ; co-ed . non-see' 
Clarence P Quimby, Pnn 

Anhbj. Middlesex Co. pop 885. 

Sch Com Eveiett S Treworay, chairman 

Mrs Mabel Brewer, secretary 
Supt Wesley E. Kims (Townsend) 
High School David M. Allan, pnn. 

Ashland. Middlesex Co.. pop. .899. 

Sch Com Ernest R Dearborn, chairman 

C Harold Thayer. secretary 
Superintendent- Arthur F. Crowell. 
Prin. High School William Ptttaway. 
Athol. Worcester Co.. pop. 10,877. 
Sch Com E. Everett Jackman, chairman 

George S Goodcll, secretary 
Superintendent George S. Goodell 
Prin High School Nathaniel A Cutler 
MusicHenry Wheeler, supervisor. 
Home Economic* Isabel!? M Alden 
Manual Training Alfred D. Taylor 





Attleboro, Bristol Co., pop. 21,777. 

Sch Com E F Thayer, chairman 
R P Dakin, clerk 

City Superintendent Lewis A Fales 
Hisrh School Philip L Gailand, pi in 

Supv Music J L Gibb 

Manual Training George I. Spatcher 
Art (h a ) Ardith P Todd 
Art (grades) Myitice A Perrin 

Commercial Ruth A. Rarasdell 

Domestic Science Helena A McCormlck 

Physical Education J Raymond Cooney 

Auburn, Worcester Co., pop. 6,147. 

Sch Com Arabella H Tucker, chairman 

C M Harris, clerk 
Town Supt Clarence M Harris 
High School Charles F Ross, prin 
Music. Ait Edna C Gauoh 

Anbnrndale. Middlesex Co., School Station 

Lasell Juniot ColltKe, women, boarding, 
set'l, music, art, didm.ttic*. homo eeon . 
non-sect , est 1831. Guy M Winslow, 

Avon. Norfolk Co., pop. t.wia. 

Town Superintendent Adolph O Christiansen 
High School Hugh C Gilgan, prin 
Music Minnie Gocres 
Ait Hrleiiti Homoi 

Ayer. Middlesex Co., pep. t,707. 

Sch Com Edwaid N Wilson, chairman 

Est hoi A Stone beoietaiy 
Town Superintendent Frank C Johnion 
Prin High School Ernest M Gleason 
Music Maiy Brecn 
Art Eleanor Attndffe 
Ph\.i<<il Education Edith Kohler 

Babson Park, suburb of HUH ton 

Babson Institute, executive business training 
for \oung men, est 1919, Cail D Smith, 

Barnstable. Barnstable Co., pop. 7,271. 

Sch Com Stuait Sonddei, chairman 
Superintendent Ralph R Barr 
High School Melvm C Knight, prin 
M u*io (ehoial) Wuiren Fioom.m 
Mumo (uifcti ) Samuel Griffiths 
Art Janet C Jones 
Phv-nal Education William P Bansrs 

iarre, Worcester Co., pop. 8,511. 

Sch. Com Ernest W. Pratt, chaii man 
Town Superintendent Charles Rush 
High School Leroy L Dawson, pi In 
Manual Training James Skelly 
Domestic Science Mildred Hellman 
Diawing Lucy D H Rice 
Music Helen Chase 

Elm Hill Private School for Feeble-Minded 
Touth . George A. Brown, M. D , SupL 

telehertovrn, Hampshire Co., pop. 3,188. 

Sch Com J L Collard, chairman 

Herman C Kniffht, secretary 
Town Superintendent Herman C Knight 
Hurh School FVank T Coughhn, Jr , prin 
Music Elizabeth Whittlesev e 

Household Arts Mary Marshall 

Belmont, Middlesex Co., pop. 81,748. 

Sch Com George B Waterhouse, cbmn. 

Frank A Scott, clerk 
Town Superintendent Frank A Scott. 
Hijrh School Willis B Gifford, prin 
Junior H S John J. Vantura. prla. 
Supv Music Henry L. Stone, A. M. 
Manual Training 1 Carl Olson. 
Dom Science (h. s ) Myra C. Hutchinson 
Physical Training: Lewis 8. Harris 
Drawing- Edmund Ketchum. 

Belmont Hill School, boys, boarding; grade 
iv thru high school, non-sect.: est 1923, 
Thomas B Morse, Head Master 

Berkshire, Berkshire County 

Crestalban School, girls 6-14; boarding, out- 
door classes; Margery Whiting, Prin 

Bernardston. Franklin Co.. pop. 741. 

Sch Com Henry E Newton, chairman 
Town Supt Linville W Bobbins 
Powers Institute Alfred F Gay, prin 
MUSK Mis Clara Mason 

Beverly, Essex Co., pop. 25,086. 
Sch. Com. Augustus P. Lorlng, Jr.. Chmn. 

Harrv Tucker secretary 
Superintendent Starr M. King 
High School Frederick H. Pierce 
Trade & Co-op Trade Edgar A Winters 
Supv Music Gertrude W Dexter 
Mumc (vocal) Freeman H Garni ss 
Music (instrum ) Claude H Phillips 
Home Economics Bertha M Greaney 
Drawing Blanche M Fish 
Penmanship Olive M Adams 
Physical Education William E Mackenzie 
\thlelie Dir Ellsworth E Richardson 
Evening Schools Gertrude F A. Lyons 

Beveily Cooperative Trade School, boys, 
state. Edgar A Winters. Director 

New Enerland School lor the Deaf, co-ed , 
Nettie McDanlel. Supt 

Not th Shore Country Dav School . co-ed . Kin- 
dergarten play school thru high school; 
Raymonde Neel, Hcadmibtress 

BlUerlca, Middlesex Co.. pop. 5,880. 

Sch Cum Maurice A Buck, cnairman 
Town Superintendent Eugene C Vining 
fTo we High School Cvril D Locke, prin 
Supv Music Mrs Mildred B McKeen 
Drawing Dorothy Dow 
Household Arts Irene R Holdsworth 
Manual Training Robert M Gill 
Physical Education Rose O'Neill 

Mitchell School, boys, coll prep ; board - 
Ing-; non-sect ; est 1170; Alexander M. 
Mitchell. Headmaster. 

Blarkstone, Worcester Co., pop. f.*48. 

Sch Com Walter Flynn. chairman 

Arthur Fay, secretary 
Superintendent Edwin F McCooey 
Higli School Vincent P Masterson, prin 
Music Mr* David A Downey 
Drawing Thomas Connors 
Household Arts Mary K Dugan 

Bolton. Worcester Co . pop. 79t. 

Sch Com Richard M Wheeler, chairman 
Mrs. Marjorie Babcock, clerk 





Supt Blvnn E Davis (Littleton) 
Junior High School Susan I* Dow. prin. 

Boston, Suffolk Co., pop. 787,271. 

Sch Com Ficdenck R Sullivan, chairman 

hillen M Cronin. secretary 
Superintendent Patrick T Campbell 
Assistant Supt John C Brodhead 
Assistant bupt Arthur L, Gould 
Assistant Supt Mary C. Mellyn 
Assistant Supt. Michael J. Downey 
Assistant Supt Edward J Muldoon 
Assistant Supt Frederick J Gilhs 


Practice & Tiaining- 
Special Classes Ada M. Fitta 
MUHIC James A Ecker 
Household Science & Aits Mary W Cauley 
Evening Schools Joseph F Gould 
Manual Arts Helen B. Cleaves, director 

Jdctward C Emerson, associate director 
Kindergartens Lillian B. Poor 
Penmanship Bertha A Connor 
Commercial Education Louis J Fish 
Physical Education Nathaniel J Young 

Joseph MeKenney, asbooiate dnector 
Vocational Guidance Susan J Ginn 
Extended Use of Public Schools James T. 

Mulioy director 
Modern Foreign Lang. Marie A. Solano 


Brighton High School. Cambridge & War- 
ren sts . Herbert T Rich. Head Master 
Charlestown High School. Monument feq . 

rh enter M G rover Head Master 
Dorchester High School for Boys. Dunbar 

ave.. John W. Regan. Head Master 
Dorchester High School for Girls, Talbot 

& Washington St . Alice M Twtgg, Head 

East Boston High School White St , East 

Boston. Bertram C Richardson. Head 

English High School. Montgomery St . 

Walter F Downey. Headmaster. 
Girls High School West Newton St 

John E Denham, Head Master 
Girls' Latin School. Hun ting ton av 6 

Evans Way, Ernest O. Hspgood, Head 

High School of Commerce. Avenue Louis 

Pastfur. James E Downey. Head Master 
High School Af Practical Arts. Wlnthrop 

and Greenville. Mabel E Bowker, Head 

Hyde Park High School. Metropolitan * 

Central; Dennis C Haley, Head Master 
Jamaica Plain High School. Elm Street; 

Maurice J Lacey. Head Master 
Jeremiah E. Burke High School, Washington 

St , Dorchester , Ellen G Wiseman, Head 

Mechanic Arts High School Bclvldcre A 

Dalton. AdelbTt H Morrison. Head 

Public I atln School Avenue Louis Pasteur, 

Joseph L Powers Head Master 
Roslindale High School, Popular & Haw- 
thorne sin . Ambrose B Warren. Head 

Roxbury Memorial High School (Boy*). 

Townaend A Deckard Sts.; Robert B. 

Masterson, Head Master 

Roxbury Memorial High School (Girls). 

Townaend & Deckard Sts.; Myrtle C. 

Dickeon, Head Master 
South Boston High school, Thomae Park. 

Wilfred F Kelley, Head Maater 

Junior High Schools 

Joseph H Barnes, Marion bet Princeton & 

Saratoga. Chester H Wilbar, Prin 
Bigelow, E cor W. Fourth St , South Boston; 

Thomas J. Sheahan. Prin. 
William Blackstone. 39 Blossom Street. 

Eugene H Dorr. Prin 
Grover Cleveland, Charles St , Dorchester ; 

James A Treanor, Prin 
Mary E Curley, 493 Centre. Jamaica Plain. 

John F MeQrath, Prin 
Thomas A Edison. Glenmont Road, Brighton, 

Geoige W Gammon. Prin 
Cldience R Edward. Walker cor. Eden. 

Chariest own, James E Lynch, Prin 
Patrick F Gavin (girls), 215 Dorchester, 

South Boston. Rose A Carrigan, Prin 
Thorns* N Halt (boys). H cor. E Fifth St , 

John F Barmcle, Prin 

Oliver Wendell Holmes. 40 School St . Dor- 
chester, Frederick J Murphj, Prin. 
Solomon Lewenberg, Outlook Road, Mattapan. 

Francis M MorriBsey, Prin 
Lewis. Pauldmg, cor Walnut Av ; Roxbury. 

Frederick A Guindon. Prin 
Abraham Lincoln. Arlington, cor. Fayette, 

Frederic W Swan, Prin 
Donald McKay. Cottage St . East Boston. 

John J Maloney, Prin 
Michaelangelo, Charter Street . 

Walter C. Winston, Prin 
William Barton Rogers, Harvard Av & 

Everett, Leonard M Patton, Prin 
Theodore Roosevelt, School St , Roxbury, 

Thomas E Kelley, Prin 
Robert Gould Shaw. Mt Vernon, cor Chapin 

Av James A Crowley, Prin 
William Howard Taft, Cambridge, cor War- 

len T H Noitheott, Prin 
Frank V Thompson Maxwell & Selden. 

DorcheKter, Archer M. Nicker son, Prin 
Washington Irving. Poplar & Hawthorne 

StB . William T Miller, Prin 
Woodrow Wilson, 18 Croftland Av . Dor- 
chester, Theobald A Lynch, Prin 
John Wmthiop, Brookfield cor Dacia St , 

Roxbnry. Vincent A. Keen an. Prin 

Academy of Notre Dame, girls' boarding, 
R. C ; est 1854. Sister Alice Gertrude. 
Superior. 2803 Washington St . Roxbury 

Bentley School of Accounting and Finance. 
3-yr course of college grade: men est 
1917: Harry C. Bentley. Pres , 921 Boyls- 
ton St. 

Berkeley Preparatory School bovs' prep., 
day; est 1907 Harry F Cade, Jr , 
Prin. 1089 Boylaton st 

Boston Clerical School, Warren and Mon- 
troae sts , Roxbury , Raymond O Laird. 
Head Master 

Boston College, Comprises College of Arts and 
Sciences, Junior College, Normal School, 
School of Divinity. School of Philosophy 
and Science. Graduate School, Law School, 
men, R C.; est. 1804. Louis J. Gallagher, 
Prea, University Heights, Chestnut Hill 





Boston School of Anatomy and Embalming, 
co-ed.; est. 1909, Franklin I Flagg, Free, 
169 Massachusetts Ave. 

Boston University, comprise* College* of 
Liberal Arts, Business Administration, 
Practical Arts and Letters, Music, Physical 
Education; Schools of Theology, Medicine, 
Law, Religious and Social Work, Education, 
and Graduate School; College and Extension 
courses, Summer Session, co-ed ; est. 1869; 
Daniel L Marsh, Pres. 

Boston University College of Liberal Arts, 
William Marshall Warren, Dean. 688 
Boylston St 

Boston University Collect of Business Ad- 
ministration, Everett W. Lord, Dean, 
526 Boylston St 

Boston University, Sargent College of Phys- 
ical Education (See, Cambridge) 

Boston University College of Practical Arts 
and Letters, women; T. Lawrence Davis, 
Dean, 27 Garrison st. 

Boston University College of Music; John 
P Marshall, Dean. 25 Blagden st 

Boston University, School of Theology; II 
E ; Albert C Knudson. Dean. 72 lit 

Boston University School of Law* eo-et . 
est 1872; Melvin M Johnson. Dean. 11 
Ashburton PI 

Boston University School of Medicine; co-ed . 
Alexander S Begg, Dean, 80 E Concord 

Boston University School of Education. 
Jesse B Davis, Dean, 84 Exter st. 

Boston University School of Religious and 
Social Work; Henry H Meyer, Dean 

Boston University Graduate School. 
Ho \vaid M LeSourd, Dean 

Boston University Summer Session 
Atlee L Percy, Director 

Boston y. W. C. A. School of Domestic 
Science; dom. sci. a*4 art; women; 
boarding, est 1888; Mrs. Frederick S. Bel- 
yea, Prm , 40 Berkeley 

Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education, 
three and four-} ear courses, women, est 
1918, Marjorie Iiou\e. Director, 105 S 
Huntlngton av 

Brimmer School, prep , girls' day; small 
boys. Mabel II Cummmgs. Pi in, 69 
Brimmer St 

Bryant it Stratum Commercial School; bua 
secret aiial, est 1865, L O. White, 
Pi in . 434 Boylston 

Burdett College, bus and secretarial, est 
1879, C F Bmdett. Pies, 156 Stuait 

Chamberlttjne, girls, day and resident, 
ptep , two-yr toll couise, non-sect , est 
1891. Thereto G Leary. Pi in . 229 Com- 
monwealth av 

Chandler Secret'r'l Schl , women, vocn'l and 
bus courses, Alan W Fuiber, Di 
rector. 245 Marlboiough St 

Chauncey Hall School; technical prepara- 
tory exclusively; boys; est 1828; mom- 
sect., Franklin Thomas Kurt, Principal. 
668 Bovlston Street 

Child-Walker School of Design, fine arts, 
crafts, industrial and interior design, Anton 
Van Dereck, Director. 234 Beacon st 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, mod.; 
rog ; co-ed , est 1880. Carolus M. Cobb. 
M. D., Dean, 617 Shawmut Ave. 

Coyne Bnglneeiing and Electrical School: 
trade courses , men ; C Colon Pendleton, 
Pres . 97 Haverhill st. 

Curry School of Expression ; elo and ora ; 
est 1879. T M White. !Pres . 251 Com- 
monwealth av 

Emerson College, speech, drama, literature, 
co-ed., non-sect ; est. 1880, Harry Seymour 
Ross, Pres , 130 Beacon St. 

Erskine School, vocational and bus tr'g 
courses, women, bd'g dept . est. 1920. 
Kuphemia E McClintock, Director, 129 
Beacon st 

Faeiten Pianoforte School, Reinhold Fael- 
ten. Director, 30 Huntlngton av 

Farm and Trades School, The, boys, 10 to 
14, grades vix, trades and agnc , board- 
ing, William M Meacham, Supt , Thomp- 
son's Island 

Fishei Business School , bus , acct'g sec'l . 
M C Fisher, Prin., 80 Franklin St. 

Garland School, couises in home making, 
junior coll ; women, non-sect, est. 1878. 
Mrs Gladys Beckett Jones, Director. 409 
Commonwealth av 

Harvard University Medical School; men; 
est 1782, C Sidney Bur well, Dean, 
2S Shattuck St 

Harvard University Dental School. eent ; 
men. est 1867. Leroy M S Miner. Dean. 
188 Longwood Ave 

H.iulcy-Mnllane School of Engineering, short 
courses in steam engineering and practical 
electricity, day and eve'ng, Edward D 
Mullane. Pies . 115 Huntlngton av 

Hickox Secretarial School. Mrs Edina Camp- 
bell-Dover, Prm , 12 Huntington Ave. 

Horace Mann School, public day school for 
deaf co-ed , Jennie M Henderson, Prm , 

27 Kearsarge Av . Roxbury. 
Huntington school, boys' day; non-sect . 

8th gr through high school; est. 1909; 
Charles H Sampson. Headmaster. 320 
Huntlngton av 

International School for Vocalists and 
Pianists, mus. and language*; est. 1908, 
William L. Whitney. Director. 

28 Woodward St. Newton Highlands 
Katharine Qibbs School, secretarial and exec- 
utive training, women, est. 1017. 
lames Got don Gibbs, Pies , 90 Marlborough 

Lt School, college piep , girls, day. Fiances 
Lee Pi in, 107 Marlboiougrh 

Leland Powers School of the Theatre, co- 
ed , Mrs Leland Powers, Prin. 31 Evans 

Msr'"'bu*Ptts Poll***-** of Onteop-thv est 
1897, Joseph C Basso, Dean, 473 Beacon 

Massachusetts College nf Pharmacy: phar. : 
co-ed , eet 1823, Howard C Newton, 
Dean, 179 Long wood Ave 

Massachusetts Nautical School, training 
school for American Merchant Marine of- 
ficers, two-year course; est. 1892; state; 
Board of Commissioners, 100 Nashua 

Massachusetts School of Art; co-ed : state. 
**st 1873, Charles Edward Newell, 
Pres , 364 Brookline av 

May School, girls' prep . day. non-sect.: 
giade M thru high school, est 1924; Mrs. 
Charles H Haskins. Prin., 270 Beacon St. 

New England Conservatory of Music; oo* 
ed , est 1867, Wallace Goodrich, Director 





Noith Bennet Street Industrial School, 
courses In woodwork printing, modeling 
watch repairing, bookkeeping, ait painting, 
power machine operating, co-ed.; day 
and night, non-sect , eat 1886; George 
C Greener, Director, 39 N Bennet. 

Northeastern University comprises May 
colleges) ; College of Liberal Arts , College 
of Engineering, College of Business Admin- 
istration, and ( evening 1 schools) School of 
Law; School of Business; Frank Palmer 
Speare, Pres 316 Huntmgton av 

Northeastern University College of Liberal 
Arts, degiee courses, Wilfred S Lake, Dean 

Northeastern University College of Engineer- 
ing; degree courses in mechanical, diesel, air 
conditioning, aeronautical, electrical, chem- 
ical, and industrial engineering, Carl S Ell, 

Northeastern University School of Law, 
evening sessions , co-ed , S Kenneth Skol 
field, Dean, 316 Hunting ave 

Northeastern University College of Business 
Administration, degree couises, co-ed , Wil- 
fred S Lake, Dean 

Perry Kindergarten Normal School; women, 
nursery school, kindergarten and primaiv 
training , est 1898, Mrs Harriot Hambien 
Jones, Prin , 25 Huntmgton Ave. 

Pierce Secretarial School, for women; eel 
1894, Althea Archibald, Prin , 248 Bo>lston 

Portia Law School, day and evening school, 
women, est 1908, Arthur W MacLean 
Dean 45 Mt Vernon at 

Posse-Nibsen School of Physical Education, 
three-} tai not com si & women, est 1890, 
Henry Nissen, Pi in 779 Beacon 

Roxburj Latin School, bojs, day, college 
piep, e*t 1645, George Norton Noithiop 
Head Master. Gen tie St . West Roxbury 

St. A urus tine's School, girls' boarding , R 
<' . sister Mat}. Superior. South Boston 

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, art 
co-ed , est 1877, Amy Gibson. Manager 
230 Fenvvaj 

Simmons College, comprises departments of 
English, Home Economics, Secretarial 
Studies, Library Science, deneral Science, 
<*o<*ial Work, Store Senice Education, 
Nursing, Physical Education, uomen, non 
sect , est 1899, Bancroit Keatlev, Pres , 300 
The Fenway 

Suffolk Law School, nion, Glca^on L 
Archer, Dean, 18 Derne at 

Teachers College of the City of Boston. 
women est 1852 William H J Kennedy, 
Pi es , Huntmgton av. 

Trade School for Uo>s, vocational, state- 
aided, Edward M McDonough, Director, 
550 Parker St , Roxbury 

Trade School for Girls, vocational, state 
aided; Esther L McNelhs, Master, 56 The 

Tuftn College Dental School ro cd rl 
1868, Howard M Maijenson, Dean, 
416 Hunnngton a\ 

Tufts College Medical School ro-ed . <*8t 
1808, A Wan en Stearns. Dean, 41 Hunt 
ington Ave 

University School, hoys' prep., day: non- 
sect , est 1901. Eugene C. Webster. 
Prin . 899 Boylston 

Vesper George School of Art. courses in 
designing:, illustrating and painting, co- 
ed , D H George, Duectoi, 44 St Botolph 

Webber College, tr'g courses in bus and 
finance, \\omon. umler session at Babson 
Park, Fla , est 1927, George W Coleman 
Pres , 535 Beacon st 

Went worth Institute, courses in mechanical 
arts, men. day and evening, est 1911, 
Frederick E Dobbs, Prin , Huntmgton ave 
near Kuggles st 

Wheelock School, noimal tr'g kimiergai ten- 
primary , women, e^t 1889, Lucy Wheelock, 
Pi in , 100 River way 

Winsor School, girls' prep . day. non-sect . 
Katharine Lord. Principal, i'ilgitm rd 
and Hiverway Dr 

Winter Hill Business College, bus. and 
sten ; est 1903: E H and M C. Fisher, 
Prlns.. Winter Hill Station 

Bonnie. Barnstable Co., pop. t,474. 

rh Sth Com Dr George W Dainty 

Haiold Gibbs, clerk 
Superintendent James F Peebles 
High School Kempton J Coadv prln 
Dialing Mis Dorothy S Hurley 
Homo Economics Ha/ol Pattci on 
Physical Educ Edgar L Demers 

Bradford, Ila\crbill Sta., Kasex County 
Bi iilfoid Junioi Collfw. women, literal ait* 
line and applied aitp mu^ic drama homo 
(MoiioniHs non-4f(t < *.t ISD:$, Katharine 
M Dniunith Pr<^ 

Braintree. Norfolk Co., pop. 15,712. 

Sch Com Henrv D Hlgjrins chairman 
Sec Sch Com Mrs AHda N Stevens 
Town Superintendent C Edward Fisher 
Prln High School James L Jordan 
Music (vocal) Ingrld E Ekman 
Mu-jf (instrumental) Aithur P Haiuk 
Drawing Ruth H Johnson 
Commercial Raymond L Strantford 

Co pop 1.000 

Sch Com Ernest A Chase, chairman 

Mrs H*>mv Crocket societal y 
Siiperintf'inlpnt Cheater H Stacv 
High School Karl S White, prln 

Sea Pines School for Girls, girls' boarding, 
non w><t . grade i thru hifrh school, music. 
aif, dramntK's est 1005. Faith Bickford 

Bridfewater, Plymouth Co., pop. 0,055. 

Sch Com Harold D Hunt, chairman 

Superintendent John C. Davis 

HiKh School Meredith G Williams 

Junior H S Morton R Scavry. prin 

Art Helen Ransden 

Music Luthei Chui chill 

Manual Training W rilfton Heevrs 

Physical Tr g Lester M Lane 

Statr T(M-lor8 Collar* teacher ti'g- rout sen. 
co-ed . Zenos E Scott. Pres 





Brighton. Suburb of Boston. 

Mount St. Joseph's Academy; girls' board- 
ing; R. C.; Sisters of St. Joseph. 

St. John'* Boston Ecclesiastical Seminary; 
theol , men, R C , est 1884. 
Joseph C Walsh, Rector, Brighton 

Brlmfield, Hampdea Co., pop. 41. 

Sch Com Harrison H Brown, chairman 

William S. Spooner. secretary 
Hitchcock Free Acd'y Harold M. Ladd. 


Brockton, Plymouth Co., pop. 68,797. 

Sch. Com C. Harold Porter, chairman 
Clerk Sch Comm Abbie O Delano 
City Superintendent John F Scully 
High School John L. Miller, pnn. 
Muaii Nellie W Shaw 
Manual Training William J Montgomery 
Household Arts Shirley Fisher 
Physical Culture Krnest M. Roberts 
Ait Lora Gifford 
Commercial Ralph S Frellick 
Elemental y Supv Mabel L Handy 

Brockton Business University, pus. at* 
ten.; esL 1894; Chas. W. Jones. Prim. 

Brookfleld, Worcester Co., pop. t,tM. 

Sch Com * i Andrew J. Leach, chairman 
Supenntendent Bhoden B. Eddy 
High School Seavey D Morse, prin. 

Brookllne, Norfolk Co.. pop. 47,490. 

Sch Com Stewart Burchard, chairman 
Mary Adams, secretary 
Helen V. O'Biien. business agent 
Superintendent Ernest R Caverly 
High Sch Wilfred H Ringer, Headmaster 
Music William R. Burbank 
Drawing Anne B Chamberlain 

DomeHtic Science M Eleanoi Jackson 
Manual Training Joseph E Owens 
Physical Educ Thomas H Hines 

Guidance John V Jewett 

Longwood Day School, for young boys. 

Robert L Cummings. Head Master, 16 

Browne st 
Park School, country day. co-ed . Mrs 

Grace M Colo, Prin , Konnard & Hedge 

Rivers School, The. boys, day; est. 1115. 

C K Allen, Headmaster, 290 Dean Road 

Cambridge, Middlesex Co., pop. 113,650. 

Sch Com Russell A Wood, vice-chdii man 
Edward J O'Connell. secretary 
Constantine J Church business agent 

Superintendent Michael E Fitzgerald 

AssiHtant Supt John M Tobm 

Primary Supv. Elizabeth F. Butler 

Supv Kindergarten Alice V. Mclntire 

Music Benedict FitzGerald 

Art J. Louis Doyle, acting 

Physical Education Joseph J. Smith, dlr. 

Continuation Schools John M. Tobm 

Cambridge High and Latin School. Broad- 
way cor Trowbridge, Leslie L Cleveland. 
Head Master 

Rindge Technical School, Broadway cor. 
Felton; John W. Wood, Head Master 

Browne and Nichols School, boys; day, 
non-sect ; est 1883 ; Roger Thayer Twit- 
chell, Headmaster, 20 Garden St. 

Buckingham School, day. for girls and 
small boys; est 1902: Marian W. Vaillant, 
Prin , 10 Buckingham St. 

Cambridge Preparatory School for Girls; col* 
lege prep., boarding and day, non-sect ; est 
1923 , Annet Rutter, Pre* , 5 Chauncy 

Cambridge School, kindergarten to college, 
co-ed ; boarding and day, non-sect.. John 
R P Fiench, Headmaster, 36 Concoid av 

Cambridge School of Architecture and Land- 
scape Ar chitectui e , an affiliated graduate 
professional school of Smith College, Henry 
A Frost, Director, S3 Church st 

Episcopal Theological School, theol., P 
B . men, est 1867. Rev. Henry Bradford 
Wash burn, D.D , Dean 

Harvard University, comprises the College. 

Oraduate School of Arts and Sciences, 

Engineering School, Graduate School of 

Education, Graduate School of Business 

Administration. School of Design, Divinity 

School. Law School, Medical School. 

School of Public Health, and Dental 

School, men, non-sect . est 1630. James 

Bryant Conant. Pies 

Harvard University Engineering School; 
civil mechanical, electrical, sanitary and 
municipal, and electric-communication 
engineering, and in mining, metallurgy, 
anitary chemlstrv, and industrial chem- 
istry. e.t 1919, H R Mimno, act'g Dean 

Harvard University School of Business Ad- 
ministration, Wallace B Donham, Dean 

Harvard University Divinity School; men; 
non-denominational, est 1816; Willard 
L Six-iiy, Dean 

Harvanl University Law School, men; est 
1817, James M Landis, Dean 

Harvard University Oraduate School of 
Education, co-ed , est. 1920. Henry W 
Holmes. Dean. 

Lesley School, normal kindergarten-elementary 
tr'g, two and three-year courses domestic 
science, two-year course. Mrs Edith Lesley 
Wolfard, Director, 29 Everett St 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 
courses in industrial science, civil, sani- 
tary, mechanical, electrical, chemical and 
mining engineering, blolorrv and public 
health, architecture, naval architecture 
and marine engineering, engineering ad- 
ministration, military science, state, est 
1801 Karl Taylor Compton, Pres. 

New- Church Theological School, men; Church 
of the New Jerusalem, est 1866; Franklin 
H Blackmer, Pres , 48 Qumcy st 

Rsdcllfte College, women, non-sect.; est 
1879, Ada Louise Com stock, Pres. 

Sargent School of Physical Education, Boston 
University; women; Ernst Hermann, Direc- 
tor, 6 Everett st 

Shady Hill School, co-ed.; ages 5-15 non- 
sect : est. 1915; Katherine Taylor, Direct- 
or. Coolidge Hill 

Canton. Norfolk Co., pop. 5,945. 

Sch Com Thomas F Kelllher. chairman 
Superintendent Albert S Ames 
High School Richard N. Anketell. prin. 
Household Arts Dorothy McEnaney 





Music Doris Titcomb 
Art Marion G Lees 

Charlemont, Franklin Co., pop. 1,091. 

Soh Com Allied Burdett, chaiiman 

W. C. Turner, secretary 
Superintendent Walter K Lane 
High School Walter D Kipp. pi In 
Music Mabelle Fekh 

CharltoB. Worcester Co., pop. 2.032. 

Sen. Com Perley J Kingston, chairman 

Erwln Stevens, secretary 
^upt Riymond E Finkham (Sturbndge) 
High School H L Mushroe. prin. 
Supv Music* Florence Putnam 
ArtElizabeth Bnllard 
Domestic Science Grace Hollis 
Manual Tiaining Robert Bruce 

Chatham, Barnstable Co.. pop. 10M. 

Soh Com Elmer B Sampson, chairman 

Mrs Ruth Nickerson, clerk 
High School Robert H. Blown, Jr , prin. 

Oiehnftford, Middle*** Co., pop. 7,022. 

St*h Com James P Ca*mdy. chaiiman 
Wendell P. Harvey, secretary 

Superintendent Geoige S Wright 
High School Lucia n H. Burns, prin. 
Music Charlotte L Hyde 

Chelsea, Suffolk Co., pop. 45,816. 

Sch Com J Mark Smith, chairman 
Clk Sch Com Ethel Crofts 
Superintendent (Seorge C Francis 
High School Robert R. Webber, prin. 
SUPT Music Alexander B deary 
Domestic Science Mildred S. Johnson 
Drawing Sadie R. Melzard. 

Chester. Hampden Co., pop. 1,877. 

Sch Com Charles F Pease, chairman 

H B Swicker, secietary 
Superintendent H. B. Swicker 
High School Lester W Simmons, prin 
Music Eleanor F. Moore 
Drawing Gladys Leasot 

Chestnut Hill, suburb of Boston 

Beaver Countr> Day School , girls , primary 
sch foi bo>s, est 1921, Eugene Randolph 
Smtth. Headmaster 

Chicopee, Hampden Co., pop. 43,981. 

Sch Com S Fletcher, chairman 

City Superintendent John J Desmond. Jr 

P-incipal High SchoulC A FitzGerald 

Vocational School John H Sullivan 

MUMP Isabel C Henn^ssy 

Drawing Fay I Robinson 

Com'I A Sten George W Hoyt 

Physical Educ Napeoleon St Francis, Jr 

of Our Lady of the E'ms uomon, 
ourppM, R C . SI-IPI M.tiy Riptis- 
Id, Doan 

Clinton, Worcester Co.. pop. 12.817. 

Srh Com William H O'Roilly, rhnirm m 
Clerk Sch Comm Thomas F Gibbons 
Town Superintendent Thomas F Gibbons 
Prin High School Bben S Cobb. 
MusicElinor M Driscoll 
DrawingMildred A Smith 

Cehasset, Norfolk Co., pop. 8,586. 

bch Com John Bates, chairman 
High School James W Doyle, prin 
Music F A Taylor 
Manual Training Max H Meyer 
Domestic buence Helen C Welch. 
Drawing Florence E Kraus 

B. Franklla Co . pop. 1.780. 
Sch Com Oscar R Fairbanks, chairman 

Fritz C Johnson, clerk 
Supt \Villiam H Buker (Shelburne Falls) 

Concord, Middlesex Co., pop. 7,491. 

Sch Com Leon F FOHH, chaiiman 

Wells A. Hall, secretary 
Town superintendent Wells A Hall 
High School Martin F Goodwin, prin 
Bulkeley Jr H S J Vey Merrill, prin 
Wheelei Ji II S M K Paine, piiu 
Music (giades; Happie E Reynolds 
Manual Tr'g La Forest Robbins 
Household Arts Olga E Sachs 
Di awing Alice J. Klngsley 
Commercial W. Edward Lamb 

Concord Academy, preparatory courses. 

grnl&^ Valeiia Knapp, Headmistiess 
Fenn School , boys , kindergarten through 

I! iude MII est 1M*{), Roger C Fenn. Head 

Middlesex School; boys* boarding; prep ; 

grade vn thiu college* piep . non-sect . est 

11)01, Frcdcnck Winsor. HeadraastPi 

Cocmay, Franklin Co., pop. 1,340. 

Ud JJiu \\ T Graves, chairman 

Mrs k,liid.btlh Cain. s<cietat> 
Union Superintendent Marvin E Janes 
Music- -Mrs Isabel B. Montague 

Dalton, Berkshire Co., pop. 4,224. 

Sc-h Com A L Allen, chaitnian 

H L Allen, bceietaty 
Super nuendt nt Chuiles H Walker 
High School Allen J. Hill, prin 
Supv Music William H Flynn 
Art Charlotte Gleason 

Household Aith Mrs Mi hi rod Ch.imbrilnm Aits Cornelius Poweis 

Dana, Worcester Co.. pop. 736. 

Sch Com Lester L Hager. chairman 

Mrs Elvie M. Doubleday. clerk 
Superintendent William A. Nickerson 
MUHIC John T Bone 

Darners, Kssex Co., pop. 12.957. 

S< h Com Januh H Sulll\an, <hmn 
Superintendent Ivan O Smith 
High School Cornelius F Dunn, prin 
Music Rachel C. Kerana 
Manual Training Clinton C Low 
Drawing Maude H Denton 
Commercial Eliot R. Duncan 

St John's Preparatory School, toll piep , 
boys, boarding, RC , est 1907, Brother 
Auheit, Headmaster 

Dartmouth, Bristol Co., pop. 8,766. 

Sch Com Elmer N. Pool*-, chairman 
Town Superintendent Austin R Paul! 
High School Stewart B. Atkinson, prin 





Mu ic Mrs Sylvia Walte 
Household Arts Veia B Viooman 
Manual Ti 'g - William Mackenzie 

Dedham, Norfolk Co., pop. 15,138. 

S<h Com Ray W Spalding, chau man 

Helen M Hams, clerk 
Superintendent John C Anthony 
Prln High School Ralph A Eaton 
Music R W. Gtbb 
Ait Doiothv M Dow 
Domestic Science Hain^tte Hunting 
Sewing Miss M E Sullivan 
Mechanical Drawing Arthur Corsini 
Physical Educ John F Hoaphy 

Noble and Greenough School, boys board- 
ing and day; non-sect , eat 1860, Charles 
Wiggins, 2nd, Headmaster 

Itoerfleld, Franklin Co.. pop. 2,209. 

Sf h Com T C Kellphfi , man 

Benjamin Z Stebbms. secretary 
Superintendent Marvin E Janes 
High School Hiram F Battey, ^ Hn 
Music Ann Gillern 
Art Sheila McCarthy 
Household Ait Tanr.i Cool* \ 
Physical Training Venan Canning 

lament School roed ho. u dins: ,md d,j , 

Knulcigaitcn-eiade MH, cst 10*25, Mrs 

Lewi* D Bemont. Pun 
Deei field Academy, prep , boys, non-sect , 

p<t 1700 Pi, ink Rovdpii Headmaster 
Easrlebiook School bovs 816 hoirdmg , est 

1921 , C riuirsion Chase, Jr , Headmaster 

Dennis. Barnstable Co.. pop. 1.827. 

Sch Com Mrs Louiso .) Dai ling, chaiiman 

Claienco A Rogers clcik 
Superintendent C R Stacy 
Music Adolfo Quer/e 
Ait Arthur W McMurtry 

Uiffhton, Bristol Co., pop. 3,141. 

hen C'om Kav F \Vtilkei. chairman 

Mis Claia W\eth. secret ,IM 
Supeiintt>ndent Norman D Bailey 

High School George R Austin pun 

Music Mrs Alue L Stuitc\ant 

DourlaM. Worcester Co., pop. 2.152. 

Sen Com Baylls Aldrich, chaiiman 

Mis Walter Carpentei. secretarj 
Supet in U ndent A B Gat celon 
Prin High School Clarence W Holmes. 
Music David Gellately 

Doter. Norfolk Co., pop. 1.190. 

8ch Coin Mr* M S Hultlnch, chairman 
High School Rudolph H Keys, prln 

Musi< Finest Schleidei 

Manunl Training Rlchnrd I. Olixer 

Art- Mrs F G Pennock Education Collotto Kennev 

Dracut. Middlesex Co.. pop. 6,912. 

Sch Corn Gcorgf Perreault, than man 

Joseph Daiglc, clcik 

Town Superintendent Phrles T. Randall 
High School James C Riley, prm 
Music Isabel Gregory 
Art Evelyn F\>x 

Dudle>, Worcester Co., pop. 4.265 

Nichols Junioi College, junior college of busi- 
ness administration, men; boarding; est 
1930, James Larson Conrad, Pies. 

Duxbury, Flymonth Co., pop. 1,688. 

S(h Com Geoigc N Mayeib, chairman 

Mis Lemuel H Wyman. secretary 
High School George B Green, prin 
Music Mia May M<CIoskey 
Di awing Samuel Warnei 

Bridge v ater, Plymouth Co., pop. 3,591 

Sch Com S K Nuttei, chairman 

Supeimtcndent ^H Paul Lanabee 

Hiffh S( hooi H Paul Lanabec. pun 

Music J>uthei Churchill 

Foods Jeannette Lakm 

Physical Education Richard H Mooi house 

East Lon^meadow, Hampden Co., pop. 8,826 

fech Com deorge A Barker chau man 

Lauicncc C Da\i9, feccietaiy 
Town Supt Frederic A. Wheeler 
Music Leonora Dougan 
An Mrs Helen B Tower 

Easthampton, Hampshire Co., pop. 11,828. 

Sch Com Daniel N Shaw, chau man 

Oli\er V Cobb, secretary 
Superintendent Herbert D Casey 
Priu High School Howell K Thajar 
Tenter Jr H S A Ivan R Lewis, prin 
Maple Stieet Ji H S Claia J AAery 
Music Everett H Sittard 
Manual Training Harry C. Duryee 
Domestic Science Hazel Barnes 

Willibton Academy, piep , boys, boat ding, 
d t\ , fii.idf \ tin u liih viiooi non h'< t 
ost 1841, Aichibald Vn toi tialbiaith. Pun 

Kuston, BriHtol Co., pop 5,298 

S< h Com Heman How aid, chairman 

Gilbett C Mann, clerk 
Town Supt Gilbert C Mann 
High S( hool Oilman H Campbell, prin 
Music, Ait Edith Gne 
Domestic Science Ruth Giant 
Manual Training Charles E Mac Leod 

Edgmrtowta, Dukes Co., pop. 1,191. 

Sch Com Henry B Hough, chan man 

Mis Aithur Daws, secret aiy 
HiJfb School \V M Moiris pun 

EM*X, Es%oz Co., pop. 1,6ft. 

Sh Com ^Paul M Wycth. chaiiman 

Eincsi C Stee\os, secretary 
High School Charles G Taylor, prin 

Everett, Middlesex Co., pop. 48,078. 

Sch Com Daniel J Jameson, chairman 

Fiedeiick A Ashle\, clerk 
Sup iintcmltnt KitMlenck A Aahloy 

Lillian M. Ho\lf, aast supt 
High School Mai tin (J Sanborn, pi in 
MUSK Ottavio De Vivo 
Manual Training Henry A Benin 
Domestic Science Gertrude Bjornwall 
Drawing Eleanor N Young 
Commeicial Joseph J Cantalupt 
Stenogi aph> -Martha Desmoa 





Fairiumn, Bristol Co., pop. 10,987. 

Sch. Com William B. Gardner, chairman 

Clerk Sch Comm Charles F Prior 

Town Superintendent Charles F Prior 

Prln High School George C Dickey 

Music Ella L Hopkins 

Art Lillian E Elliott 

Manual Training James M. Parkinson 

Domestic Science Eunice E Strong 

Commercial Lena Russell 

Physical Edut (boys) Samuel Sezak 

Physical Educ (grills) Virginia Arnold 

Fall Hirer, Bristol Co., pop. 116,601. 

Sch Com Alexander C. Murray, chairman 
Clerk Sch Comm Alfred K Langlaia, 
City Supeifntendent Hector L Relfale 
Elementary Grades Margaret G Lynch 

Mabel L Stuart, supervisor 
Music Helen L Ladd 
Drawing Alma S Bennett 
Physical Training; Elisabeth P. Shay 
Home Economics Josephine 8 Louette 
BMC. Durfee High School, Rock Street; 

Charles V. Carroll. Prln 
Lord Junior High School. 

Wilfred A Barlow. Principal 
Morton Junior High School, 

Katherme C V Sullivan. Pilncipal 

Diman Vocational School; boys' vocational. 

state. Frederick H Rundall. Director. 
Domlnlcai. Academy; girls* boarding. B 

C.: Sister M. Bertrand, Superior. 
Fall River Textile School; cotton textile. 

co-ed Henry W Nichols 
Jesus Mary Convent; girls* boarding; R. C.; 

Mother St Vincent Ferrer, Superior 
Sacred Heart Academy; prep ; girls; R. C.. 

est 1886 Sister Gabriel C'are, Superior, 

460 Prospect St 
Thlbodeau'a College, prep and bus . co-ed . 

st 1889; J D Thlbodeau. Prin 

130 S Main Street 

Falmouth. Barnstable Co . pop. 4.821 

Srh Com John W Valhs, rhaiiman 

Gardner W Handy. beoretary 
Town Superintendent Paul Dllllngham 
Hurli School RiiRwll B Marshall, pnn 
Music William Howard 
Manual Training Wilbur Merrill 
Home Economics Ruth Underwood 
Commercial Ruth Kiamer 
Physical Educ (boys) Elmer Fuller 
Physical Educ. (girls) Ruth Mullaney 

jntehbvr*. Worcester Co., pop. 40.991. 

Sch. Com Robert . Greenwood, chairman 
Supeuntendent Jerome Burtt 
High SchoolJames A. Chalmers, pria. 
Brown Jr. H. S Bruce F. Jeffcry, prin. 
Music (h s ) J Edward Bouvler 
Supv Music (grades) Amv L Connor 
Manual Arts William M McDermott 
Penmanship C race B Phillips 
Physical Director C N Amlott 

Fltchburg Business College; bus. *ad stea,; 

est 1895. Ralph A Stevens. Prln. 
State Teachers College, tr'g courses, co-ed ; 

Charles M. Rerlihy. President 

Foxboro, Norfolk Co., pop. 1,863. 

Sch Com Corodon Fuller, chairman 

May belle Burrill, clerk 
Superintendent Chase Mac Arthur 
High School Winfield C. Potter, pnn. 
Music Almon C Oakes 
Art Marion O Lees 

Framingham, Middlesex Co., pop. ,*16. 

Sch Com Alvere C Benson. than man 

Frank H McGaulcy, secretary 
Town Superintendent Burr J Merrlam 
High School Mayo M Magoon. prin. 
Maynard Jr H S Lena Cashing:, pi in 
Memorial Tr II S A Henry Ottoson, prin 
Lincoln Jr H S Walter C Cameron, pi In 
Saxonville Tr H S Albert G Reillcy. prin 
Supv Musir Howard Mason 
Manual Training Harry W Lawaon 
Domestic Science Alice Richardson 
Drawing Helen H Leland 
Physical Eduo (boys) Arthur L. Jons* 
Physical Educ (plrls) Thelma Stiles 

State Teachers College, normal tr*jr; state, 
co-ed . Mai tin P O'Connor, pi evident 

FrMklln. Norfolk Co., pop. 6,641. 

S<h Com Carl R Richaidwon. (hair matt 

F Roland McDermott Roctotaiv 
Town Superintendent Arthur W Hale 
High School Albert T Patty, principal 
Music Marie Riloy 
Drawing Irene K Wight 

Deaa Aeademy: prep.: ce-ed. ; Usjlv : 

wc'l. dom sci . A C Kwen. Head Master 

Gardner, Worcester Co.. pop. 19.3M. 

Sch Cora James A Timpany chairman 

Rachel Brooks, secretary 

Pity Superintendent Fordyce T. Reynolds 
Hiirh School Romaic! ROM**, pi in 
Manual Training Dean E. Johnson 
Domestic Science Miss Oertrude Carney 
Commercial Kna S Stewart 

Georgetown, F*sx Co . pop. 1,964 

Sfh Com Morton E Roberts, chaitman 

Mrs Minnie C Longley. clerk 
Superintendent Goorjro A Keith 
Poilcy Hiirh School Hcibcrt H Palmer, pun 

Gloucester, Essex Co.. pop. 24,204. 

Sch ( om Mih Ken a 11 HodfuJon. MCO 


Cltv Superintendent Ernest W Fellows 
High School Leslie O Johnson, prin 
Music Helen G Currv 
Manual Training Harold R Geary 
Domestic Science Edna J. RundQuist 
Phvftical Educ Agnes Reardon 
Drawing: Mabel Spofford 
Commercial Mrs Marlon P Woodruff 

Grmfton. Worcester Co.. pop. 6.667. 
Sch Com L W Lincoln, chairman 
Town Superintendent Albert 8 Cole 
Principal High School Harry R Stevens 
Supr. Music Mary Randall 
Art Miriam Seabury 
Manual Train IngDana fltanley. 
Domestic Science Evelyn Bullock 





Great Barrinrtoo, Berkshire Co., pop. *. 

Sch Com M T Cavanaugh, chairman 
Town Superintendent R H Bellows 
High School K F Preston, prin 
Music Katherine Donna 
Art Doris Whittaker 
Household Arts Marjone Evans 
Physical Training 1 Mariano Alphonso 

Bamngrton School girls, -vocational, high 
school and college prep courbes, non-sect , 
ost 1023, Ellen E Hill. Prin 

Greenfield, Franklin Co., pop. 15,461. 

Sch Com G Walter Carpenter ohan man 

Mrs E R Fiske. clerk 
Superintendent Frederick W Porter 
Secondary Educ Ralph A Lawrence 
High School Edgar Burr Smith, prin 
Junioi H S William D Tillson, prin 
Music William Jeffs 
Manual Training Howard M Porter 
Domestic Science Mabel R Turner 
Commercial D L Judd 
Drawing Alma A Sternberg 
Phjsical Education Mildred A Foulds 

Stonclcigh Prospect Hill School girls, board- 
in jr college prep music, art non-sect , 
Isabel B Cressler. Caiolme L Sumner, Co- 
Pi ins 

GrotoB. Middlesex Co.. pop. t,15S. 

Sch Com Charles W Stecle chairman 

Olive M Wilon flerk 
High School Edwin Martinson, supt 
Music Harriet B Robinson 
Domestic Science Lena M Coburn 

Aiken School for Bovs boarding- grades ni- 

viii non-sect . Charles Aiken, Prin 
Groton School, bovs' boarding, P. E . Endi- 

cott Pea body. Headmaster 
Lawrence Academy boys* boarding PE.test 

179"? Fred Clifton Orav Headmaster 
Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architect- 

uie for Women. c-t 1001. John Parker. 

l>m i tor 

Grovolaad, Bmex Co.. pop. t.Sftft 

Sch Com Robert Crawford chairman 
Town Supt George A Keith 
High School iQInndr P Katon ptin 
Supv Musir Mrs Genie F KImball 
Drawing Annie A Kelly 

Hadhn, Hampshire Co, pop 3.68? 

Sch Com William E l)u*oi chaiiman 

Loins J Pelissicr sofiftaiv 
Superintendent William E Hebard 
High School James P Reed, pi in 
Music- Maude E Bo\le 
Home Economics Marguerite E Field 

Hopkins Academy; prep ; co-ed.; aon-sect : 

t 1*1*4 James P Heori 

Hamllto*. BMOX Co., pop. 1.74S. 

S h Coin FnMltin Wmthrop iliiiimin 

Kiank U ithcl Hnk 
Town Supt J D Whittier 
High School -Hoi ind \V l'a\ne, pi in 
Music Maude Thomas 
Art Mrs Abbie Eaton 
Household ArtsMadeline Feathei stone 
Manual Training George Bowden 

ffMorer, Plymouth Co., pop. t,St*. 

Sch Com Joseph W Church, chairman 

Mrs Irving Young, secretary 
Superintendent M illaid B Spalding 
High School Raymond G Wass, ptin 
Supv. Music Mrs. Rector Stetson 
Drawing H Rodman Booth 

Hardwlck, Worcester Co.. pop. 1,5*4. 

Town Supt Charles A Rush (Barre) 

High School R Hawes Gillmore, prin 

Music Helen Chase 

Art Mrs L D Rice 

Home Economics Barbara A Hewitson 

flarwd. Wc~e*tor Co. pop. l,t4. 

S< h Com Edgrar W Harrod, chairman 
Junior H S Roland M Leach, prin 
Music Mis Alice Cleaxes 
Bromfield Academy, prep ; co-ed ; Uni- 
tarian, J Albion Dunlop, principal 

Harwich, Barnstable Co.. pop. S.US. 

Sch Com Ralph W Doane. chairman 

Grace Fifleld Nichols, secretary 
Superintendent Charles H Pratt 
Higrh School Paul A Morris, prin 
Music Charlotte Patch 
Art Paul G Greeley 

ffatfleld. Hampnhlre C., pop. I,t8. 

Sch Com Cliff oid L Belden, chaiiman 

Joseph F Chandler, cleik 
High School E J Burke, prin 
Supv Music Maude E Bovle 

Haveihlll, BBMX Co.. pop. 48,710 

Sch Com Geor ge Dairy mple, chairman 

^upei intcndent Ai linerton I Clow 

HiBrh S<hool Eaile H MacLeod prin 

Music Grace M McCarthy 

Drawing Marion Dunham 

Phvslcal TrarninK Orren McKnight 

Commercial William Sanders 

Mclntosh's Haverhill Business College, 
William P Mclntosh, Prin , 70 Mernmack 

St James School: prep ; coed . R C. , M 
DeChantal. Superior 

Hlnffham, Fh month Co., pop. 6,657. 

Sch Com Edwin H. Anderson, chairman 

Valentine S Duff, secretary 
Town Superintendent Orvis K Collins 
High ^f hool Roland T Darbv. prin 
Tumor H S Edwin D Anderson, prin 
Music F A Tavlor 
Drawing Sherill S Stoner 
Manual Training Kenneth Woodward 

Derby Academy, prep : co-ed ; non-Met ; 

est 1784, G F Cherry, Pi in 

Iflnsdale. Berknhir* Co.. pop. 1,116. 

Sch Com John Naugrhton, chairman 

H.irrv Freshler secret arv 
Super mtemlent J J Morjran 
Art Mrs Glad\s Lea'-ot 
MIIIK KliMimi Moore 

Holbrook. Norfolk Co.. pop. t,816. 

School Com Fred Caswell, chairman 

Louis Chase, secretary 

Town Superintendent Adolph O Christianieo 
High School Garland Neal, prin. 





Supv. Music Margaret Murphy. 

Art Helen Homer 

Physical Tr'g Miriam West 

Holden, Worcester Co., pop. 8,871. 

Sch Com. -Laurence H Cross, chairman 

Louis N. Kronoff, secretary 
Town Superintendent James R. Child* 
Wl*h School Raleijrh B Bubar. prin. 
Domestic Science Mildred Ward 
Coach Herbert Grayson 

HolllstoB, Middlesex Co., pop. 9,111. 

Sch Com Harold O Cole, chairman 

John B Crary, clerk 
Superintendent Flavel M Gilford 
High School Fred W Miller, prin 
Music Edward A Fair 
Manual Tiaining Ed wait] B 

HoJyoke, Hampden Co., pop. 06,687. 

Sch Com Edwin A Moore, chau man 
Ctty Superintendent William R Peck. 
Elompiitary Supv Esther M Grrrley 
Higrh School Howard Conant. prin 
Evening- H S Henry J Fitipa trick, prin 
Vocational Sch. Matthew S Herbert, prin 
Music Edward F dilday, Jr 
Health & Physical Educ. Louis K Appel 
Manual Training Robert E Hamill 

Commercial Earl J Tripp. 
Household Arts Elizabeth V O'Hern 
Art Grace I>. Lynn, supervisor 

Holyoke Commercial Institute, bus and sten 
Fred Giehler, Principal 

Hopedale. Worcester Co.. pop. 1,188. 

Sch Com Hamilton W. Thayer. chairman 

Robert I Btamhall, becretary 
Superintendent Robert I Bramhall 
High School Winburn A Dennett, prin 
MuBir RoRina B Andoinon 
Drawing Clarice Seagrave 
Dome-tic Science Ellen B Reynolds 

HopkiBtoB, Middlesex Co., pop. I,45t. 

Sch Com P Joseph Mullen, elerk 

Superintendent Arthur F Crowell 

Hisrh School John A O'Brien, prin 

Music Edward Fair 

Art Mrs Dorothy M Ling 

Manual Training Mrs Marjone H Wood 

Hudson. Middlesex Co., pop. 8,469. 

Sch Com Walter E Boyd. chairman 

Mrs Lilham Hillman, clerk 
Superintendent Edwin J. Hariiman 
Hiflrh School Frances E Rice, prin 
Music Ernest R Spinney 
Manual Training- Jerome Mears 
Household Arts Mrs. Florence Carney 
Art Alfred Braga 
Commercial Leona Foster 
Physical Education Alice McOrath 

Htf*h Com James K Not ton"' (hah man 

Brtdgie Thebodo. clerk 
Superintendent Leon M Oreutt 
High School Sidney Osborne, prin. 
Music Audrta V. Albro 
Art Philip Adams 

Co., pop. _ 
State Teachers College, teacher tr*g courses 
co-ed , eat 1848, Herbert H. Ho web, PICK 

Ipswich, Essex Co., pop. 8,777. 

steh Com Krnest J Smith, chairman 

George W. Toxer. clerk 
Superintendent Nathaniel N. Love 
Prin. High ochool Kalph C Whlpple 
Junior H S Katherlne F. Sullivan, prin 

Klagston, Plymouth Co.. pop. 8,448. 

Sch Com >Horace Weston. chairman 

Russel Zahn, secretary 
Superintendent Charles W Lawrance 
Hiprh School Raymond G McCarthy, pun 
Commercial Dorothy W Oliver 

Lancaster, Worcester Co., pop. 8,4M. 

Sch Com Herbert Reiner, chairman 

Mrs Kvelyn H Fenttman. clerk 
Superintendent Derwood A Newman 
Music Marv B S Bailey 
Manual Training Maurice F. Gregory 
Domestic Science Mat ion F Barnes 

Industrial School for Girls, state training 
School. Catherine M Campbell. Supt 

Lawrence, Essex Co., pop. 85,068. 

Sch Com Walter A Griffin, chairman 
City Superintendent Bernard M. Sheridaa 
High School Laurence J. O'Leary. prin. 

Music Rnbeit E haul! 

Art Winifred C Bairy 

Manual Training Edward C Parlin 

Physical Education Albert V Regan 

St. Mary's School; girls' Elementary and 

high. RC, Patnok J Campbell. Prin 

I**. Berkshire Co., pop. 4.10C 

Sch Com George 8 Gordon. Jr . chairman 

C A Miller, clerk 
Superintendent Charles A Miller 
Hisrh Sthocil Walter A Potlri irin 

Lefoeoter, Worcester Co., pop. 8,f 87. 

S< h Com Edward F O'Donnrll. chaiiman 

Kd\*,iid J MfDeimntt, clerk 
Superintendent Thomas W Mahan 
High School Thomas W Mahan, prin 
Music Howard Barrc 
Art Mrs Ann Grady 

LOSJOX, Berkshire Co., pop. 8.8ft. 

Soh Com Thomas P FIHdine, <h,nirn.ii) 
Superintendent Henry L Smith 
1 1 IK h School Henrv L Smith, prin 
Supv Music Adeline O Johnson 
Domestic Science Ann Berndt 
Drawing Adeline O Johnson 
Commercial May Parsons 

Lenox School, boys' prep . boarding. 
George Gardner Monks, Headmaster 

Leomlnstor, Worcester Co., pop. 1 1.810. 

Sch Com Harold W Burdett, chairman 
City Superintendent William H. Perry. 
High School William B Appleton. prin 
Junior H S May A. Gallagher, prin 
Grade Supervisor Elizabeth M Lincoln 
Music Lucille Brown 





Manual Training John A. Foss 

Art Daniel Darney 

Physical Education Charles B Broderick 

Lexington, Middlesex Co., pop. 9,467. 

Sch. Com Randall B. Houghton, chairman 

Frederic L. Fisher, secretary 
Town Supt. Thomas S Grlndle 
High School Manfred L Warren, prin. 
Junior H. S. Merrill F. Norhn, prin 
Music Helen Spooner 
Manual Training A Irving Dodge 
Domestic Science Marion Cronin 
Drawing Ellnoie Welch 
Physical Educ (boys) Edward E Abell 
Physical Educ (*irls) Helen F. Libby 

Llttletca, Middlesex Co., pop. l,22t. 

Sch Com Ralph N Caldwell, chairman 

Mrs Ruth Frost, secretary 
Superintendent Blynn E Davis 
High School John 6 Moran, prin 
Music Mrs Peter Perry 
Art Dorothy V Jacobs 
Manual Training Elmer Han sen 

Lowell, Middlesex Co.. pop. 100,800. 

Sch Com Leo A Calrian, vice-chairman 
Superintendent Vincent M. McCartin 
Business Agent Henry L Williams 
High School Henry II Harris. Headmaster 
Vocational School T F Fisher, prin 
Bartlett Jr H S Charlotte M Murkland 
Butler Jr H S Charles E De Lorme, 
Moody Jr H S D Muiray Cummings, 
Morey Jr. H S William W Dennett, prin 
Varnum Jr H S Leo A King, prin 
Supv Art Addle E Edwards 
Music Gertrude O'Brien 
Physical Training Donald B Maelntyre 
Household Arts Blanche Boyle 
Manual Training Charles Seede 
Penmanship Margaret M Garvey, superv 

Lowell Commercial College: bus and stem : 
est 1859, H U Qumn, Pies, 226 Central 

Lowell Textile Institute, co od.. non-sor t , est 
1807. Charles H Barnes. Pres 

Rogers Hall School: girls' boarding; non- 
sect , grade via thru college piep , scc'l. 
music dramatics, home economics dcpt, 
Mrs Katherme Whitten McGray, Prin 

State Teachers College; teacher tr'g, co-ed , 
JamcH Dugran, President 

Lndlow, Hampden Co., pop. 8,876. 

Sch Com James P Cormack, chairman 

Paul R. Balrd, secretary 
Superintendent Paul R Baird 
High School M Jacob Joslow, prin 
Music Archie H. Messenger 
Art Ida J. Hubbell 
Manual Training John R. Trapp 
Domestic Science Leora Smith 

Ltmenbwg, Worcester Co.. pop. 1.288. 

Sch Com Leon Jowdeis. chairman 
Minnie Emerson, secretary 

Superintendent Wesley E. Nims (Town- 

High School Herbert D. Tinker, prtn, 

Music Mrs Alice Pierce 

Art Ellen K Harvey 

Lynn, Essex Co., pop. 102,827. 

Sch. Com. J. Fred Manning, chairman 
Sec. Sch Com Ernest Stephens 
City Superintendent Harvey 8. Gruver 
Ernest Stephens, deputy supt. in charge of 
secondaiy education and business af- 

Frupv Music Percy Graham 
Drawing Mary M. Harney 
Continuation Schl. * Man. Tr. Ralph W. 

Household Arts Lena F. Shaw, director 
Americanization Mrs. Isabelle D. Mae 

Lean, supervisor 

Grades I-III Catherine L Murphy 
Grades IV-VI Helen J Piper 
Phy Ed & Health Richard J Schmoyer 
Phy Educ. (elem ) K Louise Nangle 
Census & Attendance Madeleine L Mathea 
School Psychologist Mary P. O'Neill 

Classical High School Fred C. Mitchell, 

English High School Frederic R. WUlard. 

Breed Junior High School- 
William F. Pashby, principal 

Cobbet Junior High School- 
Ralph W. Babb. principal 

Eastern Junior High School 
Edgar M Copeland, Prin. 

Pickering Junior High School Edwin A. 
Damon, principal 

Burdette College, bus and sten ; co-ed . 
Henry W. Pelton. Principal 

Lynnholm School, for girls under 16 ; board- 
ing, non-sect , Mrs G W Osgood. Prin 

Maiden, Middlesex Co., pop. 68,148. 

Sch. Com Mrs H. H. Hammond, chairman 

Sec Bd Educ J. Elliot Knowltom. 

City Supt. Farnsworth G. Marshall 

Supervisor Music Hariette M. Perkins 

Manual Training Carl E. Taylor 

Drawing Lucy C. Smith 

Domestic Science Helen M. Truland 

Commercial Arthur W Larson 

Physical Dlr (boys) William J. Dempsey 

Opportunitv Classes Edith H Snow 

Americanization Mary K Leith 

Maiden High School, Salem Street. 

Thorton Jenkins, Prin 
Beebe Junior High School. Pleasant St.; 

Winthrop L Webb, Prin. 
Lincoln Tunior High School, Cross St., 

Bcthia Fame, Prin 
Marcia P Browne Junior High School, 

John M Rowell. Prin 

Maiden Commercial School, bun and sec'l. 
est 1904, Mrs Aldine W Kerr, Pres. 

Manchester, Kssex Ce. v pop. 2,t78. 

Sch Com Thomas A Lees, chairman 

Agmes V. Leonard, clerk 
Superintendent Roy B!. Keller 
High School J Clifford Geer, Prin 
Music Eunice O'Donnell 
Art & Manual Tr'g S. Henry Hoare 
Sewing Addle 





MansAeld, Bristol Co., pop. 6.S65. 

Sch Com Mrs. Sadie H Tucker, chairman 

Superintendent Bert L. Merrill 

High School Donald P Mattoon, prin 

Music Delphme Carpenter 

Art Jennie R Fike 

Household Arts Mrs Mildred Whitmore 

Manual Training Robert D. Burgess 

Marblehoad, Eases Co., pop. 8,668. 

Sch Com S C Eveleth, chairman 

Superintendent James W. Vose 

Principal High School George P. Campbell 

Music Lydia Tolandcr 

Manual Training William a. Wood 

Domestic Science Mildred Durland 

Drawing Anna Huae 

Mario*. Plymouth Co.. pop. 1,4M. 

Superintendent Harold D Chittim 

Junior H S Harold D Chittim, prin 

Manual Training Charles Johnson. 

Art Mrs Marv E Clarke 

Music Almon Oakea 

Domestic Science Edith Faunce 

Cooking: E Hope Briggs 

T.ihor Acaderaj . boys, coll prep, boarding 1 
non-soot <>st 1876. Walter Huston 
Lillard. Headmaster 

Marlboro, Middlesex Co., pop. 15.746. 

Sch Com Charles A Lyons chairman 

City Superintendent B P. Carr. 

Prin High School Fvan W D Merrill 

Music Kenneth C Ho^e 

Manual Training George W Nyman 

Art Elizabeth Bigelow 

Domestic Science- Blanche E Wheeler 

Hillside School, boys, ages 515; grades 
i-viu ; boarding, Lemuel San ford, Supt 

St. Ann's Academy, wtrls* boarding- R. C 
c.t 1887 Sister Marie Anpcle, Superior 

Afarshftold. Plvtnnuth Co.. pop. 1.7SS. 

Sch Com Maurice Hall, chairman 

Mrs Helen Hall, rlerk 
Q'tnorint^nripnt Harold P Wingate 
High School Rupert A Nock, prin 
Music Mrs Pansy Stetson 
Art Mrs Clara Clement 

Ifattapolftett, Plymouth Co.. pop. 1,1 8t. 
Sch Com Mrs Anna D Trlpp. chairman 

Mrs Mary B Ran son, secretary 
Town Superintendent r-hnrles F Prior 
Junior H S Wilbar R Rook 
Music Ella L Hopkins 
Manual Training Charles Johnson. Jr 

ftfaynard, Middlesex Co., pop. 7,164. 

S<*h Com Edward A MacPherson, chairman 

James P King, secretary 
Superintendent James P King 
High School James P King, prin 
Music Eleanor S Col burn 
Art Ann Paasakarnls 
Domestic Seiewe Eltz.ittelh Wetherbee 
Mechanic Arts Walter Tlerney 
Physical Bduc Reginald Sawyer 

Medfield, Norfolk Co., pop. 4,066. 
Sch Com Frank H. Clough. chairman 
A. Howard Williamson, clerk 

Superintendent Lyman R Allen 
Prin. High School Alton H. Hartford 
Drawing Mrs Evelyn H Judd 

Medford, Middlesex Co., pop. 66,714. 

Seh Com Tallie E Davis, chairman 

Mav E Songster, clerk 
Superintendent J Stevens Kadesch 

Bert rand Hooper, assistant 
High School Ralph L. Kendall, pnn 
Music Ralph I Schoonmaker 
Drawing 6 Eleanor Shaw 
Household Arts Katherme Baker 
Practical Arts Melvln V Weldon 
Penmanship Clifton W M Blanchard 
Physical Education Herbert L Collins 
Research Jewell B Knight 
Elementary Giades Olive 6. Carson 

Medway. Norfolk Co.. pop. f .666. 

Sch Com Erc ing H. Clough, chairman 

Charles Curtis, clerk 
Prin High School James O. Anderson 

Melrose, Middlesex Co., pop. 18,170. 

Seh Com Edward J Wall, chairman 
City Superintendent Herman H Stuart 
Prin High School William D Bpraguo 
Music Alma D Rich 
Drawing Mabel L.. Wlllard 

Melrose School of Music; mua.; act 1614, 
Susan A Wells, Prin. 

Hendoa. Worcester Co.. pop. 622. 

Sch Com Donald Lowell, chairman 

Silas Dudley, secretary 
Superintendent John Gotschall 
High School Henry P. Clough. prin 
MUHIC David Gellatly 

\ferrima*. Eaex C*., pop. t.Sft. 

Sch Com W T Kelly, chairman 

Mrs Annie L Tucker, clerk 
Superintendent John C Pajte 
High School Chauneey D Mac Kay 
Music Doris C. Currier 
Drawing Annie A Kelley 

Hrthnen. Eosex Co., pop. 21.666. 

Srh Com Henry K Webster, chairman 

SupfHntenrtent T^wis H Cnnant 

Hisrh Sehool Carlcton D. Skillings. prin 

Musir Walter Pearson 

Manual Training Harry A Patnaude 

Domestic Science Irene M Packard 

Drawlnsr Gwendolyn P Bowern 

Physical Educ (boys) Ernest Rams- 

Physical Educ (girls) Dorothy Chad wick 

Mlddleboro, Plymouth Co., pop. 6,661. 

Sfh Com Fred B Alsrer. chairman 
Superintendent J Steam* Cushing 
High School Lindsay J March, prin 
Junioi H S Henry B Burkland, prin. 
Supr Music Wirt B Phillips 
Art Sylvia C Matheson 
Pen'shlp A Com'l Walter O Hick* 

Mlddletoa, Knaex Co, pop. 1,668. 

Sch Com Wayne A. Giles, chairman 
Mrs Ethel H Stewart, clerk 

Town Supt. Stephen G. Bean (Wilming- 





Bfilford, Worcester Co., pop. 14,741. 

Sch. Com William J. Moore, chairman 
Clerk Sch Comm Almorln O Caswell 
Town Superintendent Almorm O Caswtll 
Senior H S Frank C Berry, prin 
Junior H S David I Davoren. prin 
Supr. Music Helena V. Swift 
Drawing Dorcas Whipple 

Military, Worcester Co., pop. 6,957. 

Sch Com Thomas H Sullivan, chairman 

Henry A LeClaire. clerk 
Town bupt Chauncey C Ferguson 
High School William D Shea, prin 
Art Margaret McGinnis 
Manual Training Wilmar Ela 
Domestic Science Rose Masse! 
Physical Training Jane Sullivan 

Mlllls, Norfolk Co., pop. 

Sch Com Rudolph F King, chairman 

Richard F Downing, secretary 
High School Clyde F. Brown, prin. 
Music Elinore E Cole 

Milton. Norfolk Co., pop. 16,484. 

Sch Com James G Russell. chairman 

Joseph Goo^tiay. secretary 
Superintendent Horace F. Turner 
High School George C Marsden, prin 
Supv Music Carrie E White 
Manual Tr'g Frederick A Schoenherr 
Drawing I Athalie Hobell 

Milton Academy, boys' boarding, non-sect , 

W. L W Field, Head Master 
Milton Academy Girls School, college prep . 

Ellen Faulkner. Prin 

Moason, Hampden Co., pop. 4,76S. 

Sch Com Edward SutcliftV chairman 
Supt Reginald Stevens Kimball 
Principal High School H. O. Holley 
Music Archie H Messenger 
Manual Training Ralph Weldon 
Household Arts L Leonice Kentvvorthy 

Monson Academy; boys' boarding; non-sect , 
rst 1804. George E Rogers. Pun 

Montague, Franklin Co., pop. 8,081. 

Son Com Arthur Martineau, chaiiman 

Mrs. Mary E. Argy. clerk 
Town Supt Joseph S Keating 
High School Arthur E. Burke, prin 
MusicCharles M Bickford 
Art Lydia Des Ormeaux 

Mount Hernon, Franklin Co. 

Mount Hermon School, boys, college prep , 
hoarding dept . non-sect , est 1881; David 
R Porter. Headmaster 

Nahaut, Bssex Co., pop. 1,184. 

Sch Com Hattie E Ham, chairman 

Geotge W Nixon, seoietarv 
Superintendent Matthew J Cassln 

Mm HP Agnes Santry 

Manual Training Thomas G Rice 

Domestic Science- Marlon Gurney 

Drawing Mollie M Ficksraan 

Nantuoket, Nantuoket Co., pop. 8.646. 
Sch. Com John C. Ring, Jr , chairman 
John F. Shaw, Jr. secretary 

Town Supt. J. R. Burgess 

High School H. B Smith, prin 

Music Ellen Ramsdelf 

Manual Training Alvin E. Paddock 

Natlck, Middlesex Co., pop. 18,589. 

Sch Com Harold H. Johnson, chairman 
Superintendent Clifford R. Hall 
High School Roy W Hill, prin. 
Music Everet Crumrme 
Manual Training Arthur F Peterson 
Household Arts Theresa Day 
Drawing Ethel W. Ratsey 
Physical Educ Charles J Bndry 

Walnut Hill School, college prep . girls, 
boarding, non-sect , est 1891, 
Hester R. Davies, Prin. 

Nffedham, Norfolk Co., pop. 10345. 
Sch Com Roland C. March, chairman 
Superintendent Harry A. Brown 
High School William F Pollard, prin 
Junior H S Harold A Rice, prin 
Supv Music Ellen H Bartlett 
Art Marie C Relli 
Industrial Educ Alfred H Johnson 
Physical Educ (boys) Philip H Claxton 
Physical Educ (girls) Margaret B. Carroll 

New Bedford. Bristol Co., pop. 112,804. 

Sch Com Leo E J Carney, chairman 
City Superintendent Allen P. Keith 

Edward T N Sadler, asst. supt. 
Elementary Grades Ellen C Sweeney 
Principal High School G Walter Williams, 
Prin Vocational Sch W R Mackintosh 
Normandin Jr H. S Edward T. N. Sadler 
Roosevelt Jr H S Elwyn G Campbell 
Music (vocal) Mildred L Bailey 
Music (instrum ) Clarence W. Arey, supv. 
Industrial Arts George E. Kllpatrlck 
Practical Arts Paul P. Vancini 
Physical Educ (grades) Elva M Parker 
Health & Hygiene Chas. W. Mllliken. K.D. 
Commercial Allison R Dorman. 
Special Classes Irene M Bassett 
Kindergartens Mary Howard French 

Friends' Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends, 

A Ethel Borden, Prin 

New Bedford Textile School; cotton tex- 
tile, co-ed , George Walker. Prin , 1101 
Purchase st 

Swain Free School of Design, art school 
co ed , day and evening ; est 1881 , 
Allan D Currier, Director 

New Marlboro, Berkshire Co., pop. 1,114, 

Sch Com Ralph I Rhodes, chaiiman 

Hadley Turner, seci etary 
Superintendent Charles L Stephenson 
High School John Somes, prin. 
Music E M Cockaday 

New Salem, Franklin Co., pop. 80. 

Chm Sch Pomm William Bullard 
Clerk Seh Comm Mrs Flora H Growl 
New Salem Academy David C Bowen, prin 

Ncwburvport. Essex Co., pop. 15,818. 

Son Com - Petei I Lawton. vice-chm'n 
Superintendent Charles R. Thibadeau 
High School Joseph A Ewart, prin 
Household Arts Mrs. Margaret O. Nichols 





Manual Training Charles Pierce 
Drawing (elem ) Phyllis B Hodgdon 
Drawing: (h. ) Eleanor Lunt 
Commercial C D Montgomery. 
Stenography Katherine B Barrett 
Phvsical Education Delmar F Borah 

Newton, Middlesex Co., pop. 65,895. 

Sen Com George H Pernald, chairman 
Sch. Com George Kellar. secretary 
Superintendent Julius . Warren 
E'emcntary Eduo Laura Hooper 
Music Haydn M Morgan 
Domestic Science- Jeannie B Kenriek. 
Commercial Mavnard Maxim 
Newton High School, Walnut St . Newton- 

\llle. Paul E Elicker. Prm 
Xextton Tiade School, Newton vllle, 

James L Forbes, Director 
Bipelow Junior High School 

Haydn S Pearson, Principal 
Finnic A Dav Junior High School, 

Russell V Burkhard. Principal 
L,e\ i F Wan en Junior High School, 

Paul C Scarborough, Principal 
John W \\eeks Junior High School, 

Raymond W Blaisdell. Principal 

Country Dav School for Boys prep . non- 
sect , et 1907. W Lin wood Chase, Head- 

Mount Ida School for Girls, prep and junior 
coll , music, expression, home economics, 
sec'I, non -sect , est 1902, C Frederick 
MacC.iJI, Pi in 

Newton Center, Middlesex Co., pop. S,50f. 

Ando*r N*\\ton Theological School, co-ed 
interdenominational, L\erett Carleton Her- 
nck, Pres 

North *dam* Berkshire Co.. pop. 22,m. 

Sch Com Karl F Kroeh, chairman 

Janet Henderson, secretary 
Superintendent John F McGrory 

Justin W Barrett, assistant supt. 
High School Donald W. Fowler, prin. 
Supv Music James M Chambers 
Drawing Harry E Pratt 
*<ni Training Thomas F Cummings 
Household Aits Myrtle G Temple 
Physical Dhectoi David Hosley 

State Teachers ("ollesre, teacher tr'g courses, 
co-ed ; est 1894, Grover C Bowman, Pres 

North AndoTer. Essex Co., pop. 6,961. 

Sch Com Louis H. McAloon, Jr . chairmn 

Superintendent Fred E Pitkin 

High School Al\ah G Hayes, prin 

Music May C. Leach 

Drawing Olive Butler 

Man. Tr'g ft Mech. Drw'g Chas. I. Vincent 

Home Economics Winifred Fitzirerald 

Brooks School, boyH grade vii thru hteh 
school hoarding. Episcopal . est 10*27. 
Fiank D Ashburn. He.ul Mabtet 

North AUIeboro. Bristol Co.. pop. 10.107. 

Sch Con? F Lester Holhrook ch ait man 

Mrs W. C Wilklns, clerk 
Town Superintendent George W Morris 
Principal High School Arthur J. Mott. 

Music John Bronson 

Art Anna M Ferrln 

Domestic Science Jennie Angus 

Physical Training Raymond A. Tatss 

North BreekfleM, Worcester Co., pop. S,67ft. 
Sch. Com Jay C Griffith, chairman 

Raymond F Tougas, secretary 
Superintendent Rhoden B Eddy 
High SchoolPhilip E Newhall, prin. 
MUHIC Elinor M. Lane 

Northampton, Hampshire Co, pop. *4.00f 

S<h Com -Charles Dunn, chairman 
Prm High School Frederic W Plummer 
Supv Music W J Short 
Manual Training 1 Leonard R Wilkinson 
Drawing Mrs K E Condon 

Burnnam School, prep.; girls*; non-sect.; 

boarding, e-*t 1877, Lucy Buckner Wells, 

Clarke School for the Deaf: school of lip 

reading, co-ed . est 1867: Bessie V Leon- 
ard. Principal 
Hill Institute; Indus ; co-ed ; est U7; 

Otis R Thayer. Principal 
McCarthy Business College, est 1932, W 

H McCarthy, Principal 
Northampton Commercial College: bus. and 

sten , est 1896, John C Plckett, Prin 
Northampton School for Girls, college prep 

courses, eat. 1924; Dorothy Bement and 

Sarah B. Whi taker, principal. 
Smith College Mionien, deqrree <*ourses in arts 

and science non-sert , est 1875. William 

Allan NciNon Pie* 
Smith's Agricultural School; courses in 

agriculture, household aits and five ttades, 

<o<d <>Nt 1!U>8 Pluhp Ko\. Directoi 

Northboro, Worcester Co., pop. 1,711. 

Sch Com MIR Noi man Potter chaiiman 

Homer C Darling, cleik 
Superintendent Henrv G Blount 
High School Mrs Estelle D Kimball, prin 
Mimic Baibnia Gouard 

Vorthbridjre. Worcester Co.. pop. 10.174. 
(Post Offlce Address, Whltlnsrllle) 

Sch Com Phlllo B Walker, chairman 
Town Superintendent Harris J Phlpps 
High School Paynon H Reed, prin 
Music Ernent J Cullum 
Driving Doiothy Nutter 
Physical Education Roseoe M Marker 

Northfleld, Franklin Co., pop. 1,64S. 

S<-h Com George E McEwan. chairman 

Irving J. Lawrence, clerk 
Superintendent L W Robbins 
Hicrh School Richard A Cobb prin. 
Household Arts Charlotte B Caser 
MUHIC Marion E GootlHpeed 

Northfleld Seminary: girls* board lag: aoa- 
wi est 1M7H MITM It Wilnon prin 

Nortoa. Bristol Co., pop. S341. 

Sfh Com Arthur L Valentine, rh airman 

Myron Briggs. clerk 
Superintendent Lawrence G Nouree 
Principal High SchoolCharles 8 Randall 





Supervisor Muaic Alice Illlngworth 
Dt awing Mrs Rowena B Rice 
Commercial Helen Caffroy. 

House in the Pines, glrle* boarding, eat 

1911. Gertrude E Cornish, Prin 
Wheaton College; coll.; women; non-sect.; 

eat 1834, J Edgar Park, Pres 

Nerwell, Plymouth Co.. pop. l,41t. 

Plea Bd Educ Benjamin Lot Ing 
Sup*i Intendent Willard B Spaulding 


High School Philip Daggelt. pi in 
Music Pansy Stetson 
Drawing; Rodman Booth 

Norwood, Norfolk Co.. pop. 15,040. 

Sfh Com John J. Conley, chairman 

Elizabeth Zurba. clerk 
Superintendent Lincoln D Lynch 
Ilurh School Leighton S Thompson, prm 
Music lean V Dcthier 
Manual Training Clifford H. Wheeler 
Domeatlc Science Agnea M Brldgea 
Drawing Helen L Arnold 
Commer< ial Grace C McGonagle 

Oraage, Frraklla Co., pop. 5,288. 

S<h Com Edwin E Warner, chairman 

Mis James K Kimball, secietarv 
Supeilntendent Edward C Hem pel 
High School Dwight 8 Davis. prln 
Music Mrs Mvrtle Ash McKay 
Art Helen P. Wickham 
Domestic Science Mib Olive 

Orleans, Barnstavble Co, pop l,06t 

Sch Com Chailes E. Ingcrsoll, chairman 

Came G N el won, clerk 
Principal High .school H D Stewart 
Music- -Charlotte Patch 
Art Paul G Grecley 

Oxford, Worcester Co., pop. 8.881. 

Son Com Etnest LeChuie, chaiiman 

Mm Iiene Dono\an. clerk 
Town 8upt t'hnuntfv f Perguaon 
High School Frank Sannella, prln 
Music Mary Hand 
Domeatlc Science Rose Massei 
Art Margaret McGinms 
Manual Train ing Wllmai Eln 

Palmer. Hampden Co., pop. 9.896. 
Sch Com Dr G A. Moore, chairman 
Clerk Sch Comm C H Hobaon 
Town Superintendent Clifton H Hobaon 
High School Erneat J Lawton, prin 
Supv Muaic Joanna V I'antweli 
Art Adelaide McDonald 
Physical Kduc. Doiothy M. Burns 

Peabody, Ksex Co., pop. 21,845. 

Sh Com Harold E Kilev, MCC chaiiman 

William F Barry, clerk 
Supermtendent--William A Welch 
High School Arthur J. Barry, prin. 
Muaic Muriel B L Sears 
Domeatlc Science Helen M O'Keefe. 
Art Eileen Foisy 
Penmanship Francla Harrigan 

rembroko, Plymouth Co., pep. 1,888. 

Mrs A It Ford, clerk 
Superintendent Charles W Lawrence 
High School Arthur L Welcome, prin. 
Muaic Marguerite Kane 
Drawing 'Samuel Warner 

Pepperell, Middleaez Co., pop. 8,958. 

Sch Com A W Moody, chairman 

Lucy J. Spring, secretary 
Superintendent Qeorge B Clarke 
High School R S Andrewa, pun 
Music Tohn M Priske 
Drawing Mrs Mollie Ficksman 
Manual Tr'g Raymond A Notion 
Domeatic Science Lena M Coburn 

Petersham. Worcester Co, pop. 895. 
Ch Sch Com C B. Buell 
Mrs George O Gale, clerk 
Town Supt Charles A Rush, Barre 
High School Philip E Arnold, prin 
Music Henry R Wheeler 
Household Aits Tennie A Waterman 
Drawing Laura D Amaden 

Plttftfleld, Berkshire Co., pop. 49.677. 

Sch Com W P Kelly, chairman 

A A Tillou, secretaiy 
Superintendent Edward J Russell 
Supv Muaic (elem ) Elizabeth A Joyce 
Supr Muaic (h ) Charlea F Smith. 
Physical Tt'pr (boys) George Childs 
Phyaical Tr'g (girls) Ruth Nicholson 
Commercial John A Ford 
Household Arts Kathleen Madden 
Drawing George H Dennlaon 
Contin'n Schl John F. Moran. director 
Americanization Mabel Keegan, director 
Senior High School Roy M Strout, prin 
Central Jr H S Lucy M Mangan, prm 
Oane Jt H S Charles C Knight, pi in 
Plunkett Jr H S Joseph J Canavan, prin 
t'omeroj Ji H b Elmti G Bridgham 

PontooMk Jr II S Joseph C Nugrent, pi in 
Tucker Jr H S Anna L Murphy, pnn 

Berkshire Business College; bus. and stea . 

eat 1886. R M Welsgarber. Principal 
Miaa Hall's School, girls' boaidlng. non- 

Beet . est 1901. Mira H Hall. Principal 

Norfolk Co.. pop. 1,885. 

Soh Com Henrj- S Tamblvn, chairman 

LcRoy B Wilson, secretary 
Town Supt Laurence G Nourse 
High School Harry L Dixon, prin 
MUSK Mrs Han let F Wash burn 

Ph mouth. Plymouth Co., pop. 18.045. 

^ch Com E Harold Donovan, chairman 

Fannie T. Rowell, secretary 
Superintendent An son B Handy 
High School \\ ftyru M Shipman 
MUMC Howard C Da\m 
Manual Training Deane Eldridge 
Art Hazel Bates 

Household Arts Amy L. Hammond 
Physical Education Henry Knowlton 
Physical Educ (gnls) Beatrice Garvin 

Prlareton, Worcester Co.. pop. t07. 

Srh Com Judfum Goodnow, chairman 
Mrs Jennie E Brooks, secretary 





Superintendent H. L. Ballou 
High School Ralph G. Hearn, prm. 

ProvlaeotowM. Brnstble Co.. pop. 4,868. 

Sch Com Mary E Roberts, chairman 

Carlon Wheeler, secretary 
Superintendent Melden E Smith 
High School Alton E Ramey. prin. 
Music Beatrice Welsh 

Qtfncy. Norfolk Co., pop. 71,983. 

Sch Com Thomas S Burgin, chairman 
ouptiiiiiendeni James N Muir 
Albeit H Cochrane. asst supt. 
Senioi H S Ernest L, Collins pun 
Trade School Albert H Cochrane, director 
Supv Music Maude Howes 
Drawing Amy Adams 
Grammar Grades Helen M Dellicker 
Health Director James J. Carter 

Woodward Institute for Girls; prep.; o- 
sect ; eat 1894, Katherine Bacon, Prin 

Randolph, Norfolk Co., pop. 6,553. 

Sch Com Elmer French, chairman 

A O Christiansen, clerk 
Town Superintendent Adolph O. Christiansen 
High School Hubert F Gilgan, prin 
Supv Music Rose G. Ha>4L 
Art Ruth C. Lennon 

Beston School for the Deaf; school for 
deaf mutes. Rev M J Splaine. Supt 

Rcttdinr. Middle*** Co., pop. 9.767. 

Sch Com Arthur W Coolidge. chairman 

Arthur E. Pierce, secretary 
Superintendent Arthur E. Pierce 
High School Rudolf Sussmann, prin 
Junior H S Robert F. Perry, prin 
Music Samuel A. W. Peck 
Ait L Reginald Kibbee 
Home Economics Frances K Shelly 
Shop Lyman E. Fancy 
Physical Educ Phillip W Althoff 

Revera, Snffox Co., pop. 35.705. 

Sch Com. Charles Dreyer. chairman 
Superintendent Carl F. Lindstol 
High School Augustine C. Whelan. pria 
Music (inst.) Helen N. O'Connor 
Music (vocal) Mildred Martin 

Household Arts Mora H Lowe 
Drawing; Marion Bond 

Manual Training Alfred J Thorburn 
Penmanship Roland D Horton 

Physical Education Henry R. Lesser 

Rockland, Plymouth Co., pop. 7,544 

Sch Com William A Loud, chairman 

Helen M Hayden, secretary 
Superintendent R Stewart Eaten 
High School George A J. Froberger. prin 
Music Blanche Maguire 
Domestic Science Eleanor Loud 
Manual Training John B. Haggerty 
Physical Educ (boys) Chester J Pohks 

(girls) Josephine Fltzglbbons 
Health Louise A. Considine. 

_ . Co., pop. 4.111. 

Sch. Com Llndlcy I Dean, chairman 
Earl F. Green, clerk 

High School William E. Cottle. prin. 
Supv. Music Miss Alice F. York. 
Art Mrs. Clifton Fears 
Commercial Mary U O'Connor 
Manual Training Hermon C. Erwln 
Domestic Science Cora Fairbanks 

Rutland, Worcester Co., pop. 1,748. 

Sch Com. F Eugene Marsh, chairman 

Mrs Margaret Griffin, clerk 
Town Supt James R Childs 
High School E D. Kelsey, prin. 

Salem, Essex Co., pop. 48,287. 

Ch. Sch. Com. George J. Bate* 
City Superintendent George M Bemls 
High School James F Day, prin 
Supv Music George H. Murphy 
Manual Training Harry Miller 
Drawing Ruby M Clark 
School Nurse Agnes E Callahan 

Hawthorne Institute, accounting and secre- 
tarial science, co-ed., est 1928, Henry 
E Sargent. Pres 

Salem Commercial School; bus. an* sxe*.; 
est 1890, John W Archibald. Pres 

State Teachers College, teacher tr'g courses , 
est 1834. J. Asbury Pitman, Pres 

Saadwlch, Bamtablo C.., pop. 1,68*. 

Sch Com Myron H Whitney, chairman 

\Yilaon C Hartlev clerk 
High School Frank S Games, prin 
Art Mrs Kdith Hall 

Sangns, Essex Co., pop. 14,700. 

Sch Com Geoige A McCamer. chairman 

Vcriion W Evanb, secretary 
Superintendent Vernon W Evans 
Senior H. S John A. W. Pearce. prin. 
Tumor H S Vera Wentworth, pnn 
Music Elizabeth GOBS 
Art Anstrice Kellogg 
Physical Educ Catherine R Griffin 

Srltuce, Plymouth Co.. pop. 2.481. 

Sch Com Donald S Pitkin, chaiiman 
Clerk Sch. Comm. Marion T. Alexander 
Superintendent Harold C Wingate 
Senior H S Frederick A Calkin, prin 
Junior II S Edward W. Whitmore. prin 
Supv. Music Jeanne Bradford 
Drawing Doris Ward 

Sharosi. Norfolk Co., pop. 1,310. 

Sch Com Ralph Whitcomb chairman 
Superintendent Frank R Page 
High School Ernest S Brown, prin 
Music Ruth D Hall 
Art Dorothy S. Prien 
Manual Tr'g Harold Clark 
Household Arts Margaret Deeg 

Sheffield, Berkshire Co.. pop. MIT. 

Sch Com Donald U Smith, chairman 
Superintendent Charles L. Stephenson 
Prin High School Clarence A. Merritt 

Berkshire School; boys' boarding; non-seet.; 
est 1907. Seaver B. Buck. Headmaster 

Bbelburne Falls, Fraoklla Co., pep. 1,650. 

Sch Com Roger E Perk, chairman 
S W. Cummings. clerk 





Superintendent William H Bukcr 
Aims Academy T W. Watkins. pi in. 
Music Colin Richmond 
Drawing George W MacLean 
Athletic Coach Donald Purington 

8herboro, Middlesex Co., pop. 1,488. 

Sch Com Daniel Crowley, chairman 
High School Herbert Hoyt, prin. 
Music Edward A. Fair 

hlrloj, Middlesex Co., pop. 8,819. 

Arthur B Haitford, clerk 
Town Superintendent Frank C. John* on 

Industrial School for Boys, state training 
school, George P Campbell. Supt 

Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., pop. 6,910. 

S h Com Elrov B Dean, chairman 

Dorothy B. Armstrong, secretary 
Town Supt Merle A bturtevant 
High School James Cooke. prin 
Art L Lyman Bowker 
Music Grace B Davis 

Physical Educ (girls) Blenda V Larson 
Physical Educ (boys) Richard J Flynn 

Somerset, Bristol Co., pop. 5,398. 

Sch Com Pieaton H Hood, chairman 

Sch. Com. H. F. Bates, clerk 

Town Superintendent Horace W. Bates 

Higrh School Austin J. O'Toole, prin 

MusicRuth B. Eddy 

Drawing Dorothy Griffin 

Manual Tr g Kaymond B Gardner 

Somerville, Middlesex Co., pop. 108,908. 

Sch Com Kdith L Hurd, chairman 

Everett W Ireland, secretary 
Superintendent Everett W. Ireland 

Walter P Sweet, assistant 
Miihic Bart E Gracly 
Manual Training Melvin T Carver 
Drawing Elfrida V. Canister 
Penmanship Ruth L, Whitehouse 
Domestic Science Mar> H Brown 
Physical Educ (boys) John J St Angelo 
Ph>sical Educ (girls) Alice F Moigau 

Somervtlle High School, Harry F. Sears, 

Northeastern Jr. High, Marshall St.; 

John J Norton. Master 
Southern Junior High School. Vinal av , 

Raymond E Shepherd. Master 
Western Junior High School. Holland st 

George K Coyne. Master 

Fihoi School. pirN aeo'l ti'g. Albeit L 

Finn PI , Prin , 374 Broadway 
So met vl lie Independent Household Arta 

Course state. Mary H Brown Director 
Somerville Vocational School for Boys. 

state Harry L Jones. Director 

osjth Bralntree, Norfolk Co., pop. 8.MO. 
Thayer Academy: prep : co-ed : non-sect . 
Stacy B Southworth. Headmaster 

oath Byfleld. Bases Co., pop. 88. 

Governor Dummer Academy; prep ; boys; 
boarding and day, non-sect : est 1763, 
Edward Williams Eames, Headmaster 

South Hadley, Hampshire Co., pop. 6,778. 

Sch Com Ernest S Noel, chairman 

Eail B McMillan, secretary 
Superintendent Richard D Tucker 
High School Donald B Stevens, prin. 
Music Thomas Auld 
Art Constance Shea 
Com'l. Dean Girls Nellie M Cross 

Mount Holjoke College, degree courses in 
hbeial arts, muuc women, non-sect , est 
18.T7. Roswell G Ham, Pres 

oath Lancaster, Worcester Co., pop. 808. 
Atlantic Union College: prep ; co-ed.; Seventh 

Day Adv . est 1883. G Eric Jones. Pie* 

oathboro, Worcester Co., pop. 1,745. 

School Com M Irene Salmon, chairman 
Superintendent Henry G Blount 
Prin High School Albert 8 Woodward 
Musio Baibara Gouard 
Manual Training Ralph A Wilbur 
Household Aits Beatrice Thompson 
Drawing Margaret E Peaslee 
Com'l & Stenography Margaret Barry 

Fay School, prep for young boys. P B , 

est 1866. Edward W Fay, Principal 
8t Mark's School, boys' boarding; P. B.; 

six-\ear coll prep course, est 1803, 
Fiancis Parkman Headmaster 

Soutnbridge Worcester Co.. pop. 14,846. 

**oh Com Hector LeOlair chairman 
Superintendent Fuller L. Austin 
High School Channmg H Greene, prin 
Musio Mrs Rosalie L, Rubenstein 
Vocational School Clark H Morrell 
Domestic Science Luise Cor bin 
Di a w ing- Lenoi e Thompson 

Spencer, Worcester Co., pop. 8,748. 

Sch Com C N Prouty. chairman 

High School living H Affard. prin 

Junior H S Nellie M Sullivan, prin 

Music Mance Seniors 

Household Arts Kleanor Mannion 

Drawing Rachel Dufault 

Physical Training E R McDonough 

Springfield, Hampden Co.. pop. 149.900. 

S< h Com Gena B Hilcox. vice-chm'n 

Edwina A Miller, secretary 
Sunermtendent Tohn E Granrud 

Harry B Marsh, assistant supt 

John L MeCommon, assistant supt 
Hencial Elementary Mary O Pottcnger 
Jumoi High Schools Eveljn T Holston 
SUDV Music John F Ahern 
Physical Krtuc Franklin J Grav 
Fine & I ml ust Arts Walter H KUr 

Classical Hijrh School, 

William C Hill, Principal 
"i ethnical High School 

Burton A. Adams, Principal 
High School of Commerce. Stanley O Smith. 

Springfield Junior College, William C. Hill. 

Springfield Trade School ; 

George A Burridge. Director 
Buckingham Jr H S Arthur P Irving 
Central St Jr H S Thomas H Kenwoithy 





Chestnut St Jr H S Raymond E Parker 
Classical Jr. H S. William C Hill, prm 
Forest Park Jr. H S Arthur T. Talmadg